Dore Alley Street Fair 2015 (or Dore Alley Phone Event)

By Guest Writer, “what is is”

Yesterday I went to the Dore Alley Street Fair as I have every year in the past. The last two fairs have been awash in stupidphones, but this fair was worse than anything I’ve seen.

At one of the entertainment booths (the one for Steamworks) it had a large crowd around it and just about everyone who was there to watch the event was not watching the event but rather watching their stupidphone.

I don’t think that most people who went to the fair really saw the fair. Throughout the day, the phones were what was paid attention to and not the fair itself.

There were lots of nudist there, both Queer and Lesbian. I didn’t see any of those other types (nude straights). The nudists also did not bring any clothes with them to this phone event so they must have left their apartments and homes naked. GASP! HORROR! [sarcasm intended] The ridiculous and prudish San Francisco city-wide nudity ban does not apply to this street fair/phone event.

Going and coming to the fair on the Metro most people were looking at a phone. I’ve never seen such an addiction or abuse to one object before.

This year’s crowd was mostly Queers and Lesbians and a slight smattering of those other type (straights). It’s funny that I don’t see any of these Queer boys in the Castro. They must be back in the closet and avoiding the Castro altogether. Maybe they’re as disgusted as I am over how the Castro has changed and been “cleaned up” worse than a Macy’s showroom. (Related: The Sanitising of San Francisco’s Castro Has Been Completed).

It was nice being around a majority of Queer people (guys and lesbians).—”what is is”


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The Lost & Found Discothèque – an Institution and Icon for a Generation of Gay Chicos

This article is about the Lost and Found discothèque which was located at 56 L Street South East in the District of Columbia, Los Estados Unidos. Or as some people refer to it: the District of Corruption, meaning the thoroughly corrupt D and R federal government.

Hola. The dance floor would be packed when the Lost & Found’s excellent DJ, Bill Owens, played Linda Clifford’s – If my friends could see me now, Donna Summer’s – MacArthur Park Suite and Love to Love you Baby, Loleatta Holloway’s sassy – I may not be there when you want me, but I’ll be right on time (that title always makes me laugh), Bionic Boogey’s – Risky Changes, The Richie Family’s – The Best Disco in Town/African Queen, Vicky Sue Robinson’s – Turn the Beat Around (skillfully mixed by Bill Owens with her follow-up song:) Should I Stay Should I Go?), George McCrae’s – Rock Your Baby, Barry White’s – Love’s Theme (this piece will really take you back to that time, or at least it has that effect on me.) Ralph McDonald’s – Calypso Breakdown, Sister Sledge – We are Family, Abba’s – Dancing Queen and many others from this list.

As regular readers of pink barrio may know, I lived in the District of Columbia during the late 1970s. One of the things I enjoyed doing while living in the District and one of my main reasons for living there was to go with mis amigos/my friends (Charles, Michael and others) to the Lost & Found (L&F). The L&F was a bar/discothèque where Queer chicos came to dance to the large repertoire of disco music being produced at that time. It was quite a time musically for disco music and for me personally (see here and here). At the Lost & Found, each week there was some new music to dance to. The Lost & Found was the first gay bar in a major city I ever went to — that was exciting! — with Charles (muchas gracias, Charles) from the school of music where we were training together at the time. Nearly every week Charles would ask, “You want to go with us into the District this weekend to the gay bar (meaning the L&F)?” We’d sometimes go to eat in Georgetown at Mr Henry’s (which I think is now closed or at least the Georgetown location is) and then go to the L&F over in SE. The L&F was an institution in DC for an entire generation of gay chicos who lived in the District, Maryland and Virginia and beyond. Los chicos came to the L&F from all over. Some people drove all the way from Richmond Virginia — isn’t that about a 2-hour drive one-way? — to come to the L&F. I met many students from Georgetown and George Washington Universities at the L&F and some of us became best amigos. They were really nice guys. Where are they now? I don’t know (sadly). And most unfortunately my best amigos Charles and Michael who became partners after I moved to San Francisco died as a consequence of HIV/AIDS. It’s still hard to believe that Charles and Michael are dead. Charles had a major bearing on all of us. He helped many of us come out of the closet at that time and I’ll always remember him. He was a very nice and kind person.

The L&F was located in a warehouse area over in SE which at that time was not a very good area. For those who don’t know much or anything about DC, it’s divided into quadrants: NW (Northwest), NE (Northeast), SW (Southwest), SE (Southeast). SE was a rather desolate area and required a vehicle to get to so I usually went with Charles to the L&F on viernes/Friday and sábado/Saturday nights. Metrobus didn’t go there and DC’s nice Metro was just being built. Near the L&F there was a discothèque for “straight” Blacks and I would see las chicas caliente standing out front after “last call,” and they reminded me of the office workers I would see around K Street at Connecticut Ave during the week, many of whom looked like models. They were very chic-looking and looked right out of Georgetown moda/fashion, but since they were Black I suspect none of them lived in mostly-white and wealthy Georgetown. Down the street a few blocks was the Pier 9 discothèque. That was owned by the same guys who owned the L&F. The Pier 9 had a laser show, a fog machine and other things. It was more of an upscale bar. I was only there a couple of times since we preferred the L&F, and that’s where we would be nearly every Friday and Saturday nights and sometimes for Tea Dance on Domingo/Sunday. We looked forward to it all week in part because the L&F’s very talented DJ often played new disco music that local radio stations did not play. I met lots of nice people there and became amigos with some of them and we remained amigos until I moved to San Francisco where I lost touch with them. Or they had graduated from Universidad/University and left the District. DC is a very transient city especially considering that it’s the Distrito Federal or DF/Federal District — and not a state — and where the thoroughly corrupt D and R Oligarchy federal government is located. And it’s also a glaring example of taxation without representation (that’s on the District licence plates) because District residents have no voting representation in that corrupt cesspool called congress. If this government isn’t proof that scum floats to the top of the pool, I don’t know what is.

I don’t like predatory Google — they seem to have lost themselves and their purpose and now seem to be trying to take over the world with one fucking corporate scheme after the other — but they are the only place to get the map/picture to show you. This is what the area around the Lost & Found looks like now which you can see here. The area looks nothing like it did when I was going to the L&F. It looks like the Real Estate Industrial Complex and their Corrupt LiarsTM have struck there too, just like in now-Conservative, Lobotomised, Techie San Francisco. After I looked at this map, I looked elsewhere in the District around where I used to live and it looks like they’re building cookie-cutter glass boxes/luxury condos there just like they’re doing in San Francisco and in other major cities. There is this obsession with building Luxury Designer Condos (Dahling) all over the world now it seems, or at least here in The Cesspool/the US of Hypocrisy and in Britain/Europe.

I had heard that the L&F had been torn down, but the building there on the right (at that link) in that picture looks like the building where the L&F was, although I admit I only saw the L&F building at night, except for an occasional Domingo Tea Dance. It’s now a taxi company. Won’t they tear down the taxi cab building so they can throw up another one of these bougi glass towers? Today the area around the L&F reminds me more of what Connecticut Avenue and K Streets looked like if anyone remembers how that looked in the late 1970s. The Navy Yard Metro stop is a few blocks away. I could certainly have used that Metro station in the late 1970s and it wouldn’t have been so difficult to get down there from where I lived.

A Lost & Found reunion?

On one online site, some people who went to the L&F were talking about a L&F reunion. That’s probably not a good idea. A reunion is best left online. Why? Well, for many reasons: From what I’ve seen and read, the District is nothing like it was in the late 1970s. (Disappointment) The L&F is not even there now. (Disappointment) As you can see from the Google map, that area has luxury condos (Dahling) and offices now. It seems that the District is like every other city in The Cesspool/Imperialistic Empire with this obsession over “Luxury Designer Condos” (Dahling) for the bougi/wealthy. I had read that the L&F had been torn down to make room for a sports stadium, but that’s not the case from what I can see. Someone who lives a few blocks from there wrote in a comment what I’ve already said: the area is now condos and offices. Who would have thought that would happen to SE DC? But back to why a reunion is not a good idea: Everyone who would go to the reunion is 40+ years older now and won’t look anything like they did in the late 1970s, that’s if anyone who goes to the reunion had even met each other or knew each other back then. These are just random people talking about a reunion. So no one really knows anyone other than from casual on-line conversations and sharing memories of the L&F. There may be some people who would go to the reunion who have stayed close over the 40 years, but I suspect not many. Then there’s the price of round-trip airfare to the District, all of that Homeland Insecurity bull shit there (“terror! terror! terror! Stay afraid of your own fucking shadow!), the cost of a hotel, the cost of food and other costs. This is all adding up to be quite a lot of la plata/$$$$ and for what? I think the experience might be a disappointment, and that’s why I wouldn’t go. Not that I could afford to go anyway. I would prefer to stay with the memories I have because those memories can not be reenacted at a reunion because too many things/factors are different now. And the people that I went to the L&F with are dead (Charles and Michael, and maybe others). The only thing that would be the same from that era would be the 1970s disco music played at the reunion, and that’s about it that I can think of. I think the question, “and who are you?” might be a common question heard at this reunion, should it ever take place. Because on the surface, the only thing in common that the people at the reunion would have is that they are Queer, went to the L&F and their shared interests in the music played and in the bar which is no longer there. Everyone could go to the address of where the L&F was, but it may be better to just look at it from the map I’ve linked to online. I can hear the taxi company employees asking, “What are all these people doing out there in front of our building? Do they need a taxi?” (depending upon how many showed up at this reunion). And then if the reunion people tell them why they’re there, they might be nicely received or they could possibly be subjected to some anti-gay comments (one never knows!), and that would certainly fuck up any good feelings about the reunion. I think it’s best to keep the reunion online.

My last days living in the District before moving to San Francisco were mostly spent at the Fraternity House, a new Queer bar that opened near Dupont Circle. Our little group started going there because it was much more convenient to get to from where we lived than the L&F. The Fraternity House was not a dance bar, unfortunately, and was much smaller than the L&F. It was a stand-around type bar. It was in business for decades. I hear that today what used to be the Fraternity House is now a single-family home. WTF?

At that time (the disco era), it was all about the music, dancing, being with amigos and meeting people. At least for us it was not about drinking and getting drunk the way it seems to be today where the drug alcohol is the priority. We all stayed in really good shape from dancing. We didn’t need to spend outrageous amounts of la plata/money on gym memberships to stay in shape. We stayed in shape aerobically by dancing and we enjoyed ourselves.

As someone wrote in their comment: “Once on the dance floor, it was hard to get off as one great song lead to another.” Yes, there was no shortage of music being produced at that time. And often Bill Owens played music that the L&F has received — with priority being given to discothèque DJs — before it was made commercially available, by even just a few days.

Unfortunately, after I moved to San Francisco one of the owners of the L&F died preparing for an event. If I have what happened to him correct, he was up on the roof of the building preparing a sign for an event and/or putting up balloons and a strong wind blew him off the roof. He later died from the accident. (And people still say there’s a loving and merciful god! What “loving and merciful god” — who the so-called “christian” sheeple claim is “all-powerful” — would allow an accident like that to happen? WTF? Why didn’t your “all-powerful” prevent that accident? And don’t give me that mealy-mouthed bull shit about, “You know, we don’t know what ‘his’ plan is.” Oh yes we do. Your “he” god is a masochist, at the very least. So fuck off!).

Even though none of us thought about it at the time, the Lost & Found really was an institution/an icon for an entire generation — our/my generation — of Queer chicos. Chau.—el barrio rosa


The Lost & Found

The Pier 9

“Smart:” a buzzword for a generation where stupid is in

Hola. ¿Qué tal? I’ve noticed that the word “smart” has become a buzzword and a marketing gimmick. This is quite odd considering that stupidity and being stupid is “in” here in the dumbed-down Cesspool/the US of Hypocrisy/The Imperialistic Empire.

A new corporate chain “fitness” store opened recently at Castro and Market in San Francisco. From what I’ve read about it, it’s a cult-type thing. Just what we need. It involves riding a stationary bicycle — there are roughly 50 bicycles in the room — closely packed into the room for a 45-minute session with loud music blasting and usually a female standing in front of the room screaming at the group of people on their stationary bicycles. I read that it’s so loud that they offer free earplugs at the desk. *roll eyes* What exactly is the purpose of it being so loud? When this place opened, someone wrote that it’s very crowded and “like sardines” one person wrote. One can expect to hit your neighbours during the elbows-out pushups. Ah, wonderful. While this woman or guy is up front shouting/screaming at the group and trying to make everyone feel weird, the room is dark with candlelight. (I’m not making this up…that’s what I read about this place when it opened.)

The bottom line: Use any gimmick for the (wealthy) sheeple, and there’s no shortage of sheeple out there. In fact, that’s mostly all there is out there. This new “fitness” place is very expensive from what I’ve read (geared for the wealthy sheeple). $35-40.00 USD for one 45-minute “class.” What idiot would pay that? Well, the idiots who are going in there and gushing over the place in their 5-star reviews as if they have stock options in this corporate chain and/or are paid to write the 5-star gushing (fake?) reviews for this new “fitness” store. I often get the feeling that people are being paid to write gushing positive reviews on the business review site I call pley. And I think that because so many of the reviews are just “too much,” as if written by someone who is best amigos with the owner(s). Because who would gush and gush over a business if they didn’t have some financial interest in it? When I was reading local reviews, some woman with the address, “Paris, France” wrote her first review on the site I call pley and she was gushing over this small candy store that had opened in San Francisco and how she thought it was a wonderful idea and how ingenious the woman is that opened it and she wishes her much success, on and on. I thought that was a bit odd. Why would someone who lives in France give a fuck about some small candy store in San Francisco? jesus! Do they think we’re all idiots to fall for these fake reviews? Then someone from West Hollywood did the same thing. He implied he would be a regular customer of this candy store up here and he couldn’t wait to come back to this store. Oh, por favor! How often does he get up here from West Hollywood to supposedly buy candy at this store? Frankly, I find it hard to believe that they don’t have something equivalent to it or even better in all of Los Ángeles and he could just buy his candy there locally. (And he shouldn’t even be eating candy or very little of it because azúcar/sugar is bad for you). A suggestion to readers: Do a search for “getting paid to write reviews” and see what comes up for you.

Rather than financially supporting this cult “fitness” chain store, a much better use of one’s dinero/money would be to rent or buy a good bicycle and ride around San Francisco or Golden Gate Park and see where one lives, rather than being stuck in some hot room intended to induce sweating at Castro/Market just because that’s the latest fad/gimmick for a bunch of easily-duped shallow sheeple who have dinero. Of course what I’ve suggested is not a cult environment. One idiot wrote that his workout felt like, “a spiritual experience” and he waited for this location to open with “baited-breath.” (Sounds like not much going on in his life). He wrote that at this “fitness” store one can “recharge their mobile device while recharging their soul.” *roll eyes* Oh yes, gotta get that precious mobile device charged especially when that mobile device (that stupidphone) is one’s only identity in life. He too gushed and gushed over this corporate chain. Then I clicked on his name and he had gushed over other businesses. He’s into luxury cars (Dahling) and tanning and nail salons (Dahling). He doesn’t seem to give a damn what he eats. He was gushing over the veal at some reataurant. Ugh. People are still eating veal? This wealthy elitist basura hasn’t heard about the health risks of tanning salons? Where the fuck has he been? Too busy luxuriating? (“A tan is a walking advertisement for skin cancer”). He came across to me as a bougi wealthy elitist, which is the type of basura who has been moving into the New Conservative Lobotomised Techie San Francisco lately. After I got a better picture of who he is from his reviews, I understood why he was gushing over this “fitness” place. He’s big on being met, “with a smile” by employees in stores. He mentioned several times how “she met me with a smile as I walked in the door.” That’s most important to him. I was thinking: She was smiling at you idiot because that’s Basis 101 Retail and is what she was taught to do in her training and also because she saw a big sucker coming at her that she knew she could play/work, and she was right. He really does sound quite gullible. El muchacho was all about his image in his reviews. So shallow and superficial. Sounds like he needs to spend some of his vast wealth on working on the inside/his personality by getting some quality psychotherapy.

From what I can tell, it’s mostly young females into this cult “fitness” thing. I wonder why that might be?….hmmmmmm? One of their gimmicks is their “smartwater” which I would imagine is just bottled tap water with the words “smartwater” on the outside of the bottle and the plastic bottle leaching into the water. Nothing “smart” about that.

Sometime very soon I can see other gimmicks such as smartwine, smartbeer (intended for the crowd who likes to get drunk around here). Then smartburgers, smartfries, smartsoda (for those who erroneously claim that The Castro is concerned about being healthy while we’re saturated with burgers/fries) and of course smartlattes and smartcoffee (since we’re awash in coffee around here and another coffee store is opening up on Castro) and smartnails (for all the nail salons around here). Then, expect to see smarttoilet paper and smartluxury designer condos (Dahling). There’s no end to “smart.” But buying/acquiring all these things with the word “smart” on them doesn’t make one smart. I can see it all now. The obsession with the word “smart” in an increasingly stupid and dumbed-down society addicted to their stupidphones. Chau.—el barrio rosa

Internment camps for “disloyal” USans?

Hola. I thought I’d pass this along from the World Socialist Website: General Wesley Clark calls for putting “disloyal” USans in internment camps.

You know, it’s most unfortunate when severely-twisted people get on national television and so openly and unashamedly expose their illnesses. We have a lot of septic people out there who are way off the latch and for some unexplained reason they enjoy getting on national television to let everyone know just how terribly sick and twisted they are. How embarrassing! One might think that the corporate networks that these sick people are invited on might have the intelligence to pull the plug and shut the cameras off the moment it becomes quite obvious that their invited guest has “gone off” again. But no, they must see it as good potential ratings content. Well, el hombre (Wesley Clark) has some major mental problems. And unfortunately with people this septic they often don’t seek help because they don’t know they have a major problem. Like so many people — especially D and R corporate parasite politicians and former and current Establishment “officials” of the US Oligarchy — he’s another piece of work who has made himself afraid of his own shadow. What he said in the interview belongs in the category of what I wrote about here awhile back: Going back to the 1920s and beyond. Just thought I’d pass this along. Chau.—el barrio rosa

What Happened to the Naked Guys in San Francisco?

Hola, someone e-mailed me asking what happened to the naked guys in San Francisco? Well, I don’t know. I don’t see them anymore. Maybe they got evicted and/or were gentrified out of the city. Or, maybe they got arrested and are in prison for the capital offence of being naked.

For the benefit of new readers who don’t have any idea what I’m talking about: There were usually one or two naked guys who sunbathed in The Castro barrio awhile back when the now-closed Jane Warner Plaza was created at Castro and Market Streets. Historically, The Castro has had some nudity for decades. It’s part of what made San Francisco unique and special in a positive way. During the proudly-radical and alternative Gay Mecca days thousands of gay guys moved here from all over the US to escape from repressive, conservative, anti-gay prudes. Ironically, the remaining gay guys living in The Castro today have unfortunately become the same repressive conservative prudes they ran from when they moved to San Francisco decades ago. I don’t know how this happened or what the fuck has happened to them. Is there something in the agua/water? (Related: Sexual Freedom and Revolution). Some of the conservative gay prudes in San Francisco hated on and bullied the nudists. I and mis amigos/my friends witnessed some of that.

Years ago, a conservative gay asshole from New Jersey decided to move here. (One may be saying, “I’ve never heard of a gay conservative; seems like an oxymoron.” Well I hadn’t either until things started to change around here.) He later decided to become a corporate parasite politician and his covert agenda was to change The Castro and San Francisco to the way he wanted it: conservative. He could have just stayed in New Jersey and minded his own damn business. I don’t care what they do in New Jersey so why couldn’t he take that same approach about San Francisco? But in reality, it all had to do with his self-serving goal of going up the “political ladder” as a corporatist politician and he chose to do that in San Francisco, unfortunately. He dreamed up a San Francisco city-wide nudity ban which the Board of Supervisors — who bow down to anything he wants — voted for and it passed by one vote. Another political parasite asshole cast that one vote and he no longer even lives here. He’s now trying to ruin things at the state level. Typical.

The conservative gay asshole from New Jersey1.(see footnote below) — whom his devout supporters see as The Holy and Indivisible Trinity — was overwhelming reelected by the conservative gay prudes. The city-wide nudity ban is extreme because the couple of nudists were not all over the city but only in a small little 1-2 block area (mainly Jane Warner Plaza at Castro/Market). But this was part of the Sanitising of The Castro, which has been completed to make The Castro “Family-Friendy” (gag) and to cater to the “straights” — they have priority over GLBTQs do they? — who are taking over the place. Today the sheeple enjoy, “Family-Friendly” mainstream sing-alongs at the local theatre. There’s nothing rad/radical or alternative here any longer.

This past viernes/Friday night I was walking up Castro Street with un amigo/my friend and he heard someone in front of one of the bars whining, “I can’t stand all these naked people.” WTF? There were no naked people anywhere. There are no naked people around here anymore. None. There was one young guy wearing either black briefs or tight black trunks with a pretty colourful unbuttoned shirt that mostly covered his trunks/briefs. But he wasn’t naked. He looked caliente to me. There was no nudity anywhere. I guess this was a case of another conservative/prude going off.

I swear, the US is one of the most fucked up countries in the world with its fear of the human body and body image issues. Nearly every time I go to check e-mail there’s some article on the front page of that site talking about some woman’s “plunging neckline” dress — who the fuck cares?! — or some mujere/woman showing too much skin and how the public was supposedly freaked out by it. Really? I guess they don’t have much going on in their lives. *roll eyes* jesus fucking christ, people. It’s just a woman in a dress and she has boobs like women do. What is new about that? You’ve never seen women’s boobs before? I guess you’d break out into a cold sweat and faint if you saw la mujere naked.

Speaking of fear of the human body, I made the mistake of reading a customer’s review of a local overpriced, bougi restaurant. (You know, I think it’s best to stop reading customer reviews of things because it’s the same as reading comments below articles…a very bad idea). The female customer said she was made uncomfortable by the server in the restaurant resorting to exposing her breasts in order to get a good tip. Really? I don’t believe that. I assume the server learned over the table perhaps to reach for something or to clean it up and you chose to stare at her breasts. I don’t think the server took her breast out to show it to them. LOL. But anyway, why would a woman supposedly “exposing” her breast make another woman uncomfortable? They both have breasts, they know what breasts generally look like and las muchachas look at each other’s breasts. It’s “a girl thing.” Well, in a nation of prudes who are vehemently afraid of the human body and have body images issues I guess that’s the way that works these days.

I hope this helps. Chau.—el barrio rosa


1. Regarding that conservative gay asshole from New Jersey: He’s the same basura who said that it was uncomfortable telling his mother that he’s taking PrEP. (That’s so he can bareback.) One wonders why a 45-year old hombre/man would have to tell his mommy that he’s taking PrEP? Why was it important that mommy know that? Does he tell his mommy when he takes other drugs, including alcohol? For those who don’t know, PrEP is what some gay guys are taking so they can bareback. Just like this basura, they claim it’s, “one of the tools they’re using to prevent HIV.” That’s bull shit. They’re only using PrEP and not condoms (another “tool”). For example: Go on the site I call ClosetList. Read the personal sex ads in the “men seeking men” category. You will see the guys listing PrEP in their sex ads and not a one says he’s using condoms (another so-called “tool”). They usually say “Bareback Top (or Bareback Bottom) neg and on PrEP.” Taking PrEP is an excuse for barebacking. So this “one of the tools” newspeak is bull shit and it’s what gay guys are telling their physicians in order to get their physician to agree to write a prescription for PrEP. This corporatist basura from New Jersey is all for gay guys taking PrEP (instead of advocating condoms) because by getting as many people on PrEP it’s making dinero/money for the wealthy pharmaceutical company that this basura received some campaign dinero/money from. More fucking corruption.


PrEP: Gay guys like giving money to Big Pharma

Naked muchachos in San Francisco – Page 2

Naked muchachos in San Francisco – Page 1

The Benefits of San Francisco changing from Gay to Straight

GLBTQ and evicted from San Francisco?

Hola. Thousands of GLBTQs have been evicted from San Francisco over recent years, and evictions continue to soar in the city, which has been taken over by corporate/techie greed (specifically corporate welfare given to millionaire/billionaire-owned techie companies). I’ve written many articles about the new conservative “straight” city, one of which you can read here.

I’d like to hear from GLBTQs who have been evicted from San Francisco because of techie gentrification, corporate greed, Class Warfare and related reasons. If this is your first time to pink barrio, I should say this in case you haven’t heard (since most people don’t click on any links to previous articles): It’s depressing what this city has become. The former alternative and proudly-radical San Francisco is gone. You can read about that at that link above.

The city is quickly losing what’s left of its GLBTQ population. The new techie residents of San Francisco are very young, mostly “straight,” and many of them are part of the latest “hipster” fad. Despite our being told what supposed “geniuses”1. (see footnote below) these techies are, they sound stupid when they speak (“like, like, like, like”). They’re completely addicted to their phone which seems to be their life and only identity. Nothing intellectual comes out of their mouths. They’re culture-less. They act lobotomised and they’re mostly white or Asian. These new residents reject any forms of birth control. In fact, I think this city now has a larger fleet of baby strollers than our public transport system’s fleet of electric buses and metro cars combined. With most of these new techie residents, there is not much “there” to them from what I and others have observed of them. Basura is the best way to describe them frankly.

If you are GLBTQ and were evicted from San Francisco, you can be as detailed or as brief as you want when writing about your experience. And muchas gracias for your comment and for sharing your experience. Or, someone else can tell the story of someone they know who was evicted from San Francisco.

I have no idea how many people will be interested in sharing their eviction experience/story because it does involve having to re-live a bad experience. And I suspect some people would just prefer to forget the whole thing. Understandable.

Also, any comments from the class-ist, pro-greedy developers, wealthy elitist homeowners, Class Warfare trolls who now love this new conservative city will be deleted. I already know what you cold, lobotomised, uncaring basura think. Over the years you’ve spammed comment sections on as many local website comment sections as possible with your nasty, smug-assed hate for the poor and average person who is not wealthy. You’ve demonstrated over and over that you despise people who are not wealthy, and you are inflicted with the cancer of class-ism. You don’t care that people’s lives have been and still are being disrupted by evictions. You don’t care that families and friendships are being torn apart in many cases by evictions. You don’t care that people’s health is being harmed or someone’s already fragile state of health worsens because of an eviction. You don’t care that a 90-year old woman, for example, with no money and in frail health is evicted. You don’t care that someone has no dinero/money to pay for a move, and where to? (Intelligent people know that one doesn’t just up and move, it requires lots of planning, research and money). You don’t care who becomes homeless due to an eviction and you’re anti-homeless. You’ve repeatedly demonstrated that you have no care, concern, compassion or empathy for anyone but wealthy, elitist, bourgeois people. You’re cold empty vessels and you’re the scum of the Earth as far as I’m concerned, so Fuck Off! I’ve been wanting to say that for years but I knew if I wrote that on any site — including those sites that pretend to be so-called “progressive” — that I’d have my comment deleted and/or I’d be banned because they typically support the resident hatred trolls who provide traffic to their sites. But this is my site and I’ll say whatever the fuck I want to say. And here, your troll comments are not welcome.

Recently I spoke with un amigo/a friend who lives outside San Francisco and who doesn’t get to the city very often. He was over here recently and later asked me, “What have they done to the city? Are they crazy? It takes an entire pay check just to go out to dinner over there? How is this sustainable? And who is paying millions of dollars for closet-sized condos? (Answer: Idiots, and we seem to have more than our share of idiots in this new city. Sigh.)

Yeah, don’t get me started on that! Other than what I’ve felt necessary to say here for any new readers, I’m not talking about this shit anymore since I’ve covered it pretty thoroughly, and there’s nothing I can do about it.

So, if you would like to tell your story or the story of someone you know who has been evicted from San Francisco, do so, por favor. Chau.—el barrio rosa


1. Regarding techies being supposed “geniuses”: I know a former techie (a really nice guy) and he told me that learning a musical instrument well (conservatory-style training) is much more difficult than tech coding or anything that one can learn in tech from his experience, and he worked for one of the major corporate techie companies until he got sick of it and quit. I found what he had to say interesting because not too many musicians have the enormous head and arrogance that they’re supposedly, “the gift to the world” that many (most?) techies have. I also heard the same thing from a dentist who told me that intensive musical training of an instrument to learn the instrument well is much more difficult than all that she learned in dental school to become a dentist.


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Hola, just feel like saying this. The World Socialist Website is about the only website I can stand to read on political topics, in part, because they’re truly nonpartisan and they tell the truth about these political candidates and issues. Unfortunately, some people want the WSWS to be an apologist and shill for the misnamed “Democratic” party and their corrupt corporate parasites, using the tiresome and perfunctory, “Lesser Evil-ism” Card.

I was reading this article on the World Socialist Website: Is Bernie Sanders a socialist?. (Answer: No, he’s not). I feel a need to vent after reading the comments below their article. Even on their site the comments are no different than what one would read on any other site. One person wrote what I would have written and he was attacked repeatedly. He wrote (with my slight edit):

The “viable alternative” argument is decrepit. Syriza had a “viable” election strategy in Greece, and called themselves the “radical left.” Their betrayals have been infamous. In the US, the military and the spy agencies wield such power that the differences between individual presidents have become moot. Sanders’ near-complete silence on foreign international policy is very telling.”

That person was attacked multiple times for writing that, just like I was usually attacked repeatedly when I was commenting on this shit on political websites.

After reading many of the comments I said to mi amigo:

These comments are the exact same comments (meaning the content) written in the same way as they were 4 years ago, and 4 years before that, and 4 years before that. They’re always the same script, just change the date. The content/script never changes, just the player’s names (political candidates). And this is why I can’t stand this shit because nothing changes with it. It’s so predictable and tiresome. The sheeple — especially the (paid?) hacks and shills for the two corporate big business parties and those who still take part in this corporate charade called “the general election” — have been brainwashed with their partisan drivel to the point where this caca seems to be in their genes so they are not going to change. They keep regurgitating the same script every 4 years. They never tire of it. They will go to their graves (so to speak) with this same goddamned script. It’s loco. It’s insane. Chau.—el barrio rosa


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