In the Conservatory

Featured Performances: Brahms: Ein deutsches Requiem ∙ hr-Sinfonieorchester ∙ MDR-Rundfunkchor ∙ Solisten ∙ David Zinman

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Ravel Piano Concerto in G Major

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Liszt – Piano Concerto No. 2 in A Major, S.125

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Mendelssohn: Elias – Radio Filharmonisch Orkest en Groot Omroepkoor

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Since the Conservatory remains closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I thought I’d take the opportunity to write about the following:

The Fake-Progressives and Fake-Liberals: Things have certainly changed (in the wrong direction) over the years. I remember after illegitimate war criminal George W Bush began residing en la casa blanca/in the white house that those people pretending to be “progressive” or “liberal” refused to refer to Bush as “president” or “President.” (The capital P denoting even more respect). Some people referred to Bush as “resident Bush.” But these days? As most “progressives” or “liberals” become more pro-Establishment — at “election” time they vote for whatever piece of corporate, right-wing candidate is nominated by the corrupt and imperialistic “Democratic” Party — they now refer to Bush as “president” or “President.” (I’ve noticed that Bush is now undergoing sort of a revisionist history makeover into Sainthood status). These fake-progressives and fake-liberals also refer to the current white house occupant as “president” or “President.” Why give him that respect? Or the hick version often used by the illiterate-sounding rednecks in the US Congress, “Prayssssssden.” I refuse to give the orange thug/Mob Boss/international bully such respect or any respect since he has done nothing what-so-ever to earn anyone’s respect. I don’t respect bullies, narcissists, fake Christians, chronic liars, bigots, racists, white supremacists, self-absorbed and self-entitled people, people who don’t believe in facts, people who dismiss science — and I could go on — when it doesn’t serve their septic and white supremacist political agenda. Such people are septic trash, not deserving of any respect regardless of what title or position they hold. Bottom line: The fake-progressives and fake-liberals are really just establishment Democrats at “election” time, despite what they call themselves and despite their complaining about their corporate, right-wing and imperialistic party 364 days a year which often serves as the enabling party of the other corporate, right-wing and imperialistic party. The fake-progressives and fake-liberals keep doing the same thing every “election” cycle and expect different results. That’s the definition of insanity. [Disclaimer: I’m an independent/non-partisan progressive. My views don’t change because of which politician is in office, and there are no “messiah” politicians.]

A virus is not partisan. Read article here.

The techies and their “platform.” It’s now a “platform” Dahling. Read article here.

Y*lp’s fake reviews. How much are people paid to write 5-stars reviews on Y*lp? Read article here.

Girasol Amarillo
La amapola de California

Is their life worth it? It was disturbing and concerning for me to see one of my favourite orchestras in the EU back to performing so soon (mid June 2020). They’ve uploaded 12 videos of pieces from their recent performances. Plenty of opportunities to get infected with COVID-19. Read article here.

What’s the difference between the Church Choir and the Orchestra Chorus? Read article here.

What are Orchestra Choruses and Church Choirs going to do in the age of COVID-19? If you haven’t heard, singing is one of the ways that COVID-19 infection is spread, along with not wearing a facial mask and not social distancing. Read article here.

KCSM’s Latin Jazz Programme. Shouldn’t a Latin Jazz programme sound Latin throughout? Read article here.

Stupid is in. Why is it that the BBC never can get it correct? They’ve been doing this how long? And still haven’t gotten a clue for what makes the best performance in a musical sense. Read article here.

The Conductor was born in Colombia? And that’s important, is it? Read article here.

What’s more difficult: Tech training or Music Training? Read article here.

An Orchestra of one. To some people, there’s only one musician on stage. Read article here.

The piano fell off the stage? It was for a performance of one of the Brahms’s Piano Concerti in Deútschland. Read article here.

The media’s obsession with white bookshelves during the COVID-19 pandemic. But who reads books these days? Read article here.

The Greatest Pianist. How on Earth would one determine that? Read article here.