San Francisco’s Straight Mecca (November 2016)

Often this New Conservative and Lobotomised City of San Francisco feels like a City of Shallow and Superficial, Bougi and Pretentious, Elitist Lah-Tee-Dah Wealthy “Straight” Assholes who feel the need to show off their wealth, particularly in The Castro.

Hola a todos. Mi amigo/my friend and I first noticed the “straight” takeover of The Castro a number of years ago, although I think it was happening some time before we even noticed it. What told us that The Castro barrio/neighbourhood was changing was when we saw the first “straight” make-out session around the Harvey Milk Plaza under the big Rainbow Flag. Why would a “straight” couple want to make out under a giant Rainbow Flag? That pattern has repeated itself countless times since. It was startling and very annoying to see that because I had never seen any “straight” couple make out in The Castro during the Gay Mecca Days. It just didn’t happen. Yeah, well that was then. And “straight” (the required him-tall/her-short, subservient and desperate for attention) make out scenes are pretty much all you see around here now. They even make out in restaurants and some restaurant patrons have written in their restaurant reviews that they have felt like screaming to these obnoxious los pendejos: “Get a room, somewhere! Who wants to be eating dinner at a table where ‘straight’ basura are making out at the next table over? Can’t you control yourselves and your hormones long enough to eat dinner? This restaurant is not your bedroom!” By contrast, it’s rare to see a gay couple making out in The Castro today. It can be rare to see a gay couple, period. It’s so rare to see a gay couple making out that I do a double-take when I see that and stare at them a bit to enjoy it and appreciate them. But I’ve read comments from other GLBTQs asking, “Must you make out in The Castro, straight couples?”

I heard some Queer tourists the other day on Market Street in San Francisco talking with some locals. The tourists had stopped to ask some locals sitting out front of one of the many coffee stores around here: “Where are all the gay guys that are supposed to be here?” I stopped to hear the response to that question. I didn’t hear the tourists say where they were from but I could sense they were very disappointed with what they had seen of The Castro and the so-called gay community they had expected to see here. (I say so-called gay community because there’s no sense of “community” here anymore; The Castro feels very fake, cold and unfriendly today with class warfare. Snooty, elitist wealthy basura living right beside the poor and homeless). I heard one of the tourists say, “We expected to see hundreds or thousands of gay guys in the streets and around the City like we’ve heard so much about over the years. I thought this was the Gay Mecca. [Ed. Well it used to be]. Since we’ve been here we’ve seen “straight” couples with baby strollers, and with everybody else, we can’t tell who is “straight” and who is gay.” [Ed. That's exactly what I've said. They're very observant.] It was interesting to hear that because I’ve often wondered what tourists think when they visit here now. Are they disappointed at what they see? Clearly these tourists were. I suppose if one never saw videos or images of the former Gay Mecca, one wouldn’t know exactly what to expect. But I suspect most tourists visiting The Castro today don’t expect The Castro to look like any place else which is how it looks, except for the Disney-fied palm trees, Rainbow Flags and one intersection with dirty/stained Rainbow crosswalks. I heard the locals trying to explain to these disappointed tourists that San Francisco is now the “Straight” Mecca and no longer the Gay Mecca. One local said to the tourists, “Welcome to the heterosexual Castro,” to the disgust of the Queer tourists. I heard one of the tourists say, “Then what’s up with all the Rainbow Flags and the Rainbow crosswalks down the street there?” The local said, “It’s all marketing; it’s to exploit people just like you but you don’t sound like the type that can be exploited.” Yes, as I’ve said: You can put up Rainbow Flags and do a shoddy job installing Rainbow crosswalks in one intersection for Brand LGBTTM marketing purposes to exploit the gullible tourists, but that won’t make the area gay. And when the tourists see the many fleets of baby strollers and one young, white “straight” couple after the other holding hands, embracing, making out and looking desperate to have sex right there on the sidewalk, GLBTQ tourists are not fooled. Instead, it gives a false impression/a lie/it looks deceptive which is what these tourists were saying. Before I left, I heard one of the tourists say that they had already been to one of the gay bars only to see “straight” couples in there making out. Uh huh. (Don’t get me started on that!) They asked about the “mixed bars” (where “straights,” gays and these so-called hipsters go) and what they were about? They said they didn’t understand the concept of “mixed bars.” Well, they’re not alone; I don’t understand that either. Why would GLBTQs want to be in a bar hanging out with “straight” people? I couldn’t hear the response to that question, but from reading reviews of one of those bars, it seems that heteronormative gay guys like to go to the “mixed bars.” I suspect it’s the same conservative GLBTQ basura that has welcomed “straights” to take over The Castro. It reminds me of being a Queer boy and wanting to go into a “straight” bar instead of a gay bar. WTF is that about? It’s about being heteronormative and a closet case with some gay shame. Gay “Assimilation:” Back to the 1950s and Going Backwards: More Gay Guys Getting Married To Females and I want to go back in the closet. While researching “mixed bars,” I read that the gay, heteronormative, political opportunist and corporate parasite Scott Penis had his recent victory party — el pendejo won by only 2% as of this writing; no mandate, no landslide — at one of the “mixed bars,” instead of a gay bar. Considering that this conservative gay prude has helped sanitise and turn The Castro into a “Straight” Mecca, that should surprise no one that he chose not to have his victory party in a gay bar. El pendejo has “issues.” He says he’s gay and has done all he can to exploit the “gay community” for his rabid, anti-homeless, elitist conservative agenda), but I’ve never seen him with anyone. His phone seems to be his partner. Every time I have the misfortune of seeing that basura he’s hunched over mesmerised by his screen. And frankly I don’t know who would want to be with that prudish pendejo. Since he first ran for public office here, I and others have had the sense that he’s uncomfortable being gay and would prefer to be “straight.” He certainly has done all he can to make The Castro “straight.” So again, the bar that he had his victory party in is what amounts to a “straight” bar that some gay people go to. Some locals have asked: Is this guy just here to use and exploit the gay community for his agenda? It won’t surprise some of us that after he leaves San Francisco to go to Sacramento we hear that he’s gotten married to a female and has kids. The guy obviously has issues and enjoys exploiting people for his agenda, as so many of these fucked-up-in-the-head political corporate parasitic basura do.

Here in the “Straight” Mecca — which is mostly comprised of super-wealthy, bougi, elitist, white/young shallow and superficial techie trash who I’ve heard say to their tech bros: “if you’re not putting out product, you’re nothing!” Phew! (Asshole: The #1 Requirement For Being A Techie) — there are also the many desperate-looking-for-sex “straight” couples around. They are very obvious and obnoxious. They come to The Castro to cheat on their husband/wife or partner. Their thinking seems to be: “Let’s meet in The Castro. My wife/husband never goes to The Castro so we’ll be safe over there for cheating/meeting for the first time (and the unspoken part: then go to that motel to have sex.)”

San Francisco has two major industries today: The City is a Baby Factory (these people have never heard of birth control?) and the City has been raped by the billionaire-owned tech industry, and one will see the techie zombies (they think they are too good to see homeless people) wherever one looks.

I’ll never quite understand the Baby Factory phenomena. The way it usually works is that these young, “straight” white couples move to San Francisco seemingly to have babies rather than move to their final destination. Then after the child has started walking, she whispers in his ear, “Honey, don’t you think it would be nice if little (fill in name of child) had a bigger place to play, and a nice big back yard to play with the other children in the neighbourhood (unspoken: of the same class and income bracket of course)?” Him: “Well yes honey that does sound nice. Maybe we should look for a bigger place in the suburbs or elsewhere.” Maybe you should have done that before you moved in here and helped to push out the GLBTQ community, los pendejos! So, these “straight” couples leave San Francisco and go to a bigger house where the child has a back yard to play in so that the child doesn’t grow up in “that nasty big City.” We’ve all heard that “nasty big City” stuff, I suspect. Well, you didn’t seem to have any problem with “that nasty big City” when you moved in here and helped change San Francisco and sanitised it to the prudish conservative way you wanted it to be.

After I walked away from listening to this Queer tourist couple, I began wondering whether they planned to go up to Twin Peaks to see the view of the City and Bay Area. If so, they should expect to see the same thing up there. But that didn’t used to be the case. Twin Peaks has changed too, unfortunately. I’ve been going up there recently and the “straights” now go up there to make out with their mandatory hand-holding, and their arm-in-arm routine. I’ve seen the same in-your-face stuff one sees in The Castro. Twin Peaks has always been mostly “straight” even though it’s right up the hill from The Castro, but in the Old City the “straight” couples were not so in-your-face with their sexuality as they are now. Something changed here around the time that GLBTQ marriage equality was achieved in the Cesspool/the US, and that is around that time the “straight” couples must have decided to be as in-your-face with their “straight” sexuality as possible, because that’s the way it’s been since that time. It’s as if they want to send the message: “We now own this City and The Castro. Get out of here, GLBTQs. You can live anywhere (in the closet, maybe). This is now our City.” Up on Twin Peaks, I see the neediest and most helpless females. They can’t seem to do anything for themselves. They can’t even hold a blanket around themselves to stay warm. The needy female needs, expects or demands her subservient guy to “cup her” with the blanket around her. As one of my “straight” friends reminded me again recently: “Guys are required to do all these things for their needy female as part of entrance rights to that smelly pussy.” Occasionally I see gay guys up on Twin Peaks (according to my reliable gaydar) but they act like closet cases as if they don’t want anyone to think they’re gay. I have not seen any guys or females making out or holding hands up there. I don’t see that even though we’ve been repeatedly assured by the conservative corporatist idiots of Brand LGBTTM that “gay is now mainstream” and “gay people can live anywhere.” Utter nonsense! If that were the case, gay people/gay couples would feel comfortable and safe holding hands and making out on Twin Peaks right here in the geographic center of San Francisco and right up the hill from the former Gay Mecca.

A ratio of 4 gay couples to 40 “straight” couples

Mi amigo walked along Market Street in San Francisco on Sunday morning (27 November 2016) and this is what he saw: Four gay couples not holding hands and about 40 “straight” couples holding hands. About one-third of the “straight” couples had babies or baby strollers. And the sound of crying, screeching babies and children filled the air. Most of the “straight” couples had a phone in their hand whether they were talking with someone or not. The him-tall/her-short requirement is even more extreme now. It seems that it is required that the guy be a foot and a half taller than needy her, whereas a difference of 6″ in height was their previous requirement. I’ve suggested in past articles that these needy-for-attention las chicas carry step ladders with them so that they can more easily beso/kiss their chico when they reach the corner of Castro/Market under the big Rainbow Flag (that flag is only there for tourist purposes at this point). As mi amigo was walking down Market Street, there was a “straight” couple behind him (of course tall-short). If I were to transcribe their conversation it would be the following: “Like, like, I like, like, like,” with the second “like” much higher in volume and pitch than the first “like” as they’re trying to point out that he needed a coffee. She answered back with even more “likes” that sounded more like “lick” about the quality of the coffee at a particular “like” coffee shop “like.” Mi amigo said it was so nice to get away from these “like, lick” basura. It was frustrating having to hear that, he said. Fuck these techie trash. They are the scum of the Earth. And this City eats the ass of tech — giving corporate welfare (tax breaks) to billionaire-owned tech companies based in San Francisco — and look what a mess it’s turned into. For example, the street I live on has turned into a stop-and-go parking lot during rush-hour every day. That was not the case in the Old City. People all over the Bay Area are complaining about the Los Ángeles-style traffic we now have due to the techie trash who have taken over the entire Bay Area.

Speaking of which: Often this New Conservative and Lobotomised City of San Francisco feels like a City of Assholes. That makes sense, since San Francisco is the Tech Capital having been raped by the obnoxious and self-absorbed and self-entitled techie trash — who only care about themselves — and where being an asshole seems to be the #1 requirement for being a techie. Most techies are very elitist “straight,” young and white (with some Asian) and many are very immature from what we’ve seen. Ageism and sexism are a well-known part of the billionaire-owned tech industry.

The Him-Tall/Her-Short “Straight” Height Requirement

Oh by the way, I did a little research on this him-tall/her-short height requirement that “straight” couples now have and from what I read that’s a head-trip on her part. Not surprising. I can easily believe that considering what I’ve seen from these desperate-for-attention/needy females. (jesus fucking christ, get some therapy, la perra!). The guy is usually not that concerned about “his girl’s” height. It’s the “high maintenance” and needy-for-attention female that (for psychological reasons) must have a guy that’s at least a foot or more taller than herself. These needy-females have never heard of feminism and see the guy as a “tall protector” of delicate/wet-doily/submissive little her who seems to enjoy being a boot licker for “her man” if he lather$ her with lot$ of attention and expensive gift$ including “wining and dining” her on a regular basis. (I don’t know how guys can put up with this shit! I know I couldn’t. I wouldn’t have the patience for it.) Personally, I think this him-tall/her-short is also a learned behaviour (learned from television) since I see it all the time with “straight” couples on the corporate media. One of my neighbours is of an older generation and she was telling me that she and her esposo are the same height and all the male-female couples of her generation were/are the same height. She finds this him-tall/her-short requirement very strange. In fact, she brought it up with me and that’s how we got talking about it. By contrast, as I told her, most gay and lesbian couples are the same height. They don’t have this fucked-up-in-the-head dominant/submissive nonsense going on with them. They may have it sexually as a sexual turn-on, but it’s not part of their public life.

Last febrero/February 2016, I read an article which gave these numbers confirming San Francisco’s “Straight” Mecca:

The article started out by lying and saying that “San Francisco is still extremely gay.” No it’s not. Why do people lie? The same article went on to contradict itself by saying that 6.2% of the population identifies as GLBTQ, according to a poll from a well-known pollster. 6% ??? That’s all? 6% is not “extremely gay.” That’s barely anything. Add a zero to it (60%) and I’d call that getting closer to the “extremely gay” side. As an analogy, if a politician received 6% of the vote s/he would be dismissed as irrelevant. 6% is nothing while they go on about “San Francisco is still extremely gay.” And I sense that what remains of the “gay community” that is still here has gone back in the closet. I can’t remember the last time I heard the word “gay” spoken here. Mi amigo/My friend often walks by some gay bars on his walks around The Castro and many times he has talked about how obnoxiously “tough guy, macho, jock and heteronormative” the guys are behaving outside of the gay bars. They make him feel uncomfortable (that didn’t use to be the case), and he’s usually comfortable around most people.

I wish I could remember where I read/heard this, but it was said that out of all the gay areas in major US cities (Chelsea in Manhattan, West Hollywood, Dupont Circle in the District of Columbia, The Castro, etc) that it was thought that The San Francisco’s Castro would be the only gay area to survive a “straight” takeover. Unfortunately, The Castro has not survived its “straight” takeover. The Castro is now the new Straight Mecca. Someone may be asking: Aren’t there any gay guys there now? There are some, depending upon the day or night and time of day or night. But one never knows whether the gay guys/gay couples we see are from here or elsewhere. But often on his walks, mi amigo comes back and tells me that he saw all “straight” couples holding hands and maybe one or two Queer boys (and they were on their phones) and one Queer couple holding hands. That’s it. And as many gays and lesbians have said, these days it’s hard to tell who is gay/Queer and who is not unlike the Gay Mecca days where thousands of gay guys were not ashamed of “looking gay,” they did not have gay shame and they were out of the closet and they didn’t try to pretend to be “straight.” These days, gay guys are trying to look like “straight” guys and lesbians are trying to look like bougi “straight” females with long blond or brown hair (out of a bottle?) having mostly abandoned the butch “dyke” look of the former Gay Mecca decades). I also read recently that the Dykes on Bikes event which is held in Dolores Park on the Saturday before the corporatist mobile commercial known as “SF Pride” has been ruined by obnoxious frat guys and their girlfriends. As I’ve said many times before, we’re quickly heading backwards: Gay “Assimilation:” Back to the 1950s. But most people don’t want to acknowledge that it seems.

While writing this article I read a headline with its hyped description about an upcoming “amazing” television programme which will be on one of the US corporate media networks about LGBTQ GLBTQ rights. Now let me take a guess: All the commercials shown during this programme will be what they always are: Heteronormative. “Straight” couples holding hands and/or making out. Despite the bull shit spewed by Brand LGBTTM that “gay is now mainstream, “straight” couples in commercials is all I ever see on my television no matter which channel of the US corporate media I’m monitoring. I never see a gay couple or a lesbian couple (and the lesbian couple is more acceptable to the prejudiced/bigoted public). But from what I see and sense around San Francisco, there would be no interest in this television programme. Of all the articles I’ve written about GLBTQ topics, it’s the sex-related articles that people are interested in and not the GLBTQ-rights related articles. I get the sense that most people are bored by that. For their television programme, one would hope they would get the order of the letters correct to reflect the original gay and lesbian rights’ movement. So they would use GL for Gay and Lesbian and not that ass-backwards LG which is that corporatist and conservative Brand LGBTTM rewriting of Gay and Lesbian/GLBTQ history where the former Gay Rights’ Movement Legacy has been hijacked by Lesbians). But I suspect that “amazing” television programme will follow corporatist Brand LGBTTM and their revisionist/rewriting of GLBTQ history. (Related: Corporatist Brand LGBT (TM) deserve what they get and PrEP and “Our Sexual Revolution ?”).

In many ways today, it feels as though we’ve come full circle in going back to where we were near the beginning of the former Gay Rights’ Movement despite some pro-GLBTQ laws having been passed … and which some people are currently working to overturn. As I’ve said many times, I see more and more gay guys — according to my reliable gaydar — going back in the closet. They’re holding hands and making out with females trying to pretend they’re “straight.” Again, I get this sense that most people including GLBTQs are disinterested and bored by gay-related topics. They’re bored by and/or ashamed of the Rainbow Flag, as if the Rainbow Flag today is considered to be “too gay” for the now-conservative and heteronormative GLBTQ “community.” The obnoxious and supposedly gay sports bar near The Castro has always refused to fly the Rainbow Flag (except on Pride Sunday to exploit the tourists, then their flag goes back in the closet the following Monday). Apparently the owners of that bar feel that the Rainbow Flag conflicts/clashes with their macho jock image. That heteronormative bar flies the flags of corporate sports teams outside instead. Then awhile back across the street from that bar, a “mixed” bar (translation: “straight” with a few heteronormative gay guys there) took down their Rainbow Flag outside. This was presumably done so as to not offend the “straights” of the Straight Mecca and the heteronormative gay guys. Originally, before that bar opened it was posted on its windows that this bar was planned to be a gay bar, but those plans were quickly changed. They removed the word gay. Also, awhile back, the gym in The Castro unofficially known as “the gay gym” sanitised the interior of the gym. They took ugly drab gray paint and painted over the Rainbow Flag colours that were originally painted on the columns in the gym, presumably to cater to the increasing “straight” clientele. “You don’t want to offend any bigoted/anti-gay ‘straights’ with Rainbow Flag colours!” [It's always good to cater to bigotry and prejudice, isn't it?....sarcasm intended.] “The ‘straights’ have priority here now, you know!” seemed to be the message coming from the heteronormative management of this gym. After receiving a few public complaints about this, that gym put up a small “token” Rainbow Flag near the inside entrance to the gym. I walked by that gym recently to see if that flag is still there. It is, but barely. It’s hanging crooked.

All of this pisses me off. I and thousands of other Queers didn’t pick up and move 3,000 miles away (I moved to San Francisco from the District of Columbia) leaving everything we had to have this happen. One local Queer boy asked some years ago: “Can’t we Queers at least have this little gay mecca area of San Francisco for our own? You ‘straights’ have the entire world and the rest of this City?” No Queer boy, the “straights” want it all! They’re never satisfied. The basura. The conservatives will tell us in an arrogant and patronising way: “Well things change, you know.” Oh fuck off, basura! The conservative trash whined, moaned and complained the entire time the Gay Mecca existed. They couldn’t stand the Gay Mecca. They wanted The Castro to be what it is today: A sterile Straight Mecca. If I had run into any of these conservative basura when I moved here and heard them whining about The Castro becoming a Gay Mecca I would have told them: “Well things change, you know.” Los pendejos. Observing their sour, cold, unfriendly and nasty depositions today, they certainly don’t seem to be happy with the Straight Mecca either. Maybe they’re sour because the place is so sanitised that there’s nothing here anymore other than overpriced mediocre meat-based restaurants, that useless conservative theatre that helped to sanitise The Castro and that features Disney “sing-alongs” for the breeder “straight” couples and their children complete with silly hats given to the audience, and there are some gay bars for the conservatives to get drunk in. That about covers what is here today.

When, if ever, GLBTQs come out of their coma and realise that the price of freedom is eternal vigilance, it will be too late. And frankly, being thoroughly disgusted with what the GLBTQ so-called “community” has become: pro-corporate and conservative Brand LGBTTM, the way I feel about it at this point is that they deserve what they get. Fin. The End. Chau.—el barrio rosa


UPDATE (5 de diciembre de 2016/5 December 2016): Mi amigo/My friend saw two long-time San Francisco residents/homeowners yesterday. They are of the Old City (the once proudly-radical and alternative San Francisco). They’re moving away. They are a gay couple. Mi amigo stopped to talk with them and he began his conversation with them by saying, “Not another gay couple leaving The City?” They told him they are leaving San Francisco because of the threat of the “Donald Trump Jackboots invading San Francisco and imprisoning all the gays.” They said that their friends are all leaving too. They told him the reason why there are so many gay people moving out of San Francisco is because of the Trump threat. They are moving 3 hours north of San Francisco to live in a small cabin until Trump is out of office and the threat is gone. They also said they’re moving because The Castro/the neighbourhood has changed. It is no longer gay-friendly. Chau.—el barrio rosa

My thoughts on this: This seems a bit extreme to me. If the Trump regime wants to go after “the gays” one easy way to do so would be by using their “paper trail” and their phone records. That’s one negative with having all of your information in one place, smartphone stupidphone addicts, in the case of surveillance/data-mining and/or being rounded up. The Trump regime could look at one’s memberships in and donations to the many corporatist Brand LGBTTM organisations as well as gay marriage licences, and the Trump regime could obtain those records from San Francisco City Hall. The Trump regime could also go after people who didn’t vote for him, so that would include the gay Hillary-bots in San Francisco. But I wouldn’t think this “round up” would happen for awhile. I don’t know that one would be any safer in a cabin in the woods than in San Francisco’s Straight Mecca. These days one cannot run anywhere to get away from our many problems. And the “gay community” has been moving out of this City long before Trump ever showed up as a presidential candidate. The “gay community” seem to have completely forgotten the reason for gay meccas in major cities. One of the reasons for San Francisco’s Gay Mecca was that thousands of us fled from bigotry, anti-gay prejudice and repression to live together safely all in one place (San Francisco’s new Gay Mecca) — rather than spread all over the anti-gay/prejudiced/bigoted US — because the thinking was “there’s safety in numbers” as a safe place for us to be and to be with each other. We were all together in one place when there was a need to come together to protest injustices. For example, when cops came into The Castro to fuck with the gay community la policía/the police got hell for it. They had their cop cars burned along with massive protests from the gay community. Gay guys didn’t act like subservient, obedient-to-the-Establishment/wet-doily, heteronormative, conservative, corporatist cop bootlickers in those days as they do today. Gay guys didn’t put up with any shit in those proudly-radical days. I miss those days and it disgusts me what the gay community has turned into. But nobody seems to care, or very few. So fuck it! That’s how I feel about it now. But today, with the former Gay Rights’ Movement dead they — corporatist Brand LGBTTM — seem to be in a collective coma having erased our history from memory and/or abandoned it. We’ve heard repeatedly from conservative corporatist Brand LGBTTM that “gay people can live anywhere now because gay is now mainstream.” As I’ve written many times, only a delusional wishful-thinking idiot would believe that nonsense. And it would seem that the “gay community” no longer believes that lie otherwise they wouldn’t be “running to the hills” at this time. But I thought, “we can live anywhere now,” no? So why are you running from San Francisco’s Castro because the Trump regime will take office next month (even though one gets the distinct impression by his actions/behaviour that he’s already the president)? It’s obviously easier to round people up if they’re all in one place in major cities. If it were the US military that began rounding gay people up, which side would the San Francisco Police Department take considering there are many gay and lesbian cops in the SFPD? Would the SFPD fight the US military to stop the rounding up of gay people in San Francisco? I don’t know. I do know that the response time from cops to gay people being rounded up would be much faster in San Francisco than out in a rural area. The SFPD has a fast response time. Chau.—el barrio rosa


Going Backwards: More Gay Guys Getting Married To Females
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Queering The Castro (A futile effort at this point)

Then there’s this:

A Republican politician who sent sexual text messages to a teen boy said in an interview that he is “not gay.” This politician who is the president of Jefferson Parish in New Orleans and who is married to a female, admitted to exchanging “improper texts” with a 17-year old boy last month. This politician called it a “bad decision.” Why, because you got caught? He says he regretted his actions. Again, only because you got caught having your gay fantasy text messages? Why don’t you fucking come out of the closet? He was the mayor of a town in Louisiana at the time he texted this teenage boy. But this closet-case politician says “To simply say it, I’m not gay.”
[My response: Of course you’re not gay, Mr Republican politician. No one would want to allege that because we all know it’s “bad to be gay,” correct? That’s the message you’re sending, and we can’t have that! And this is exactly the closet-case mentality I talk about in the article above and in many other articles I’ve written. And I’m sick of it while corporatist and conservative Brand LGBTTM lie and tell us that “gay is now mainstream” and “gay people can live anywhere” (yeah, maybe in the closet like this politician in denial).]

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Rachmaninov Piano Concerto No. 1 – Pianist Nikolay Khozyainov (Moscow State Symphony Orchestra)

Hola. Lately I’ve been enjoying this performance of the Rachmaninov Piano Concerto No. 1 with pianist Nikolay Khozyainov and the Moscow State Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Alexander Skulsky. I’ve especially enjoyed the second movement and the slower section of the third movement. Those sections feel appropriate for the times we’re living in.

There are two versions of this concerto. There’s the 1890–1891 original and Rachmaninov’s 1917 revision. I’ve heard the original and like it, but I’m much more familiar with the revision version which is what is played here and that’s the standard version played these days.

Nikolay is of the Russian School of piano playing. From a piano perspective, this is a superb performance. Considering his young age (he’s 24), he has quite a repertoire already including the Rachmaninov Third which he plays rather effortlessly, including that challenging cadenza and those thick chords of the third movement. Well, there are thick chords throughout the concerto!, but I’m thinking particularly of the Più mosso section (Editions: Boosey & Hawkes – Authentic Edition – page 51 and again on page 71) when pedaled a certain way creating a galloping effect, which I’ve only heard 3-4 pianists play that way, one of them being pianist Cristina Ortíz: Arts Review: The Rachmaninov Third with pianist Cristina Ortíz. I like many things about his very clean/sparkling playing — there’s no over-pedaling from him — but one thing in particular is his lack of needless theatrics that so many other pianists feel the need to waste their energy on. They sit at the piano with limpid eyes gazing up at the ceiling with quivering lips and other nonsense. Some pianists look orgasmic at various moments in their performance and/or are bouncing off the piano bench seemingly trying to take orbit to the Moon. It’s usually just for “show.” Nikolay does none of that and he has excellent posture at the piano; he supports his back. He’s not all bent over like a wilted flower like some other pianists, and watching them makes my back hurt. He’s very well-trained. He makes it look easy/effortless which is the sign of an artist. By contrast, pianists who use theatrics make their playing look difficult as if s/he is struggling while playing a piece. Well, that contradicts the very concept that as a well-trained artist we’re supposed to make it look effortless. Vladimir Horowitz said about himself that he probably wasn’t very interesting to watch because you wouldn’t see him staring at the ceiling with quivering lips. No, he was usually focusing on the keyboard.

The thing about theatrics is that they are mainly a learned behaviour. One person sees another person going through all these silly-looking theatrics while performing and others think they need to emulate them thinking they need to do all that ridiculous stuff too, presumably to be taken “seriously” as an artist. Just like singers on those reality singing competitions on television where every singer thinks they have to nearly swallow the microphone their holding as they belt out their song with their mouth wide open and eye lids closed, with their head shaking back and forth while high-pitched teeny-boppers scream at them in approval. With these singers, they all make sure they look the same as far as their learned-behaviour theatrics are concerned. Also, speaking of learned behaviour, at the Conservatory of Music where I trained it was rather common for piano majors to emulate their piano professor’s playing style. So one could see their professor’s playing style in the student’s playing with some of the students. I didn’t do that, but I knew of some students who did. They were almost a mirror image of their professor. Personally, I think it’s best to have one’s own unique playing style rather than trying to imitate someone else and where people look cookie-cutter out of a mold.

The pretentious and self-appointed authorities known as the classical music snots who ruin classical music for a lot of people — I’m thinking of the average person who might have no music training — would likely call this performance “sublime” (Dahling). Ugh. That’s their signature word they love to throw out while dropping the names of other international/well-known “god” pianists they prefer instead seemingly to try to give themselves credibility as some “authority,” as if anyone cares what los pendejos think. Or they would say the performance was, “perfectly executed” (Dahling). “Executed?” WTF? Why would one use a word typically associated with the death penalty to describe a music performance? The classical music snots are so tiresome; I have no use for those pretentious, nose-in-the-air basura. Can’t stand them. And los pendejos usually sit around doing measure-by-measure critiques of what was wrong with the performance, according to them.

One thing I noticed about this orchestra is how cold they are, and their — what seemed like — lack of enthusiasm or interest in playing this piece (I’m going on their facial expressions). By contrast, my favourite orchestra, hr-Sinfonieorchester/the Frankfurt Radio Symphony is very welcoming and warm to their piano soloists. Orchestral members smile and support the soloists during the applause. Their interaction with a piano soloist is very different than that of this cold/reserved Moscow State Symphony Orchestra. I wonder if Nikolay found them difficult to work with in this performance? The conductor seemed alright.

Despite what Nikolay has accomplished so far he doesn’t come off to me as the least bit arrogant. From what I’ve seen of him, he seems to be very humble and modest.

My only criticism with the video of this piano concerto is that sometimes the audio and video are slightly (or sometimes more than slightly) out-of-sync which is annoying. The video below seems to be the best copy of this performance.

I’m also embedding Nikolay’s more recent performance of Alexander Scriabin’s Etude, Op. 42 No. 5. I haven’t played that demanding piece in years but it came back while watching him play it. Makes me feel like getting out the score and re-preparing it. I remember the feeling I had when I came to the end of that stormy piece. There’s a “hill at the end” (so to speak) so the pianist has to pace him/herself so as to have enough reserve to play the ending without any failure of endurance or stamina which could lead to some splatz/mistakes. Not good. It’s definitely a workout even though it’s a relatively short piece. It makes for a good encore. Chau.—el barrio rosa

Organ Improvisation by Philippe Lefebvre (Organist at Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris)

(This article has been updated/corrected as of el 22 de noviembre de 2016). Hola a todos. The Cathédrale Notre Dame. What a beautiful (and very large) cathedral, and their beautiful Grand Orgue sounds glorious. This is a High Church cathedral. I finally found one and what a treat! For some odd reason, it’s hard to find High Church cathedrals in the US, so one has to go to Europe (in this case) for that, such as to Paris.

In the first video below you can hear the very High Church organ improvisation played during one of the processionals at the Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris (Roman Catholic) en Francia/in France. Philippe Lefebvre is one of the three tenured Titular organists there. I read on their site that each staff organist plays 4 months of the year. Then they have their Quire/Sanctuary organists. There’s a smaller organ console (2-manual/full pedalboard) Orgue de Choeur in the Quire/Sanctuary area. That organ is a completely separate instrument from the Grand Orgue/main organ up in the back Gallery, although to me they sound like the same organ. They are extremely well matched. The organist seated in the Quire/Sanctuary area accompanies the performing Choir either on the Sanctuary organ or on the Orgue Positif/box organ. He sometimes conducts the Choir, and he also plays the service music. Depending upon where the camera is, one can usually see when he’s playing. He’s rather busy! They have multiple choirs at Notre Dame. From what I can tell, one of the Titular organists up in the back Gallery at the main console plays all other music, such as the processional improvisation and the Organ Voluntary at the end of the Liturgy. And I really liked his toccata — I think it’s an improvisation — at the end of that Liturgy in the third video. That may have been Philippe Lefebvre playing the toccata. He is well-known for his elaborate improvisations.

Their Cavaillé-Coll organ which is located high up in the back gallery has a beautiful sound to it. It reminds me of the fiery sound of the former organ at St Thomas Church Fifth Avenue (Anglican Communion) in Manhattan. I say “former organ” because they are in the process of replacing that organ while keeping some of it at St Thomas. Their new pipe organ is supposed to be in place by 2018.

A little bit of history: The French composer and organist, Louis Vierne, was organist at the Cathédrale Notre Dame from 1900 to 1937. He made two sets of modifications to their organ. Pierre Cochereau was organist there from 1955 to 1984. Pierre also added to it and made the organ more modern between 1963 and 1975. The organ was completely restored in 1992 regaining the symphonic sounds of the Cavaillé-Coll organ. They also retained some aspects from the 17th and 18th centuries.

I was reading some online reviews of the Cathédrale Notre Dame and someone wrote:

“It shames any monument in DC or Virginia!!!” (in the US).

Yes it does, doesn’t it! It certainly shames Washington National Cathedral (WNC) in many ways. Watch the videos below and you’ll understand what I mean by that if you’ve paid close attention to what they do at WNC.

And that’s why I feel it’s time for a change of venue. I’ve written nearly 20 articles about the Liturgies and music at Washington National Cathedral (WNC) in the District of Columbia. I and mi amigo/my friend have become rather put-off and come away feeling frustrated by WNC in recent months for various reasons that I’ve written about (see that list of articles on this page), and some of the things they’re doing these days which you won’t see or hear at the Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris. Fortunately, you won’t hear any gospel, jazz or “global song” music at the Cathédrale Notre Dame. No, thank goodness. You also won’t hear the Widor Toccata interrupted with Big Band music stuck in the middle of it as was the case recently at WNC, supposedly in their attempt to try to be “like cool like” and “like hip like” and dumbed-down and obnoxious US’ans. At Notre Dame, it’s all about the music with sung Liturgies, unlike WNC. At Notre Dame, the priests are very respectful of their liturgies and they are not at all afraid of incense. One could say that “everything is in place” at Notre Dame. Something I don’t say about WNC. Nothing looks left to chance or looks unrehearsed as sometimes is the case at WNC. I see none of that at Notre Dame. From the Roman Catholics I’ve seen over the years, they are much more respectful of incense than most of the Anglicans I’ve observed. Incense seems to be such a bother to most Anglican priests, especially at WNC. I suspect, in part, that’s because they have many very Low Church priests at WNC. At Cathédrale Notre Dame, I also noticed how many people in the congregation sing — unlike WNC’s (what I call) “stand and mumble” congregation — and the congregation at Notre Dame seem to know the service music and they closely follow the service leaflet. They seem very involved in the Liturgy (for example: bowing, genuflecting or kneeling during the Consecration) unlike the bottom-basement Low Church congregation at WNC. At WNC, the congregation appear to mostly be there to observe as if they think they’re in a museum. They mostly just go through the motions. The congregation at Notre Dame takes an active role in the Liturgy.

I played the videos below for mi amigo/my friend. He’s an atheist like myself, and he said: “I like that much better than WNC. (So do I.) It feels somewhat Buddhist. It feels spiritual in an ancient way, unlike WNC which has come to feel weird and commercial, especially with all the flat screens around the Nave. They do try so hard to be so USA there.” I said: Oh you mean, for example, like that nationalistic Liturgy they had for Veterans’ Day 2016 where they celebrated the barbaric US Military Industrial ComplexTM, singing the “hymn” assigned to each branch of the US military as well as the “bombs bursting in air” US national anthem, all of which seemed to be in direct opposition to the separation of Church and State that we are supposed to have in the US?

I’ve also noticed how they at WNC go out of their way to be connected with the corporate parasites of the US Oligarchy/The Establishment/the federal government there in the District. They have invited some of the most heinous and despicable people/politicians — including war criminals — to the cathedral to speak either in their Forum programmes before the Liturgy or to give the Homily during the Liturgy. I sense they adore the Obama regime and are quite the Obamabots/Dembots, most likely being one-issue people as many shallow Democrats are. Apparently, they know little about what their Obama has done to expand upon most of the despicable policies of the illegitimate Bush regime, and their Mr Nobel Peace Prize Obama and his 7 wars, or is it 9 now? It’s hard to keep track. (Obama has ordered bombings, cruise missile and drone strikes on Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Libya and Syria). Or, perhaps they are like so many hypocritical Establishment Democrats who are of the mindset: “it’s perfectly okay when a Democrat does it. It’s only bad when un Republicano does it.”

They have a very good Cathedral Choir of Men and Boys/Girls at Cathédrale Notre Dame. They also have a Women’s Chorus, and a Chamber Choir (well that’s what I call them; I don’t know their official name) for singing more Renaissance-style music and they have excellent diction. With the Chamber Choir, I was listening for the “K” of the word “Kyrie” and I heard it every time the word “Kyrie” appeared in the text. Sometimes choral ensembles get lax/sloppy about that and “Kyrie” becomes “yrie” which is obviously incorrect and makes me wonder why the Chorus Director or Choirmaster didn’t catch that. Choral excellence requires impeccable attention to detail, such as the K of “Kyrie” for example. The choirs at Notre Dame are well-trained and the repertoire they use I’ve enjoyed so far. Their choirs wear very pretty blue robes and not cassocks and surplices as used in Anglican cathedrals/parishes. And their service music (the Mass setting they use) is a very nice setting and creates a certain/nice atmosphere about the Liturgy. It’s not sing-songy like the settings used by some Anglican parishes and cathedral churches. I like it much better than what they use at WNC.

I also noticed that most Roman Catholics don’t bow to the processional cross as Anglicans are encouraged to do, although most people in the Low Church congregation at WNC don’t do that. Roman Catholics bless themselves instead — as you can see in the processional of the second and third videos below — when the processional cross passes and also when the Bishop passes and blesses the congregation. I noticed a few people in the congregation who also bowed as well. Reminds me of some Anglo-Catholics who bow and bless themselves when the processional cross passes. During the Consecration, they use the Sanctus Bells/Altar Bells along with incense. Being a High Church person, I was very pleased to see such a High Liturgy — especially in the third video below — the kind of Liturgy I haven’t seen or heard since I was organist in an Anglo-Catholic parish. Also, the Roman Catholics have mostly abandoned their vergers. The concept of vergers began in the Church of England (CofE) and to my knowledge most Anglican churches still have vergers. WNC does. But it seems that the Roman Catholics have abandoned their vergers. They have lovely High Church liturgies at Notre Dame and I noticed that the Nave is full for the High Church Liturgies. (WNC might want to take notice). A lot of care and respect go into their Liturgies at Notre Dame. It would be nice if the television network recording their Liturgies would not cut off the organ works/improvisations at the beginning and end of the Liturgies. It’s good to see a cathedral church that’s High Church, which is how I think a grand cathedral should be. You can watch their Messe/Mass at Notre Dame from el 6 de noviembre de 2016 below. Chau.—el barrio rosa

This is a very High Church Liturgy (the highest I’ve seen). The Communion Anthem for this Liturgy was “The Souls of the Righteous” by the British composer Geraint Lewis (b.1958). The piece sets a nice atmosphere and I enjoyed their performance. I noticed that for this piece, both organists accompanied the Choir (not at the same time), but it was mostly the Titular organist in the gallery who did most of the accompanying. The two organists had coordinated with each other where one would stop and the other pick up and they did so seamlessly. It still sounded like one organ was being played (even though they are two separate organs) with a registration change, but I got the sense that the organ in the Sanctuary area was used 2-3 times in the piece for a particular (quieter) effect:

Cristobal de Morales – Emendemus in melius (Collegium Vocale Ghent – P. Herreweghe)

Hola a todos. Here is an excellent performance of a short a cappella piece Emendemus in melius by the Renaissance composer Cristobal de Morales (1500? – 1553) performed by the Collegium Vocale Ghent from Belgium conducted by Philippe Herreweghe.

They along with the Chorus of Les Arts Florissants are my two favourite Choruses today. The choral ensemble in this performance is a small group of their larger superb Symphonic Chorus. The larger Chorus of the Collegium Vocale Ghent performs throughout Europe with various orchestras. They performed an all-Brahms concert awhile back with hr-Sinfonieorchester/the Frankfurt Radio Symphony with Philippe conducting which was very enjoyable. Chau.—el barrio rosa

“Gay people can live anywhere”—Brand LGBT(TM)

Hola. Just wanted to alert readers to these articles. It would seem that corporatist, conservative and heteronormative Brand LGBTTM have once again exposed themselves to be full of mierda. They have lectured us repeatedly that:

1) “gay people can live anywhere,”
2) “gay is now mainstream” and
3) “there is no longer a need for gay meccas”

and other wishful-thinking delusional nonsense.

The basura known as Brand LGBTTM with their cookie-cutter “LGBT” rewriting of GLBTQ history have explicitly exposed themselves to be the fools they are. Check out these articles:

Gay man attacked by Trump fan who warned ‘my new president says we can kill all you faggots now’
(Their article title sanitises the word “faggots” with an asterisk. Silly. Can we go back to the 1940s or 1950s any faster? I don’t sanitise any words — including sexual language — with asterisks other than the names of corporations so as not to promote them. I think we’re all adults here).

Gay Massachusetts mayor received threats demeaning him for his ‘lifestyle’: ‘You are going down’

Does that look like gay people can live anywhere to you? Does that look like gay is mainstream to you? Does that look like there’s no longer a need for gay meccas where gay people can live together in safety? I can’t stand these corporatist trash called Brand LGBTTM. And I would like to point out that the latter reason (see #3 up above) was one of the reasons given by some of the conservative merchants and conservative GLBTQs in San Francisco’s Castro for sanitising and Disney-fying The Castro and warmly welcoming the obnoxious “straights” with their baby strollers to take over The Castro, which they have done. Today, The Castro is not even a museum of its former past. It is nothing like it was during the days of San Francisco’s former Gay Mecca. Chau.—el barrio rosa

Corporatist Brand LGBT (TM) deserve what they get

Corporatist Brand LGBTTM with their cookie-cutter “LGBT” rewriting of GLBTQ history, have failed to understand that history repeats itself when one does not remain eternally vigilant for our freedoms. Instead, corporatist Brand LGBTTM chose to go into a coma for eight-plus years.

Hola. This article is about pro-corporate, conformist and heteronormative Brand LGBTTM which is directly responsible for the death of the decades-long Gay Rights’ Movement and for the subsequent “assimilation movement” (which has mostly translated into GLBTQs returning to the closet as they “blend in” with heteronormative “straight,” and in many cases anti-gay society).

I want to be clear, this article is not about all GLBTQs, but rather those conformists belonging and adhering to Brand LGBTTM (and who type the letters in that heteronormative order as I explained in this article). I and some of my readers are not at all part of Brand LGBTTM. I want nothing to do with them and never have. We are GLBTQs and part of the original Gay Rights’ Movement and not its hijacked-by-lesbians “LGBT” movement. I detest corporatist Brand LGBTTM. They are extremely short-sighted. Let me explain:

Years ago, GLBTQs were urged/ordered to “assimilate” with “straight” society by the conservative, corporatist and heteronormative self-appointed omnipotents of Brand LGBTTM. At that time, some of us asked Brand LGBTTM: What are Queers going to do when the next major assault on GLBTQs comes? Short-sighted Brand LGBTTM never gave any thought to that. They gave the impression that “all has been accomplished for GLBTQs and never to go back.” And for at least the past 8 years during the Obama regime, corporatist Brand LGBTTM have made most GLBTQs to live under the illusion think that “gays can now live anywhere” and “gay is now mainstream.” How many times have we heard that nonsense over the past 8 years? Some of us have always said that was delusional wishful-thinking and especially so since there’s been a rise in violent hate crimes against GLBTQs since marriage equality was achieved. After marriage equality was achieved here in The Cesspool/the US, the Gay Rights’ Movement died as if marriage equality had been the ultimate goal all along. I never knew marriage equality was the ultimate goal of the now-dead Gay Rights’ Movement. All had been accomplished was the impression Brand LGBTTM gave. It was time to party (with meth), it was time to get on one’s phones, try to act like “straight” jocks, start supporting corporate sports teams, major corporations and the barbaric Military Industrial Complex, turn Pride into a thoroughly corporate commercial and eat the ass of messiah Obama and the thoroughly corrupt, useless and misnamed Democratic Party.

Now, under the incoming Trump/Pence regime, Brand LGBTTM are getting concerned? Oh really?! Imagine that! Deciding to get off the pot, are you, idiots? Deciding to get off your phones? I’ll believe that when I see it.

I and others have been outraged for some time over what the gay community has become during the Obama years. Pathetic best describes them. And judging by gay sex ads, most gay guys have gone back in the closet with their “discreet” and “down low” self-descriptions as if they now have gay shame and are ashamed of what they’re doing sexually, (and/or are cheating on their partner). “Out and Proud” is long gone. Many gay guys are running from the word “gay.” “Discreet” and “Down Low” is in. Being heteronormative is in thanks to corporatist Brand LGBTTM.

Frankly, the idiots of corporatist Brand LGBTTM deserve what they get from the Trump/Pence regime. Some of us have said that at some point in the future the now-dead Gay Rights’ Movement will have to start all over again.

Then there’s this millionaire GLBTQ celebrity (who shall remain nameless) with a television programme on the US corporate media. Said celebrity sees itself as one of the gods of Brand LGBTTM. From what I read, after the s-election of Trump/Pence, said celebrity told Queers, “Things can still turn out to be okay.” [My response to said celebrity: Oh fuck off! Who gives a damn what you think? Why do you feel the need to reassure and “comfort” us GLBTQs that things can still turn out to be okay, according to “god” you? How fucking arrogant! Siéntate y cállate!] I should point out that said celebrity has routinely served as a bootlicker for messiah Obama. Yes, it can still turn out to be okay for you since you’ll likely benefit financially, corporatist television personality. This television personality is making $1.2 million a week (or $63 million/yearly salary, estimated to receive $5 million monthly, $1.2 million weekly and $220,000 daily). But for the average person, it will not be okay. Things will be different. And frankly, that big-headed celebrity doesn’t know any more about what’s to come under the Trump/Pence regime than I do. And I suspect I pay more attention to this stuff than this celebrity because I’m not working on a television show for a dumbed-down audience every day where the sheeple are “entertained” with stupidity and silliness, and where everything coming out of the mouth of this “god” celebrity is to be considered hilarious.

Brand LGBTTM is also directly responsible for the death/fading away of our gay meccas in the US. Conservative Brand LGBTTM has lectured us with, “there’s no need for gay meccas any longer because gay people can live anywhere. Gay is now mainstream.” Of course that is ludicrous as these articles demonstrate:

Gay man attacked by Trump fan who warned ‘my new president says we can kill all you faggots now’ (November 2016)

Gay Massachusetts mayor received threats demeaning him for his ‘lifestyle’: ‘You are going down’ (November 2016)

Brand LGBTTM has encouraged the heteronormative “straight” takeover of gay meccas (Chelsea, West Hollywood, The Castro, et al) and Brand LGBTTM conservative gay politicians have encouraged the building of Luxury Designer Condos (Dahling) for the super-wealthy particularly in San Francisco. Brand LGBTTM is all about and for the gay community of a certain income bracket: the bougi, the elitist, the super-wealthy and that is who Brand LGBTTM represent. The trash of Brand LGBTTM doesn’t give a fuck about poor and homeless GLBTQs. And some of us are surprised that the T for Transgender is still part of that heteronormative and ass-backwards “LGBT” acronym. Brand LGBTTM has encouraged 100% complacency with their implied: “All has been achieved for the gay community, there’s nothing left to do.” Everyone loves us now. Damn fools. There’s plenty to do but what I have in mind doesn’t serve Brand LGBTTM and their corporatist/wealthy agenda. They don’t give a damn about homeless GLBTQ youth, as one example. Bottom Line: They don’t give a damn about anybody except people just like their elitist selves.

During the Trump/Pence regime, will new gay meccas begin so that Queers can all be in one place for safety in numbers — as was the case in San Francisco during the Gay Mecca days — and for those interested in protests of the Trump/Pence regime (before they declare martial law)?

Today’s San Francisco is out of the question as a new Gay Mecca because only the super-wealthy can afford to live here now because of the outrageous real estate/rental prices due to the Techie Zombies having raped this City along with the corrupt Real Estate Industrial Complex. San Francisco today is the opposite of the City it once was. So San Francisco could not become a new Gay Mecca as it was during the Gay Rights’ Movement. Also, much of the gay community has been forced out of San Francisco because of Brand LGBTTM and their “gays can now live anywhere” lie. Others have been forced out by evictions and the outrageous cost of living here. GLBTQs who have left San Francisco have gone in all directions and not to one particular destination.

Some of us asked years ago: How will GLBTQs protest in the future when there is an assault on us/them? No one wanted to hear that question because Brand LGBTTM implied that we had reached utopia with marriage equality. Brand LGBTTM implied that we had reached utopia because GLBTQs could supposedly be open about their sexuality as they go kill brown-skinned people and other GLBTQs in other parts of the world as members of the barbaric US Military Industrial Complex led by their saviour Obama. I would point out that during the Gay Rights’ Movement, gays and lesbians (that’s GL and not LG) opposed the US military. What caused them to completely reverse themselves and adamantly want to be part of US Military barbarism? Or did this “180″ come because their messiah Obama was in office?

I think the basura of Brand LGBTTM are in for a big surprise under the Trump/Pence regime and frankly as far as I and others are concerned they fucking deserve what they get. The trash. They are damn fools. I and others can’t stand them. How can some people be so damn idiotic and short-sighted? Chau.—el barrio rosa