In the Conservatory

The far-right’s “War on Christmas.”

Hola a todos.  As of this writing, people are already talking about Christmas.  It’s still Pentecost.  It’s not even Advent yet.  Advent 2019 begins el 1 diciembre de 2019/1 December 2019.  Even in England, London specifically, they have up Holiday Shopping Trees at the end of Pentecost.  That seems a bit — what’s the word? — strange or hypocritical(?) to me considering the established church is the CoE (Church of England/Anglican Church), and the City of London doesn’t seem to be following the Liturgical Calendar of their own established church.  One might think they would want to be consistent, no?

The word Christmas has its origin in Middle English, Cristemasse specifically, which means Christ’s Mass. That’s what the word Christmas means, something I suspect the far-right is willfully-ignorant of.  It has a religious meaning.  So my question is the following:  Is everyone cool with that who says, “Merry Christmas?”  You’re saying a greeting that has its origins in Christianity.   And with the word “Merry” spoken or written before the English words “Christ Mass” (or Christmas) it becomes “Merry Christ’s Mass.”  Now that’s a damn odd thing to say, don’t you think? What nut came up with “Merry Christ’s Mass” or “Merry Christmas?  I’ve never heard of any other Mass that is considered “Merry.” A Mass is usually a rather solemn and or High Church occasion. Which makes Felices Fiestas or Happy Holidays a much more appropriate greeting to say.

Do you say the inclusive “Happy Holidays” or the exclusive “Merry Christmas?”  And I must ask:  Who uses the outdated word “merry” any other time in their every day life?  No one that I can think of or have heard speak.  When you’re asked, “How are you?”  Do you respond, “I feel merry today.  How about you?”  No, I’ve never heard that.  Whereas the word “happy” — as in “Happy Holidays” — is in most people’s vocabulary today, as in “I’m happy about that” or “Happy Birthday.”

Here in the Conservatory, I overheard some students talking about their plans for the upcoming holiday season.  Musicians are often busy during the holiday season, especially Conservatory-trained musicians.  I listened to what they were saying and fortunately no one was using the word “Christmas,” except in reference to a particular Liturgy (Christmas Midnight Mass, for example).  The students referred to the particular holiday they’re participating in, such as “the Christmas Eve Mass” but their greeting to each other was/is “Happy Holidays everyone,” inclusive of all the holidays.

Someone is likely asking:  “You mean there is more than one holiday in December?”  Yes mi amor, there are the Jewish holidays, and the secular Kwanzaa holidays (and the many variations of those) as well as Navidad/Christmas.  It’s not all about (your) Christmas.

One of the organ majors will be subbing at an Anglican cathedral church for their High Mass so he’s looking forward to that and playing the cathedral’s grand orgue.  I was listening outside his practise room the other day and I thought:  What is that he’s playing?  I love it.  I’ve never heard the piece before.  It sounds like Herbert Howells but it’s not any Howells I’ve ever heard.  So I hesitantly knocked on the organ practise room door — I hate doing that; I hate bothering people and disturbing their concentration when they’re practising, although a part of me says “maybe he needs a break” — and I asked him what he was playing.  He told me he was improvising and preparing for a High Anglican Mass he’s been invited to play for.  I said:  Well keep going, pick up where you left off, if you can.   I listened attentively and watched his fluent pedal work and registration changes.  His improvisation was glorious. Very High Church and in the style of Herbert Howells (my favourite Anglican composer). This guy is going to go far.  As I told him (and he seemed to be very pleased), I could almost smell the incense in his playing and envisioned the Nave being filled with incense and the congregation bowing to the processional crosses and to the thurifer following the censing of the altar.  He plays splendidly.  I teased him and asked, “How do you feel about Low Church?”  He groaned and said “No comment.”  I said:  You and me both.  We’re High Church people here.  When he resumed his practise session, he was working on Howells’s Gloucester Service, one of my favourites and which Howells composed for the cathedral acoustics and Choir of Gloucester Anglican Cathedral.  He had told me that the Cathedral Choir of Men and Boys were performing the Magnificat from that canticle setting for the anthem.

One of the voice majors from the Conservatory’s superb 150-voice Symphony Chorus is serving as cantor for a Liturgy in another Anglican church.

The Conservatory is fortunately a Messiah-free zone this season. Just the mere mention of Messiah — note that I don’t even need to give the name of the composer it’s so well-known — in the Conservatory generates eye rolls and pained looks due to the oratorio being so over-performed. Seems that we all agree on that.

Outside the walls of the Conservatory

It’s a different world out there.  Over the past years in the non-United States, the right-wing — better known as the “Christian” frauds — have had their “War on Christmas” which has been intended to force people to say, “Merry Christmas” instead of the inclusive greeting of “Happy Holidays.”  Yes, it’s their agenda to take us back to another era (the 1940s), which is happening.  On U-toob, I read “Christmas.”  Of course if I were to comment and say anything about that I’d be heavily trolled with, “Politically-correct! Politically correct!  Stop trying to be so politically-correct.  We hate that on here.”  It’s as if people can’t go back in time fast enough.  We’re in a very draconian political climate now worldwide, in major part due to the current white house occupant.

Since he’s been occupying la casa blanca/the white house, the current white house occupant has been the driving force in leading this “War on Christmas.”  This outdated, 73-year old (as of this writing) narcissistic international bully/ignoramus is quite selective as to when and where he charades as a Christian to play to his willfully-ignorant stupid base.  He lives his life the exact opposite of the teachings of Cristo Jesús, and the same goes for the “Christian” frauds around him, some of whom are said to keep open bibles on their desks.  They must not do much with them!  Clearly just for show based on the corrupt, lying and deceitful lives these basura live.  I think Cristo Jesús would say to them, “You’re Christian frauds, all of you.  Going around the world threatening and bullying people, and that doesn’t even begin to cover your heinous acts.  Never again do anything in my name.  What superficial, shallow, arrogant and pompous basura you all are.”  Yet one sees the flock of mostly white trash standing behind the international bully at his cult rallies with their red “Make Amurrrrrrka Great Again” baseball caps on.  Any fool can wear a baseball cap.  Their slogan has been updated to “Keep Amurrrrrrka Great.”  So if the current white house occupant has already allegedly made the US great again (yet from where I’m sitting things look far worse), why does this piece of basura need an additional four more-plus years?  I guess they didn’t think that through.  Stupid marketing slogans for stupid people.  Just like Obama’s “Hope and Change We Can Believe In” marketing slogan.  We saw how well that worked as he greatly expanded the Bush-Cheney right-wing neocon agenda and Mr Nobel Peace Prize ended his terms with 10-12 wars in progress.  But that didn’t seem to matter to most “Democrats” because of that D next to his name.  And because of his ethnicity many people keep fawning over him as he’s still their messiah figure and can do no wrong.  With the current white house occupant, one wonders which Amurrrrrrka they’re referring to?  North America, Central America or South America?  When I asked some of his cultists which Amurrrrrrka they’re referring to, they told me, “There’s only one Amurrrrrrka.”  I responded:  Really?  Oh, so you don’t believe in maps either, do you?  Stupid is in.

What frustrates me is to see people — I’m specifically thinking of people who align with the corrupt “Democratic” Party Cult — who pretend to be a “liberal” or a “progressive” and who fall right in line with the right-wing’s agenda and abandon the inclusive “Happy Holidays” and instead say exclusively, “Merry Christmas.”  I’m talking particularly about people who claim to despise the current white house occupant yet they feed right into his fake-“Christian” rhetoric and his “War on Christmas.”  People like that disgust me.  That’s, in part, why I refer to them as fake-liberals and fake-progressives.  There was a time when (genuine) progressives rejected the notion of a Floating Cloud Being.  Not these days.  Rare to see that.  One reads comments from them such as “God Bless.”  Sigh.  Well, if some god is going to “bless,” s/he will do so whether one requests it or not.  Understood?  Since “he” makes the rules we’re told, remember your own damn doctrine and beliefs?  And stop being so damn greedy asking for this floating cloud being’s constant blessings.  There are people in other parts of the world who need those blessings far more so than the self-absorbed and self-entitled fucks in the US.

Aside note but still related to language:  Mi amigo/My friend asked me to point out that online he’s seeing more and more of the following:  In addition to the far-right, the fake-liberals and fake-progressives are also using words such as “mankind,” “man-made” and “man is….”  They’ve completely done a 180 and have gone back to using outdated sexist man-based language.  I don’t think women care to be called “man,” do you?  During the Civil Rights Movement and beyond, “mankind” was changed to humankind.  Does one not remember that; or was that just a short-term fad for the fake-progressives and fake-liberals?  In fact, “humankind” is the inclusive language used in the US Episcopal Church’s (part of the worldwide Anglican Communion) last revision of The Book of Common Prayer.  Humankind includes both men and women, not just men. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau uses the word “peoplekind.”  That avoids the “man” word altogether when referring to females.

To the right-wing, the only holiday on the calendar in December is the 25th of December, Christmas Day.  But what about the eleven other days of Christmas according to the Liturgical Calendar (25 December – 5  January) that these “Christian” frauds ignore?  Don’t these people sing the carol, “The Twelve Days of Christmas?”  If so, do they not know what they’re singing about?  The Twelve Days of Christmas are not some nebulous time during Advent.

Saying or writing “Merry Christmas” is not inclusive of the other holidays in December.  Saying or writing “Happy Holidays” is inclusive.

And why do many people — some who are not even religious — promote Christianity by mindlessly saying “Merry Christmas?”  Because “Merry Christmas” was brainwashed into most people as a child.  That’s why they continue to say or write it.  It’s because of tradition.  But try pointing this out to some fake-progressives and fake-liberals and one hits another wall of resistance because they too want to conform to tradition, something they once opposed years ago.

It boils down to brainwashing.

With the “Merry Christmas” greeting that the masses, the sheeple have been brainwashed with, what annoys me is for people who know little or nothing about someone else to make baseless assumptions about them and assume that the person is just like them and shares their beliefs.  So, for example, I get annoyed when someone assumes that I celebrate the holidays or Navidad and says to me, “Merry Christmas,” when the more appropriate thing to say — if one has to say anything — is “Happy Holidays” because that makes no assumptions about me and what I celebrate.  It’s merely wishing me a nice December.

Personally, I’m not into any of it.  But if someone says to me, “Merry Christmas” I cringe inside but I respond with a polite “Gracias” or “Thank you, you too.”  I realise that the person is just trying to be nice to me and I really don’t care to get into this topic anywhere but online and in an article such as this, because it’s not likely to change any, or many, minds.  I don’t live under such delusions that it will change anybody’s mind.  This is a very different and regressive time now than during the progressive Civil Rights Movement years.

I looked forward to Navidad as a child and when I was in high school and I enjoyed Navidad.  Mainly the pretty coloured lights, the decorations, the holiday music broadcasts (some Anglican cathedral music as well as the Boston Pops Orchestra and the Tanglewood Festival Chorus from Boston’s Symphony Hall, for example) and I enjoyed my mother’s holiday food.  But as an adult I see it for what it is, especially in the non-United States:  rank capitalistic commercialism.  It’s also a time where many people are forced to be with people they can’t stand quite frankly or they would just as soon not be with.  But because of precious tradition, they have to get together with these people once or twice a year and hope that no arguments, disagreements, fights, brawls or dysfunctions take place in the family on this “special occasion.”  The common question asked is often, “Who all is coming?”  When the list of names is rattled off one hears, “Oh s/he’s going to be there?  Oh good lord help me get through this day/dinner!”

Elsewhere in the world I sense this holiday has different meanings and is less about dinero/money.  And each year that it comes around, I think:  Didn’t we just do this?  It seems to come around faster and faster each year.  Well, some of the major television shopping networks in the US roll out their holiday shopping trees and decorations at the beginning of September.

I’ve also noticed that with some English language networks in other parts of the world, they’re using the word “Christmas” as well instead of “the holidays.”  The use of the word “Christmas” seems to be a  global campaign/agenda of regression.

Revisiting this topic:

Is it Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas?

(Sigh) You know, I thought “we” as a society had already worked through this long ago. But as the world is heading back to the draconian attitudes of the 1940s and 1950s, I suppose it’s to be expected.

Again, Happy Holidays is more inclusive.  Why would one want to be exclusive?

A refresher course:  It’s more inclusive to say Happy Holidays than Merry Christmas (which promotes Christianity) because Happy Holidays includes all the holidays in December, such as the holidays I mentioned near the beginning of this article.

The fake-“Christians” among us — in their brainwashed minds — do not acknowledge the existence of any other holiday other than their Christmas, so that’s why they refuse to say “Happy Holidays.” Their intent is to shove their version, their (twisted) interpretation of Christianity and “Christmas” down ours throats.

In San Francisco — I’m thinking of the Old City before the millionaire-billionaire Tech and greed-based Real Estate Industrial Complex raped San Francisco and turned The City into a lobotomised, culture-less,  playground for the super-wealthy — Happy Holidays was the only greeting I ever heard for years.  Most residents of the Old City that I had contact with — especially queer boys — were very sensitive to not making any assumptions about what people celebrate, or not.  That was when The City was considered “alternative, progressive and anything goes San Francisco.”  That City is dead.  Gone.  Many of the residents of that City were forced out through evictions and real estate and homeowner greed.  Since then, San Francisco has shifted to the right over the past years.  The City is really quite conservative today.  The conservatives should be delighted with the state of things today in San Francisco.  One example:  Most queers seem to be back in the closet — the ones that are still here — and the conservatives sanitised/ruined The Castro which today is a uninviting dying neighbourhood.  It’s a Breeder Mecca on weekends when it’s warm out.  So depending upon where I am in San Francisco, I still hear Happy Holidays on the odd occasion from some people, but unfortunately I now expect to hear “Merry Christmas.”  Things are quickly going back to the way they were decades ago, again, reminiscent of the 1940s-50s.  That’s because of these new breeder residents (him-tall/her-short) who have moved in and taken over San Francisco.  I don’t know what conservative hell-hole or outback cesspool some of these breeder basura came from who moved here but some of them let their homophobia show and their draconian thinking by the disapproving and nasty looks they give some of us longtime queer residents.  It’s as if these breeders moved to a City (San Francisco) that they knew absolutely nothing about, or they moved here to change The City to their anti-queer, right-wing agenda.  When they first started moving in, some of these breeders were heard saying, “There are too many gay people here.”  To that I said:  Well no one invited you here or asked you to move here to begin with, so you can get your homophobic ass back on the same plane to where you came from.  Fuck off!  Do we understand each other, Mr and Ms Bigot?  I also remember years ago hearing the newly-arrived breeders — who have since taken over The Castro (the former Gay Mecca) forcing queers out — say, “Merry Christmas.”  I remember being shocked to hear that in The Castro because I hadn’t heard that in years.  But these breeders were trying to brainwash their children into saying the outdated saying, “Merry Christmas” just as they as children were brainwashed to mindlessly say that.

A relative of mine who used to say “Happy Holidays” is back to saying “Merry Christmas.”  (Sigh, roll eyes)  Why?  She’s not at all religious.  She’s become much more conservative because of where she moved and the influence of the people she knows.  When I delicately challenged her on saying “Merry Christmas,” she didn’t remember ever saying “Happy Holidays.”  Loca.  I explained to her the reason for saying “Happy Holidays” but that didn’t seem to take or to matter to her.  I think she used to pretend to be a “progressive.” Now that she lives in a more rural area she’s become more conservative and holds to more conservative views.  So she’s back to saying the conservative greeting, “Merry Christmas.”  She’s gone from being a traveler who enjoyed visiting places throughout las Américas to now wanting to live in some gated community.  Loca.  More of The Century of Insanity.  People becoming the opposite of who they were.

It is true that Christmas has mostly lost any sacred meaning these days, except with the most devout as well as those who only go to church two times a year:  for Christmas and Easter.  (I refer to them as “the Christmas and Easter “Christians”).  Parishes and cathedral churches are packed for the Christmas Eve and Christmas Day Liturgies, and usually for the Advent Procession of Lessons and Carols given by Anglican parish and Cathedral Choirs.  Some cathedral churches have been requiring tickets for admittance into the Cathedral for the Christmas Eve Mass.  But these days, Christmas is all about retail sales, “Black Friday,” capitalistic corporate greed, Holiday Shopping Trees and “Buy, buy, buy and hit the stores.” That’s what is heard in San Francisco’s Castro from the conservative merchants, most of whom I avoid.  When I give someone a gift, it’s something I’ve baked myself “from scratch.”  And people seem to enjoy it much more.

The same brainwashing that gave us “Merry Christmas” also brainwashes many people into saying that overused and tiresome “God bless” rubbish.  And of course they are most often referring to the Christian floating cloud being.   Because the floating cloud being (the Christian fellow) we are told is “omnipotent, and all-powerful — it seems to me that “he” will bless one when he so chooses, or not.  So the “God bless” meme would seem to be a waste of time for one to say.  Why would someone say “God Bless” to someone when they don’t know that the person believes in their deity, or in any god?  Or are they of the thinking that “everybody believes in my god.”  I think what they’re really trying to do is to proselytise as they have been brainwashed to do by their clergy.  For some, it’s a way of trying to convert others to their religious cult and its belief system and shove their version, their interpretation of Christianity and that bible down other people’s throats.

As for the fake “Christians,” the current white house occupant who loves to “play military” — but went out of his way to never serve a day in his life (due to bone spurs) in the US Military Industrial Complex — is a perfect example of hypocrisy when it comes to the way he lives his life and his despicable policies.  The same goes for the basura around him.  He spends Domingo/Sunday on the golf course. The golf course is his church.  He doesn’t even go to church.  He’s a photo-op so-called “Christian.”  He’s a fake.   A fraud.  What do his stupid and ignorant disciples think about that, including his evangelical clergy?  He plays/works his fundamentalist fake-“Christian” redneck trash base and evangelicals into thinking he’s one of them:  A Believer.  In reality, he’s nothing of the sort.  He’s a fraud.  His god is dinero/money.  Period.  He doesn’t care about anything other than money aside from getting constant attention as the most narcissistic creature on the planet, and he’s made that abundantly clear.   It doesn’t matter what it is, everything in the world he makes it all about him.  He hides behind the label “businessman.”  In my experience one needs to look at most “businessmen” with a jaundiced, highly skeptical eye.  What one usually see is immense corruption, deceit and lies.  Not the life of Cristo Jesús.  Mr Bone Spurs does photo-ops with himself sitting in the oval office with some of these hypocritical fundamentalist trash preachers around him engaged in the holding of hands and the laying on of hands in prayer.  It’s all caca.  Just another photo-op for some overweight empty vessel who’s never known who the hell he is as a person. All he’s doing is playing his cultist base and they’re too gullible and naïve to see his act for what it is.  Since Day One, he’s presented himself as anti-Establishment. Yet where does he go to church when he goes to church? He goes to The Establishment’s church, Washington National Cathedral (a cathedral church of the Anglican Communion).  Why does he go there when he pretends to be anti-Establishment?  He knows nothing about the Anglican liturgy and he’s not there for that. He’s there for attention — camera time from the cathedral’s production crew and or corporate media network cameras on High Holy days — which is why he sits in the front pew so they get a good view of the ignorant blimp.  He doesn’t take part in any of the Liturgy other than to stand and sit at the appropriate time based on what everybody else is doing.  He doesn’t bless himself, he doesn’t bow to the processional crosses, he doesn’t bow to the thurifer, or to specific words in the Liturgy, because he knows nothing about any of that.  He does take Communion, but only the “bread” wafer part.  I suspect he sees that as “just something to eat.”  So how does his far-right fundamentalist base feel about him going to an Anglican cathedral when that group of fake-“Christians” despise Anglicans/Episcopalians. Most fundamentalists don’t even consider Anglicans to be Christians.  Or does his base not know that he goes to Washington National Cathedral? One would think for his photo-op church visits that he would go to an evangelical fundamentalist mega-church or the like or to the church of one of his fundamentalist preachers, although there are no corporate media network cameras there.  Again, his hypocrisy is that he goes to The Establishment’s church while claiming to be anti-establishment and while claiming to have “drained the swamp” when in reality “the swamp” is far more septic now with corruption than it was when he arrived. His hypocrisy is duly noted. The overweight, bloated basura with the most fragile of narcissistic egos, which constantly needs stroking.

If the fake-“Christians” spent as much time trying to model their lives after the life of Cristo Jesús as they do brainwashing people into saying “Merry Christmas,” they might eventually be viewed with some credibility. But often they’re focused on purely symbolic caca like the pledge of allegiance or the US flag or fake-patriotism or ugly US nationalism and making sure everyone says “Merry Christmas” at the expense of important things to enrich the lives of millions of people.

Contrary to the fake-“Christians,” from the discussions I’ve overheard in the Conservatory, many of the musicians will be enriching thousands of people’s lives with their fine performances during the holidays, whether they personally celebrate any of the holidays or not.  Their gifts of music will mean a lot to many.  Chau.—el barrio rosa


Origins of the words Christmas and Xmas


Georg Händel was a queer boy

Hola a todos.  Did closeted Lenny Bernstein have “date nights” with his wife?    What about composer Jean-Baptiste de Lully and his wife?

They were asking those questions here in the Conservatory.   I’d like to ask:  What about all the obvious queer boys (the closet cases) that mi amigo/my friend and I see on U-toob on a daily basis?  U-toob is saturated with Millennial closet cases.  I don’t know what it is about that, other than their having been brainwashed with homophobia/gay shame.  These closeted guys go out of their way to reveal personal information to the audience by mentioning their wife so that the viewer will think that he’s straight — because you know how awful it is to be thought of as queer/gay these days — and he reveals/advertises how many times they’ve bred by the number of children they have.  Often they have at least 4 children because we’ve noticed that with closet cases that over-breeding is intended to prove how hetero/”straight” Mr Closet Case supposedly is, when any seeing person with even the most minimal gaydar can see he’s a queer boy.  He’s sitting there before the camera with his left hand breeder wedding ring doing his best to convince the world that he’s “straight.”  Do these closeted queer boys have a breeder “date night” too with their wife?   Contrast all these homophobic closet cases with Pete Buttigieg.  I know little to nothing about him politically and I’m not hear to talk about politics, but when I see a picture of openly-queer Pete Buttigieg kissing his queer partner on stage after he announced his 2020 presidential candidacy, that brings tears of joy to my eyes (a very rare occurrence these days I have to admit) — I was so pleased to see Pete and Chasten kissing on stage — and seeing all the smiling faces (especially the faces of other guys) around him smiling in approval.  At least not everyone has gone back in the closet, even though that’s the way it feels these days.

As I told the Conservatory students the other day, if most people knew that Georg (Friedrich) Händel was a queer boy I think that would pretty quickly put an end to the annual run of his beaten-to-death oratorio Messiah every holiday season with marathons of Messiah no matter where you look which is usually performed during Advent, which in 2019 begins on 1 December and runs through 24 December.

For this 2019 season, the Conservatory is a “Messiah-free” zone/school.  Instead, the Conservatory Symphony Orchestra and 150-voice Symphony Chorus (they are outstanding and sing with perfect intonation and impeccable diction) is performing Ralph Vaughan Williams’s glorious Hodie as well as two of the suites of The Many Moods of Christmas by Robert Russell Bennett (the late Robert Shaw used those with his superb Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Chorus) and some Anglican carols complete with descants by Phillip Ledger and the late Sir David Willcocks. And they always use soloists from the Symphony Chorus and none of the soloists sound like they’re screaming with heavy-vibrato. Instead, they sing beautifully, musically and artistically.  And they sing on pitch, something that cannot often be said about the big-name soloists-screamers hired from artist management companies.  Why the frequent pitch problems?  You’re not being paid a generous salary to sing (or scream) flat/slightly under the pitch.  Need more ear training, do you?  Contrast that with the superbly-prepared Chorus.  They don’t have pitch problems and they’re not receiving any salary, unfortunately.  Choristers of this caliber should all be paid and paid well, but they’re not paid at all.  (Related:  The Second Class Musicians).

Messiah is rarely performed during Navidad/Christmas since that season doesn’t begin until 25 December for the twelve days. Unless it’s a prerecorded television broadcast, from what I’ve noticed Messiah is rarely performed during the Twelve Days of Christmas, which is when you would think it would be performed, no? But many of the sheeple and the corporate media in the US — unless they’re Anglican/Episcopalian, (Roman) Catholic or Lutheran and or come from that background — consider Navidad/Christmas to pretty much be over on the 26th of December, when really Christmas is just beginning on the 26th in the Liturgical Year. Holiday shopping trees come down shortly after Navidad/Christmas Day.  I remember as a child that the corporate television networks had their wall-to-wall blow-out of holiday programming on 24 and 25 December and it was rare to see anymore after that.  What I looked forward to was from WGBH-Boston and the Boston Pops Orchestra and the Tanglewood Festival Chorus performing from Symphony Hall.  Unfortunately, the holiday performances from the Kennedy Center were never recorded for broadcast, such as those by Norman Scribner’s Choral Arts Society of Washington (CASW) with members of the National Symphony Orchestra (NSO).  Over the years, the CASW as well as the Oratorio Society of Washington (OSW) and the University of Maryland Chorus performed Messiah as the guest Chorus of the NSO.  I remember the OSW/NSO performance with Margaret Hillis conducting.  That was wonderful; I remember that to this day.  We’d never heard Messiah like that before.  The Maryland Chorus also performed a unique interpretation of Händel’s Messiah when Dr Traver was conducting the performance where the Chorus added Baroque ornamentation to the choral writing.  After hearing their performance, I couldn’t imagine it being performed any other way!  But if Traver was not conducting the performance, the University of Maryland Chorus was required to perform the “boring” version, meaning the way everybody else does it and have heard it umpteen times.  The Maryland Chorus also did their own thing for the holidays.  They performed an annual Midnight Candlelight Concert every 1 December (Advent) in the chapel on the UMD campus in College Park.  The season I sang with them the chapel was packed at midnight for our performance.  And how many people have sung the carol “The Twelve Days of Christmas” and had no idea what they were singing about? I suspect many, if not most, people. Or when they sang that carol, were they thinking that the twelve days meant sometime during what is really Advent?  The Twelve Days of Christmas run from 25 December to 5 January, for those who don’t know.  People like most Southern Baptist. (roll eyes). Don’t let get me started on them. From my experience, most churches of the bigoted Southern Baptist Convention do not follow or even know about The Liturgical Year.  “The what?,” they’d ask.  I can hear someone say “Oh, that’s why my neighbours have their Holiday Shopping Tree up and their holiday lights on until January 5th. That makes sense now. I thought they were just being lazy by not taking them down.” No, they’re not just being lazy.  Although the Russian Orthodox celebrate Christmas on 7 January. They have a different liturgical calendar.  And these days, some people put up their holiday decorations on or immediately after El día de Acción de Gracias/Thanksgiving Day (in the US) which is not even Advent.  It’s still Pentecost.

I can hear some readers say, “Oh stop it, Händel was not gay! I don’t believe that! The composer of my favourite piece, Messiah, that I go to hear every December couldn’t possibly have been gay.” And why is that, Mr and Ms Bigot? Is that because you want to believe Händel was straight? The next words out of their mouth would be the predictable, “Now don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I have anything against gay people, but…” Oh good heavens no, no one would ever accuse you of having anything against gay people, mi amor. [sarcasm intended]. I think just by your saying “It’s not that I have anything against gay people…” that you’ve already made yourself abundantly clear where you stand and that you indeed do have something against gay people — similar to some racist people saying, “I’m not racist, but…” — so save that drivel for someone who will believe you, por favor.

But yes, Händel along with Lully, Corelli, Britten and his partner (tenor) Peter Pears, Tchaikovsky, Camille Saint-Saëns, Lou Harrison, Ethel Smyth, Francis Poulenc, Samuel Barber and his partner of almost 30 years Gian Carlo Menotti (they met at the Curtis Institute of Music), Ludwig Beethoven, and closeted Lenny Bernstein were queer. Lenny married a female to hide his queer sexual orientation from conservative orchestral boards. That sounds like today doesn’t it?  Where some queer boys are marrying females — after gay marriage became legal in the US — to hide their queer sexual orientation.  Yes, it’s exactly like some queer boys in San Francisco and elsewhere have done and are doing. We’ve made so much progress haven’t we? [sarcasm intended].  One works years for gay marriage and when that’s accomplished what does one do? One marries a female, something one could have done from the beginning without working years for gay marriage.  Insanity.  That makes a hell of a lot of sense, doesn’t it?!  But yes, Lenny and his wife had children. Was that intended as additional “proof” to orchestral management that he was straight? That’s what many closeted gay guys married to females are doing today and have done for generations. They go overboard on breeding.  As I wrote earlier, supposedly over-breeding is intended to prove just how “straight” the guy allegedly is to the world and how much of a “real man” he is.  But some of us are not at all convinced. We find people like that very transparent. They have up to 4-5 children or more. Here’s one example of that:  The queer Latter Day Saints guy with 4 children who divorced his wife after coming out of the closet.  Mi amigo/My friend and I have seen this over-breeding with many closet cases married to females.  Also, I’ve noticed that closet cases love to speak about “My wife and I” — to let us all know that he’s supposedly straight, not that any of us care! — and “our date night.”  Which led me to wonder:  Do queer couples have “date nights?”  Not that I’ve ever heard of.  Upon reflection, since queer couples are not living a lie about their sexuality maybe they don’t need a “date night” to “reaffirm their commitment to their relationship.”  Or are “date nights” mainly a breeder thing, and suggested for troubled relationships?  I did read that “date nights” are part of breeder “couples counseling.”  One article asked:  “Can Date Nights Save a Marriage?  A new study says couples who have a night out together once a month are less likely to break up.” Are date nights particularly for closet cases desperate to stay in their hetero relationship, even though he’s queer and knows he’s queer?  But to please his family and because of his gay shame, he continues to live a lie and pretends to be straight and is quite miserable in his hetero relationship.  This reminds me of this closet case (according to my very reliable gaydar) I saw on television who’s living outside the US with his wife from the new country he’s living in.  A marriage of convenience so that he can live and work in that country?  I saw his left-hand breeder wedding ring but I saw a queer boy in him immediately.  On his “social media” comments, nearly all of his writings were about his job and images were about booze and pictures of booze bottles (he loves whiskey), booze that co-workers had given him because “they know me well,” and several mentions of “my wife” — and their “date night” — and their anniversary, and how he needs a certain piece of music “to get through the day.”   I came away with the sense that this guy is quite depressed and even an alcoholic.  And living in the closet will do that to a person.  This guy seems to be drowning himself in alcohol to dull the pain regardless of the smiling front he puts on when standing with his wife before the camera.  No wonder our world is so messed up when you have people like this being dishonest with themselves and with others so that they adhere to society’s brainwashed Straight Agenda Family Script.

Other queer musicians include Wendy Carlos, Nico Muhly, Franz Schubert, Michael Tippett, Aaron Copland, and many others were queer (including one or two females).  Not that most of them were out of the closet.  Jean-Baptiste de Lully was another musician in the closet with his wife and 3 children. Another example of over-breeding to prove one is straight?

So for the conservatives who often say, “there are very few gay people in the world,” — they wish that were the case — they are (as usual) completely wrong.  Most gay guys/queers worldwide are in the closet and living a lie, and many are living with wives and have children, to get their family members to stop nagging them about, “When are you getting married to a nice girl and having a family?”   “Butt-out” is what I’d tell them; I’m not allowing your Family Script to ruin my life.  Do we understand each other?

I can now hear someone say, “Well! I have no intention of going to get my annual fix of Messiah this holiday season. It crushes me to know that the composer of my favourite oratorio was queer. I just can’t support that so I won’t be going to any more Messiah performances.” Well I’m sure everyone will be utterly distraught to hear that mi amor. It will grieve them to know that Mr and Ms Bigot’s presence will not be felt in the audience for the annual performance of one of the most over-performed oratorios ever written.  And, like a bunch of sheeple, does one engage in that ridiculous tradition of standing for the Hallelujah Chorus? I. Suspect. One. Does. The late dean of choral music Robert Shaw — of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and Chorus — couldn’t stand that standing tradition for the Hallelujah Chorus. Neither can I. It looks ridiculous. A bunch of sheeple standing on cue because of some silly tradition.  People having to stand because — as the story goes — the King of the British Royal Family stood at that particular time in the performance of the oratorio.  Do these people do anything else that that King did?  No, so why do that?  Fortunately, they don’t stand for the Hallelujah Chorus in the EU from the few performances I’ve seen of Messiah. Maybe that’s just a sheeple US thing. Stupid people with their silly traditions.  (Related:  Not Messiah Again?!)

Unfortunately, aside from the annual Messiah performances, there’s not much interest in oratorios these days it seems from what I’ve observed, at least in the US. Even Mendelssohn’s once-popular Elias/Elijah seems to have disappeared from the repertoire of Orchestra Choruses. Well, it’s really disappeared from the repertoire of orchestras because their Chorus cannot perform a piece that the Orchestra is not performing unless the Chorus does its own thing and has its own subscription series of concerts.  From my research, most orchestras in the US are avoiding symphonic choral works.  Sad.  Today, it’s all about The Big Three.  The three symphonic choral works that have survived the cuts.  Although as I previously wrote, the Boston Symphony Orchestra and the Tanglewood Festival Chorus (TFC) have the most interesting symphonic choral season for 2019-20 of the ones that I saw.  Is that perhaps because of superb James Burton’s influence as the (newish) Chorus Director for the improved Tanglewood Festival Chorus?  Well, technically Burton’s title is Conductor of the TFC, and BSO Choral Director.

So, will you go hear one of the other Big Three: Beethoven’s Ninth instead? If so, you’ll be pleased to know that Ludwig was queer too.  So that’s two that you can cross off your list!  Yes, two of  The Big Three composers were queer. Aren’t you delighted to learn this mi amor? Carl Orff (Carmina Burana, one of The Big Three) may have been a queer boy too, but I’ve not found anything about him.

While researching for this article, I noticed that oddly — although I guess I should expect it at this point in time in this increasingly insane world — it seems that the words “sexual orientation” have been replaced with the word “identity” and “I identify as [queer, gay, bi, straight].”  Strange. The words “sexual orientation” served us well for decades, but apparently some nut had to change that too. Might that have been the busy-body revisionist history Brand “LGBT” Cult again? They seem to have to change things just to change them. No rational or credible reason ever given for it. Who came up with this “identity” and “I identify (as queer)” shit anyway? If I had to take an intelligent guess, I suspect it was the same idiots that came up with corporatist and conformist Brand LGBTTM revisionist history acronym. (Related: Lea Delaria doesn’t do that alphabet soup LGBTQ thing. Does she hit the wall too?)

I liked what one of my commenters wrote recently.  She said:

“Just wanted to toss this one out there: I’ve decided that, if I need to use alphabet soup (which I rarely ever do), I’m using “TGBQL” – in order of most often to least often attacked, abused, murdered, legislated against, etc…”

Oh I like that.  Think I’ll use it along with the explanation on the rare occasion I use anything other than queer or gay.

I recently watched a very enjoyable performance from Frankfurt, Deutschland. It was a performance of the Maurice Ravel Piano Concerto in G.  One of my favourite pieces. A piano major here in the Conservatory is working on the concerto for the annual Student Soloist Competition and reminded me that, like many composers, Maurice was queer, and that I should point that out in this article. Good idea. Someone will say, “What does Ravel being queer have to do with anything? Why did you have to bring that up?” (They always ask that). Well dear, does it bother you that I brought that up? If so, I would suggest you check yourself, look inward as to why you were bothered by that because that’s your problem. If I had said Maurice was straight, you wouldn’t have gotten bent out of shape over that, would you? I suspect not. Because then you would say, “It’s good that he was straight and ‘normal.'” Whatever “normal” means, mind you. Upon reflection, maybe “normal” means boring. But anyway, what we’re dealing with here is one’s internalised homophobia by one’s reaction to my saying that Maurice was a queer boy.  Because if I hadn’t pointed out that he was queer wouldn’t you automatically assume that he was straight? Of course you would. That’s because everyone is assumed to be straight — until proven otherwise — in our Straight Agenda heteronormative society, except for those people with keen gaydar, such as myself and some others.

And por favor, please save the predictable “I have nothing against gay people” pabulum response for somebody who will believe you. Do we understand each other, mi amor? So you prefer that everyone assume that Maurice Ravel was straight, which is what people would do? Well let me touch on that a moment:

What sparked this article about queer composers, in part, was a 4-month old discussion I saw online having to do with queer classical music composers. In those comments no one thought to say the following:

Contrary to what the homophobic conservatives like to say — and who like to keep one’s sexual orientation hush-hush and closeted unless of course the person is straight or perceived to be, even if the guy is a closet case — one’s sexuality is as much a part of the person and one’s artistry as anything else about the person. It’s part of who the person is. And the breeders/heteros never hesitate to remind us about the straight artists with “the wife and kids” even when he’s a closet case which the breeders are too dense to pick up on. Apparently they possess no gaydar at all. And because we live in an extremely heteronormative society with its Straight Agenda brainwashing where images of “him and her” in various poses are constantly shoved in our faces 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with the Straight Agenda brainwashing1 where “everyone” is automatically assumed to be straight. I wanted to point out that Maurice (Ravel) wasn’t part of society’s heteronormative Straight-Breeder Agenda. He was a queer boy and he wrote some beautiful music including his Piano Concerto in G, which is a rather unique piece with its jazz influences. Also, someone in the comments did point out that young people/young musicians today need queer role models rather than assuming that all classical composers were/are straight when they weren’t and aren’t.

Queer boy Georg Händel loved writing oratorios. It seemed to be a major hobby for the boy. He seemed to be fascinated with that style of writing having written approximately 27 of them (oratorios). And oratorios are rather lengthy symphonic choral works.  I don’t know that the public has the attention span for oratorios these days.  Georg was extremely talented boy and wrote some beautiful music, but one would think that he only wrote one oratorio in his life and that’s Messiah.

As of this writing, we are approaching the season where there’s an over-saturation of Messiah performances. It’s much easier to ask, “Who is not doing Messiah than to ask “Who is doing Messiah?”  If I remember correctly, the TFC is not doing it.  Good for them.

I suspect if George were to come back to life he would say, “What is wrong with you people? You’re doing my oratorio, Messiah, every year in December? Are you not aware that only one part of it is about the birth of Jesús. Why don’t you perform some of my other oratorios? Why do you think I wrote them? To collect dust? You people beat everything, you know! You get hooked on one thing and just obsess on it. Every year in December like clockwork you drag out my Messiah. What is wrong with you people?” (You go, Georg, you tell ’em! I’m right there with you.) Well Georg, these days it’s all about the dinero/the money. And (greedy) orchestral management and choral ensembles understand that to make dinero they have to give endless performance of Messiah to “pack ’em in.” That’s mostly what they do; the sheeple flock to get their annual fix of Messiah. And it doesn’t necessarily have to be a good performance either since much of the public has no critical ear for music and can’t tell the difference between your average Church Choir and a superbly prepared Symphony Chorus.

The conservatives cringe when one or more of their favourite composers, conductors or other musicians are said to be queer2.  In their homophobic mind, they ask, “Why did you have to bring that up?”  And why not bring it up?   They never hesitate to tell us all about the breeder musicians with “the wife and kids” whom they worship, glorify and adore. Of course thousands of gay closet cases worldwide have “the wife and kids” — something these thick-minded bigots of the classical music audience are either willfully-ignorant of or have never considered — so living a “straight life” means absolutely nothing other than the gay guy is living a lie by living in the closet — and too often he’s going overboard on breeding and pumping out as many babies as possible to convince others that he is indeed straight (when he’s not) — and again for the thick people who need repetition, there are thousands of closet cases living with “the wife and kids” around the world as I touched on in this article. But the conservatives’ anti-queer prejudice and bigotry is duly noted. I hope that explains this for you along with the following supported links (which I suspect the conservatives will not click on):

Related: Source: One in 10 middle-aged closeted gay men have had vaginal sex in the past three months, according to German study

The queer Latter Day Saints guy with 4 children who divorced his wife after coming out of the closet.

Mi amigo/my friend and I mainly watch performances from the EU. Many times mi amigo has said about the conductor, “Now that’s a queer boy.  Look at his conducting style and queer hand gestures and body movements and facial expressions.” I usually agree with him. Then we look and see a wedding ring on his left hand fourth finger (the Straight Agenda breeder finger). Up until recently, I would do a bit of research on the conductor and find text such as, “He lives in [name of country] with his wife and children.” Oh yes but course. Yet another musician in the closet, according to our extremely reliable gaydar. The same conductors can be seen giving their flowers away to only the female musicians, so as to not give any appearance that the conductor is queer, as I wrote about in this article. Even in countries where same-gender/gay marriage is now legal, the closet cases remain in the closet often as “him and her.”

One wonders: If during a performance, the queer musicians of the Orchestra and Symphony Chorus were asked to stand (including the closet cases), you’d likely hear this loud gasp from the audience. It would be a gasp of shock and disbelief followed by, “I had no idea. I thought they were all straight or I wanted to believe they were.” And why would one want to believe they were all straight, Mr and Ms Anti-Queer Bigot? Some in the audience would probably get up and leave saying they would boycott these musicians until they, “get rid of the gays. I’m going to support another Orchestra.” Well, you’re likely to find “the gays” no matter where you go, Mr and Ms Bigot, because queer people can be found throughout The Performing Arts.

And if you were comfortable and secure with your own sexuality, you wouldn’t hold those anti-queer bigoted views. So go check yourself. Do we understand each other?

The straight people I know in San Francisco who are secure with themselves and their own sexuality treat queers no differently than they treat the breeders. In other words, they’re not anti-queer/anti-gay.

The classical music audience and those who follow(ed) organist Diane Bish are a similar audience, even though she’s more in the (fundamentalist) Church Music category but much of her organ repertoire on her programme, The Joy of Music, was from the classical repertoire and of the French organ repertoire specifically. To this day, people continue to click on my article about Diane. I hope she’s doing well. They’re desperate to know if Diane is married — they mean to a man of course — and more juicy tidbits about Diane. Ever thought of holding a press conference to tell your audience all about your life, Diane? Or maybe do a new JoM programme about it. They’re desperate to know all about you. Gossipy women? They come here by searching: “Is Diane Bish a millionaire? Is Diane Bish wealthy?” Frankly I’d never thought about it but, no, I suspect Diane is not wealthy. She certainly doesn’t act like she’s wealthy. It wasn’t cheap to produce her excellent programme. She’s very down-to-Earth and never arrogant. Most musicians aren’t wealthy. Most musicians are just scraping by to tell you the truth, except for some concert artists, major orchestral musicians and Conservatory and University School of Music musicians with their salaries.  But Diane Bish is quite a hot item here on pink barrio. To my knowledge, Diane lives with her partner (harpist) Susann McDonald. I think they live in Indiana. On a forum for organists, some homophobe said that Diane and Susann probably live in opposite ends of the house. Why would he want them to live in opposite ends of the house? In his warped and bigoted mind, they had to be straight women and not lesbians. Oh yes I’m sure and they never see each other, no? They only communicate by e-mail? They never have any contact? Except when Diane accompanies Susann for a harp and organ duet?  Well, with that anti-queer bigot — a closet case himself possibly?… since that’s usually how closet cases behave — he didn’t want Diane and Susann to be seen as a lesbian couple. That’s assuming they are. So, he put them in opposite ends of the house in his anti-queer scenario/Straight Agenda mentality. I guess Diane and Susann only see each other on the odd occasion — do they meet in the middle of the house? — to play duets (organ and harp)? Diane had Susann on The Joy of Music a few times. Whenever anyone raises the topic of Diane’s sexual orientation, the anti-queer conservative basura get all riled up and pompously ask their usual tiresome question. They want everyone to assume that Diane is straight with a husband like “all other musicians” and everyone else in their heteronormative Straight Agenda world with its thousands of closet cases (many living with wives and children) living a lie with gay shame.

When I was in the San Francisco Symphony Chorus, a large group of the tenors and basses were queer — the same may have been true for the sopranos and altos but I didn’t pay much attention to them other than to hear their glorious singing with the Full Chorus — and the Chorus Director was/is queer and so was the Chorus Secretary (Greg, a super nice guy, who ran the Chorus). It was really a good group of people. Very nice people. And I really liked Vance George, the Chorus Director who followed Margaret Hillis.  She was Founder and Director of the Chicago Symphony Chorus and SFS Chorus interim Chorus Director. I think it’s fair to say that Margaret Hillis and Robert Shaw were the most familiar Choral Directors of US choral music excellence at that time, the co-deans of choral music.  I made some nice friends and we all shared the same interest of choral excellence as the Official Chorus of the San Francisco Symphony. Unfortunately I never see any of them anymore. Of course the San Francisco Symphony Chorus is still around, but that particular Chorus that I was in is gone. All we have of it are the memories. I suspect most of them have moved away as San Francisco changed, unfortunately (some longtime SF residents say, “This New City sucks.”) Some of us had other jobs in music at the time. Some of the Men of the Symphony Chorus were also in the Grace Cathedral Choir of Men and Boys (Anglican Communion). Musicians of that high caliber are very much in demand and are paid.

With few exceptions, I think that the classical music audience is quite a conservative, bigoted audience when it comes to its queer musicians (keep it “hush-hush”), whom the audience wants to think of as straight.  Yet they never want to keep heterosexuality “hush-hush.”

One wonders what percentage of the classical music audience consists of closet cases themselves? They usually come to performances as “Him and Her” and refer to themselves as “Mr and Mrs” — rather than Mr and Ms — where apparently the woman wants wants to be seen as property of the man by taking his surname per society’s brainwashed Straight Agenda. With the use of Mr, one does not know if the guy is married or not. The same is true for the use of Ms.

The Arts are full of queers yet this audience wants to live in denial of that. What does their denial accomplish? Well, it certainly gives them a very unrealistic picture of musicians (and everybody else in society). And one’s denial is not about to change a musician’s (queer) sexual orientation.

Talking with the students of the Conservatory’s Queer Alliance, some of us began to reflect on the life of Händel and tried to compare it to today. I wonder if it was anything like this in Georg Händel’s day? In his generation, did he feel the frustrations that I feel today with my fellow queers? I’ve asked what a former queer New York City blogger asked several years ago: “What has happened to my fellow queers?” Well, I and some others know what’s happened to them. And I don’t really feel like writing another book about that for the umpteenth time. I’ve written about it so many times I feel like that’s all I ever talk about. But for first time readers who have read none of that, here’s a brief summary: Since gay marriage became legal in the non-United States, it seems like most queers have gone back in the closet, some are even living in relationships with females pretending to be straight. It’s their way of “assimilating with the straights” after some nuts gave the dictate for queers to “assimilate” following gay marriage becoming legal. Yes, they worked years for gay marriage and then in the end what are some queers doing? Marrying females. A script writer couldn’t make this shit up. But we are living in the Century of Insanity. In other words, “gay assimilation” has completely backfired as some of us predicted it would. Our Movement was hijacked by corporatists and lesbians. And queer activism is dead today. The movement is over. Fin. The End. It ended with the celebration of gay marriage becoming legal in the US. And since then, most queers don’t seem to care about anything. Today, I think most queer rights including gay marriage could be wiped out and most would say, “I’m like whatever.” In other words, most couldn’t care less as long as they have their phone, meth, PrEP and partying. During Händel’s day, most queers were — like they are today — in the closet. So that was the “norm” of the day. But I’m coming from a place where I lived in San Francisco’s former Gay Mecca where being in the closet was NOT the norm, so it makes me very sad, disgusted and frustrated to see the state of things today. It’s as if things have gone back to the way they were before the Movement began in many ways. Queers have gone from “Out and Proud” to back in the closet and heteronormative. Many seem desperate to be just like the breeders/straights, just because queers have the right to get married and to be allegedly open about their queer sexuality (one wonders how’s that really going?) in the imperialistic US Military Industrial Complex killing machine to go kill other queers and breeders around the world. (Related: Why do Queers want to kill other Queers?)

Then there’s also the queer marriage wedding ring mess, something the Händel boy and other musicians didn’t have in their day.  Take, for example, US Democratic Party presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg. He is openly queer and married to his partner/boyfriend. But some people I’ve spoken with thought he was married to a woman even though they knew he was openly queer or had heard that about him. When I first saw him I thought the same thing because of the hand he wears his wedding ring on.  Why did I/they think he was married to a woman? Because he wears his wedding ring on his left hand breeder finger. And because of heternormative tradition for generations, whenever I see a man wearing a wedding ban on his left hand fourth finger I assume him to be married to a woman. Or, I now question that and ask:  Is he a queer boy trying to “look straight,” or is he a closet case?  Gay marriage is too new historically speaking for most people to even remember that queers can get married now. I know of Pete vaguely and I thought I saw him the other night but I wasn’t sure and it was because I saw his wedding ring on the wrong hand. If he wore his wedding ring as a married queer boy on his right hand I wouldn’t have been confused at all.

(Related: Why gay guys should wear their wedding rings on their right hand and Gay Wedding Ring Deception and Queer Couples: Wear your wedding rings on your right hand fourth finger).

The image above is that of a married gay male couple wearing their wedding rings on their right hand fourth finger, which removes any doubt or confusion over their sexual orientation. They’re not trying to deceive others into thinking they’re straight by wearing their wedding ring on their left hand — as straight couples do — which is what most people would likely think when the two are not together as a couple. Or even if they were together as a couple, someone could ask: “Where are your wives? I see you’re both wearing wedding rings (on your left hand).” Because traditionally, breeders wear their wedding rings on their left hand fourth finger. And even though queers see their relationships no differently than that of the breeders — and it should be seen as no differently except it’s probably far less dysfunctional than that of a breeder relationship with their high divorce rate (1 in 4 breeder couples get divorced as of 2017) — the fact is many in our bigoted, prejudiced and homophobic society do see queer relationships/marriages differently. Gay marriage is too new historically speaking for most people to even remember that it exists, that it’s now legal in the US, especially when the person opposes gay marriage.

Just add that to the mess that has become the now-dead queer so-called “community” where there’s this long string of alphabet soup letters (The official acronym is now this insane mess: LGBTQQICAPF2K+) to describe every variation of queer human being that exists — whereas straights don’t have any alphabet soup and their sexual interests are nearly as varied as that of queers — and now queers can’t even get the wedding ring thing right.  Sigh.  I mean, who wants to be confused for a breeder (wearing a wedding ring on your left hand fourth finger) if one does not have some gay shame?  And in our bigoted society, your queer relationship will never be equal to a breeder’s relationship in much of the public’s mind.  It’s ridiculous and delusional to think otherwise.  What has happened to my fellow queers reality gauge and bull shit detectors?  Did they go back in the closet too?

I wonder what Georg Händel and other composers would say about queer life today?  “Not much different than in our day,” considering how quickly things are going back to the way they were.  Yeah, that’s what I was thinking Georg.  Chau.—el barrio rosa

About the supporting articles I’m linking to below:

Some of these articles use that revisionist history “LGBT,” acronym as well as the words “identify” and “sexual identity” rather than sexual orientation. Apparently these queers struggle to say the word queer and “I’m queer.” As I said, I don’t know who came up with that “identify(ing)” rubbish but it implies that one can change one’s sexual orientation from day-to-day by how one “identifies.” Rather than just say, “I’m queer” (7 days a week). Why is “I’m queer” or “I’m gay” so difficult to say, people? What is wrong with you that you can’t say that? Some people feel the need to use all new language so that they don’t come off as “1980s” or “1990s.”

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18 Queer Composers Who Made Music History; Classical music wouldn’t be what it is today without these great gay musicians


Gay Assimilation has backfired

1 Speaking of the constant barrage of Straight Agenda brainwashing, I was researching some dental information online and I went to one of the major brands of toothpaste. They had a page about tooth extractions. Can you guess what the picture was for that page about tooth extractions?  It was a picture of a smiling breeder couple (“him and her”) in bed.  Now can you tell me what that has to do with tooth extractions?  More of that Straight Agenda brainwashing.  Which led me to think that queer couples never have tooth extractions or dental problems. Only straight couples. But the major point I’m making with this is that even with a page about tooth extractions, they had to use the image of a straight couple, and in bed.  A few days later, a clothing company sent me an email and discount coupon featuring “him and her with two children” and him with a left-hand wedding ring.  Judging by corporate ads, there are no queer people in the world today.  None whatsoever!  We’re supposed to buy from corporations that heavily promote breeders and heterosexuality.

2 The reason I use the word queer, in part, is because of Lea DeLaria’s comments about it, which I agree with:
Lea DeLaria Doesn’t Want You Calling Her A Lesbian.  “I am a dyke! Get it right. I don’t do that alphabet soup, LGBTQ thing. By the time you get to all of those letters, the fucking parade is over! Part of me believes that this so-called inclusivity of calling us the LGBTQQTY-whatever-LMNOP tends to stress our differences, and that’s why I refuse to do it. I say queer. Queer is everybody.” [Source]

Male Musicians: A female is not a rubbish bin for your flowers

Forget the flowers at the end of classical music performances. It’s become an unappreciative and predictable ritual of sexist chivalry. Unfortunately most male musicians don’t possess the maturity, integrity or politeness to graciously accept the flowers given to them by orchestral management. What other gifts do these ungrateful people give away, and in public view?

Hola a todos. Ah, the poor las flores/flowers. They get so little appreciation from most male musicians. Well, upon reflection, they get no appreciation. Clearly, the male musicians don’t want them. Or most don’t. It’s why the flowers frequently end up in a female’s hands as if she’s considered the local trash bin for them. Then she has this puzzled look on her face as if asking, “Why did he give me HIS flowers?” Where was it written that flowers are only for a specific gender, the gender with a vagina? And who plants the seeds and grows the flowers? Isn’t that mostly guys? I’ve written about this before in another article, but it seems that this tradition is being abused and or disrespected by thoughtless, rude and inconsiderate male musicians.

Mi amigo/My friend and I were watching a performance of a piano concerto by a major symphony orchestra in the EU. I’m not promoting the performance in this instance. From the beginning, something about the pianist struck me as a bit odd and I still can’t figure out why. I’d not heard of him before. Mi amigo said he had a similar feeling about the guy. Mi amigo said: I was turned off by how straight (heterosexual) the pianist tried to act on stage. To me (I’m speaking now), I almost saw a closet case trying to “act straight.” Not something I’ve picked up on from other musicians. We were both turned off by the pianist’s needless theatrics during his performance. Although he was supporting his back by sitting up tall — which is something I look for with well-trained pianists; and that’s the way I was trained from the beginning — his playing position at the piano was that of an arched back as he leaned way back while playing. I was thinking: Is he trying to lie back in the lap of the First Concertmaster? He wasn’t gazing at the ceiling with quivering lips or limpid eyes — something that Vladimir Horowitz said you’d never see him do — but came close to that at times. Then, as usual, at the end of the performance during the bows, orchestral management’s representative brought him a pretty bouquet of flowers in red and yellow colours. He thanked her. I don’t know why considering what he did 5 seconds later. As he walked back to the stage door, he had not had the flowers in his hands longer than 5 seconds. The camera showed him glancing down at the flowers and then he gave them to one of the female (of course) violinists seated near the back of the Orchestra. The camera showed her face of bewilderment. Not only did she have her violin and bow to hold but now a bouquet of flowers because an ungrateful male musician must have thought, “I don’t want these!” and dumped his flowers on her as if she were the local rubbish bin and felt the need to give away a gift that he had just received from management. Orchestral management didn’t have to give Mr Ungrateful Piano Soloist anything other than to pay his fee from his artist management for his performance. The violinist had this look of “Why did he just give me HIS flowers? These are HIS flowers.” It was very rude. Doesn’t that always make the gift-giver feel good?

After I wrote about this flower ritual — although not about this pianist — in one of my previous articles, someone emailed me feeling the need to make excuses for these male musicians. The person wrote that maybe the male musicians are “being a gentleman” by giving their flowers to females. (roll eyes) Using that rationale, he could “be a gentleman” by giving his flowers to another guy, correct? But none of the male musicians do that because they don’t want to be seen as “a sissy” or queer. And that’s, in part, what this is about. Don’t these male musicians hold to the fucked-up thinking that only gay guys give each other flowers? And where were they brainwashed with that nonsense that flowering plants are only for females? You know, some basura in our society will stoop to the level to defend anything that an ungrateful el cabrón does. Despite the sexism, the Male Patriarchy mentality, and male dominance over a female chivalry this act implies — which is what I do expect from the mostly conservative classical music audience — a “gentleman” (a word I can’t stand and never use because of its origins with chivalry) gives his gifts away. In my world, a “gentleman” graciously and politely accepts and keeps all gifts and respects them. Period. It is the rude, inconsiderate and unappreciative el cabrón who gives his gifts away leaving the gift giver feeling disgusted by having wasted the time, money and thoughtfulness giving el cabrón a gift at all. Why bother giving him flowers when he’s just going to dump them on the nearest chick so he doesn’t give the appearance that he’s “a sissy,” leaving her thinking, “What am I, his trash can? Do I look like a trash can to you? What am I supposed to do with these? If these flowers were meant for me, orchestral management would have specifically given them to me as one of the violinists on the back row.” Does the same “gentleman” give his performance fee away to a female violinist too? If not, why not? Isn’t that the act of a “gentleman” too, you misogynistic idiots who rush to defend this nonsense? You fossils of the classical music audience with your “men must cater to women” sexist mentality disgust me. You’re also the same sexist, misogynistic male basura that talk about “I would never do anything to harm my lady” and see women as “the fairer sex” and refer to women as “ladies.” But you think nothing of slapping “the little lady” — as if she’s not your equal — upside the head when she crosses you, the supposed “head of the house” in instances of domestic abuse. This is the same crowd that has been brainwashed with the following: a guy must open a door for a woman (car door or otherwise) and pull out her chair at the dinner table. The “lady” always goes first. To hell with that! In my world, if a woman can’t open her own car door, she can park her ass on the sidewalk until she’s able to. Do we understand each other? Since when does a guy have to pull out some helpless chick’s chair at a dinner table just because she comes with a vagina? I see us as being equal. She never learned how to open doors and pull out chairs? She pulls out chairs and moves them around the room quite easily when she vacuums and does “ladies work.” This is absolutely stupid. Where do people come up with this sexist shit?

I have never related well to the conservative classical music audience. From my experience with other musicians, the musicians and the audience are of two different mentalities and mindsets. Very different people.

At this point, it feels like the now-dead feminist movement accomplished even less than the bare minimal accomplishments of the now-dead Gay Rights Movement.

When the truth be told, the piano soloist demonstrated the behaviour of insensitive ingratitude, and that’s not something a “gentleman” would do.

Since this pianist was really so desperate to dump his flowers, a more logical choice would be to have given his flowers to the First or Second Concertmasters. And by doing so, that would not be sexist at all. That would signify that he felt they deserved the flowers — as representatives of the Orchestra — more so than he as the soloist. Though orchestral management didn’t think that way obviously. But of course he wouldn’t dream of giving his flowers to either Concertmaster because, in this case, they were both guys and in the heterosexual world “men never give other men flowers” as that would give the impression that he’s queer, and we can’t have that now can we? We’ve made so much progress in a world of more and more closet cases. Especially when mi amigo sensed that the guy really wanted us to believe that he’s straight.

But sadly, it would appear that flowers threatened this male pianist’s masculinity. But it’s a common theme we’ve seen with many male musicians, especially conductors. They’re the worst in this regard. And a straight guy with masculinity issues (there’s no shortage of those) or a guy pretending to be straight (meaning a gay guy in the closet) would indeed behave this way so that holding a bouquet of innocent flowers did not in any way what-so-ever, give the “wrong impression” that he might be “a fairy.” Gasp! Who would ever thought that beautiful, innocent flowers had the power to strip a male of his masculinity? Doesn’t the mere planting of flower seeds not threaten one’s masculinity? I should think so with such a fragile and shallow concept of masculinity. It would seem that some male musicians have masculinity, sexism and or sexual orientation problems/issues. No surprise there these days as the world is heading back to the 1940s-50s in case one hasn’t noticed. Just look up from your phone! I feel I’m being a bit repetitive but there are so many thick and dense people out there these days and they may show up here — especially from the classical music audience — where you almost have to draw them a picture for them to grasp things. It should be pointed out that these male musicians never give their flowers to another male musician — it must always be a female — because apparently in their sexist and homophobic mind, “Guys don’t give other guys flowers.” Says who? When? Who made that sexist rule? The same nuts who came up with that “boys must wear blue and girls must wear pink” nonsense? Where genders are colour-coded? Insanity. Reminds me of the colour-changing tennis courts I’ve been seeing lately: Pink or lavender used for female tennis players. Millennial black and grey used for the male tennis players. In hot temperatures that black and grey tennis court should really be comfortable, don’t you think? [sarcasm intended]. Or, they’re using blue or green for “the boys.”

I did look up the age of the piano soloist to make this point, although I don’t even remember his name as of this writing. That’s how much interest I now have in him. It’s just as well as far as I’m concerned. The odd thing about this is that this pianist was born in 1982. So he’s a Millennial. Wouldn’t you know it?! Don’t get me started on this fucked-up (homophobic?) Millennial generation, with few exceptions to that. As of this writing he’s 37 years of age. Where did he learn this outdated thinking? I would expect this thinking more so from an 80-90 year old person. The point being that this sexism is being promoted in the classical music field by the younger generation. So at this rate, we’ll never get rid of these outdated sexist traditions. What is wrong with so many Milleneals? Nobody has that much time! His face, however; did not look like that of a typical 37-year old. His face looked rather hammered. A little stress in one’s life? Is one stressed over one’s insecurities about one’s sexuality and one’s male insecurities? While some or many of their views are from a different bigoted and sexist era, don’t most Milleneals think they’re so futuristic and light-years ahead of the rest of us with their tech addiction, their dopamine phone addiction and living their life on the world’s biggest millionaire/billionaire-owned data-mining and spy machines officially called “social media?” And the “tech bro” male-dominated Millennial-operated Tech Industrial ComplexTM has a reputation for being one of the most sexist industries today. I guess one doesn’t see any flowers on their phones or in their drab black and grey cubicles.

Over the years, I remember seeing some male piano concert artists being given flowers by members of the audience during the bows, and if he received more than one bunch of flowers, as I recall, he left them on the edge of the stage floor or out there on the piano rather than taking the flowers backstage with him. What happened to those flowers? Did the stage crew throw them in the rubbish? Someone from the audience thinks to bring you flowers as an admirer of yours and goes out of their way to do so, and then you leave them on the stage or on the piano? How thoughtless. How ungrateful. I suspect you may have lost a fan with that behaviour, mi amor.

I think it’s time to suspend/end this flower-giving gift ritual entirely that comes at the end of classical music performances because frankly many (most?) male musicians don’t possess the maturity (sexual or otherwise) to graciously accept a kind gift of flowers given to them. They seem to think it harms their masculinity in some way or makes them look queer. If he were secure with himself and his sexuality he wouldn’t care what it looked like. He would say, “People will think what they want.” Instead, these male musicians can’t wait to dump their flowers on some convenient female. I suspect if the male musicians were given an electric drill and bit set or some home improvement equipment they wouldn’t dump that on some female in the Orchestra. I suggest to just end this nonsense altogether because the female musicians are not a trash can for these ungrateful male musicians’ flowers who seemingly think they’re too macho for flowers. Don’t give these musicians anything — other than their performance fee — since they don’t seem to have the maturity to appreciate it.

In this instance, the pianist turned me off so I have no interest in him as a pianist or to learn anymore about him. I’d likely find a heteronormative picture of him-tall/her-short with the caption “[pianist’s name] with his wife and children.” (roll eyes) I sometimes research musicians I’m not familiar with but I won’t be doing that in this case with this guy.

So again, I think it’s time to end the gift of flowers routine entirely because only females seem to have the maturity to show appreciation for them.

There are very few female conductors to begin with, but I’ve never seen a female soloist (vocal or instrumental) or conductor give her flowers away. Most guys can’t get rid of them fast enough. Again, clearly they have masculinity issues. I don’t think these guys would get along too well with my straight neighbour across the street who is very much into flowers. His masculinity is not threatened in the least and he’s not stripped of his masculinity by innocent flowers. Stunning really, who knew that flowers had that much power to so threaten fucked-up-in-the-head male musicians?

I guess it’s never occurred to these male musicians that they unknowingly reveal quite a bit about themselves — probably more than they want most people to know about themselves — to an observant public by this simple rude and ungrateful act. Whoever thought that flowers were so threatening to a male ego? Fucking ridiculous. Chau.—el barrio rosa

P.S. Interesting and speaking of females, I watched this Orchestra the other night perform a concerto with a female soloist. She was given flowers during the bows and looked surprised when the flowers were given to her. She also looked very appreciative of them and kept them. If only most male musicians could show the same.

Lea Delaria doesn’t do that alphabet soup LGBTQ thing. Does she hit the wall too?

(Comments are on for this article until the spam starts pouring in, and spammers find new articles very quickly. The spam is often the same. I’ve memorised most of it).

Hola a todos. I’m wondering if this rewriting/this new version of “LGBT” by the far-right (as seen on the t-shirt over on your right) will make queer conformists finally abandon that revisionist history “LGBT” nonsense? I can take a guess. I don’t see them ever abandoning their precious “LGBT.” It’s like a brand name for them. Brand LGBTTM. It’s so indoctrinated into most people through conformist brainwashing. It’s what most sites insist on using as if they received a memo from on high in the style of a congressional resolution that whenever they write anything queer-related, that they must use “LGBT(Q).” Did one or more of those self-appointed omnipotent queer organisations at the national level in the non-United States — who only care about queers of a certain income bracket; those who can afford $500.00+ a plate dinners at lavish galas, Dahling — send out a memo to every media organisation and website in the world with this “LGBT(Q)” dictate? That’s the impression I’ve been left with. Because the conformity over its use seems to be worldwide. I see it on the television networks I watch from the EU. I’ve noticed that most commenters feel they must use “LGBT(Q)” as well in order to be seen as “in,” “cool,” “politically correct” and or conformist. And when you don’t use it and question it, watch out!

The Conservatory’s Queer Alliance recently had their monthly meeting and some of the students invited me to come.

Comedian, actor and jazz singer, Lea Delaria, was a topic on the agenda. Someone suggested maybe she could be invited next year to address the group and have the meeting open to the public. Someone pointed out her opinion on the alphabet soup “LGBTQ,” rubbish which Lea can’t stand. One of the students looked over at me and said, “Lea’s not the only one. I have a feeling you have a strong opinion on this, don’t you?”

I questioned how much interest there would be in Lea coming, with no disrespect intended to her, but based on my online experiences. Whenever I’ve quoted her, linked to her or written in my own words how she feels about the alphabet soup “LGTB(Q)” thingy, no one supported me and I felt like I had been spit on and considered the enemy because I was not conforming to the brainwashed “LGBT(Q)” meme that one sees saturated all over the Internet and elsewhere. Now you might think I’m talking about far-right sites where I had this problem. But no, just the opposite. I’m talking about so-called “progressive” sites where I was treated like the enemy. And in lockstep, conformist commenters write “LGBT(Q)” instead of queer or gay, or the original GLBTQ. I had the best experience on corporate sites, although I had trouble on them too, the one or two I was on every now and then. All of this negative experience online is why I started pink barrio, so I could say what I want without being banned, deleted or hated on as I often was on the so-called “progressive” websites.

Since 2000, when I began commenting online — which I rarely do now because “one cannot fix stupid” and “if they haven’t gotten it by now they’re not about to!” is how I feel about it — my worst experiences were on so-called “progressive” website with their perpetual resistance to my message (regardless of the topic) and with few exceptions to that. Rarely did anyone ever agree with anything I said/wrote, no matter how politely it was written.

My views don’t fit neatly into the D and R partisan cult-like narrative (I’m non-partisan, an independent) or the Establish narrative or the queer narrative where everyone in lockstep is supposed to use the corporate revisionist history and conformist “LGBT(Q)” meme. The reader might be asking: What do you mean by the “revisionist history?” Even though I feel like I’ve written about this countless times here goes another: I’m talking about where the “L” (for lesbian) comes first in “LGBT(Q).” That implies that lesbians led the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement. They did not. I repeat: Lesbians did not lead our movement. That’s revisionist history. Our movement was called the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement to begin with, not the Lesbian and Gay Rights Movement. Gay guys and trans folk led our movement, not lesbians, which technically started with two riots at donut shops (one in San Francisco and one in Los Ángeles) pre-Stonewall. So if any silly acronym has to be used it should be “GTQBL” because gay guys and trans folk did most of the work of our movement. But at some point in recent years, lesbians hijacked our movement and decided to move themselves to first place from “GLBTQ” as it originally was. For some insane reason, queer boys allowed lesbians to move themselves to first place. Also, some of us view self-entitled lesbians taking it upon themselves to move their ass to first place as being sexist as in, “the fairer sex ladies go first” which sounds very chauvinistic and sexist. And “the fairer sex?” Oh good lord! This sounds like the sexist thinking of the 1940s or 1950s. I’ve heard some queer boys say, “ladies1 go first” referencing that “LGBT(Q)” nonsense.

All of this is rather silly anyway considering all we need is one word to describe us: Queer. Or gay. Take your pick. Why is that so difficult? We don’t need this long train of alphabet soup letters. Some conformist corporatised guy wrote me awhile back saying it was changed to “LGBT” because that “rolls off the tongue easier.” It rolls off whose tongue easier? I told him: I never had any trouble with the original GLBTQ “rolling off my tongue” and frankly the words queer or gay “roll off the tongue” even easier. Try it! One word — queer or gay — “rolls off the tongue” easier than saying a string of letters. By the way, the official acronym is now: LGBTQQICAPF2K+. LOL. That’s one of the most ludicrous things I’ve seen! What nut dreamed that up? Insanity. It almost looks like a barcode of sorts. The breeders don’t have any long train of letters to describe themselves and their sexual interests are nearly as varied as that of queers. And with “gay assimilation” (which has completely backfired in case one hasn’t noticed – see here and here and here) I thought that most queers wanted to be “carbon copies” of the dysfunctional breeders since gay marriage became legal. (Related: Why gay guys should wear their wedding rings on their right hand and Gay Wedding Ring Deception and Queer Couples: Wear your wedding rings on your right hand fourth finger).

The image above is that of a married gay male couple wearing their wedding rings on their right hand fourth finger, which removes any doubt or confusion over their sexual orientation. They’re not trying to deceive others into thinking they’re straight by wearing their wedding ring on their left hand — as straight couples do — which is what most people would likely think when the two are not together as a couple. Or even if they were together as a couple, someone could ask: “Where are your wives? I see you’re both wearing wedding rings (on your left hand).” Because traditionally, breeders wear their wedding rings on their left hand fourth finger. And even though queers see their relationships no differently than that of the breeders — and it should be seen as no differently except it’s probably far less dysfunctional than that of a breeder relationship with their high divorce rate (1 in 4 breeder couples get divorced as of 2017) — the fact is many in our bigoted, prejudiced and homophobic society do see queer relationships/marriages differently. Gay marriage is too new historically speaking for most people to even remember that it exists, that it’s now legal in the US, especially when the person opposes gay marriage.

And as Lea explains, “LGBT(Q)” is divisive. It divides us rather than uniting us and it props up one group against the other. For example, some people have said that the trans group shouldn’t even be part of “LGBT(Q).” That they should be separate. See what she means? Then there are those who apparently have something against queers so they leave the Q off entirely in that “LGBT” caca.

Lea DeLaria Doesn’t Want You Calling Her A Lesbian. “I am a dyke! Get it right. I don’t do that alphabet soup, LGBTQ thing. By the time you get to all of those letters, the fucking parade is over! Part of me believes that this so-called inclusivity of calling us the LGBTQQTY-whatever-LMNOP tends to stress our differences, and that’s why I refuse to do it. I say queer. Queer is everybody.” [Source: You can watch her talk about this briefly. Unfortunately it’s on FB.]

So other than on my own site, I gave up on the “LGBT(Q)” meme as well as with commenting online because it doesn’t seem to matter what the topic is, my views are extremely unpopular and I’m considered a right-wing troll. Because of my views on Bernie Sanders’s presidential campaign, the so-called “progressives” labeled me, 1) a troll for the corporate Democrats, 2) a troll for the DNC and their narrative and 3) a troll for the current White House occupant — whom I can’t stand — or a troll for somebody that does not fit their cookie-cutter brainwashed beliefs. I’ve been called a homophobe and “promoting stereotypes that LGBT people have had to suffer with,” because I’m critical of the “LGBT(Q)” thingy. I wonder if Lea has been called a homophobe and accused of “promoting stereotypes that LGBT people have had to suffer with” too? When I tried to explain my position to these thick and dense people, I was unable to penetrate the wall they had put up. Does Lea hit that wall too? In the simplistic thinking of many fake-progressives who claim to have “an open mind,” when one does not share their Establishment opinions (while they pretend to be “left wing,”) one is automatically dismissed and considered a troll.

On another topic but related to how some people don’t learn anything from the past, especially “Democrats.” Some delusional people who pretend to be “progressives” honestly believe that the right-wing “Democratic” Party Cult is going to nominate Bernie Sanders as their 2020 nominee even though the same cult threw him under the bus back in 2016. Then he got in lockstep with them and endorsed war criminal Hillary. To the Bernie Cultists, I’m the “enemy” — they’re using the age-old “Attack the Messenger” routine — when I tell them as politely as I can that their thinking is delusional and it’s wishful-thinking, it is not pragmatic or realistic and is not living in reality. Because the party of conservative Dianne Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi is not going to nominate Sanders. Period. One would have to be absolutely delusional to think that they will. (Related: San Francisco: Do NOT re-elect Pelosi in 2020 and TRUMP-PELOSI 2020!) As I said, these so-called “progressives” learned nothing from 2016.

I’ve learned that there are several requirements for being a Democrat: living with delusional wishful-thinking, living with unrealistic hope, and denial. They also jump up and down and get excited over the most minute and little “flash in the pan” unimportant of things. They cheer lead for wimpy, mealy-mouth statements made by Nancy Pelosi and make her out to be “a genius” when the woman as of late seems to be having trouble stringing two sentences together without halting and behaving as if she’s having mental problems (dementia?). They’re also very much into premature celebrations only to look like partisan fools after the fact because their “Democrats” once again enabled the Republicans, but their denial and wishful-thinking prevented them from foreseeing that. Rather than being critical of their “Democrats” for helping the Republicans once again the cultists remain silent because they’ve been brainwashed that one is not supposed to be critical of one’s own cult-party. Since Bernie is the Bernie Cult’s saviour figure, they completely dismiss that the guy is 78 years old and recently had a heart attack. Someone like that can do the stressful job of US president properly? He would be 82 after his first term. To the Bernie Cult, his age and health condition doesn’t matter. His age is a positive thing they say; it shows that he’s “a seasoned politician.” A candidate like that — if he has any sense about him — should drop out of the race and take care of himself and his health and well-being in order to stay alive rather than campaigning for some corrupt, right-wing party that will throw him under the bus once again. But to the Bernie Cultists and in their denial his health is, “No big deal.” They say, “he has more fire in him than so and so.” They fail to understand that it’s that “fire” that raises blood pressure to a very unhealthy level. I know from personal experience, which is why — except for this article — I don’t write about this unhealthy, dysfunctional stuff any longer. It’s not healthy for me to do so. And all the “Democrats” are doing is using him and he seems to enjoy being used by them. He will ultimately endorse the nominee. If anything, the “Democrats” are considering nominating Hillary once again or John Kerry for 2020 from what I’ve read. A re-run of 2016? Why do you think she keeps popping up to give herself attention? While writing this article, mi amigo/my friend told me that one of the Hillary Cultists said that god put Hillary on this Earth to be president. (roll eyes) Drag out The god CardTM, uh? Drag out the nonexistent floating cloud being. That’s the same thing that the current White House occupant says about his narcissistic self. Not that it matters who the “Democrats” pull out of their recycling bin and nominate since I said three years ago that one should expect the current White House occupant to have two or more terms. I expect him to get back in one way or the other. One can read between the lines. He’s “joked” repeatedly about having extra terms/refusing to leave office and also because the same corrupt system that installed him remains in place including the Electoral College. Also, there are even more stupid people today supporting him from what I’ve seen because he speaks to their anti-ethnic, racist, anti-migrant views, their Male Patriarchy views, their sexism, their misogyny, their prejudices and homophobia. He does nothing legally and with few, if any, consequences. He and the basura around him ignore subpoenas. If you or I did that we know what would happen to us. He’s above the law. Acting like an adolescent schoolyard bully, much of the US Congress seem absolutely terrified of him and when they have anything critical to say about him it’s in cowardly, mealy-mouth words.

My message — no matter what the topic — is rejected and is considered by the fake-progressives as “trying to help the Republicans,” whom I despise. Well, I despise both D and R frankly. At “election” time, the fake-progressives become devout partisan “Democrats” for a right-wing party. A genuine progressive does not support a fake-opposition, right-wing party. It’s a contradiction in terms and in one’s principles.

So I was just wondering how much interest there would be in Lea Delaria being invited to speak in the Conservatory considering the way I’ve been treated/slapped around online by so-called “progressives.” I wonder if she gets the same disrespectful treatment wherever she goes when speaking her mind?

Then the Conservatory students ended their meeting with the announcement that one of their upcoming meetings will be about queer composers. That ought to be interesting since there have been many queer composers including Georg Händel, Lully, Corelli, Benjamin Britten and his partner (tenor) Peter Pears, Tchaikovsky, Camille Saint-Saëns, Lou Harrison, Ethel Smyth, Francis Poulenc, Samuel Barber and his partner of almost 30 years Gian Carlo Menotti. They met at the Curtis Institute of Music and quickly hit it off and moved into together. Also, Ludwig Beethoven, and closeted Lenny Bernstein were queer among others. Although I read that Lenny became more open about his queer sexual orientation the older he got.

Related to that, one of the things that saddens me, frustrates me and even angers me these days is all the queer boy closet cases I see in San Francisco — particularly Milleneals — and on television who are in relationships with women and they have children. My gaydar is extremely reliable; always has been. To see these closet cases, it’s as if there was never a Gay Rights Movement. Or, now that the movement is over it’s time for things to go back to the way they were: Back in the closet for many/most queers. While writing this I saw a queer boy being interviewed on television in France. Sitting there on the couch with his wife and infant baby. I had mi amigo/my friend come and look at the television and before I said anything he asked, “Who’s that queer boy?” A few moments later he said: “Is that his wife and kid?” I said: Uh huh. He asked: “How can these women not see that they’re married to a gay guy, a closet case?” Well, some of them do see it and know deep down that he’s queer. Others don’t — no gaydar at all? — or choose denial. And he’s probably trying to please his pestering bigoted family who constantly hounded him with “When are you going to find a nice girl?” Followed by: “When are you going to start a family?” I would tell the family to fuck off, and mind their own damn business. Do we understand each other? You’re not running/ruining my life with The Family ScriptTM, understand? I’m queer; I’m not into females or babies. The world is already overpopulated. With these women, maybe their queer boy is the only guy who would give these needy females the attention they crave.

I want to say muchas gracias to the students of the Conservatory’s Queer Alliance for inviting me to their meeting. Very kind of you. I enjoyed it. Chau.—el barrio rosa

1 I’ve never known any lesbians who would want to be referred to as — using the classist term — “lady” or “ladies.” Nearly all of the lesbians I’ve known were of the dyke, bull-dyke variety and would likely say, “I ain’t no lady.” Today it’s different with these new Millennial Lipstick Lesbians with their long flowing blond (out of a bottle?) hair, their black tights, their black or grey lingerie clothing and black high heels. If you didn’t know better, you’d think they were sex workers by the way they look. They wear that to the office? They try to look like and act like straight women (very heteronormative), a complaint I’ve read online from some older lesbians about this new generation. The older lesbians say they can’t tell whether these Lipstick Lesbians are straight or queer if they were to see one at a bus stop. Some of these Lipstick Lesbians even go to straight bars to pick up females. Loca. Then when a straight guy hits on them they get pissed. Most of the Millennial queer guys we’ve seen look very conservative and try to look and act like straight guys. Any queer symbols on one’s person have completely gone back in the closet. So much for “out and proud!” That’s what “Gay Assimilation” has done. It’s caused queers to try to look and act straight and in many cases go back in the closet. We worked decades for that, did we?

Can we stop the ridiculous routine of bows at the end of classical music performances?

Hola a todos. The back and forth looks ridiculous. It looks silly. These are adults engaging in this behaviour? The classical music field has many ludicrous traditions that some nut(s) dreamed up, and this is one of them. Everyone knows this routine. The performance ends and the audience begins their 20-30 minutes of applause, which becomes a “performance” in itself.

The soloist(s) and conductor bow and then walk across the stage to that door that opens. Soloists and conductor enter that room off stage (it’s really just backstage), they pause for 5-10 seconds, turn around and then walk back out to the edge of the stage to bow again. Why not just stay out there and bow occasionally? What does leaving the stage for 30 seconds do? What’s the purpose of that? Has no one with critical thinking skills ever considered this? Soloist(s) and conductor repeat this routine up to 10+ times, walking back and forth from podium to that room. Sometimes they rush to that room as if they have a time constraint even though they don’t. They walk back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. Reminds me of a bird in a cuckoo clock. In some cases, production stops recording so one has no idea how much longer this walking back and forth from podium to backstage lasted. In other cases, production stops recording after the very first bows which tells me that production finds this silly tradition ridiculous as well.

Mi amigo/My friend was the first to bring this up. He spoke of how ridiculous it looks after a performance for the soloists (vocal or instrumental) and conductor to wear out the floor walking back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth from the edge of the stage to the stage door after a performance.

Why don’t the performers all stay on stage, bow occasionally, smile and occasionally say gracias/thank you in whatever international language they choose to the audience, bow once or twice more and THEN leave the stage and don’t return.

Or, do the back and forth routine only twice and don’t go back out there to the edge of the stage.

The point is that the audience (with few exceptions) doesn’t have the intelligence to leave and say “Enough of this nonsense. We liked the performance and we showed we liked it with our brief applause. But we don’t need to keep applauding for the rest of the night. A short applause is sufficient.”

I’ve noticed repeatedly that the vocal soloists-screamers — who too often mistake screaming for singing beautifully — in a performance absolutely gush in delight over the endless applause because they seemingly think it’s all about them and it makes them feel like rock stars apparently, or that’s how they look with their broad smiles — especially the females as they seem to adore the attention they’re getting — as they gaze all about the hall thinking, “I’m so glad you loved me and my beautiful voice (when I mistook screaming for singing beautifully).” Even though the vocal soloists-screamers are treated to rock star treatment, the reality is that since this is a classical music performance probably nobody outside this concert hall knows who any of them are. And why does the audience seem to worship and glorify vocal soloists-screamers when they usually have minor roles in a symphonic choral performance? If only the audience could get as worked up over the (hopefully) superbly-prepared Symphony Chorus. The Chorus and Orchestra are the true “stars” or soloists in a symphonic choral performance. The vocal screamers sit silently most of the time during the performance. And just because someone sings (or screams) alone merits such royal treatment? Why? That’s the way the classical audience has been brainwashed while they see the Chorus as second class musicians.

Another stupid tradition is having the vocal soloists parked on the edge of the stage staring out over the audience. What idiot came up with that idea of positioning the vocal soloists-screamers on the edge of the stage on either side of the conductor? Their backs are to all the other musicians on the stage. They can’t even see the performance. They can only hear it behind them. Like listening to a CD. They sit much of the time during the performance staring at the back wall of the hall or looking at their score following along the entire performance. And usually they can’t even see the conductor easily because he’s usually slightly behind them. The vocal soloist-screamers should be seated near but not in the Chorus. Over on the left side or maybe down in front of the Chorus as I’ve seen done in some performances from the EU. Or, if there’s room on stage, put the soprano in the violin section, the alto in the viola section, the tenor in the cello section, the bass near the double basses. They did this latter suggestion in a performance at Boston University’s School of Music. It worked perfectly. The soprano screamer (and she did scream with heavy vibrato) sat among the violinists. I wonder if the violinists’ ears have recovered by now?

Some readers may be asking: But what about encores?

For encores (pianists come to mind, but not limited to pianists): Play something short. About 5 minutes in length, not some 20 minute piece where the Orchestra is sitting there with nothing to do and thinking, “How long does this piece last? It keeps going and going. This pianist has turned the encore into a solo recital.”

And for encores, you don’t have to play something “showy” and “flashy” to show off your speed skills. A mood piece is preferable, in my opinion. It “calms” the audience after your “main performance” whether it be solo recital or in a concerto.

I’ve seen some pianists whose encore almost turns into a solo recital. I’ve seen some pianists play 3 encores. That is way too much, in my opinion. They seem to love the attention. And of course each encore followed by the ridiculous routine of bows of walking back and forth from the piano to back stage. After a few trips back and forth and because the audience seems to be of a mindset that it’s impolite to stop clapping at any time, then the pianist sat back down and played another piece. That was followed by another round of the bowing routine. Then the pianist sat down yet again for another piece. At this rate and with this applause-happy audience and with a pianist who hasn’t been coached on the appropriate length of encores and seems quite comfortable with playing all night because “they love me and this is helping my career,” we’ll be here until 3AM. Meanwhile, the Orchestra had nothing to do but sit listening to an unscheduled piano recital.

A 10-15 minute piece is too long for an encore in my opinion, especially with an Orchestra sitting on the stage. If anything, the encore should involve the Orchestra — and this should be prearranged with the Orchestra and conductor of course — following a concerto performance where the last part of the concerto is played again (at an agreed starting point of course and where it’s easy for everyone to start). That would include the Orchestra as equals in the encore rather than making it all about the soloist. But if not, the soloist can play a very short encore by him or herself.

In some places in the EU, they have stopped this bowing ritual or at least shortened it. Conductor, harpsichordist and horn player Václav Luks and his superb Collegium 1704 (Orchestra and Chorus) from the Czech Republic come to mind. After sufficient applause — determined by either the conductor of the performance or the First Concertmaster — all the musicians (Orchestra and Chorus) file off the stage and they don’t return. The message being sent: Time to go home, people. Glad you liked our performance. Come again. See you next time. Fin./The End.

What about las flores/the flowers given to the musicians: In my suggested way of doing bows, the flowers can be brought out shortly after the applause begins.

And por favor/please: Those receiving flowers — usually the soloist(s) and conductor — should have the maturity to keep their flowers. I’ve seen some male conductors with this, “What am I supposed to do with these?” look on his face (instead of looking appreciative) when given a bouquet of flowers following a performance. The flowers given to the musicians are a gift to them. Don’t give your flowers to someone else. Why would one give their flowers away? Do you give other gifts away in public view? The male performers should never feel that flowers threaten their masculinity as seems to be the case with many male conductors. Imagine innocent flowers having the power to strip a guy of his masculinity. Who would have ever thought that flowers have that much power?! Any guy who feels that way needs to examine his sexist ideas, his masculinity (or lack of) and his possible Male Patriarchy mentality and why he feels that innocent flowers strip him of his masculinity. I’ve mostly seen this from male conductors. With the few female conductors that there are, they have the maturity to understand that the flowers given to them belong to them. The male conductors often engage in a sexist gesture of giving their flowers to only the females in the Orchestra. Why only the females, Mr Conductor? Why do conductors never give their flowers to any of the guys? Didn’t they perform as well as the females? I can hear them now: “Oh but we can’t do that because you know how that would look! Goodness me!” No, I don’t know how that would look, what do you mean? Are you saying that it would look like you’re queer by giving another guy flowers? Are you telling me that only queer guys give each other flowers? If you were secure with yourself and your sexuality and didn’t have some internalised anti-queer feelings, you wouldn’t care how it looked. You wouldn’t care if people thought you are queer. Instead, you would maturely say, “People can think what they want, they will anyway.” By comparison, some queers are perceived to be straight but they’re not and they don’t get all bent out of shape just because someone perceives them as straight. So why do you, Mr Conductor, get all bent out of shape if you are thought to be queer, even if you’re not? Of course you wouldn’t if you were secure with your own sexuality and saw queer people no differently than yourself. I’ve seen the female musicians with a confused look on their face when Mr Conductor gives his flowers to the closest female musician(s). She stands there holding her violin or viola as if she’s thinking, “Why are you giving your flowers to me? They’re your flowers. Can’t you appreciate them and keep them? Or are you of a sexist mentality that guys don’t like flowers or are not supposed to like flowers? What’s your hang up with flowers, Mr Conductor?” Again, if Mr Conductor were secure with his own sexuality and with himself as a person, he wouldn’t care how it looked to keep his flowers, or is he possibly in the closet? Some of us have thought that about some male conductors for some time despite that left hand wedding ring you wear implying you’re married to a female. I’m not fooled by that ring. I should point out that being married to a female means nothing, even if you have some children. There are thousands of gay guys around the world married to females. They’re called closet cases and they’re following the life that their anti-queer prejudiced and bigoted family expects of them — including pumping out babies — and they’re living with gay shame and living a “straight” life. The world is full of them. There are far more queer people in the world than we are ever told by any statistics and the overwhelming majority of them are living in the closet. And when they are not with “the wife” as they warmly and affectionally refer to her (as opposed to “my wife”), they’re checking out guys when she’s not looking or not around. In many cases they’re not fooling anyone no matter how many children they pump out. Some of us have noticed that closet cases breed as much as possible. It’s intended to prove to others how “straight” they are by having an entire brood of children. Here’s one example. I think this gay guy and his former wife produced 4 children as you can see here. That’s intended to convince people that the guy is “straight” and a “real man.” (roll eyes) But some of us are not convinced by that breeding behaviour because we see Mr Closet Case for what he is. Therefore, your wedding ban does not fool or convince me and others. Check out this article, which is really about closet cases living a straight life in Deutschland/Germany:

“The research found that out of this sub-group of participants, all of whom self-identified as homosexual, three-quarters of them had never had sex with a man…Professor Kathleen Herkommer, who led the study, explained that these men’s mental health can suffer as a result of hiding their sexuality, and that this groundbreaking research could help the drive to help them. “We identified a group that recognises its homosexuality, but do not live it, and instead lead and have led a purely heterosexual life – often with a wife and children,” she said.”
[Source: One in 10 middle-aged gay men have had vaginal sex in the past three months, according to German study.]

Bottom Line: Keep your flowers, Mr Conductor, and don’t give them to female musicians. Why can’t Mr Conductor graciously accept the flowers like any other gift he’s given?

Who would have ever thought that innocent flowers are threatening to male conductors and many guys in general? The flowers are a gift to you for your performance from orchestral management. Have the maturity to keep them and appreciate them, and take them home. Otherwise it will be expected and become another twisted, sick tradition that all guys must give their flowers to the nearest and most convenient female, whether he wants them or not. Muchas gracias. Chau.—el barrio rosa