The Gay Wedding Cake Case

“It’s okay for Shops To Hang Anti-Gay Signs.”—El abogado/The attorney for the current White House occupant.

Hola a todos. A few readers, no thousands, no millions of people have e-mailed me asking how I thought the US Supreme Court would rule on the “gay wedding cake” case currently before the court? Even though this is really not about a cake.

Well, ever since 2000 and the Judicial Coup by the US Supreme Court which installed illegitimate George W Bush as White House resident following the stolen 2000 election in Florida, politically speaking I’ve come to expect the worst. That’s just being realistic. And in pretty much all instances that I can think of, that’s what we’ve seen since 2000: The Worst. And especially now considering the basura occupying la casa blanca as of this writing (diciembre/December 2017). The enemy of the world, this deranged constantly angry man-child-bully is destroying this country and the Supremes foolishly seem inclined to give him what he wants, such as his Muslim travel ban most recently. Of course he sides with bigotry and the cake baker. That should come as no surprise to anyone, who has been paying attention.

I would expect the Supremes to rule in the majority in favour of the cake baker. El abogado/the attorney for the current occupant of la casa blanca told the Supremes that it’s “OK For Shops To Hang Anti-Gay Signs.

How many Queer/GTQBL fools fell for this basura during the campaign believing he’s pro-Queer? I talked with a few of them. Ugh. Morons. They were among the thickest people I’ve had the misfortune of talking with. They told me, “He held up a Rainbow Flag (it was upside down idiots) during the campaign.” Yes, those gullible Queers had fallen for that stunt. Any bigot can hold up a Rainbow Flag as bait to get a bunch of fools to vote for him/her, and have a bunch of gullible Queer fools latched on to them, as some did. Incredible. The keen bull shit detectors that Queers once had during the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement decades seem to have been retired to the closet, along with many Queers. And they certainly didn’t let any facts get in their way. All facts I presented to them were dismissed as “fake news.” So when that’s what one is working with, simply walk away. One is wasting one’s time.

How will today’s breeder-assimilated Queer community respond to an anti-Queer decision from the US Supreme Court? I can take a guess based on their silent behaviour since this thing has been occupying the White House:

1. The orange man reportedly joked that his vp sidekick ‘wants to hang’ all gays.

2. The Orange Man’s Assault on Queers and others

3. The Orange Man’s regime says employers can fire people because they’re gay

The Queer community responded with silence after all three. No one rose up. And I or my commenters could list other examples and they too received the same response. Silencio.

If, excuse me, I mean when the court rules for the bakery, I would expect the Queer/GTQBL community to respond with their usual collective breeder-assimilated silence that we’ve seen from them all during the regime of the current anti-Queer White House occupant. Some of them might get on billionaire-owned Orwellian-named “social media” sites — where data-mining and surveillance are the norm — and type little one-liners saying how they oppose the ruling. And WTF will that do? Nothing. That will be meaningless, useless and ineffective. Because no one will be inconvenienced by such lame actions. But since “Gay Assimilation” took place, I don’t expect Queers to “take to the streets” by the millions in every major US city to protest. No, that’s what Queers did in “the old days” and for which Queers today are ashamed of as they try to be like the breeders and stop short of apologising to the breeders for their past radical activist behaviour. It was Bad! Bad! But that was then, Queers are different now. That’s not what Queers do these days. No. Queers try to be breeder-clones today. Instead, they remain silent, “discreet,” “down low,” they obey, they’re proudly non-alternative, proudly non-radical, pro-Establishment, pro-corporate, adamantly conformist, subservient and above all: phone zombies just like the breeders. As long as it doesn’t interfere with their fucking phone, then it doesn’t matter to them. At this point, I think the only time anyone will ever rise up by the millions is if people’s adult pacifiers/their phones/their electronic leashes stop working en masse. When millions of people can’t get anything to come up on their fucking screens then you’ll have a problem, but not until.

I had read that the court’s decision would be rendered the week of 3 diciembre/December 2017, but according to the article I’m linking to a decision may not be coming forth for some time, even a year. From what I read, if, rather when they rule for the baker, it will set a very bad precedent making current laws protecting Queers/GTQBLs rather meaningless.

Will the Queer community surprise me this time and briefly relight their pilot light momentarily? What drugs are you on? Relight their pilot light? No, is my answer. I’ll believe it when I see it. I asked mi amigo/my friend for his answer and he said: “Absolutely not.” Even if some Queers do, it will likely be just another “flash in the pan” fizzle demonstration/protest. Nothing long-term which is what is needed because vigilance within the Queer community today is dead. Some people reading this will say, “Oh you’re so negative.” To which I would respond: The truth hurts you doesn’t it? I’m just speaking the truth which pains many people to hear. They prefer to hear syrupy wishful-thinking. And what does that accomplish? Momentary feel-good? That’s not what I’m about. Wishful-thinking is pretty much the same as prayer: A waste of time, and engages in illusions and delusions. I prefer to look at this realistically and without wearing blinders. And that’s how I see it.

Now speaking about the anti-Queer orange man:

Impeachment Vote Fails Overwhelmingly With Majority of House Democrats Joining With Republicans

For years I’ve observed all the grandiose wishful-thinking from Dembots of what they claimed their useless, pathetic and corrupt Republican-enabling Democratic Party was supposedly going to do (according to the Dembots). None of it happened. It was just wishful-thinking. Did you hear that the majority of House Democrats just voted with the House Republicans not to impeach the current White House resident? Did you hear that?

“Now is not the time to consider articles of impeachment,” Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi and Minority Whip Steny Hoyer said in a joint statement.”

With Pelosi, I don’t think it will ever be the time, no matter what he does, including launching a nuclear attack on the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK)/조선민주주의인민공화국/朝鮮民主主義人民共和國 Chosŏn Minjujuŭi Inmin Konghwaguk. The same with “the senior senator” Feinstein in the Senate. You may recall that Bush-enabler Pelosi took impeachment of illegitimate George W Bush “off the table.” Remember that? La mujer/The woman seems to live under the illusion that the US Constitution belongs to her personally. As I’ve written before, I think the Democrats really like the current White House resident despite any theatrical charades of opposition on occasion with the intent to appease the Dembot sheeple who continue to support them no matter what they do. And this also explains, at least in my opinion, why el hombre naranja/the orange man approved a California disaster declaration (as wildfires wreak havoc in Southern California) right after the vote in the House opposing articles of impeachment. Because two of his buddies — Pelosi and Feinstein — are from California. “We’ll rub your back, you rub ours.” As you may know, he can’t stand California, but when his two favoured politicians with a “D” next to their name from San Francisco enable him and protect him from articles of impeachment (Pelosi) as well as from any in-depth investigations (Feinstein) — I read that the US Senate does not want to “dig too deeply” in their so-called investigations of him — he’s now warming-up to California a bit it seems. What about CA governor Jerry Brown? He doesn’t matter in this context because it’s the US House (Pelosi) and Senate (Feinstein) who will help to keep el hombre naranja/the orange man in office. Jerry Brown has nothing to do with that. Chau.—el barrio rosa


The Queer Community is Dead (2014 and beyond)


In the article I mentioned billionaire-owned, Orwellian-named “social media” and their data-mining and surveillance, which I get the impression most people couldn’t care less about! For example:

How F***book’s tentacles reach further than you think
“Vladan Joler says that all FB users are effectively working on behalf of the company” [Ed. I get the impression no one cares about that. They enjoy helping a billionaire make more billions.]

The SEP: Always a friend to sexism

The Last Word on the Abrasive and Sexist SEP Cult

Hola a todos. Our little group of San Francisco Queers met the other night. We talked about several topics including this topic, but the main topic was about one that I’d rather not write about at all, but agreed to one last time because no one else in our group has a website of their own, and they thought the topic deserved more than a random comment somewhere. Some of what I’m going to write here I’ve written before, but it will be new to readers who didn’t read those articles. That topic is about the abrasive Socialist Equality Party (SEP) Cult, as I call them. Are those signs of pain I’m hearing because I’m bringing up the SEP again? Understandable. I’d rather forget about them too.

One of their male writers is obsessed with the many sexual harassment scandals in the news these days and he consistently supports the men being accused of sexual assault and misconduct by labeling it a “witch hunt” against the men. Using a search engine, one finds that the SEP writers call many things with which they disagree a “witch hunt.” It seems to be one of their favoured terms, along with their overuse of the word “slander.” In that instance, if anyone speaks critically of a person from “the working class,” the SEP refer to that as “slandering the working class.” To them I say: Get. A. Grip. (roll eyes) As far as I’m concerned, no social class — whether it be “the working class” or the billionaire class — is above reproach from criticism. But I got to thinking about this term “witch hunt.” Isn’t that sexist in itself? Being the sexists that they are, maybe that’s why they routinely use it. A little research pulled up an article from the UK explaining how the term “witch hunt” is indeed sexist. I suppose most people have never thought of that. So, one of the people in our group posted a comment — which surprisingly they published on the SEP site — explaining how the term “witch hunt” is sexist, and gave other examples of sexist language having been used routinely on the SEP site. Such as their male-dominated language use of “mankind” and “congressmen” even though there are many females in congress whom I suspect don’t appreciate being called congressmen. And one sexist commenter referred to a Bay Area congresswoman as “the congressman.” Well, as expected, the person from our group was attacked for his comment. His comment was referred to by one commenter as “a rant.” I read his comment and it wasn’t a rant at all. He made sure of that because he was aware that any “rant” would likely not get published on their site. So he kept his remarks very calm and respectful. He gave that link up above and wrote some of what I’ve written here in the previous paragraph. Bottom line: They didn’t like his message as he knew they wouldn’t. He asked readers to attack the article at that link — showing that the term “witch hunt” is sexist — rather than take the old and tiresome approach of “Attack the Messenger” (meaning him). But of course they attacked him anyway. I guess they considered that more fun. He didn’t respond to any of them.

I began to think more about the language they use on their site. Of the examples that readily came to mind, they use terms such as “transgender” instead of perhaps using “shemale,” “tranny,” “he-she,” “ladyboy,” or some other outdated or pejorative term. Although when I was reading their site, one of their female writers used the incorrect term “transgendered.” I was going to correct her for writing “transgendered” but knew I would be attacked for doing so and called “nit-picky” — because the devout SEP cultists hold the view that their idol writers are sacrosanct and are not to be criticised under any circumstance — so I didn’t bother. Their site also uses the language “African-American” or “black” rather than the ugly ethnic slur words “nigger” or “darkie” or “negro” or “negra” or “nigger boy.” On the rare occasion they write about anything Queer, they use the word “gay” rather than “faggot” or “nellie-boy, although I think sometimes they use the word “homosexual.” I don’t like that word at all.

My point is that the SEP have updated some or nearly all of their language to non-offensive contemporary usage, or I guess what they would call “politically correct.” Except when it comes to sexist language, which they hold very dear and live in denial that their language is at all sexist. Also, their cultist commenters have made it clear that they can’t stand “politically correct” language.

The SEP site is a very male-dominated site as some people have pointed out to them. Most of the writers are guys. Perhaps that explains that the one area where they absolutely refuse to update their language is in the area of sexism. So they use mankind instead of the gender-neutral word humankind (which includes all of humanity). Humankind does not give preference to men, which must absolutely irk the SEP cultists whenever they see that word. Whereas “mankind” gives preference to men or as the Merriam-Webster dictionary says, “men especially as distinguished from women.”

Also, while these pseudo-socialists claim to oppose the billionaire class, they make an exception for the billionaire class tech industry — an industry well known for its sexism and gender inequality — and the SEP heavily promote billionaire-owned F***book, as one example, on their site. Their glaring hypocrisy has been pointed out to them, but they don’t care about that. They refuse to change their behaviour in that regard because it would disturb their own comfort level and their addiction to their phones and activity on certain billionaire-owned “social media” sites. I often think that so-called “social media” (what an Orwellian marketing name!) is the headquarters for people without any real social skills. Here’s more sexism from the techies (2017): “Tech firms draw flak over hiring ‘record number’ of eye-candy models for holiday parties.” Seeing females as sex objects is sexist.

As our society regresses and rushes backwards to at least the 1940s-50s if not before, I am definitely seeing the increased use of man-based/preferred words having a strong comeback. The progress made over past decades seems to have only been temporary. And anyone challenging the SEP on their sexism is met with the strongest resistance. Despite their continual denial, their sexism, chauvinism and misogyny seem to be the core of who they are as so-called socialists. The female cultist commenters are among the first to rush to boot lick their messiah writers and defend any sexist language used in articles. Curiously, the females have also been among those to defend the men accused of alleged sexual assault and refer to it as “a witch-hunt.” One of their most abrasive cultist commenters wrote, “I love men.” She had to let everyone know that she’s a breeder. Then she invited one of the other male commenters (she doesn’t know the guy) over to her place by writing, “You can come over to my place” meaning for sex. Someone jokingly wrote to her: “Oh, so you take anything you can get, do you?” She seems to have little sense of humour while complaining about the same in another commenter. She claimed she was only joking about her invite.

We’re convinced that sexism within the SEP is a generational phenomenon. For example, that same abrasive asshole-ish female commenter I mentioned in the previous paragraph constantly defends sexism and their sexist writers, and gave her age in one of her comments. She in her early 70s and not in good health she wrote. That’s the generation that grew up with sexism and where it is deeply embedded in them. By their conservative writing style, we in our little group of Queers get the impression that many, if not most, of the cultist commenters are of that generation where sexism, misogyny and chauvinism were the norm. Therefore, today they see nothing wrong with it. It’s part of who they are. And if anyone corrects their saviour writers and sexist language used in articles, the females on the site are often the first to flame the commenter for being “nit-picky” and “off-topic.” The females serve as such good little boot lickers.

I agree with some of the SEP positions, but I do not at all agree that everything is class-based, which is their position. For example, a person being anti-Queer has nothing whatsoever to do with one’s class. There are anti-Queer people/bigots/prejudiced people in all classes. In addition, the SEP and cultists are strongly pro-Russia and they have never written about Queer persecution in Russia because they consider Queer/gay topics “identity politics,” which they oppose. We have sensed that most of the SEP cultists are breeders/straight, or closet cases. I can’t remember ever reading where anyone on the site has ever said they’re Queer/gay, and some of their articles have been written from a place of straight privilege.

They also say there is absolutely no proof/evidence of Russian involvement in the US 2016 s-election, and any talk of such is merely sour grapes from the Democratic Party that Hillary lost (she lost the electoral college that is but won the popular vote by at least 3 million votes that we know of). It’s all about that, according to them. Well I can’t stand the mis-named Democratic Party and I have no use for that Hillary. But I’ve seen too many strange “coincidences” that tell me that it’s not all about “sour grapes” regarding possible Russian involvement in the 2016 US s-election.

A brief aside: By the way the majority just voted with the House Republicans not to impeach the current White House resident. “Now is not the time to consider articles of impeachment,” Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi and Minority Whip Steny Hoyer said in a joint statement.” You may recall that Republican-enabler Pelosi took impeachment of illegitimate George W Bush “off the table.” As I’ve written before, I think the Democrats really like the current White House resident.

Any credible links provided to them about alleged-Russian involvement and the investigations thus far and the many coincidences found to date are outright rejected by the SEP cultists, and the person providing the links is belittled and trolled. The SEP cultists scream, “Where’s your evidence? Would do you know that none of the rest of us (unspoken: SEP omnipotent cultists) know?” Ugh. Just fucking assholes.

Oh by the way, the same writer (initials DW) who is hung up on these alleged sexual allegations would call my use of “fucking assholes,” vulgar language because that’s how he described someone else using sex language in another situation. Is the term “vulgar language” what you would expect to hear from a socialist? That’s what I would expect to hear from a far-right Republicano. I think we’re all adults here or maybe you’re not, Mr Fucking Prude (who is also of the generation I wrote about earlier). Piss off! I can’t stand these basura.

It should be obvious at this point to the astute reader that I/we no longer read their site for many reasons including it often puts me in a bad mood. Despite their big-headed delusions of grandeur, the SEP will never amount to anything in The Cesspool/the US as far as being a credible and serious political party, especially when their candidates are rarely on anyone’s ballot. And even when they are, their own website never reports on how many votes their candidates received. It must have been pathetically poor partly because most people have never even heard of them, and after any intelligent, sane, reasonable and rationale person has any experience with them and their abrasive cultist commenters, one would run from them having been completely turned off by their abrasiveness and defensiveness. Their cultist commenters are really very thin-skinned people. One finds nothing warm, friendly or inviting about any of them, aside from their syrupy ass-eating of the writers. With that type of chip-on-both-shoulders sandpaper personality, one is not likely to attract new members. I guess they’ve never thought about that or that maybe they should look inward as to how they come off to people. Even though they have allowed comments on their site for some time, what they have accomplished is to really show what type of basura support them. Again, there’s no sense of “community” there whatsoever as one sometimes finds on other sites. The words “abrasive assholes” are what I think of when I think of most of them; a very off-putting group of people with only a few exceptions to that. Some of their writers are just as off-putting. When they respond to commenters on occasion it’s often with a sense of arrogant omnipotence, and belittling the commenter in some cases. At which point, the 12-14 resident cultists all pile on in agreement to back slap the writer as good little SEP disciples. No, they are not likely to attract any new followers to their party after one gets wind of their abrasive, self-righteous and omnipotent attitudes. At one time I was quite interested in the SEP. But after spending many years around them, one finds them a major turn-off. A few of their cultists feel the need to write gushing and adoring praise comments on a daily basis to their writers, such as “Thank you so much comrade [name of writer] for this valuable socialist lesson…” for their articles. Or this: “brilliant article, comrade, absolutely brilliant article.” Or this: “onward and upward guys.” Or this: “Once again Andre, you hit the nail on the head.” Just mindless cheer leading for their team. Or this: “I have the highest regard and respect for [name of writer] and I am so proud to be connected with the SEP.” Sigh. One would hope you would have higher standards than that! They’re no different than the devout devotional behaviour one finds with the corporate and imperialistic Democrats and Republicans and their cultists.

Mi amigo/My friend told me that one of their now-regular commenter has the word “Deplorable” as part of his screen name and has written that he hopes the current resident of la casa blanca serves his full term. I went to read that comment and the guy did come off to me as a supporter of el hombre naranja/the orange man. Some of the SEP cultists gave him thumbs-up for his comments. So it would appear that some of the pseudo-socialist commenters are far-right supporters of el hombre naranja/the orange man, even though some of their articles are critical of him and his policies. That could also explain why there is disagreement among the commenters on where on the political spectrum their party stands, although one cultist commenter wrote that there is no political spectrum. WTF? (So I guess to that commenter the far-right site bre*tb*art is the same as npr and whatever they claim to be these days)? Yet one of their writers says that the SEP site is on the “left.” But when I was on there one of their cultists told another commenter, “We are not on the left.” Then recently, according to mi amigo, one commenters told another commenter, “We are not communist” which disagreed with another cultist commenter and her politics in favour of Cuba.

As you can see, it’s a fucking weird crowd over there, I can tell you that. Best to avoid. They don’t seem to know who and what they are.

Okay guys of our Queer group, I look forward to my delicious, organic vegetarian-vegan dinner you promised me for writing this for you. At least some of us care about what we eat and our health. Oh that’s another thing I should mention: I think the SEP cultists and perhaps writers eat “meat”/dead animals. Now originally that’s not something I would have thought to be the case with socialists, but obviously I had a very wrong impression of (most?) socialists, or at least those of the SEP breed. At this point, proudly eating dead animals is what I would expect from them. When I was on their site the topic of the environment and eating “meat” came up on one occasion and of those who responded, it was 100% agreement:

People should not be told what to eat. (Question: Does that also mean that MD’s should not be allowed to order their patients to change their “diet” after a major heart attack, open heart surgery, stroke, and so forth?) People should be able to eat meat was their main theme among the comments. I gave them this link, but they ignored it:

(2010): “UN urges global move to meat and dairy-free diet. Lesser consumption of animal products is necessary to save the world from the worst impacts of climate change, UN report says.

They had absolutely no interest in that. No health concerns about eating dead animals were even mentioned by them. Their position was: People should not be required to eat vegetarian or vegan foods, and climate change is really not one of our priorities wrote one commenter who claimed to be with the SEP in Australia. Maybe that’s why they rarely write about climate change. Yes, I know, it’s all about fucking “class” and sexism with you idiots. Even though each class has their own responsibility to bear for climate change. Chau.—el barrio rosa


#BoycottSanFrancisco ?? Have they thought this through?

Hola a todos. I guess everyone has heard by now about the acquittal of the undocumented immigrant originally from the great país/country of México having been on trial in San Francisco. I’ll assume everyone knows what I’m talking about. But since that verdict was announced, the subsequent rabid venomous screams from the immigrant-hating, foaming-at-the-mouth, redneck, conservative, far-right white supremacists, nativist, proud boys and nazi trash have been heard and their calls to #BoycottSanFrancisco. Yes, they’re calling for a boycott of “liberal cesspool San Francisco” (as they call us) because of the verdict from the jury in San Francisco. We suspect this wouldn’t even be a news story if the woman killed were not young, white and looked like a moda/fashion model. If she were Black or dark-complected Latina, Asian or another ethnicity, this same crowd would have little to no interest in her. The jury’s decision was based on the facts presented during the trial and not on (vengeful) emotions. And for those saying that he should have been found guilty and sentenced to the death penalty, do you by chance pretend to be Christian? If so, in that bible that you claim to believe in, there’s a commandment, “Thou Shalt Not Kill.” No exceptions are listed to that commandment. What about that commandment do you not understand? For the thick people: It is wrong for a person to kill another person and it wrong for the state to kill a person. All that is is feel-good vengeance. An indicator of a sick society. But these trash whining about San Francisco are a little behind the times — they haven’t kept up — because San Francisco is no longer “liberal San Francisco.” And if you lived here, you’d know what I’m talking about. The City is certainly nothing like it was when we were known as “Liberal, Anything Goes San Francisco” for decades. Those days are gone. Because of rampant techie gentrification, today’s San Francisco is a very conformist, a very corporatist and quite conservative City, and a playground for the super-wealthy (the Bay Area is now known as Billionaire Bay). I guess you could say we’re “liberal” compared to some ultra-conservative backwater cesspool, but it’s all relative. We now have some laws in place that a genuinely liberal City would not have. Some longtime residents (who’ve lived here longer than myself) have compared the two cities (the Old City and the new Techie Capital City) and they’ve told me, “Today, we could not get away with some of the fun things we used to do here. No way. The City has become quite conservative.” But I hope these conservative trash do boycott us. Please do. We have more than enough trash here as it is — with the techie trash in residence having raped The City and erased its Bohemian character and culture — without your hateful, anti-immigrant crowd showing up here and adding to the pile.

But I have a feeling that the immigrant haters — who operate on the emotion of revenge — and who are calling for #BoycottSanFrancisco have not, as usual, thought this through and the implications it has on their own behaviour. For example, if you are really serious about your #BoycottSanFrancisco, you will get off of Tw*t*er and stop using that useless thing because that corporation is based in San Francisco. Tw*t*er seems to have gone through a bit of a resurrection because the current occupant of la casa blanca/the White House vegetates on that site. And they allow him to say/type anything he wants — as they label it “newsworthy” — and they make any and all excuses for him and go through all kinds of calisthenics to come up with new interpretations of their own policies to somehow justify his hateful and vile content while they eat his big ass in those white pants on the golf course, and continually excuse him no matter what he writes. Or, they remain silent about his content. But he’s allowed to say anything and they wouldn’t dream of banning him because he is supposedly worth $2 BILLION to them at Tw*t*er. Corporate capitalist $cum. So that’s the bottom line (dinero/$$$$$) of why they allow him to say anything he wants, no matter how hateful and vile, including content inciting violence. But if any of the rest of us said a fraction of what he’s allowed to say on there, we’d be banned, the jack boots would come for us and arrest us and label us a “terrrrrrrrrrrrrrrist.” You can bet on that!

So while you’re doing your little boycott, remember that F*cebo*k and G**gle — while not based in San Francisco — have offices and operations in San Francisco. Did you know that? So you’ll boycott those two predatory and parasitic billionaire corporations too because of their business with The City (and the generous corporate welfare they’re both receiving from The City through tax breaks)? I mean, you would have to stop using them both in order for your ban to be most effective, correct? Or had you not thought of that either? You’ll also stop using Üb*r and L*ft, because they’re both based in San Francisco. You can’t use the cloud because S*lesF*rce is also based in San Francisco. Their skyscraper looks like a big dick sticking up in the middle of our City skyline. It dominates our skyline now. So you’ll have to get off the internet entirely since the internet is pretty much cloud-based and again, the cloud is based in San Francisco. Or are you now realising that you hadn’t quite thought this blowhard idea of a boycott through for it to be the most effective?

Also, I’m pleased to report that California is now a “Sanctuary State” for undocumented immigrants, so if you’re really serious you’ll stop using all tech based in California, including YT (based just south of San Francisco in San Bruno) and owned by predatory G**gle, which is now heavily censoring through their search results “left wing” “liberal” and “progressive” news websites critical of the US Oligarchy/US government. So you might as well throw that phone you’re addicted to 24/7 in the trash, where they all belong.

So some of us are glad to hear that you’re planning to boycott us. Please do. Fuck off. Do we understand each other? But something tells me you won’t stop using any of that tech because of your addiction to it. So, your talk of a boycott is cheap and just hot air BS.

And then there’s the food. Much of your food is grown in California, or did you not know that? So starve yourselves. And we have some airlines based here, you can research those yourself and boycott those.

Without San Francisco and the State of California, The Cesspool/The US/Los Estados Unidos is nothing. So there! And besides, no one pays attention to boycotts anymore anyway. Chau.—el barrio rosa


How F*cebo*k’s tentacles reach further than you think
“Vladan Joler says that all F*cebo*k users are effectively working on behalf of the company.”

Gay Assimilation Has Backfired

Hola a todos. Our little group of San Francisco Queers met shortly after I posted my article titled: “There is no Gay Agenda,” and someone in our group brought up the topic of “gay assimilation.”

No one in our group agrees with “gay assimilation” and the way it has played out, citing how it has completely backfired. Most of what we talked about I’ve included in this article. The corporatists who urged for Queers to “assimilate” should have seen this coming. But unfortunately they were extremely myopic. (Related: Gay “Assimilation:” Back to the 1950s).

From our recollection, the “Declaration for Queers to Assimilate” came the same day that the US Supreme Court issued their ruling legalising gay marriage here in The Cesspool/the US/los Estados Unidos. I think it was that syrupy woman — who often sounded like she thought she was speaking to children rather than adults — and who spoke from the organisation, “Equality California,” who stood in the Harvey Milk Plaza in San Francisco on that day and told those who had gathered:

“We must now assimilate.”

Well you go right ahead, no one’s stopping you. Who was she (or any of these people) to tell anyone what “We must do?” Speak for yourself and not this “we.” But that’s so typical of the way these corporatists Queer organisations at the US national level and elsewhere often operate: They take this parental-sounding, know-it-all, “we know what’s best for you Queers,” approach and they come off as self-appointed authorities on what Queers must do. I didn’t much like the sound of what I was hearing from her. I didn’t know what to make of it at the time. I wasn’t sure what she was even talking about that “we” were to do and I don’t know that anybody else did either. But she received the usual perfunctory applause at the appropriate times during her speech to the group gathered.

Assimilate means to bring into conformity with the customs, attitudes, and other aspects/behaviours of a group. In this case, it’s the breeders whom Queers were ordered to conform with the customs, attitudes and other behaviours of breeders. Who would want to do that? So what these Queer national organisations and this woman from Equality California were telling Queers to do was to conform and be like the breeders. Bad idea.

Why would one want to be like the breeders with their over 50% divorce rate in the US and dysfunctional relationships? That doesn’t sound like a very good group to emulate.

But since then, most of the Queer/GTQBL community has indeed conformed with the breeders, as if the breeders are seen as superior to Queers and to be modeled after. Hardly! WTF is wrong with most Queers? What was extremely short-sighted about this Declaration to Assimilate was that it’s as if the people who gave this order to assimilate believed that by making gay marriage legal it had miraculously erased the public’s homophobia. Ludicrous! Shortly after that is when we heard that delusional wishful-thinking from some Queers which went like this: “Gay people can live anywhere; gay is now mainstream.”

When a minority group, such as Queers, is “blended in” with a majority group of breeders — many of whom are anti-Queer and don’t hide that with their anti-gay slurs — what happens? What happens is what we’ve seen happen:

1) You lose your “Out and Proud” Queers
2) You lose your sense and feeling of a Queer community, especially when your Queer areas in major US cities are invaded/taken over by anti-Queer breeders.
3) You lose your Queer movement (which is dead today by the way), and
4) You lose your Queer activism.
5) Many Queers go back in the closet, as has happened.
6) Anti-Queer hate crimes on the rise. (See here, here and here).

You end up with a complete collapse of the Queer community thanks to these elitist assholes with their cushy executive salaries at the national US Queer organisations who ordered Queers to “assimilate.”

Today, the Queer community doesn’t seem to give a fuck about anything (except their phones), even when a major far-right politician speaks about hanging Queers. How did Queers respond to that? Silencio. With silence. I wrote about that at the time and so did my fine concerned commenters, but most didn’t seem to be bothered by it at all. If this had been during the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement, we would have seen thousands and thousands of Queers in the streets that night in every major US city over such a despicable and heinous remark coming from a piece of far-right political basura.

And that incident, among many other indicators, shows just how much things have changed and gone in the wrong direction since this order for Queers to “assimilate” was spewed.

What happened after that order to assimilate was given is what I see around San Francisco’s Castro (which has been ruined; it’s nothing like it was), and what I’ve read has happened in The Village in Manhattan and elsewhere. This order to “assimilate” has caused many Queers to go back in the closet as they lose their identity, lose their gay meccas to fucking prudish breeders who have invaded, as has happened in The Castro, The Village, West Hollywood and elsewhere. One can hear anti-gay and anti-trans comments in The Castro from the breeders. These days, unless two guys are holding hands on the odd occasion in and around The Castro, I usually can’t tell who is Queer and who is a breeder. In physical appearance and behaviour, they look the same. I don’t even hear the word “gay” or “Queer” spoken in The Castro anymore because gay guys are trying to be “discreet” and “down-low” (code language for closeted) in the former Gay Mecca.

Assimilation has also caused the elitist and bougi/snooty wealthy Queers to kick the poor and homeless Queers to the curb. In this case, it’s a class thing. During the “G**gle” techie-trash shuttle protests in San Francisco some years ago, the conservative corporatist (wealthier) Queers supported the billionaire-owned techie-trash corporate parasites while some of the middle class and poorer Queers protested the techie-trash and their Luxury (Dahling) 2-story tall shuttles illegally using Muni bus stops, the rampant gentrification (the eviction of Queers, rents soaring to unprecedented levels) that was/still is happening in San Francisco, particularly in The Castro and Upper Market. The wealthier, corporatist Queers hated on the (poor) protesters. One was left with the strong impression that the wealthier elitist Queers prefer to live with wealthy breeders and their screaming babies rather than with poorer Queers. This was also during the time that the conservative wealthier Queers supported the sanitising of The Castro to make it “breeder-friendly” and as much like the conservative, puritanical and prudish hell hole that many wealthier Queers had fled decades ago when they moved to The Castro as so-called “liberals” and so-called “progressives” at that time. (Related: Sexual Freedom and Revolution). But now they had done a 180 degree flip and were proud conservatives — and wealthy homeowners in many cases living under the illusion that they have special rights simply because they own some old moldy home — and because they had “assimilated” with the fucking breeders. Some of the new anti-gay breeder residents were overheard to say, “there are too many gay people living here.”

As for the order to “assimilate,” the spokeswoman from Equality California gave no examples of what she meant by that. But apparently, what everyone else in attendance thought she meant was the following, since this is what has happened in more detail since then:

1) Start supporting major corporations, corporate box stores, corporate chain stores, corporate billionaire-owned techie companies and Orwellian-named and data-mined “social media,” the corporate Real Estate Industrial Complex and their corrupt liars as well as corporate coffee chains. The days of being anti-corporate are over, Queer community. Also, any corporation that says the word “gay” on the odd occasion should be supported (even though they’re likely just trying to exploit gullible you for your dinero/money. Some of us are not fooled by that although most of the Queer community seem to have retired their bull shit detectors to the closet.)

2) Start supporting corporate sports teams who say the word “gay” on occasion (while one hears anti-gay slurs from team players and sports fans).

3) Try to act as much like the breeders as possible. Whatever they do, you should do. Remember that “alternative” and “radical” (of the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement) are out. Make your events welcoming to the breeders, “Family-friendly” (translation: conservative…ugh) and “wholesome.” (ugh) We must not shock or offend the prudish breeders. Guys: keep your shirts on even when it’s hot out. Remember: Always cater to the breeders and their wants and desires. They get top priority now as we Queers desperately want to be accepted by them. And welcome them in (to take over your gay neighbourhood).

[My response to this: Fuck this shit! I don't hold the breeders up as a model for anything.]

4) It’s no longer “Anything Goes San Francisco.” It’s now “Conformity Goes San Francisco.”
Wear breeder Millennial all-black clothing, or breeder black and grey every day of the year even at night so motorists nearly hit you because they can’t see you when you walk out in front of them without looking either direction, with or without your phone. (Stupid is in.)

5) Put your Rainbow Flags, pins and bumper stickers in the closet, because breeders don’t have Rainbow Flags or want anything to do with them, although they obviously enjoy making out under Rainbow Flags as one sees in San Francisco’s Castro as a territorial thing to let Queers know they’re taking over.

6) Become a macho jock bro, just like the breeder bros.

7) Abandon your interests in the Arts and switch over to corporate sports teams as your dominant interest. (Note to Queer choristers: Put that “San Francisco Symphony Chorus” t-shirt in the closet and buy expensive corporate sports team clothing. Remember: “Gotta support the local corporate team” grunt, grunt.)

8) Make your phone your life, just like the breeders. Never take your eyes off that screen. Even though it’s terribly unintelligent to put all of your personal information in one place to be data-mined/hacked/and have your information stolen. Nevertheless, put all of your information on your phone. (Stupid is in).

9) For some of you gay guys, start marrying females and go back in the closet so you “look like a breeder.” Start squeezing out babies and pretend to be Mr Straight Macho Guy, although most of us will know you’re a fucked-up-in-the-head closet case. It’s another way of conforming/”assimilating.” It’s called being heteronormative.

10) Always use the conformist and corporatist letters “LGBT,” or that more recent mess of alphabet soup called LGBTQIA+. Either way the “G” is more hidden (as intended) because we all know that lesbians are considered more acceptable to Mr and Ms Bigoted Prude Breeder than gay guys are and especially if they’re holding hands (what are those guys doing?! are they holding hands?!). Related: There is no Gay Agenda.

11) Throw those outdated peace signs from the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement in the recycling bin, trash bin (the black bin if you’re in San Francisco).

12) Related to #11: Be all “Rah, Rah” for the US Military and US Imperialism and Empire Building worldwide, just like the breeders. Start supporting the US Military Industrial Complex and any wars they launch. Be a real man, just like the breeders. (Related: “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” continues).

13) Strongly support the US national anthem. (Never kneel for it). Be “Rah, Rah” for mindlessly singing it (or pretending to) — even though most people don’t know the words — at a corporate sports team game to celebrate war, US nationalism, mindless flag-waving and fake-patriotism.

14) Support the utterly corrupt and imperialistic Democratic Party — even though party saviour, Nancy Pelosi, opposes articles of impeachment against the current White House occupant, just like she took impeachment of illegitimate George W Bush “off the table” — no matter what the Democrats do and no matter how often they work for and serve as accomplices/enablers to the Republicans.

15) Don’t tell anyone in your office that you’re gay. Part of “assimilating” and conforming means that they have to guess your sexuality, just like with the breeders. You can be heteronormative and display fake pictures of “him and her, with children” (known as The Breeder Agenda) on your desk and bookshelves just like the breeders always do with their “in your face” sexuality. (You know, the same thing they complained about Queers doing for years with our “in your face” sexuality as they called it? But it’s perfectly okay when breeders are in our faces with their sexuality. Their hypocrisy is noted.)

16) When you’re walking with a female friend, hold her hand to give the impression you’re straight. That’s also part of “assimilating”/conforming.

17) Laugh at any and all anti-Queer jokes you hear in the office or locker rooms or anywhere else, to pretend you’re straight. That’s part of “assimilating” with the precious breeders.

18) Never again go to any social-activism protests because they offend the breeders. You see, the breeders get stuck in traffic — even though most of them are glued to their phones so what’s the problem of being stuck in traffic? — in their big black, grey or white SUVs, and we can’t have the breeders inconvenienced! No! Wouldn’t dream of it! That’s what we Queers did in the past and many (most?) Queers now seem ashamed of that behaviour because we offended and inconvenienced the precious and delicate breeders. They are really very thin-skinned people.

19) Whenever you write a personal sex ad, always describe yourself as “discreet and “DL” (down low). You can also use “straight-looking and straight-acting” and say that you’re “normal” (which implies that some gay guys are not “normal.”) Never say you’re “out and proud.” That’s terribly outdated. Refer to yourself as “all-man” or “a real man.” I’ve seen all of that in men-for-men sex ads. If you’re gay, lie and say you’re bi — as the majority of gay guys today are doing — so that you come off as being more like the breeders who fuck pussy, even though you have zero interest in pussy or females. It doesn’t matter, just lie and say you’re bi anyway. Because of assimilation, it seems that the word “gay” is seen as a “dirty word” now. Sad. Most gay guys are not calling themselves gay anymore based on ClosetList personal sex ads.

20) Give the breeders and their babies attention whenever possible. It will make them think you’re straight and that you would like a brood/busload of screaming babies too. Never mind overpopulation. With “assimilation” that is no longer a concern. The breeders obviously don’t give a fuck about overpopulation. In San Francisco (The Breeder Mecca), one gets the impression the breeders have never heard of birth control.

21) When you’re hanging out with your jock bros who are straight, make them think you’ve “turned straight,” so talk about “banging chicks” and “I’d like to bang her” and “she has a nice ass, and look at that rack.”

22) And of course, don’t forget your Millennial black baseball cap. You’re instantly a Jock Bro with that baseball cap on, worn forward or backwards.

23) Welcome straights/the breeders to your gay bars.
Now I have to say, this one I will never understand. There’s a reason that we’ve had a long-standing tradition of having separate bars: gay bars and straight bars. I have no interest at all in going to a straight bar so I fail to understand why breeders are interested in going to gay bars, if they are not fucked-up closet cases themselves. And everyone is not lovey-dovey towards Queers. And now, in these loco/crazy times, gay guys have to be extremely careful as to whom they approach in their own gay bar because genuine straight guys in the gay bar won’t hesitate to let it be known when they are offended by “some faggot” (their words) hitting on them and trouble can then arise. My question for Mr Straight Guy: Then why the fuck is your ass sitting in a gay bar to begin with if you’re not a closet case? Do you usually frequent gay bars? If so, why? The only reason you’re there is because you’re a closet case. Or have they closed all the breeder bars in the City? No.

24) Welcome breeders to live in your neighbourhood (as they take it over).
In San Francisco, whenever The Castro is written about by the conservative merchants or those busy-bodied elitist conservative neighbourhood associations, they write, “the neighbourhood is changing.” Instead of saying, “The Castro has become mostly straight.” The neighbourhood is not changing. The neighbourhood has already changed, idiots. Past tense. But these basura go out of their way not to offended the precious breeders because they want their money.

It’s the same way in West Hollywood. I read about a gay business leaving WeHo because they said, “more and more straights are moving in (to West Hollywood).” I thought: Finally someone told it like it is! But unfortunately they couldn’t leave it at that. They felt the need to add, “not that there’s anything wrong with that.” Not that there’s anything wrong with straights moving into and taking over a gay area? Spineless. Yes, absolutely, there is something quite wrong with that because the breeders already own the world, so why do they need West Hollywood too? To help force the Queers out? The breeder assholes are never satisfied. They want it all!

Commenters can add to this list. These are the ones that came to mind. Much of this and more is what some of us have seen as a result of this call to “assimilate” with the breeders.

To the corporate assholes on a power trip at those national Queer organisations who gave this order to “assimilate,” may I suggest that you FUCK OFF, ALL OF YOU! CORPORATE BASURA. Look what you’ve done to the now-dead Queer community which doesn’t stand for a goddamned thing anymore.

But does anyone care? I suspect most do not. They are possibly among the 5.8 MILLION (as of this writing) who have watched a top-rated video on YT recently about “the poop in my pants” (roll eyes, shaking head in disgust) than to care about something that really matters. That’s the level of maturity we’re dealing with these days, and that’s the level of maturity that G**gle is promoting.

Elaborating on some of the above:

As memory serves, this order to assimilate was around the same time that the obnoxious gay Jock Bro fad was in high gear where gay guys around San Francisco and in other major US cities were trying to act like straight macho breeder jocks, screaming at television screen while watching “the game” with a brew in their hand. These new gay jock bros felt compelled to get into corporate sport teams because that’s what the breeders do. I guess the breeders were thinking, “Maybe you gay guys — or were they really thinking “you faggots?” — are ‘normal’ now since you’re into my team and like watching ‘the game’ with a brew.” One wonders if any of these gay guys completely lost themselves by resorting to conversations with their breeder jock bros about “banging chicks” and “I’d like to do her” while watching “the game” in order to assimilate and to completely fit-in with the breeder jock bros? Considering the dismal state of things today, I suspect some did indeed do that and that continues today. The Castro had become Jock Bro Central with every gay bar showing “the game” and one heard obnoxious screams and roars — “wolf!! wolf!!” — coming from every bar whenever the local corporate sports team scored a point. This was also around the time that the obnoxious supposedly gay sports bar opened on Market Street in San Francisco. It sounded like a bunch of obnoxious frat boy jocks around here. This is the same bar that only flies the Rainbow Flag on Pride Sunday to exploit the tourists. Clearly, they’re ashamed of the Rainbow Flag the rest of the year and that flag goes back into the closet the Lunes/Monday after Pride Day.

It’s also interesting that corporate sports teams waited until the Queer community became so heteronormative — “acting” and looking like the breeders — before they began to some degree supporting the Queer community. Which makes some of us question just how legitimate, honest and genuine their so-called support of the Queer community is. Just how supportive are they of a trans person or a real feminine gay guy? Or of a Drag Queen? (Although I rarely see Drag Queens and that art form around here any more).

I should also point out that it’s ironic that gay guys chose to call themselves “jocks,” since historically it has been the obnoxious jock assholes that have bullied gay guys on sports fields and in locker rooms, and that continues to this day.

Gay W. Virginia high school soccer player comes out by dancing with homecoming king

Two gay West Virginia high school athletes attend senior prom as couple

Because I’m paying much less attention to what’s going on in San Francisco these days for my own sanity, it seems that maybe this jock bro fad is not as strong as it once was. But at that time, it was all about corporate sports team, in part, because the teams have a “LGBT Night.” Of course it would be called that as opposed to Queer Night. Might a “LGBT Night” be a way to bait/exploit the gullible Queers for their dinero/money for the purchase of outrageously expensive season tickets? Meanwhile, “faggot jokes” continue to be heard in these locker room and from fans. An article (from 2014) I read about this referred to the major leagues “cashing in” on the Queer community. “Cashing in” = Exploiting. Any way to make dinero off of a group of Queers while behind their backs they’re hated on and called derogatory slurs by the players and some sports fans.

From that article: (“With Gay Fans, Major League Baseball Strikes Out Looking”)

“A simple night at the ballpark can be a daunting prospect for gays who see professional sports arenas and stadiums as unwelcoming to the LGBTQ community. In the not-so-distant past, gay couples have been formally reprimanded or even kicked out of the stadium for kissing. It’s not uncommon to hear gay slurs from immature or inebriated fans; sometimes the athletes join in with the homophobia. Nevertheless, gay pride nights are popping up at ballparks around the country, filling the stands with thousands of cheering, peanuts and Cracker Jack munching LGBTQ baseball fans. But Major League Baseball doesn’t often share the love. While its players show the league is ready for a gay player, MLB leadership and individual franchises barely acknowledge gay fans. And that’s a lost opportunity.”

Meanwhile, Queers were/are latching on to other corporate interests like a magnet, including that of the Tech Industrial Complex which has ruined former-Bohemian San Francisco. That too is the opposite of the Gay Mecca Days.

As memory serves, this was around the same time that I gave up on reading the local gay rag, which had become so conservative and fully in support of the San Francisco Oligarchy, which the publisher was (still is?) part of. There was not one draconian measure they opposed. That gay rag supported criminalising homelessness — excusing it by saying that “San Francisco’s measure will be different than the ones in other cities” (yeah sure!) — with the sit-lie measure and that rag served as ass-eaters for conservative Scott Penis (who charades as a “moderate”). He’s gay, very heteronormative and has helped ruin The Castro to sanitise it for the breeders. He’s one of the worst politicians this City has ever seen. I also remember that the gay rag published a letter from a reader saying that one should stay in the closet with the reasoning being that it was not the right time to come out. They got some opposition letters in response of the ones that they published. I remember thinking: It’s never going to be the right time to come out of the closet according to the closet-case conservatives. And that was the last time I read that conservative gay publication, which also charades as “moderate,” which is typical for some conservatives in San Francisco. That conservative gay publication and other local corporate conservative publications in San Francisco helped transform the Queer community into conservatives.

During the Gay Mecca Days, the Gay Community was heavily into The Arts and had no interest in (corporate) sports or the US military. In fact, the Gay Community strongly opposed the military and was for peace. That was the opposite of today.

During those days one would see gay boy choristers from the Symphony Chorus who lived in The Castro proudly wearing their San Francisco Symphony Chorus t-shirts around here. These were superb musicians because not just anyone can be a chorister in the Symphony Chorus. They only accept the best: voice quality, sight-reading skills/abilities, superb musicianship and other required qualifications. But I never see anyone wearing those shirts anymore. The way things have changed around here, they might even be frowned upon if they did!

The shirts one sees some Queers wearing these days are those of corporate sports teams (Los Gigantes) or the occasional pro-military shirts (such as “Army”) or the occasional tacky “USA” or US flag shirts. People with no taste wear that obnoxious shit. And these days, corporate sporting events come with gigantic US flags covering the field to instill tacky and ugly US nationalism and fake-patriotism in the gullible sheeple.

I suppose someone would say to me: You’re living in a different time. You’re stuck in the past. You’re living in the past decades ago.

My response to that: If you knew me as mis amigos/my friends do, you would know I’m not living in the past. None of them say that. I’m living in today while remembering the past (something many Queers don’t want to do or don’t have the ability to do it seems) — and especially parts of the past which I considered negative so as not to repeat that part of the past — and I find it incredible how drastically changed the Queer community has become. Unrecognisable. And why such a drastic transformation? Again, (and I know I’m being redundant), it’s all in the name of “assimilation with the breeders.” I never knew that was so critically important to most Queers. It certainly wasn’t during the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement. We didn’t give a fuck about the breeders during those days and didn’t prop them up on any pedestal. But today, the Queer community have become such drastically different and conservative people. They’ve become such mainstream sheeple.

Someone may be asking: “Well what do you think should have happened after gay marriage became legal?”

My response: I think people should have celebrated gay marriage — if one is into marriage (I’m not big on marriage of any kind) — and moved on to other problems facing the Queer community. Instead of shutting down, closing up shop as if all has been accomplished; nothing left to do. Time to party and get on our phones and live on F***book with its tentacles and help a billionaire make more billions. It’s now time to emulate the breeders and put them up on some goddamned pedestal that they don’t deserve to be put on. That’s the way it’s been since gay marriage became legal. (Related: What was the ultimate goal of the Gay Rights Movement?)

There are many other problems facing the Queer community that need to be addressed. But one gets the impression these days that the Queer community thinks that “all has been accomplished.” And the pathetic national Queer organisations seem to only be concerned about those Queers of a certain income bracket (wealthier Queers). The same crowd that shows up at their lah-tee-dah Annual Gala dinners (Dahling) — where one of these Queer organisations in recent years honoured a techie billionaire (of all people!) — with an outrageous price-per-plate cost. Honouring a homeless Queer youth would have been a much more enriching, rewarding and interesting evening. I’ve been to some of the websites of these corporate Queer organisations and they are saturated with corporate logos. And that’s who they really care about, (just like with the corrupt Democratic and Republican corporate politicians). I’ve seen nothing on their sites about homeless Queer youth, Queer youth suicides, or trans topics as just three examples. Nada.

Activism today? Ha! Dead. I can hear Queers respond to that: “No, I don’t do any activism today. I’m not at all “alternative” (spoken in a derogatory way). I’m very proudly mainstream now. I’d rather play on my phone and/or watch a game and have a brew with my bros, the ones who think I’m straight or bi. It’s my secret that I suck dick. No one needs to know. “All between you and me of course on the down low.” The breeders don’t protest anything so why should I? I’m not like that, like those weird protesters decades ago. And I don’t want to offend breeders with protests because they think we (closeted) Queers are just like them now. They think we have “grown out of that stuff” and “matured out of that” silly protesting stuff we used to do. We were told by the conservatives that we “needed to grow up” (translation: become conservatives) so that’s what we did. You want me to protest a major far-right politician who has talked about hanging Queers? (or this: The Orange Man’s regime says employers can fire people because they’re gay). I’m like whatever. I hadn’t heard that, but I don’t care about that either. I’m like totally like whatever like.

At this rate, you deserve what you get, idiots. Chau.—el barrio rosa


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The only “special rights” (to use the language of the far-right) that we Queers demand are the same “special rights” that come with straight privilege. Understand?

Hola a todos. Because of some recent actions by a corporate coffee chain (which I’ll get to in a moment), accusations of “the gay agenda” surfaced again. There is no “gay agenda” and there never has been. All Queers have ever wanted/demanded are the same “special rights” that breeders enjoy and take for granted with their straight privilege. “The Gay Agenda” is merely anti-Queer propaganda from the prejudiced far-right bigots, many of whom are Queer closet cases themselves such as some anti-Queer (Republicano) politicians who are forced to resign after being caught in their office having sex with another guy. That’s so typical of gay closet case hypocrites.

These days, some Queers continue to want to have the same equal rights as the breeders, which of course we don’t have, while other Queers couldn’t care less one way or the other it seems. They’re too occupied with their adult pacifiers (their phone, which is their entire life) and they stare at the thing day and night, even while crossing busy streets. Insanity. Maybe they would wake up from their stupor and be concerned about things that really matter in life when their phone — the biggest distraction and mind-controlling device known to humankind — is taken away from them. But that’s not about to happen. Because their phone is their monitoring device, their electronic leash used by corporations and government entities for keeping track of them and their mind, in part, through extensive data-mining (especially on billionaire-owned “social media” FB), the massive surveillance state and online spying. But enough about this since most people don’t seem to care about any of it.

Speaking of agendas, from what I and other Queers have seen, I think it’s accurate to say that these days there is an agenda within the Queer community for Queers to be as heteronormative as possible. This is especially true for the conformist, pro-Establishment, pro-Oligarchy and corporatist wealthy Queers. It’s part of that “assimilating” quest/nonsense. “Assimilating with the straights/breeders” as it’s called. Unfortunately, but as expected, “assimilation” has resulted in many gay guys going back in the closet as they try to fit in with the (anti-gay in some cases) breeders as a minority (with some gay guys marrying females after they worked decades for gay marriage. Please don’t try to figure that out! And most gay guys trying to “look and act straight.” Very closeted. The opposite of “Out and Proud” of the Gay Mecca decades. Consequently, these days I and other Queers can’t tell who is Queer and who is a breeder, which was not at all the way it was during the now-dead Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement. (Related: What was the ultimate goal of the Gay Rights Movement?).

If we Queers had the same rights and respect in society as the breeders with their straight privilege and all the “special rights” they have, the Starb**ks 2017 holiday drinking cup featuring the hands of a lesbian couple would be no big deal. I was sorry to see Starb**ks take the “safe route” with the lesbian couple holding hands. Lesbians are considered a little “more acceptable” and less offensive to the prejudiced breeders than gay male couples. Seeing two girls hold hands is more acceptable to the breeders than two guys holding hands. If two children (girls) hold hands, no one thinks anything of that. “Aren’t they cute?!” is often the remark made about the two girls. But if two boys hold hands? That’s the end of the world! SCREAMS! Watch out for an instant scolding which begins with, “YOU BOYS STOP THAT NOW! BOYS DON’T HOLD HANDS.” What a fucked-up, double-standard society we live in. The boys are probably asking each other, “Why can’t we hold hands? The girls are. What’s the difference?” Los Chicos/Boys: as you’ll learn later dears, we live in a very unfair and fucked up society. As far as lesbians being a little more acceptable to the breeders, that’s also one reason from my research why the letter “L” was moved to first place in that ridiculous alphabet-soup “LGBT(Q)” acronym that one sees saturated all over the internet. Even though lesbians did not lead the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement and therefore they don’t deserve first place or “top billing.” Gay guys were the dominant group leading the movement. Before Stonewall, gay guys and transgender people really started — what would later become known as — the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement through two overnight riots at donut shops, one in San Francisco and the other in Los Ángeles.

The LGBTQIA+community? When is this nonsense going to stop?

As mi amigo/my friend said: Breeders don’t have all of these alphabet-soup letters to identify them. They’re just called “straight” or breeders. Just like Queers should be called Queers. Is that so difficult? Stop with this ridiculous and increasing-long string of letters that the corporatist conformists among us insist on using. (Related: So now it’s the LGBTQIA+community ? jesus fucking christ).

Didn’t I fleetingly see two females in a bed on The Q (the major shopping network) the other night as part of the promotion for a product they were selling? I remember saying to the television: Of course they wouldn’t dream of showing two guys in that bed sitting side-by-side. Hell no! Can you imagine the calls of disapproval from viewers they would receive for that? And again, that’s because lesbians are considered a bit “more acceptable” to the breeders. You see, it’s ultimately important that one cater to the comfort level and prejudices of breeders whenever possible. (Sarcasm intended).

There’s no gay agenda but there most assuredly is a Breeder Agenda. Just look around.

The prejudiced anti-Queer bigots never talk about the real agenda in our society which is the Breeder Agenda. The Breeder Agenda is all I see anywhere I look. I see “him and her” shoved in my face 24/7 and especially in corporate media programming and advertising. When they show a couple on The Q (the shopping network) as part of a product ad, it’s a young, white breeder couple sitting on the couch side-by-side. Little do they know that they are reaffirming that needy-her needs his constant attention 24/7. That’s enough to make me turn away. I’m so sick of seeing breeder couples, and especially young and white Millennial breeder couples in their conformist all-black uniform. That’s all I see today in my area of San Francisco, the former Gay Mecca. I used to have the pleasure of seeing nothing but Queer couples/gay boys walking by my window. Not anymore. Today it’s always him and her and other breeder basura with their screaming children. These fuckers have never heard of birth control in an already overpopulated planet.

Another example of the Breeder Agenda are the numerous gay conversion sites that I have written about here. These sites are so obsessed with gay guys and their sexuality which tells me they definitely have an agenda. Their Breeder Agenda is to “turn” gay guys into (what they call) “pussy hounds” or to at least “turn them bi.” Pussy is the ultimate sexual satisfaction these sites claim. The unspoken message being: it’s bad to be gay. The expressed message of these sites is that all that gay guys need to do is to try pussy for the first time and they will instantly be hooked on pussy, find pussy “so amazing,” and never turn back to dick, and hopefully go straight or at least bi. These sites fail to say that many (if not most) gay guys started out with pussy out of peer pressure in high school and realised it didn’t do anything for them. And the most common thing I’ve heard from gay guys (mis amigos/my friends) who started out with pussy was about the raunchy smell. They would say to me as their way of complaining about it: “Phew! Smells like rotten fish? Do they ever clean that thing out?”

So let’s put this Gay Agenda nonsense to rest.

I don’t drink coffee or support corporate Starb**ks. And who has the luxury and dinero/money of running to Starb**ks every hour or every time one wants a fucking cup of coffee during the day? What pathetic people! I’ve see them. They have their 2-3 addictions going all at the same time: Their phone in one hand and their coffee in another. Or, their phone in one hand and their coffee and cigarette in the other. Coffee addicts have never learned to grind coffee beans and properly boil water to the correct temperature? Do some people not know how to boil water these days? Apparently not, since stupid is in. The shallow and superficial corporatists among us have been brainwashed to think that they must drink corporate coffee throughout the day so they make multiple trips to Starb**ks and/or other corporate coffee chains. Just think about all the dinero/money spent on that coffee daily and on the gas getting there and back (because most people are too lazy to walk a few city blocks), and the waste involved. Does anyone ever take their own glass cup with them? Or is part of the bougi and elitist corporate coffee experience having the status-symbol cup that comes with the coffee so one can be all pretentious and be seen with it. (roll eyes)

With this lesbiana theme to holiday coffee cups at Starb**ks, I guess we’ll have to take what we can get (meaning the lesbian theme) since we’re not about to see two guys holding hands on their cups anytime soon, if ever I suspect. Even though in recent years we have been assured repeatedly by some wishful-thinking and delusional people in the Queer community that “gay is now mainstream.” Were these people on crack who said that? The rise in anti-Queer hate and violence certainly shows how “gay is now mainstream” especially since the current insane occupant of la casa blanca took office with his anti-Queer regime of closet cases. There’s been lots of Queer hate since then, and one knows that if one has been paying close attention. Anyone choosing to dispute that can use the nontracking search engine DuckDuckGo to confirm that using your own choice of keywords. There is a very anti-Queer climate now due to a very repressive and regressive regime and political climate. The protestations of Starb**ks and calls to boycott them because of their las lesbiana-theme coffee cups are yet another example of how only a wishful-thinking idiot would say that “gay is now mainstream” and that “gay people can live anywhere.” In reality, gay people cannot live anywhere even in the closet in some places.

There is little to no Queer activism today in former Gay Mecca San Francisco which speaks to the lack of any “gay agenda.” What remains of the Queer community here is effectively dead in the activism department.

As I’m writing this, it’s sábado/Saturday early evening, el 18 de noviembre de 2017/18 November 2017. Mi amigo/My friend was just in The Castro (the former Gay Mecca) and along Market Street of San Francisco. He said it was mostly breeders everywhere he went wearing all-black (as usual), with about 10 children per block, and the only word he heard anyone say was the Valleygirl word “like,” which he heard no matter where he went. One hears such intelligent and intellectual conversations around here these days! (Sarcasm intended). Very few Queers to be seen anywhere. He said The Castro was mostly hetero and Millennials and the sheeple glued to their adult pacifiers. But what he also saw was the income inequality in today’s San Francisco, which has been heavily promoted by the policies of the San Francisco Oligarchy (the current mayor works for and is owned by a billionaire venture capitalist). While the monied breeders were strutting around with their children in what was once a thriving gay area, there were the many homeless people camped outside the sterile-looking Luxury Designer Condos (Dahling) down in the Church Street area. (Related: San Francisco is unrecognisable to former residents).

Another thing mi amigo has noticed is how more and more gay guys are trying to copy the breeders in yet another way. He’s seeing more and more tall-short gay couples. Most gay couples used to be about the same height. But with the shallow and superficial Millennial breeder couples in The City now, their rule seems to be that they must be him-tall/her-short. Consistently. It’s the chauvinistic, sexist, dominant/submissive nonsense that they have been brainwashed with where the female is to be submissive to the dominant guy, rather than his equal. During the Gay Mecca Days, gay guys couldn’t care less about copying the straights and they stood for paz/peace. But since around the time that it became legal for Queers to supposedly be open about their sexuality in the US Military Industrial Complex Killing Machine, gay guys have flipped and become very “Rah, Rah” pro-US military/pro-war and feel they must copy the straights. (Related: Why do Queers want to kill other Queers ? and also this: “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” continues and also this: Gay Men Glorify War and Nationalism). And the latest example of that is this trend mi amigo is seeing of him-tall/him-short with gay couples, copying the him-tall/her-short straight couples. Sigh. Pathetic.

I think that most of the activists we once had have been forced out of The City as the San Francisco Oligarchy have given free rein to the Tech Industrial Complex and the greedy Real Estate Industrial Complex/developers. They have turned The City into the billionaire-owned tech capital and playground for the super wealthy. On the odd occasion that a few Queers gets pissed off enough to stage a rally or protest at Harvey Milk Plaza at Castro/Market, one hears the same tired canned speeches from the celebrity activists of “What we must do” (which ends up being bull shit and wishful-thinking) with perfunctory applause on cue along with stale chants, such as that tired, “Whose streets? Our streets.” Yeah, the cops will show you whose streets they are when they order you to get on the sidewalk NOW! The last time I heard the “What we must do” had to do with “We must stop Queer persecution in Russia.” Not a word about how they planned to do that and without a plan of how to do that, it’s merely feel-good pabulum. And I’m not sure how the average citizen in the US would go about stopping persecution of Queers in another country. I’d suggest that Queers in the US focus on their own country considering the current regressive political climate and the anti-Queer regime in power.

No Gay Agenda

If Queers today were of the same activists level as during the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement, they would be vigilant on pointing out the Breeder Agenda whenever it’s shoved in our faces. But that’s not about to happen. The Queer community today seems dead as I wrote about there. Today, it seems that the Queer community — in their desire to be so accepted by the precious breeders see the word activism as a pejorative, a “dirty word” and something of the past, as if ashamed of our past with bowing apologies to the breeders for offending them with our previous activism. That’s the impression some of us get. And with that thinking, one will end up right back where one started.

Because in the end, the price of freedom is eternal vigilance to achieve the same level of respect and the “special rights” that come with straight privilege and which the breeders take for granted and enjoy every day. Queers have a long way to go before accomplishing that. Chau.—el barrio rosa

Roman Catholics and their Disrespect for Music

If Communion were at the beginning of the Messe at La Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris, would the Nave be empty for the rest of the Messe following Communion? Is Communion all that Roman Catholics are there for?

Hola a todos. As an adult, I have never had a high opinion of or given much thought to the Roman Catholic Church, or the Catholic Church, whatever you want to call it. I’ve learned in the last year that some people refer to the church by various names. I always thought it was officially called the Roman Catholic Church worldwide with allegiance to The Vatican. But some Catholics disagree that they are Roman Catholics and refer to the church depending upon which country it’s in, such as the French Catholics, the Irish Catholics, the Italian Catholics and so forth.

Like most organised religions, the (Roman) Catholic Church is officially very anti-Queer while full of gay closet cases. But then that’s typical, isn’t it? Historically and to this day closet cases are anti-Queer as a way of hiding/disguising their Queer/Gay feelings, especially some US Republican politicians who come with an anti-Queer/Gay agenda. The current occupant of la casa blanca and the people of his regime are an example of that.

The US Episcopal Church — part of the worldwide Anglican Communion — is more pro-Queer/GTQBL depending upon the parish and cathedral church one is talking about. Each parish is different in their views and acceptance of Queers. Each parish Rector and the Dean of each cathedral usually determine how accepting of Queers their church will be. For example, Washington National Cathedral in the District of Columbia welcomes gay and lesbian couples to get married there, and I should point out that gay marriage became legal in the District back in 2009, long before it became legal throughout the US. The last I read, the Church of England (the mother church of the Anglican Communion) is still very anti-Queer/anti-Gay.

My interest in parishes and cathedral churches has been in the music, in part, because of my musical background, and the “theatre of the Liturgy.” I watch the Mass or Holy Eucharist as if it were a play. I’m mainly there for the music and the theatre, and not any of the god stuff or theology, since I’m an atheist. (Related: The Anglican Atheist).

Every week for about a year as of this writing, mi amigo/my friend and I have been watching the Messe/Mass from La Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris. (That’s in France, you know, which is in Europe, for the stupid-is-in geographically-challenged people in the US who likely couldn’t find the US on a world map.) When we first started watching their Messe (which would be called High Church if it were Anglican), I began to think that I had the Roman Catholics all wrong for all these years, and had the wrong impression of them. Even though I had been in some Roman Catholic parishes that had a different form of Mass setting than Notre-Dame. I began to think that maybe I needed to change my view of them.

But at this point (a year later), I no longer think that. My original view of them was correct. What they do at Notre-Dame and at another Catholic cathedral church in Alemania/Germany (that we’ve watched a couple of times) is more of a European form of the Mass setting.

Their Messe at La Cathédrale Notre-Dame is video recorded by KTO-TV, a Catholic broadcasting network with a channel on YT. Over the years, I’ve watched other Liturgies online from Trinity Wall Street in Lower Manhattan and from Washington National Cathedral in the District of Columbia, both of the Anglican Communion. My musical background/experience is in the Anglican Church. Having coming from an Anglican experience, I found it odd that KTO-TV never starts recording when the Messe really begins which is when the Organist begins his organ improvisation at Notre-Dame. I also found it odd that they never allowed viewers to hear all of the Organ Sortie/Organ Voluntary at the end of the Messe. That was cut off too. Why? Over the past year, many viewers have complained about that — the disrespect for the organist and his music — but their complaints were entirely ignored by KTO-TV. Looking back through their video comments over past years, I saw that this complaint had been going on for many years and nothing was done about it, presumably, because KTO doesn’t care what viewers think. By comparison, when I was watching Trinity Wall Street and Washington National Cathedral, their production crews began recording when the organist was about to begin his/her organ voluntary/prelude, and they also had/have a camera at the organ console so viewers could watch the organist. So the Anglicans considered the music more important and a part of the Liturgy, which of course it is. There is no camera at the organ console at Notre-Dame, although there could be. Their organists are performing artists and would have no problem with cameras being around. One of their Titulaire Organists, Olivier Latry, has recorded many videos and they are available on YT. At Trinity and WNC, viewers were able to hear the entire Organ Voluntary at the end of each Liturgy. So in other words, the Anglicans (and their production crews) are far more respectful of the music than the Roman Catholics, which makes me not think very highly of them frankly.

KTO-TV and their disrespect for the music came up again recently in a video comment. A viewer who attended Messe in Notre-Dame recently wanted to hear the Organ Sortie again that he had heard in the cathedral. He said it was one of the most memorable and best organ improvisations he’d ever heard. He had erroneously assumed he could watch the video of the Messe to hear this piece again. Wrong! And that’s because only part of the piece was there because, as usual, KTO-TV stopped recording in the middle of it. This viewer said he found this reprehensible. Yes it is and terribly disrespectful of the organist and his music.

I learned something about the Catholics recently that I didn’t know, but it all now makes sense and I understand why KTO-TV does what they do, unfortunately. A commenter wrote:

“In the eyes of KTO-TV the mass is not in particular about the efforts of the musicians. According to the Catholic thought: the mass is over at the time the priest leaves the altar! What happens after that (like the Organ Voluntary) is not important in that regard and therefore they don’t broadcast it completely. I agree with you, this is rather disrespectful, but they follow the ‘rules’ (or their own rules). Only the mass should be broadcasted, and nothing more….”

(Feeling of disgust). Well, sadly, that explains it. That also explains why many people in the congregation leave right after Communion at Notre-Dame. When the camera shows the procession for the recessional, often a large group of people have already left (especially in the back of the Nave), so we see empty chairs. When the Messe began, the Nave was full. So apparently to some Catholics, Messe is over the moment after they receive Communion and they don’t care about the rest of it. I doubt that the Holy Trinity approves of that thinking. I would think that The Holy Trinity would frown upon this behaviour and the disrespecting of the remainder of the Liturgy. One should be there for all of it, not just for Communion to try to “buy your way into Heaven” which is how this appears. It’s ridiculous. I’ve seen people at Notre-Dame start rushing down the side aisles as the procession is leaving the Sanctuary area as if trying to “beat the procession”/get ahead of the procession so they can leave. How terribly rude and disrespectful. They come to this very grand and beautiful world-renowned cathedral with one of the finest organs in the world — if not the finest organ — and one of the finest organists in the world playing it and they rush out. They leave. What is wrong with people? Terribly disrespectful of the music and an organist of his superb caliber who has spent his entire life on his art.

By comparison, I can’t remember ever seeing Anglicans leave after Communion. They just don’t do that. They leave after the processional has made its way out of the Nave, or some stay seated in the pews to listen to the Organ Voluntary. Anglicans are taught in Confirmation Class that they’re encouraged to return to the kneeler below the pew to have a final prayer before leaving, then genuflect by the side of the pew when leaving assuming there is a reserved sacrament. It’s rare to see anyone genuflecting upon leaving at Notre-Dame. With the Catholics, they’re in too much of a hurry to rush out. Their thinking seems to be, “this Messe is over, let’s get out of here!” (Frown, shaking head in disgust). Why did they bother coming to begin with if that’s their attitude?

Contrast that with St Thomas Church Fifth Avenue (Anglican Communion) in Manhattan in New York City. Even though they unfortunately only audio record their Liturgy, St Thomas is all about the music. They are known for their music where the quality of the music is consistently superb. They hired a new Choirmaster-Organist from the UK (Church of England) to replace the former Choirmaster-Organist (also from the CofE) who died. Their Assistant Organist has a Masters of Music from The Juilliard School, studying with Paul Jacobs. And they have the only residential Choir School in the US for the training of their trebles/choir boys. From listening to their Liturgies, it sounds to me like everyone stays seated to hear the Organ Voluntary. And very respectfully so. I don’t hear anyone talking over it, as one can hear at Washington National Cathedral. From listening to their (Festal) Choral Eucharist at St Thomas Church, their priests and congregation give the same respect to the organist as if they were enjoying a performance in Carnegie Hall or in Lincoln Center For The Performing Arts.

At La Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris where they have three Titulaire Organists who rotate playing the Grande Orgue high up in the back of the Nave, Olivier Latry is Professor of Organ at the Conservatoire de Paris (Paris Conservatory of Music). But KTO-TV thinks nothing of disrespecting him — an organist of that caliber — by cutting him off in the middle of his organ improvisation. It is reprehensible. They will focus their camera on the organ case and do an annoyingly slow-slow zoom showing the pipes, and then FIN/THE END. That’s all you get to hear. It’s as if they’re more concerned about the picture of the organ pipes, the image of the organ case for their video that they’re showing the viewer than they are about the music coming from the Grand Orgue. Viewers of the Messe at Notre-Dame videos should have the same worship experience as the members of the congregation who have the pleasure of being present in the Nave and hearing all of the Organ Sortie and all of the beginning of the Liturgy as well. But unfortunately, video viewers are never given that experience because of KTO-TV’s backward and rude approach to their own Catholic Liturgy. And their camera work is so often frustrating and pathetic. I often ask my screen: What are we doing back here in the back of the Nave once again when the priests are doing something up at the altar that we should be watching? KTO-TV have been doing this how long? — for years — and still act like amateurs. Why is the camera showing the organ pipes when they should be showing the procession which is in progress coming up the back of the Nave? What is wrong with these people at KTO-TV? Inept.

(Roman) Catholics are indeed a very different breed of people than Anglicans/Episcopalians and they approach the Mass/Holy Eucharist very differently with their lack of respect for the music and musicians, specifically. I should think that a few Roman Catholics feel as I do, but I suspect they are in the minority.

I prefer the Anglicans, although I much prefer the Gregorian Chant liturgy found in some Roman Catholic churches, such as Notre-Dame de Paris.

Over the years, I’ve talked briefly with a few Roman Catholics I worked with or came in contact with for some reason. I asked them about the music in their church, which none of them knew anything about oddly. I didn’t give much thought to it at the time, but thinking back on it, most Catholics I talked with had little to no interest in the music of the Mass in their church, no interest in the Choir and didn’t even know if their church had an organ. Or if they did, they didn’t know where the organ was. To them, it was all about the “spoken word” (“The Word”) of the Mass and nothing more. Boring. They also knew very little about the Anglican Communion, and some of them arrogantly would say that, “Anglicans need to come home to the (superior) Roman Catholic Church.” If the Roman Catholic Church is supposedly “superior,” why do many Roman Catholics disrespect their own Mass by leaving early? Have they never thought of that?

I remember reading some comments under KTO’s videos from a Roman Catholic guy in Italia/Italy who acted more like a troll. Viewers were writing comments about the music — similar to my complaints — and he was complaining about the music being too much like a performance and that the Messe at Notre-Dame should be “all about the Word.” No one agreed with him, but I think his thinking is the dominant and prevailing view about Liturgical music in the Roman Catholic Church.

I think the priests at La Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris may have some respect for the music since they have a Choir School. That’s another curious thing about Notre-Dame. Having a Choir School, one would think that a Choir would perform/provide music every Sunday for the Mass, no? That’s the way it works with any other parish or cathedral church within the Anglican Communion with a Choir School. But not at Notre-Dame, or at least based on the videos of their Messe uploaded by KTO-TV. Even with a Choir School at Notre-Dame (Maîtrise Notre Dame de Paris), a Choir rarely performs. Damn odd. A Choir performs only occasionally, which led me to ask sometime ago: Why did Notre-Dame disband their Cathedral Choir? Well, they didn’t disband any Choir, I later realised. But one wouldn’t know that without spending weeks observing their Messe. They have several Choirs at Notre-Dame — with the Children’s Choir being my favourite (they should sing every week) — but most of the time they have four choristers (a quartet) leading the service music. I often say when I see who is there at the beginning of each video (as I did yesterday): “Once again, we have a quartet with a Choir School. Ridiculous.” I do enjoy the various quartets when their voices are perfectly matched — where the soprano and alto sound like one voice and have perfect intonation, or the tenor and bass voices are matched perfectly — but that’s not always the case. One gets the impression that it is not the purpose and function of the Choir School to provide music for the cathedral. And when they only have four voices, the more elaborate music settings which add so much to the Messe cannot be sung, such as the descant on the Sanctus, for example. That can only be sung when a Choir is there, again, on the odd occasion. When the four choristers (the quartet for the day; they’re not always the same choristers) don’t sing with vibrato they have lovely voices and blend well. But often, some or sometimes all choristers will sing with annoying, fluttering, wobbling vibrato — even in Renaissance music which is unheard of — and vibrato prevents the perfect blending of voices, because the choristers vibratos are not sychronised. A recent example, in the last couple of weeks, the quartet for the Messe sang the Kyrie. It would have been lovely if it were not for the soprano who sang with vibrato. The ATB (alto, tenor and bass choristers) did not sing with vibrato. And the soprano seemed unable to turn off her vibrato and because of that her voice marred the Kyrie. It did not have a smooth and polished sound because of her voice. Hasn’t her voice instructor taught her how to turn off vibrato in a choral/vocal ensemble setting? The use of vibrato at Notre-Dame has been talked about in the comments, but little changes in that regard. Sometime ago, one of the choristers commented by saying that they receive vocal instruction from some of the finest voice teachers in Europe. That’s all well and good, but that’s not the point. We’re not talking about their vocal training. We are talking about ensemble singing — which is not the same as their vocal training — and they need to learn that in ensemble singing that in order to have the perfect blending of voices, choristers must sing with a straight-tone, the exception being an Opera Chorus. This is why so many Chorus Directors of Symphony/Orchestra Choruses train their Symphony Chorus to sing with what’s called a “straight tone” for the perfect blending of voices. The reader may be asking, “Can you give us an example of what you’re talking about with a straight-tone and the perfect blending of voices?” I’ll be glad to. Listen to this superb Chorus in this video below (a superb performance of the Fauré Requiem). This is the way a well-trained Chorus should sound. It doesn’t get any better than this. Listen to those lovely tenors and soaring sopranos, all singing without annoying, fluttering-wobbling vibrato. This Chorus and Orchestra are the best of the best. Mi amigo/My friend said about this performance (which we watched together while I’ll wrote this article): I’m glad you found this performance. Even if one knows nothing about music, one should be able to hear that this is the best; you can’t get any better than this performance. He referred to “the soaring sopranos” and how “grand and glorious” this piece is at times performed by these stellar ensembles. The female soloist in this performance sings with a slight bit of vibrato but not objectionable, but her straight tones are lovely. Mi amigo didn’t care as much for the baryton soloist because of his vibrato. I didn’t have any trouble with that because his vibrato is fairly mild compared to what it could be! He too has a lovely voice. If he were in the Chorus, he would have to turn his mild vibrato off to match the beautiful straight-tone of the other choristers. Here’s the information about this performance:

Requiem (Version 1900) by Gabriel Fauré performed by the combined Choruses of (my favourite) the Collegium Vocale and the Chapelle Royale from Brussels. With soloists: Sebastian Noack (Baryton) and Johannette Zomer (Soprano). They are accompanied by their orchestra, the superb Orchestre des Champs-Élysées from Paris, conducted by Philippe Herreweghe:

I’d like to ask KTO, not that they will ever read this: Would it really put you out/pain you that much to record the entire Organ Voluntarily rather than half of it, at best, and to start recording when the Messe begins? Is it really that much of an imposition to push the “Record” button a little earlier and to push the “Stop” button a little later than you have done for years? I live under no illusion that’s about to happen, and all the commenters who have made remarks about the music have disappeared. I assume they realised that it’s futile to say anymore about it. Nothing is about to change. It’s a wonder that KTO-TV don’t start recording when the priests arrive at the altar.

The reader may be asking: What has KTO said about this in the comments? What’s their response? They have said nothing. Their response is consistently silence. They seem unable to speak. They never respond to anything. I honestly don’t know why they allow comments. They never comment. And the only comments they receive lately are little prayers. What’s the point of writing a comment that says, “Ave, Ave, Ave maria” as one commenter writes week after week. Or do some Catholics consider writing that a form of prayer? One feels the need to pray in the comments?

The Catholics certainly do come with some very outdated thinking and disrespect for music. At least in the context of their own liturgical music, would it really pain KTO-TV and members of the congregation to modernise and take a different approach where the music and musicians of the Messe are given the same respect as the clergy and the rest of the Messe? Chau.—el barrio rosa


About the writer: The writer is a graduate of a Conservatory of Music in the US with a focus on choral music, and with a major in piano and a double-minor in voice and pipe organ, and was also a chorister in three major Orchestra Choruses having had the privilege of performing with major (inter)national orchestras and conductors with frequent performances in the Kennedy Center Concert Hall as a chorister in the Choral Arts Society of Washington (Norman Scribner, Chorus Director), the University of Maryland Chorus (Dr Paul Traver, Chorus Director), and in San Francisco’s Davies Symphony Hall with the San Francisco Symphony Chorus (Margaret Hillis and Vance George, Chorus Director).

Millennials: What funeral are you waiting to go to?

This is a Millennial Safety Alert.

Hola. I’ll make this as brief as possible since it is my understanding that most Millennials can’t read or comprehend anything beyond 140 characters or more recently 280 characters.

Millennials: To be seen at night and to avoid being hit by motorists and cyclists, you must wear reflective clothing. If you insist on wearing your conformist, conservative and mandatory all-black Millennial Shroud UniformTM that you wear every day of the year — I hope you wash it occasionally! — you must wear something reflective in addition to that to be seen at night. Otherwise, you run the risk of being hit. Do you want to be hit? I think to most people this is basic sense/very remedial, but unfortunately most Millennials missed this along the way. No one ever taught you that conservative all-black funeral attire (head-to-toe black clothing) cannot be seen at night? Or you haven’t observed that for yourself? No I suppose you wouldn’t, because that would require your having to look up from your phone. Not. About. To. Happen. And motorists and cyclists (such as myself) can’t see you until we’re right up on you, at which point it can be too late. Understand? Now I know that you’re very afraid of colour (what idiots brainwashed that into you?) and you prefer to look completely zombie-like and conformist in clothes that one would normally wear to a funeral. But for your own safety — and assuming your safety is more important to you than being seen in your conformist drab and depressed-looking “uniform” — please wear some reflective clothing/item on your person with pretty bright colours in it so you can be seen at night when you’re jogging in all black, walking across the street in all black or riding your bicycle in all black and without any lights (not very intelligent). Muchas gracias. Chau.—el barrio rosa

(roll eyes)

Whoever thought I’d have to write this? People without basic sense. Stupid is in. Who are these Millennials? They are among the most stupid people on the planet with their phone in their face and absolutely no social skills whatsoever. They come with their self-entitled, self-absorbed enormous egos — they’ve been told by their parents and others how wonderful they are and that they deserve the best — with their blank stares or angry-looking facial expressions and their miserable/nasty personalities. A chip on both shoulders best describes them. I think it would break their face if they ever had to smile. And don’t expect to hear the words “excuse me” from them because that’s not in their vocabulary. All they can do is grunt or say the word “like.” This defines most Millennials from my unfortunate experience with them.