The Trinity Choir Is In The Wrong Church

The End Of Trinity Wall Street As We Knew It. This article is about the Choir of Trinity Wall Street, conducted by Dr Julian Wachner, in lower Manhattan. Julian is Director of Music and the Arts at Trinity Wall Street (TWS), a parish church of the Anglican Communion.

Hola a todos. I am so disappointed and disgusted. After watching part of the Liturgy on el 18 de septiembre de 2016 (18 September 2016, and the Eighteenth Sunday after Pentecost) I turned to mi amigo/my friend and rhetorically asked: Why do so many things have to go in the wrong direction? He knew what I was talking about and said: Well, it’s usually because we have idiots running things. They’re in positions of power and think they know best, even when they have no expertise or training in the field of study they’re making decisions on. This is especially true when it comes to the music in churches. And the often musically-illiterate clergy think they know best so they proceed to insult the highly-trained musicians by their decisions. And with many, if not most churches, in the minds of the clergy it’s all about the “spoken word” and not the music, even though I think most people are there for the music. Yes, I think most people are there for the music too. If you look at the videos for Washington National Cathedral in the District of Columbia, their full Liturgy videos get 1-2,000 hits, but their Homily videos only get 1-200 hits. Quite a difference. So that would seem to confirm that most people prefer the full Liturgy which includes the music as opposed to just listening to the Homily.

I was looking forward to the return of the full Trinity Choir after Labour Day 2016. During the Summer months The Trinity Choir is reduced in size to about 8 voices (2 choristers per voice part – SATB), or what I call the Trinity Chamber Chorus. Other than watching parts of their 2015 Messiah performance at TWS, I’ve not heard The Trinity Choir in almost a year and I’ve missed watching and hearing them. They are such a splendid Chorus and with impeccable diction. In my opinion they’re in the same league with the Chorus of Les Arts Florissants (William Christie), the Collegium Vocale Gent (Philippe Herreweghe) and the now-retired University of Maryland Chorus (Dr Paul Traver), as three examples. Choral Excellence. The Trinity Choir, along with the Choir of Men and Boys at St Thomas Church Fifth Avenue in Manhattan (Anglican Communion) are the two best Anglican parish choirs (at least with webcasts) in the US, in my opinion. And I would point out that St Thomas takes their music seriously, unlike TWS (and I’m not referring to Julian who is outstanding). St Thomas doesn’t shove their superb Choir into the back of the church.

About a year ago, I stopped watching the Liturgies at Trinity Wall Street for a couple of reasons: One, because of their inept production/camera crew. Instead of creating an enjoyable and peaceful/calming experience, the Liturgies became too frustrating for me to watch. I honestly think their camera crew would be much better suited for a museum where they could spend hours focused on the walls, the windows in the building and the ceiling of the museum. At least there would be artwork one could look at. As a choral person with years of Symphonic Chorus experience (I’ve listed this many times before, but for any new readers: Norman Scribner’s Choral Arts Society of Washington, Dr Paul Traver’s University of Maryland Chorus and the San Francisco Symphony Chorus – Margaret Hillis/Vance George), I thoroughly enjoyed watching and listening to the exquisite Trinity Choir and their consistently high level of choral excellence as well as the artistry from their organist, Avi Stein. Choral people like to see/watch Choruses perform. So I became very familiar with the choristers of The Trinity Choir. I didn’t know most of the chorister’s names but I knew their faces. Julian had a “core” group of choristers who were there every week, and then there were others who were there less frequently, having other musical commitments. The choristers of The Trinity Choir are among the finest one will find in NYC and beyond. Julian attracts and requires the best choristers. His standards of choral excellence remain consistent. Watching them perform was a critically important part of the experience of the Liturgy for me and mi amigo/my friend. That’s why I complained many times about inept production disrespecting their own Choir by not showing them when they sang at times throughout the Liturgy, especially for their Communion Anthem. Production felt it more important to show parishioners receiving communion. Their Choir was to serve as background music which we found very irritating.

Some Background/History (if this is your first time here): When I first started watching their Liturgies, their camera crew was very respectful of their Choir and kept the cameras on them when they performed. I had no complaints at that time with production. But as is usual and with the attitude being “let’s mess with something that shouldn’t be messed with,” something changed for some unknown reason. It’s as if some crazy person at TWS said, “People don’t like to watch singers/choirs sing.” Nonsense. Production at TWS seem to think that their Choir should be background music. Heard and not seen, and they’ve since taken that to a new level (which I’ll get to later). With that anti-artistic attitude — heard and not seen — one might as well just play music from CDs, not to give them any ideas. I would like to remind TWS that singing is merely an extension of speaking, so why do we need to see the priests speaking? To be consistent, shouldn’t the priests be heard and not seen too? Why is important to see them, if it’s not important to see their Choir?

As I said earlier, production thought it was more important for viewers to see the parishioners coming and going to receive Communion than it was to show their Choir singing the Communion anthem. Oh, they would occasionally show the choir during Communion way over there in the distance as the camera parked at the very back of the Nave. But there’s one thing they never do at TWS: They never disrespect their priests by wandering off and showing the ceiling of the Nave, stained-glass windows, baskets of flowers, or the High Altar when a priest is speaking. They keep that camera locked on the priest until s/he has spoken their last word at that point in the Liturgy. Why don’t their highly-trained and regarded musicians receive the same level of respect? Again (to hammer this point for the thick people who may show up), production never wandered off to show stained-glass windows, slowly scanning the High Altar, showing baskets of flowers and their unchanging ceiling which they have the deepest affection for — don’t ask me why since there’s nothing special about it and it looks like any other Nave ceiling and it never changes — when the priests were/are giving the Homily or during the Consecration or any other time. I got tired of seeing the same ceiling and stained-glass windows week after week when I wanted to see their outstanding Choir. Production seemed obsessed with the windows in the building, and they still do. I don’t understand this at all. Another reason I stopped watching their Liturgies was because they began this nearly-weekly repertoire of gospel/spiritual music for the Offertory and/or Communion Anthems. One might be asking: In an Anglican Liturgy? Yes. I never was clear who’s idea this was, whether it came from the clergy or from Julian. I came to suspect it was Julian’s idea and not that of the new rector since this was going on before he arrived. Regardless, it was really misplaced and caused a clashing of styles because you would have gospel music one moment and a superb High Church organ improvisation from Julian with incense the next. It was like being in a southern baptist church one moment and then quickly walking across the street to an Anglo-Catholic parish the next. Loco. Two very different forms of worship right back-to-back. It did not work. And I think some choristers knew it didn’t work. Consequently, their Liturgies became more a frustration for me than a pleasure to watch. It also frustrated me to see the talent of The Trinity Choir wasted on gospel and spiritual music, when they excel at High Renaissance choral works and those works were being neglected. I’m not putting down gospel or spiritual music at all. Both have their place, but not in an Anglican Liturgy in my opinion. And there’s a very different/advanced skill level required for High Renaissance compared to gospel music. There’s no shortage of churches out there featuring gospel and spiritual music on a weekly basis, so if one wants to hear that genre one could go to those church. But churches with High Renaissance performed as superbly as The Trinity Choir performed those works are most rare by comparison. So why join the herd and try to be like those other churches? So I stopped watching their Liturgies. I was also linking to their Liturgy videos in my articles about the Choir. Then I realised I was ending up with lots of dead links because Trinity deleted the videos of their Liturgies after roughly 3 months. I’ve yet to understand why they don’t upload their videos to YouGoogleTube — like they do at Washington National Cathedral — where their videos can remain indefinitely since they (TWS) own the copyright to them. I had also linked to their superb performances of Messiah and Israel in Egypt. Both of those oratorio performances were deleted too. By doing so, they were deleting legendary performances (if you had heard them you’d know I’m not exaggerating) of choral works — especially the High Renaissance music I mentioned earlier — and all of those performances were deleted. Unconscionable. That told me that TWS does not have a serious respect for their music. They consider their music more filler or fluff. Because only someone with no ear for music and a lack of appreciation for choral excellence would delete those outstandingly superb performances by their own Choir. For those who don’t know, this is a Choir that performs at Lincoln Center every holiday season (Messiah). How many church choirs do you know of that perform at Lincoln Center For The Performing Arts?

This brings us up to the current time. Well, The full Trinity Choir is now back for the 2016 Fall Season. But most unfortunately we can no longer see them or see Julian conduct or see Avi. I am thoroughly disgusted with what has happened since I stopped watching their Liturgies.

Again, The Trinity Choir is not your typical podunk church choir which often comes with wobbling and slightly flat sopranos whose voice range is closer to altos than that of sopranos, weak/straining and flat tenors, quivering altos and hollow-sounding basses. A real joy to listen to! [sarcasm intended]. So why is The Trinity Choir now stuck in the back of the Nave up in the Gallery? What is wrong with these people who make these insane, insipid, asinine, ludicrous decisions? [SCREAM!] I don’t understand them at all. People who make these ludicrous decisions in churches — and respectfully I don’t think this came from Julian — are not there for the music. To people like this, the music is just something to “fill up” the Liturgy at the appointed time. They have no ear for quality music. They can’t tell the difference between The Trinity Choir and The Family Choir, and there’s a major difference between the two. I remember reading an article about TWS (pre-Julian) that said that they were considering abandoning/closing their music programme altogether. That shows what little respect this parish has historically for music. Appalling.

So now, the camera view they show of the Choir is completely useless. One just sees bodies standing in the back Choir Loft in red cassocks and white surplices. You have no idea which choristers are there. And because production doesn’t need to show a Choir now (which must make them feel relieved), they now have the luxury of giving lots of time to their fixation and obsession with slow panning of the stained-glass windows, of the ceiling, and more stained-glass windows, additional stained-glass windows, and what about this stained-glass window over here?, and the slow panning of the High Altar for the umpteenth time, and of course flower baskets. I take it that production must live under the illusion that they have no regular viewers who have seen all of these scenes many, many times before. Then they’re back to the useless camera view of their Choir stuck back there in the distance in the gallery/Choir Loft behind the faux pipes. They consider this an improvement, do they? Loco.

And they didn’t move any mics for this pathetic arrangement. Or if they did, they didn’t know what they were doing. So the choral sound is now different. It’s as if the acoustics are eating up all the crispness in the highs and lows of the sound in the choral works. It’s a much more muffled sound with the Choir in the back, as if the echoing is eating up or consuming the sound. The sound quality is not nearly as good as it was when the Choir sat near the High Altar. When the Choir sat in front of or on the sides of the High Altar the sound was superb. Very crisp, clear and the highest of quality. They used to have small microphones hanging about a foot above the heads of the choristers when they sat in front of the High Altar. Then those microphones seem to have disappeared; I no longer saw them. With the Choir stuck in the back Gallery, they should never attempt a professional recording from that location. Although upon reflection, I think the back Gallery would be an ideal location for a Homily, then we can all get on our phones and do something else while that’s going on, no?

It seems that someone there said (probably in some perfunctory committee meeting – you don’t leave this stuff to some committee with no ear for music!): What can we do to solve this problem? Because some person online keeps going on about not being able to see our Choir and wanting to keep the camera on them when they perform. Oh I know, here’s what we can do: Put The Trinity Choir in the back gallery/Choir Loft so we can’t show them at all. That’s it! Problem solved. And we can buy a new organ console (I’m assuming that’s what they did) for the back gallery to control the main console for the Digital organ in the Chancel/Sanctuary area. Problem solved.

No, the problem is not solved at all and anyone with an ear for music knows that. In fact, it’s the worst thing they could have done. All of these fine musicians (Choir, Julian and Avi) have become invisible with the lowest of profile. Heard but not seen. I’m just curious how long they’ve been stuck back there in the Gallery/Choir Loft. (Sigh.)

Trinity Wall Street is an odd church in that it was not built with a Quire area. When I began watching their Liturgies, the Choir was sitting in front of the High Altar. Technically, nothing is to be in front of the High Altar but as far as I’m concerned we can make an exception to Anglican protocol in this instance so that we can see this outstandingly superb Choir perform. A Choir of this caliber does not belong stuck in the back of a church. Period. They deserve to be seen as they were when I was watching their Liturgies. The Trinity Youth Chorus Schola sat in front of the High Altar last Domingo/Sunday (18 September 2016). Since it was acceptable for them to sit there, why can’t The Trinity Choir sit there every week? After their new (cold) rector arrived, the Choir began sitting in the traditional Anglican choir style facing each other split on both sides of the High Altar. That worked, although because of inept production/camera techniques — and because they didn’t adjust the production lighting — it was difficult for viewers to see the back row of each side of the Choir. It was sort of dark back there. On occasion, we were looking at the backs of the choristers from over near the organ console. So it appears that rather than refine their camera work — I had suggested they go over to B & H Photo in Manhattan for production assistance and training — they’ve chosen to abandon showing their musicians altogether. And apparently to them that solves the problem. Ludicrous.

Then there’s Julian: I really don’t think TWS knows what they have in him. He gets results that Margaret Hillis and Dr Paul Traver got with a Chorus. When The Trinity Choir sat in front of or split on either side of the High Altar, I also very much enjoyed watching Julian conduct. He has a very unique conducting style. You can see and feel the music in his conducting as you hear it. I remember one occasion for Ash Wednesday when they performed “O Saviour of the World” by the Anglican composer John Goss. Julian lifted up on toes and signaled to the best tenor section in NYC up there on his right — which included my favourites Steven Caldicott Wilson and Eric Dudley — and prepared them/signaled to them to bring out that approaching tenor line. They did. Viewers heard the tenor section soar that line above the rest of the choral texture. It was beautiful. But you would not necessarily get those same results and that detail from any other choral director. Julian is a pleasure to watch and it saddens and disgusts me that I/we can no longer see him. It is really outrageous.

Off topic but still making my point about Julian: I read the review from The Washington Post from when Julian’s The Washington Chorus, performed Beethoven’s Missa Solemnis in the Kennedy Center Concert Hall with the NSO (I think it was the NSO). His Chorus received a stellar review for their performance. I think it’s accurate to say that when I lived in the District, the University of Maryland Chorus “owned” that monumental work when they performed it with the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra Amsterdam conducted by Claudio Abbado at the Kennedy Center. I was there for their performance. “Paul Traver’s University of Maryland Chorus was glorious throughout!” was part of the review of their concert. How can TWS shove a choral conductor/expert who recently received the prestigious Margaret Hillis Award for Choral Excellence for his Symphonic Chorus in the District (The Washington Chorus) behind a wall of faux pipes where you can’t even see him in a back Gallery of a church? Outrageous.

I also thought it was odd way-back-when, when they removed the camera from the organ console. Why would they do that? That was also a sign of a lack of respect for the music. So viewers were no longer allowed to see Avi play his organ voluntaries, the hymns or anything else, compared to before when Eric William Suter (who filled in there for awhile; I enjoyed him) and Janet was there (the organ student from The Juilliard School). We used to have the pleasure of seeing the musical interactions between Avi, and right across from him in camera view was Julian in front of the Choir. That’s the type of scene a choral musician likes to see. The interaction between all the musicians.

But now, there’s none of that. Dead. And they consider this a positive change?

Also with this terrible arrangement, The Trinity Choir no longer processes which in my opinion makes their Liturgy seem Lower Church. I miss the traditional procession complete with the Choir. This is no improvement. And this current arrangement gives no “profile” to the choristers whatsoever. They become beyond anonymous because viewers can’t even see who’s there.

It’s all about the clergy now. Well, I can’t imagine Julian is too pleased with this.

Since they apparently consider this an improvement, I have some other ideas they might consider as an “improvement:” I suggest they stick the priests in the back. See how they like sitting back there, heard but not seen. Also, when a priest is speaking during the Homily (for example), in mid-sentence have the cameras wander off the priest and begin showing stained-glass windows, slowly scan the High Altar showing every crevasse possible, zoom in on a basket of flowers for awhile, then back to more stained-glass windows, and then slowly scan the ceiling for the entire length of the Nave. By then, the Homily should be over. If they were to ever do this (which of course they won’t), I wonder if the priests would feel at all disrespected? If so, maybe they would be able to understand more fully how the superb musicians feel.

If only the musicians of TWS were in a parish that respects them in the same way that St Thomas Fifth Avenue have the highest regard for their superb Choir of Men and Boys, their organists, and focus their Liturgy on their Choir and organists with a Festal Choral Eucharist. If only The Trinity Choir, Julian and Avi received that same level of respect that they certainly deserve. Sadly, it’s as if they’re all in the wrong church. Chau.—el barrio rosa

Here’s an example of how camera work should be done when one wants to be respectful of the musicians (from hr-Sinfonieorchester/Frankfurt Symphony Orchestra, one of my favourites):

or here (in a choral context, Les Arts Florrisants):

Thought you might enjoy this short piece (also Les Arts Florrisants):

The New Castro Clones, Closet Cases, and The Folsom Street Fair 2016

This is the weekend of the 2016 Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco, but you’d never know it, other than the heat which is typical of this weekend.

Hola. Well, by looking at The Castro, you’d never know this is the Folsom Street Fair weekend. Mi amigo/My friend and I walked around The Castro yesterday afternoon. As is usually the case on weekends around here these days, I had expected it to be mostly “straight” with their obnoxious in-your-face make-out scenes and their babies, lots of screaming babies, baby strollers and their big dogs. But for some reason, it was mostly Queer even down in “Straightsville” (Market Street between Castro and Church Street). Some Queer boys/couples were holding hands which was nice to see for a change. I certainly noticed the saturation of conformist black and gray clothing that the majority of people were wearing, or what I now call the new Castro Clone: black jeans/gray t-shirt or black jeans/black t-shirt. It was very uncomfortably hot in the sun so I don’t know how people were able to put up with black/gray clothing in the hot sun. Their thinking appeared to be a case of “it’s better to be a black and gray conformist than to be comfortable.” “YOU MUST WEAR BLACK AND GRAY! CONFORM! OBEY!” Even if you get so hot that you have a heat stroke.

There was something called the Castro Clone during the Gay Mecca days but the Castro Clones of those years were more original than the Castro Clones of today. During that era tight Levis 501 jeans and Lacrosse alligator short sleeve shirts were what the Castro Clones wore. The shirt could be of any colour so you’d see a variety of pretty colours, compared to today’s drab and conservative Castro Clone which is limited to funeral-black, casket-gray or boring white as the third colour.

For it to be the Folsom Street Fair weekend, we saw hardly nothing that resembled that. I think we saw one guy in leather and he was on Castro Street. So it would appear that the conservative Castro has completely abandoned/divorced itself from the Folsom Street Fair event. I think I pointed that out last year when I wrote about Folsom – that most of the people who attended were from elsewhere.

Then I wanted to show mi amigo a display in one of the sex store’s windows (Rock Hard). They’re the best sex store in The Castro, in my opinion. They have been bullied a lot over the years by neighbourhood prudes (especially prudes with children) to sanitise their store window. The conservative basura don’t like seeing the sex scenes on sex video covers (GASP!) in RH’s window so RH was forced to put white stickers over the sex scenes on the video covers. Ridiculous. The conservative los pendejos in the neighbourhood have called la policía/the police on them and the cops have bullied Rock Hard into sanitising their store window to please these prudes. You might be thinking I’m making this up. I know it sounds like I’m talking about a store in Kansas instead of San Francisco’s Castro, but that’s how things have changed around here in a backwards/conservative direction with the help of the conservative prudes of the GLBTQ community, whom I can no longer relate to. Well, Rock Hard had this small teddy bear in their window and they had a small plastic pig in Rainbow Flag colours with its face in between the legs of the bear (in the bear’s crotch). I liked it. It reminded me of the days of the proudly-radical and alternative Old City (which is long gone) of the former Gay Mecca days. It was suggestive but I had a feeling some conservative prude(s) would complain about it and scream: “WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN?!” In reality, “the children” wouldn’t think anything of it if “the children” even saw it. And I suspect if you looked in some children’s toy piles you’d see the same thing. You’d see the pig’s face just happened to land in the crotch of the bear when the child put his/her toys away and the child thought nothing of it. I never see “the children” looking in sex store windows. And even if they saw it, “the children” would likely only see the teddy bear and/or the pig and not make any sexual connection to what the pig was doing with the teddy bear. It’s the children in adult bodies — called prudish conservative parents — who have psychological issues and a problem with this. Some people should not be parents, period. Something about breeding turns many people into conservative prudes. When I took mi amigo to see this display, Rock Hard had changed it unfortunately. The pig is now next to the teddy bear and not with its face in between the legs of the bear. I started to go in and ask if they got complaints about it but I chose not to do that because I didn’t really want to know the answer to that. Of course they got complaints about it, otherwise they wouldn’t have changed it especially for Folsom Street weekend. Reminds me of one of my articles I wrote sometime back: Sexual Freedom and Revolution. In that article I talked about all the GLBTQs who fled conservative redneck places in the US decades ago when they moved to then “anything goes” San Francisco. And then decades later they have worked hard to turn The Castro and San Francisco into the same prudish hell hole they ran from decades ago. Why didn’t they stay where they were since that’s what they wanted? And that’s what has happened with The Castro. And the Folsom Street Fair has been toned down too compared to what it used to be.

Why Can’t Gay Guys Come Out Of The Closet?

As we stood at Castro & Market, we began seeing more supposed “straight” couples. What they really were were closeted gay guys with females. These are gay guys either having gone back in the closet as we’ve seen around here, or never came out the first time. Their eyes were all over the place as they were trying to quickly check out the gay guys when she wasn’t looking and without her catching him checking out guys. And then with some of these couples, the closet case gay guy felt the need to start making out with her right there to reassure needy and insecure her about their so-called “relationship.” It was about then that mi amigo looked at me and asked: “After all these decades, why can’t gay guys all over the world come out of the closet?” I said: Yes I know. And then we’ve been told by the delusional wishful-thinkers of the gay community: “Gay is now mainstream” and “gays can live anywhere.” Yeah right. And speaking of gays can live anywhere freely and openly: México: Desde la Ciudad de México/From México City: Thousands protest against same-sex marriage proposal. I thought same-gender marriage was already legal in México, but obviously I was mistaken.

Folsom Street Fair 2016

If mi amigo/my friend goes to the Folsom Street Fair, I’ll update this and let you know how it was.

UPDATE: Mi amigo went to the fair. The weather was extremely hot. He came back sweating. He said the fair is still mostly Queer but the “straight” invasion has begun. I think he said that about 20% of it is now “straight.” For the first time, he saw “straight” make-out sessions there. (Glad I missed that! Ugh. I see enough of that shit around here. They do so love to put on a show in front of Queer boys. WTF is that about? Do they see it as a form of “conversion therapy?” The thing is, I’ve never felt the need to make out in front of “straight” people but they do have this burning desire to make out in front of GLBTQs and under Rainbow Flags. Damn odd.) They’ve moved part of the fair apparently to pacify and cater to the bougi residents (Dahling) who live in the new “Luxury Designer Condos” (Dahling) in the area. Pretentious basura. I asked him about the phones. He said he must have seen one-million+ phones. People come to a fair to get on their phone. I remember him saying that last year. Sad. (That phone is so many people’s entire life and existence; what did they do with their lives before they got this new toy – this phone to play with all day and night?). He said that every time the music got blaring that the phones came back out with people saying, “I can’t hear you” when all they had to do was to walk a block away and then they would be able to hear. Why did they wait until the music started to get on that phone? Loco. Like the rest of San Francisco and especially The Castro, he said the fair has definitely been sanitised. Under the ridiculous and prudish city-wide nudity ban — authored by a gay conservative prude pendejo with body image issues and the deciding vote for the ban coming from another pendejo who no longer even lives here — nudity is allowed at this fair. But he saw no nudity at all. Two of the original naked guys were there but they were wearing cock socks so they were not naked either. He also saw very little leather. Leather used to be a major part of Folsom; I guess leather was of the Old City. He had a lot of beer spilled on him, and the “straights” have now gotten into the whipping displays and that sort of thing. The commercial booths were weird. There was a booth there for the first time for luxury cruises (Dahling), which he thought was strange seeing that there. He kept watching that booth to see how much of the Folsom Fair crowd had any interest in luxury cruising on cruise liners (which are terrible for the environment BTW). He didn’t see any interest in luxury cruising there. That’s good. And it looked like there was a bit of commercial space that didn’t get rented. That’s about all I remember from what he told me. Chau.—el barrio rosa


“Honey, I Think It Would Be Nice To Move To San Francisco”

“Queering The Castro”

Rainbow Grocery Cooperative Has Lost Its Rainbow

Hola a todos. As San Francisco has changed and become a much more conformist and conservative City due to millionaire/billionaire techie gentrification and a playground for the super-wealthy, the best grocery store in San Francisco has also changed. I’m referring to worker-owned and operated vegan-vegetarian/organic Rainbow Grocery Cooperative.

In San Francisco’s Castro and elsewhere, I see a sea of people wearing conformist black and gray clothing. It reminds me of a “City in Mourning.” Rainbow workers and customers have most definitely joined the black and gray conformist herd. How could one not notice? It’s so obvious. Have the workers forgotten that the name of their store is Rainbow? Black and gray are not colours of the rainbow. If one didn’t know any better, one might think the name of their store were Black & Gray Grocery Cooperative.

Black and gray are very depressing, dreary and boring colours. Nothing there to brighten one’s spirits. Are the workers depressed? Is that why one sees them in funeral black and casket gray clothing? Many of the workers wear all-black every time I see them. Other workers are now in black and gray, even workers who used to wear very bright pretty Latin colourful clothes. !Conform! !Obey! That’s about the extent of it. Fortunately, some of the cashiers still wear pretty colours.

On my last visit to Rainbow this week, I noticed that most of the customers were also in black and gray or all black. It was so noticeable that I heard one woman over in the Bulk Department ask someone: “Did someone die? Why is everyone wearing black in here?”

Then there are the many annoying pathetic customers who can’t be without their phone even while they shop. They need that dopamine rush at all times. Can’t Imagine Your Day Without Your Smartphone? Blame Dopamine! They’re glued to their phones with this intense stare on their face while texting some little nothing to someone. Or, they’re comparing the broccoli in their hand to the broccoli on their screen. What on Earth is that about? They’ve never seen broccoli before? Loco. I honestly don’t know how these people ate before they got their phone they’re so addicted to. I just know they’re damn annoying. I almost feel sorry for them; what pathetic people unable to shop or even live without that addiction. And they’re often standing in people’s way, oblivious. I’m sorry Rainbow ever installed wi-fi. Too bad they didn’t share the attitude of Josey Baker Bread. I haven’t been over to Josey’s bakery (The Mill) since I buy his delicious bread at Rainbow once a week, but I read that Josey chose not to install wi-fi — good for him — because he said he wanted his café to have people communicating/talking with each other as people used to do in the cafés of the Old City, and not sitting in there like lobotomised tech zombies, like one sees in all the other café in this tech-addicted San Francisco today.

I’m just curious if the Rainbow workers are aware of how conservative and conformist they have become, at least in their appearance, if not in other ways? It’s definitely a different store than the Rainbow of the Old City. It saddens me to see so many people conform in this new conservative City. I miss seeing the proudly-radical and alternative fabulously rad Rainbow workers that we used to see of the Old City. Yes, I know that City is dead. Long gone. I see some rad every now and then, but overall, Rainbow has really toned it down in their desire to conform. I suspect they’ve done so to try to attract more business, but I don’t think it’s worked. Regardless, they’re still the best vegetarian/vegan organic grocery store in San Francisco and the Bay Area and I’m sure they will appreciate your business. I’ll continue to give them mine because there’s no where else to shop — I don’t support mega-corporate chain stores and not that I want to go anywhere else; I can’t imagine shopping anywhere else but Rainbow — for groceries for people who have a conscience. Now, if we could only get people to abandon this drab black and gray shit and start wearing beautiful colours again like the colours found in nature and as seen in Rainbow’s Produce Department. Chau.—el barrio rosa

Does A Cop Ask What Class A Person Is In Before Shooting?

Hola. Because of what I’ve written about the Socialist Equality Party (SEP), a reader passed this quote along to me from the SEP’s recent article about the police shooting and killing of a fine Black guy in the US state of North Carolina:

“Whatever role racism may play in particular police killings, it is not the fundamental issue… What nearly all the victims of police violence have in common is that they are part of the working class, and usually its poorest layers.”

Whatever role racism may play? MAY play? I just don’t have the patience for these SEP idiots in denial.

I’d love to ask them: Before a cop shoots someone, do they think: “what class is this person in?” No. The thug sees the person’s skin colour and then shoots, especially when the person is Black. I thought most people knew that.

As per usual with the “class”-obsessed SEP, it’s all about “class” and “the working class.” Such simplistic thinking. When in reality, there’s no need to make it any more complicated than it already is. Skin is Black = cop shoots. Chau.—el barrio rosa


The Socialist Equality Party Cult

Why Didn’t They Hire A GLBTQ Dean At Washington National Cathedral?

This article is about the new Dean of Washington National Cathedral (WNC), a cathedral church of the Anglican Communion, in the District of Columbia, in the US/los Estados Unidos.

First, a request to production: Can you kindly please keep the camera on Benjamin when he’s playing his organ voluntaries and Communion improvisations? He deserves the same respect given the priests when they’re speaking. You don’t dare move the camera from a priest when s/he is speaking. Well Benjamin deserves the same respect as does your Cathedral Choir. Are you really that bored by watching your own musicians? There’s plenty of time during the Homily or before the organ prelude or after the Liturgy to show scenes of the cathedral (I’m referring to your obsession with the stained-glass windows; it’s really a turn-off). Muchas gracias.

Hola a todos. No, they did not hire a GLBTQ Dean. Even though I think they pride themselves on being a very pro-GLBTQ cathedral church, I’m sorry to report that wasn’t shown through their choice for a new Dean. Instead, they hired — what has become the predictable — the typical “straight” white guy as the new Dean. Very heteronormative. He will be installed later this year (2016). And I have some concerns.

I read they hired, oh excuse me, I meant to say “called” (that’s church language) a fundraiser as Dean of WNC because of his fund-raising abilities at his parish church in Richmond Virginia (I think Richmond is about a 2.5 – 3 hours drive south of the District). WNC is supposedly in need of millions of dollars. I did notice that they hired a white, “straight” guy for the position. No qualified Latinos, Hispanos, Chicanos, Mexicanos, Asians, Blacks, or indigenous peoples applied for the position? One would have hoped they would have hired a GLBTQ priest as Dean and someone who does not come with white privilege, no? The last two Deans have also been the cookie-cutter white and “straight” males and both were very Low Church. The last Dean was so Low Church that I often thought he would fit in very nicely in the southern baptist convention, if he weren’t pro-GLBTQ. He was also a devout Obamabot. It didn’t seem to matter to him how many innocent people had died in his Obama’s many wars or the continued shredding of the US Constitution, as long as his Obama catered to some issue or identity politics issue special to that Dean. I was glad when he left.

I’m concerned about what this new Dean is going to do based on what the former very Low Church Dean said in an interview about the future of WNC. He referred to “changing the programme” (that’s the language he used) as I recall. I didn’t know what that meant. I don’t think of Anglican Liturgies as “programmes” if that’s what he meant. Or was he speaking in code? It sounded to me like they planned to change the music genre used at WNC from Anglican Cathedral music to something else. *roll eyes* The first thing that came to mind was praise bands and “contemporary music.” Was he covertly talking about praise bands to attract the dumbed-down mainstream sheeple to WNC? Or maybe he was talking about jazz, gospel and “global song” which I’ve already written about in the article at that link. Do people come to an Anglican cathedral to hear jazz, gospel, “global song” and/or praise bands or something other than the time-honoured music of the Anglican tradition? I don’t think so. No gracias. I could be wrong, but I can think of one person I suspect would not go along with this (changing the music) and that person is Benjamin Straley, the superb Cathedral Organist and Associate Director of Music. He’s High Church, very devout and is a candidate for ordination to be an Anglican priest. I think he will make an excellent priest. They might lose him at WNC if they start tampering with the Music Department. Unfortunately, I sense that the person who runs the Music Department is very Low Church.

I don’t know why churches think they must use different language when they hire someone than that of other businesses. The reality is that a church (parish or cathedral) is a business. In any other business, the business says “We’ve now hired [fill in his/her name] for the position.” One article I read said, “Washington National Cathedral names new Dean.” Names? Not hires? Another article used the word “picks” instead of using the word hired. The words “Names” and “picks” doesn’t necessarily apply there’s a salary to the position, but we all know there is a salary and I would think that there’s a very generou$ salary connected with the position of Dean, no? But with christian religious organisations, they constantly feel the need to wrap the new hire in the context of the Floating Cloud Being by saying, “this priest has been called by god to serve as Dean at Washington National Cathedral.” But we all know that this Dean was specifically hired by some committee within the cathedral assisted by the Bishop. It was entirely a business decision based on raising dinero/$$$$$$$$$$$$$ for the cathedral. I did read in at least one article about this new-hire that this new Dean was “called” to the cathedral. I remember hearing that language as a child when new clergy were hired (“the church has called [fill in name] to serve our congregation” and it’s still used today. Instead of saying “he was hired” or “WNC has hired [fill in name} as its new Dean.” They like to wrap new hires in poetical religious terminology, when again in reality it was a business decision and he’s getting a salary and it comes with requirements and expectations, despite all the PR/BS flowery language used to announce the appointment.

I had read that with the new Dean that the cathedral was interested in someone who could stay in that position for at least 10 years to “take the cathedral into the future.” I also read some language in one article about restoring WNC to being “A House of Prayer For All People.” What is it now? Does that translate into the inclusion of evangelical praise bands and somehow changing the Liturgies, somehow by-passing the Book of Common Prayer to accommodate anti-GLBTQ evangelical christians? If one is trying to be, “A House of Prayer For All People” that would include the haters/anti-GLBTQ crowd). “A House of Prayer For All People” would also include the Orthodox Anglicans who can’t stand WNC because (in part) they have many women priests and the cathedral is pro-GLBTQ. I do know they are planning to bring in jazz with Andy Barnett’s group (which I think would only be appropriate in a Jazz Evensong) as well as gospel music (in an Anglican liturgy?…I know they’ve done some of that already) and “global song.” Andy is one of the new priests at WNC.

I’m not at all into identity politics because I have found that often backfires. (For example “the first Asian” mayor of San Francisco is a conservative and he along with his billionaire venture capitalist owner are in the process of ruining San Francisco and making The City a playground for the super-wealthy). But they are into identity politics at WNC, so considering that’s the case, it’s too bad that WNC didn’t take Grace Cathedral’s lead. WNC could have been a little more creative with their selection of a new Dean as Grace Cathedral (Anglican Communion) here in San Francisco was some years ago when they hired as their Dean una lesbiana/a lesbian from the CofE (Church of England). She and her partner moved to San Francisco from Great Britain. She didn’t last that long at Grace Cathedral; I think the politics at Grace are rather intense. She was only there 4 years. She’s now at Stanford University. She was replaced at Grace with — I bet you can’t guess! — a “straight” white guy. How unusual, no? Yes, “straight” white guys have become so predictable and expected among hirees, no? This comes while we’re told by the wishful-thinking idiots in the GLBTQ community that “gay is now mainstream.” Gay is not mainstream on the corporate media heteronormative television networks I monitor. All I see is him-tall and her-short making out and the required and perfunctory hand-holding (she’s so terribly insecure in their relationship and needy) and fawning over each other when having a fight in the next scene. At WNC they would say: Well we have a “straight” woman Bishop for the District (Diocese of Washington, District of Columbia) and the Presiding Bishop is a Black guy. Isn’t he “straight?” Yeah, I know that but that doesn’t change the point I’m making. It would have been nice to see WNC hire a Transgender genuine progressive Dean or a genuine progressive openly Gay/Queer boy Dean. GASP! We can’t have that! I guess not and that’s likely what the CofE would say. What would people think? They’ll think what they want to think and I suspect the resident congregation from what I know about them would be quite comfortable with what I’ve suggested. And no need to care about the tourists since they’re only there for one visit anyway most likely, and by looking at them in the videos of the Liturgies some of them don’t look like they have any idea where they are. Standing with their arms folded during the hymns. Some of them have this look on their face as if they’re thinking: “How did we end up here? I thought we were going to the Smithsonian.”

No, with the hiring, oh excuse me, “calling” of this new Dean, WNC went with The Establishment tradition route, unfortunately. I’ve also noticed the pro-Establishment people they’ve invited to the cathedral to speak there and invited to Liturgies over the years. Some really despicable people with the lowest of ethics, and some with no ethics compass whatsoever. Such basura as Madeline Albright, Colin Powell and others. Their guest have been from the thoroughly rotten and corrupt Democratic and Republican Establishment. They recently invited a woman from the war-mongering neocon Obama regime to give a Homily. One would hope they would have higher standards than that at WNC! I didn’t listen to her; I wasn’t about to. Did she happen to mention her Mr Nobel Peace Prize Obama/Mr Hope and Change We Can Believe In and his current 7 wars at any point during her Homily? They also invited that Cokie Roberts to speak. I lost respect for her when she referred to George W Bush as “a very attractive candidate” (one would have hoped that the woman would have higher standards) in one of her segments over National Pentagon Radio (npr) when he first ran for president. Then the Bush Crime Family later stole that 2000 election for him with the complicity of that wretch Katherine Harris and George’s brother Jeb (the governor at the time) in Florida. I do sense they are quite the Obamabots/Dembots at WNC. It would appear that Obama’s overall despicable and barbaric record in office and his greatly expanding on the agenda of the illegitimate Bush/Cheney regime does not seem to matter to them at WNC. It’s all about party-line and party allegiance. And partisans cringe and become quite uncomfortable when a politically-independent, nonpartisan and objective person such as myself points all this out.

Maybe the next Dean in ten years — if the current Dean stays that long — at Washington National Cathedral will be from the GLBTQ community. Although doubtful, considering the backward direction the US is going (towards the 1950s if not before). Chau.—el barrio rosa


I’m an Anglican Atheist

The Anti-Gay and Sexist Orthodox Anglicans

The woman is a despicable piece of work. She’s supporting war criminal Hillary, presumably because Hillary comes equipped with a cervix (more identity politics):

With Corrupt Politics Of The US Oligarchy, Diseases Become Partisan

Bill Clinton wants a third term and will do anything to get it, including propping up his sick wife and using her as his puppet.

Hola. You might have noticed that both Democrat and Republican corrupt corporate political parasites “feel great” even when they’re very sick. Unfortunately, when the average working class person gets sick we don’t “feel great” and we don’t cheapen ourselves and lie about it either. That criminal sack, Dick Cheney, said “I feel great” immediately after having open heart surgery. More evidence of that man having had a lobotomy at some point in his useless life. Both Ds and Rs can be near death but their lying family and/or complicit and lying physician says, “[politician's name] feels great and is resting comfortably.” How many times have we heard that?

Ms Clinton appears to have serious health problems. Possibly Parkinson’s disease. And it appears she has many people covering up for her, including her physician. That’s what I expect from lying and corruption, and a completely corrupt US Oligarchy. (And they expect someone to stand to sing that national anthem? Screw that shit! I won’t have it! I and others stand with Colin and other sports players who possess a conscience). Many people have reduced Hillary’s health problems to conspiracy theorist politics. I think it’s a bit more than that really. Corporate media’s, Drew Pinky, MD, had his show cancelled and he was fired from his network for talking about Hillary’s alleged health problems.

Can’t partisans ever get beyond partisan politics and look at things objectively and realistically, such as health problems? No, it appears not, even when it comes to diseases. Everything is “great” and “feeling great” in their bourgeois elite world.

But this is all about Bill to begin with. This is about Bill wanting a third term with her, a war criminal among many other things, serving as his prop/puppet. Anyone who mentions “Parkinson’s disease and Hillary” in the same sentence is automatically labelled a Republican, a right-wing nut conspiracy theorist, among other terms. And I say that because I’ve only seen “Parkinson’s disease and Hillary” on right-wing sites where I’ve ended up after researching this topic. (Not visiting right-wing sites on a regular basis, I noticed in my research how they really try to disguise/hide that they’re right-wing). The Democratic sites are silent about Hillary possibly having Parkinson’s disease because of, again, septic partisan politics. And because Hillary is a Democrat, she just has a little mild case of pneumonia. That’s all it is. Nothing here to see. Move along. We’re led to believe by Dembots that her pneumonia is no worse than the common cold and she predictably “feels great.” I said to mi amigo/my friend: When Cheney dies, I expect him to rise in his coffin and scream, “I feel great.” The lies from these political parasites continue through their death.

People knowledgeable about Parkinson’s disease say that Hillary has the classic symptoms of that disease. They don’t believe she has pneumonia as we’ve been told, and she didn’t faint when she had to leave the 911 memorial.

The super-wealthy Clinton Family is the lowest of lows. It appears they are without any ethics’ compass whatsoever. They want this piece of work (Hillary) en la casa blanca/in the white house at all costs even if she has to be propped up and rolled out on occasion as was the case with that Reagan. Or maybe they will replace Hillary with Chelsea? Might as well run the entire family through there.

I don’t know if it’s true, but I read that DNC insiders are planning an emergency meeting to consider replacing Hillary with [pause] that Biden. Chau.—el barrio rosa

Gay Rights’ Movement Legacy Hijacked By Lesbians. May GLBTQ Live On!

During the years of the (now-dead) Gay Rights’ Movement, Gay men/Queer boys led the Movement and did most of the work. That’s why during the Gay Rights’ Movement we were called “Gays and Lesbians” (GL) in that order because Gay guys/Queer boys were the majority group followed by Lesbians. But in today’s Orwellian world where up = down and left = right and peace = war, one would not know that Gay men and Queer boys led the Gay Rights’ Movement because lesbians now get the credit as being the majority group because they get first-billing in the “LGBT” initialism/acronym. Well, rewriting history does not change the facts. Lesbians are riding on the coattails of Gay guys/Queer boys and have hijacked the legacy of the Gay Rights’ Movement.

Hola. This is the second part of my previous article (What’s With The “LBGT?”).

I met with my GLBTQ amigos/amigas recently. We talked extensively about this topic which is a complaint we all share. We noticed that what used to be known as the Gay and Lesbian Chorus of San Francisco felt the need to conform and change their name to the Lesbian/Gay Chorus of San Francisco. Note that the word “Lesbian” is now first with their name change. When is this stuff going to stop? Can’t anyone be original and/or of independent thought anymore in conformist, heteronormative and Tech Zombie San Francisco? I guess that’s considered passé in these “black and gray” conformist times. I and others have written many times that we are heading backwards to the conformist and chauvinistic/sexist 1950s, if not before. The Gay and Lesbian Chorus changed their name in order to conform to the heteronormative “LGBT” mentality. But not being conformists, my friends and I will continue calling them the Gay and Lesbian Chorus of San Francisco. Because at this rate, history will be rewritten that it was Lesbians and not Gay men/Queer boys who were the dominant/majority group and who “changed the world” in some positive ways for Gay people and GLBTQs as a whole.

Online, history has already been sanitised and re-written to cater to the heternormative “LGBT” conformist. While writing this article I was on site that gave a timeline of the US Gay Rights’ Movement and this is what I read:

1979: About 75,000 people participated in the National March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights in the District of Columbia in October. It was the largest political gathering in support of LGBT rights to date.

Well, in 1979 it was called “the National March on Washington for Gay and Lesbian Rights” (not Lesbian and Gay Rights) because Gay men were the majority group. But note that “Lesbian” is first in the new sanitised, conformist way they wrote it as well as the more recent and conformist acronym “LGBT.”

One of my regular commenters in my previous article (link above) said that having the “L” first implies that lesbians were the dominant group. Yes it does. I agree with that. And that’s my point. I’m glad he recognised that. I just assumed there were more Gay guys/Queer boys than lesbians from a personal observation over the decades. Just as Gay guys/Queer boys were the majority group during the Gay Rights’ Movement years and that’s why we were referred to as “gays and lesbians,” and not “lesbians and gays.” The word Gays was listed first to indicate the majority and most activist group, followed by lesbians.

The proliferation of gay bars in major US cities also suggested that there were far more Gay guys/Queer boys than lesbians. In the District of Columbia where I lived, we had a lot more gay bars in the District than lesbian bars. I didn’t know of any lesbian bars in DC. I assume we had some, but I don’t recall hearing of any. The same was true for San Francisco. There were some lesbian bars in San Francisco — in the Old Proudly-Radical and Alternative City which is long gone — but there were far more gay bars because there were far more gay guys/Queer boys than lesbians here during the Gay Mecca years. Today, to my knowledge, there are no lesbian bars in San Francisco. The last remaining lesbian bar, The Lexington, closed awhile back, but there are still some gay bars around, mostly in The Castro. Here in 2016, some gay bars in other parts of San Francisco are having trouble staying open, in part due to the ugly greed of the Real Estate Industrial Complex and their Corrupt LiarsTM and corrupt developer friends.

Also, my research shows that there are more gay guys than lesbians. So again, why is the “L” first in the acronym?

For example:

“More specifically, 1.8 percent of men self-identify as gay and 0.4 percent as bisexual, and 1.5 percent of women self-identify as lesbian and 0.9 percent as bisexual.” [Source: The Washington Post]

ONS survey: More gay men in UK than gay women “A total of 1.5% of men said they were gay while 0.7% of women defined themselves as gay or lesbian.” [Source: BBC News]

You might be wondering why it is so important to the heteronormative conformists to have the “L” first? From my research that I did before I wrote my first article about this sometime back, it was done to show that the gay community supports women’s rights. (roll eyes). Loco. But having the “L” first is chauvinistic/sexist because it sends the outdated Victorian-era and anti-feminist message that “Ladies must go first.” Ugh. Did no one think of that when some idiot came up with this? Were they drinking at the time when they dreamed up this nonsense? We GLBTQs support Trans rights too so why isn’t the “T” first? Or are they saying that women’s rights are more important than Trans rights? Do you see how ludicrous this “LGBT” acronym is? It should be a damn given that we GLBTQs support women’s rights so there was no need to change the order and put the “L” first. But some group of people — we suspect it was one of those conformist, heteronormative, busy-bodied, self-appointed omnipotent-authority national GLBTQ corporatist Dembot organisations with their bloated executive salaries here in the US — dreamed this up for their conformist 1950s-mindset to cater to the heteronormative world where, “ladies must go first.” (And they would use the word “ladies” instead of “women.”) And unfortunately, the conformist sheeple mindlessly adopted this “LGBT” shit worldwide. Every corporatist site I happen to go on today I see the cookie-cutter “LGBT” and nothing else. Do most GLBTQs even know why the acronym was changed? I don’t think so, from talking with people about it. I asked my rad Queer neighbour if he knew. He said he thought the letters were changed to give Lesbians priority because in our sexually fucked-up society lesbians are seen as more acceptable to the general public than Queers/gay men. For heteronormative corporate television programming, lesbians are far more acceptable to the public than gay men. For example, the public can deal with seeing two women kissing. But they gasp, put their hand over their wide-open mouth and cover their eyes like a little child is taught to do when they see two guys kissing. Such pathetic fucked-up bigoted people! Related: US public: Gay legal rights = good, gays kissing = bad.

Mi amiga asked: “What did lesbians do that caused major accomplishments in the (now-dead) Gay Rights’ Movements? I can’t think of any. It was and still is — but for how long? — called the Gay Rights’ Movement. It was not called the Lesbian Rights’ Movement (which the “L” first implies) with Gay guys/Queer boys tagging along behind. Gay guys/Queer boys were the leaders of the movement for decades. Gay guys/Queer boys were in the majority.” Mi amigo responded to her sarcastically by saying, “Mi amor/my love, you forget that lesbians rode on motorcycles once a year at parades (the Dykes on Bikes group), if you can count that.” Mi amiga responded to him: “Oh but of course, how could I forget that major “accomplishment” and contribution from lesbians?” LOL. She continued: “We should give lesbians credit for helping to put the pink triangle on Twin Peaks every Pride weekend. They do help with that.”

Today, that’s why some of us say that the Gay Rights’ Movement has essentially been hijacked by lesbians. Everywhere I look except in an occasional comment from someone on a website, the masses are mindlessly using the heteronormative conformist “LGBT” because that’s what they’ve now been programmed to use and it’s been cemented in their minds. And this is not about to change. But again, as a whole, lesbians were not the dominant/prominent or major activist group of the Gay Rights’ Movement. Gay men/Queer boys were with the beginning of the movement with The Mattachine Society, the first national gay rights organisation, started by Harry Hay and considered by many to be the founder of the Gay Rights’ Movement. The first lesbian-rights organisation in the US was the Daughters of Bilitis started in 1955. Then came the Stonewall Inn riots which consisted mostly of gay men of Greenwich Village. Then came Harvey Milk’s legacy in San Francisco, and ACT UP! It was mainly Gay men/Queer boys who fought the HIV/AIDS health crisis, fought for HIV meds, and the history continues.

Even though I’ve hammered my points repeatedly in this article (for the thick people who might happen to stop by), someone will come along and only half-read this and troll me with: “How can you say that lesbians made no contributions to the Gay Rights’ Movement?” I didn’t say that lesbians made no contributions to the former Gay Rights’ Movement. Re-read what I’ve written, por favor. After all, we did admit that lesbians rode their “hogs” for the annual parade and they helped put up the pink triangle on Twin Peaks. But overall, lesbians were not the majority group. Period. And they don’t deserve priority or top-billing in the acronym.

From an objective perspective, our group of GLBTQs (which included lesbians) came to the unanimous conclusion that lesbians have indeed hijacked the now-dead Gay Rights’ Movement legacy because placing the “L” first falsely and erroneously sends the message/implies that lesbians did most of the work and led the Gay and Lesbian Movement responsible for some progress having been made over the decades for GLBTQs. “Gays and Lesbians” (GL) was the language used from the beginning of the Movement and then the other letters were added. These days, many people like to exclude the more proudly-radical Queers. The conservative heteronormative conformists leave off the Q entirely, as in “LGBT.” I won’t have it! The gay museum in San Francisco on 18th Street near Castro uses “GLBT” with the word “Queer” in large font on their sidewalk sign. May GLBTQ live on! Chau.—el barrio rosa


I found this interesting:

San Francisco Bay Area Ranks Highest in LGBT GLBTQ Percentage but at the very small percentage rate of 6.2%. That’s all that’s left? And 6.2% is for the entire Bay Area, not just San Francisco, the former Gay Mecca. But what’s the real percentage when you include the thousands and thousands of gay closet-cases? I’m talking about all the gay closet cases married to females and pretending to be “straight” due to their gay shame as well as the gay guys who are going back in the closet and marrying females which I’ve written about, as well as others.