“You’re gay, you’re fired!”

Hola a todos. The orange nazi’s regime says employers should be able to fire gay people because, as they argued in court recently, “gay people aren’t protected by the Civil Rights Act of 1964.” He also said this sometime ago and I wrote about it at that time. But this has come up again as expected, and the article I’ve linked to (see bottom of this page). I would think that as part of the law it would state that employees cannot be fired for being straight/breeders. They can only be fired for being gay. Employers having the right to fire their gay employees will likely end up in the US Supreme Court sometime after the orange nazi has stacked the court with at least two far-right injustices with the help of the feet-shuffling, enabling and complicit right-wing Democratic Party. Keep in mind that orange nazi-enabler Pelosi has taken impeachment of the orange nazi “off the table” three times now. Here’s one of them:

“Now is not the time to consider articles of impeachment,” Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi and Minority Whip Steny Hoyer said in a joint statement, shortly after Green introduced his articles of impeachment.”

It should be pointed out that we wouldn’t be in this political disaster if most people had possessed the intelligence, integrity, independence and foresight to vote overwhelmingly for genuinely progressive Jill Stein in the 2016 s-election. She was the best candidate who ran. This wouldn’t be happening, but one should remember that the corrupt Democratic Party threw Democratic Party-enabler/fake-independent Bernie Sanders “under the bus” and then nominated a horrible candidate: War criminal right-wing Hillary. Then on cue, the brainwashed-partisan Dembots — who pretend to be “progressive” and “liberal” while supporting right-wing politicians — swarmed to their new-found messiah Hillary like flies to caca. She has a “D” next to her name and that’s all that matters to brainwashed partisan Dembots. Bernie Sanders could have shown some integrity and character and a hint of being a genuine independent and endorsed Jill Stein, but being a Democratic Party enabler he endorsed corrupt, right-wing, war-hawk Hillary after campaigning against her and timidly criticising her for months. Hypocrite. Hillary won the popular vote by 3 million votes that we know of. Through our fraudulent voting system — which most people choose to live in denial about — the orange nazi allegedly “won” the outdated electoral college vote through highly questionable methods. I do not consider him legitimate and there’s increasing evidence of Russian involvement in the 2016 US s-election.

To this day, the Dembots continue to play The Blame GameTM (just like the orange nazi, they always need someone to blame but themselves, and lack the maturity to do so), and instead blame third party candidates for their/Dem losses — even though as I said earlier Hillary won the popular vote, which Dembots seem to forget; some of them barely have the maturity of toddlers nor are they the brightest of people — rather than having the maturity of taking ownership and responsible for their own corrupt party putting up an awful nominee.

Dra Jill Stein would not be nominating right-wing basura for the US Supreme Court. She would be nominating genuine progressives (what few there are) and the Democrats of the US Oligarchy could either vote for her nominee or “cross over the aisle” as they usually do and enable their employers, the Republicans, once again. (Related: Whose Fault for the US Supreme Court?)

Employers will then likely be able to fire people for being gay if the orange nazi has his way, whether legally or not. Legal doesn’t matter to these basura. They do what they want and no one seems to do anything about it.

You may remember we were told by wishful-thinking conservative idiots in the so-called “gay community” that “gay people can live anywhere; gay is now mainstream.” They said that, in part, to get rid of gay meccas and to welcome in the breeders/straights to take them over, as they have done. Mi amigo/My friend said: But by the time this ruling is announced in favour of the orange nazi regime’s, most gay people will have “converted” — through self-induced gay conversion — and gone back in the closet and “gone straight” and married females. Yes, that’s what gay guys worked decades for, the right to marry females. Nearly every day my reliable gaydar alerts me to a gay guy walking around San Francisco holding hands with a female as if they are a breeder couple. (Related: More back to the 1950s: Gay guys marrying females in droves. Sad.) So this anti-gay ruling really won’t make any difference, will it?

And the so-called “gay community” — which died sometime ago, around the time that gay marriage became legal and that ludicrous order for “gay assimilation” was given here in the shithole US — will continue staring intently at their phones pretending to be straight and saying, “I’ve got a girl (or wife) now, gay conversion worked for me. I’m on the down low (back in the closet).” While others in the so-called “gay community” will simply go back in the closet — including gay couples — and lie about their sexual orientation. But the orange nazi’s regime won’t be fooled by that. They will respond to them by saying: “You’re not heterosexual because according to your online activity including your social media activity which we have full access to you’re constantly looking for sex with a guy and downloading sex pics from gay sites. We have also reviewed marriage certificates and have proof that you are married to a guy living at this address.” The gay guy says: “That’s illegal, you can’t do that!” The orange nazi’s regime laughs in his naïve face and says: Apparently you haven’t been paying any attention; we do what we want. Legal doesn’t matter to us. We’re above the law, and we have passed this information we have on you to your employer.

The employer says: “You’re gay, you’re fired.”

And that’s the end of that. One should not expect any protests against this because that’s not what the conformist and conservative so-called “gay community” does these days. In fact, they seem to be ashamed of our protest days of the former Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement, with apologies to the breeders for inconveniencing them in any way. In other words: The so-called “gay community” today is long dead in any activist way. Chau.—el barrio rosa


Orange nazi’s regime says it’s ok to fire people for being gay

The Pussy Grabber is no “gentleman.”

Hola a todos. I can’t let this go. As I was signing out of Yah** e-mail I saw this headline about the orange nazi and la perra who is currently in the position of British PM holding hands, which they did again on his embarrassing trip to the UK. The Yah** article called their hand-holding “weird.”

Well, Yah** contacted a body-language expert “who trains law enforcement and the Department of Defense Military Industrial Complex/War Department. This perra said his gesture of holding hands with the PM is “simply transactional…He’s being conscientious and guiding her along in support, even lifting her hand at one point, to give her some height…it’s gentleman-like.” (roll eyes) Ugh. That sounds like conservative bull shit to me and someone trying to rewrite recent history and sanitise a piece of nazi trash. Is la perra perhaps an orange nazi cultist?

To begin with, we’re not talking about a “gentleman” here. Has this body language expert been in a coma since the orange nazi ran for office? A proud pussy-grabber is no “gentleman,” la perra. Someone who tells his cultists to get violent with protesters is no gentleman, la perra. Someone who is frequently giving the white power hand gesture is no “gentleman,” la perra. Maybe she’s hoping he’ll read what she said about him and he’ll stop by her office and she’ll give him some pussy to grab.

And I should point out that we didn’t see him being “gentlemanly” with Queen Elizabeth II. She’s 92 and he wasn’t holding her hand and “guiding her along to give her some height.” Of course doing so is against royal protocol, but the orange nazi wouldn’t know anything about that based on his completely unprepared and utterly embarrassing behaviour before the Queen where he was walking ahead of her inspecting her troops. I read that the other members of the Royal Family “snubbed him” (particularly Charles and William) wanted nothing to do with him, refused to meet him and left it all up to a bare minimum 20-minute meeting with the Queen.

But to hear la perra from the Military Industrial Complex tell it, sounds like she was talking about Mr Rogers of Mr Roger’s Neighbourhood and not this piece of orange nazi trash that is a malignant cancer on the planet.

The word “gentleman” and this piece of garbage cannot accurately be used in the same sentence. His behaviour was the usual sexist, chauvinistic and misogynistic “pussy grabbing” behaviour one has come to expect from el pendejo. He knows nothing about being “a gentleman” or about being a good human being. It’s as if he was taught nothing by his parents. He doesn’t even have basic sense to know what you do and what you don’t do. For example, one does not walk ahead of the Queen, pendejo. You are her guest. Intelligent people and people with manners know that one takes the role of a guest not to offend anyone. Not this asshole.

A “gentleman” does not bully the world on a daily basis. A “gentleman” does not bully other world leaders with a “you do it our U.S. way or we’ll destroy you” mentality. A “gentleman” does not tell his cultists to go out and shoot journalists and then after they do, nothing happens, because the orange nazi can do no wrong is the mentality. The television lawyer, Gu*lian* (another piece of basura), says: “the president [sic] can shoot someone, without any legal charges against him.” A “gentleman” is not a disgrace wherever he does. A “gentleman” is the opposite of el pendejo.

How many times has the orange nazi banged the British PM to date? One would have been insanely desperate to want either of them. But that’s what the hand-holding is about as far as I’m concerned — why else would he be holding her hand? — as one would expect from a self-proclaimed pussy grabber. We’re not stupid here. What does the PM’s husband think about the hand-holding? “Well honey, if it helps your rapport with this asshole, go ahead and hold hands, I’ll understand.” Well it helps more than her rapport with him. I don’t see the orange nazi holding hands with Justin Trudeau. At the fake summit in Helsinki, I didn’t see the orange nazi holding hands with Vladimir Putin to “be conscientious and guide him along in support, even lifting his hand at one point, to give him some height…it’s gentleman-like.” No, there was no hand-holding with Putin. Now we did see him having the hots for Emmanuel Macron and holding his hand repeatedly. But I haven’t seen the orange nazi holding Angela Merkel’s hand. She often looks at him as if thinking, “Are you completely insane and off-the-latch?” She wouldn’t give him any. Good for her. She doesn’t take any caca from el pendejo, which is why he doesn’t like her. But the British PM lets him walk all over her, and in her? She, too, is terrified of him for some reason.

But there’s one thing that we can all agree on, I think. The pussy grabber is no “gentleman” and never will be, and that’s what his (nazi) white supremacist cultists find most appealing about him. They worship their aryan messiah and the way he arrogantly struts around the world bullying people as if he thinks he’s king of el mundo/the world, which is their perception of him too. They worship and adore all the gutter-based redneck negatives about him. They think he’s the best White House resident thus far.

One cannot make a “gentleman” out of basura. So let’s lay this to rest, la perra, Ms Body Language Expert moron. A “gentleman” is not who this basura is. He prides himself on being an constantly angry bully and pendejo, among other negative traits, but a “gentleman” is most assuredly not one of them. Chau.—el barrio rosa

National Symphony Orchestra (US) promoting gun violence

Hola a todos. Despite the epidemic level of gun violence here in the shithole US, presumably the management of the National Symphony Orchestra (NSO) — whose home is the John F. Kennedy Center For The Performing Arts located on the banks of the Potomac River in the District of Columbia (the District) — don’t feel there’s yet enough gun violence here in The Cesspool/the US, so they want to help things along.

The NSO’s Summer home is out at Wolf Trap Farm Park For The Performing Arts in Vienna, Virginia, outside the Capital Beltway. Fortunately, when we (the University of Maryland Chorus) performed the Berlioz Grande Messe des morts (Requiem), Op. 5 at Wolf Trap with the NSO there were no “shoot ‘em up” films or gun-violence scenes being shown on a screen on stage. Nothing like that was promoted in those days. Showing gun violence would have been unimaginable and considered beyond “vulgar” and highly inappropriate and in extremely low, poor taste for a concert hall setting.

Well, that was then. That just shows one to what level this country has decayed. Since then, our society has deteriorated tremendously with daily gun violence and dysfunction. Our society has been stupefied and dumbed-down considerably. Today, the paying dumbed-down sheeple require instant-gratification with gun violence scenes to satisfy and pacify them. They find watching violence a form of (sick) entrancing and additive “entertainment.” Can’t take their eyes off it when it’s on a screen in front of them. Absolutely mesmerised by it. Watching violence is “fun” it is? Yes, to many it is. Many people get some sick thrill out of watching people get hurt and/or killed. And some of the musically-illiterate sheeple I’m speaking of probably don’t know a violin from a flute when they see it in the National Symphony Orchestra. I can hear it now from someone in the audience at Wolf Trap: “Is that a guitar — pointing to the principal/first chair cellist — like what I see in the praise bands at my holy-roller church?”

And some people still wonder why The Cesspool/the US has become such a violent society? I’m sorry to see the National Symphony Orchestra becoming an enabler, becoming part of the problem by promoting gun violence in their programming. Loco./Crazy. Are they receiving any dinero/money from the NRA, by chance?

Here are the details of what the NSO is doing later this month. You can click on the link below which goes to the Kennedy Center website to see for yourself:

“Casino Royale brings us Bond at the start of his career, having just earned 00 status and his license to kill…”

(Lovely programming.)

NSO at Wolf Trap: Emil de Cou, conductor / Casino Royale in Concert (film with orchestra)
Sunday, July 22, 2018 8:30 PM

National Symphony Orchestra
NSO Summer Concerts
NSO at Wolf Trap

“Film Concerts Live! proudly presents Casino Royale in Concert, produced in association with EON Productions and Metro Goldwyn Mayer Studios (MGM).”

This is the image on the Kennedy Center’s website at that link above:


Is that what you would expect to see on the Kennedy Center’s website? (roll eyes)
And note that they say they are “proudly presenting” this. Yes, we proudly present gun violence. It’s just what we need more of! Maybe it will inspire more gun violence in the District, Maryland and Virginia. As of this writing, on an average day 96 USians are killed with guns. By the way, Casino Royale is described as a “PG-13 2006 ‧ Thriller/Action” film.

I don’t have much respect for some orchestral management considering how they disrespect their musicians by demanding they take pay cuts and cuts in their health care benefits while the bougi, elitist and pretentious management with their over-paid exorbitant salaries don’t sacrifice anything. It’s the musicians who people come to hear and see, not management with their over-inflated sense of self-worth. I wonder how the musicians of the NSO feel about performing Casino Royale in concert at Wolf Trap? From my experience with classical musicians they would all oppose this. Classical musicians are pro-peace and anti-violence, including gun violence. It would seem that NSO management are fully catering to the lowest common denominator. I suppose the gun-toting rednecks out in Fairfax and Loudoun Counties in Northern Virginia will especially be attracted to this performance, if they were to hear about it. Hey, it might be the first time they’ve ever been to Wolf Trap or to a NSO performance. How many jacked-up pick-up trucks will be in the parking lot with a confederate flag in the back window with a gun rack and the redneck driver wearing a red “MAGA” hat?

Considering the era we’re quickly heading back to (the 1940s, if not before), I suppose next season one might read the following on the Kennedy Center website:

We are “proudly presenting” the concert version of “Annie Get Your Gun”, the story about “sharpshooter,” Annie Oakley, and her breeder romance with another “sharpshooter.” This concert version at Wolf Trap will be performed by the:

University of Maryland Concert Choir
National Symphony Orchestra
NSO Summer Concerts
NSO at Wolf Trap

Depending upon their level of desperation, one wonders if in the not-so-distant future one will see the NSO programming selected orchestral works where they will accompany sex videos — breeder/straight of course, nothing gay, even when many of the musicians are gay — shown on a large screen hanging in front of the organ pipes on stage in the Kennedy Center Concert Hall, or out at Wolf Trap? “An Evening With Kitty?” Programme Note: Water-based lube tubes provided at the door by the NSO. At this point, it won’t surprise me when they start doing that. I guess I just inadvertently gave NSO management an idea they hadn’t thought of. Chau.—el barrio rosa


Classic Arts Showcase promotes gun violence

Will straight soft porn save classical music?

What happened to the renowned University of Maryland Chorus?

BSO and the University of Maryland Concert Choir perform Brahms: Ein deutsches Requiem, Op.45

Whose Fault for the US Supreme Court?

The Blame GameTM is all that the brainwashed Democrats know.

Hola a todos. Mi amigo/My friend told me about his most unfortunate recent experience with a brainwashed partisan Democrat he encountered, and he asked me to write about it:

He walked out of his front door and one of the neighbours was coming out of her door at the same time. Out of nowhere, she confronted him with anger on her face and demanded to know who he had voted for in the 2016 s-election. He stalled for a moment in shock because a similar incident had happened with him just 2 weeks ago where another brainwashed Dembot asked him the same question. That time it was in a restaurant. On both occasions he said, “I voted for Jill Stein.” Well, the reaction to his response was the same in both cases: Rabid, frothing at the mouth rage came at him for daring to vote for a candidate of his choice and not for corrupt, war criminal, corporatist Democrat Hillary Clinton. Both Dembots screamed at him: “Third parties are to blame for the Tr*mp win.” No they’re not. That’s a lie, although he didn’t say that. Oddly, both brainwashed Democrats had forgotten that Hillary won the popular vote by over 3 million votes that we know of. And the insane orange nazi man-child “won” by very questionable means through the archaic electoral college. We do not consider him to be legitimate. Although the fake-progressive and fake-liberal political websites where these brainwashed Dembots hang out on seem to think he’s legitimate because they continue to respect him by referring to him as “president” which we will never do. (Just as I never refer to illegitimate George W Bush as “president.” But the Dembots do. They seem to have forgotten all about that. (These are the same people who used to write, “pResident Bush,” as one example.)

Mi amigo told me he was pleased with himself in how calmly he responded to this irate, angry, venting, deranged, loca/crazy neighbour by saying: Why isn’t it in reverse? The clearly better true progressive and non-corporatist candidate was Jill Stein. So why isn’t it the Democrats’ fault for failing to vote for Stein and giving the world Tr*mp? Stein was the best candidate of them all. The reaction he got to that was: Hands flying in the air along with tears and the words, “No, no, no, no, no, it’s the third’s parties fault.” He was dealing with her complete mind-block. Nothing he was saying was being comprehended by her, nor was she about to listen to anything he was saying. She was right and he was wrong — according to her thinking — and that was that!

So now we’re going through the usual, self-righteous Democratic Party Blame GameTM where everyone is wrong except them, because the Democrats are extremely angry. They should be angry and disgusted at themselves for supporting one of the most corrupt candidates, a warmonger and a criminal. They should be angry and disgusted at their corrupt party for not making Bernie Sanders their nominee — even though he was a wishy-washy candidate, he would have been their best candidate in probably 40-plus years — with elitist war criminal Hillary as his running mate. They should be angry and disgusted at their pathetic and corrupt party for its failures, and take ownership and responsibility for them. But that’s not about to happen. Because that’s not what brainwashed Democrats do. No, unfortunately, brainwashed Democrats don’t possess any “moral compass.” With their spectator sports’ mentality, winning at all costs is all that matters to them no matter how disgusting and corrupt the candidate(s). They expect everyone to vote in lockstep as they do.

This behaviour is expected because brainwashed Democrats consistently refuse to take any blame, ownership or responsibility for their bad voting choices. With them, it’s always someone else’s fault. It’s never their’s. Their wrath is at third-party candidates rather than themselves. These Dembots mistakenly wear the label “progressive” or “liberal” when they are neither. Why do I say that? Because they vote for right-wing politicians such as thoroughly corrupt right-wing Hillary Clinton which a genuine progressive or genuine liberal would not even consider doing. That’s why I refer to them as fake-progressives and fake-liberals. In reality, they will vote for whomever their corrupt party puts up as their nominee. In 2016, the Democratic Party could have put up the orange nazi man-child as their nominee and I have no doubt that the Dembots would have voted for him in lockstep overwhelmingly. Absolutely. They would have resorted to a bank of excuses for doing so. They have no standards. It’s all about party allegiance and devotion. Reminds me of fundamentalist Christians; it’s the same brainwashed mentality. I’ve heard partisan suckers say, “I’ll be a Democrat (or Republican) until the day I die” and “Any of these Democrats would make a wonderful president of the United States of America.” Bottom line: Anyone with a “D” next to their name will make “a wonderful president?” Ha! Their party allegiance guarantees that the person will make “a wonderful president.” Ludicrous thinking.

In the supposed “Land of the Free” one is allowed to vote for the candidate of one’s choice. Period. That’s the way it’s supposed to work. In the supposed “Land of the Free” voting is not to be a fascistic, lockstep charade where one is required to vote for — according to the Democratic voters — whatever piece of lying corporate trash their cesspool of a party puts up as their nominee, and where if one doesn’t vote for their corrupt candidate one is automatically subjected to their usual cheap and tawdry ritual known as The Blame GameTM.

I remember trying to inform the brainwashed Democrats about Obama’s record in the senate during his first presidential run. They didn’t want to hear it. They had no interest. They replied to me with his empty marketing slogan: “Hope and Change We Can Believe in.”

If the Democrats had a proper candidate, they wouldn’t be sobbing over themselves and trying to blame everyone else but themselves. Dra Jill Stein was the best candidate in the 2016 campaign cycle.Footnote 1 Her questionable attempt to hook up with fake-independent Bernie Sanders — why is he frequently trying to help the Democratic Party? WTF? — boiled me and others. I don’t know what that was about. Then when the Democrats threw Sanders under the bus, he got in lockstep and licked the ass of the Democratic Party by endorsing the same war criminal (Hillary) he had railed against for months. Such hypocrisy. We can’t stand these politicians.

A comment I read online (with my slight “Tr*mp” edits):

“If Hillary had made Bernie Sanders her running mate, we would not have Donald Tr*mp ruining this country. If Hillary had not deleted those 30,000 emails, we would not have Donald Tr*mp ruining this country. Hillary Clinton’s bad judgement is the reason we now have Donald Tr*mp ruining this country.”

If we had President Jill Stein, she would be nominating genuine progressives for the US Supreme Court. She would not be nominating far-right fascist trash like the insane orange nazi man-child is going to stack the court with.

By the way, the nominee that messiah Obama put forth for the Supreme Court and the Republicans stalled on, that nominee wasn’t any better than the piece of trash that’s about to be proposed by the orange nazi. From my understanding, a far-right judge on the District of Columbia circuit is being considered for nomination by the orange nazi. That judge believes that a president is above the law and whatever the president does is legal. He’s very young and would be on the court for decades.

If President Jill Stein were en la casa blanca/in the white house, this would not be happening. But because of the stupidity of brainwashed partisan Democratic voters, this is happening. They are responsible for where we are.

Each s-election cycle, Dembots jump through all kinds of hoops to justify voting for what they call “the best of the worst” and “holding their nose.” With Jill Stein, no “nose-holding” is necessary and there’s no “best of the worst” nonsense with her either. She was the best candidate in the 2016 campaign cycle. She’s a medical doctor, very intelligent and articulate.

But the fact of the matter is that the partisan-brainwashed Democratic sheeple are simply not intelligent enough nor do they possess the foresight to vote for a Jill Stein, a genuine progressive. Someone will likely say: But there are no Green Party people in the House and Senate — and who’s fault is that? — so Stein doesn’t have a party in congress. That’s a moot point. I’d like to point out that the Democrats routinely have no problem “crossing over the aisle” as it’s called and voting with the Republicans. They could easily do they same thing by “crossing over the aisle” and voting for and with President Stein’s policies. They could “become her party,” should she be s-elected. In the upcoming 2018 midterm, assuming the s-election is legitimate (yeah right), one could vote for Green Party candidates for both the House and Senate and kick the Democrats who are up for re-election into the sewer where they belong. But one should not expect that to happen in any large numbers because stupid-is-in.

But here’s a scenario: If the Democrats were to hold together as a united party and have one Republican join them, they could delay the vote for the next Supreme Court nominee until after the midterms. At the same time, they would have to win the House and Senate, which frankly they don’t deserve to do BTW. They are such cowards and seem terrified of the orange nazi. Related: Democrats just handed Tr*mp more domestic surveillance powers. They should know better. The Democrats could delay the appointment of the next Supreme Court nominee for another 2 years, until President Dra Jill Stein is in office, and then she would begin installing genuine progressives on the US Supreme Court. (No, I’m not on 420, but one might get that impression).

Is this scenario realistic? (eye roll) I’ll believe it when I see it.

The Dembots are very selective with their anger and rage which they misguidedly take out on other voters.

But it’s curious that I’ve not seen any of the brainwashed Dembots angry or in rage over Nancy Pelosi saying, “this is not the time for impeachment talk” which she has said approximately three times now since this piece of basura has been in office. Instead, they make excuses for her by saying, “Nancy Pelosi has a plan.” Yeah, yeah, yeah. We heard that same wishful-thinking drivel when Pelosi took impeachment of illegitimate George W Bush “off the table.” Did she have “a plan” then? No, not that of a supposed opposition party so-called “leader.” Instead, the woman served as an accomplice to Bush by helping him stay in office, and shortly after she took “impeachment off the table” I saw two pictures of Bush and Pelosi together as if best of friends. See here and here and see them holding hands here. (Yet San Francisco continues to put this woman in office by 68 to 70-plus percent of the vote regardless of voter turnout every two years). The same thing she’s doing with the orange nazi man-child as you can see here. I wouldn’t respect him by shaking his hand. What pussy did he grab before shaking Pelosi’s hand? Related: Tr*mp impeachment vote fails overwhelmingly. The measure drew the support of 58 House Democrats:

“Now is not the time to consider articles of impeachment,” Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi and Minority Whip Steny Hoyer said in a joint statement, shortly after Green introduced his articles of impeachment.”

Where is the Dembots’ anger and rage over their darling god Pelosi saying that? Well, with Dembots (and Republicans) they have been brainwashed that they cannot criticise their own corrupt politicians from their own “team,” so therefore they remain silent. Silence = complicity, an accomplice and enabling.

The Dembots also don’t seem at all angry with right-wing Dianne Feinstein for saying, “We should expect him to serve his full term.” Did she mean with her help as “the senior senator?” The partisan brainwashed Dembots in California recently re-elected Feinstein overwhelmingly in the CA primary. She still has to win in November against California Senator Kevin de León, the better candidate. But the stupid-is-in voters don’t know Kevin’s name, and with most stupid/uninformed voters it’s all about name-recognition from the politician’s exposure on the corporate media. Instead of being angry or resentment of any of these corrupt politicians, the Dembots on cue continue to worship and glorify their corrupt right-wing career god politicians, make excuses for them and continue to re-elect them.

Or even going back to their saviour and messiah Obama: The Dembots have long been very big in engaging in wishful-thinking and premature celebration to the point of making themselves consistently look like damn fools. Well, the wishful-thinking Dembots assured us that Obama would “go after Bush” once Obama got in office. None of which happened. Do these images look like people who would “go after Bush?” See here and here and here. Instead of Obama “going after Bush,” Obama said he wanted to “look forward and not back.” And accordingly, those who paid attention know that Obama greatly expanded on the despicable neocon policies of the Bush-Cheney regime, and Mr Nobel Peace Prize Obama left office at the end of his second term with 8-9 wars (I lost count) in progress and he and Michelle look like they’re best of friends with The Bush Crime Family. Anyone still surprised why Obama didn’t “go after Bush?” It’s one big right-wing party with two names — Democrats and Republicans — and they’re all friends contrary to the theatre charades they present to the gullible suckers who still support them. Wake TF up, people. You’re being played by your Democratic and Republican “team.”

I questioned why mi amigo even answered the question posed to him from these two Dembots. I wouldn’t have. It’s none of their damn business who he voted for, or whether he voted or not. I suggested that in the future he say (as I would), “I don’t talk about politics with anyone to avoid an argument and my voting choices are personal.” He said he would do that in the future.

I refuse to talk about politics with my neighbour as she’s just as loca. She behaves completely ovarian, living entirely on her emotion(s) and thrives on constant dramas. She’s usually an emotional ovarian wreck all the time. She’s a brainwashed Dembot too. She’s originally from New York City. And get this: She told me, “I’m voting for Hillary because she’s from New York and I’m from New York.” A damn odd reason to vote for someone based on where they live. I didn’t say anything but Hillary is from Arkansas originally. She relocated to New York to advance her Democratic Party political career and to exploit brainwashed Dembots just like my neighbour. I was thinking: Well, Tr*mp is from New York too (Manhattan), but I don’t see you voting for him! One would hope that my neighbour and brainwashed Dembots like her would have more credible and substantive standards for choosing a candidate for office, such as their voting record in the US Congress and what they did in other political positions within the US Oligarchy. But no, with her it was all about “she’s from New York.” So shallow and superficial, but typical of the average and uninformed voter in the shithole US.

If recent US history is any guide, the corrupt, imperialistic and irrelevant Democratic Party will continue to work for their employer, the Republicans (whom the Dems frequently refer to as “my esteemed colleagues.”) And the stupid sheeple will vote them in again, and this cycle will be repeated over and over until the end. The way we feel about it at this point: We do have a strong suggestion for the Green Party and its candidates: Please stop catering to the corrupt Democratic Party in swing states as if you feel sorry for them and are trying to enable/help them in get in office. You either want to get your GP candidates in office, or you don’t. Make up your mind. Hold to your self-proclaimed principles. And when the brainwashed Dembots blame you for their miserable failures once again (as they will do on cue), tell them to get a new script and that you might consider their thoughts should their dead party ever become relevant again. And to Democrat and Republican corporate parasites: We’re sick of you frankly, and that’s putting it mildly. Chau.—el barrio rosa

Footnote 1 If one believes the 2016 s-election results to be legitimate (which I don’t), Dra Stein received 1,457,226 votes or 1.06%. War criminal Hillary clocked in at 65,853,652 votes or 48.02%. The orange nazi man-child clocked in at 62,985,134 votes or 45.93%. In the outdated electoral college, the orange nazi clocked in at 304 votes or 56.5%. Hillary clocked in at 227 or 42.2%.


The Lesser-Evil Card (US Presidential Selections)

US Democratic Party front sites moving to the right by sanitising their language

Hola a todos. First, I thought I’d respond to an e-mail I received. A reader asked what I think about el presidente-electo/the presidente-elect en México, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez from New York City who is still running for the US House of Representatives. Well, it’s too early to say since neither have taken office yet. But, I can say that both have already somewhat turned me off and caused red flags to rise. Let’s take Alexandria for instance. She is already back-tracking on who and what she is — not good — and as I said she’s not even in office yet! Being a member of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) Party — does “America” mean the United States of America in this instance or the entire hemisphere called America? — she was asked on one of those corporate media shows after winning the primary: “Are you a democratic socialist? Is that what you’d call yourself or you don’t want that label?” Note that the first part of the question required a yes or no answer, which she didn’t give. Instead she responded with this pabulum: “I mean, it’s part of what I am. It’s not all of what I am. (ed. Oh here we go! That is a raw politics sewage answer). And I think that that’s a very important distinction. I’m an educator. I’m an organizer. (ed. Unspoken: And I’m a bullshitter in case you haven’t noticed. I’ll tell people what I think they want to hear). And I believe that what we’re really seeing is just a movement for healthcare, housing and education in the United States.” Sounds like evasion of the question and newspeak to me. And that’s pretty much the way the entire interview went: Bent over and mealy-mouthed, trying not to offend anyone, especially the Democratic Party establishment politicians. Your typical Democrat, and she admits to being a “proud Democrat” and “the Democrats are a big tent party” (ed. Oh here we go with the big tent nonsense. I didn’t know they were still dragging that out.) and cited Charles Schumer as well. I wouldn’t have even mentioned his name. He’s known as the senator of Walls Street. In her first interview after winning the primary she said, “I’m proud to be a Democrat. I was raised in a Democratic family, with Democratic values.” And her main goal, she said, is to help the Democrats recapture control of the House of Representatives in the November midterm election. Ugh. (As if anything will change if they do). Since winning the primary, she has gone out of her way to assure The Establishment/The US Oligarchy that she in no way represents any threat to their interests. She still has to win in November 2018. After she won the primary, mi amigo/my friend told me that the brainwashed Dembot voters were jumping up and down in premature celebration. I told him: The corporatist Democratic Party will treat her just like they treated Dennis Kucinich, Al Franken, and the same disrespectful way they treat Maxine Waters. Using political speak, Alexandria will be told to: “Sit down and shut up. You’re new here. You have to be part of The Right-Wing Establishment and our agenda of helping the Republicans or we’ll make you irrelevant. Do we understand each other, Ms Ocasio-Cortez? We’ll get back to you, maybe, when we want to hear from you. We’ll call you. Don’t call us.” Shortly after I said that to mi amigo, I read that Nancy Pelosi had already dismissed Alexandria’s win as “insignificant.” See what I mean? Yes, that does sound like “sit down and shut up” and “we have no interest in her.” As for Andrés Manuel López Obrador, he’s a corporatist, and from what I read he assured the business interests in México that he is of no threat to their financial interests; he’s pro-capitalism. He’s for NAFTA. Well, a corporatist and a genuine leftist is an oxymoron. He appears to already be snuggling up to the orange nazi and he’s not even in office yet. He takes office en diciembre/in December 2018. In his typical hyped form, the orange nazi said he and Obrador had a “great” conversation and he thinks that Obrador will pay for the wall between The Cesspool and México. Yes, the orange nazi had to drag out that wall first thing! He couldn’t even wait for the guy to take office. Obrador said he looks forward to working with the US. Why?
I also read: “López Obrador has been highly critical of Tr*mp, particularly of his policy to separate migrant families. But his acceptance speech was more amicable, talking of renewing the hugely strained relations with the US.” WTF? This is not looking good. So, is this el hombre/the man that los mexicanos thought they elected where their behaviour was reminiscent of the Obamabots with tears running down their faces? As usual, I think there’s a lot of false hope and wishful-thinking with these two supposed “leftist” messiah politicians which is how they’re being made out to be. The brainwashed Dembots with their cult mentality apparently learned nothing from The Messiah Obama ExperienceTM, and how they allowed themselves to be so duped by him with his empty marketing slogans of “Hope” and “Change We Can Believe In” bull shit. Like with anything else, if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. But Dembots override any rationale, realistic thinking with their perpetual wishful-thinking. Now on to the subject of this article.

On some of the political sites mi amigo/my friend visits, he’s noticed the increasing sanitising of language used in article titles and in the article’s text with the use of asterisks, such as these examples: d*ck, p*ssy, sh*t, goddam*ed, f*ck, n*gger and f*ggot, among others. He showed these examples to me. I asked: Who are they sanitising their language for? The fake-progressive prudes who visit the site? Why cater to them and their hangups? I thought we were all adults here, no?

I said: So if they were to write the name “Dick Gregory,” I guess that would have to be written D*ck Gregory, no? I mean, if they’re sanitising their language for children (some of whom know more of these words and how to spell them than their prudish parents!) — and how many children read these adult political sites? — whereas other children wouldn’t know the difference between one d*ck and another D*ck, frankly.

I don’t believe in the sanitising of language — why would one create a language for it to be sanitised? — with two exceptions to that being that I don’t like to mention the names of predatory techie corporations who have helped ruin San Francisco and the Bay Area. They get enough attention as it is. So I write G**gle, as one example. And, I don’t want the names of the current White House resident or his sidekick filth-ing my site. Other than that, one place you won’t read sanitised language is here on mi diario/my diary (pink barrio).

The sanitising of (sex) language strikes me as very prudish. Mi amigo is seeing more of this. At some point in the very near future their site is going to be one big asterisk.

This sanitising mentality caters to fascism and to a large segment of the orange nazi supporters, yet these political sites who serve as a front for the corrupt and largely-irrelevant Democratic Party especially at “s-election” time pretend to be “liberal” and “progressive.” Conservatives and prudes sanitise language. Genuine progressives and genuine liberals don’t, but the fake-progressives and fake-liberals among us do, such as these sites. And as I have written before, historically I have had the worst commenting experiences on the fake-progressives sites where the overwhelming majority of the commenters are not genuine progressives at all but merely lockstep, partisan-brainwashed supporters of their right-wing Democratic Party. Genuine progressives understand that it’s contradicts one’s alleged principles and convictions to support a right-wing party (the Democratic Party) which much of the time works for the other right-wing party (the Republican Party), as we likely shall see once again — based on their record — when fake-Democrats “cross over the aisle” and vote for whatever piece of right-wing trash the orange nazi nominates for the current opening on the US Supreme Court. This will come after one hears Democrats drone on in this manner:

Your worship, I have grave concerns about many statements you have made during these hearings (unspoken: and all the outright lies you’ve spoken. Did you train under Sarah Huck…, the White House spokesliar, by chance, in preparation for these hearings? I wasn’t aware she did private tutoring in lying skills). But I would like to join my esteemed colleagues (what a bunch of bull shit) and despite my grave concerns, I feel confident that you will make an outstanding justice for this court. So I can assure you, your worship, that you have my vote, and I’m looking forward to your serving on the court and I’m most humbled to be able to vote for you.

Yeah, that’s about the extent of it. Had enough ass-eating for one day? These people are the scum of the Earth. They love to hear themselves talk, and lie. Some of them are chronic liars — such as Sarah Huck… — so they have come to not know when they’re lying and when they’re on the odd occasion telling the truth. Some of these corporate parasites sit there in congress with no legal background or training whatsoever but with their Bachelor of Arts degree in a completely unrelated field to what they’re doing in congress while making laws. (Related: Making laws with a Bachelor of Arts degree).

CommonDems and other Democratic Party front sites exploiting political issues for $$/Dinero/Money

Mi amigo has also noticed some Democratic Party front sites currently exploiting issues such as child migration detention in the orange nazi’s concentration camps, ICE concentration camps, the Supremes upholding the orange nazi’s Muslim ban (another despicable decision), the “civility” smokescreen, and other topics in order to generate guilt-trip dinero/money for their sites from readers in the name of:

1. “Continuing Our Work Depends On You”
2. “Our Critical Mid-Year Campaign Is Going Very Slowly. Please Pitch In Today.”
3. “Readers Like You Keep Us Alive”
4. “Please support our mid-year campaign now, so we can continue to work for you.”

Let me tell it like it is about these sites and their obnoxious constant begging: “We” never asked you to work for us in the first place, and what do you call yourself doing? It’s your damn site. Pay for it yourself the way I do, rather than guilt-tripping your readers with semi-sob stories, or making regular commenters feel they must donate in order to have commenting rights which I think is the impression some people get. I’ve never asked my readers for donations nor will I. And contrary to the false-impression that most of these fake-progressive sites like to give of their supposedly having extremely expensive, exorbitant fees on their end to keep their site running, WTF are they talking about? It doesn’t cost that much money to have a site unless you’re paying a staff to steal articles from other sources or to write a few articles every now and then of their own, or paying “celebrity” writers. But often the “exposure” is the “salary” that writers receive.

Then there was the: “$22,165.00 raised from 838 readers as of 5PM on June 26.” And how does one verify that? The lowest suggested donation button is $15.00, as opposed to $5.00. But at least they finally changed their language. It used to be “We can’t do it without you.” That was getting stale. I often asked: What is it that you think you’re doing or claim to be doing since politically speaking things are getting worse with every passing day. Your site is not saving the world nor is it about to. Maybe you should shut down and things will get better, since they’re obviously not improving with your existence. And you’re not “working for” me because you banned me along with a large group of nonpartisan independent commenters from your site just days before your messiah Obama was s-elected. Despite your site pretending to be “independent and progressive,” your site becomes a site for lockstep cult-like devotion to the right-wing Democratic Party every s-election cycle — as happened during that campaign for Obama’s first White House run — and one had to be in boot-licking position with the corrupt Democratic Party Machine(TM) or else one was banned from your site by ISP address. I was one of many for which this happened just days before the s-election of Obama. That’s why for years I’ve called that site CommonDems. I have read that CommonDems is funded by George Soros. What suckers would give them any dinero/money? They’re constantly begging for money, according to mi amigo. So if the site is funded by Soros, anything they take in through these perpetual begging-fests is just pocket change. That is, if anyone is really donating at all. Or is it all bull shit to make themselves appear important and relevant? There’s no way to confirm that anyone is donating. You have to take their word for it, which I don’t. And conveniently and miraculously they always reach their goal of $50,000.00 — imagine that! — every fund drive. They never open up their financial books for anyone to see, and if you ask Craig what’s-it (the owner of the site) about that you’ll get silence. And get this: They’ll ban you so that you can’t even get on their site and then send you e-mails asking for money. That happened to me after I was banned. Here are some sites that have written about CommonDems’ history of banning people and other issues: Hope (on my banning from CommonDems) and Talk: CommonDems and The Distant Ocean and Metablue. Is the IRS paying any attention to this site and what they really are about, and what they do with any dinero they take in from gullible brainwashed Dembot suckers? The site is merely a mouthpiece for the corrupt Democratic Party especially at s-election time, while hiding behind the words “independent and progressive.” Oh they publish articles critical of their precious Dems during the year, but I think that’s just to give the illusion-impression that they are “independent and progressive.” Then at s-election time, things change. Lockstep devotion is required. Absolutely. As one of my commenters wrote today and I thought he made an excellent point: Here in the alleged “land of the free” — with the orange nazi’s regime in power Footnote 3 — the Dembots want nothing to do with one’s freedom to vote for the candidate of one’s choice. No, instead, in the minds of the Dembots, one apparently forfeits that freedom at s-election time and one is supposed to be in adamant lockstep with them. There are other sites similar to CommonDems who are frequently begging for money as well. I wouldn’t give any of them a penny.

CommonDems also wrote this (with my slight edits):

“CommonDems people-powered news model only works with the continuing support of our readers. Over 1,000 readers have stepped up this week. But we have millions of readers every month. And we still must raise $21,000 by Tuesday, July 3rd, for us to keep publishing. (They claimed to have reached $34,315.00 from 1,146 readers as of 12PM on 1 July 2018). Imagine the world without CommonDems. We have no choice but to ask readers who haven’t donated to step up at this crucial time.”

Oh no! The threat of them not publishing? The threat of losing CommonDems? What will one do, what will one do? “At this crucial time?” It’s always a “crucial time” with them. And what exactly do they presume to think they’re going to do about the orange nazi when the corrupt party they ultimately cheer lead for is all about helping him as I pointed out in this article.

Despite their arrogant illusions of grandeur and of self-importance, I think el mundo/the world will survive without CommonDems. In the big scheme of things, most people won’t even notice that they’re gone. Just the brainwashed Dembots will notice. This is especially true considering many of the articles they publish are based in a lot of unrealistic, gullible, premature celebration wishful-thinking. I guess you could call it “Eye Candy for Brainwashed Democrats.” Here’s an example as of this writing: “In ‘Huge Win’ for Immigrant Rights, Tr*mp Administration Ordered to End Indefinite Detention of Asylum Seekers.” Who among us is so gullible to believe that these human trash are going to adhere to a court order when they have demonstrated that they have absolutely no respect or regard for the US inJustice system and our time-honoured laws except when it favours them? You honestly believe that the orange nazi’s regime cares what a federal judge says? That’s not how these nazis operate. And who will monitor them to confirm that they are following this judge’s order? Or do “we” in “good faith” believe that they will? (roll eyes)

A Civil War in The Cesspool/the US?

In my opinion, a civil war is already underway with all the gun shootings around the country. The orange nazi would love to have a civil war in this country as he cheers on and encourages his violent-based cult followers. Many (if not most) of the people who worship and glorify the orange nazi as part of his cult are very much about violence and white supremacy, confederate flags, violent video games, endless gun collections. They openly talk about raping women because according to them: “white males are entitled to what they want” and “grabbing pussy” to be like their cult leader. Gun violence in the shithole US is a daily occurrence.

Fortunately I don’t see it in San FranciscoFootnote 2, but it’s getting really, really bad/nasty out there from reading the headlines on some sites. More and more people are using the word nigger these days as well as the word faggot. Yes, we’re going back to that era at part of a civil war in the US by reading the filth online and the hate for one group or another. The word faggot seems to be the new put-down for any person that one disagrees with online. It’s the “us versus them” mentality. And with their 5-4 decision in support of the orange nazi’s Muslim ban, it looks like the US Supreme Court wants to be an accomplice in assisting the orange nazi as much as possible in turning the shithole US into another nazi Deutschland/Germany, that being the ultimate goal of these people.

Meanwhile, we have two of the most useless people on the planet: Democrats and orange nazi boot lickers: First, there’s Nancy “it is never the time for impeachment talk” PelosiFootnote 1 and in second place there’s Charles “civility” Schumer scolding/reprimanding Representative Maxine Waters about “civility.” Maxine: you go girl! You tell it! We are way past “civility,” Schumer and Pelosi, you two useless Establishment corporate parasites. Why San Francisco continues to vote for that b/witch every s-election cycle at around 70%+ regardless of voter turnout is beyond me. Well I know why they do it: Name recognition. It should be pointed out that “civility” ended when the orange nazi trash got into office, illegitimately so, and the scum of his regime. (Related:
None of these people should be talking about “civility.”) With all that’s happening in this country, these two Establishment basura (Pelosi and Schumer) are concerned about “civility” of all thing! I don’t see Pelosi or Schumer reprimanding the orange nazi bully and lecturing him about “civility” and about him encouraging his rabid white supremacist and nazi supporters to resort to violence against opponents as he did repeatedly during the campaign. Schumer said, It’s ‘Not American’ to call for harassment of political opponents. Oh fuck off! I don’t see you lecturing the orange nazi about that or anything. Basura.

Yet the orange nazi is constantly attacking and harassing his political opponents, but the hypocrisy of bent over Schumer and Pelosi is noted. I appreciate what Representative Maxine Waters said. It’s about time a real politician stood up with some big hanging ovaries. It’s most rare. Muchas gracias to her. As for the Red Hen restaurant in Lexington VA incident, I appreciate that the owner and her employees decided to ask that despicable white house spokesliar — who’s void of any basic sense of human decency whatsoever — to leave the premises. (I can’t imagine what her children are going to turn out like). There are several other Red Hen restaurants around the US — none of them are related to each other; it’s not a chain — but that doesn’t seem to matter to the stupid white trash cultists who boot lick the orange nazi. Not being literate or big on details, his cultists have been protesting the wrong restaurant. Yes. They showed up at the Red Hen Restaurant in New Jersey and one here in California only to be informed: We’re not the restaurant where that happened. That was the Red Hen in Lexington VA. Stupid is in. The Lexington VA restaurant is being protested, or was when I checked on it while writing this. The picture I saw showed this large crowd (a rent-a-mob?) of 3 (three) people standing outside the restaurant. The restaurant was closed. They’re the most rabid of the orange nazi’s cultists. The owner of that restaurant just resigned from a local merchants’s group. The article I read didn’t say why she resigned but I suspect she was bullied and hounded out of the group. No big deal. If that group is anything like and as busy-bodied as the merchants’ groups here in San Francisco — especially The Castro merchants — it’s just as well she’s no longer part of such a (corrupt?) group. The restaurant is closed until July 5. One of the protesters I saw outside the restaurant was stepping on a Rainbow Flag going on about how bad gays are (several of the employees of the Red Hen in Lexington are Queer according to the owner).

Question: What is so unusual about asking someone to leave one’s restaurant/premises? In San Francisco, many businesses here have signs at or above the register that say, “We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone”. That’s normal business practise at any business. That’s what the Red Hen in Lexington VA did. (BTW, Lexington VA is south west of Charlottesville about 70 miles). The owner of the restaurant politely asked that constantly lying b/witch to leave, as I would have. I mean, who wants lying orange nazi trash hanging out in one’s restaurant? It should be pointed out that the US Supreme Court opened this whole thing up when they ruled in favour of discrimination that gay people can be discriminated against by a business and not be served. Remember the “Gay Wedding Cake” ruling, as one example?

Upon reflection, even though a civil war is already underway here in The Cesspool as I explained earlier, I don’t know how this country could have much of a civil war with such out-of-shape people who would have trouble walking one city block without having to check their phone in one hand and have a cigarette in the other, and a heart monitor in their back pocket. How would people get their required medications in a civil war, or food distribution, or their beer or clean agua/water or toilet paper?

Maybe the civil war will be online only — I don’t think that civil war will make any history books — since we’re frequently told how “Twi**er erupted” over yet another insane comment from the orange nazi man-child. I read the other day that “protests are now online.” Well that ought to make a tremendously big difference because so many people are inconvenienced by an online protest [sarcasm intended] with issues brought to their attention. If the civil war is only online, that civil war can easily be deleted, ignored or turned off entirely and won’t be the least bit effective, especially if it’s full of asterisks. Chau.—el barrio rosa


Footnote 1 Would you believe that this b/witch was once again re-elected for another 2-year term for the House of Representatives by the Dembot voters (of those who voted) in San Francisco this past June 2018, and she clocked in with the usual 70% or so (68.38% to be precise, 52.61% voter turnout). Ask these voters anything about her record of enabling George W Bush, neocon Obama (as he expanded the Bush’s regime’s agenda) and the orange nazi, and you’d likely get a blank stare. I think the people vote for her merely on name recognition and because, “Hey, I see her on television with those bugged-out eyes (where she looks terrified and afraid of her own shadow; similar to Dianne Feinstein) and those ancient outdated white pearls around her neck.” (BTW, for each pearl on her neck an animal had to die. Does anyone ever think of that?)

Footnote 2 Although I did see this white, jacked-up pickup truck the other day. I’ve never seen a pickup truck so high up off the ground. It was driven by this young white boy with a black baseball cap on. The only thing missing was the confederate flag in the back window along with a rifle and a “Tr*mp 2020″ bumper sticker. I don’t know how this guy was able to get into the cab of this truck without a ladder or somehow climbing up on the vehicle. It looked so much higher than the black pickup truck driving up the street right behind it.

Footnote 3 Even the orange nazi’s most rabid, sexist, misogynistic, chauvinist, pro-violence, racist, women-hating, homophobic angry supporters think that he is a nazi. That’s what they love about him. They have swastikas on their sites, one in particular supporting the orange nazi with his name imprinted on all four sides of the swastika. You can see that here. And they feel the same way about that P*nce guy.


Dr King warned us about people like Chuck Schumer

Review: The 2018 Gay Freedom Day in San Francisco

[There's an update to this article at the bottom.]

Hola a todos. Well, we didn’t go to the corporate Pride Parade the Gay Freedom Day Parade in San Francisco (as it should be called), but mi amigo/my friend had some things to buy near The Castro so I went with him, and here’s what we saw after the parade:

After the parade and people came over to The Castro, generally speaking, there was more of a feel of the Old City, although there were very few Old City people there. The Old City feeling came from a bit of a party atmosphere and seeing many people in rainbow colours and colour in general. We saw a few Drag Queens with big hats. What one usually sees around here 364 days a year — the cold Millennial black and grey-clothed, lobotomised, snarly-faced snottiness and snootiness — was not there, fortunately, although a few people were still in all-black. It was a friendlier atmosphere. So that was a positive thing. And the party atmosphere is very rare to see in today’s conservative and sanitised Castro.

It was obvious to us that the majority of people who came to Pride Gay Freedom Day don’t live here, because we were asking: Where did these people come from, most of whom we’ve never seen before that we remember? It was what’s come to be known as “the bridge and tunnel crowd” (meaning the young partying types from around the Bay Area) that we saw coming up out of the Muni metro at Harvey Milk Plaza’s Castro station. Most of those who came to San Francisco for this event likely took the metro back to Civic Center Station from Castro Street Station and then took BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit, our other subway system here in San Francisco) back home to where they live around the Bay Area. I suspect most of the colourful clothing we saw will be going back in the closet today (Lunes/Monday) and The Castro will return to looking like a depressed Disneyfied morgue with the majority of people wearing funeral-drab, boring, conformist Millennial black and grey. The crowd was very mixed in ethnicity and in age, but mostly younger.

We noticed that the obnoxious jock bar on Market Street near Castro — is that a gay or straight bar now?; it’s supposed to be gay — had predictably dragged out its Rainbow Flags that always look new because they only get used one day a year on Pride Gay Freedom Day to exploit the tourists into thinking that the bar is pro-Queer, even though it’s often filled with obnoxious breeders. Those flags will be heading back in the closet today (Lunes/Monday) if they didn’t last night, not to be seen again for another year as is the case every year following Pride Gay Freedom Day. Apparently that conservative and corporatist bar owner (originally from Santa Cruz?) who says he “identifies as gay” (ugh) — which makes it sound like one’s sexuality is a choice — presumably is of the opinion that Rainbow Flags are “too gay” for a jock/obnoxious sports bar. So that’s why one only sees Rainbow Flags flying outside his bar one day a year. The bar’s own flags and the flags of corporate sports teams (with their homophobic players?) fly there the other 364 days a year.

One thing mi amigo/my friend couldn’t help but notice was the number of gay guys that we have seen from past years from the — what used to be known as — gay gym who are now with females. You read that correctly; I’m not making this up. They were holding hands as a breeder couple and some of them were making out on street corners while wearing gay colours (Oxymoron Alert!) and waiting for a light to change. Mi amigo said to me: “See that gay guy across the street wearing that short-sleeved green shirt? He used to go to our gay gym and he always hung out with the gay guys. See him making out with that female next to him?” Then the guy put his arms up to stretch and his Millennial female slapped him, so he immediately put his arms back down. It looked like she was scolding/reprimanding this now-closet case for exposing his underarms to the public. So he’s with a prude female now. She ought to be lovely in bed! You wouldn’t want to see a guy’s underarms in public, jesus! By their behaviour, we sensed their relationship is quite new. Then I saw a gay guy I’ve seen for years holding hands with a female crossing Castro Street as a breeder couple. They got in the theatre line to go to see a gay film. Oh how things have changed in The Castro. The guys I’m talking about here are the gay conversion guys. (Related: Gay guys self-induced conversion therapy). That must be some head trip. We saw quite a few of them. It was disturbing to both of us. It’s odd that they came to a gay event while trying to “go straight” or having “gone straight” and trying to present this public image that “him and her” are a breeder couple. (Oxymoron Alert!) Why would a gay guy come to a gay event marketed as gay “Pride” to show that he’s now with a female? And presumably having “gone straight?” (Oxymoron Alert!) These gay-conversion couples were rather in-your-face about it too. I guess that’s part of it. The public displays. But that’s typical of breeders also. But I guess this comes with the times, being that of increasing insanity. It must be the plastics in the agua/water worldwide.

Regarding the self-induced conversion therapy, I’ve read a couple of comments online from two different gay guys who tried to “go straight” on their own. Both said it didn’t work and they felt ashamed of themselves and guilt for having even tried to “go straight.”

Interestingly, we saw no politics, nothing about the orange nazi, nothing about anything remotely political. Nothing about the loss of Queer freedoms or the rising violence against Queers. One got the impression that “everything is fine in the world.”

Mi amigo was listening to some conversations and he said: If these people showed up at your diary/your site, they would immediately click off. They would have no interest at all. They don’t have the intelligence for it. Their intelligence level is at zero. Your diary is far too in depth for anything that these people would have an interest in. There’s such a glaring immaturity level out there among the so-called Queer Community, he said. I agree, and I already knew that. I’ve heard the conversations too, that is, when people aren’t paralysed by their phones. The main language one hears here is presumably US-English and the only word in that language that one hears is the word “like” or when it’s said extremely quickly it comes out as “lick.”

But I’m well aware that most of what I write about, the so-called Queer Community has no interest in. That’s part of the reason I started this site because much of what I write here I wouldn’t be allowed to write anywhere else, or I would be hated on for writing it and trolled, and it would go right over most people’s heads, unfortunately. It’s just representative of the times we’re living in where stupid is in.

We did see a sizeable group of Queer guys who haven’t tried to “go straight,” that we know of, and were with other guys and not with a female, again that we know of, but mi amigo couldn’t help but notice the ones who have “switched” as he called it. As I’ve written before, one never saw this “switching” during the Gay Mecca decades and the years of the original Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement. Perhaps these guys who have “switched” are the ones who saturated their personal sex ads (when CL allowed personal sex ads) with the closet case language “discreet, discreet, discreet” and “down low.” Ashamed of their gay sexual orientation after all these decades. We also couldn’t understand why breeder couples would come to a gay event — or is one of them in the closet? — since neither of us go to straight events.

Other than that, there’s not much else to report, other than the two females standing next to us the entire time in the Harvey Milk Plaza. It was their phone library and they stood leaning against the light pole paralysed by their phones the entire time we were there. They’re probably still standing there! I wouldn’t doubt it. Go check them out. They never, ever looked up once or took their eyes off their screens other than to look at each’s screen a few times in a “show and tell.” It was clear to us that they didn’t see any of the event that they supposedly came to see. All they saw was their phones. They could have done that at home in their living room. I glanced over at their phones once and they were both on either F**book or Twi**er. I couldn’t tell which one because of the glare on the screen, and it doesn’t matter. I just fail to understand why people make all the effort of coming to an event like this and then never see it. Chau.—el barrio rosa

UPDATE (el 25 de junio de 2018): Hola. Mi amigo went to his gym this morning and was surprised by how many Queer guys were there considering it was the morning after Pride Gay Freedom Day. I said: Well the reason they were there is because they didn’t go to that thing yesterday. He said: That’s exactly right. I asked: Did any of them have a sunburn or any sign that they had been there? He said: No, and they were mostly the Old City Queer guys who are still here. But something disturbing happened while he was there. Mi amigo was in the locker room and he said this guy was dressing to leave (I’ll call him Guy 1). Another guy came in (I’ll call him Guy 2) and Guy 1 apparently found Guy 2 attractive. So they talked briefly and then Guy 1 said to Guy 2: “I couldn’t encourage you to date me (or words to that effect) could I?” Guy 2 said, “Well, there’s a problem with that. I have a lady at home.” Guy 1 said, “That’s all I need to hear” and he quickly turned around and left. Mi amigo said: You could clearly see that Guy 2 is Queer so I don’t know why he has “a lady at home.” Some history: Guy 2 is one of these guys from the old gay gym who has been in the so-called Gay Community here in San Francisco for 28 years or so and was all wrapped up in “Pride.” Every year — including this year — he would go around asking the gay guys in the gym, “Are you ready for Pride?” He’s one of the guys that did that. Now, he has “a lady at home.” (roll eyes). Sigh. I guess he’s “converted,” and there has been absolutely no indication all this time that he’s bisexual nor has he mentioned a word about being bisexual for him to have “a lady at home.” Unless he’s talking about a guy as being “a lady at home.” This looks like yet another case of gay conversion while going to Gay Pride. (Oxymoron Alert!) jesus fucking christ. Mi amigo said: I was really surprised to hear that because when I went into the locker room he (Guy 2) was taking his shirt off and rubbing himself all over inspecting to see how Queer he looked, or at least that’s the impression I got from watching him. So dude (Guy 2): What is with this “lady at home” nonsense? Chau.—el barrio rosa

Queers glorying war on Gay Freedom Day Weekend

You can’t make this shit up! Hola a todos. Mi amigo/My friend went on a walk this morning (el 23 de junio de 2018/23 June 2018) up to Twin Peaks here in San Francisco. Every “Pride Weekend” (also known as Pride Inc) “Gay Freedom Day Weekend,” as it was originally called, a pink triangle is installed on the Bay side/East Side of Twin Peaks (although it’s technically not on either peak but rather on the hillside looking down from the tourist area). This pink triangle can be seen for miles since it’s rather large. From my apartment window, I can see them putting it up.

Mi amigo said there were no large crowds up there, no large crowds going up or coming down. What disgusted him when he got up there was the music being played by a Queer band. They played the US national anthem as well as “California, Here I Come.” (Don’t these bands ever learn any new repertoire?) As I’ve pointed out before, the US national anthem is the last piece of music I would expect the now-dead so-called Queer Community to play (if it can be called a “Community” since there’s no feel or sense of community now within any groups of the so-called Queer Community. The dopamine-phone addiction has replaced any genuine sense of community. It’s hard to have any feelings of a community when all one sees is a sea of phone zombies no matter where you look walking around hunched over and hypnotised by their phones; the latest distraction).

Anyway, as I’ve pointed out before, the US national anthem glories war which most people don’t seem to be aware of. They mindlessly mumble-sing it with their fake patriotism and ugly nationalism. Take these lyrics, for example:

“And the rockets’ red glare, the bombs bursting in air,
Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there;
O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave?”

Is that something you would expect to hear a repressed and oppressed minority group singing or playing in their devoutly partisan glorification of the US Oligarchy, which represses, oppresses and depresses Queers? Or do these idiots even think about what they’re singing about or playing: Rockets’ red glare and bombs bursting in air glorify war, death and killing of innocent people by the US government/Oligarchy and its illegal barbaric terrorist attacks on sovereign nations killing thousands of innocent people. Then there’s the big lie about “the land of the free.” The land of the free? Where’s that? WTF? Where does one even begin to debunk that nonsense when we currently have nazis in power, a US Supreme Court that rules against basic human rights for Queers, and a US congress that has willingly reduced itself to subservient ceremonial status as both right-wing corporate parties (Democrats and Republicans) genuflect by their silence and complicity to their Führer?

With the US national anthem, we see the now-dead, so-called Queer Community warming to and embracing this drivel. What has happened to my fellow Queers? The original Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement wanted nothing to do with celebrating the imperialistic US War Machine/Military Industrial Complex and its barbarism. They were pro-peace and about peace. They were not pro-Establishment like today’s mostly conservative so-called Queer Community.

But today’s corporatised and adamantly conformist so-called Queer Community has done a “180.” They disgust me. (It got to be the plastic in the agua/water worldwide). They’re now embracing what they once rejected. Insanity. And that’s why some of us can’t relate to them at all. It’s part of their “Assimilating with the breeders” head trip. Gag.

With the rockets’ red glare, the bombs bursting in air, and that flag still being thereFootnote 1, I guess Queers don’t mind killing other Queers which is what happens in war. Or do Queers think that only breeders are killed in war?

We shouldn’t be surprised if the “2018 San Francisco Pride”Footnote 2 parade begins with a playing of the US national anthem with macho, redneck straight guys from the US military riding motorcycles, instead of the Dykes on Bikes. Chau.—el barrio rosa


Footnote 1 The flag still being there is important, is it? Who do you think is going to steal it? And who cares if they do? It’s just a piece of cloth. Our rights are guaranteed in the US Constitution (what little remains of it at this point), not in a piece of cloth that Hollywood has brainwashed the public with that in a military battle one is supposed to save a flag when in reality that is not at all the case. When you’re being shot at with bullets and bombs and trying to save/protect your life, do you really think you’re going to worry about some fucking flag? If you are that shallow and dense, you deserve what you get! And how many battle fields have you seen with flags in them? It’s after the battle that the flag shows up. The winner puts a flag up, and not until then.

Footnote 2 As one of my commenters noted, the “2018 San Francisco Pride” sounds like it’s about having pride in The City, as in “I’m a proud San Franciscan.” Their title doesn’t sound like the event is about anything Queer or Gay-related, and I suspect that’s deliberate. The organisers have so ruined and sanitised this corporatised event — which should be called Gay Freedom Day — that they have removed the words Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer from the title. To cater to the breeders and make them more comfortable so more of them will show up as they hijack the Rainbow Flag and make out under it?


Change it back to Gay Freedom Day

The Queer Equality March began with the US National Anthem? WTF?