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Why many GLBTQs resent “straights” coming to gay areas

“Straights” completely ignore the generations where gay people have been repressed, depressed, suppressed, oppressed and hated-on by “straight” people. “Straights” have been demonising us, minimising us, pushing us out of the way even out of our own neighbourhoods (as they are currently doing in many US cities) and disrespecting our gay culture to impose their sterile, bland and prudish conservative “Family-Friendly” nonsense. Indeed “straights” have been hating-on us and on occasion killing gay people for generations.

Hola. ¿Qué tal? This post came about from a discussion I had recently with some amigos.

For those who haven’t kept up, many of the gay areas in major cities of The Empire (also known as the US, The Cesspool, los Estados Unidos) have already been or are in the process of being invaded/taken over by heterosexuals/”straights.”

Some examples: Manhattan’s Chelsea barrio/neighbourhood in New York City comes to mind as well as West Hollywood in Los Ángeles County, The Castro in San Francisco (see San Francisco’s Fading Gay Mecca) and Dupont Circle in the District of Columbia. They are four gay areas that come to mind that we talked about in our discussion.

What’s the reason for “straights” pushing gay people out of our gay areas? Well, I’ll tell it like it is, which I like to do: Among the many reasons for this (including Immense Greed of the Real Estate Industrial Complex and their Corrupt Liars), Queer boys and girls fixed up their barrios and made them fairly nice places to live. Then the “straights” heard about this and they decided that, “hey, maybe the gay area is not such a bad place after all and a nice place for us to live too with ‘the gays’ (as they call us).” Of course the “straights” could just fix up their own dumpy neighbourhoods, no? No, that would require too much work and energy on their part. It’s much easier to push “the gays” out of their areas. So the pushy “straights” decided to take the easy way out. They come barreling into the gay barrios to live, to hang out and get drunk/party in gay bars and then they begin to squeeze out babies (after which time they often become a conservative prude; it’s strange how having babies can change some people 180 degrees). But they’re not satisfied with just moving into the gay area. No. They decide they want to change the barrio to the way they want it to be (Question: why did they move to the gay area if it wasn’t already the way they wanted it to be?), so that means sanitising the barrio and making it—what they call, using Newspeak— “Family-Friendly.” Ugh. The translation of this: Make the former mostly gay area (that the “straights” have now pushed their way into) like any other area. Well there goes the neighbourhood! And if they wanted the gay area to be like any other neighbourhood why the fuck didn’t they just stay where they were? Are they that fucking out-of-it? Then unfortunately, the heteronormative gay conservatives (often displaying self-gay hate) rush to defend and support the prudish “straights” because they too now want to sanitise the area and make it like the heterosexual place they fled from decades ago when they moved to San Francisco, for example. The gay conservatives use Newspeak to describe their agenda. They call this: “the gay community maturing.” It’s the gay community becoming (more) conservative, that’s the reality. So the gay conservatives are not fooling anyone with their bull shit and Newspeak.

Also, the conservatives/right-wing nutjobs—including gay conservatives with their fucked-up heteronormative thinking—insist there’s no longer a need for “gay ghettos,” as they call them. They’re using the term “ghetto” as a pejorative obviously, and deliberately so. But how many “ghettos” do you know of that come with million dollar homes and come with status-symbol “Keeping up with the Joneses” black, silver, tan or white SUVs and other pretentious-type vehicles? That’s what one finds in these so-called “gay ghettos.” And despite the false impression and phony picture that some people like to paint about “straights” and GLBTQs now being so lovey-dovey together, many of us don’t fall for that bull shit either. I invite the gay conservatives to go to a gay bar and try to approach a “straight” guy who has parked his ass in a gay bar—what the fuck is he doing in a gay bar to begin with if he’s not a fucking closet case?—and ask him for a date or to come over to one’s place, and see what type of reaction one gets. One might just see how lovey-dovey he acts then as he’s foaming at the mouth with hostility and being resentful that anyone would think he’s gay—and his reaction clearly demonstrates that he thinks there’s something wrong with being gay—even though his ass is parked in a gay bar. Hypocrite/Closet Case! From my research, some lesbians have said the same thing about “straight” females being in lesbian bars and the problems that arise from that. There are many good reasons to have separate “straight” and gay bars. Duh. And historically, gay bars have existed for very good and viable reasons. I’ve never known any gay people to deliberately go to a “straight” bar, but in these loco days many supposed “straights” are wandering into gay bars. There must be something in the water. Or are they closet cases and trying to come out? Or are they using a gay bar for cheating purposes (to cheat on someone and they think they won’t be discovered there?)

I’ve noticed many times how the conservatives like to go on about how the “straights” bring so-called “diversity” to gay areas. Oddly, they’ve never claimed that GLBTQs bring “diversity” to “straight” areas. Instead, the “straights” have said, “Go back to the (gay) Castro.” The conservatives/right-wing nutjobs have mocked, made fun of and hated on diversity during the decades when San Francisco was known as a “Left” city. The conservatives despised diversity and mocked diversity at every opportunity. But now that they and their corporatist conservative parasites are in power as part of San Francisco’s Corporate Fascist government (or using the sanitised word Oligarchy), where a techie billionaire is unofficially el alcalde/the mayor and corporate greed interests run and own the city government and determine its policies, the conservatives now pretend to be all for so-called diversity. Again, it’s more bull shit. We’re living in an Age of Bull Shit and Lies. Because in reality, the conservatives/right-wing don’t give a fuck about diversity and they never have. They hide behind the word “diversity” when it means “straights” taking over a gay neighbourhood and sanitising it, and San Francisco becoming a conservative/right-wing city and the opposite of what it was. It’s just more of their Newspeak and bull shit and the conservatives are not fooling any thinking person.

In-your-face “straights”

Then we have the large condo-sized, ubiquitous baby-strollers that “straights” love to bring into gay areas in their very determined and pushy attempt to continue to make the gay area (what they call) “Family-Friendly” so that some gullible gay guys will gush and fawn over their little niño/a with the perfunctory, “Gitchi Gitchi Goo” script. This scene happened a few days ago: Three white young “straights” couples came into The Castro and congested the sidewalk on the south side of Market Street so that nobody could get around them. They each had a condominium-sized baby stroller (the pretentious “Keeping up with the Jones-es” type). So that’s 3 big baby strollers blocking the entire sidewalk. Have these morons never heard of “wearing” their baby? Apparently, being inconsiderate assholes they expected everyone to walk out in the street to get around them. They seemed to be under the illusion that nobody else lives here but them since they acted typically oblivious and with a lobotomised facial expression as if they saw no one and felt nothing. Assholes.

Some of us—including mi amigos—say we didn’t move 3,000 miles (from the East Coast to the West Coast) to live among “straight” people in San Francisco’s Castro, for example. Just as some muchachos say they didn’t move from Brooklyn or one of the other boroughs to Manhattan’s Chelsea so they could live among redneck, anti-gay “straight” people who have moved into Chelsea. (Chelsea: The Death of a Gay Neighborhood, Murdered by Neo-Hetero-Homophobes). If we Queers had wanted to live among “straight” people we would have stayed where we were decades ago.

The Sanitising of San Francisco’s Castro

The sanitising of San Francisco’s Castro as a Queer barrio seems to be almost complete unfortunately and this has come about with the complicity of that useless, conservative and totalitarian merchants association in The Castro. They’re the same basura that sometime ago expressed, “mounting concern about the Castro losing its GLBTQ identity.” Their only “mounting concern” was losing dinero/$$. They don’t give a fuck where their dinero comes from so as far as most of them are concerned let’s help to turn this into a “straight” barrio and maybe that would work out better for us financially. The merchants association are indeed part of the problem/reason that the Castro is losing it’s GLBTQ identity. To me and mi amigos, it looks like the Castro is going to completely sanitise so as to focus on a “straight” identity. In other words, The Castro will be like any other barrio. Question: And why will people want to come to The Castro when it will look like where they came from? I can see national and international tourists saying upon arriving here: “Well there’s nothing here to see. This looks like home. This looks like any place else. What exactly am I supposed to be seeing here?” Yes, that’s the problem with lobotomised cities and areas. Following the Castro sidewalk expansion—which erased/tore up/got rid of the sidewalks of the former Castro of the Gay Mecca Days (and there were decades of Queer history in those sidewalks) and of The former Alternative and Proudly Radical San Francisco—and to help sanitise The Castro, they took down all the rainbow flags on the utility poles on Castro (just like the “gay” gym on Market Street near Castro removed their rainbow colours). Castro Street now looks like any other area of the city, and that’s the intent. There are now only a few gay symbols remaining in the sanitised Castro. A couple of bars still have rainbow flags, for example, there’s the rainbow crosswalks which were recently installed at Castro/18th. Those crosswalks are already getting dirty with tire marks and parts of them are already coming up and they can’t be seen easily at night. All that remains after that is the big rainbow flag at Castro and Market. But some of us are wondering how long it will be before that comes down too. The Castro has a very different feel now since the sidewalk expansion. It feels impersonal/colder and it feels like one might be in the suburbs with wide sidewalks (like at a mall) and palm trees and the “straight” couples walking hand-in-hand or arm-in-arm.

Many “straights” whine about “gays being so in-your-face with their sexuality.” But “straights” have no problem with coming into our barrio (The Castro, for example) and making out at the bus stop or anywhere else and being “in-your-face with their sexuality” to let us all know that they’re “straight” (as if anyone gives a fuck). I and others feel like screaming to them: “get a room somewhere!!” as the saying goes or “take that back to the Marina or North Beach,” (the heterosexual areas of San Francisco). When “straights” come to sashay their asses through The Castro with their required hand-holding and their perfunctory arm-in-arm around each other (is she really that insecure and desperately needy for attention that she must have his arm around her at all times?…jesus!) and their making sure everyone knows that they’re “straight” (in what is supposed to be a gay area) with their in-your-face “straight” affection, and also by their giving some of us GLBTQ strange/anti-gay looks in our own neighborhood, some of us do get fucking pissed off and we’re sick of it.

With average rents today in San Francisco at about $3,500.00, the reality is that San Francisco is now completely unaffordable to the GLBTQ people who throughout the past four decades escaped to San Francisco to get away from anti-gay harassment and violence. Also, San Francisco’s District 8, which includes The Castro and is the district that conservative Politician Cocks pretends to represent—in reality he represents his corporate owners and the Real Estate Industrial Complex and their Corrupt Liars—has the highest rate of evictions through the Ellis Act (a state law) and it’s one of the means used by greedy speculator$ for evicting long-term rent controlled tenants in order to flip their buildings and make huge profit$. Greed. Many GLBTQ people have already been evicted or made homeless because of mostly “straight” young, white, lobotomised, stupidphone-addicted techies taking over San Francisco. (Related: Smartphones are transforming society into a sea of stupid).

Sometimes when GLBTQ people write what I’ve written here some “straights” get offended at what they call the snide remarks about “straights.” (Well I haven’t even gotten warmed up). And let me put it to you this way:

The very worst I think I’ve ever seen or heard from GLBTQ people is—what one would call—to make a snide remark about “straight” people. But by comparison, “straight” people have killed gay people for being gay, “straight” people have driven gay people from their homes and from their jobs and anything else they wanted to remove gay people from. “Straights” have made life a living hell for GLBTQ people historically. Not all “straights” have done this or do this today. But for “straight” people to whine about some perceived negative remarks from GLBTQs regarding “straights” is for “straights” to completely ignore the generations where gay people have been repressed, depressed, suppressed, oppressed and hated-on by “straight” people. “Straights” have been demonising us, minimising us, pushing us out of the way even out of our own barrios/neighbourhoods (as they’re doing now), disrespecting our (proudly-radical) gay culture to impose their sterile, bland, boring, prudish-conservative “Family-Friendly” agenda. Indeed “straights” have been hating-on us and on occasion killing gay people for generations.

So I’ll start criticising my fellow Queers for the occasional remarks about “straights” when all “straights” reprimand other “straights” for demonising Queers and making our lives more difficult literally on a daily basis. How’s that? Chau.—el barrio rosa


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Are you Pro-Choice or Pro-Birth?

Are you Pro-Life Pro-Birth?

Hola. ¿Qué tal? I saw a bumper sticker the other day saying, “Be Pro-Life.” The crowd that pretends to be “pro-life” is really pro-birth or anti-choice, and their bumper sticker should read, “Be Pro-Birth.” That’s because these “pro-life” nuts don’t care about the life of the child after it’s born. They just want the child to be born. After that, they couldn’t care less about the child or the quality of the child’s life, especially if the child is not white. These are the same people who vote for scum-of-the-Earth corporatist politicians who cut programmes to help better children’s lives. So how the fuck can they claim to be “pro-life?” They’re not. It’s bull shit, more Newspeak and deception. Take for example the nuts that voted for illegitimate George W Bush and that despicable sack of fecal matter Dick Cheney who illegitimately parked their asses in la casa blanca for eight long year after stealing two elections (Florida in 2000, Florida and Ohio in 2004) with the complicity of the useless and misnamed “Democratic” Party. During his political “career,” that corporatist parasite Cheney voted to cut funding for Head Start, a programme to help children’s lives. How the fuck is cutting the funding for a programme to help children’s lives being “pro-life?” The pro-birth crowd are the same scum that are all “Rah, Rah, US military” and into mindless US flag-waving. If only they could get that excited about the US Constitution. They love to send USans off to some needless war for Oil and US Empire Building (translation: stealing the natural resources of other countries). They support sending drones to places such as Africa where wedding parties are bombed by US drones (how is bombing wedding parties, “pro-life?”). They support killing innocent women, men and children throughout the world in the name of this phony “War on Terror” nonsense per the neocon’s Project for the New American Century (PNAC) agenda. How is killing innocent men, women and children “pro-life,” idiots? They’re rabidly gung-ho in promoting The Empire’s Military Industrial Complex and their Corrupt Liars. The so-called “pro-life” rhetoric is completely hypocritical, bankrupt, a sham and very transparent to any person possessing critical thinking skills, which I assume the pro-birth crowd lack.

If someone reading this is pro-birth, you’ll likely continue to be. If the reader is pro-choice, you’ll likely continue to be. The title of this article, “Are you Pro-Choice or Pro-Birth?” is rhetorical and is intended only to make the pro-birth point. I have no interest in talking about abortion in the comments. The decision to have an abortion (or not) should be left up to la mujer/the woman and her partner to decide, not the government. And if someone opposes abortion, then don’t have one, but don’t arrogantly and omnipotently decide for other people what they should do in their circumstance. It’s a personal decision. I’m just bringing this topic up because I’m so tired of hearing/reading these pro-birth idiots lie and charade as being “pro-life,” when they’re clearly not. They’re pro-birth and that’s what their bumper stickers and anything else they put their hypocritical message on should say.

And should anyone try to “bait” me into a so-called “discussion” about abortion in the comments, don’t waste your time with that as I’ll delete your comment. The topic of abortion has been hashed out and hashed out and rehashed and rehashed for decades now—and no one’s mind is going to be changed—so I’m sick of it. Nor am I interested in allowing a so-called “discussion” about it in the comments because all that ever ends up being is dysfunctional arguing between the two teams (pro-choice versus pro-birth) going at each other for days and one team putting the other team down, and the pro-birth team dragging in their twisted interpretation of bible bunk and what some muchacho supposedly said in the bible. Well, go do that elsewhere on some other blog that encourages and thrives on dysfunctional comments. I can’t stand dysfunction so you’re not doing that here. Fin./The End. Chau.—el barrio rosa

Females are so insecure and needy

Hola. ¿Qué tal? Below is a comment left on this article, but I decided to make it a post. Here’s what she wrote:

“I’m glad you have the spine to write about why many of us gays and lesbians resent straights coming into our gay areas. Most people wouldn’t have the courage to write that because they wouldn’t want to offend the straights, but sincerely I don’t care whether they are offended or not. I went to the gym this past Sunday. I go to the gay gym in the Castro that you’ve written about. You would have been turned off by what I saw. Two straight couples came to our gay gym while I was working out. Thank goodness one of them left but the other stayed (a young white couple in their early 20s). What got me was that the female of that couple had to hold the hand of the dude she was with to walk from one piece of workout equipment to another during her workout. I’ve never seen that before in our gym. During my workout I watched them and was getting more annoyed as I watched this girl being so insecure with herself and with her man that she had to show all the gay guys in the gym that he belonged to her. She must be one of these ignorant straights that think that a gay dude is interested in any dude just because he has a dick, so to show all the gay dudes in this gay gym that this dude belonged to her she had to hold her man’s hand in the gym walking from machine to machine. If she’s so afraid of the gay community in the Castro she and her man should go somewhere else where she feels more comfortable. There was one gay couple there and they’ve been there forever and they always hold hands but not when going from one piece of equipment to the other so it was good to see they were there and hopefully this straight couple got an eye full of the gay couple and got turned off and cancelled their membership. I can hope can’t I?! Thank you.—Liz

Muchas gracias for your comment, Liz. As you can see, I’ve titled this “Females are so insecure and needy.” That title came to me after I read about your experience at the gym. From what I hear, that gym is changing for the worse, just like San Francisco.

Not all females are insecure and needy, but from my experience the majority of females are. In my past, some muchachas whom I worked with were not at all needy and never into drama or attention at least around me. But the overwhelming majority of las muchachas I’ve dealt with were very insecure, needy, in need of drama, and some muchachas will admit to that. Other muchachas angrily deny it.

Most females need all this attention, this constant hand-holding, this constant holding of some kind, besos, doors opened for them, chairs pulled out for their needy ass, this done for them, that done for them, on and on, they’re such helpless needy people. Turn on that television and one sees the same needy, insecure behaviour from females in network programmes, obnoxious commercials and noticias/news. That’s in part where las chicas and their chicos learn this stuff and come to expect it in their own lives.

I’ve talked with some divorced guys over the years who were once married to a female and they confirmed this as well, and it was part of the reason they divorced. They referred to the females they were married to as, “she was High Maintenance” (they were being polite) and they couldn’t deal with it anymore. Some muchachos don’t divorce, they don’t feel like going through all the legal and emotional hassle and emotional baggage so they just stay away from home as often as possible so as to not be subjected to the neediness, the insecurity and constant nagging about what el muchacho hasn’t done for her that she expected (with her often needy and unrealistic expectations). There are the constant female mood swings which all men know about in detail, including gay chicos who have experienced the mood swings with amigas. One minute she’s fine, happy and laughing and the next minute—for some unknown reason—she’s an emotional wreck, in tears with an emotional meltdown in the works and storming out the room over something trivial. Five minutes later when she returns and one asks, “are you alright?” she responds with: “Yeah I’m fine, why?” She doesn’t remember any of it; it never happened according to her. One cannot predict a female’s behaviour or her mood, so don’t bother trying. With most females, you never know what her mood is going to be. She’s unpredictable. Which personality will show up today?

And of course this insecure and needy behaviour of females encourages chauvinistic behaviour from el chico whom she’s desperately grabbing the hand of as she needs/demands security/attention from him and clings to him.

After reading Liz’s comment, I was wondering how that mujer/woman in the gym would have travelled from one piece of workout equipment to another machine if her chico hadn’t been there to hold her needy hand and take her from one machine to another? What would the woman have done? Since she apparently couldn’t have travelled from one workout machine to another without him being there, no? How unfortunate that she’s never heard the words: independent, self-sufficient, autonomous or feminist.

From what I see these days feminism is dead and it’s people like this woman’s behaviour in the gym that has caused feminism to die. I especially see this chauvinistic behaviour in The Castro with young “straight” couples who look like they’re in their 20s or 30s. Is your clinging to him like a magnet to supposedly “protect him” and keep him away from the gay boys? Don’t flatter yourself, muchacha! Is it to let everyone know he belongs to you? Well who the fuck cares?! You’re in a major city where know one knows you (except your amigos, if you have any), you’re not in some small hamlet where everyone knows you. Psssssst: If your chico is interested in or wants a gay boy there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it, muchacha. And your clinging to him and neediness might backfire on you and turn him off. I know I’d damn-well get tired of it. jesus!

I know of two “straight” married couples (probably in their 40s or a bit older) where the partners are both equal in their relationship and in their interaction with each other. They don’t act at all like this couple from the gym: With that couple, did the female require “daddy” to hold her little hand going from machine to machine? The couples I know behave as equals, rather than the female being chauvinistically subservient to the guy. Ugh.

I’m also glad Liz brought this up: Just because el chico is gay does not mean he’s into any chico he sees. What fool thinks that? Just like any “straight” chico is not into any chica he sees. Well it works the same way with GLBTQ people. But some anti-gay morons or just ignorant people out there—and it sounds like that needy mujer/woman in the gym that Liz talked about might be one of them—do indeed hold to that fucked-up-in-the-head thinking that a gay chico is into any chico he sees because he’s into any dick, which is nonsense.

And finally, whenever I have the misfortune of seeing a “straight” couple around here as part of the “straights” invasion of the gay Castro barrio, el muchacho (of the “straight” couple) is always taller (at least a head taller if not more) than la chica he’s with. Is that so he can tower over her as some sexual, chauvinistic head-trip he’s on or they’re both on? She’s staring up at him like she’s looking up at a skyscraper—well really she looks like she’s desperately trying to climb up on him somehow standing on her tiptoes looking way up at him in her craving need for attention—as if she’s looking up at “daddy” with puppy-dog, limpid eyes and pleading, “daddy, please give me attention, I demand it, I crave it, por favor.” I see that scene I just described too often in The Castro these days. Ugh.

By contrast, most gay and lesbian couples I see around here seem to be about the same height.

Muchísimas gracias, Liz for your comment. Chau.—el barrio rosa


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Do you pley?

Hola. ¿Qué tal? Do you pley? Well do you? After years of observing the business review site I’ll call pley (that’s not the name of it but if you read backwards maybe you can figure it out), I’ve learned that pley is thoroughly corrupt (not surprising), as some people have suspected for a long time. I’ve read articles about pley over the years and their shady business practices, such as business owners paying pley to remove negative reviews which of course pley adamantly denies. In Newspeak terms, if they deny it, they’re doing it. Like the typical useless D and R corporatist politician today. It’s called lying and bull shit which seems to be “in” these days especially from big (techie) corporations, including pley. Anything to deceive the customer/The People. I read that a credible study was done by a professor at a well-known university and the professor analysed over 300,000 customer reviews on pley in the Boston Metropolitan Area and found that fictitious/fake reviews on pley increased to 20% as of 2014. Well, who would give any credibility to a site like that? Also, many business owners say pley salespeople have offered to remove or hide their negative reviews if they purchased advertising on pley. That’s blackmailing people. Very sleazy and corrupt, but typical of many techie basura/trash.

The reasons I’m even writing about this is because locally when new businesses—including restaurants, retail stores and bars—open around my area of San Francisco they immediately receive 5-star thoroughly-gushing (fake) reviews with people often writing how they, “Love, Love, Love this place,” and the reviews are often from people who don’t even live anywhere near here. Such was the case the other day when I was on pley researching to write this article. Someone from Denver (writing their first review, that’s always suspect) on pley was gushing and gushing over a small candy store that had just opened in San Francisco. I’ve been by that candy store and looked in and there’s certainly nothing in there to gush over. Over the years, I’ve known of two well-known chocolate companies near me that closed, and they were much better than this new store, which I’m not sure even carries chocolate. Also, I’ve observed that the candy aisles of local drugs stores are usually empty when I’m in there. So I don’t know how this new candy store expects to pay that high rent for the expensive building they’re in and make any dinero at it with the little bit of candy they have in those jars in their small store. The review from Denver I mentioned earlier for this candy store was a bit much. I couldn’t imagine anyone gushing to such an extreme extent over a small candy store. After I read that review, I thought: Yeah right! What really happened is that the owner of that store here in San Francisco has an amiga/friend in Denver and she e-mailed her a pre-written gushing review and asked her to go on pley, register on that site and post the review she had sent her to post. We’re not all fools here! Some of us have a superior bull shit detector. I’ve noticed that some people seem able to detect these bull shit reviews on pley, often because they’re just so obvious and extreme in their gushing praise because nobody but the owner or a close amigo/a of a business would gush to such an extreme extent over any business. Then when someone questions the bull shit reviews on pley, pley deletes the review of the person questioning the bull shit review. pley favours businesses that give them advertising dinero, and anything those techies at pley say to the contrary is a lie and bull shit.

I’ve seen other instances on pley where a reviewer wrote this:

“Full disclosure: the server and host in the restaurant asked our party to write a pley review. I suspect that’s why the ratings are considerably higher as of late.”
My response: Oh really? Imagine that. And did they also give you a discount on your bill or give you a free meal for your writing your review for them? Hmmmmmmmm?

I also saw two gushing reviews—which I’ll get to shortly—last night about a bar that just opened nearby. More booze, more booze, more booze. Can’t have enough booze around here. I swear, this must be a city of alcoholics. If booze were any other drug it would be frowned upon and illegal. This new bar was originally announced as being a gay bar and some of the remaining gay populace around here were excited about that. I don’t know if they noticed, but the word “gay” was removed after the initial announcement of the bar and has never appeared again from what I’ve seen, and it does not appear in the bar’s description on pley. This is more of that sanitising of The Castro and Duboce Triangle area that’s going on around here to cater to the pushy (techie) “straights” who are taking over the barrio. The fact is: these businesses don’t give a fuck where they get their dinero so it doesn’t matter to them as part of the New Corporatised, Lobotomised San Francisco if the place caters to “straights,” so remove the word “gay” so the “straights” are not offended. Assholes. About this bar, as of this writing it has two reviews. Both reviewers were gushing 5-stars over the beer and what games are available in this bar. One reviewer was gushing about the location of the bar and what business the bar is located next to. Both reviews were written in “philosophical style” by people who seemed to be spaced-out on some drug, other than the drug alcohol. I began reading both reviews to mi amigo and he stopped me and said, “I’ve heard enough…that person sounds nuts.” I had to read both reviews about three times to verify for myself that they were even talking about this bar, because their reviews were so “out there” and I don’t think even booze will get one that crazy-sounding, so they must have been on some other drug. Loco. One reviewer had 1,062 reviews on pley (what loco sits around writing 1,062 reviews of businesses?), and the other reviewer had 3 reviews. I can picture both reviewers ordering a beer and the bartender saying, “It’s on the house…and remember us on pley when you write your glowing 5-star review for us tonight, okay? (wink, wink)” My bull shit detector was set off by both reviews. They were just too much.

Also, the rating system on pley sucks:

A person can “thumbs-up” one of these very limited options.

“cool, funny or useful”

As mi amigo says, they are no real choices at all because they can all mean the same thing. “Useful” and “cool” can be synonymous, and something that is “funny” can also be “useful” and “cool.” What lobotomised techie idiot came up with those lame choices? Notice there’s no “I disagree” choice. No, they like business boot-licking on pley, especially if the business is advertising on their site. Chau.—el barrio rosa

Note: When you write your friendly comment in the comment section, refer to the site as pley, por favor, and not by its stated-commercial name. Muchísimas gracias.

Rainbow Grocery Cooperative: “A New Era.”

Hola. ¿Qué tal? “A New Era” is how I’ve heard some of the workers at Rainbow Grocery Cooperative (a worker-owned and operated vegetarian/vegan grocery store) in San Francisco describe their store following their renovations.

The translation of “A New Era” = Lobotomised and Sanitised, just like the New Corporatist Techie Lobotomised and Sanitised City of San Francisco today, where the workers don’t (seem to) care about anything other than their “green” Mission Statement. But don’t many of the workers eat meat/fish? (That’s not “green”). Most of the workers come across to me as apolitical, and the only conversations I hear from workers not related to their store are about partying and wealthy corporate sports teams (“the game”) with some of the workers wearing clothing items sold by the corporate sports teams. As a customer for over 20 years, that’s the way it seems to me now. Part of the reason I say this is because “the Left” political and housing bulletin boards are now gone so Rainbow has been sanitised in that regard. Is that to be more like their corporate-chain competition? Also, unfortunately Rainbow continues to cave and cater to the Jewish faith with the annual Chanukkah display in Rainbow’s secular store. No religion or religious symbols belong in a secular store, including Rainbow. They don’t drag out crosses for Easter at Rainbow, and hopefully they never will.

I like the “new” store except for two things. The Bakery Department should have remained in its original location near the front of the store. It now can get very/too congested in that narrow aisle where the “treats” case is located to even get to the case. If the store is not busy it’s not a problem. But the martes/Tuesday before Día De Acción De Gracias/Thanksgiving Day this was a problem many times for me as I tried to get to the “treats” case. That aisle was very congested most of the time I was there. So moving Bakery back there was a bad idea. Even though the store looks roomier now, I think there’s less room. I don’t like crowds to begin with and the store was uncomfortably crowded two days before Día De Acción De Gracias with some oblivious customers, and I couldn’t see Rainbow being able to have a 20% off coupon day with those crowds in this “new” store should they bring that concept back. That would be a complete disaster now with too many people jamming the aisles. And some of the aisles are really long now like in a corporate store and one can’t cut over to another area of the store without walking all the way around.

In online comments over the years where customers can review/rate Rainbow, on occasion I’ve read some reviews where some customers referred to Rainbow as a political store and they wrote, “this store just screams politics.” Well not anymore it doesn’t, and I don’t think anyone will be writing that again because no one can accurately say that about the new Lobotomised and Sanitised Rainbow. There’s nothing political anywhere in the store other than the unspoken Israel/Palestinian politics of Rainbow’s Chanukkah display, which they drag out at this time of year. Rainbow should issue a statement that they are a secular store and will not stock or carry any items connected with any religion (is that so difficult to do?), including the Jewish Cult. But (sigh), I don’t expect them to ever issue such a statement or change anything. I’m a realist. The status quo will continue because I think they are afraid of the rabid, fanatical Jewish nuts going in there and doing damage to their store.

I like the rainbow-coloured check-out stands. That was an excellent idea. Now if they would only change the lights on them indicating whether the check stand is open or not. The lights are currently all white (that’s not Latin). I guess that’s how they came. They could change them so that the lights match the colour of the stand, no? The red stand would have a red light, for when the red check stand is open, for example. All white looks so corporate, drab, dull, boring and predictable don’t you think? I suspect they would have multiple committee meetings and membership meetings on whether they should do this or not, and which bulbs goes where and how to get them in the socket. Such meetings could go well into the night. (Just joking).

But overall, the store looks good. And from what I buy, the renovations did not effect any of the prices at all, and I didn’t think it would. Rainbow is not about greed. Chau.—el barrio rosa


Rainbow Grocery Cooperative’s renovations (San Francisco)

Rainbow Grocery Cooperative and the San Francisco Bay Guardian help Google make money?

Shop at Rainbow Grocery Cooperative in San Francisco

What is happening to Rainbow Grocery Cooperative?

No protest in San Francisco over verdict in Ferguson

The “City of Protests” today is dead, having been lobotomised.

Someone left a comment asking:

“Was there a protest in San Francisco last night following the verdict in Ferguson? I didn’t see anything anywhere about a protest there. Thanks.”

My response: No hell no, there was no protest in Lobotomised San Francisco following the verdict and I hadn’t expected there to be any protest. That’s one of the many problems with a lobotomised city. It’s a dead city that doesn’t care about anything. I was out last night and today and heard no one at all talking about the verdict. This city which for decades fought every injustice possible now doesn’t seem to give a fuck about anything anymore. San Francisco has done a 180. Well, they care about shallow and superficial meaningless shit such as partying, getting drunk, texting, their obnoxious stupidphone/dopamine-rush addiction, and well, that’s about it.

As I’ve written many times, this city is nothing like it was. There was a rather large protest in Oakland which is where many of the people live now who once lived in San Francisco and who protested injustices in San Francisco for years. Muchas gracias to them. Unfortunately, they were forced to move to Oakland and elsewhere due to evictions, rampant techie gentrification in San Francisco, and because San Francisco is an outrageously expensive city now due to corporate greed. Gracias for your comment.


“Protests were reported in twelve cities: St Louis itself as well as Seattle, Albuquerque, New York, Cleveland, Los Angeles, Oakland, Minneapolis, Atlanta, Portland, Chicago and Boston.”

Notice that San Francisco is not listed. It’s sad and disgusting that San Francisco is no longer on lists of protest cities these days. Who would have ever thought that would happen? But I’m sure the conservatives/right-wing nutjobs are delighted because they hated on and whined about every protest this city had for decades. Those bootlickers couldn’t stand protests. What remains of the conservative gay populace in San Francisco—which used to be a very vigilant/activist populace—today can’t be bothered either or they jeer at the idea of protests. They too have done a 180 and are lobotomised. But at least they have their stupidphone distraction for their 24 hour dopamine-addiction. Yes, those idiots are—standing paralyzed in the middle of the sidewalk—staring at that fucking screen in their hand all day and all night—that’s all they see is that screen—so they can “be connected” and be part of the techie herd, because you don’t want to be left out. No, good little corporatised sheeple have to be doing what everybody else is doing in lockstep. Fucking corporate media-programmed sheeple is what they are. I can’t relate to them at all. Chau.—el barrio rosa


El 26 de noviembre de 2014. Hola, I was watching Noticias Telemundo this morning and they showed a small protest and the screen caption said “en San Francisco.” I was wondering whether it was a mistake and they meant Oakland. There was a protest last night which began en el Distrito de la Misión de San Francisco according to indybay.org. No mention of the size of the protest. You can read about it here. So at least some people protested here. Muchas gracias to them. Chau.—el barrio rosa


Pics from protest over anti-ethnic Cops in SF

Fortunately, there are a few protesters remaining in San Francisco:

Black Friday march in SF shuts down Union Square

Downtown SF Largely Shut Down on Black Friday Night

Traffic barricade to the face


Black Lives Matter! BART Shut Down On Black Friday To Protest Brown Murder & Gentrification


Smartphones are transforming society into a sea of stupid

The 2014 Latin Grammy Awards. Who died?

The conservative-black Latin Grammy Awards. Was it supposed to be a funeral or a celebration of Latin music and artists? It looked more like a funeral.

UPDATED (El 21 de noviembre de 2014):

Hola. ¿Qué tal? Well, I watched as much of it as I could take. In past years I enjoyed it. But from what I saw of the 2014 Latin Grammy Awards they seemed to be obsessed with the conservative colour black.

Musicians in all black. Dancers in all black or gray/white (except for one group of dancers I saw in red). Santana in funeral black? Loco. Pitbull in black and white? WTF? One Latin artist after the other wearing funeral black. Mi amigo said: “I’m surprised they’re even allowing dancers.” I said: Well by this time next year they probably won’t. I’m surprised they allowed las chicas to show their asses, even though it was only for seconds at a time. Los chicos were certainly all covered up…in black. As someone said in the comments, this thing has been sanitised. Yes, like most every thing else.

Let’s get as conservative as we can here in The Cesspool/los Estados Unidos/the US. What useless people. If one didn’t know this was the Latin Grammy Awards, one might think it was a type of funeral that thousands of people attended in Las Vegas that had dancing with it and a colourful place (a LED set) for the coffin.

Why would the network do this to their own Latin Grammy Awards? I don’t understand that at all. This has happened since the network hooked up with the conservative corporate ABC inglés-language network, and I’ve never liked the idea that these two networks are connected. I was suspicious of this from the start based on what I knew about ABC.

Other than the colourful LED set/stage, the colours were drab, dull and fucking boring. They were not Latin.

I remember about six years ago when Juanes performed the opening act with John Legend. They performed “If You’re Out There” with a Chorus from Los Ángeles on the stage with them. It was quite good. Juanes was in jeans and a T-shirt for that performance and he looked caliente. Later he had a faux hawk. But for 2014? Juanes wore a conservative light blue suit and conservative-looking hair. His faux hawk gone. Fully corporatised is how he looks now. For this event he looked more like a corporate CEO at a corporate event than he looked like the Juanes of six years ago. WTF happened to him?

There must be something in the water. And that’s a recurring theme these days.

Latinos/Hispanos/Mexicanos/Chicanos et al love bright colours, but aside from the LED stage which was full of beautiful colour, the people there looked drab, dull and boring—with a few exceptions to that—compared to past years.

Didn’t I read something last year or the year before about the network banning jeans from the Latin Grammy Awards? Even though a couple of artists broke that nonsense rule and wore jeans anyway. I’d break the rule too. Fuck their ludicrous rule. I’d wear what I fucking want to wear and they can piss off. What are they going to do? Call Mr Bully Security and have him haul the artist off the stage?

And don’t get me started on all the stupidphone commercials during this thing. (Smartphones are transforming society into a sea of stupid). Apparently the network doesn’t get it: The more people they help get addicted to these stupidphones, the less people will be watching their thoroughly corporatised and act-as-stupid-as-you-possibly-can type shows. Viewers will be too busy on their stupidphones looking for and using the “Where to take a Shit?” app. Chau.—el barrio rosa