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Why was openly gay Olympian Eric Radford skating with a female?

Answer: In order to promote the world-wide heteronormative Breeder Agenda that is shoved in our faces 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Hola a todos. I’ve not watched the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics, but I’ve seen some headlines and images about them, such as “Eric Radford: Skater is first openly gay man to win Winter Olympics gold.” But. This openly gay guy was skating with a female — Meagan Duhamel was his partner — and not another gay guy. An openly gay guy skated with a female? WTF? What caused me to notice this was that the headline said “gay Olympian Eric Radford.” But the picture I saw was of a guy with a female hanging on to his left side/shoulder and he had his left hand under her knees holding her up and with his right hand over her left hand placed over his heart. He had an orgasmic look on his face, looking up towards the ceiling. I did a triple-take because that’s not the picture I expect to see of an openly gay guy. (Although upon reflection, these days I’ve come to expect to see that which I’ll talk about later). If the caption hadn’t read, “gay Olympian Eric Radford,” one would think they were a breeder/straight couple in a type of romantic embrace. Why wasn’t Eric skating with another gay guy? Is it because of the anti-gay Olympic rules about “a pair,” meaning that when two people skate together it must be the perfunctory and ubiquitous “him and her,” that’s shoved in our faces 24/7, and not two guys or two females? Well it’s enormously comforting to know that we Queers/GTQBLs have made so much progress that gay guys are not allowed to dance with other gay guys in a competition! When were these outdated “him and her” breeder-oriented rules established, in 1940? (roll eyes) Or is it because two guys cannot be seen dancing together on television throughout the world because the world-wide heteronormative Breeder Agenda must be promoted at all times to make the Olympics “Family-Friendly,” (gag) because we cannot let our children see two guys dancing together because our sexually fucked-up society wants to promote Denial once again: the false image/illusion that there are only (white) breeders in the world. (Groan, Disgusting).

In all the pictures I saw of the figure skating, they were all — as usual — breeder couples. “Him and her.” And I’m fucking tired of seeing that. This is 2018, and yes, I’m well aware that we’re going backwards very quickly. Two guys still can’t be shown dancing together on corporate television networks? (Shaking head in disgust).


That’s what the conservatives/far-right nuts scream. Protect the children? This has nothing to do with protecting children. I would like to address this conservative nonsense. To begin with, children are born with what’s known as a “clean slate.” They are born without any bigotry or prejudice whatsoever. Bigotry and prejudice must be taught/brainwashed into children by their parents (or other people) for them to have any bigotry or prejudice. Children — who have not been programmed or prejudiced by their bigoted, anti-Queer parents — wouldn’t think anything at all of seeing two guys skating together, two guys dancing together, two guys kissing, two guys hugging or two guys making out or being nude together. Who has a problem with it then? The fucked-up bigoted and prejudiced adults, that’s who! Their prudish parents, who are often children in adult bodies rearing children. They are the people who have a problem with this as they brainwash anti-gay bigotry and prejudice into their children. So it’s really the bigoted and prejudiced parents who want to be protected from anything gay-related. This has nothing to do with the children and “protecting them.” I saw many examples of this while writing this article. I was briefly on Bre*tbart.com (that far-right site of willful-ignorance and hate.) They had two articles about the openly-gay Olympians and I predicted the tone of the comments before clicking on them. Of the over 3,000 hate-filled comments, I saw they were mostly one-liners of childish anti-gay hate. The proudly-ignorant far-right trash on that site want gay people to stay in the closet. They don’t want to see them. They don’t want to know that Olympians — or anyone else for that matter — are gay or hear about anything gay-related, or about Rainbow Flags. They wanted these gay Olympians to pretend to be straight/breeders and lie about their sexuality. These supposed adults on Bre*tbart want to be protected from anything gay-related. In reality, they themselves are the children they are screaming about that need to be protected. And who are these 3,000+ commenters? We all know them. They’ve made themselves well-known over decades. Most of them are closet cases full of self-hate because of their gay sexual orientation. Like all closet cases, they pretend to be breeders. They sit there on Bre*tbart writing anti-gay comments while likely jacking off to gay porn. They’re not fooling anyone. Then they take a break from their gay porn, and go back to hating on “fags,” which was their common hate word in the comments. Basura.

I suppose someone would tell me: pink barrio, you don’t seem to understand. The Queer community has made so much progress that the Olympics still have these archaic rules to promote the societal brainwashing that there’s only one type of couple in the world and that’s a light-skinned breeder/straight couple. And because of the enormous progress Queers have made, corporate networks worldwide cannot show two guys dancing together because the Olympics are all about being “Family-Friendly.” And as you well know, the heteronormative and conservative Queer community has warmly embraced this and promotes the heteronormative Breeder Agenda of “Family-Friendly.” That’s why the Queer community has sanitised what remains of their gay areas in major cities to make them “Family-Friendly.” You wrote about this very topic in your article at that link, pink barrio. You see, it’s not good to see two guys dancing or skating together. That’s why you only see “him and her” couples. Even when the guy in the couple is openly gay.

Sigh. One hopes that these openly-gay Olympians won’t conform and marry a female at some point to be like the breeders like so many gay guys are doing these days. It’s called fucked-up in the head as the gay guy heads back in the closet to be like the (superior?) breeders. These days, anytime mi amigo/my friend and I see a gay guy — according to our very reliable gaydar — we now assume he’s in the closet and with a female. Up until a year or so ago, we didn’t think that.

So don’t anyone come at me with this nonsense about a “Gay Agenda.” There is no Gay Agenda, but there most assuredly is a Breeder Agenda. Worldwide, the agenda is that of a Breeder Agenda — which the Olympic rules strongly promote — to brainwash the masses that “you must be straight; you must be a breeder to be ‘normal.’” A “pair” must be a male and a female. No exceptions. And that’s what I see on television all the time no matter what network it is, including the images I saw of the 2018 Olympics. Awhile back, I remember writing about this requirement for breeder couples that they have on the español language networks for their dance competitions. The contestants were always paired off in the Breeder Agenda: “Him and Her,” even when it was obvious that the guy in the couple was/is gay. The Breeder Agenda is also heavily promoted in modern dance, ballet and opera story lines yet many of the classically-trained dancers and singers are Queer boys. Nevertheless, it’s always about “Him and Her.” The “guy getting the girl.” Of course they rarely talk about the divorce that follows and/or their dysfunctional relationship.

I was venting about this with my straight neighbour — who has told me many times how he wish he were gay — before I decided to write this article. He said: “I feel sorry for the gay guys in these Olympic “pairs” who are not allowed to dance with a guy who they’re more comfortable with, and with the gay guy having to put his face down there near her smelly pussy in some of these choreographed movements they have to go through. I know from experience no matter how well she cleans it, that pussy still stinks.”

As for openly gay Olympian Adam Rippon, he says he has no intention of meeting with the nazi basura currently occupying the office of vp in the shithole US and Adam will not go to la casa blanca/to the white house to see the dysfunctional international bully-child. Good for you Adam! At least a few people among us still have some principles. Basura don’t deserve the time of day. And yes, you are correct Adam: Meeting with that anti-gay septic piece of basura — something is clearly wrong with that man — occupying the office of vp would indeed be a distraction. Don’t waste your time with any of these despicable people. They are the worst of peoplekind. I should also point out that people who are that vehemently anti-gay are usually closet cases. Chau.—el barrio rosa


The World-wide Breeder Agenda at work:

Taiwan’s pedestrian crossing men get girlfriends.
The article says, “Pedestrians should not propose to their significant other in the middle of the road.” The image shows a guy down on his left knee proposing to a female (of course). I’ve also written about that here: Breeder Marriage Proposals: Guys, what are you doing down on your knee? Aren’t you and your “girl” equals?.

“Thoughts and prayers” are the answer to school shootings in the US ?

After each school shooting — or any tragedy for that matter — predictably the “thoughts and prayers” start flowing on cue. Question: Which god are these people praying to? I hope it’s not the same god who could have prevented the tragedy in the first place, but he chose not to.

Hola a todos. The other day there was another routine school shooting — yes, they have unfortunately become routine, let’s tell it like it is — here in The Cesspool (also known as the violent shithole US) that occurs periodically. School shootings have occurred 18 times in 2018 and it’s only the middle of February (source: Everytown Research). This time the tragedy was in Florida on el 14 de febrero de 2018/14 February 2018. 17 students were killed, and many injured.

I cautiously read comments on one Florida site I was on. It was all about “our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families.” The usual drivel. The overall tone of the comments was not about guns or gun control. A few people mentioned that strict gun control is needed, but they were slapped down. As expected, the insane far-right commenters were calling for more guns, more guns, more guns, more guns and of course for “our thoughts and prayers are with the victims.”

I wanted to ask these fake-Christian prayerbots the following question, but I knew that my comment would not be allowed/posted:

Which god are you praying to? Are you praying to the Christian god who has been described to us by his devout followers as: “all-powerful,” “omnipotent,” “compassionate,” “merciful,” “loving,” “kind,” and “slow-to-anger” and other syrupy descriptors? Are you praying to that Floating Cloud Being Christian god fellow who could have prevented this tragedy in the first place, but chose not to? Hmmmmmmm? I ask that question because we’re told by his devout followers/sheeple that “He’s all-powerful.” Well that means that he can stop/prevent any shootings or tragedies. We’re also told that “He’s omnipotent.” That means he’s “all-knowing.” That means that he knew this tragedy — as well as all other tragedies — was going to happen before it took place and he allowed it to happen. Obviously your Floating Cloud Being, Mr All-Powerful, was 1) either asleep at the switch because he chose not to prevent this tragedy. Or 2) it says that your Floating Cloud Being wanted to see this tragedy happen. It sounds like he’s into SM, doesn’t it? He likes to see people suffer. Apparently he enjoys seeing 17 people mowed down/killed and others injured. So if that’s the god you’re praying to (the Christian god), clearly you’re wasting your time with your “thoughts and prayers.” So again, why are you praying to him? I suspect this is something that none of these prayerbots and fake-Christians have ever thought about.

From what we’ve been told about Jesus, he taught love not hate. Oh, but love is so passé, so “last year!” I think Jesus would look at most Christians today and say, “How dare you call yourselves Christians. You’re complete frauds. Your life is not an example of what I taught. In fact, it’s just the opposite as you hate on (undocumented) immigrants, Queers and anyone who is not white and who comes with white privilege. You are Christian in name only. You’re exploiting my name and my teachings for your far-right hateful agenda.”

I suspect some of the prayerbots will encourage students to bring guns to school to supposedly protect themselves. Can you image that?

Then predictably, after the “thoughts and prayers” flow and the perfunctory “condolences,” one usually sees headlines reading, “We must heal as a nation; We must have a healing.” Oh give it a rest! That drivel is meaningless bull shit too because the real problem remains which is the saturation of guns and their easy access here in the violent shithole US. Nothing will be done about the gun problem. Corporate hack trash politicians will make sure of that. In fact, they’ve already moved on past this.

Other countries don’t have this problem. Just the stupid-is-in, dumbed-down violent US where violence is marketed to the masses through the corporate media and through the US Oligarchy’s PNAC agenda (the neocon’s Project For The New American Century document) of US Empire building and global domination with the barbaric goal of destroying of other countries — particularly in the Middle East — for the stealing of their natural resources using the blatant lie of “Bringing freedom and democracy” to a country having been left in rubble following a US terrorist attack on said country.

Syrupy words and “our thoughts and prayers” don’t solve the gun problem. Syrupy words don’t even serve as a band-aid, and a band-aid doesn’t address the problem. There will likely be a headline reading, “The US Mourns over Florida school killings.” That’s just corporate media hype. The US is not mourning and it won’t be mourning. With the 2-second attention span — and that’s being generous — of most people, they’ve already forgotten all about it because these tragedies have become so routine just like the US and its many unauthorised wars internationally, and the death and killing by the US Oligarchy’s Military Industrial Complex Killing Machine. Violence is the #1 export for the shithole US.

And then we’ll have the next school shooting, and what I’ve written here will be repeated all over again, and again and again. I’m not holding my breath to see this but until someone with principles, intelligence and foresight decides to seriously and effectively address the lack of serious gun control in the US and tells the NRA to go fuck off — and I know that will never happen — this problem will indeed continue indefinitely. Chau.—el barrio rosa


In one of my drafts of this article, I wrote that one should expect Democrat Dianne Feinstein to pop up as she usually does with some weak, lamebrain idea of “gun control” to give herself attention considering she’s running for re-election. I took that paragraph out so as not to give her attention. Then I see this: “Dianne Feinstein Wants To Raise Minimum Age For Assault Weapon Purchases To 21. She announced Friday (02.16.18) that she is introducing legislation to raise the minimum age to purchase rifles – including military-style assault weapons – from 18 to 21.” See what I mean? Well that ought to solve the problem.


The Anglican Atheist

The official acronym is now: LGBTQQICAPF2K+

Hola a todos. According to a gay publication in the UK, the official Gay acronym is now: LGBTQQICAPF2K+.

That stands for “Lesbian,” “Gay,” “Bisexual,” “Queer,” “Questioning,” “Intersex,” “Curious,” “Asexual,” “Agender,” “Ally,” “Pansexual,” “Polysexual,” “Friends and family,” “Two-spirit” and “Kink.”

Surely they can work in a few more descriptors so that maybe each letter in the alphabet could be repeated at least twice like the two “Q’s” up there, no?

What more is there to be said about this topic that I haven’t already said — what feels like — hundreds of time? When are they going to stop this ridiculous acronym shit? Why do Queers need this long string of letters to identify themselves with? Why do they need any set of letters to identify themselves with? I don’t get that. Can’t they just use one word such as Gay or Queer? Just like the breeders use straight. (I use the word Queer because it makes the breeders very uncomfortable. They don’t know what to make of that!) Breeders don’t have any acronyms, so why does the Queer or Gay community need one? Ever since the order from on-high was given for “gay assimilation,” I thought Queers wanted to be just like the breeders, no? More specifically — and I feel like I’m repeating myself — breeders/straights don’t have any acronym to identify themselves with and they have various sexual interests too, and some of those descriptors above would also apply to breeders. For example: “bisexual,” “asexual,” “ally” or “friends and family.” Breeders are simply called straight and straight guys are into females and pussy and straight females are into guys and dick. And since most of the gay community has shown that they adamantly want to be just like the breeders — I don’t know why; one would hope they would have higher standards than that! — one would think that the gay community would abandon all of these ludicrous acronyms.

I would think that the thousands of websites that currently use the ubiquitous Gay and Lesbian revisionist history acronym “LGBT(Q)” will now have to copy and paste this “LGBTQQICAPF2K+” mess onto their websites every time they mention something Queer-related because I doubt anyone will be able to remember all those keyboard characters in the correct order. One can probably remember that the “+” sign goes at the end.

The reason for this revision? Well, as insanity becomes more widespread around el mundo/the world, I read that a group of Queer activists want to add the word “kink” — or the letter “K” for kink — to the already crowded and ridiculous-looking acronym.

Sometimes I write “Queer/GTQBL” just to let new readers know that Queer means GTQBL.

For first time readers:

My acronym (GTQBL) uses that letter order because it is a more accurate acronym for the now-dead Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement’s history. The movement was started by gay guys and trans individuals (“GT”) with two riots at donut shops. I’m talking about pre-Stonewall.

The acronym “GLBT(Q)” was used up until the time that the corporatists among us fucked things up with their dishonest revisionist Queer history acronym “LGBT(Q)” that one sees all over the internet these days. It seems that lesbians felt the need for attention so they hijacked the Gay/Queer movement and demanded first place (the L being first in the acronym) which they didn’t and don’t deserve because lesbians did not lead the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement. Gay guys did followed by trans people. So out of retribution, I put the “L” for lesbian last in my acronym. Kicked to the curb.

I’ve also read that the “L” was moved to first place because the feminist movement was in high-gear at the same time as the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement. That’s true, but isn’t it a given that Queers support women’s rights? I should think so. And the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement and the Women’s Rights Movement were two separate movements and had their own protests, demonstrations and marches despite some overlapping of people between the two movements. So why move the “L” to first place? To “let the ladies go first?” That’s sexist and chauvinistic, and it’s counter to the core values of the feminist/women’s movement. Has no one ever thought of that who dreamed up this nonsense? Yet the gay community and some breeders mindlessly use “LGBT(Q)” like a bunch of sheeple. That’s also one of my problems with the L being first. I resent lesbians and corporatists rewriting our rich Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement history when, again, lesbians didn’t do most of the work.

Also, from my research into this topic, another reason for the “L” being moved to first place was to cater to the prejudiced and bigoted breeders. You see, they are more comfortable with lesbians than they are gay guys. And some heteronormative corporatist gay people among us at those national gay organisations — with their “gay assimilation” obsession — enjoy catering to prejudiced breeders and their comfort level, so they moved the “L” for lesbian to first place so that breeders would see the “L” first with the “G” for gay more buried/hidden in second place inside the acronym. Apparently every site on the internet was ordered to make that change to “LGBT(Q)” when writing anything Queer-related because “LGBT(Q)” is the conformist and dishonest revisionist history acronym that one sees saturated all over the internet. What heteronormative corporate basura at these US national Queer corporatist organisations thought it a good idea to cater to breeders and their prejudices against gay guys?

Reflecting on where we are in 2018:

I remember a Queer blogger whose site I was reading for awhile until he stopped writing asked on his site several years ago: “What has happened to my fellow Queers?” I was glad he had noticed and he was in New York City. By all indications they have flipped out and have stopped just short of issuing a formal apology to the breeders for our activism/behaviour during the decades of the proudly-radical Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement. It’s as if the gay community feels embarrassment and remorse for having inconvenienced the precious (prejudiced and bigoted) breeders over those decades by our marches and protests. It’s as if the gay community now sees the breeders as superior to us Queers for some odd reason. Is that because breeders are the majority population, regardless of the number of closeted gay guys among the him and her breeder couples? Why else would the gay community want to model their lives after the breeders — with their dysfunctional relationships and high divorce rate — and what they do (such as being rabid over corporate sports teams so show out macho they are)?

When I moved to San Francisco in the late 1970s at the height of the (then) Gay Mecca, I could never have predicted decades later what would happen to a once “Out and Proud” gay community that we had then.

But here we are decades later and the Gay/Queer Community has done a “180.” A complete flip. It’s nothing like it was. There’s nothing remotely rad(ical) about the gay community today. They’re as heteronormative as they can possibly be as they emulate the breeders.

San Francisco, the former Gay Mecca, has also done a “180.” The Bohemian alternative San Francisco used to be known as: “Anything Goes San Francisco; let and let live.” Today, Conformist San Francisco is a very judgmental City with a lot of immature, shallow and superficial people, mostly lobotomised Millennial zombies. The City’s new unofficial slogan is: “Conform! Obey! Wear Black and Grey.” And if you don’t? Be prepared to get some snide-assed bullying looks because you’re not conforming. If you’re a cyclist — particularly wearing bright colour so you can be seen easily — be prepared for some asshole motorist to get uncomfortably close to you because: 1) they hate cyclists and/or 2) they hate cyclists and colour. (Sigh)

Considering how very conservative and sanitised the Queer/Gay community has become — and this seemed to have happened after gay marriage became legal in the shithole US and was part of that “gay assimilation” bull shit — I think most Queers today would find the word “Queer” much too radical for their conservative and Disneyfied “family-friendly” (gag) tastes.

I should also mention that the Gay community has gone from being a pro-peace group to a pro-war, pro-Establishment, pro-US Oligarchy group. The opposite of who they were. This happened mainly because their messiah Obama was in office. Overall, Obama’s policies were to the right of those of George W Bush’s policies. The Gay community opposed illegitimate George W Bush’s despicable policies but they supported the same policies and their expansion when they became Obama’s policies with his neocon agenda. Fucking hypocrites! Unlike during the Bush years, I didn’t see the Gay community oppose any of Obama’s 8-9 wars. No, they were perfectly cool with those wars and the anti-war movement died because Obama calls himself a Democrat. (Related: Obama a “Centrist?” WTF?) War is perfectly fine when it’s a Democrat leading it seems to be the hypocritical thinking of devout Democratic voters/partisans. For example: Gay Men Glorify War and Nationalism. Completely flipped-out.

With “gay assimilation,” many Queers have gone back in the closet. They’re running from the word Gay and instead are referring to themselves in the closet-case language “discreet” and “down low.” The opposite of “Out and Proud.” Reading men-seeking-men personal sex ads, some guys have the word “discreet” sprinkled throughout their small paragraph ad 5-6 times. It’s obvious that here in 2018 many gay guys are ashamed of their gay sexuality, and this is especially true for the extremely insecure Millennial gay guys whose ads often go on about how “straight” they think they are while they’re looking for sex with a guy. “Gay assimilation” has backfired but I don’t see anyone talking about it. It’s very hush hush. Many gay guys are marrying females to be just like the breeders whom they desperately want to be like (internalised homophobia). Sigh. Sad. You can read about that here: More back to the 1950s: Gay guys marrying females in droves. Sad.

One wonders why the Gay community spent decades working for gay marriage and when that was achieved, many gay guys decide to marry a female? Loco. Flipped out.

And I’ve not even mentioned the majority of the Gay community in San Francisco and the Bay Area (and other major cities) who are now pretending to be bi on CL to make themselves appear to be more straight. Their homophobic mentality seems to be that because they claim to be into females that makes them more jock, more macho, more masculine, more like the breeders and “a real man” as the majority of them run from the word gay. The gay Jock Bros who reject gay guys. You can’t tell me that the majority of the Gay community has “turned bi” en masse. Human sexuality doesn’t work that way where an entire community can somehow supposedly change their sexuality from gay to bi. Who believes that? Yet that’s what one sees on CL when one does a search of keywords. Are most bi guys bi? And I always have to say this: To be clear, I’m not talking about the genuine bi guys out there. I’m talking about the lying frauds; the gay guys with their internalised homophobia pretending to be bi and into pussy when they’re not. A friend of mine has done gay phone sex for years. He tells me that nearly every guy he’s talked with who said they were bi at the beginning of the conversation hung up on him as soon as he mentioned pussy. The few that didn’t hang up said something to the effect of: “We don’t need no pussy; just us masculine guys here wanting to get into dick” was the theme with most of these fake-bi guys.

As for the deceitful gay guys in the closet who are living a lie, being a fraud and dishonest with themselves, their wife/girlfriend, and anyone they come in contact with, they might want to read this article to see how well that works out (a gay guy being married to a female for years). This Gay Mormon Man Who Got Famous For Marrying A Straight Woman Is Getting Divorced.

But I guess none of this matters at this point. As that woman said at the Grammy’s recently: “The world is basically over anyway.” So it doesn’t matter. And most people — especially in the now-dead Queer community — don’t seem to give a fuck about anything, well, other than their phone which is their entire life and their addiction to their sex apps. Chau.—el barrio rosa


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Chelsea Manning is now hanging with the alt-right

(I put a lot of time and research into writing this article so I’m putting it here at the top of the page. Also, the second paragraph has been updated regarding Chelsea’s run for the Maryland State senate.)

Hola. One wonders if Chelsea Manning completely flipped-out while in prison. It’s quite understandable if she did considering how she was mistreated. After her release from prison, she moved to the US state of Maryland. She lives in North Bethesda which is a suburb of the District of Columbia. (Related: “Is the District of Columbia in the US?”)

Chelsea recently announced that she’s running for the Maryland state senate as a Democrat, although I’ve read from multiple sources that former military lawyers agree that Chelsea is subject to Pentagon prosecution for running for office while still on active duty. Yes, she’s still on active duty — despite corporate media reports to the contrary — although she’s on excess leave and in a non-pay status while her appeal of a general court-martial for violating the Espionage Act and other orders is underway. Nevertheless, she must remain in an active-duty status while the appeal process continues. And apparently, one cannot be on active-duty status and be involved in any type of political activity, and especially a run for a state’s senate. Should she be prosecuted by the Pentagon for her senate run, the orange man has made it clear that he can’t stand her and called Chelsea “an ungrateful traitor who should have never been released from prison.” Considering all of this, in my opinion, Chelsea is stupid to run for political office. Instead, she should be keeping a low-profile. (What is wrong with the woman?)

And what qualifies her for that position in the Maryland senate? Does she think it’s her name recognition? Does she have a law degree to be a “lawmaker” in the Maryland state senate? (Related: You can land a job without education or experience). Most recently, according to this article, she’s been hanging out with the fascists (commonly known as “alt-right”). Yes, she attended their sold-out event in Manhattan. 650 people attended their event buying tickets that cost between $139 to $999 each. One wonders why Chelsea would go to such an event. She’s also been having communications with several fascists/right-wing media personalities who live in the District. While hanging out with the fascists at this event in NYC, she introduced herself to some right-wing media personalities. All of this while running as a Democrat in Maryland. Something seems very suspect about this to me. After she left this event, she got on millionaire/billionaire-owned “social media” — the one that lets the orange man say absolutely anything regardless of how heinous, threatening or violent in nature — and she lied and claimed she had “crashed” the event. But the writer of the article I’ve linked to who was there disagreed with that. He wrote, “…she seemed to mingle freely and be welcomed with open arms.” Meanwhile, speakers at this event made anti-trans and anti-women comments throughout the evening.

From my research, regarding her Maryland senate run, I read that Chelsea said that, “The Establishment needs to be challenged” and that “she’s pushing for radical change.” Yet at this fascist event in New York, “radical” Chelsea remained silent and didn’t speak up to challenge any of their anti-trans or anti-women remarks during the 2 hours she was there. Silence = complicity or agreement. Or, it can also mean a lack of interest, which would not be the case with Chelsea.

Chelsea seems to be very naïve as well as confused, if not broken. Not all there. When one attempts to challenge the US Oligarchy/The Democratic and Republican Establishment, one is minimised, pushed over into the corner and told to sit down and shut up. Think Dennis Kucinich as well as wet-noodle and Hillary Clinton endorser Bernie Sanders. You see, there’s a lack of scrotums or more precisely testicles and ovaries (the female equivalent) in the US congress for challenging the US Oligarchy, which of course the congress is part of. Chelsea claims she’s in the mold of Bernie Sanders. Oh lawd. Just what we need. Another fake-progressive who in the end is part of The Establishment right-wing and misnamed Democratic Party, regardless of what he (Bernie Sanders) calls himself. I also noticed that even though Chelsea says she’s pushing for radical change, there’s nothing “radical” looking about her. In the pictures I’ve seen of her, she dresses as conservatively as the orange man’s best enablers, Democrats Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein. In the case of enabler Pelosi, in December 2017 Pelosi took impeachment of the orange man “off the table” when the majority of House Democrats joined with the House Republicans against impeachment. “Now is not the time to consider articles of impeachment,” Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi and Minority Whip Steny Hoyer said in a joint statement, shortly after Green introduced his articles of impeachment.” One wonders when the time might be right, Democrat Pelosi? After your international-bully friend launches a nuclear attack on the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea killing millions and millions of people worldwide? Or would the time not be right then either? (Sigh) One might recall that Democrat Pelosi took impeachment “off the table” for her friend illegitimate George W Bush. In the case of enabler Dianne Feinstein, she has said that she thinks the current occupant of la casa blanca/the white house can be a good president if he changes some — one wonders what set of standards la mujer/the woman was using for that? — and that we should expect him to serve his full term. Was she implying with her help as the “senior senator?”

The “Proud Boys,” as they’re called (presumably the NYC/Manhattan chapter) whom I even hesitate to mention, should really be called the Ignorant Boys. They were at this fascist event too in their clone-look Fred Perry shirts. I read that Fred Perry does not approve of them wearing his shirts as he doesn’t agree with their politics. I was wondering how many closeted, heteronormative “discreet” and “down low” Queer/GTQBL boys were at this fascist event? Proud Boys are white supremacists/white nationalists but their founder denies that, and of course he would deny that. That’s because we are awash in denial, lying, deceit, and hypocrisy these days. Their founder can deny that they’re white supremacists/white nationalists but I’ve seen pictures of Proud Boys giving a group “white power” (aka “white nationalist gang”) hand sign which you can see them giving in this image here as well as in this image here. As well as here. Proud Boys support a wall at the southern la frontera/border of the shithole US. Here is an image of a shirt worn by one of the anti-fascists which tells it like it is about the anti-ethnic, heteronormative and for-the-rich agenda of el hombre naranja and his supporters the Proud Boys. From his website: “They are a politically diverse group, but have in common a love of Tr**p, a hatred of immigrants, refugees, and leftists, and a tolerance of neo-Nazism. Their blog hawks Western Chauvinism, anti-Semitism, and Islamophobia on a daily basis.”

One of the strange rules for being a Proud Boy is that they can only jack off once a month — which I should point out is very unhealthy for the overall well-being and health of a guy’s prostate, I guess they don’t know that — and their rule is that when they do masturbate (once a month) it must be within 3 yards of a woman with her permission. YOU CAN’T MAKE THIS SHIT UP! Here’s what I don’t understand: Why does the Proud Boy have to be in the presence of a woman — especially if he’s gay — considering that they claim they’re not anti-gay and that they have some gay members? A gay guy would have no interest in jacking off in the presence of a woman; he’d probably lose his hard-on. But the “within the presence of a woman” rule does indeed send the strong message that “we’re heteronomative and anti-gay,” while they say out of the other side of their mouths that they’re not anti-gay. Uh huh. Is anyone fooled? And if they’re not anti-gay, then why did the founder of Proud Boys say at this fascist/”alt-right” event in Manhattan, “Doesn’t a gay like a giant erect cock?” A gay? Who uses that language other than anti-gay bigots and/or a gay closet case himself? Oh yes, that most assuredly sounds like someone who is not anti-gay to me. And we all know that fascists love gay people, correct? (roll eyes/sarcasm intended).

Proud Boys are all about being “a real man” in the frat-house jock sense. A “cisgender straight white male” is what they are about. In fact, I saw a shirt reading that language worn by one of the Proud Boys in his first-step initiation process and I’ve heard that same language used by one of their guys when they were interviewed by one of the US major corporate media networks.

So again, Proud Boys can only JO once a month in order to supposedly “save it up” for a woman — to get her pregnant? — because they “Venerate the Housewife.” That’s part of what they believe. Does that mean that “the housewife” is supposed to be barefoot and pregnant? At this fascist event, the piece of work founder of Proud Boys referred to, “women who allow themselves to be a ‘colostomy bag for someone else’s cum’” and he made numerous other derogatory references to women. In case you haven’t figured it out by now, Proud Boys and its founder are proud “Western Chauvinists.” That’s what they call themselves. Proud Boys also think that “the West” (meaning the shithole US) is the best. HA! Ludicrous! That’s one reason I refer to them as the Ignorant Boys. It would appear that they’ve not traveled much or at all internationally otherwise they wouldn’t think that the shithole US is the best. One cannot fix stupid. And of course they adamantly support el hombre naranja/the orange man. He’s their cultist messiah figure. The first step of the initiation process for a guy to become a Proud Boy is to name five breakfast cereals — they must spend weeks trying to memorise those! — while the other Proud Boys playfully punch the prospective Proud Boy on his back and chest area, pretending to beat him up. Just more frat-house jock stuff. The fourth part of their initiation to be a Proud Boy is to literally beat up one of the anti-fascists who sometimes protest Proud Boys at their events.

I read this to mi amigo/my friend and he said, “Is there anyone out there who’s paying attention that doesn’t believe that a civil war is coming or is slowly already happening as of this writing here in the shithole US?”

So one wonders why Chelsea Manning wants anything to do with the fascists (“alt-right,” as it’s commonly called) if she doesn’t somehow agree with them? Did she not realise she was financially helping them with their agenda by buying a ticket to their event? Why would she want to hang with that fascist crowd? Why would she use her time and dinero/money going to their event in Manhattan when she lives outside of DC? That’s not exactly a short trip from the District to New York City and back. Did she go to promote herself among the fascists who would be at this event from the District? Does she think they might promote her to get the “alt-right” in Maryland to vote for her? Because District residents can’t vote for candidates in Maryland; only residents of Maryland can. Why would she want to be promoted by the fascists (“alt-right”) of all people! Loca./Crazy. And as for her senate run, why would she want anything to do with the corrupt and imperialistic right-wing Democratic party as their “leadership” is protecting and enabling el hombre naranja/the orange man? They are not “the left” or radical whatsoever.

(Sigh) Crazy times. You know at this point and the way things are playing out these days, it won’t surprise me in the least if and when Chelsea Manning comes out as being pro-fascist/”alt-right,” pro-far-right and even anti-trans (even though she’s transgender) and running as a fucking Democrat. A complete flip. A “180.” No, that wouldn’t surprise me. I say that because I’ve seen that happen with many people, such as California governor Jerry Brown who was on the left years ago when he had his show on KPFA in the Bay Area, and now he’s on the right. Bill Clinton is another one. The same for John Kerry and there are others. Reading about some of these Proud Boys, some of them were once on the left, now they’ve flipped and are fascists/on the far-right. We are witnessing wide-scale insanity. Loco/crazy times. Chau.—el barrio rosa

Händel: Dixit Dominus ∙ hr-Sinfonieorchester ∙ Chœur du Concert D’Astrée ∙ Emmanuelle Haïm

Chœur du Concert D’Astrée. They are one of the finest Choruses I’ve ever heard. Absolutely splendid. They gave a superb performance.

Hola a todos. There was a concert of works for Chorus and Orchestra by Händel and JS Bach last month (diciembre/December 2017) during the holidays in Frankfurt Deutchland/Germany presented by the consistently superb hr-Sinfonieorchester/Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra (one of my favourites) and Chœur du Concert D’Astrée.

The concert featured Dixit Dominus (“The Lord Said”) by Händel and the Magnificat by Johann Sebastian Bach. Because it was the holidays, the last piece they performed was the Hallelujah Chorus from Messiah by Händel. I even enjoyed that because of the way they performed it. I’ve previously written that if I don’t hear Messiah again it will be fine with me having heard that “warhorse” oratorio so many times and having performed it. I have reached my saturation point with Messiah. In the US especially, Messiah is dragged out every holiday season, every December on cue. The sheeple never seem to tire of it. But fortunately, they in Frankfurt chose to be more original and creative in their holiday programming by choosing to perform choral works other than the perfunctory and ubiquitous Messiah. And I was very pleased to see that those attending this concert in Frankfurt did not engage in that silly tradition of standing for the Hallelujah Chorus the way the dumbed-down sheeple do here in the US (and probably in the UK too). Do most who stand for the Hallelujah Chorus have any idea why they’re standing? When the first D Major chord of the Hallelujah Chorus is played by the orchestra, one person (it’s usually a guy in the front row) immediately jumps up like a jack-in-the-box and then the whole room follows this guy like a bunch of sheep. The late choral conductor Robert Shaw of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and Chorus said he couldn’t stand that ridiculous tradition. I can’t either. It’s as if the sheeple say, “Well we have to stand now for the Hallelujah Chorus because some king supposedly stood (for some unknown reason) generations ago when this was performed in his presence” according to the story. Who cares what some king did?!

Dixit Dominus is my favourite of the works performed in this concert in Frankfurt. It’s the Latin text of Psalm 110. It’s scored for a five-part Chorus (first and second soprano, alto, tenor and bass), five vocal soloists (SSATB), strings and continuo. The opening chorus is one of my favourite parts. Another favourite part is the choral section that begins at 27.38 in the video, and then the choral fugue section beginning with the soprano section at 28.45 in the video. I’m glad that Händel didn’t resort to ending Dixit Dominus with a Picardy Third. That’s when a piece in a minor key ends with a tonic chord where the third has been raised to make it a major key. Some Anglican parish and cathedral church organists end the last chord of hymns (that are written in a minor key) with a Picardy Third, which I think is tacky.

As for the Bach Magnificat (“My Soul Doth Magnify the Lord”), we performed that when I was a chorister in Norman Scribner’s Choral Arts Society of Washington in the Kennedy Center with a pickup orchestra comprised of members of the National Symphony Orchestra. This work requires a SSATB Chorus, a Baroque orchestra including trumpets, timpani and soloists. The chorus “omnes generationes” has always been my favourite part of this work. You can hear that at 8.12 in the Bach Magnificat video. Also, there’s a beautiful and very relaxing duet between the countertenor and the tenor soloists with the strings and winds accompanying them at approximately 11.30 in the Bach video. For the Bach, you may notice that the winds are sitting in front of the strings, and not in their usual place in front of the brass section. But the winds didn’t perform in the Händel (which I think was the first piece on the programme), so when the wind players joined the orchestra for the Bach, the conductor had them sit where there was room which was in front of the strings near her. Some of the violinists look like they were enjoying watching the wind players, something they don’t usually get to see since the winds are normally sitting in back of them.

Mi amigo/My friend watched this performance with me (at the point we’ve watched it many times). After a few moments he said to me, “Well it’s pretty obvious that these performers are the best of the best, including the Chorus, Orchestra, Soloists and Conductor.” True. The superb 20-voice Chorus, Chœur du Concert D’Astrée, is from Francia/France. They had two countertenors as part of their alto section (the two guys wearing glasses in the back row closest to the soprano section). Chœur du Concert D’Astrée were accompanied by members of the superb hr-Sinfonieorchester/Frankfurt Symphony Orchestra. Being a performance of Baroque works, it wasn’t the usual full orchestra.

From what I could tell from watching Chœur du Concert D’Astrée and their choral entrances, they have 8 sopranos (to strengthen the soprano section), 4 altos (including the two countertenors), 4 tenors and 4 basses. All superb choristers with my usual personal favourites being the soprano and tenor sections. These choristers are among the finest choristers anywhere. These are not people “just standing up there and singing” as the average person might erroneously think. No, quite the contrary. These are highly-skilled choristers and in their area of music they are of a comparable skill level to the orchestral musicians. It takes a lot of talent, voice training, ear training, musical training and musicianship to get to a level of this high caliber.

I especially liked the counter-tenor soloist and the bass soloist. At one point, the two women soloists seemed to be trying to outdo each other sort of in an opera sense, and I’m not at all into opera. But overall, I even enjoyed the soloists, and I’m not usually big on soloists. These soloists have lovely voices. At another place in the Händel, when the two female soloists sang with the countertenor, they were very respectful and sensitive to him making sure that they didn’t overpower him, which they could have easily done. All very professional musicians and a pleasure to watch and listen to.

The conductor, Emmanuelle Haïm, prepared the Chorus, I think. From my research, it’s her Chorus from France but the video description credits David Bates as Chorus Director, if the translation was correct. Her conducting style is unique. Most choral conductors/directors don’t have that much experience conducting orchestras — which is usually one of their pet peeves; they would like to have that conducting experience but are rarely given the opportunity — because they prepare their Chorus for the orchestral conductor. Although in her case, from my research she seems to have quite a bit of experience conducting orchestras — including the Berliner Philharmoniker — and she has conducted hr-Sinfonieorchester before in music of Rameau where she conducted from the harpsichord. She also conducted a performance of Henry Purcell’s Dido and Aeneas. I’m very familiar with that Baroque opera since I had the pleasure of being the harpsichordist in performances of that work at the Conservatory of Music where I trained. I enjoyed that experience very much, it was very positive in part because I had a very good relationship with the conductor for those performances because he was also professor of one of the classes I was taking (Dictation and Ear Training) with him.

Considering their consistently high level of musicianship, this orchestra (hr-Sinfonieorchester) could probably play without a conductor. They are such a superb orchestra and seem to keep many, if not most, of their musicians. I recognise many of them from one performance to another. And we are so very fortunate that they record their performances in such high quality and make them available to the world. As I said earlier, in this performance they used a Baroque-size orchestra so they only used part of their full orchestra, such as one bass player. The leader/concertmaster is the same. Chau.—el barrio rosa

hr-Sinfonieorchester – Frankfurt Radio Symphony
∙ Emőke Baráth, Sopran
∙ Lea Desandre, Sopran
∙ Damien Guillon, Countertenor
∙ Patrick Grahl, Tenor
∙ Victor Sicard, Bass
∙ Chœur du Concert D’Astrée (David Bates, Einstudierung)
∙ Emmanuelle Haïm, Dirigentin



Westminister Choir College to close?

“The faculty union at Rider University is protesting after Westminster Choir College’s teaching staff received layoff notices warning that the college may close if it cannot be sold.”

Hola a todos. (Sigh) It’s a sign of the times, unfortunately, at least in the dumbed-down, stupid-is-in US.

Despite its choral name, Westminster Choir College (WCC) is a renowned residential Conservatory of Music on the campus of Ryder University in Princeton, New Jersey offering undergraduate and graduate level degrees for musical careers in music education, performance (voice, piano, organ), pedagogy, music theory and composition, conducting, sacred music, and arts management.

WCC is unique from other conservatories and university schools of music in that all of their students receive vocal training from Westminster Choir College’s large Voice Faculty. I read that WCC has the largest voice faculty in the world. In other conservatories or university schools of music, only the voice majors or voice minors receive vocal training.

WCC has long had an unstable financial situation. At one point in the past, Yale University, The Curtis Institute of Music, and The Juilliard School had an interest in buying Westminster Choir College.

Since the 1990s, WCC has been part of Ryder University in Princeton. Ryder University now wants to sell Westminster Choir College. Sell it? One account I read said that if WCC cannot be sold, then it will have to be closed. They have found one questionable international buyer in Asia who comes without any experience in managing a school of higher education. (Red alert!) Not a good sign. The Westminster Choir College faculty who have already received layoff notices don’t like the idea of the school being sold to and owned by someone outside the SHITHOLE US, which is becoming more and more common these days. And they’re concerned the deal with fall through leaving no guarantees whatsoever for the school or its faculty.

In one of the articles I’m linking to there are multiple references to the closing of Westminster Choir College. If the sale deal goes through — which doesn’t sound likely at this time — according to another article I read it said that WCC will be run as a non-profit, and when separated from Ryder University, Westminster Choir College will lose its accreditation. Oh that’s lovely. Because without accreditation, one officially has little credibility. At which point I would think their students would begin leaving Westminster Choir College and apply at another conservatory or school of music at a university.

“Financial analysts have noted the uncertainty surrounding the Westminster sale. Moody’s Investors Service on Wednesday dropped the outlook on Rider’s debt from stable to negative in part because of questions about the timeline of the Westminster sale and its impact on enrollment and financial performance.”

“If the campus is sold to developer who wants to build 200 townhouses, that is going to provoke litigation,” he said. “If it is sold to a private day school to operate a secondary school, that will provoke litigation. If it is closed and moved to another location, that will provoke litigation,” he said.” Link.

The Westminster Symphonic Choir has the following upcoming scheduled performances with The Philadelphia Orchestra, with one at Carnegie Hall in Manhattan. But by the state of things as of this writing, The Philadelphia Orchestra may have to find another Symphony Chorus quickly to fill in for the Westminster Symphonic Choir:

MACHOVER: Philadelphia Voices (premiere)
The Westminster Symphonic Choir, Joe Miller, Chorus Director
The Philadelphia Orchestra
Yannick Nézet-Séguin, conductor
April 5-7, 2018
Verizon Hall, The Kimmel Center, Philadelphia
April 10, 2018
Carnegie Hall, New York

Is the Choral Arts Society of Washington available or the University of Maryland Concert Choir to fill in for the WCC? Although I would suspect that The Philadelphia Orchestra would likely invite a local choral ensemble such as maybe the New York Choral Artists, which is the Chorus of the New York Philharmonic. Are they (NY Choral Artists) still around? According to their website they have no performances scheduled for the 2017-18 season or is that just an oversight on their website?

It won’t surprise me if Westminster Choir College closes, but that will be very sad to see happen, even unconscionable, and hopefully it won’t, but at the rate things are going. That’s almost the same as hearing that The Juilliard School is closing. Or Oberlin Conservatory, Peabody Conservatory or Shenandoah Conservatory are closing, which I suppose could happen too — anything seems possible in these loco/crazy times — but won’t close anytime soon, hopefully. Chau.—el barrio rosa


Westminster Symphonic Choir

Rider University issues layoff notices to faculty as it negotiates sale of Westminster Choir College

Westminster Choir College Faculty Frustrated Over Lack Of Sale Details
Professors held a “teach in” on Monday, according to the Princeton Packet.

Rider University to sell nearly century-old Westminster Choir College

Westminster Choir College deserves better, columnist says

Facing possible $13M deficit, Rider considers closing Westminster Choir campus

El arte de la pintura

Hola. El arte de la pintura (the art of painting). This is pretty to look at year-round, even though it was originally created for Día de las Madres/Mother’s Day, a holiday which — like so many other holidays — has completely lost its original and intended meaning. Related: The Original Meaning of Mother’s Day.

Día de las Madres 2016

Día de las Madres