The Millennials: The Generation with a Dress Code

Hola a todos. I can’t think of any generation that’s had a dress code with required colours, can you? The Millennial Zombies are one of the strangest generations of people to walk the Earth. What happened to them in their development to behave as they do? To be clear, I’m not talking about all Millennials. I’m talking about the majority of Millennials I’ve seen and had the unfortunate experience of interacting with in San Francisco.

The Millennials were born between the early 1980s and the mid-1990s to early 2000s as ending birth years. From what I’ve seen of Millennials in San Francisco, the following best describes them: Vapid, lobotomised, cold, unfriendly, phone-zombies, unable to say “excuse me” or even speak in the slightest to someone they don’t know (were they also born without vocal cords?), they come without social/people skills and are adamantly conformist. They dress as if they’re part of a large cult with a very strict required dress code of wearing all black from head-to-toe, or black and grey. It’s surprising that they don’t paint their faces black or grey. Maybe none of them have thought of that. Will that be their new fad shortly? They are very afraid of colour. They look ultra-conservative, very conformist, dreary and depressed/emotionally-down in their appearance. They may have been told that they look “chic” and “modern” in all-black, but that’s just retail marketing bull shit to sell drab-looking clothes to gullible people. They may also live under the illusion that “black is slimming.” That’s a myth/head trip from the moda/fashion industry. The people I’ve seen in all-black look just as big/large in all-black as they do in any colour. I almost think people look larger in black to tell you the truth. Mi amigo/My friend said the same. With the Millennials, I’d be depressed too if I wore black and grey every day. I never wear either dreary and drab colour. From my research, some of these all-black-clothing bots consider it their “uniform” (their word) and they like that because they put on the same clothes every day. (I hope they wash them occasionally). They say that they don’t have to think about what they’re going to wear — is that really that pressing of an issue for most people? — because it’s always the same every day. Sorta of a mindless thing. That would get very monotonous and boring. Upon reflection, monotonous and boring also describes the Millennials.

I researched this but couldn’t find anything on it. I was wondering what idiot started this stupid fad that Millennial Zombies must wear two colours (black and grey) and only those colours in order to “fit in” and conform. Why is it so important to these depressed-looking phone zombies to be seen in all-black? I was just wondering who started this — or was it a word-of-mouth fad — and when did it start? Anyone know? It’s been going on for a number of years now and in conservative San Francisco today it’s pretty intense. This City used to be full of colour. But today, most people wear black and grey, even in the baking hot sun during a heat wave. With Millennials, to them conforming is more important than any concern about having a heat stroke by wearing all black in the baking sun. Conform. Obey. Wear Black and Grey. When did the idea of being an individual become such a bad thing specifically with these Millennial Zombies? I was just wondering if anyone knows when this nonsense started and by whom? San Francisco used to be an “anything goes City.” It’s not like that now, and I speak from experience. It’s now a very judgmental and conformist City; the opposite of how it used to be. One can be not-so-subtly bullied here for wearing something other than conformist black and grey. And I speak from experience on that. That’s happened to both me and mi amigo/my friend. That’s how important it is to these shallow and superficial wealthy basura who have moved here in recent years. With the continuing invasion of breeders taking over The City and the former gay mecca (The Castro) now being a Breeder Mecca, also comes very judgmental and hateful breeders who now think they own the place. And they don’t mind letting other long time residents know what they disapprove of. They’ve come here with a sense of entitlement and arrogance, and with the intent of changing The City — as they have already done — and disrespecting our neighbourhoods and cultures and changing them to the way they want it. These self-righteous and self-entitled assholes don’t care whom they offend. I’m talking specifically about the techie dooshes and their millionaire-billionaire parasitic companies. Mi amigo said: “The more the macho jock bro straights take over, the more hate and bullying one sees and a rise in crime and that’s been the case in every place I’ve lived.” Yes, during the Gay Mecca days, this was not the case in The City. The Gay Community watched out for each other and itself. Not today. That’s all gone. Today, the Gay Community’s #1 priority is their toy: their phone. They don’t see the City they live in, or where they’re going, or a potential mugger. All they see is that screen glued to their hand nearly 24 hours a day.

The Q, the shopping network, heavily promotes black and grey clothing. In fact, that’s often pretty much all they do promote. Countless times I’ve walked by my television and said to myself, “drab black and grey.” And their over-sized female show hosts look just as big in all-black as they do in any other colour they wear on the odd occasion. Along with their mortuary-grey with white trim set, most of the clothes they sell are all-black or black and grey. The dominant colours worn by their show hosts and guests are all-black (head-to-toe) or black and grey. I’d say the ratio is about 90% black and grey and 10% beautiful colours. In fact, one of their guy show hosts was on yesterday. I’ve never seen him in all-black, but he was wearing all-black yesterday. Black pants and a black shirt. Just got back from a traditional funeral perhaps or headed to one after work? Mi amigo/My friend pointed out that all-black clothing fuzzes out their cameras and depending upon the design of the clothes (narrow black and white stripes particularly), the cameras create a zebra effect which can give the viewer a false impression that there’s a rainbow effect in the clothing item they’re selling at the time. In other words, even expensive network cameras have trouble with all-black or black and white stripes.

I’ve also noticed that some older people — including senior citizens — have adopted this funeral-black/mortuary-grey clothing get-up, presumably to “fit in” with the conformist herd. But overall, older people — who are more secure with themselves? — seem to enjoy wearing pretty colour.

If someone happens to know the answer to my questions, leave a friendly comment, por favor. Gracias. Chau.—el barrio rosa

Oh and by the way: To the stupid Millennials (pedestrians and cyclists): How do you morons expect to be seen by motorists and the intelligent and respectful cyclists out there in your all-black or black and grey clothing get-up at night with no reflective clothing on you or any lights on your body? Get a clue: Black and grey do not show up at night, assholes, even with street lights. Are you that stupid that you don’t know that? Again, conforming is more important to these insecure jerks than their safety. Loco./Loca. And I suspect you’ll be shocked and wonder “why?” when your ass gets hit by a car or a cyclist because no one can see your ass.

As I’ve often said, there has got to be something in the water in the US and worldwide to cause all the insanity, stupidity and stupid people we’re seeing, especially here in The Cesspool/the US/los Estados Unidos. I recently learned there is something in the water and speaks to the insanity we’re seeing. The (drinking) water worldwide is contaminated with plastics as well as pharmaceuticals from people’s bodies. Check this out:

Plastic fibres found in tap water around the world, study reveals
Exclusive: Tests show billions of people globally are drinking water contaminated by plastic particles, with 83% of samples found to be polluted. We are living on a plastic planet. What does it mean for our health?

Sea salt around the world is contaminated by plastic, studies show

The Haves versus the Have-nots in San Francisco

Self-entitlement. Self-entitled homeowners and parking in San Francisco

Hola a todos. We have a lot of wealthy (Millennial) trash in San Francisco today. They act like assholes. Terrible people. No one I would want to know. Self-entitled and self-absorbed millionaires and billionaires. The Bay Area is now known as Billionaire Bay. For some reason, when I think of trash, most self-entitled and elitist homeowners in San Francisco come to mind. That’s because many, if not most, homeowners in San Francisco live under the illusion that just because they own property that somehow entitles them to have special rights, including giving them the authority to dictate to others in the neighbour where they should and should not park on their street. The arrogance!

There are some good homeowners in San Francisco, but not many. I’ve known one or two over the years.

Mi amigo/My friend showed me another note he found on his vehicle this week from the same homeowner(s), the two families with the consecutive addresses, who had previously left other notes on his windshield. Mi amigo has an older vehicle. I suspect if he had a new, bougi, expensive “Keeping up with the Joneses” type vehicle that this wouldn’t even be an issue. In this case it’s a class issue. Here’s the note he found on his windshield:

“We are two families with kids [no punctuation] If you are going to park here for 4 days [no comma] park on the other side of the street ! There was plenty of parking on the other side when you parked here – Be considerate of others” [no period]

My response to that note: The gall of some people! Does “be considerate of others” mean that your(the homeowner’s) vehicle should have been parked there instead of my friend’s? Your being “two families with kids” is your problem — never heard of birth control/the pill/condoms? — and completely irrelevant to permitted parking regulations in San Francisco. You should have considered your family, your “kids,” and your parking situation before moving here. You should have educated yourselves about the extremely tight parking situation in this City. You did not make a very smart decision as breeders. Your family situation with “kids” is moot and does not afford you special rights to parking on the street or dictating to other residents where they should park. Anyone can park on the street for as long as they want (per designated parking regulations), and they can park where they want and not where you think they should park, assholes. Understand, basura? I have no patience for basura. You can confirm our parking guidelines with the SFMTA. They will be glad to educate your self-entitled ass. Parking on a street based on which home has a “family and kids” occupying it is irrelevant, moot, a non-issue in San Francisco. But your glaring arrogance and ignorance is noted. This is so typical of these new elitist and self-entitled wealthy asshole residents who have moved in here and who live under the illusion that they have special rights and are somehow better than other residents. So take your own advice assholes: Please be considerate of others. I’d suggest you move your elitist ass out of the City. I think you would be far more comfortable in some backwater cesspool as you continue to breed in an already overpopulated world, and blame others for your fucking stupidity. The arrogance of some people!

The curious thing about this situation is that mi amigo told me that he thinks the homeowner(s) who continue to leave harassing notes on his windshield complaining about him legally parking on the street is the large house with the double-car garage.

According to San Francisco parking regulations, one is allowed to park in one parking spot for a maximum of 3 days/72 hours. Mi amigo has a Residential Parking Permit for his area of The City on his vehicle and he follows the requirements that come with that. He had been parked in that location for 2 days (not 4 as they claimed) because he had taken a short trip out of The City 2 days ago and parked there when he got back the same day. Just like with El Hombre Naranja/The Orange Man, the wealthy always have to lie when trying to get their way. The homeowners lied about the 4 days. As I said, if he had a Rolls or some other bougi, pretentious, elitist, status-symbol vehicle, these homeowner trash wouldn’t be whining about his vehicle being legally parked there. Chau.—el barrio rosa


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California to become a Sanctuary State

Hola a todos. There’s some very rare buenas noticias/good news. ¡Sí!/Yes! The California Senate has passed Senate Bill 54 (a.k.a. The California Values Act), that protects undocumented immigrants from possible deportation by prohibiting local law enforcement agencies — including school police and security departments — from cooperating with federal immigration officials. Bill 54 also forbids law enforcement from enquiring about a person’s immigration status. Buenas noticias.

The California Values Act gives additional protection to the state’s undocumented population (about 2.7 million people). In my opinion, this is a very justified slap in the face of the fascistic, white supremacist/nazi-supporting El Hombre Naranja/Orange Man who continues to aggressively crackdown on undocumented immigrants/migrant workers as well as sanctuary cities.

This bill was passed solely by Democrats at the state level. They seem to be a very different breed of Democrat than the basura who charade as Democrats at the federal level of the US Oligarchy in the District of Columbia, the capital city of the US.

Latino Kevin de León from Los Ángeles and president pro tempore of the state Senate introduced Senate Bill 54 back in December. The bill passed the state Senate and Assembly with Democrats alone voting for it. The bill did not receive any Republicano support.

As expected, all “law enforcement” is opposed to this, which should not surprise anyone, considering some bully-thug cops on a macho power trip get a rush out of bashing people’s heads in, especially if they suspect the person is undocumented, or for any other reason.

California Governor Jerry Brown is expected to sign it, so once it’s signed into law and enacted, SB 54 will prevent state and local law enforcement officers and resources from being exploited by The Orange Man to enforce federal laws against undocumented immigrants. Kevin de León said, “Our undocumented neighbors will be able to interact with local law enforcement to report crimes and help in prosecutions without fear of deportation — and that will make our communities safer.”

Muchas gracias to Kevin for authoring this bill and hopefully Jerry Brown will sign it as he’s expected to do.

The US state of Oregon passed a similar bill in 1987.

The article I read about this on a major East Coast news site used the emotionally-neutral language “undocumented immigrants” throughout the article, except when quoting a hater. With hesitation I scanned the comments. Oh lord. As expected, nothing but hate for undocumented immigrants, for Kevin and for the State of California. Also as expected, even though the language “undocumented immigrants” was used throughout their article except when quoting a hater, “undocumented immigrants” was not used by anyone in the comments. Instead, the emotionally-charged and hateful “i” word was used entirely by the mostly conservative/far-right hateful commenters. It was the usual Divide and Conquer mentality on display. The usual “Us versus Them” nonsense. So tiresome. The sheeple never learn. It seems that most humans — especially the elitists among us — need someone to hate and scapegoat for all the problems here in The Cesspool/the US. Of course, if nearly all of the undocumented immigrants in the US were of a light-skin complexion, we wouldn’t even be talking about this. It wouldn’t even be a topic. No, this has to do with people’s racism, people being anti-ethnic. And if most of the haters were in the position of the undocumented, they would have done the same thing the undocumented felt they needed to do to survive by coming here. The US should dismantle and crate up the Statue of Liberty and ship it back to France since it means nothing to The Cesspool. As for the haters, please do not come to my State of California that they clearly despise based on the comments on that site. We don’t need their hate here. They should stay in that cesspool of a state they’re in and continue to wallow in their hate there.

The Fake-Christians

One wonders if most of the haters on that site pretend to be a Christian. If so, they’re frauds and Christian in name-only. From what we’ve been told by scholared sources about Jesus, he would want nothing to do with any of these fake-Christian frauds. Jesus was about love, the Prince of Peace and welcomed the outsider. He wouldn’t be calling undocumented immigrants the hateful and pejorative “i” word. The fake-Christian basura among us seemed to have missed his message, among other things. Many Christians are complete frauds.

Just so you know, if one happens to use the “i” word on pink barrio, your comment will fly into the spam filter where I will proceed to edit your comment to read “undocumented immigrant(s).” I don’t allow the hateful and emotionally-charged “i” word on mi diario/my diary, pink barrio.

Jerry Brown and de León adjusted the bill to allow law enforcement to have some flexibility. For example, the bill gives cops discretion to cooperate with immigration agents if a person has been convicted of a serious or violent felony and any felony punishable by imprisonment in a state facility. The California State Sheriff’s Association said that even with the changes, “the bill still goes too far in cutting off communications with the federal government.” How do they figure that it cuts off communication with the US Oligarchy, or is that just something to say to create fear? And why would we need any “communications” with the US Oligarchy and The Orange Man’s utterly incompetent and chaotic regime. There’s little brainwave activity there. Just an insane child in a man’s body who is obsessed with Hillary Clinton and Obama. Why would one want to communicate with corrupt, corporate, parasitic D and R trash?

Has one noticed that the Democrats of the US Oligarchy are starting to work with The Orange Man? As I’ve said before, I think they like him. That would also explain why the senior senator (Dianne Feinstein) said to expect the man-child to serve his full term, because they have no intention of engaging in any serious efforts to remove him from office.

I’m glad to see California become a Sanctuary State. Finally some good news, and in this case from the Democrats at the state level.

Or is this just temporary? I do have some concerns about this. Isn’t it possible that some “activist” federal judge — as The Orange Man’s rabid supporters like to call them — could unfortunately block this? Or, won’t someone take it to the US Supreme Court to have it overturned? I would think so. I’m sure they can work in one more nut. Of course the far-right is always screaming, “states’ rights, states’ right, leave it to the states” except when they disagree with something and are festering in their hate for immigrants.

I’m for open borders. Borders have created nothing but problems. I feel people should live and work wherever they want in el mundo/the world — I know I’d like to — regardless of these ridiculous borders that humans have created. El mundo was not created with borders. Borders are a human-made contraption and have caused nothing but problems since. Wars have been fought over fucking borders. Ludicrous. And I thank our many immigrants — undocumented as well as documented — for their contributions to The Cesspool/the US/los Estados Unidos. The US/The Cesspool would not exist today without undocumented or documented immigrants to this country. We are a nation of immigrants. Look up the history of this Cesspool of a country sometime. And look at what happened to the native people who were here before us and how despicably they were treated. If you want to get technical, anyone who is not a direct descendant of the native peoples who were here to begin with is an undocumented immigrant, whether one was born here or not. Chau.—el barrio rosa


“Why don’t immigrants learn English before coming to the US?”

Stop calling people “aliens”

The SEP: “Populist arguments such as sexual orientation are divisive.”

Hola a todos. One of my regular readers (FedUp!) e-mailed me (gracias) the following paragraph from an article on the Socialist Equality Party’s website and asked if I cared to comment on it:

“To defeat [Steve] Ba**on and his Nazi-loving billionaire backers, workers and youth must break the far-right’s primary sources of strength: the monopoly of the Democratic Party, trade unions, and pseudo-left over “left-wing” politics and the pernicious perspective of dividing the population along the lines of race, gender and sexual orientation, rather than class.”

That sounds like it was written by someone who is white, a breeder/straight and comes with breeder privileges and who would have no concern about being discriminated against, harmed or killed because he’s straight, and with no intention of putting himself in the shoes of a Queer/GTQBL person. Frankly, it sounds like that writer couldn’t care less about Queers. Unfortunately, Queers/GTQBLs don’t have the luxury of being one-issue people like the “comrades” — a word associated with communism and the Communist Party and a word one sees used on a regular basis by some of the SEP Cultists when responding to their god-writers — at the SEP. Although I admit that unfortunately some Queers are one-issue people and very myopic, especially politically speaking.

As for the SEP, they are a one-theme political party. That one-theme is about class. The SEP mindset is strictly about class. In their mind, class is above all. According to them, class is the most pervasive and fundamental social category. From my understanding of what they think, all the problems in our society are because of class. So (according to them) class is what should be addressed/talked about, and only class. (roll eyes). Speaking of sexual orientation, from my life experiences there are people in all social classes who have a problem with Queers/GTQBLs. So that “flies in the face” of the Marxists/Trotskyists/Closet-Case Communists SEP’s ridiculous claim that all social topics — or “identity-politics” — as they pejoratively call it are class-based.

I went to their site after receiving the e-mail from FedUp! According to one commenter on their site: “The class war, working class opposing the ruling class is the real issue. All populist arguments are divisive and distract workers from the war against imperialist wars.” Translation: Don’t talk about sexual orientation because it is “divisive” and “distracts workers.” Bull shit! I think workers can easily handle talking about sexual orientation. Workers don’t have a one-track mind like the SEP and their cultist followers. They make it sound like workers are short-attention-spanned children and too easily distracted by multiple thoughts. Nonsense. The hypocritical SEP seem to be doing what they sometimes accuse other people of doing and that is “slandering the working class” — as they frequently like to go on about — when anyone is critical of a person from the working class.

From my understanding of the Marxists/Trotskyists/Closet-Case Communists SEP, they want a class-less society. Well I’m for that, but I’m a realist. A class-less society is delusional thinking because that is not about to happen here in The Cesspool/The US/los Estados Unidos. The corporate parasites of the US Oligarchy will see to that as well as the millionaires and billionaires for whom they work. The SEP continue to live under some dreamy-based illusion that capitalism is on the verge of collapse or is going to be overthrown in the US and a revolution of the working class is imminent. (Are they on crack?)

I don’t relate to that and because of that I could not be their brand of pseudo-socialist. Generally speaking, I see people as people, not what class they’re from. Class is not something I even think about most of the time, other than the millionaire and billionaire wasteful trash who have raped San Francisco and made The City their 1% playground, and I don’t think most people think about class either. Do you? And rarely do I hear or read anyone even using the word “class,” which could explain why the SEP candidates get so few votes at s-election time that they never publish their dismally low vote tallies for their candidates on their website. FedUp! also said in the e-mail that the SEP stated recently that they are on the Left. Really? That’s odd. Aside from their opposition to US imperialism worldwide and maybe one or two other topics that don’t come to mind at the moment, I came away from their site with the distinct impression that they were mostly conservatives. (Related: Sexist and Chauvinistic Marxists (ICFI)). They certainly act like it. They also have a very conservative writing style. Some of their SEP cultist commenters have in the past said: “We are not on the Left,” although they didn’t say where they are on the political spectrum. I’ve not known people on the Left to be very formal but, as I said earlier, the SEP have a very formal writing style including their commenters, who refer to their writers as “Mr [insert name of writer]” rather than “Bill” or “Niles” for example. I’ve also noticed that their commenters are often rather thick. They often miss the point that someone is trying to make, which then gets into dysfunctional-style comments and abrasiveness.

They certainly don’t encourage any discussion in their comment section, which is overly-moderated to the extreme. I don’t know what they’re so afraid of. One commenter was complaining about the extreme moderation and pointed out that he can think for himself and prefers to do that rather than having a moderator — moderators are usually on a power trip — decide what commenters will read. It can take hours for the most innocent comment to appear, if it ever does. One gets the impression that they only approve/post comments about 3 times a day in groups. And despite their having been around for years, there is absolutely no sense of community at all in their site’s comment sections. Instead, it’s a rather cold and abrasive place, which is why I stopped going there, so what I’m writing here is based on my overall experience on their site, as well as my recent visit. I don’t think there’s any chance of them gaining mass support/popularity since they are far from the warmest bunch of people. Just the opposite in fact. There’s certainly no charisma to be found there that I’ve seen. I like some of their writers (Andre, Kate, Niles and Jerry come to mind), but some of their other writers are a prudish piece of work based on my previous experience over there. And as I’ve said in other articles about them (see under “Previously” at the bottom of the page), the SEP cultists among them — it’s a devout group of roughly 12-14 people — rush to compliment, profusely thank and defend their “comrade” god writers whom they seem to see as a deity who can do no wrong. Their behaviour is really like a cult. That’s the distinct impression I have about them. Anyone who speaks even the slightest hint of criticism of one of their god-writers: Watch out! You’ll be slapped down by one of the SEP cultists at-the-ready to defend their writers. Seems a bit much!

As I see it, forgetting sexual orientation — to obsess, dwell and fixate on class — is a direct route back to the 1950s, if not before, for most Queers.

I’ve been aware that the SEP claim to oppose the billionaire class, except when it comes to the billionaire-owned tech industry which they heavily promote. One will read on their site: “Follow us and promote our articles on F*ceb**k.” I remember someone pointing out to them that billionaire-owned F*ceb**k is the biggest data-mining and spy-machine on the internet along with G**gle, but that didn’t phase the SEP cultists. No, they continue to feel that they must use FB to “get their message out.” I guess they haven’t noticed that it doesn’t seem to be working, but their glaring hypocrisy is noted. Yes, they claim to oppose the billionaire class out of one side of their mouth, while out of the other side of their mouth they support/cheer lead for the billionaire-owned tech industry and its associated ubiquitous phone addiction. This has been pointed out to them and they just shrug it off. Their love affair for tech may be waning slightly because the number one search engine has been censoring SEP articles, so the SEP sent a protest letter to that search engine. I’m sure that corporation is just “shaking in their boots.” If anything, I suspect their open letter to G**gle promptly went into the recycling bin, if they have one, at their headquarters in Mountain View. It was interesting that the SEP letter included a list of “Left” sites that G**gle is censoring. I looked at the list and they are the same sites that the SEP would — in any other circumstance — refer to as “the pseudo-left,” since the SEP are constantly referring to “the pseudo-left.” I saw that again when I was over there while writing this (and it also appears in that quote from their website at the top of this page). All of the “Left” websites in their list the SEP would describe as being “within the orbit of the Democratic Party.” I guess they don’t see their hypocrisy in that instance either. As one can see, there’s no shortage of hypocrisy to be found with the Marxists/Trotskyists/Closet-Case Communist SEP.

I want to be clear here: I’m not using the word communist the way the far-right rednecks/Orange Man’s rabid supporters do. I’m not using it as they do to “red-bait” or to smear the SEP or as the ultimate put-down of them or as a pejorative. I’m using the word communist because it is my sense that the SEP are communists but they are afraid to say that for some reason, so they hide behind other words that I’ve already listed, while some of their cultists do use the term “comrade” as I said earlier. That’s why I refer to them as closet-case Communists.

I think forgetting about sexual orientation because it’s part of “identity politics” and “divisive” (according to them) is very misguided.

I’ve often wondered: Do they have any openly-Queer writers at the SEP? Not that I’m aware of. Just from some of the many prudish comments I’ve read on their site over the years from their writers as well as commenters, I sense they are a rather sexually-repressed group of people. Some writers on other sites will freely reveal their sexual orientation, particularly when the topic of sexual orientation comes up. But the SEP writers (and commenters) go out of their way to hide their sexual orientation. If there are any Queer writers on the staff at the SEP, they’re in the closet online. The same for the commenters. One gets the impression that they are all breeders with straight-privilege, which would explain why they would describe any discussion about sexual orientation as “divisive,” which is absolutely ludicrous. Chau.—el barrio rosa


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The British Royal Baby Factory

Why Don’t William, Kate, and Harry Adopt ?

Hola a todos. Considering the state of el mundo/the world today, only a complete idiot and/or someone in denial would bring a child into this insane world.

Yet she’s pregnant again. For the third time as of this writing. I wrote this article (but didn’t post it) sometime after Kate’s second child, Charlotte, was born because it seemed at the time that the British Royal Baby FactoryTM had suspended operations — with no plans to pump out any more babies — and that specifically the William and Kate Baby FactoryTM had been shut down, perhaps permanently, or at least temporarily. I thought maybe these perfect people discovered birth control, no?

But I read today that Kate is pregnant again with a third child despite having been urged to not have more kids.

Harry (William’s brother) calls Kate’s third pregnancy “fantastic news,” (why is that fantastic news, or is that just something to say?) although he said he hasn’t seen her in awhile, even though to my knowledge they all (except the Queen) live in the same place, Kensington Palace.

I read yesterday: “Kate Middleton and Sister Pippa Have Reportedly Made a Royal Pregnancy Pact. Could there be more than one royal baby on the way? It’s being reported that Kate Middleton and her younger sister, Pippa, want to be pregnant together.”
Oh good lord. Can this get any more ridiculous? To begin with, Pippa is not part of the Royal Family. Her sister is. So there cannot be more than one royal baby on the way. This reminds me of las chicas and their copy-cat pregnancies here in The Baby Factory known as San Francisco today.

Nearly every time I log out of e-mail, on the “news” page there is some gushing and adoring headline about the two perfect people in el mundo/the world: William and Kate, and most recently Harry and his chica, which that site is waiting with bated breath for his marriage proposal to what’s-her-name. It’s as if the writers of these articles wish The Cesspool/the US were under the British Crown. (Now granted, “God Save Our Gracious Queen,” is a far better and more dignified national anthem than that god-awful thing we have which glorifies war and ugly nationalism.) These three — that would be four with Harry’s chica — are the perfect people in the minds of the people writing these gushing headlines/articles about them. These four can do no wrong!

One headline I saw awhile back was about William talking about running a marathon and how “Kate gave the perfect response.” Well what other kind of response would one expect from a perfect person? (roll eyes).

There have been headlines about Kate’s perfect dress and how she “wow’ed” and “looked stunning.” Isn’t that wonderful. Certainly made my day.

There was a headline that read: “How Kate Middleton subtly switches up her look.” That’s important? Nothing of substance going in anyone’s life of the people who write this shallow crap?

Then there’s these important tidbits:

“Kate Middleton says Princess Charlotte is the boss of the Royal family.”

“The one change Prince William and Kate Middleton Made to Their Wedding Vows”

“Why Kate Middleton And The Royal Family Don’t Say ‘Toilet’ Or ‘Pardon’”

Fascinating, isn’t it? (roll eyes)

This is part of the reason why I can’t stand shallow and superficial US pop culture which seems to worship and adore the British Royal Family.

But it’s not just the British Royal Family, one senses that there are some in the US who want the Obamas to be our Royal Family. There was this headline: “Malia Obama Wore the PERFECT ’90s Minidress for College Move-In Day.”

Really? Does anyone care what dress she wore to move into her Ivy-league, status-symbol school for the super-wealthy.

Is “perfect” the only word that the idiots that write this basura know? They’ve never heard of a thesaurus? Search engine: “thesaurus” It’s free online. Use it.

Since we are led to believe that the Royals are perfect human being in every way and nothing is ever “out of place,” one would think they would make perfect decisions, no? Well, when William and Kate got married, I got the distinct impression from what they said that la mujer/the woman was going to be or desired to be a Baby Factory. It seems that William and Kate want at least 4 children. They already have 2 children and Kate had trouble with the first two pregnancies. Knowing that she had trouble with the first two pregnancies, I think an intelligent and allegedly-perfect person would question whether it wise to have more children, no? From what I had read last year, “they [William and Kate] hoped to be pregnant” by the holidays 2016. Obviously that didn’t happen. But another source said she was already 6 months pregnant and that was sometime ago. That wasn’t true either. I also read that the Queen allegedly doesn’t want another royal baby. Apparently they don’t care what she thinks since one is in the oven.

Of course William and Kate have been “overjoyed” by the news of the first two children. They will be “overjoyed” for all future babies that they pump out. Then comes the perfunctory “congratulations” lavished on them. I know “congratulations” is what is traditionally said by the sheeple to someone who is having a baby, but I don’t know why. Women have babies every day. Mosquitoes can breed. What’s the big deal about getting pregnant? It happens all the time, and in many cases it becomes something to regret, including the expen$e. What’s so special about these two? Oh I know they’re considered “celebrities,” and some sites follow their every move and write, “Kate Middleton wows in dress with sexy slit.” Women wear dresses with sexy slits in them somewhere all the time. A dress that some woman is wearing with a sexy slit is worthy of mention? I would like to say to the writers of these articles: Nothing else going on in your pathetic life, is it?! Why don’t guys start wearing jeans with sexy slits so we can read, “Prince William of the House of Windsor wows in jeans with sexy slit.” I just don’t get into this ridiculous US Celebrity “Culture” Worship. It’s so shallow and superficial.

Awhile back I wrote about the baby factory here in the New Conservative San Francisco: San Francisco’s Baby Explosion and The Stroller Brigades. A new city of breeders who only care about themselves. It doesn’t matter to them that el mundo/the world is already overpopulated.

If William and Kate want a brood of children (is that their goal?), they could adopt as many children as they want. Oh no, not that! Someone will scream: They can’t adopt because it would break “the blood line” of the Royal Family. Oh por favor! The “bloodline” of the Royal Family was broken centuries ago. So why is the “bloodline” important? It seems to me that adopting a child is no different than when Diana Spencer or Kate Middleton were “adopted” into the Royal Family. And isn’t this idea of a “bloodline” rather outdated?

There are many wonderful and loving children out there waiting to be adopted and who would love to be in a stable loving home. One can love an adopted child just as much as if the child were part of one’s own DNA. So if Kate hasn’t already gotten pregnant again, (scratch that) Maybe they will consider adopting in the future — although I’m not holding my breath — to contribute to the busload of children they apparently want.

Harry has made it rather clear that he’s quite bored with this Royal Family stuff, but it’s required of him, so he does what he wants to do focusing more on various social issues. He’s a very laid-back, informal guy. More like his mother, Diana. I read that he said he would prefer to be a tour guide (I believe it was) in Africa than to do this Royal Family stent.

And adoption is a social issue they could all focus on and set an example for to help change society’s thinking regarding adoption. The general public may say, “Well William and Kate adopted, maybe we should too! If it’s good enough for the Royals…” So why don’t William, Kate, and Harry (and Kate’s sister, Pippa) set the example by adopting all future children that they want? Considering who they are, their enormous wealth and their connections, they could probably have several adopted children whenever they want, bypassing the 9-month misery period of pregnancy for each child. Something to consider, although I live under no illusion that this will ever happen. No, I suspect the breeding status-quo to continue. Chau.—el barrio rosa


Climate change and humans breeding at an alarming rate

San Francisco’s Baby Explosion and The Stroller Brigades

San Francisco’s Straight Mecca (November 2016)

In the article, I mentioned the British national anthem, “God Save The Queen.” Most arrangements of that are rather uninteresting, including the one by Sir Benjamin Britten. The one exception being the Sir David Willocks’s arrangement he wrote for the Royal Wedding (Charles and Diana) which comes complete with a descant on the second verse for the trebles/choir boys. Here’s the performance of that from the wedding with St Paul’s Anglican Cathedral Choir, The State Trumpets and the cathedral’s Great Organ. It’s a glorious arrangement, although The Queen (to whom the anthem is sung) looks rather utterly bored here even though this was the first time she had heard this arrangement. Perhaps the woman has no ear for music? For those wondering why the Queen is not singing, the Queen does not sing to herself, since the anthem is to the Queen, the sovereign. Nor did the Queen Mother sing the national anthem. That should be self-explanatory. Enjoy:

So now it’s the LGBTQIA+ community ?

(Venting article)

Hola a todos. When are people going to stop this nonsense? So now it’s the LGBTQIA+ community? Jesus fucking christ. When it this going to stop? LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ. Start it all over again: ABCDEFGHIJK.

Just fucking use the word QUEER or GAY and be done with it as in the QUEER Community or the GAY Community. Is that so difficult to do? Insipid people. Stop it with these silly alphabet-soup acronyms. What is wrong with using the word QUEER or GAY? Or is QUEER or GAY considered too “radical” and “out there” and “leftist” for the now-conservative and heteronormative QUEER/GAY community today? If so, sit your ass down with a credible psychotherapist until you’re able to call yourself QUEER or GAY and come back out of the closet. This is ridiculous. I see gay guys writing this in their personal sex ads: “WM (instead of GWM; ashamed to be gay?), discreet and down-low.” Other gay guys also say: “straight-looking, straight-acting.” That doesn’t sound the least bit “Out and Proud” but rather more like Gay Shame.

Or are you afraid to use the word QUEER because it makes the breeders uncomfortable? Who cares what the breeders think and their comfort level? They don’t give a fuck about ours the way they flaunt their sexuality in our faces especially around San Francisco’s Castro and Upper Market. Why is it important for QUEERS to bow and scrape to the breeders? When did they become superior to Queers/Gays and the “end all” and to be looked up to as the Model Sexuality? WTF? If the breeders have a problem with the word QUEER, it’s their problem. They too can get their ass in a credible therapist’s chair, and many of them can come out of the closet while they’re at it!

When I use any letters, I use GTQBL. Why that? The first two letters “GT” (gay guys and transgender individuals) because they started the movement (not lesbians). GTs led the movement so they’re the first to be seated on my QUEER or GAY bus, not Lesbians. Lesbians with their “top-billing” have hijacked, disrespected the original Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement by revising our history causing me to be very annoyed — even though they didn’t do most of the work of the Movement — so their ass can be last on my QUEER or GAY bus. And there were more radical Queers involved in the original Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement than the (often-closeted/”discreet”/DL – down low) bisexuals (I’m thinking of closeted bi guys here) so they come after gay guys and trans people on my QUEER or GAY bus. Say it and use it: QUEER Community or GAY Community. What’s wrong with that? Nothing. And fuck this LGBTQIA+ community nonsense, as well as that cookie-cutter, corporatist and sexist/chauvinistic “ladies go first” LGBT(Q) shit that most people mindlessly use and I see on damn-near every website I go on. I’m sick of it! Gracias for reading my rant. Chau.—el barrio rosa

Wearing all-black clothing in 46.1°C/115°F temperatures

El 3 de septiembre de 2017, Domingo/the 3rd of September 2017, Sunday. Hola a todos. Here are some of the temperatures for the past two days in San Francisco during our miserable and unusual heat wave here in the Bay Area and throughout California. It reached 42.7°C/109°F in some parts of San Francisco. It was 46.1°C/115°F over in the Forest Hill section of San Francisco, 47.2°C/117°F at Van Ness Avenue, and at Van Ness Avenue and Market Streets it reached 46.1°C/115°F. Unprecedented.

Question: Would you wear all-black or black and grey clothing in those temperatures?

I realise that stupid is in, insanity is in, and I realise that now-conservative San Francisco has an unofficial Dress Code of all-black or black and grey clothing, especially among the conformist Millennials and the techie trash. And that’s what one especially sees in the conservative Castro barrio/neighbourhood.

So I had wondered what these Millennial conformists would do when it was blazing hot outside, as it was the past two days. It was miserably hot. We’re having a very unusual heat wave in San Francisco at the moment, although it is a bit cooler today (Domingo/Sunday). During the past two days it literally felt like a blast furnace outside, especially the first day of the heat wave. Most unusual for usually cool San Francisco. I checked out things in The Castro yesterday — “ground-zero” to the Black and Grey Clothing Cult — to see what people were wearing. And here’s what I saw:

Not surprising, the conformist Millennials and some others were still in their all-black and black and grey clothing despite the extremely high temperatures. Loco/Loca/Crazy. As I’ve said before, conformity is more important to these shallow, superficial and insecure people than their own comfort. I saw one Millennial guy wearing all-black (black jeans and black t-shirt) with his phone to his ear sitting in the baking sun at Castro/Market Streets. He seemed unaware of the extreme heat, but at least he had his phone. Did he have any sun screen on his face or arms while baking for roughly 30 minutes in the hot sun? I suspect not.

About half to three-quarters of the people I saw were still wearing black and grey. Some people had made slight useless adjustments, presumably thinking it would keep them cooler. Some people were wearing — what I guess they thought was — cooler black clothing. It apparently didn’t dawn on these stupid-assed lobotomised phone-zombies that it’s the colour black that is the problem in the hot baking sun and not the design of the black clothing they’re wearing. For example, a black halter-top which some females were wearing yesterday is just as hot in the baking sun because it’s solid black. And because they were wearing a black halter top, more of their skin was exposed to the sun. Did these conformist females have the intelligence to put on any sun screen? Should females be allowed to wear a black halter top in today’s Castro? Doesn’t that border on violating the city-wide nudity ban? All of this exposed skin!! “What about the children????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!” that the conservative prudes constantly use as the lame excuse for continuing to sanitise The Castro? I don’t know, in the prudish Castro are females allowed to wear black halter tops? “Cover up! Cover up!” is what it’s all about today where shame of the human body has top priority — including among the conservative Queer community — regardless of the temperature outside. I saw two conformist females in tight blue jean cut-offs up to their ass. Gasp! “What about the children????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Are cut-offs up to the ass allowed in the prudish Castro? (Some gay guys caliente wore them during the Gay Mecca days, but those days are long over). Or is it okay when females wear them, but if a gay guy were to wear them conservative sex police Scott Penis would be instantly summoned to round them up and throw them in jail? These females with the blue jean cut-offs were wearing the perfunctory all-black lingerie shirt which went down to the bottom of the jeans. At least they were conforming in their all-black, since one could not really see their jean cut-offs that well. You must wear all-black to be “in” you know! It’s required. Did they have any sun screen on?

Some guys were wearing t-shirts and tank tops to presumably be cooler, but they were still all-black.

A large number of guys were more intelligent and they were wearing more colour (bright naranja/orange, verde/green, red) than the insecure and conformist females. (Mi amigo/My friend tells me that at his gym the females are always in all-black but some of the guys wear bright colours). The insecure females seem so afraid of colour — why is that? — and adamant about wearing all-black as if having been literally brainwashed in this context. I saw many gay guys in white t-shirts and coloured shorts — but not cargo shorts which were worn by most guys in the Old City days — in order to try to stay cooler. But at least the guys have some intelligence to know what to wear in order to try to stay cooler. These young females around here certainly don’t have a fucking clue. It also explains why they sound so stupid and illiterate when they talk: like, like, like, like, like is the main word in their very limited vocabulary, as well as their up-talking (putting a question mark at the end of all sentences). Where did these young, insecure, stupid-sounding females come from who moved here in recent years?

People who are secure with themselves don’t feel the need to conform with the sheeple herd. They don’t give a fuck what the herd wears. The secure people, the nonconformists people wear what they want. One thing is clear: San Francisco today is full of insecure females desperate to conform regardless of the temperature outside. They do so want to “fit in.” Quite pathetic really.

There’s got to be something in the agua/water, people, with such insanity as we’re seeing today! I thought most people were taught as a child that to keep cool outside in the hot sun that it’s intelligent to wear light-coloured clothing, no? In fact, I read an article yesterday about this heat wave and the article urged people to do exactly that. Well, apparently these stupid-assed people weren’t taught that. I’ve also referred to the Millennials as having been lobotomised, which seems appropriate, because the phone-zombies I saw yesterday didn’t look like they felt any heat, or felt anything for that matter. They were just floating along texting frantically and staring at their phones/their adult pacifiers. On the odd occasion they look up from their phone, they think there’s something wrong with you if you’re not staring at a phone and texting too, as well as wearing the black and grey “uniform.” Maybe it’s the phones that are causing all of this craziness and insanity.

Mi amigo/My friend had to take a trip up to the North Bay yesterday in the broiler-type heat. The first words out of his mouth when I saw him upon his return was, “The Bay Area is really changing.” He said it was crazy out. He specifically noticed the overpopulation and the heavy traffic of the Bay Area. He said people are driving so aggressively now. Like lunatics. He was driving 85mph to keep up with the traffic and aggressive, reckless asshole drivers were jetting past him even at that speed. He said that some people don’t stop at red lights over there. They jet through them, as happened when he was sitting at a red light in another lane. Later, when he came back through on the return trip, there was a 5-car pile up/accident at that intersection. He saw five accidents on his way back to San Francisco. He said he saw no phones over there in the places he went, although recently he told me that the phone addiction was just as bad over there as it is in The City. But yesterday, Marin and the North Bay were phone-free. When they got to the restaurant where they were going to eat, some insane female refused to walk out of the restaurant’s door to leave. She wanted the servers to remove the screen in the window so she could climb out the restaurant’s window. WTF? I’m not making this up. That’s what he told me. He said the servers had to escort this loca/crazy female out of the restaurant through the door to get her to leave. And he said he saw many other examples of insanity and people completely nutting out. There’s got to be something in the agua.

Also, speaking of insanity or an intended suicide, a guy jumped into the fire during the burning of the Burning Man last night during that festival in Nevada. He was air-lifted to the UC-Davis Medical Centre Burn Unit where he later died. The Burning Man internet feed was immediately shut down and they have completely stopped live-streaming Burning Man. Chau.—el barrio rosa


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