The Castro’s Holiday Shopping Tree

Hola. Well, as expected, that useless and irrelevant conservative merchants’ group in San Francisco’s Castro barrio has predictably wheeled out this year’s Holiday Shopping TreeTM. I say, “wheeled out” because overall it looks like the same tree every year. As if it’s been stored somewhere during the year and rolled out to encourage holiday shopping, which is exactly its intent/purpose.

One would think that in The Castro, of all places, (the former Gay Mecca) that the lights on the Holiday Shopping TreeTM would be rainbow coloured or multi-colour to create a “Rainbow Flag” effect, no? But that’s never the case with the Holiday Shopping TreeTM because this dictatorial merchants’ group think they always know best, so the lights for the Holiday Shopping TreeTM are always clear (or off-yellow which still looks clear from a distance). This tree looks like what one would expect to see in and around the corporate Embarcadero Center towers on The Embarcadero of San Francisco.

Creative people would think differently and make sure that the lights at the top of this tree began with red, followed by orange, yellow, green, blue and purple LED lights coming down the tree in sections, no? That would create a nice rainbow flag effect for a tree in The Castro. But creativity is not what the gentrified Castro and this merchants’ group are about. Cookie-cutter, predictable and conservative/corporate is what it’s all about around here these days. So every year, this Holiday Shopping TreeTM with its boring clear lights looks very corporate, conservative, sterile and boring which also describes the people responsible for it (the conservative merchants).

The Holiday Shopping TreeTM has one purpose each holiday season and that is to urge people to “Hit the Stores!” and conservative parasitic politicians of the San Francisco Oligarchy say exactly that (“Hit the Stores!”) when they have the perfunctory ceremony for this tree lighting event every year immediately after Día De Acción De Gracias/Thanksgiving Day. Their message is: Buy, buy, buy. Consume, consume, consume, consume. No, gracias. I don’t support any of these stores — other than the best sex store around here Rock Hard — and that’s because this conservative merchants’ group is directly responsible for the sanitised Castro today. They have deliberately made el barrio/the neighbourhood, “Family FriendlyTM.” Translation: catering to the “straights” (they get priority over Queers, do they?). The merchants have completely sanitised The Castro to cater to the conservative prudes with body image issues — including GLBTQ prudes — who have deliberately moved to The Castro knowing its reputation and history with an intent to change the neighbourhood to the way they want it (conservative). Intelligent people would have moved to an area that was already the way they liked it. But these basura came with their conservative agenda. As I’ve written many times, today The Castro looks nothing like it did in the Gay Mecca days. Even the local theatre has sanitised itself with their many “Family Friendly” (roll eyes) Sing-Alongs — where everyone wears a silly paper hat in the shape of a crown — frequently on weekends for the many “straight” couples and their children. (These “straight” couples breed like mosquitoes. It’s quite apparent they don’t believe in or have never heard of birth control of any kind).

These basura around here have done their best to make The Castro into another bland, boring and conservative Walnut Creek, California. “Walnut Creek” is how I’ve heard some locals refer to The Castro of today. There’s even a project now to “Queer The Castro.” Who would have ever thought we would need that for the former Gay Mecca? That should tell you how drastically things have changed around here and in the new Conservative, Lobotomised, Techie San Francisco because of these busy-bodied conservative basura who run things now.

I would include a picture of The Castro’s Holiday Shopping TreeTM (but the thing is probably copyrighted) but frankly if you’ve seen a tree saturated with all-clear lights on it then you’ve already seen this tree. There’s nothing unique or special about it. It looks the opposite of the colourful, pretty Abstract Art tree at the top of this page.

I’m not into this holiday shit at all because of what it’s turned into: Ugly and rank consumerism. And all the many dysfunctions that take place around this time of year because someone didn’t buy the “right gift” for someone. Ugh. Suggestion: When you’re given a gift, the mature thing to do is to simply say, “Muchas gracias/Thank you” to the person giving you the gift — they didn’t have to give you anything! — and for thinking of you, whether you like the gift or not is not important. And if you’re a female with a big ass or big thighs and someone gives you a gift that you think accents your big ass/thighs, that’s not their problem. Your big ass/thighs are your problem to work on, not there’s. They shouldn’t be required to cater their gift to your big ass/thighs. Deal with that yourself. As far as I’m concerned they can cancel this whole holiday thing, including all of these perfunctory Messiah performances and sing-alongs they drag out every holiday season. Ugh. If I don’t hear Messiah again it will be fine with me. jesus fucking christ! That oratorio is so over-performed while other works equally worthy to Messiah are constantly neglected (because the herd need their Messiah annual performance “fix” because of some fucked-up tradition nonsense they believe in…“you have to have Messiah during the holidays, you know! Just as you must have turkey for Día De Acción De Gracias/Thanksgiving Day.”) Sigh. No gracias to eating dead animals on Día De Acción De Gracias or any other day. Instead of Messiah, I much prefer listening to and watching the Lully Te Deum performed by Les Arts Florissants. I do think the holiday items on this page are very pretty. The item directly above on this page shows una Dalia roja/a red Dalia. Las Dalias are native to México, Centroamérica, and Colombia. Chau.—el barrio rosa


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At Trinity Wall Street, one expects to hear: “This is NPR. National Public Radio.”

I’ve had the impression for sometime that Trinity Wall Street would prefer to be a Southern Baptist church. When might they be leaving the Anglican Communion to become part of the bigoted and prejudiced (specifically anti-gay) Southern Baptist Convention?

Hola. I think it’s time to give up on Trinity Wall Street in Lower Manhattan (a parish church of the Anglican Communion) and I’ve pretty much done that. I’ve observed several Anglican churches over the past years, but I’ve not come away from any of them as consistently frustrated as I have been with Trinity Wall Street (TWS).

Having been most fortunate to be given the opportunity and privilege of being a chorister in three major Orchestra Choruses in my past — if this is your first time here I’ll list them: the Choral Arts Society of Washington, the University of Maryland Chorus and the San Francisco Symphony Chorus — the main reason I was watching their Sunday Liturgy was because of the music: The superb Trinity Choir, and Avi Stein (the organist) and Dr Julian Wachner (his direction of The Trinity Choir, and his High Church organ improvisations during the censing of the free-standing altar).

The frustration I have felt with TWS has mainly been over two aspects of their Liturgy: 1) Their choice of music — for well over a year they have been in this gospel-spiritual rut, which is very odd for an Anglican church — as well as 2) their incompetent/inferior camera work. And any complaints about these things are mostly ignored because they do what they want. Watching their Liturgy is supposed to be a pleasant experience, not one that induces frustration and makes one want to click off the video, as I often feel. But I’ve come to realise that they don’t care about the complaints they’ve received and they’ve made that clear, otherwise they would have made the suggested changes. They do what they want to do, and their unspoken message is: “If you don’t like what we do, don’t watch our Liturgies. No one is forcing you to watch our videos.” And frankly, when you’re a corporate church with at least $2 Billion US Dollars, and the former rector (Cooper) required a SoHo town house paid for by the church that was estimated at $5.5 million, you don’t have to care what anybody thinks. Then there’s the new rector. He chooses to live very simply (sarcasm intended). He requires a $15,000/month place (a Luxury Condo?) with three terraces (Dahling) facing the river (Dahling). I would feel embarrassed to require a place that cost $15,000.00 a month and expect my employer to pay for it. I have to ask: How many members of The Trinity Choir live in a place that costs $15,000/month? Something tells me that very few, if any, do. Why do these rectors require such expensive, elaborate, elitist places to live? They’re no better than anybody else, but they appear to have placed themselves up on this elitist grand pedestal because they have the title “Rector” behind their name. (roll eyes) Just like the last corporate parasitic rector, I think this new rector saw nothing but $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ when he saw the TWS job listing for a new rector and applied for this job. As I see it, these rectors are merely exploiting the church in the name of corporate greed that they’re working for and the church allows itself to be exploited. To this church, money is #1 and it’s what this church is about. The Anglican faith is merely “cover” and secondary to the real reason for the church’$ primary existence. Didn’t TWS learn anything from the greed-based Cooper ExperienceTM? Apparently not. Corporate Greed is what it is. And at TWS, they don’t need to care what anybody thinks, do they?

A reader of pink barrio e-mailed me awhile back stating he had written to TWS expressing many of the same criticisms I have about the church, particularly the camera work. He said they said they would forward his e-mail to some committee (how very corporate Wall Street). I thought when reading that: Oh lord, not a committee! You don’t leave things like this to a committee. What do they do sit around and debate whether the camera should show the Choir during the Communion Anthem or whether the camera should be off showing the ceiling instead? Loco. Just make the changes; you don’t need some useless committee to sit around and gab about it for hours while sipping their lattes, for goodness’ sakes. This stuff is basic. It’s as if they try to see how difficult they can make things by dragging in some waste-of-time committee. Anyway, he said that they made some of the changes — such as showing the Choir during the Communion Anthem, but only for a short time and then they went right back to doing things the way they were before he sent the e-mail. He felt his effort was a waste of time. Typical.

One of my commenters brought this to my attention. On November 15, 2015, these pieces were programmed for the Liturgy:

Alice Parker/ Robert Shaw – I Got Shoes
Josquin des Prez – Ave Maria

The “I Got Shoes” (*roll eyes*) Offertory Anthem was not performed, I don’t think. What was it replaced with? I wasn’t familiar with that piece, but I think it was maybe Poulenc. I only heard it once; I’d have to hear it again to see if I would still go with Poulenc. Whatever it was it was beautifully sung by the superb Trinity Choir and the same for the Communion Anthem. But it would seem that some people have had a lobotomy at Trinity Wall Street when I hear a Renaissance piece sung beautifully by The Trinity Choir, and then within the next minute the mood from that is completely and instantly destroyed because Julian sits at the baby grand piano and begin playing the introduction to the Communion hymn, which was from their “Lift Every Voice and Sing” hymnal. His piano introduction sounded very similar to some of the NPR bumper music and I was waiting for the rector to stand and say, “This is NPR. National Public Radio.”

Some personal history: I listened to National Public Radio for years before it unofficially became National Pentagon Radio, a shill and hack for the Military Industrial Complex and The Establishment. I remember when that Cokey Roberts was gushing over George W Bush and saying to Bob Edwards (who got kicked out of NPR) on “Morning Edition,” “He’s a very attractive candidate.” The woman was referring to George W Bush. I thought: Attractive candidate? Clearly, the woman has no taste/standards! I remember screaming at my radio when I heard that, “What is going on at NPR? What the hell drugs is this woman on? NPR shouldn’t allow people near their microphones when they’re spaced-out on drugs.” Well that’s when I began to question NPR and what they were becoming and over time the more I heard I began giving up on that network. But before that, I listened to NPR all the time. I knew all their music well (they played some very nice music), and I could even rattle off the “funding credits” (their commercials) as fast as the guy from the network read them, which went like this: “Support for this programme is provided by this and other NPR member stations and the NPR News and Information Fund. Contributors include: The John D and Catherine T MacArthur Foundation, ….(and so forth). This is NPR. National Public Radio.” Then they went back to the local NPR member station usually. (Related: NPR fawns over neo-fascist Marine Le Pen).

Or the newscast at the beginning of “All Things Considered” one heard:

“From National Public Radio News in Washington, I’m Ann Taylor.”

Is Ann Taylor still at NPR, does anybody know?

Now back to Julian at TWS, that’s how his piano introduction to the Communion hymn struck me. It reminded me of some of the NPR bumper music, specifically something from the Windham Hill label. I played the video for mi amigo and he said: “You’re right, it does sound like Windham Hill.” The point is that it was such a clash in styles from the Renaissance piece we had just heard moments ago and the peaceful mood that had been set, but they seem completely oblivious to this clash in styles at TWS as they abruptly change the mood. And this happens often. Unless one has no feelings or consciousness at all, how can one not hear or notice such a drastic clash in styles from High Renaissance to: “This is NPR. National Public Radio” and their Windham Hill bumper music in a matter of a minute? Julian plays the piano beautifully and the piano introduction was beautiful, but it was out of place. Again (for the thick people), it was a major clash in styles following the Renaissance piece the Choir had just sung, and it was not what one would expect to hear during an Anglican Liturgy. It would have fit nicely in a Southern Baptist service. And this Southern Baptist theme keeps reappearing at TWS through the music chosen.

What is wrong with these people at TWS? That’s a valid question: Would Julian programme the Monteverdi Vespers of 1610 for his The Washington Chorus in the Kennedy Center Concert Hall or The Trinity Choir’s Messiah performance at Lincoln Center and have on the same programme the following repertoire:

Piano music from the Windham Hill label, and then have The Washington Chorus (at the Kennedy Center) or The Trinity Choir (at Lincoln Center) perform the following:
“We Shall Overcome”
“I Got Shoes?”
“Fix me Jesus?” and
“Gimme dat ‘ole Tyme Relig’on” and others.

Would he programme that? Something tells me he wouldn’t. So if he wouldn’t programme Monteverdi on the same programme with Windham Hill (and those other pieces I listed because it’s a clash of styles/genres) at those concert venues, why is it acceptable to do that at TWS? I don’t understand that.

Incompetent Camera Crew

Then, while the Trinity Choir was performing their Offertory Anthem, where was the camera? The camera was off showing the altar and the priests preparing for Communion/tidying up. But the Choir was singing. Shouldn’t the camera be on the Choir? DUH. Then the camera showed the backs of the choristers. (I always enjoy seeing the backs of choristers, don’t you?) At one point, the camera showed one side of the Choir from a distance — I take it that their zoom/close-up function is broken or they have forgotten how to use it? — but the other side of the Choir was not shown (other than their backs), and then we were treated to the backs of the choristers again. Then, the Choir was still singing but the camera was off in the back of the Nave looking towards the High Altar. I asked my PC screen: What are we doing back here? Shouldn’t the camera be up near the High Altar where the Choir is singing? Loco./Crazy. What is wrong with these people at TWS? They’re Inept. Incompetent, and they don’t care what anybody thinks who disagrees with their insipid decisions. Until fairly recently, the Choir was seated in front of the High Altar. I didn’t like that because nothing is supposed to be in front of the High Altar. But there was one positive thing about that: Viewers could see clearly which choristers were there when they sat in that arrangement. During the Offertory Anthem, the camera would occasionally go down both rows of the Choir and one could clearly see who was there, and that is something that I look for. Now that they’re seated in the English Cathedral choir arrangement facing each other on either side of the High Altar it looks dark (it looks much brighter in front of the High Altar) — did they not think to adjust the production lighting for this new Choir arrangement? — and it’s hard to see which choristers are there, in part, because of the dim lighting on them. The camera crew doesn’t seem to have a clue on how to show the two sides of the Choir clearly and they seem to think they have to keep the camera moving like the US corporate media do to keep viewer’s short attention span. And despite complaints, the camera crew absolutely refuse to have the camera on The Choir during the Communion Anthem. Loco. They might as well be playing a music CD during Communion. The Choir is performing the Communion Anthem therefore the camera should be on the Choir, no? That seems pretty basic, no? But the idiots of their incompetent camera crew think that watching people receiving communion wafers and sipping wine is more interesting to watch, or scanning the walls and stained glass windows, or like last week: focusing the camera on some woman’s baby during Communion. *roll eyes* A suggestion (not that they’re about to take it): Go over to B&H Photo in Manhattan and get some instruction on how to be a superb camera crew for goodness’ sakes, unless you prefer to remain being an incompetent camera crew.

These days, I can hear some of the priests at Trinity Wall Street telling someone: “You’ll love our church. We have anything you want. If you’re Low Church, we’ve got that. If you’re High Church, we’ve got that too. Anything you want we have. Are you into gospel-spiritual music? We’ve got lots of that and nearly every Sunday. (The person the priest is speaking to is thinking: Gospel in an Anglican church?) We’ve got English Cathedral Music on occasion. I’m told we have a good choir but to tell you the truth I can’t tell the difference between one choir and another and that’s why I sometimes (rudely) talk with the priest sitting next to me while they’re singing because to me all choirs sound the same. Well, anyway, you’ll love it at Trinity Wall Street so come and visit us and remember that offering plate when it passes by, and you’ll see that we have it all. We have anything you want at Trinity Wall Street.

Yes, I guess one could say that, and the part that the priests are leaving out is that it’s one big mess. TWS tries to be all things to all people and it doesn’t work, and nobody seems to notice (other than the superb choristers of The Trinity Choir).

Mi amigo/My friend asked me: Will this gospel-spiritual music obsession/fixation that they’re on continue into Advent? Why wouldn’t it? I suspect they’ll be doing this year-round, even in subdued Lent. There are some slow and quiet gospel-spiritual pieces they could drag out for Lent. And with that mess called TWS, what does the season of the church year have to do with anything anymore? Nada.

I think they really do prefer gospel-spiritual music at TWS, and that has caused me to ask when they might be bringing in praise bands at TWS? It wouldn’t surprise me if they were to do that considering the direction the church is going. It’s just that I wouldn’t expect to have a church so fixated on gospel-spiritual type music on corporate Wall Street, would you?

Viewers of TWS videos at one time could watch the organist play the organ voluntaries and hymns, just as one can watch the organists at Washington National Cathedral. But TWS apparently decided that no one has any interest in watching some “boring organist” (not me saying that) — even though Avi Stein plays beautifully and can make their digital organ sound like a pipe organ because he knows registration — so they removed the camera they had at the organ console. Why? I don’t understand many of the decisions made in this church. One gets the strong impression that they have a glaring lack of interest in the music. I can confirm that since they’ve deleted all of the many stellar performances given by The Trinity Choir during the 2013 season. What idiots would delete that music? Many of those performances I considered legendary, no exaggeration. They also deleted their superb live performance of Israel in Egypt and their live Messiah performances from their website. So I no longer link to them because of all the dead links from them I have on this site. By comparison, Washington National Cathedral keeps all of their videos on their site for (I think) up to 6 years.

Would you send a check to billionaire Donald Trump each week?

Mi amigo asked me: Why do they have an Offertory at TWS? His point was that with a church that has billions and all their real estate in Manhattan they don’t need to take up any offering at all. And why would anyone put dinero/money in the offering plate for a church that already has billions? That’s the equivalent of sending billionaire Donald Trump a check each week. What idiot would do that? They could take all the dinero collected during the Offertory and split it evenly among the choristers of The Trinity Choir — if anyone deserves the offering they do — so that they are paid better than they currently are considering some of that god-awful repertoire they have to endure/sing each week just to earn their salary. And then they have their trip all the way down there to Lower Manhattan for rehearsals and the Liturgies.

TWS is an odd church. Mi amigo asked me: Are they trying to be Low church, High Church or what? I said: Yes, all of it and historically there’s a reason for each type of church (Low, Middle, High). They seem to be trying to be all of that in one and they throw it all together — and it becomes one big chaotic mess and other than the astute choristers no one seems to notice — without any consideration for the various clashes in styles.

It’s a major waste of talent when you have your exquisite Trinity Choir consisting of some of the finest choristers in New York City with their stellar level of expertise, years of training and superb sight-reading ability having to perform gospel-spiritual music on a regular basis while English Cathedral anthems/canticle settings and High Renaissance works are left collecting dust on the shelf of the Music Library. Someone will surely be asking about now: Why are you putting down gospel-spiritual music? I’m not. I like some gospel-spiritual music, such as Chanticleer’s performance of “Twelve Gates To The City,” for example or the music used in the Alvin Ailey Dance Company’s signature piece “Revelations” (everyone’s seen that, haven’t they?…”Wadin’ in the Water” and “Rocka my soul in the bosom of Abraham” come to mind). It takes a very different skill level for performing gospel-spiritual music than it does to perform High Renaissance or the choral music (anthems and canticle settings) of Herbert Howells which The Trinity Choir absolutely excel at. Just as it takes a very different skill level to perform a Hip-Hop/Reggaetón piece (Daddy Yankee, for example) as opposed to the Rachmaninov Third Piano Concerto. I’m not putting any of that down. They are all art forms in themselves including gospel-spiritual music. It’s just that I and others don’t think that gospel-spiritual music belongs in an Anglican Liturgy. Just as Hip-Hop/Reggaetón, Salsa (Celia Cruz) or jazz (the disband Pat Metheny Group…one of my favourites) doesn’t belong in an Anglican Liturgy. Now, the Rachmaninov Vespers would work nicely though.

I’ve never seen an Anglican church like this before and I hope I never see another one. It’s “Damn odd, Ms. Bucket” as Ms Councillor Nugent said to Hyacinth Bucket (pronounced “Bouquet”) in the BBC’s comedy, “Keeping Up Appearances”. Chau.—el barrio rosa


Coming Soon: The Trinity Wall Street Praise Band

Sexist and Chauvinistic Marxists (ICFI)

This article is specifically about the socialists who identify as Marxist and who align themselves with the International Committee of the Fourth International (ICFI) and the Socialist Equality Party (SEP).

UPDATE (el 30 de noviembre de 2015): Hola, I talked with mi amigo earlier tonight and he told me that he couldn’t resist writing three comments in response to ignorance and male chauvinism on the World Socialist Website and their article about the shooting/deaths at the Planned Parenthood Clinic in Colorado. The published one of his comments where he corrected someone who used the term, “pro-abortion” instead of using “pro-choice” and he pointed out that nobody is “pro-abortion,” but rather pro-choice in that the choice should be left up to the woman to have or NOT HAVE an abortion depending upon the circumstance. Then he responded to some sexist guy that wrote that all of these Planned Parenthood clinics should be shut down, in other words, forcing women to have babies and trying to control women’s bodies, which is so typical of the thinking of many men. Mi amigo called that the “Typical Male Response” and told that commenter that “if you were a female, I suspect you would not have written that.” That commenter also wrote that “we should advocate large families…” even though “we” can’t take care of the people we already have. Mi amigo waited 24 hours for his comment and another comment about rising worldwide birth rates to appear but neither comment ever appeared. The site apparently refuses to publish either comment. What, they don’t appreciate him calling out one of the male commenters over his “Typical Male Response” about what women should do with their bodies? The site appears to be in agreement with the sexist/male chauvinist and are protecting him (just as I’ve been on some D-partisan sites in my past that protected the anti-gay commenters). Mi amigo and I are getting a very negative impression of who the socialists/ICFI/Marxists are and those running their website. Contrary to what we initially thought about them, they’re really turning out to be no different than anybody else that he and I have a problem with politically. We usually agree with their politics on the World Socialist Website, but neither of us can stand chauvinistic, sexist thinking. Who would have thought they were Marxist characteristics? As I wrote previously, they moderate every single comment — and are often slow to post them — even with people who have some history of commenting there, which seems a bit extreme. What are they afraid of? I guess they’re afraid of people in opposition to sexist and chauvinistic Marxists/ICFI. Mi amigo says he’s done commenting there. I can understand that. He’s not going to waste anymore time with them especially after learning who and what they are (sexist, chauvinistic, and who knows what else hasn’t been revealed about them yet!). We’re both turned off by them and their male-dominated site (most of their writers are male). He says it’s rather obvious that they don’t want any discussion of any kind taking place on their site but rather random comments, if that. If they ever publish his comments, I’ll delete this update. Chau.—el barrio rosa

UPDATE (el 24 de noviembre de 2015): I spoke with mi amigo last night and asked him if he was still commenting on the This is what he told me: He’s pretty much stopped commenting there. He spent some time responding to a wishful-thinking and gullible commenter who wants to believe in Bernie Sanders and believes in Sanders’s every word. He believes Sanders is sincere. (roll eyes). What’s that quote? “How do you know when a politician is lying? When their mouth is moving.” Mi amigo told me: “The guy comes across to me as a closet case Democrat.” Yep. No matter what mi amigo wrote to him, that commenter had a “yes, but” response. The guy thinks there’s going to be some mass uprising in the US. Mi amigo (and I) disagree with that. The commenter wrote this to mi amigo: “I hope you will not give into despair and pessimism. We live in perilous times. Our civil liberties are under assault. The corporate coup d’état is overwhelming. But, there is still hope. The people need to organize and fight back through peaceful open revolt and civil disobedience.” Mi amigo told him that he was just being realistic about the state of things. One can “hope” all one wants, but we’ve seen how that works out with Mr Hope and Change We Can Believe In and many other basura politicians. “Hope” has as much effect as prayer (which is a complete waste of one’s time as far as we’re concerned). I’d just like to add this: The Despair and Pessimism CardTM is routinely dragged out every (s)election cycle by the Democratic Party hacks and shills in their attempt to instill a guilt trip on one for not supporting one of the capitalist/imperialist parasites from their corrupt party — and in this case — their Bernie. Then before leaving the comment section, mi amigo responded to the rabid Berniebot who lives in the Philippines who thinks that Sanders is going to win all these primaries and that the super delegates will flock to him and leave The Chosen One, Ms Clinton, and Sanders will become president. Yeah well, we don’t see that happening at all, but anyway. Think what you want. Mi amigo had initially told him: It’s good to dream, but it’s also good to look at things realistically on occasion. Mi amigo did not respond back to the Berniebot since he seemed a bit loco, and that’s being kind.

The one thing that mi amigo told me was that there is really no sense of “community” on the wsws in the comment section. No one really supports anybody else. If anything, they abandon you. (That’s something I experienced too when I was commenting on political message forums. No sense of community.) He said when he wrote his final comment that it was just he and the Berniebot who were still there. Everybody else had stopped commenting on that article. So, he told me that he will continue to read the site but will likely avoid reading the comments for the same reason I usually prefer not to read comments. Chau.—el barrio rosa


Hola. Maybe this is part of the ongoing, “We’re going backwards as fast as possible in many ways” trend.

Mi amigo/my friend recently spent some time commenting on the World Socialist Web Site ( He said it was mostly a positive experience as well as a learning experience. He didn’t have any problem with the people who run the site. All of his comments were posted and he didn’t get banned. (That’s quite an accomplishment.)

We both had a false impression of who socialists are. I’m not referring to the writers of their site but rather their commenters. He and I thought socialists were mostly like us. That’s true to some degree politically speaking, but he was disappointed to learn that they have these outdated blind spots.

He chose to comment on their site to respond to the obnoxious Berniebots (rabid campaigners for Bernie Sanders) who predictably show up every time they publish an article about Sanders. For those who don’t know, Bernie Sanders is now irrelevant to the 2016 presidential campaign because it looks like Ms Clinton already has the super delegates for the nomination, so expect imperialist Sanders to endorse imperialist Clinton, as some of us previously predicted would be the case.

Mi amigo noticed sexist language in their comments — I’d noticed that many times before myself as well as the occasional anti-gay comment — from socialists and he responded to it. But no one supported him in the comments. One person challenged him and said, “If you have a problem with the use of “man” (as in “mankind,” instead of human, as in humankind) you’re not a Marxist.” Mi amigo responded and said he had never claimed to be a Marxist and he doesn’t like wearing labels. As he said: It would seem that being sexist is one of the requirements for being a Marxist, which he was not aware of. Many do wear the Marxist label in the comments on the wsws and, as he said, that’s how the wsws identifies. I would imagine that many people read that site who are not Marxists. He told me (and I agree from reading the comments there on occasion) that you have no way of knowing the age of anyone there, but his sense is that most of the people there who comment were born during or before World War II. So they have sexist language engrained in them and see nothing wrong with it and probably come with this “females should be subservient to males” way of thinking. I have noticed that they have very few female writers on the site. It’s a heavily-male dominated site. That could partly explain why no one agreed with mi amigo and his statement about the sexism on the site. So in that sense, the socialists are not who and what we thought they were. Sexism is a requirement for being a Marxist?

He also learned that they moderate every single comment on their site even for people who have a history of commenting there, which seems a bit much to me. I read all the comments here on el barrio rosa/pink barrio but I don’t moderate them all. After someone has a history of commenting here a few times and they are a friendly commenter, their comment automatically goes on. That’s not the case on their site. On pink barrio, occasionally a regular commenter’s comment will fly into the spam filter for some unknown reason and I’ll have to approve it. But that’s the system doing that and not me.

He and I usually agree with the politics of the (their writers, that is). It’s just a shame that the site comes with all this negative baggage that one thought we had already worked through decades ago. I guess if you don’t read the comments, you mostly won’t notice it. These days, I’ve learned that little seems to be as it’s originally perceived. Sexist and gender-specific language is now back and considered perfectly acceptable (not as far a I’m concerned). Gender-neutral language is out (even though I’ll continue to use it). Male chauvinism is in. Feminism is out. All one has to do to confirm that is to look at all the young “straight” mostly white couples around San Francisco’s Castro and on Market Street with the female who’s always a head shorter than the tall, young dominant guy she’s hanging all over and looking up at as if he’s “daddy.” And he sometimes looks embarrassed by needy her. Ugh. It seems that much of the progress that we made over the past decades has evaporated very quickly, and with the help of the pseudo-left/fake “liberals” — who are nothing but D-Establishment shills and hacks with their heads firmly planted in their messiah Obama’s upper colon — as well as with help from the self-described Marxists.

Another major thing I’ve noticed with this crowd (the Marxists/socialists) is that they live under some wishful-thinking illusion that USans and others around the world are going to turn to socialism in a mass movement and revolution. That’s their frequent chant. Loco. From what I see out there and around me that’s not about to happen. At least in lobotomised and gentrified Techie San Francisco, most people are too paralysed on the sidewalk standing in people’s way with their face buried in that screen in their hand. Nobody is going to turn to socialism or any mass movement where millions and millions are going to be in the streets. Millions might be in the streets in Europe, but for protesting something. Not for socialism. And you’re not about to get millions in the streets here in The Cesspool/the US/los Estados Unidos for something that matters in most people’s lives because, well, I don’t need to explain that do I? That should be self-explanatory if one has been paying any attention at all. Chau.—el barrio rosa

The Paris Attacks

129 people killed in Paris. Was it an Inside Job?

Hola. I received this e-mail yesterday:

“As a regular reader, I’m wondering why you’ve written nothing about the attacks in Paris?”

My response:

Well, what’s there to say about it? Unfortunately, people are killed every day en el mundo/in the world. I’ve seen some headlines reading, “The World Mourns With Paris.” That’s just media hype. Here in San Francisco, I’ve heard not one person even mention it no matter where I’ve been. Mi amigo/my friend said the same. He’s heard no one talking about it. Most people here are just going about their lives. I see no one in mourning here. If anything, I see people partying.

Anytime something happens like this anywhere in the world, it’s always “the world mourns with [fill in location of attacks].” It just seems to be something to say to acknowledge the attacks and to hype them in the name of “terror.”

These events/attacks — whether they are inside jobs to escalate US Imperialism or blow-back as a result of US Imperialism — always serve one purpose: The draconian curbing and erosion of civil liberties and that’s already taking place in Paris and elsewhere. These events are also used to instill Fear in the public. Make the people afraid of their own shadow. We saw this following the Inside Job called 911. This is just another 911. As many people are saying, “it’s another false flag.” Many people are not falling for it this time, as they did 911. They are sick of these useless parasitic corporatist politicians worldwide playing the Terror CardTM 24 hours a day. They’ve been playing that nonsense since September 11, 2001 and politicians have milked that day and used it as the excuse for every anti-US Constitution and draconian measure installed here in The Cesspool/the US and elsewhere in the world (particularly the UK) since then. I saw messiah Obama make some cookie-cutter statement condemning the attacks while this man has a Kill List and has droned how many innocent people to their death? (Over 2,000 now.) He has killed far more people than what died in Paris. He has no respect for life, other than that of the bourgeois elite. His hypocrisy is fucking astounding and despicable.

Far more people die from various types of cancer each year and from auto accidents here in Los Estados Unidos than died in Paris the other day, but I don’t see “the world mourns” over that or anything else because there’s no corporate media hype over it. Establishment corporate media and the corporate-fascist governments they cheer lead for can’t promote US imperialism by using those deaths, so they’re ignored in favour of deaths that can be hyped for promoting US Imperialism. One death is no more important than the other is how I see it. It’s terrible that innocent people died, but innocent people die all the time from cancer, auto accidents, from erroneously being on death row in our INjustice system, and so on.

So that should answer for you why I’ve said nothing about it, until you asked. I hadn’t planned to say a word about it. Gracias for your e-mail. Chau.—el barrio rosa

The US is not “America”

As many Latinos say, “The US is a country without a name.” Sí claro/Yes, of course. And how arrogant of the US to call itself the name of the entire hemisphere (América) it’s located on.

Hola. This topic came up in comments recently in another thread. I and the people I know are so tired of reading and hearing the US referred to as “America.” I know that’s what is taught in schools to children who don’t yet possess critical thinking skills, but how fucking arrogant for one country on a bullying power trip to call itself the name of the entire hemisphere/continent it’s located on. I know that many people and their corporate parasitic bourgeois politicians (such as messiah
Obama) use the term “America” constantly, often without thinking. So I have no illusions that this article will change too many people’s minds and make them more mindful of the language they use. The site is bad about this. One would think they would know better, considering their site is especially internationally-based. But that’s one of my complaints about them. They do refer to the “US” but also frequently use the word “America.” And like sheeple, many of their commenters — who pretend to be “socialists” while using sexist and outdated language, as well as the hateful “i” word for undocumented immigrants — use “America” all the time as well. I don’t understand why someone would use the word “America” (unless that’s what one was taught in school, because of conditioning, or one has just given no thought to it), when US is so much shorter; it’s only 2 letters to speak or type. I never refer to the US as “América” because the US is only part of one of the Americas: norte América/North America. On pink barrio, I use US, The Cesspool, The Imperialistic Empire, Los Estados Unidos and EEUU. And I refer to people from the US as USans.

Mi amigo alerted me to a conversation he read about this on a political site recently and suggested I check it out. Here’s what they said (with my slight edits for copyright purposes) that I thought I’d pass along:

“I have been using the descriptor “USAins” and “USAns” interchangeably for years, at every chance I find to distinguish these exceptional, clueless, egocentric, prodigal, anti-ethnic, thieving, ill-informed, intellectually-lazy, self-indulgent, amoral middle class (increasingly diminishing) and wealthy corporate and professional upper classes (ever growing) from the inhabitants of the rest of America which includes Los peruanos, Los mexicanos, Los hondureños, Los brasileños, Los venezolanos, los cubanos, Los canadienses/Canadians, et al. It’s gotten so bad that even Europeans from all walks of life are using the words “América” and “Americans” referring to the people of United States, a nation of the North American part of the Continents of the Americas.

A response to that was:

And also if you travel to América Latina, understandably they get quite miffed (more than they will politely let on) at the way visitors from the US called “Estado Unidese” (literally “United Statesian”) describe themselves as “Américano”. At a minimum they will correct you with a “Queres decir Norteaméricano?”
(México and Canada notwithstanding, “North American” is also typically used to mean someone from the US). Even the pope from Argentina brought this up in his speech to the US Congress.
[Editorial: I would imagine that went way over their heads.]

Another response:

Also, you won’t spend much time in any América Del Sur country before you hear the comment about the USA being “el pais sin nombre” (The country without a name) because there are a number of other countries whose full name is “United States of _____” One example of that is “Los Estados Unidos de México.” And “The United States of America” does not fix this problem, because “America” refers to a whole hemisphere.

For USAns who continue to be confused with this, I ask: “What if one day Germany declared that it will henceforth be called “Bundesrepublik Europa” (“Federal Republic of Europe, instead of Federal Republic of Germany) and everyone else will be called “French”, “Belgian”, “Italian”, etc…Don’t you think its neighbors would be pissed off?

I like “Estado Unidese” but “United Statesian” is awkward in English so I prefer “USAn”, which I propose pronouncing “yoo-s-a-n”

Another response:

As an expat from the U.S. living in South America, I can tell you that your comment is exactly correct. Because of this, many of my Latino friends and neighbors here consider most people from Los Estados Unidos as arrogant, disrespectful, and ignorant … especially regarding the history of los Américas.

The city I live in was founded in 1557, 239 years longer than the US has been a country. By the way, some of the buildings from that time are still functioning today with family businesses on the first and second floors and apartments on the third floor and higher.

The city I live in has the largest number of people from the US (5,000+) in the country. Frankly, I wish most of them would go back home to the US as I get tired of their constant negative attitude and arrogance. The locals have a name for those people … feo americanos (ugly Americans).

One of my commenters in the other thread wrote:

“I went to Perú years ago with a friend and he told me before we left NYC to make sure not to refer to myself as “an American” because Peruanos consider themselves “Americans” (Americanos) too and to them it comes across as if you think your country the USA is superior and has priority over the word “American” and America. When talking with the locals who were lovely people we told them we were from los Estados Unidos (translation: the United States), and some Peruanos said, “Ah, the country without a name” (translated). Very true. Thought I’d pass that along.”

And another comment from that thread:

“I cannot stand hearing or reading the U.S. referred to as “America,” nor can my relatives. When the pope did his tour recently, Univisión and Telemundo used the caption, “El Papa en América” and he stopped in Cuba before he came to the U.S. Yes, everyone, Cuba is part of América.”

Yes it is, Alejandro. Muchas gracias for that.

This will get the Alex Jones’s rednecks stirred up. Unfortunately, un amigo/my friend tells me that Alex Jones uses the term “America” all the time to refer to the US, and he is probably partly responsible for things going backwards very quickly here in The Cesspool, and that’s because of the hate being spewed by him on a regular basis. Un amigo tells me: “Alex Jones hates everybody. He’s currently on an anti-Transgender ‘campaign.’” Alex is very anti-gay ( we both think Alex is the classic closet case because people who are secure with themselves and their sexuality don’t hate gay people…go get the dick, Alex!). He also despises mexicanos and he can’t stand what he calls “political correctness.” Well, I don’t consider what I’ve written about here so-called “political correctness” at all. To me it’s just basic sense. And using basic sense and critical thinking skills, I find it very odd to read comments on the wsws, for example, from a female who refers to “mankind” or “known to man.” What the fuck? I would think that a female would use the word “humankind,” no? Or “known to people” or “known to society.” No, not in these backward days! Why would a female write, “known to man?” Doesn’t this woman realise she just excluded every female out there by her use of the word, “man?” Loca. I would expect that language from a sexist guy. These days I guess I should expect that from females too. Sigh. (You know, I think I’ll go watch/listen to the Lully Te Deum about now to get away from this shit). As I’ve said many times before, feminism is dead and all one has to do to confirm that is to look around, look at the extreme chauvinism displayed by these young white “straight” couples taking over San Francisco’s Castro barrio like a malignant cancer. And that’s just one example of many examples I could give of how things are going backwards to the 1950s, if not before, very quickly especially here in los Estados Unidos. And the pseudo-left and pseudo-liberals who are nothing but Establishment Democrats (basura!) are complicit in this. They are some of the people writing this outdated shit and they’re the very people referring to the US as “América,” and standing around singing that obnoxious, tacky, nationalistic propaganda song, “god bless america.” Ugh. I always ask: Which América are you asking for your Floating Cloud BeingTM to bless? And you are aware that the other countries of América are in need of and deserve blessings far more than the extremely selfish, self-absorbed, self-entitled and greed-based US, which is constantly begging some Floating Cloud BeingTM for blessings?) But if one tried to explain all of this to the pseudo-left/pseudo-liberals, they wouldn’t begin to get it. D and R partisans are not the brightest people out there, otherwise they wouldn’t be D and R partisans. Chau.—el barrio rosa

Queers don’t exist in AirB*b’s world

Hola, I was checking to see if someone in my building is using AirB*b for renting out part of his apartment and I noticed one thing about that corporation’s website.

Even though we’ve been told by some wishful-thinking idiots that, “Gay is now Mainstream,” like nearly all other companies and their advertising, San Francisco-based AirB*b doesn’t have any concept of gay people. We Queers don’t exist in their world — and again, this company’s headquarters are in San Francisco — looking at their website advertising. That tells me that they are put-off by GLBTQ people and ashamed of us otherwise we would be shown in images on their website the way they show the many “straight” white couples. Clearly, AirB*b is a very heteronormative corporation. Except for two images (a female in one image and a guy in another), they feature “straight” and mostly white couples on their site. The people in the images make it quite obvious they’re “straight,” (needy her hanging onto him, for example) and/or couples with children. And they look just like the “straight” couples flaunting their sexuality in our Queer faces in San Francisco’s Castro.

On AirB*b’s website you will see no Queer couples. No Gay boys (other than perhaps closet cases who are with a female and being heteronormative). No Lesbian couples, no Trans.

Just like the images that I’ve seen shown on the websites for most of these greedy developer’s over-inflated Luxury Designer Condos (Dahling), all couples are “straight” and white, even for the new buildings in San Francisco’s Castro. It’s expecting way too much here at the end of 2015 to see GLBTQs couples advertised/promoted on greedy developer’s sites even for The Castro (the former gay mecca).

I just wanted to point this out and ask:

Why are Queers/GLBTQs using this company for any reason when we don’t exist in this company’s heteronormative world? Don’t the GLBTQs using this company have any self respect, ethics, or standards whatsoever? Or is the Almighty Dollar all that’s important to them in this shallow and superficial society, where most people stand for nothing? Based on their website advertising, AirB*b only want “straights” and mostly white couples using their services. ¡Basura! Chau.—el barrio rosa

El Gordo y La Flaca has a new set

Hola, so they gave up their pretty LED set for this, did they? Who is making decisions at this network? Or did Televisa have something to do with this?

I had read that they were going to change the set — to save the show? — and was wondering when that would take place. The set of El Gordo y La Flaca changed el 28 de octubre de 2015. Do you like the new set? I don’t. There’s nothing “Latin” about it at all. With this new set, they went backwards in time to maybe 1980s? With their former LED set they could change the colours of it whenever they wanted, although they seemed to mostly keep it the same colours except when musical groups performed on the show.

For those who haven’t been paying attention, Univisión (pronounced: uniβiˈsjo̞n) and Telemundo copy each other and both corporate networks are obsessed/fixated with three drab/dull colours:

Casket-gray, and

Apparently someone told the sheeple sometime ago, “you must wear black.” My response would have been: Why? Why should I wear black? I’ll wear whatever the fuck I want to wear. Then the sheeple were told, “gray is the new black,” and that was followed by, “white is the new gray.” Fucking silly. Loco. Who has the time or patience for this shallow and superficial fad nonsense? Well, apparently these two corporate networks do since that’s pretty much all one sees on these networks. And it causes me to change the canal/channel. I don’t watch any programme on them; I monitor them and what they’re doing.

It seems that the sheeple can’t just wear what they want. Like children and being extremely insecure with themselves, they have to be told what colour(s)to wear to “fit in with the herd” according to moda/fashion. Well frankly, I don’t give a fuck about moda. I wear what I want to wear and it’s not drab funeral black, casket-gray or white.

These corporate networks apparently don’t follow the season colours at all. This is the Fall season but you’d never know it by looking at these network. Most of the time the people on these network look like they just got back from a funeral/memorial service. At Uni, they’ve been stuck on drab funeral-black for at least two years now and then came casket-gray followed by white. So there’s lots of casket-gray suits with white shirts and black ties (all three required “colours” are in that mix). Or there’s black, white or black/white dresses. Sigh. They are the most dreary and uninteresting colours available. Nothing “Latin” about any of it. Who the fuck wants to wear that shit? Apparently, anyone who appears on camera. It’s as if both networks tell anyone they invite to their studios: “We’re asking everyone to look the same (cookie-cutter) so wear drab funeral-black, casket-gray and white (either one of those colours or all three colours). And that’s because we like anyone who appears on our cameras to look like fucking sheeple, and not the least Latin.”

There’s little individuality at all. Other than the colours of the set, the people look dull, unappealing and uninteresting, again, as if just coming back from your typical memorial service or funeral.

This new El Gordo y La Flaca set is overall drab casket-gray with some brown mixed in. I would have guessed they would have gone with an entirely black set since they can’t seem to get enough of that. The chairs of EGYLF are light gray and the wall frames are gray. The only colour is the pink rug in front of the chairs and a painting over on the wall on the right side (which is rarely shown) of the set. Then there’s this weird back wall that’s supposed to be city scenes (I think) but the buildings are misplaced. They also have their (what I call) 2007 “Dame Chocolate” (remember that telenovela?) gray faux staircase wrapping up to the next level, but there is no next level up near the lights of the studio. Then there’s a baby grand piano parked behind the hosts. What’s that’s doing there? They don’t use piano on EGYLF. That must be there so they can have black on the set. Because whenever they have musical groups on to sing a piece from their newest CD, they use “fake” (meaning not really being played) electronic keyboards and not piano. Yes, upon reflection, the piano is just there for looks and because it’s black. It may never get played but they keep the lid up to collect dust on the keys. While writing this I saw Carlos yesterday (one of their reporters) in a casket-gray suit and white shirt standing near one of their in-studio screens. His suit matched the gray frame of the screen. Lovely. His shoes must have been black, but I couldn’t see those.

So they gave up their pretty, elaborate LED set for this. *roll eyes* Sigh. Hopefully, they didn’t throw all of those LEDs away when they were working perfectly. I don’t understand it at all. Chau.—el barrio rosa


The 2014 Latin Grammy Awards. Who died?