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Benjamin Straley Kicks Organ Ass with St Cecilia (Washington National Cathedral)

Saint Cecilia is the patron saint of musicians. Her feast day is celebrated in the Roman Catholic, Eastern Catholic, Anglican, and Eastern Orthodox traditions on November 22.

This article is about my favourite organist, the superb Benjamin Straley, Cathedral Organist and Assistant Director of Music at Washington National Cathedral (a cathedral church of the worldwide Anglican Communion) in the District of Columbia.

Hola a todos. First, I’d like to briefly mention the Liturgy on the Thirteenth Sunday after Pentecost (14 de agosto 2016/the 14th of August 2016). Español at Washington National Cathedral (WNC)! Yes, it was a bilingual Liturgy en español y inglés/English with priority given to español. Excelente. So for example, The Gospel was first read en español followed by inglés/English. Muchísimas gracias to WNC for doing this. (You know, I can just imagine that the foaming-at-the-mouth redneck “English only” crowd who absolutely fear international languages was seething with anger. Tough luck. A bilingual Liturgy doesn’t happen that often so I think they should be able to deal with it on this occasion. And within camera view I saw no one that showed any objection to it. As I’ve written before, experienced classically-trained musicians are exposed to and work with a variety of world languages (especially Italiano) on a regular basis. We don’t fear other international languages. Bigots do that; closed-minded prejudiced people do that. Related: The Amazing Benefits of Being Bilingual). And our Benjamin’s improvisation following The Gospel readings was aaaaaaah, SASSY! I loved it! High Church! I felt like I was at St Thomas Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. Muchas gracias to him for that and also for his excellent Fanfare to the processional hymn. Really wonderful playing from him. His playing for this Liturgy reminded me of how he played when he was first hired (gloriously High Church), where he didn’t have someone trying to suppress him into Low Church. Ugh. His playing moved me; it brought tears to my eyes at one point during the processional hymn where he played his High Church interlude (was that the 64′ I heard nicely rumbling the Nave?). After playing like that one feels like one has been to church, even if one is not religious. He seemed to be surviving the heat. It’s been really hot in the District the past days. The Introit was beautifully sung by the Cathedral Singers, and fortunately no vibrato from the soprano section – good! The Cathedral Choir of Men and Boys/Girls will return after Labour Day when the Cathedral School and St Albans School for Boys open for the Fall term. For the past 2-3 Domingos/Sundays they have had some lovely new tenor voices. The Cathedral Singers consists of some of the superb choristers of the Washington Bach Consort Chorus. As of this writing, that’s as far as I’ve gotten in the Liturgy. It would be nice to know the name of the guy who served as Choirmaster for this Liturgy. He looked like the same guy that I wrote about and who served as organist (he’s a superb organist) on the the Day of Pentecost. And why is our Benjamin’s name still missing from the service leaflet? (Sigh). With all other parishes and cathedral churches I’ve experienced, the names of the Organist and Choirmaster are permanently on the service leaflet. By not doing so, WNC implies that the musicians are not important which is also the sense they give with their camera work where they park on stained-glass windows, columns, las flores/flowers baskets and anything else except what they should be showing: The Cathedral Choir that’s performing at the time, or Benjamin who is improvising during Communion, for example.

Now back to the Tenth Sunday of Pentecost, the last hymn they sang for this Liturgy was the hymn tune St Cecilia. Our Benjamin played it beautifully, very legato and he improvised interludes between each verse which gave it a more High Church feel. It was lovely. The interludes also served the purpose of lengthening the hymn to accommodate the procession. I enjoyed his full and lush registration. It was rather glorious, I thought. Then for his organ voluntary he improvised on the same hymn tune (St Cecilia). That was spectacular. I thought his improvisation was as fine as any respected and time-honoured organ work of the French organ repertoire (Louis Vierne, for example). It had aspects of a French toccata in it, and as I’ve written before, I sense he likes toccatas and/or the “toccata style” (so do I). Many times while listening to his improvisation and while watching him play it in order to analyse it, the piece brought tears to my eyes and a lump to my throat, especially the (what I call) “French Organ Symphony” middle section. That’s what it reminded me of. It was definitely a High Church improvisation. His “in the moment” piece began with broken chords/arpeggio type material in various keys. He really briefly set out/established the keys he would be using for the piece at the beginning of the improvisation. Then, in French toccata style, the hymn tune entered in the pedals in octaves before going into the middle section. The middle section was mostly in the key of d minor before he modulated to B Major for a bit and then returned to G Major for the final section. The middle section was my favourite part as it felt more — like I said earlier — like part of a French Organ Symphony at that point because of the harmonies he used (d minor and then to B Major). In the final section, he played the melody line again in the right-hand and briefly answered that in the pedals in octaves. It was a relatively short improvisation. It didn’t end as one might expect it to. It had more of a theatre organ “sound”/ending with some dissonant chords. Our Benjamin kicked organ ass (smile…LOL) with this piece. After hearing this superb improvisation, it makes me wonder why anyone would want anything else (such as podunk Low Church music) when one can have this type of High Church piece improvised by one of the finest organists around.

You know, I sense that our Benjamin’s service music playing would be mostly of a High Church nature if he were allowed to be himself and play as he wanted and not suppressed by a certain person there. I’m specifically thinking of the Choirmaster. I remember awhile back one of my commenters asked, “Can’t we send Michael back to England?” Suggesting he’s the problem. I do think our Benjamin is being suppressed and I say that based on how Benjamin played when he was first hired. He was most definitely a High Church organist then (without a doubt) and his playing was absolutely glorious! I was delighted they had hired him. He still plays beautifully of course, but I hope you understand what I mean. Today, I think he’s being suppressed. The original High Church Benjamin is still there and appears at times — when he’s allowed to? — such as in this superb improvisation on this hymn tune.

Also, muchísimas gracias to la producción for keeping the camera on Benjamin the entire time he was playing his improvisation rather than losing interest and wandering off to look at stained glass windows, which happened earlier in the Liturgy. It looks like la producción has installed a wider-angled lens — which is very nice; a nice improvement — on the camera at the organ console and we’re able to see a little more of our Benjamin while he’s playing.

I suggest readers watch/listen to the processional hymn first which begins at 1.25.38 in the first video below to get the hymn tune “in your ear” if you don’t already know St Cecilia and then watch his improvisation which follows immediately, instead of just going to the improvisation. Chau.—el barrio rosa

Service Leaflet: Tenth Sunday of Pentecost (July 24, 2016)

Bilingual Liturgy:

I’m Dreaming of Dick While I’m Drowning In Pussy

The Heteronormative Gay Guys Living A Lie

Hola. This is about yet another Queer boy married to a female. How tiresome. I’ve watched a family over the years and the son who went from elementary school to the university level. Then he abruptly got married to a female. That came out of nowhere. Then they immediately had a child. Did that process begin the wedding night? That’s often the case because the families have asked: “When will you be starting a family, and do you want a big family?” Translation: Get on with fucking immediately — to put it bluntly — as soon as those rings are on your fingers. Keep popping them out. That’s the standard script for families who are heavily into organised religion, fundamentalist especially. But I’ve been acquainted with this guy for years and know him to be a gay guy and religious. All of his mannerisms are stereotypically gay and the sound of his voice is gay. As a Queer person, one detects these things as one Queer person to another (it’s called gaydar). And he’s also into gardening as are many Queer boys. But instead of going the direction his body and emotions will eventually pull him in and because of his religious beliefs — he’s always going on about how “blessed” he is — he made the mistake of going into a “straight” (male/female) relationship. His esposa/wife looks like a lesbian to me. A lesbian married to a gay guy? So this is quite a relationship. This type of thing has happened so many times in my life experience. And at some point he’ll start the “Honey, we need to talk” routine. He’ll explain to her that he’s gay and has always been gay. She will scream in anger, “How can you do this to me?” or “I’ve always known honey.” Although many females like to live in Denial about this. He will tell her how much he loves her but that he’s going to go live with his boyfriend and will see her in court regarding la casa/the house and los niños/the kids. What a mess. And this mess could have been avoided if he had come out to begin with, but unfortunately he followed The Heterosexual Family ScriptTM that’s expected of everyone in our heteronormative society. And “What about the Children?TM” All of this is something for other Queer boys to consider who are currently in a similar situation. It’s takes courage to go against The Heterosexual Family ScriptTM. You will come out sooner or later and those that do not can get very violent and end in tragic consequences and hurt a lot of people.

With this guy, he’s constantly thinking about dick but when he gets in his bed he’s drowning in pussy, and she wants attention while she swoons and lactates at him. But he’s really thinking about dick and that’s what he really wants. And as a suspected lesbiana, she’s probably thinking of pussy. This is one hell of a relationship. Chau.—el barrio rosa


Going Backwards: More Gay Guys Getting Married To Females

The Big and Tough US Is Afraid Of A Plastic Statue

Sigh. Hola. I’ve never seen a country so afraid of a harmless plastic statue before. It was just a statue, people. Yet many of the people here in The Cesspool/the US/los Estados Unidos — including D and R politicians — like to pump themselves up and talk about how big, tough, strong and brave they are and how big, tough, strong and brave the US is and other immature macho chest-beating stuff. When in reality, many (most?) of the same people are so damn afraid, weak and the exact opposite of what they pretend to be that they are intimidated by and can’t even deal with looking at a harmless plastic statue which is of no threat to anybody. I’m referring to the Trump statues. Their macho, big, tough, strong and brave bull shit has become a puddle of wet-doilies.

New York City (Manhattan specifically) was one of the first cities to rip down their Trump statue. I take it that NYC has really changed. Gone backwards. Some time ago, I talked with a former New Yorker who had moved to San Francisco from NYC and she told me how conservative NYC had become, but I didn’t know that since then they had become so rabid. They have the same type of dictatorial/fascistic basura running their parks department as we do here in San Francisco. These rigid, authoritarian/fascistic-style people are afraid of their own shadow. Most parks are public so why does one need a permit to put a statue in a public park? What are they so afraid of? Well, it’s likely because they want to make dinero/$$$$$$$$ off the statue for the City by charging an outrageously expensive fee for the statue’s permit, just like in greed-based conservative tech-zombie San Francisco. We have the same type of basura here: rigid, hard-assed, belligerent/authoritarian-styled people idiots. Why are people like that attracted to “public service” type jobs? These basura are our employees. They seem to forget that. They’re on a head-trip/power-trip and have put themselves up on a tall pedestal and erroneously think they are better than we are and expect us to bow down to them because of their position of power. Phew! It seems that shallow people feel the need to take that hard-assed approach to show how “tough” they are presumably so they can “climb up the ladder.” And what’s happened to Seattle? Looks like the techie basura have changed Seattle too, in the wrong direction.

Of all the cities with the Trump statue, San Francisco’s lasted the longest of all of them. Our statue lasted almost 24 hours. All the statues arrived at the same time: 8.00am on Jueves/Thursday. Our statue was evicted by the dictatorial and authoritarian public works department overnight on Viernes/Friday who played the perfunctory Safety CardTM as their excuse for removing it. But our statue was evicted differently. Reading the noticias/news as I do, one gets the impression that there’s only one politician in San Francisco. And that’s Scott Penis (also known as Politician Cocks, Mr PrEP and The Holy and Indivisible Trinity). I should point out that Scott Penis is responsible for our city-wide nudity ban, so it’s most ironic that he wanted to keep this nude statue. ¿Qué?/What? (Don’t spend too much time trying to figure that out! It’s a case of loco.) I would have thought that Politician Cocks would want the statue destroyed immediately considering that conservative gay prude’s personal issues and hang-ups with nudity. Maybe he’s flipped out even more than he was to begin with, but apparently as always, to serve his own agenda and to give his puss attention, he began asking himself what he could do to get himself even more attention. He is in constant need of attention and has been since he took office. One often gets the impression he thinks he’s el alcalde/the mayor, but he’s just a supervisor despite his excessively over-inflated big head. It seems that he sits around dreaming up ways that he can get attention in different situations. So in this case, he felt the need to stick his nose in this Trump statue situation and from what I read he asked the authoritarian public works department to give the statue to him instead of destroying it like the other cities did. Now you know if anybody else had made such a request (such as you or I), our request would have been immediately denied. But since it was The Holy and Indivisible Trinity/Politician Cocks/Scott Penis making the request, the City genuflected to his ass, “In the name of the father and the son and the…” From what I read, a “straight” old-school sports bar downtown with an Irish surname said they would take the statue to display it. So that’s apparently where the statue is going via The Holy Trinity/Scott Penis. But anytime I see the words “a San Francisco supervisor” mentioned in any article anywhere about San Francisco, I’ve come to expect who the article is going to be about because one gets the impression that this basura is the only politician on the Board of Supervisors. I and other locals would have thought that the GLBTQ museum on 18th Street in The Castro would have become the home to this Trump statue since that’s the barrio/neighbourhood it was in to begin with. Why not put it there? The statue would probably have brought in quite a bit of business to the museum. It was bringing in some business the short time it was at Castro/Market. Rather large crowds. Although unfortunately it would probably have brought business to those very undeserving conservative prudish Castro merchants — and I’m not talking about Rock Hard and Urban Flowers here — who are directly responsible for ruining/sanitising The Castro and making it a “welcoming place” for the “straight” basura who have moved in here and taken over forcing GLBTQs out.

Question: So why is the Trump statue dangerous in The Castro but it’s not dangerous in a “straight” bar downtown? Most of the Trump supporters are “straight” (and many are loco/a) and would be in a bar and would be offended by the statue making it a dangerous situation, no? Versus having the statue in a gay bar in The Castro or in the GLBTQ museum in The Castro where it was placed to begin with where there was no danger at all and where people enjoyed it?

Our Trump statue was in San Francisco’s Castro on the edge of the now-closed Jane Warner Plaza. The statue was quite an attraction on 18 de agosto de 2016 (18 August 2016). I didn’t see anyone opposed to it. And the main reason I’m writing about it is because of the reaction it received nationwide. The draconian corporate fascists in positions of power here in The Cesspool and their supporters are such dead people inside possessing no sense of humour or appreciation of art of any kind as we speed back to the 1950s. I read two headlines about this statue and both described the statue as “Horrific” and “Disturbing.” What drugs are these people on? What was “horrific” or “disturbing” about that harmless statue? I find images of war, death and killing horrific and disturbing. I don’t find a humourous statue horrific or disturbing. But many people in the US have major body-image issues, whether it’s a nude human body or a nude plastic statue. It makes no difference to them. They can’t bare to see it. Fucked up people.

The Safety CardTM

Oh yes why not! Let’s drag out The Safety CardTM for the umpteenth time. “Terror, Terror, TerrorTM Be Very Afraid.” San Francisco’s “official” response to the Trump statue was as expected for this New Conservative Lobotomised Tech-Zombie City: The statue must come down because of the perfunctory “safety concerns.” BE VERY AFRAID. OBEY! CONFORM (unspoken: in your conservative black and gray clothing). Yes, through corrupt D and R political parasites and their complicit corporate media this New City has been made to be afraid of its own shadow too, just like every other city in The Cesspool. It’s always about so-called “safety concerns” now. They’re obsessed with “safety.” And also, because the statue is not “officially approved” GASP! Hell no, we can’t have anything that’s not “officially” approved — and doesn’t have a fucking permit attached to it — issued by a bunch of corrupt busy-bodied corporate parasites and/or by the basura of the San Francisco Oligarchy. As I said earlier, there must be some greed-based outrageous fee that these basura in positions of power are to receive in order that this harmless statue be approved.

Mi amigo was in The Castro the night the Trump statue was there and he relayed the following: There was a large crowd around the statue (it was still there then) of mostly “straight” couples including lots of Asians. Some Queer boys came by every-now-and-then. They were the funniest to watch. The Queer boys would stop and play with Donald’s nuts (even though he didn’t have any) and his tits and his tiny dick. The “straights” were not as interesting or nearly as creative as the Queer boys. The “straights” just did selfie-type poses. Sometimes it got very funny with short skits and comments about Donald. I asked mi amigo was it very political? He said not in a partisan sense, which is surprising considering San Francisco is still a Democratic Party city. I would have expected chants of “Hillary.” Surprisingly, he heard comments about how this country has changed so much in the wrong direction. He heard that in The Castro of all places! Although let’s not get too excited about that because he did say that it was more of an Old City crowd there and that was what was so appealing about this to him, so he stayed for awhile. He said to me, “This city really pulls at you. One minute you can’t stand living here in this New City and then, like last night (because it was more of the Old City that’s still here), it made me feel like I wanted to stay here because I realised that San Francisco was the only city in The Cesspool that did not rip this statue up immediately, and the City allowed people to have fun with it for about a 24-hour period. Hopefully the prudes here won’t win, but I think they will. There were no cops, nobody in danger of anything, no “safety” problems. No “Terror, Terror, Terror” all the time. Just people having fun with it. The same artist should do one of Donald and Hillary arm-in-arm since overall they’re the same. Both are corporate basura. Although the Trump statues took 6 months for the artist to do. I doubt the artist wants to spend all that time on more statues only to have the statues so disrespected and trashed in most cities. Chau.—el barrio rosa

Olympian Ryan Lochte: “I was like I put my hands up….I was like whatever.”

Could you repeat that in basic understandable English, Ryan, por favor? Because I’m like I have no like idea like what you like just said like, stupid-like sounding-like Olympian Ryan Lochte. Ugh.

Hola. Below is the quote from one of the Olympians from The Cesspool/the US/Los Estados Unidos who claims to have been robbed in Río de Janeiro, but officials in Brazil rightly question his story; I can see why considering the way he talks. And as I’m publishing this article there’s this headline: Brazilian police: “No robbery was committed against these athletes.” I’d believe them over anyone from the US, since I have little confidence in corrupt and lying “authorities” or “officials” (who speak) from The Cesspool with their lack of credibility. They remind me of real estate liars – they’ll say anything:

Ryan Lochte told them:

“The guy pulled out his gun re-cocked it, put it to my forehead and said get down and I was like I put my hands up. I was like whatever,” Lochte recalled in one interview.

You were like you put your hands up? You were like whatever? WTF?

Sigh. If this Olympian couldn’t use the phrase, “I was like” I don’t think he would be able to talk. “I was like I put my hands up?” “I was like whatever.” I’ve heard the last phrase hundreds of times unfortunately from other stupid-sounding people. I guess el chico Ryan Lochte didn’t have the ability to say: “I put my hands up … I did what they asked me to do.” It’s really a pretty basic thing to say.

And the people around el mundo/the world, must just shake their head when they hear many people — just like this Ryan guy — from The Cesspool speak because they sound so damn stupid. And yet the US struts around the world as the world’s police and bully with its immature, ugly and misplaced superiority complex telling others how great we are. Well, people who are truly great don’t feel the need to broadcast that to the world and rub it in other people’s faces constantly. Insecure and immature people do that (think: US). Truly great people are modest and humble and don’t feel the need to stand before microphones and falsely pump ourselves up by saying, “the US is pretty darn great” the way messiah Obama likes to go on about as this nation crumbles from within. Then one listens to the many stupid-sounding people in The Cesspool speak such as this Ryan Lochte and one really has to wonder.

They mainly speak portugués in Brazil — which is similar to español — although some people speak inglés/English as well. They are bilingual, if not multi-lingual unlike most people in the US who can barely get through English. But I doubt that they also know “Stupid Valley Girl” in Brazil. Fortunately. They might have trouble with that due to the overly repetitive use of the word “like.” And one has to literally ruin one’s speech to talk that way. I hope this guy didn’t go down there talking like that, but I suspect he did. It’s probably the only stupid/almost illiterate-sounding way he knows how to speak.

“Four views of Ryan Lochte:


“Maybe he’s just a lunk, or a doofus, or a Faulknerian idiot man-child, or the real-world analogue of Moose from Archie. There are all sorts of unflattering descriptors that might apply to Ryan Lochte.”

Washington Post:

“There is a special category of obnoxious American ‘bro’ that Lochte represents, in his T-shirt and jeans and expensive suede footwear, which he showed off on Instagram that night at the party along with the price tag. ‘We’re 6k deep here,’ he captioned it. Is there anything worse, in any country, than a bunch of entitled young drunks who break the furniture and pee on a wall?”

San Francisco Chronicle:

“It doesn’t matter what else Lochte has done in his Olympic career. This cemented his legacy: most embarrassing Olympic athlete.”

New York Post:

“He cried wolf and was called on it, and that will be his burden to bear for a good long while – but not his alone. The Ugly American is alive and well in 2016 thanks to this dope.”

[Source: US apologises for swimmers’ ‘unacceptable behaviour’]

Well, they all left out the way he talks: Like, like, like, I’m like whatever like. Where the hell did he learn to talk like that? From other stupid-sounding USans around him. The Ugly USan. And unfortunately, we hear the same style of stupid-sounding “like, like” speech constantly here in San Francisco’s Castro, but it’s often from the ditsy “straight” females of the “straight” couples who have taken over.

Maybe Ryan should devote a little less time to his “sport” and some time to his speaking/presentation skills. Does he not have the maturity to understand that the way one speaks when interviewed also tells people something about the person? But if he prefers to come off as a near-dunce because people can’t figure out what he just said, continue on speaking as you do, like, like, like, like, like I’m whatever like. But if you’d prefer to be taken with a bit more credibility as your own spokesperson, then you might want to refine your speaking/communication skills so that you sound intelligent. In other words, deprogramme that god-awful stupid Valley Girl shit. It sounds awful — why would anyone deliberately ruin their speech to sound like that? Although millionaires of people have done so — and you come off as yet another idiot from The Cesspool. This place is overrun with idiots and stupid people! The US excels at stupid. Why anyone would want to come here is well beyond me. Chau.—el barrio rosa

When It Comes To A Housing Shortage, The Word AFFORDABLE Is What’s Constantly Missing

Hola a todos. No matter what site I visit, I read lies and sloppy language written by willfully-ignorant writers about the so-called “housing crisis in San Francisco” or “California’s housing shortage” or “the housing shortage in the US.” There is not a housing crisis in San Francisco or in California. There is an affordable housing crisis in San Francisco and elsewhere. But that’s very different from a “housing crisis” as they call it. And I wish that the idiots who write for mostly corporate sites and who write this drivel would stop this nonsense. For example, go on any corporate site for the pretentious and elitist Real Estate Industrial Complex and their Corrupt LiarsTM — real estate liars/agents will lie and say anything to sell a property — and you’ll see a ample supply of houses and Luxury Designer Condos (Dahling) selling for over $1MILLION-PLUS USD that only the super-wealthy/1% can afford. And many of these luxury condos sit empty/dark at night because they were bought by international (usually Chinese) investors who are using the place as an investment and who have no intention of living there. What you won’t find on these corporate real estate sites are houses/condos that the shrinking working class can afford. There is a dire shortage of affordable housing for the working class in San Francisco and elsewhere.

While writing this article, I read this headline on a conservative business site. And it’s what I’d expect from them: The Solution To Silicon Valley’s $1 Million Median House Price – Build More Houses. Oh yes, just build, build, build, build, build. Utter Nonsense. What’s missing there? Again, the word AFFORDABLE as in build AFFORDABLE housing. Because how is building “more houses” (for the super-wealthy/1%) going to solve the problem when greed-based developers are only interested in building housing that the super-wealthy/1% can afford? It’s the greed-based prices of the current houses/”Luxury Designer Condos” (Dahling) that the working class cannot afford. So that headline should have read: “The Solution To Silicon Valley’s $1 Million Median House Price – Build More AFFORDABLE Housing” which the working class will be able to afford. Which of course is not going to happen because the corporate parasites called developers and their Real Estate Industrial Complex and their Corrupt Liars are about parasitic greed. These people are trash; they are the scum of the Earth. They don’t care about the working class. They are solely about greed and elitism.

Also, while writing this article I read this (which I’ve changed slightly for copyright purposes):

Many downtown luxury apartments sit empty (they are referring to major US cities)
Apartment building owners are struggling to rent many of the Luxury Designer Condo units (Dahling) that have flooded downtowns across The Cesspool/US in recent years even as a relative shortage of AFFORDABLE multifamily homes in the suburbs has driven up rents. Since 2012, the nation’s supply of UNAFFORDABLE apartments has swelled 16.6% in central business districts and 13.5% in “secondary core” areas surrounding the downtowns, but just 5.5% for mid-priced suburban units, according to a real estate research firm. Their data shows that builders may [Editorial: MAY?] be putting up too many apartments — again, most of which are UNAFFORDABLE — in the major cities and not enough in the suburbs. Over the past four years, the vacancy rate in downtowns and adjacent areas has climbed from 3.4% to about 5.5%, according to the same real estate research firm.

A glut of Luxury Designer Condos (Dahling) in major US cities? But I thought we had a so-called “housing crisis?” Liars! Why are we repeatedly told that we have a “housing crisis” when there’s a glut of Luxury Condos (Dahling)? Ugh. See what I mean?

So why is the word affordable deliberately omitted from these articles and their headlines? The San Francisco locals I spoke with about this agreed that the word affordable is deliberately omitted to encourage parasitic greedy developers to build, build, build, build, build (like that headline in the previous paragraph suggests), and overbuild more and more Luxury Designer Condos (Dahling) for the super-wealthy/1%. That’s what it amounts to and that’s what is happening in San Francisco and other major cities. On the odd occasion there’s occasionally some token so-called “affordable” housing built in these luxury condos, but their definition of affordable is so far off the scale that it doesn’t begin to match how the working class realistically defines affordable. The thinking of the greed-based corrupt and ethically-bankrupt developer corporate parasites and their conservative base and complicit corporate political basura is that one shouldn’t “waste valuable space” building housing for the poor and working class. Some people are really the scum of the Earth and I’m not referring to the poor and working class.

Even one local so-called “progressive” — whatever that nebulous word means today — blogger who is nothing but an Establishment partisan Obamabot Democrat, deliberately leaves the word affordable off of anything he writes on his blog about San Francisco’s affordable housing crisis. This has been brought to his attention but he continues to cater to the conservatives who deliberately leave off the word affordable when it comes to describing our affordable housing crisis. Conservatives don’t give a fuck about affordable housing. They’re only concerned about housing for the bougi, elitist, pretentious wealthy/1% basura like themselves. Los pendejos.

The City of Vancouver is doing something that the New Conservative Lobotomised Tech-Zombie Pro-Corporate Pro-Venture Capitalists San Francisco would never do, but should do: “The Deals Are Collapsing” – Vancouver’s Housing Bubble Has Burst. In San Francisco, the thoroughly corrupt Conway/Lee regime want this City absolutely saturated with over-priced ugly Luxury Designer Condos (Dahling) for the super-wealthy/1%, whether the owners live here or not as they continue in their goal to make San Francisco into a playground for the boring and bland (with no esthetic taste) super-wealthy basura, just like what’s happening in Manhattan.

Good real estate agents? I know there are probably a small handful of good real estate agents out there, although I’ve never met any of them and I have had quite a bit of experience with real estate liars. The ones I’ve had contact with are like the ones I’m about to describe: They are better known as elitist real estate liars. They will say anything to sell a property. They have no ethics. To them, it’s all about dinero/money and greed. Some of us have noticed how the elitist liars of the Real Estate Industrial Complex have pumped themselves up in recent years to try to make their elitist selves with their over-inflated egos feel more important than they really are. They are really quite full of themselves with arrogance, and I can’t stand arrogant basura. They try to give the impression that they think they are more important than members of congress. Most real estate liars rank well below corrupt corporate parasite politicians when it comes to having any credibility at all as far as I’m concerned. I consider most politicians (D and R) the scum of the Earth. And most real estate liars are right there with them wallowing in the same elitist cesspool. Do they tell the truth about anything? Not if they can make a sale they don’t! And these elitist assholes like to go on about how a property is “Offered by” or “Represented by.” Oh get over yourselves basura with your pretentiousness, los pendejos. Most real estate liars are nothing but some second-party trying to unload somebodies greed-based overpriced old moldy home for them with the reward being a generous commission for their bank account. Yet they put themselves up on this elitist pedestal. And of course the property is always “charming” and “nestled in the bosom of the house” (WTF?) and “vibrant.” These new, overpriced and underwhelming places called Luxury Designer Condos (Dahling) have these ugly blindingly white interiors. They are so afraid of colour. There’s no colour in sight. They call it “minimalist.” Well, you can tag any elitist/pretentious name on it that you want but that doesn’t change the fact that the place is drab, dull, bland and boring as if you’re afraid of colour. And many idiots are paying way over asking for these overpriced and cheaply built bougi dumps. You know, there are some really stupid people out there! And the real estate liar tells the interested buyer: “This property is absolutely you! It has your name written all over it. I bet you can taste it because this property is you. I can see you living here. You will be so happy living here and just think of all the parties you can give here and people you can impress. (Why is it about impressing people? That’s important? I suppose it is to shallow and superficial people.) This house will be utopia for you. It’s your dream house.” Yeah right, and just wait until the mortgage payments begin, and the property taxes and the other costs that come rolling in with it. And those outrageous dictatorial Homeowner Association Fees (for those Luxury Designer Condos – Dahling). I wouldn’t have it even if it were given to me. Also, anytime something goes wrong with the place it’s you that has to pay for it and replace it.

I do not understand the attraction to home ownership that’s brainwashed into most people in the US (and I’ve owned two homes and sold them both, no más/no more!). And if you’re stuck with bad noisy inconsiderate asshole neighbours on either side of you, good luck with that! Either put up with it or move. Moving requires putting up a “For Sale” sign and selling your home (possibly losing dinero/$$$$?) rather than just giving 30 days’ notice and moving out as a renter would do. Yeah, that’s a real dream all right. A nightmare is more like it.

Meanwhile, greedy-developers and the Real Estate Industrial Complex and their Corrupt LiarsTM — who own the corporate political trash in San Francisco known as the San Francisco Oligarchy and allowing this to take place — will continue to throw up thousands of ugly and over-priced Luxury Designer Condos (Dahling) that only the super-wealthy/1% will be able to afford. From my research, this trend will continue for years to come in San Francisco due to the number of UNAFFORDABLE buildings having already been approved in the pipeline to be built. The thing is: There are only so many wealthy people en el mundo/in the world who can buy this stuff. Many locals think that many of these ugly new buildings will end up sitting empty just like China’s ghost cities. Chau.—el barrio rosa

The Elitist Socialist Equality Party

Damn elitism, while pretending to be of and for “the working class.” The SEP: A damn-odd bunch of people.

Hola a todos. This is likely my last article about my many problems with the Socialist Equality Party (SEP), the political party of the wsws/ICFI. I’ve previously spoken very favourably of the SEP 2016 presidential and vice presidential candidates (Jerry and Niles). The two of them are very good people from what I know about them, although I’ve not endorsed them and am not going to. But their SEP has turned me off, especially the SEP Cult members. I can’t stand them. With Jerry and Niles, their thinking matches mine on many political issues. But both candidates should be addressing the problems within their own party such as the sexism and ageism (as two examples) of their rabid supporters (what I call the SEP Cult members) who live on their message forum daily. If they’re not eating the upper colon of the SEP writers — whom they seem to see as gods — with their daily gushing praise such as, “brilliant article, comrade, absolutely brilliant” or “the best article I’ve ever read on the wsws” (both statements of gushing praise written by one of the resident sexists) or the daily, “thank you for this valuable socialist lesson comrade” written by another Cult member, and other such over-the-top shit. The many “thank you” sessions directed at their god writers in the comment section get embarrassing and frankly I don’t read that shit on other sites I visit and it’s not necessary. It’s all a bit much. They also go on and on about “the working class” yet their comments are often written in such pretentious and elitist style language, and not that of any “working class” person I’ve ever known. That too is a major turn-off for me. I’ve not known people of “the working class” to write or talk in elitist style language. The bougi, elitist and upper class usually speak and write in such nose-in-the-air language like one finds in the comment section on their site. The SEP and its Cult are absolutely obsessed with the term “pseudo-left” (which means fake “liberals” and fake “progressives” — think: Obamabots) as well as the word “comrade.” Someone e-mailed me last week asking if I know where the SEP is on the political spectrum. No I’m sorry, I don’t. After years of reading their site, I have yet to figure that out. They’re very black and white in their thinking; there’s very little gray area in their world. With them, it’s all about class and they are very upfront about that. Racism (or being anti-ethnic) plays a very, very small role (if any) in our society, according to them. To me that’s bull shit and it does not match my life experience. I grew up in a working class/poor white neighbourhood and everyone I knew was anti-ethnic/racist (either covertly or overtly) and we were all of the same class. There were even segregated churches by ethnicity. So from my experience, it was all about race/ethnicity and not class at all. Also, I recently learned that according to the SEP, the working class is not stupid. LOL. Oh lord. There are no stupid people in the working class according to them — I’d love to know how they have managed to not have any contact with stupid people, wouldn’t you?! — and they say that calling people stupid is “ruling class thinking.” Really? Loco. And the example they gave that the working class is not stupid is that the working class is able to operate smartphones stupidphones. LOL. That’s true; I’m not making this up; that’s what they said, which I find hilarious but also pathetic. The hypocrisy here is that out of one side of their mouth they claim to oppose the Billionaire Class. But they support the same Billionaire Class when it comes to tech and the billionaires who own the corporate tech companies such as corporate FaceB**k whose icons are all over their site. Let me repeat that: When it comes to corporate tech, they support the Billionaire Class by cheer-leading for smartphones stupidphones and helping the billionaire-owned corporate techie companies by having their corporate tech icons all over their site. Some of the SEP Cult members write comments about how they’re going to “promote the SEP articles on social media.” So they promote the SEP on the same corporate “social media” sites owned by the Billionaire Class that they claim to oppose. Loco. And they don’t see their hypocrisy.

The SEP writers are seen as Sacrosanct and above reproach, so any time anyone speaks a word of criticism of their writers, the SEP Cultist cue up to attack the commenter(s) speaking critical words of their SEP god writers.

In my opinion, Jerry and Niles (the SEP’s 2016 candidates) should be getting on their website and addressing/challenging their abrasive asshole SEP Cult members and making it clear that ageism and sexism are not approved of or supported by the SEP and that the SEP rejects such outdated thinking, assuming that they do oppose such thinking. Whenever sexism arises among the SEP Cult members, the females are the first to defend sexism. (Sigh. The reoccurring them: Back to the 1950s.) I get the sense that most of the Cult members (meaning the commenters) are of the generation born either during or after WWII where sexism and ageism were well engrained in people’s thinking, so that’s the mentality one is dealing with. And that would speak to why they see nothing at all wrong and even excuse sexism and ageism. But when anyone points out both of these negatives, one is duly reprimanded by the Cult members and accused of “obsessive quibbling and distracting from the article” (written by their god writer). And as one Cult member wrote: “I’m sure that person is not sexist and did not mean to be sexist.” In reality, that commenters doesn’t know any more about that person who wrote the sexist remark than I do. They’re just trying to excuse it and rush to the defence of another Cult member. They also despise “politically correct” language. They see nothing wrong with using the sexist language “mankind” (for example) instead of humankind. The term humankind has been around for decades. When the US Episcopal Church of the Anglican Communion updated the Book of Common Prayer (was that the late 1970s?) they changed some of the outdated/sexist language, such as “mankind” was changed to humankind which I thought was a very progressive thing to do. But today, the outdated, sexist and elitist assholes of the SEP see nothing at all wrong with using “man” and “he” all the time, or congressmen as another example. I suspect female members of congress really appreciate being called a “congressman!” I try to be sensitive and inclusive of people (so I call a woman in congress “congresswoman”), but that’s not at all the approach used by the SEP Cultist assholes. I can’t stand them! I guess you’ve figured that out by now.

The people who live on their message forum (that’s the group I call the SEP Cult) are some of the most abrasive basura one will find on any message forum. Especially that abrasive la perra whose screen name icon shows her hiding behind her glasses with them hanging half-way off her face. That asshole. She’s a fucking piece of work which doesn’t speak at all well for the SEP. The SEP Cult members don’t seem to understand that their abrasiveness approach — one visiting commenter called them angry — does not at all encourage other people to want to be a part of the SEP. I know I wouldn’t want to be a part of the SEP after what I experienced from their Cult members. There’s absolutely no sense of community there at all. Instead one is often met with smug elitism as if these SEP cultist think they are superior to others merely because they wear the label Socialist Equality Party and call themselves Marxists and comrades. They are certainly not a welcoming group whatsoever.

But in my opinion, that’s what Jerry and Niles should be doing: They should be taking on their obnoxious Cult members — their regular commenters who live on their site and who eat SEP ass out and the ass of their god writers on a daily basis — and if Jerry and Niles turn some of the cultist off, so be it. They can fuck off. Do they really want elitist, sexists and ageist basura like that in the SEP party? Who wants supporters like that? And what other negative “isms” do these basura have that haven’t been revealed?

It’s taken me awhile to figure them out from years of reading their website. I’m asked occasionally where the SEP is on the political scale because other people can’t figure them out either. To me, they’re anti-imperialist and anti-capitalist conservatives but they never define themselves like that. They are conservatives. They also write very conservatively and in formal language as do their Cult members. When they complain about someone, they go after the left or their standard “pseudo-left” language that they’re obsessed with. The same with the Cult members; they also go after the left and “pseudo-left.” In their videos, they dress very conservatively. Jerry and Niles dress conservatively (drab colours). And in one recent video I saw from Niles, he was in conservative and conformist black and white, not what I would expect from someone and a party that goes on about a “revolution of the working class.”

They recently wrote this stuff:

“The Socialist Equality Party rejects claims that the United States is separated into a “white America” and a “black America,” or that all “whites” and “males” enjoy special privileges. We reject the narrative that the country is seething with race hatred. There has been an enormous development in the general consciousness of the population since the period of Jim Crow segregation in the south and widespread racial discrimination in the north. Workers of all races live and interact with each other on a daily basis and face a common struggle against poverty, unemployment and the corporate attack on wages and benefits.

My response: (roll eyes, sigh) Clearly, they enjoy living in Denial and/or they need to get out more there in Michigan.

The ICFI has defined the pseudo-left as denoting “political parties, organizations and theoretical/ideological tendencies which utilize populist slogans and democratic phrases to promote the socioeconomic interests of privileged and affluent strata of the middle class.” The pseudo-left “is anti-socialist, opposes class struggle, and denies the central role of the working class and the necessity of revolution in the progressive transformation of society.” It “promotes ‘identity politics,’ fixating on issues relating to nationality, ethnicity, race, gender and sexuality in order to acquire greater influence in corporations, the colleges and universities, the higher-paying professions, the trade unions and in government and state institutions, to effect a more favorable distribution of wealth among the richest 10 percent of the population.” It is “pro-imperialist, and utilizes the slogans of ‘human rights’ to legitimize, and even directly support, neo-colonialist military operations.” [David North, forward to The Frankfurt School, Postmodernism and the Politics of the Pseudo-Left: A Marxist Critique].

My response: Hypocrites. They whine about how the “pseudo-left” promotes “identity politics” and “sexuality.” The SEP has done the same thing. They’ve written articles about transgender issues, for example. As I’ve said before, they often fail to see their own hypocrisy.

Then there is their ongoing elitist superiority complex, where one of the cultist wrote:

“No other party can touch the SEP in terms of theoretical depth and programmatic acuity.”

Oh well excuse me, Dahling. Get over yourselves, you pretentious and elitist asshole. I can’t stand trash like that. Chau.—el barrio rosa

Going Backwards: More Gay Guys Getting Married To Females

I’m reading and hearing these words more and more these days: The world has gone insane. This article relates to that.

Hola a todos. I thought that the reason for fighting for, working for, struggling for same-gender marriage/gay marriage over the years was to give gay guys (for example) the freedom and opportunity to marriage a very special guy in their life, no?

I didn’t know that after spending all this time working for same-gender marriage to become legal in The Cesspool/the US that after that’s achieved gay guys would instead choose to marry females as “cover.” Loco./Crazy. Same-gender marriage was made legal here in The Cesspool/US awhile back because of the ruling from the US Supreme Court. And now that gay guys (for example) have the right to marry other guys, there are some (how many?) gay guys who are marrying females, as “cover” so they can pretend to be “straight.” Loco.

When I moved to San Francisco in the late 1970s, if someone had said to me:

“Don’t get too comfortable. Prepare yourself. Because decades from now gay guys here in The Castro will be talking about marrying females. At that time in future decades, ‘straights’ will be invading and taking over The Castro because of (techie) gentrification. Why? Because they can and because they’re never satisfied. They want it all! They want to ‘own’ The Castro too. And the conservatives around here (including GLBTQ conservatives) will gladly help the “straights” with their “takeover” goal by sanitising The Castro and making it look like any other place, minus some Rainbow flags. In future decades from now, gay guys marrying females will be the latest stupid conformist fad for insecure gay guys who don’t know who the fuck they are as people so as to conform/”fit in” with the “straights” as the “straights” take over The Castro barrio/neighbourhood. It will be no different than when GLBTQs move into a predominately “straight” area. They (will) go back in or stay in the closet and act all “discreet” and “down-low.” Also, around that same time in future decades, delusional/wishful-thinking corporatist GLBTQs will be standing before microphones telling us all that “gay is now mainstream” and that “gay people can live anywhere” so there’s no longer a need for gay meccas, gay areas of cities or the pejorative term they will use: “gay ghettos.” A place is called a “ghetto” with million dollar plus homes and bougi-status-symbol vehicles? Not long after that, there will this anti-gay mass shooting/tragedy killing 49 people in a gay bar in Orlando Florida. Then you’ll read this headline: “Transgender high school Students forced to wear arm bands” so that the school can “more easily monitor and enforce [their] bathroom usage.” Fucking insanity. Then there will be this from Pennsylvania: “A Same-Sex Couple Faces Anti-Gay Vandalism as They Fight ‘Devastating’ Lawsuit from Neighbors,” and many other anti-GLBTQ stories. And this: Lesbian Caterer Stabbed To Death After Wedding.

If someone had told me all of that decades ago I would have said to them: You’re fucking loco. But the scenario of the previous paragraph is what’s happening today in San Francisco, and I have no doubt the same thing is going on in other major cities.

Nearly every time mi amigo/my friend goes to his gym in what has come to be known as “Straightsville” (Market Street because Church and Castro Streets in San Francisco) mi amigo sees some gay guy that he’s seen for years — usually from his former gay gym down the street — making out with a female in the gym or on a street corner of the Market Street sidewalk, or walking down the sidewalk in the required hand-in-hand routine. (I saw an example of that the other day.) And/or mi amigo hears conversations between two gay guys that he’s seen for years (again from the gay gym) talking about, “I’m getting married to my girl” or one of them talking about “my wife.” WTF? And mi amigo senses the guy is talking about a female when referring to “my wife.” One of my commenters recently mentioned a similar conversation he heard recently at his gym between two guys he had always thought were gay. One guy already has a wife and the other is getting married to a female. That’s very similar to what mi amigo has heard.

What the fuck is going on? What’s going on is that some/many? gay guys are going back in the closet unfortunately. It’s the same thing that often happens in small towns. Do I need to explain that to anyone? I don’t really feel like it. As the obnoxious in-your-face “straights” continue to take over what little remains of our fading Gay Mecca here in San Francisco, I think many gay guys are feeling peer pressure to conform and pretend they’re not gay just as they would in a traditionally “straight” area. Historically, gay areas in major cities were created to give GLBTQs a place to feel safe, comfortable, meet other GLBTQs without having to guess if the person is gay or not — if the person is in a gay area there’s a very high chance they’re gay or that’s the way it used to be — and to be themselves. But today, some gay guys are now getting married to a female (or have already done so) so they too can make out with a female on the sidewalk to be just like the obnoxious in-your-face-with-their-sexuality “straights.” This is what closet-case gay guys have done for generations. Then many usually end up cheating on their wife and sometime later saying: “Honey, we have to talk. I’m gay and have been gay since I was born. Sorry I deceived you. I’ll meet you in court regarding the kids and the house.” The irony here is that this insanity is happening after gay marriage became legal in all 50 states.

As some of us see it, it’s as if gay marriage has backfired and closet-cases with their gay shame can’t deal with it, so they’re getting hooked up with females trying to pretend to be “straight.” And that’s one of the problems with “straights” taking over gay areas. There are many insecure gay guys out there who live with gay shame and self-hate, and when they see these obnoxious “straight” him-tall/her-short couples sucking face in front of us and constantly holding hands and nearly fucking on the sidewalk — the way they do ONLY around The Castro and no where else — apparently these insecure gay guys see the “straight” guy as “a real man” to be emulated because he’s with a female, and these insecure gay guys want to be like “Mr Straight Jock” (who calls himself a “jock” just because he wears a baseball cap and talks about corporate sports). Reading men-for-men sex personal ads, some of these gay guys are obsessed over wanting to suck “straight dick.” So they go through these charades and try to “act” all heteronormative. They’re going back to the 1950s as I’ve written about before. And like other closet cases, some become anti-gay as a “front” and “cover” to hide their gay sexual orientation. Nothing new there.

These insecure gay guys need intense psychotherapy (preferably psycho-dynamic based) but likely will never pursue any therapy so they will live a lie (pretending to be “straight”) and often hurt many people in the process, especially the woman they get married to when she finds out he’s gay and has been deceiving her all this time and in some cases cheating on her by having “discreet” and “down low” sex with guys somewhere.

Mi amigo said to me: This will sound extreme, but it’s as if The Gay Mecca, The Castro, was a myth. Because I’m seeing so many guys that I’ve seen over the years with guys now with females. They’ve been hanging out with guys and making out with guys all these years. Now, they’re with females because they think that being “straight” is the “in/cool” thing/fad to do as “straights” take over The Castro and they apparently think that being gay is now out (of style). So they get married to or talk about getting married to females. Sigh. Ugh. Fucked up people.

Why do I say: Fucked up people? Well, because human sexuality does not change this drastically. You don’t have people in mass numbers changing from one sexual orientation to another. That doesn’t happen and any credible psychotherapist will confirm that. Such as the majority of gay guys in the personal sex ads I’ve read calling themselves “bi” because they’re ashamed of being identified as gay. I concluded from that that “bi” is the new term for masculine.

Human sexuality does not change this drastically? It does in this insane world, or that’s the false impression one gets as gay guys around here are pretending to be “straight” and have misinterpreted that order given for “assimilation” and they have major sexual orientation identity issues. Most parts of San Francisco have traditionally been “straight” for decades, such the Marina district. Why didn’t these insecure closet case gay guys move to the Marina years ago? They could have pretended to be “straight” then. They could have married a female then and been conformist hetero and heteronormative then and lived a lie. Or didn’t they do that because “gay was in” in San Francisco at that time (in their conformist mind) and now that “straight is in” (or that’s what they perceive to be the case in their conformist mind), that’s the reason for their current dishonest behaviour where they are living a lie and pretending to be a person that they’re not? Why did it take “straights” invading The Castro for these gay guys to go back in the closet? I guess I’ve already answered that.

It does disgust me to see GLBTQs going backwards and despite a little bit of progress that has been made, the GLBTQ community is going backwards and I sense that most GLBTQs don’t give a fuck about anything anymore other than their phone toys, partying (their meth addiction), being on PrEP, being as much like the obnoxious “straights” as possible, being corporate sports team fans just like the “straights,” sitting in sports bars just like the “straights,” and being Pokémon Go zombies, just like the “straights.”

You’ve gotta to be like the “straights!” [*roll eyes* - sarcasm intended]

It is very ironic that in a short time — in the big scheme of things — after GLBTQs got the right to marry each other — that some (many?) have fucking flipped-out and decided to marry the opposite gender because, “Hey, it’s the latest conformist fad” (just like wearing Black and Gray). The unspoken part about this is: In many gay guy’s minds it’s still bad to be gay and it always will be. That seems to their thinking.


Related to that last paragraph up above: I read people’s bios from time-to-time, especially that of musicians. And I often notice the supposed “straight” guys who go out of their way to let everyone know that they’re “straight” and not gay. At the end of someone’s bio it often reads, “He lives with his wife and two sons.” Well, his picture is there and he looks like a possible Queer boy to me. So why is it necessary for him to shove his supposed “straight” sexuality in our faces by telling us about “the wife and kids?” Or is he doing that so that we won’t think he’s gay and he thinks that by having “the wife” — that’s how they usually coldly refer to her as opposed to more affectionately as “my wife” — and two kids that this means he can’t possibly be gay? Yeah right! It doesn’t mean that at all. As I’ve said before, having a wife and children does not at all mean that one is not gay. By comparison, it’s most rare that I read a gay guy saying in his bio the same thing such as, “He lives with his partner, Joshua, and their two sons.” Frankly, I wish I did read that more often to balance things out a bit because I’m rather sick of reading the perfunctory heteronormative script — from a possible closet case lying about his sexual orientation — found in bios. Chau.—el barrio rosa


“Proud To Be Going Straight.” At Gay Pride?

Why have “Pride” when the majority of GLBTQs aren’t Proud?

The Illusion That Gay People Can Live Anywhere

“Gay People Can Live Anywhere?”

Can gay people live anywhere? Oh absolutely. Here’s confirmation of that: Florida school principal posts gay people must ‘be put to death’ in wake of Orlando shooting