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Was the World US Series staged?

Hola. ¿Qué tal? So it wasn’t just me and mi amigo. Something did not seem right to some of us and other people about the 2014 World US Series held the past two weeks in Kansas City and in San Francisco (which is hardly the world!).

For the benefit of the international readers, there’s a baseball competition held annually in The Cesspool (meaning the US/Los Estados Unidos) involving corporate baseball teams from the US and on the odd occasion from Canada. Toronto was allowed to win in 1992/3. Other than that, the teams are all from The Cesspool/the US. So why the fuck is it called “The World Series?”

Yes, unfortunately this event is misnamed “The World Series.” When will they change the name of this competition to accurately reflect what it is: the US Series? And as any fool knows, even though the arrogant bully (the US) has an enormous head/ego and thinks it has to go around policing the world, the US is not the world by any definition. It just erroneously thinks it is.

I couldn’t care less about overpaid million dollar plus corporate sports teams so I don’t usually follow this stuff. But when I hear some lunatics screaming at high decibel levels at their television set, I’ve learned to go look at the score for the local corporate sports team (whose players don’t even live in San Francisco, they just have the “San Francisco” name attached to them).

With the local corporate baseball sports team, I’ve noticed that overall (meaning the entire season) they lose about half of the games they play. Some people are asking: Why is a team with a record like that anything to gush and cheer over? If this were in any other field (line of work), someone who loses half of the time would be fired or dismissed and not celebrated as “world champions.”

Well, mi amigo talked with his Mamá today and surprisingly she said that many of her friends said that the World US Series seemed staged to them. It was very interesting that she said that because it did to us too, what little attention we gave to it. We didn’t watch it. For example, how can a team score 10 points one night and then score no points the next night? WTF? Then the night after that they are only one point ahead of the opposing team (3-2) and declared “the champions.” That really seems odd.
Mamá said she thought the outcome was strange because the scores ended up being so opposite on days and they kept flipping back and forth and ended up being a so-called “nail biter,” as if it were planned that way. As she said: The US series was very hyped. Locally on message forums, some people wrote that they’ve noticed a pattern in that the local team has to (or does) win every-other-year. Is there something going on with that?

But as predicted, the sheeple seem to fall for it every year and they wear the team’s clothing they’ve dutifully bought—which gives even more dinero to the wealthy corporate owner$—showing they support the local corporate sports team, and that they are part of the Sports Cult.

Locally, many people in San Francisco had already gone insane over this nonsense and just continued to express their insanity in their mindless support for the local team by partly destroying the city after the World US Series ended.

So was this thing staged/rigged? Since there is lots of dinero/money involved, put nothing past them. Chau.—el barrio rosa

Note: I will not allow any cheering for any corporate sports team in the comments, (such as that “Go team go” nonsense.)

UPDATE: I was on another local website earlier and they wrote about the parade for the local corporate sports team who won the US Series. The parade will go from Embarcadero to Civic Center. There’s also supposed to be rain today. And they mentioned the monthly Critical Mass bicycle ride which is tonight. I thought: Why did you have to bring that up? All that will do is to give the right-wing trolls something to hate on, which it did. They’re predictable. There seemed to be more comments hating on cyclists and Critical Mass than comments about the sports team. For decades, the right-wing have been whining and moaning about Critical Mass. For those who don’t know, Critical Mass lasts for about 4 hours roughly on the last Viernes/Friday a month, and the time it takes for all the cyclists to pass through an intersection is about the length of a long stop light. Of course these self-entitled whining motorists wouldn’t be foaming at the mouth if they were having to wait for other motorists to pass through the intersections. No, it’s just the cyclists they have a problem with and hate on. These pathetic fuckers sitting in their big-assed pretentious SUVs can’t even handle cyclists being in the streets riding their bikes through the streets of San Francisco for the time period of (at the most) 4 hours for the monthly event called Critical Mass? Chau.—el barrio rosa


What’s with GLBTQs and corporate sports teams?

The Techie Trash

Hola. ¿Qué tal? Last week, a former San Franciscan wrote me asking if I could give an update on what’s going on here with the (now-Lobotomised) San Francisco. In particular, the Tech Surveillance-State Industrial Complex having taken over San Francisco and owning the San Francisco Oligarchy (the city government). I thought others might be interested in this, so read the update here, por favor.

Latinos/Hispanos/Mexicanos: Learning inglés/English?

Begin learning an international language and quickly become “fist-bumping” friends with la cafetería employee, give a flower to someone you don’t even know, get “the girl” and a corporate job where you speak inglés/US-English in a matter of days. It’s all so very realistic!

Hola. ¿Qué tal? Is the language company talked about at this link not doing well financially? Regardless, they have a really bad ad which reeks of desperation currently running on the español television networks en Los Estados Unidos/the US/The Cesspool.

All the actors in this ad are white, including the white Latino. He’s the main character and plays the role of the customer. Just like the español television networks en Los Estados Unidos/in the US which come across as anti-ethnic with white Latinos before their expensive cameras, this language company also comes off as anti-ethnic. Are there no people “of colour” in your world, language company? Or did the television network(s) order the ad with only white Latinos? That wouldn’t surprise me. (Univisión has their token non-white Latino, Tony Dandrades).

This ad is another heterosexual commercial. It would be much more interesting if the main character/the customer were a Queer boy and met or got “the guy.” And with same-gender marriage being legal in many US states, the (español) network still can’t show two Queer boys meeting and beginning a relationship? A gay ad would speak positively to the pro-gay viewers. But instead, this ad is just another heteronormative ad with supposed “straight” people. So predictable and boring.

This language ad wouldn’t be offensive if the actors—other than the main character—were at least bilingual and spoke fluently in both inglés/US-English y español and helped the main character in a friendly way to learn inglés (which is the point of the ad) and spoke fluently back and forth between the two languages in helping him pronounce and learn words in US-English. That would be a very positive and an international ad. But that’s not what we have here, unfortunately.

This ad is very unrealistic. It gives the viewer the impression that if one learns US-English (which can presumably be learned in a matter of days if one believes this ad) that the main character achieves the following:

1. The main character in this ad (the customer) very quickly becomes “fist-bumping” amigos with the salesperson en la cafetería just from ordering coffee and because this customer has learned a few words in US-English (coffee being one of the words). The ad gives the impression that the salesperson in la cafetería has never, ever had any customer that didn’t speak perfect US-English, and the salesperson can’t at all figure out what this customer on his first visit to la cafetería is trying to say in his attempt to order coffee, which is pronounced “café” en español. One would think that someone working en la cafetería would know that, no? How difficult is “café” to understand? I mean really?

2. After bumping into la muchacha on his first trip to la cafetería, the main character (the customer) very quickly gets “the (white) girl” with blond hair because he waits outside la cafetería for her to arrive with an extra coffee he bought for her after learning how to order two coffees in US-English. He and this blond chica quickly become a couple. As you may be concluding about now, this ad is so very realistic because this stuff happens all the time, you know.

3. Then shortly afterwards, this customer (the main character) pursues a corporate job and is ready to tackle the corporate skyscrapers where he looks like he’s dreaming of being a corporate CEO or some other type of (corrupt) corporate basura because that’s what is programmed. One is supposed to desire to be a CEO. How realistic is that?

This language company is trying to promote their English classes to the gullible viewer who only speaks español and who will fall for this stupid and unrealistic ad. And that’s the offensive part of this ad, which is the unspoken part: The viewer can’t possibly achieve any of these things if the viewer only speaks español. The people in the ad are the typical USans in that they’re not able to speak any español. They give blank stares instead.

It’s good and intelligent to learn and be fluent in other international languages. I know someone who is fluent in 4 languages.

I am wondering when the other actors in this tacky ad will begin learning español since they don’t seem able to speak a word of it? It’s the español-only speaker (the main character/customer) having to learn US-English because the people he’s interacting with are illiterate en español and act ignorant. For example, the cashier in la cafetería acts unable to understand that the customer wants café (coffee). Then the customer (the main character with bad acting skills) seems frustrated that he can’t be understood by the cashier. But before that, the customer (main character) had tripped going into la cafetería because he wasn’t looking down watching where he was going, but this obnoxious ad implies he tripped because he could not read the sign on the door of la cafetería saying, “Watch your step.” He wouldn’t need to read the sign on their door if he had been watching where he was going. Duh. Then he bumped into la chica on his way out of la cafetería, whom he later “gets”/hooks up with. They quickly begin the perfunctory hand-holding routine which seems to be mandatory for heterosexuals, he then briefly fucks with her blond hair, and then the viewer sees them soaked from walking in the rain together and then there’s the halting beso/kiss (of course that has to be in there!). That happens all the time, doesn’t it? But when they had their first encounter outside la cafetería, he didn’t know how to say “excuse me” (in English) to her when he bumped into her. Of course there are body-language ways of saying “excuse me” to anyone without saying a word in any language but that’s not what this ad wanted to imply.

Also during the ad, the main character is now able to read a sign in English outside la cafetería saying take a free flower so he takes a flower while waiting for la chica to show up to give her a free coffee and gives this flower to a woman (she’s also white with short reddish hair) he doesn’t even know who is sitting at a table outside la cafetería. The woman has a child sitting at her table and the woman is on her mind-controlling gadget/tablet (the ad’s message to the viewer: you must be on your gadget to be anyone). People walk over to people they don’t know and give them flowers all the time, don’t they? I see that frequently, don’t you? [sarcasm intended] Well naturally, she looks a little surprised by it as if to say (while smiling to him) “why did you do that?” I would be suspicious, surprised by it too and thinking: What do you want? Why did you just give me this flower? What are you up to, muchacho?

There’s loud music playing for the entire length of this ad so one cannot hear the ad’s dialogue (it’s just mouthed) to hear how well or how poorly the main character/customer progresses in learning inglés and to hear if he sounds authentic in his supposed attempt to sound like a first-language speaker.

Along with the ad being anti-ethnic with its all white people cast, it’s also anti-español the way it’s produced and scripted. It implies that español is inferior to English. Nonsense. I find the entire ad offensive.

As I said earlier, the ad promotes the mind-controlling stupidphones and another gadget (smartphones are transforming society into a sea of stupid). They have the customer pull out his stupidphone from his pocket and we see the language company’s graphics all over his screen after he was successful saying the word “coffee.” At his home, he gets on his tablet to continue on with this language service.

The acting in this ad is bad. It doesn’t look natural. It looks forced, phony and tries too hard to convince the Latino/Hispano/Mexicano/Chicano viewer that one can quickly learn inglés (which of course is bull shit) and be just like el muchacho in the ad.

English is a difficult language to learn, and to learn any language well one needs an in-person (human) teacher who is an expert in the language to answer a student’s questions related to pronunciation, grammar and so forth that a student will most assuredly have while learning the language. Learning a language well takes a long time. It’s a lot more complicated than learning vocabulary word. It’s not at all as it’s falsely presented in this bad commercial. Chau.—el barrio rosa

What’s with GLBTQs and corporate sports teams?

More Heteronormative Behaviour

I received this e-mail within the past 24 hours:

Looking at your blog you’ve written a lot about gay-related topics, but I don’t see something related to sports and corporate sports teams. In the 1970s-1980s, my partner and I lived in the Castro. We are back visiting San Francisco although we hardly recognize it because the people have really changed here since we left. We had dinner in the Castro on Wednesday (the 15th of October). We were surprised to see every television we saw on [edited - the two corporate national sports teams game]. Some of the bars were full and gay guys were cheering at the televisions with the sports game and some were in team clothing. Whenever the local team scored a point, the roar of cheering could be heard throughout the Castro. That never happened when we lived here. When did the SF gay community become into sports and such sports jocks? The gay rights movement was opposed to military and sports because both were oppressive and bullying institutions towards gays. It’s strange to see this reversal when little has changed with either in that regard. Gays are still bullied in sports and discriminated against. The same goes for the military. Have you written about this? I’d be interested in reading it since you live here. Thank you.

Hola, yes I know what you mean. It’s sad what my fellow Queers have become here in San Francisco and nationally (meaning here in The Cesspool/Los Estados Unidos/the US).

There have always been a few GLBTQ people with a genuine interest in sports of some kind, although I personally never knew any of them and still don’t. None of my Queer amigos had any interest in sports when I lived in the District of Columbia or here in San Francisco.

Mi amigos and I were talking about this. This is something relatively new. It’s part of the new corporatist Lotomomised Techie San Francisco where bland, dull, cookie-cutter and corporate are “in.” The GLBTQ herd and their supposed newly-found interest in corporate sports teams is just more of that heteronormative “assimilation” nonsense I’ve written about with GLBTQs trying so hard to be like the gotta-watch-the-game “straights.” There’s nothing else going on in people’s pathetic lives but corporate sports teams and an interest in that? The heterosexuals are glued to corporate sports teams and grunting and screaming like loons at their television sets, so it seems that GLBTQs think they must do the same to “fit in,” be accepted, and to seem “normal” (whatever “normal” is supposed to be mean) to the “straights.” Ugh. Sad. They’ve become corporatised sheeple and proud of it.

I and others don’t understand this obsession over watching overpaid men playing with balls, spitting with huffing and puffing grunting. These are wealthy corporate sport$ team$. Is this part of worshiping the wealthy that some shallow and superficial people feel the need to do? As far as the San Francisco teams are concerned, I don’t think any of the players even live in San Francisco. I read the other day that during “the season” their luxury homes are in Berkeley. Yet they have San Francisco’s name attached to their team.

The gay bars are partly to blame for this corporate sports team indoctrination because they have the games playing on their televisions. I guess they think they’re supposed to do that now because that’s “in” in the new San Francisco? Is that to keep up with the obnoxious sports bar on Market Street which bills itself as gay on occasion (flies no GLBTQ flags), but the pushy “straights” seem to want to take it over as they’ve taken over other gay bars in San Francisco?

As some amigos of mine say, “if only people cared as much about something of a substantive nature that really mattered in most people’s lives as they do about corporate sports teams which really have nothing to do with any of our lives, other than to give the sheeple a ‘feel good’ ugly nationalistic-type rush on occasion.” I agree with that.

I also think that some delusional people who are into corporate sports teams somehow think that makes them “athletic” just because they grunt and scream for a team, even though it doesn’t make them athletic or a “jock.”

On jueves/Thursday night (el 16 de octubre de 2014) when the local team placed to be in the US Series (that’s what it should be called), I heard a little bit of yelling and screaming where I was. It was mostly high-pitched female voices. Very annoying.

Mi amigos and I were also talking about this: Why do people get so excited about something that they have nothing to do with? The public doesn’t play “the game.” All they do is to serve as sucker$ by buying expensive overpriced tickets (to make even more dinero for the corporate owners), by screaming at their televisions, drinking beer, getting drunk and acting like idiots, eating unhealthy food at the stadium and in sports bars, paying $100 to gouging parking lots to park their vehicle near the stadium because they’re too good to place their elitist ass on public transportation. Then when their team wins by a small margin (since the score was 3-3 moments ago), then they start yelling and screaming in high-pitched voices while jumping up and down over something they had absolutely nothing to do with.

Back to your question: Why this interest in corporate sports from the GLBTQ populace? I think it’s also because a gay player or two came out or someone in corporate sports finally publicly said the word “gay” and it didn’t sound like a pejorative. That’s all it takes for some of the gullible gay sheeple to immediately start supporting a team (or anything for that matter) and enjoy being used as an ATM machine by buying their outrageously expensive season tickets and expensive sports clothing.

Meanwhile, gay bullying still exists all across the board including in (corporate) sports locker rooms by obnoxious jocks and others. Gracias for your comment. Chau.—el barrio rosa


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“Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” continues

A Fucking Idiot: Obama hugged and kissed ébola nurses

Hola. ¿Qué tal? What idiot would hug and kiss nurses who have been working with patients with ébola? (This is more of that, “there’s got to be something in the water.”).

I clearly remember how we were all lectured to on how smart this man (messiah Obama) was during his first campaign. His insane gullible believers kept chanting, “He’s a smart guy, he’s a constitutional scholar.” (Question: Have they by chance noticed that their constitutional scholar has continued in and expanded the shredding of the US Constitution—despite his taking a meaningless oath to uphold, protect and defend that document—that George W Bush engaged in? Hmmmmm?)

I looked around for site’s talking about this ébola topic—where messiah Obama hugged and kissed ébola nurses) and very few sites were/are covering it. It almost seems to be a partisan thing where the thick Dembots/Obamabots (yeah those Suckers are still around) don’t want to talk about this (embarrassed by it?) and the Repugs do. I hate that partisan, immature “my team is better than your team” shit. In this case, both teams are basura! The scum of the Earth.

In the comments under the first video I’m embedding here, there are references to “the first Black president.” I’m so sick of hearing that nonsense. This man’s despicable Bush-like record/barbaric policies and his level of stupidity in this instance with ébola nurses have nothing at all to do with his skin-colour orientation. So please stop with that anti-ethnic nonsense. If someone writes something like that in a comment on this site, I’ll delete it.

Both videos below are informative. Check them out. Chau.—el barrio rosa

YourWorldNewsFilms/Black Agenda Report :

“Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” continues

The Gay Rights’ Movement fought decades for me Hooded Sweatshirts

T-Shirt from DeanJohnsonFineArt.

UPDATED: Yes, “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” continues to this day just as some of us thought would be the case. Judging by their personal sex ads, thousands of gay guys with gay shame in the US continue to enforce, “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” with their closet-case “discreet,” and “down-low” language and some also using the “I’m straight-looking and straight-acting” heteronormative language. This is especially the case in Manhattan in New York City, but certainly not limited to Manhattan. I’ve also read what has unfortunately happened to the former gay Chelsea barrio in Manhattan having been taken over by neo-hetero redneck homophobes. The trash. And ironically, this is at the same time that same-gender marriage (also known as gay marriage) has become legal in some places in The Cesspool/The US/Los Estados Unidos, including in the state of New York.

Hola. ¿Qué tal? In a recent comment Todd left on pink barrio, he wrote that the Gay Rights’ Movement seems to have come unraveled and that what he sees going on is gays and lesbians trying so hard to be like heterosexuals so that heterosexuals will accept us. (Yes, that’s called being heteronormative…ugh). He pointed out that “straights” accepting him as a gay guy has never been one of his goals, concerns or priorities. (It’s never been one of mine either.) He said that gays and lesbians have lost themselves and the movement. (I agree with that completely.) He asked what happened to the butch dyke look with lesbians in that it seems to have disappeared. Are lesbians now ashamed of that too?

Well Todd, you’re being too polite. The Gay Rights’ Movement hasn’t come “unraveled.” It’s Dead. It’s over. Fin. The End. Although I suspect those corporatist GLBTQ organisations with their bloated executive salaries would disagree with that since they need to keep their cu$hy jobs. As one example, these days some people—including here in San Francisco’s Castro—seem to be ashamed of the Rainbow Flagnow or it has become passé to some. During its tenure, I wasn’t aware of this but oddly the Gay Rights’ Movement presumably only had two goals:

It seems that same-gender marriage in some places was one of the goals. (I never knew that).

The other goal was being able to go around the world (while possibly publicly saying, “I’m gay”) as part of the Imperialistic US Empire Military Industrial Complex killing machine and taking part in killing innocent people of a (mostly) brown-skin orientation. Who would have thought that would be a goal of the (former pro-peace) Gay Rights’ Movement? What the fuck happened? Today, the now-conservative gay populace seem to be gung-ho “rah, rah” pro-military. Loco/a. Or is this because their messiah Obama is in office and being Obamabots they feel they must genuflect to anything Military Industrial Complex as their Orwellian Nobel Peace Prize saviour is bombing the hell out of innocent people in other parts of the world? This group-think is the exact opposite of what the GLBTQs were about and stood for during the (now dead) Gay Rights’ Movement. They’ve done a 180 degree flip. Will it take a corporate parasite with a R (Republican) next to his name en la casa blanca to flip them back around to what they originally stood for?

And from my research, little has changed in the US Military Industrial Complex as far as the GLBTQ populace is concerned. A large percentage of GLBTQs who are in the military remain in the closet in part because they sense it’s still not okay to be out in the conservative military environment. They still hear anti-gay jokes and anti-gay slurs. Well duh, is anyone surprised? Just as I and others had said would remain the case from the beginning. The change in the law effecting the US military and the GLBTQ populace has been mostly purely cosmetic. But most gullible GLBTQs (including GLBTQ corporatist organisations who thrive on using GLBTQ people as ATM machines) fell for it and were—prematurely as usual—jumping up and down celebrating when the law was changed. Why was the law really change? This article gives a better understanding of that.

But again, little has changed from what I’ve read. Also, I would like to point out that marriage and military are both conservative “institutions.”

As for the butch/dyke look Todd asked about, I don’t see that too often unfortunately. The butch/dyke look is part of the former Proudly Radical and Alternative San Francisco of the past. In the New Lobotomised Techie City of San Francisco one sees lesbians who try to look like models. They’re anorexic-looking (they look like they have a food disorder) with long blond hair (out of a bottle?) or long brown hair and often with 8″ heels (which are absolutely wonderful for one’s feet).

Unfortunately, judging by their personal sex ads on the site I call ClosetList, thousands of gay guys have continued the policy of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” with their closet-case “discreet,” and “down-low” language and some also using the “I’m straight-looking and straight-acting” language.

So the Gay Rights’ Movement worked for this? The Gay Rights’ Movement worked decades so that gay guys could go back in the fucking closet (or never come out) and be “discreet, down low, straight-acting and straight-looking.”

From what I and others see, the GLBTQs have abandoned everyone except conservative white males in their misguided and misdirected attempt to “assimilate” with the (conservative) “straights.” [Translation: "assimilate/assimilation" = go back in the closet with a "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" secretive, hush-hush mentality about one's gay sexuality as if it's (now) bad to be gay.]

That’s where we’ve come.

And didn’t these two goals I listed earlier come from the corporatist GLBTQ organisations which serve as ass-eaters for The US Oligarchy, specifically for the misnamed “Democratic” Party Establishment corporate parasites? As far as I’m concerned, this continued “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” secretive gay shame mentality and this “assimilation goal” is fucking nonsense. I can’t stand it! Chau.—el barrio rosa


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[Note: I don't like this site at all, but it's the only place to get this article]:
Chelsea: The Death of a Gay Neighborhood, Murdered by Neo-Hetero-Homophobes

Why are heterosexuals so attracted to gay areas and gay bars?

UPDATED: Hola. ¿Qué tal? I’ve written quite a bit about this topic before, but a local resident left a comment on one of my articles and I decided to make his comment a post. He wrote:

“You’ve asked why are heterosexuals so attracted to gay areas and gay bars?

There are two reasons for that:

1. As you say, they’re cheating on someone and they think a gay area is a safe place to go to cheat. Less likely to be spotted in a gay area by a spouse or girlfriend/boyfriend suspecting the person of cheating. Less likely to be caught there.

2. They’re gay and still in the closet and want to discreetly (there’s that word again as “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” continues) check out the eye candy in the gay area and fantasize over it, not that there’s not eye candy in heterosexual bars that they could drool over.

I live in Upper Market [Ed. in San Francisco] and observe the same things you’ve seen many times in the Castro. I try to keep these two things in mind because as you say it makes no sense to me that heterosexuals desire to come here because as a gay man I don’t go wandering into heterosexual bars and have had no desire to live in or go to a heterosexual area of the city. That’s why I chose to live in the Castro/Upper Market when I moved to San Francisco. The Castro is not known for great restaurants. Most of them are just meh so it’s not the restaurants that attract heterosexuals. There are hetero bars all over the city where heteros can meet, so it makes no sense to go to a gay bar to meet if you’re heterosexual unless it’s a situation of cheating on someone or being gay and still in the closet and maybe trying to wean oneself out of the closet by going to a gay bar. In the guy’s case, he’s hoping she doesn’t find out he’s gay. Some women are pretty dense when it comes to figuring out that her guy is really gay or she doesn’t want to know. Some even have a baby to “save the marriage.” A major mistake there. A baby should never be used to save a marriage. That often ends in single-parent situations and child support. A marriage should be solidly secure before having a baby.

Thanks for bringing this topic up as several of my friends and I have talked about it many times. It’s most annoying to us as I know it is to you.”

My response: Muchísimas gracias for that. Mi amigo and I were hanging out in The Castro on Sábado/Saturday night and the supposed “straight” couples were pouring in with their required hand-holding behaviour. They’re so predictable with their societal-learned/programmed behaviour. One very young couple looked like they were possibly cheating and/or meeting in person for the first time because they met at Castro/Market and acted as if they had not seen each other’s face before but knew each other to a degree. Was this an online hookup with no exchange of face pics possibly? Then after a couple of minutes of talking they proceeded to cross Castro with him quickly grabbing her hand so they could be in the perfunctory heterosexual hand-in-hand mode. So silly! One thing I’ve learned from watching all the “straight” people coming over here is that they have so many fucked up requirements of what they think they’re supposed to be doing to and with each other! You must do this, you must do that and mostly him doing things for needy her…jesus fucking christ who has the time or patience for all that nonsense?!. Fortunately, gay people don’t have all of these ridiculous and absurd requirements and baggage.

Most of the supposed “straight” couples we saw Saturday night also fit that age category I’ve written about previously: Particularly, the roughly 28-35 year old fucked up in the head gay male closet cases who—in their local personal sex ads on the site I call ClosetList—describe themselves as “discreet” and “down low,” while trying to be heteronormative/ashamed to be gay. They are continuing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” And some of the same muchachos using the language, “straight-acting” and “straight-looking” to describe themselves. There’s lot of gay shame out there, unfortunately. Muchas gracias for your comment. Chau.—el barrio rosa


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[Note: I don't like this site at all, but it's the only place to get this article]:
Chelsea: The Death of a Gay Neighborhood, Murdered by Neo-Hetero-Homophobes