“Fix” the Democrats?

Hola a todos. Mi amigo/My friend watches some political videos on YT. It’s one of his way of staying informed. He occasionally tells me about the comments under the videos. They’re usually that of brainwashed partisan US Democrats who still cling to the tired delusional theme: “We need to ‘fix the Democrats’.” He rarely writes comments, but when he does, he responds similarly to how I would respond since we’ve known each other for decades and are in agreement politically. The thing is, his comments are usually ignored because (as I said earlier) the sites he frequents are mostly comprised of brainwashed partisan Democratic voters who pretend to be “liberals” and “progressives” while they in lockstep adamantly support the right-wing Democratic Party at s-election time. These brainwashed Democratic partisans don’t want to read his message, because if they were to do as he suggests they would have to make some major changes in their own political behaviour, and they’re not about to do that as devout and obedient Democrats. They will continue to make excuses and apologies for their corrupt and imperialistic party. That’s what fake-progressives and fake-liberals do. (Related: The Lesser-Evil Card (US Presidential Selections)).

Here’s his message:

“Fix the Democrats? I’ve heard that since 2000 and we see where that’s gone. Have you ever been on a hike in the woods and come across an old rusted car? Such a vehicle is impossible to fix. It’s best left to rot into the ground. The Democrats are that old rusted car. They are as corrupt or more so than the Republicans. Look where they get their money: the Military Industrial Complex, big pharma, war-profiteering (such as Dianne Feinstein in the past with her husband Richard Blum) and other sources. The corrupt Democrats have the same goals as the Republicans. The difference is that they come with a smile which deceives people. The Democrats often vote with the Republicans. The genuine left knows what needs to be done. There needs to be a new party. Not a partial new party, but a completely new party and not one filled with fake-liberals and fake-progressives who each election cycle will “change parties” to support the right-wing Democratic Party. A genuine liberal or genuine progressive wants nothing to do with either corrupt party (D or R). Isn’t it time that those who call themselves a progressive acquire a backbone and become genuine progressives (or liberals) instead of progressive/liberal-in-name-only? Or do “we” stay with the status quo and miraculously expect these corrupt politicians to change?”

Exactamente/Exactly. The response to his comment is usually silencio/silence.

Genuine progressives and genuine liberals are not for US Empire Imperialism, which the corrupt and imperialistic Democratic Party supports. The operative word there is “genuine.” Devout Democratic Party brainwashed partisans wallowing in their blind allegiance to an utterly corrupt party — which makes one complicit and an enabler in the corruption and imperialism despite any words spoken in opposition to said policies — do not want to hear or read his message. They just go with the flow. It’s easier to go with the flow. Critical thinking skills are not required nor any major change in one’s behaviour when one goes with the flow. Chau.—el barrio rosa

The piles of urine on the streets of San Francisco

Hola a todos. The piles of urine? Who knew that urine “piles?” Any other kind of liquid doesn’t.

For those who don’t know, the far-right trash have despised and hated on San Francisco for decades. They’ve been mostly people who don’t live anywhere near San Francisco or the Bay Area based on their willfully-ignorant comments.

In recent years, San Francisco has turned to the right but the haters — who, as I said, don’t live here — don’t seem to know that. They continue to live in the distant past of when San Francisco was a proudly-radical, progressive, alternative and Bohemian City and a Gay Mecca. Today the City is quite conservative and very, very conformist. A longtime friend of mine (from the days of Harvey Milk) who’s lived here longer than myself finally admitted that to me recently. He’s been slow to talk about it because he doesn’t like what’s happened to San Francisco, even though he says he’s seen the City go through many cycles and changes. Recently he said, “Some of the things we did back in the Gay Mecca days, you wouldn’t get away with now! The City has become quite conservative.” True.

The other day I read scanned an article — since I don’t have the patience to read far-right drivel — about how so-called “liberal politics and the Democrats” had ruined San Francisco and the State of California. The article was written by a young, white, far-right female who would better be suited to live in an all-white gated community in some backwater cesspool here in the shithole US. Two years ago she moved to San Francisco from Manhattan to work for one of the far-right think tanks. To me, far-right and “think tank” seem like an oxymoron since I’ve not known the far-right to do much thinking or possess critical thinking skills. They mostly thrive on their proud ignorance and hate.

In her article she was predictably whining about the homeless in San Francisco but referred to them as “vagrants.” I wondered: Did she not see the thousands of homeless in Manhattan when she was there? Manhattan/NYC has a major homeless problem just like most other major US cities. If she had stepped out of her luxury vehicle, Dahling, she would have seen them. Although some people only see what they want to see. She whined about our rent-control laws in San Francisco but was ignorant about that, since rent control only applies to buildings built before 1972, and Ellis Act evictions have pretty much wiped out any effects of rent control in buildings built after that. She erroneously referred to BART as “San Francisco’s subway.” As its name implies, BART is the Bay Area’s subway (Bay Area Rapid Transit). San Francisco has a completely different subway system called the Muni Metro, although Muni has never had the intelligence to put the word “Metro” on the side of the cars as other major cities do. Instead, the word “Muni” is on the side of the cars. Doh. So even after nearly 40 years of the Metro’s existence (it opened in the early 1980s), most people including locals still don’t know what to call our Metro system. I think most people call it “Muni” which can be confused with the electric bus system or the street cars or the cable cars because all of that is part of Muni (which stands for municipal). When referring to the Metro — because they don’t know what to call it — others say, “the underground Muni” (roll eyes). But the Muni Metro (the official name for San Francisco’s subway system as one can see on this map) and BART are two different systems. I take it she’s never ridden the Metro, preferring to stay in her luxury vehicle, Dahling, and to wallow in her ignorance.

One of her major complaints about San Francisco was about all the human feces piled up all over the place in San Francisco. LOL. Oh lawd, here we go with that lie again. The fact is: We have thousands of (big) dogs in this City and apparently this ignorant woman can’t tell the difference between dog shit and human shit. What a Fucking Idiot. And yes, there’s lots of dog shit on the sidewalks — you have to watch where you walk — and I don’t think I’ve ever seen human shit on any sidewalks in this City, and I’m nearly a native. She failed to point out what the far-right always do and that’s the “piles of urine — as if urine can “pile” — on every street corner and the stench from that.” She did write about the stench of urine permeating The City. That’s another lie. Mi amigo/My friend and I never smell urine here. I suspect she’s smelling herself. You can’t just cover up various body odors with your expensive perfume. You need to bathe.

She also whined about all the broken glass on the streets from vehicle break-ins. That’s a fairly new situation in the big scheme of things. The far-right comments that I scanned below the article were equally as ignorant. Why wouldn’t they be?! They said that people need to be armed with guns to “take care” of the vehicle break-in problem. I suspect the people responsible for the vehicle break-ins break the glass first and I think it happens very quickly. They don’t hang around. Note to pro-gun idiots: The vehicle break-ins occur overnight (3am, for example, would be my guess) when you far-right trash are in bed asleep, so that gun you stroke day and night won’t have any effect on the vehicle break-ins because you won’t be awake when they take place. And the break-ins are part of the class warfare agenda taking place in San Francisco and elsewhere that you choose to ignore while you support your new-found messiah en la casa blanca.

I suggest this elitist woman get her elitist ass back to Manhattan, where she will see the same problems she sees here, if she ever looks up from her phone.

The comments below her article were entirely partisan, cheer leading for los Republicanos and hating on “liberal Democrats.” The comments were full of envy and immaturity. Some of the commenters didn’t know how to spell California correctly. The far-right have hated on San Francisco and California for decades. The drivel they wrote in their comments I have read countless times before, even 20 years ago on local websites. Nothing has changed in that context. I suspect most of these far-right commenters couldn’t find California or San Francisco on a map — do they know what a map is? — and they live in some backwater cesspool and only dream about living here but couldn’t possibly afford to. And that makes them very bitter. So they whine about California becoming like an undeveloped country, but they used the pejorative Cold War/outdated language “third world country.” They seem unaware that California is the sixth largest economy in the world. Despite their hate and seething envy, the far-right would love to live in the Bay Area with our rather ideal climate as compared to the climate of the backwater cesspool they live in, wherever that is. Their hate for San Francisco is constant — that’s a given — even though most of them have likely never been here and don’t know where San Francisco is. One of the far-right commenters implied that San Francisco is near Los Ángeles. That’s a new one. I hadn’t heard that before.

Also as expected, one commenter expressed his ignorance by referring to San Francisco as “Sodom and Gomorrah.” We’ve heard that ignorant comment countless times too. Unfortunately, the far-right don’t know the definition of sodomy. They erroneously think sodomy only involves anal sex with a guy fucking another guy. But their comment is a not-so-subtle anti-Queer comment one has also read for decades. That idiot was showing his ignorance in not knowing that San Francisco’s Queer community has pretty much disappeared. The Castro, the former Gay Mecca, is now The Breeder Mecca, as I’ve written about many times. And it’s not just some Queers who engage in sodomy. Breeders engage in sodomy as well.

The Definition of Sodomy: “Sexual intercourse involving anal or oral copulation.”

It will come as a shock to these far-right trash that breeders engage in sodomy all the time, and especially when the female is ovulating and she doesn’t want to get pregnant so her partner fucks her in the ass. I’ve seen countless straight porn videos of breeders engaging in anal and oral sex. Well that’s sodomy. Also, some guys prefer to fuck a female in the ass because her ass is tighter and feels better to him than her looser pussy. Not all gay guys are into anal sex. Some don’t like it at all and say it hurts. Where have these far-right morons been not to know this? These are the same ignorant trash who reject sex education classes.

Speaking of The Breeder Mecca, mi amigo/my friend had an errand to run on the morning of el 17 de marzo de 2018/17 March 2018 down Market Street from Castro. He said there were lots of people out along Market Street. Nearly all breeders/straights and most of them had pumped out babies and were pushing baby strollers and clogging up the sidewalks. There were four baby strollers on just one corner alone waiting to cross the street at Market and Noé. Except for one person wearing some orange, everyone else was in conformist all-black. (Who died?) He saw some Queer boys but they didn’t make it obvious that they were Queer. They were guys that he’s seen here over the years, mostly snotty and snooty Millennials with no social skills who can’t even say “hi” or smile to someone they’ve seen for years.

It seems that the far-right have nothing better to do in their pathetically sad lives than to despise and hate on a city and a state where they’ve never lived or visited and probably don’t even know where it is and couldn’t find it on a map. From my experience talking with the far-right on occasion, they don’t believe in maps, and I’m being serious. “We all get” that they despise and hate San Francisco and their envy of my City is noted. But if they were honest about it, they would love to live here, but they can’t afford to.

As for my personal experience, there is no city anywhere that I feel the need to hate on and spend hours on a forum hating on in order to despise and hate that city. What purpose does that serve? That is someone with a very sick and twisted mindset and a lot of time on their hands.

But I take comfort in the fact that these far-right trash won’t be coming to San Francisco or California any time soon, if ever.

There’s much more I could write about the drivel in her article, her far-right agenda and her willful-ignorance therein, and about the ignorance expressed in the comments. But what I’ve written here is the overall general theme of it. And one has read their Hate San Francisco Script© countless times from these far-right trash over the decades. They never change. They’re always the same. Chau.—el barrio rosa

How many Queers can the closet hold?

Well, it seems pretty packed at this point. There are no vacancies left.

Hola a todos. Someone who had read some of mi diario/my diary, pink barrio, asked me if I thought that most gay people are now out of the closet here in 2018 and asked for my thoughts on that.

Are most gay people out of the closet? Good heavens, no! Just the opposite is the case. The overwhelming majority of Queers worldwide are in the closet. And because of their gay shame, a lot of gay guys are married to females with families (children). On the odd occasion, one will get tired of the whole farce and come out of the closet like the LDS guy. But he’s rare. With all the other thousands and thousands, they’re going through that charade of pretending to be straight/a breeder. They’re dishonouring themselves and their gay sexual orientation by catering to their (anti-gay?) families’ heteronormative expectations of them. In plain language, they’re living a lie. And as of this writing, more and more “discreet” and “down low” (closeted) gay guys have gone back in the closet — judging by their personal sex ads — or are continuing to go back in the closet as that seems to be the latest mind-fuck fad. It’s a case of gay guys pretending to be straight to be like the breeders, “assimilating” with the breeders.

While watching the Classic Arts Showcase — the best programming on television; it’s on Channel 32 in the Bay Area — they showed a clip of a well-known concert pianist. I won’t mention his name. Mi amigo/My friend asked me, “Isn’t he a Queer boy?” I said: Online there’s been some speculation about him being gay. I think he is. After doing a bit of research, I learned that this pianist has followed the predictable route of most closeted gay guys. Yes, there was a picture online of him at his wedding where he had married a female. But of course! I’ve come to expect that at this point. Who else would a Queer boy marry these days?! Certainly not another Queer boy. That’s not according to the latest mind-fuck fad, with the exception being some Queer celebrity we hear about on the rare occasion who has married his or her partner. Never mind that Queers/GTQBLs worked for gay marriage for years and years and then after accomplishing that ultimate goal many gay guys decided to marry a female in the end so they could pretend to be straight to “assimilate” with the breeders. Loco. You can’t make this shit up! Related: More back to the 1950s: Gay guys marrying females in droves. Sad.

In reality, I think the Queer/Gay community worldwide is huge. It’s much, much larger than we are led to believe by the corporate media et al because of all the closet cases in the world, including (as I said earlier) those gay guys married to females. And that closet is pretty packed at this point in time. There are no vacancies because unfortunately there is no shortage of gay guys who are still ashamed of their gay sexual orientation.

People allow themselves to fall for fads because of their own insecurity and immaturity. Secure and mature people don’t fall for silly US pop culture fads. People need to be who they are for their own sanity. Forget all of these silly fads and bull shit. For example, every year we have something called New Years’ resolutions. But after the first week in January, most sheeple have completely forgotten about their chosen resolution(s) they had planned to do. People need to accept themselves for who they are and reject destructive fads, such as going back in or staying in the closet. What exactly does that accomplish? I’ve heard some Queers say that they have to stay in the closet because of or for their family’s benefit. Oh, so your family’s life is more important than your life and being a person of sound integrity? That’s what you’re essentially saying with that unhealthy thinking by giving preference to your prejudiced and bigoted family and catering to them. It’s always good to cater to prejudice and bigotry [sarcasm intended]. People like that need therapy, but rarely pursue it. It is not healthy behaviour to not be who you are. It is not healthy to be a fraud, to lie about who you are and be deceitful about your sexual orientation (with the one exception being that someone is about to harm you or be violent with you because of your gay sexual orientation). That’s a sign of a very unhealthy and ashamed Queer community.

Unfortunately, the “Out and Proud” days of the Queer community are a thing of the past, with the one exception being one Sunday each year known as (corporate) Pride. But the well-off corporatists among us have turned Gay Pride into one big corporate commercial promoting corporations, corporate banks, corporate car companies, corporate hotel chains, corporate techie corporations, corporate sports teams — while comments and jokes about “faggots” are made in the locker rooms — and in some cases military recruitment to promote the pro-war imperialistic agenda of the US Military Industrial Complex, the opposite view and politics of the original Gay & Lesbian Rights Movement. Related: Why do Queers want to kill other Queers? And from what I’ve heard and read, San Francisco Pride is now mostly a touristy event and just another opportunity for the well-off breeders to party. It’s nothing like it used to be. I don’t think most locals go. Chau.—el barrio rosa


Gay Assimilation Has Backfired

Gay “Assimilation:” Back to the 1950s

What’s the problem with GLBTQ “assimilation?”

The official acronym is now: LGBTQQICAPF2K+

The Class Warfare Agenda: renovation of the Harvey Milk Plaza

They’re fighting a losing battle because homeless people are just as resourceful and intelligent as homeowners, if not smarter. Since homeowners get to use the plaza, so shall the homeless, who have just as much right to be in the plaza as the homeowners. The only way to solve this problem is by helping the homeless find homes, employment and any other care that they need. But helping the homeless is not part of the Class Warfare Agenda.

Hola a todos. The locals running things in San Francisco’s Castro have become the same conservative trash they fled from decades ago when they moved to the (then) Gay Mecca as “proudly radical” Queers. WTF happened to them? Answer: They’ve become completely different people than they were when they first moved here.

When I moved to San Francisco at the height of the Gay Mecca, I never would have guessed what a hateful place The Castro was and the nasty politics of el barrio/the neighbourhood, The Castro Village as it was called. The hate was very disguised or covert at that time. I’ve heard and read personal stories which makes me think that not that much has changed since the days that I moved here. Or, maybe it wasn’t as hateful at that time as it has become over the years as locals have changed from being proudly radical and liberal to conservatives, although they may not call themselves conservatives. They likely hide behind the word “moderate.” And in San Francisco, the word “moderate” is code for conservative and that’s been the case for years, and I think that’s fairly common knowledge around here. In many cases, decades ago these local residents fled from anti-Queer conservatives where they once lived. But today? They have become the same conservatives they ran from decades ago. What changed? Well when they moved here they were renters. Today they are mostly homeowners and I have found that home ownership changes a lot of people and their thinking. They often become the opposite of who they once were as people. Many (if not most) homeowners today hate on renters, forgetting that they were once a renter. Hypocrites.

I read that they’ve been having some meetings about how to renovate the sterile and uninviting Harvey Milk Plaza (HMP), which is the entrance to the metro. Over the years, the self-appointed conservative know-it-alls around here have made the HMP a very unwelcoming place, in part, by removing benches so that the people that they hate the most (the homeless) can’t sit there. Unfortunately nobody else can either. The elitists around here — might they be the self-entitled homeowners? — have spoken many times in their usual typically coded language trying to disguise their hate for the homeless. The new HMP design — which to me looks more like a ski ramp — and which many people don’t like looks like it won’t happen because “it could be a magnet for the homeless.” They are so afraid of the homeless around here. In other code language, some idiot wanted to “activate” the space (Harvey Milk Plaza) thinking that would keep homeless people from coming there. But someone else pointed out that the Jane Warner Plaza across the street is about as “activated” as it can be and the homeless are there at 5am and throughout the day usually.

I would like to point out that genuine progressives and genuine liberals don’t hate on the homeless as the elitist conservative basura do here in The Castro and Upper Market. And a genuinely liberal or progressive City would not have the anti-homeless laws that we have in San Francisco today. I suspect these people whining about the homeless are mainly well-off registered Democrats and routinely vote for their conservative — pretending to be a “moderate” or “liberal?” — Oligarchy Establishment Democratic celebrity politicians. You know who they are.

Frankly, I think that most of the residents in the conservative Castro would be much happier if they moved their elitist ass back to the conservative hellhole they moved here from decades ago. They would fit right in today. There might be some mild quibbling among some over the gay topic, but as many Queers are going back in the closet with many also marrying females to be like the breeders, the Queer topic likely wouldn’t even come up. Related: More back to the 1950s: Gay guys marrying females in droves. Sad. and Gay Assimilation Has Backfired.

Just like during the ugly anti-homeless sit-lie campaign which criminalises homelessness in San Francisco, the conservative elitist trash around here are obsessed with the word “safety.” The word “safety” was used repeatedly in the article I read about this renovation of HMP. I was left with the distinct impression that these conservatives are afraid of their own fucking shadow. I would like to say this to them: Move your ass to an elitist gated community in fucking Walnut Creek assholes since you’re so afraid of living in a major City with its typical urban problems, even though you trash have done your best to turn The Castro into Walnut Creek. The Castro looks nothing like it once did during the Gay Mecca decades. Speaking of afraid of their own shadow, a perfect example of that is that busy-bodied conservative bwitch that runs one of those useless conservative neighbourhood groups. From my research, she’s receiving an exorbitant salary to ramrod The Castro and that conservative piece of work doesn’t even live here. She lives in Pacifica, down the coast. Why is someone who lives in Pacifica concerned with/involved in the changing of The Castro? Insanity.

Elitist bougi assholes who think they’re too good to see homeless people seem to not understand that as the economy here in the shithole US continues its downward spiral — including the stock market as of this writing — that the gap between the (super)wealthy and the poor is going to continue to widen and widen. That will lead, as it’s doing, to more and more homeless people everywhere you look, including in the conservative Castro.

Now there’s no need for anyone from the conservative, far-right to tell me, “Why don’t you take in a homeless person if you love them so much?” LOL. I’m sure most readers have read that flippant, non-sequitur tiresome line many times in online comment sections. That’s part of the trolling script that the anti-homeless far-right conservative trash consistently spew out on cue. This is what I would like to say to them: Being the elitist that you are with that (big?) luxury home you own and all with its many rooms, you would be in a far better position to take in a homeless person than myself. I’m in a small rental apartment and my lease prevents me from taking anyone in. So I suggest you take your own suggestion, assholes. Do we understand each other? And refrain from being violent with the homeless person, por favor/please. Treat him or her humanely and with the same level of respect you would give anyone else, although as a rabid conservative I doubt that the word “humanely” is part of your vocabulary. You can look it up. Homeless people are human beings you know, and have just as many rights as elitist you.

During the nasty sit-lie campaign, the hate in The Castro was rather overt at times from what I witnessed. I watched as — what looked like — wealthy elitist preppy guys in their 30s smugly bullied and talked down to the homeless sitting on the sidewalk, and they were asked why they were sitting there. Things got quite heated. I walked away for awhile having seen enough. I can only take so much hate. The sit-lie campaign told me how much The Castro had changed in the wrong direction. Live here long enough and spend enough time in The Castro one can’t help but realise that. It’s why I don’t feel comfortable in The Castro anymore. That’s been the case especially since they sanitised the neighbourhood to make it into another Marina district, essentially catering to breeders who are in-your-face-with-their-sexuality as they have taken over el barrio with their make-out sessions and fleets of baby strollers. The majority of Queers/GTQBLs have been forced out. The conservative homeowners remain.

I don’t know why these local conservative residents/homeowners that I’m talking about don’t come right out and tell it like it is by saying the following:

“We wealthy, bougi, elitist, hateful conservatives who pretend to be ‘liberals’ or ‘moderates’ don’t want any homeless people in our neighbourhood. Period. We want to feel like we live in a sheltered cocoon conservative gated community with other white and wealthy people just like us. Just like the techie trash, we think we’re too good to see homeless people. We’re above that. We live in our million-dollar-plus homes. We wear our conformist and conservative all-black or black and grey clothing/uniform every day. We have our conformist big black status-symbol SUVs. We support and shop at corporate box stores and corporate chain status-symbol grocery stores. We wouldn’t dream of doing anything but that! We are the ultimate of corporate conformity and very proud of that. You need to understand that all of this costs money. We long ago abandoned our proudly-radical liberal personas and quite honestly we are extremely embarrassed by and ashamed of our radical past. We never talk about it and pretend it never happened. Today we are the opposite of that person. So we will continue to make up all kinds of hateful fictional stories about the homeless whom we despise to serve our anti-homeless conservative agenda.” Related: Sexual Freedom and Revolution.

Why don’t these homeowners come right out and say that? That’s what they’re covertly saying in their typically coded pc language. They’re not fooling anyone with all of their halting code language. The Basura.

One wonders how many of these people now support el hombre naranja/the orange man? That wouldn’t surprise me in the least from what I’ve seen here!

I should also mention that these are the same conservative trash who gave us eight years of conservative politician Scott Penis (also known as Mr PrEP). He’s another one. He too charades as a “moderate” to hide his hateful, draconian anti-homeless agenda. And during his two terms, he helped to ruin/sanitise The Castro for the “family-friendly” (gag) breeders.

At these meetings they’ve been having, they claimed “we want to hear from everyone.” Yes, I’m sure. Liars. The truth is that they want to hear from “everyone” who is a homeowner and in their income bracket. Of course their “We want to hear from everyone” does not include homeless people. And they wouldn’t want to hear from me either. No matter how calmly and politely I presented my views on this topic, I suspect they would have their security haul me out of their meeting. “Your opinion is not welcome here. You’re a renter. We only want to hear from homeowners like us.” As I’m screaming while being thrown out the door: ‘But you said you wanted to hear from everyone.’ In reality, again, they only want to hear from people just like themselves who live under the illusion that they have special rights just because they own some old moldy home or a bougi (but cheaply-built) sterile-looking glass box Luxury Designer Condo, Dahling.

Since this renovation — whenever it takes place — is intended to honour Harvey Milk, may I remind people that Harvey Milk did not hate the homeless as these conservative residents do. In fact, he opposed the anti-homeless sit-lie law of his day. So I think if Milk were alive today, the homeless would not be of his concern — other than him trying to help them in any way he could — in regards to a new plaza at the Castro Street Muni Metro Station.

I would like to invite the elitist conservative trash around here in The Castro and Upper Market to spend one cold (rainy) night week out sleeping on the sidewalk without a tent and see how they like it, and without any bathroom facilities. Perhaps that might give them a different perspective on the homeless problem in San Francisco and throughout the shithole US. San Francisco now has a law against the homeless having tents on the sidewalk (even in the rain) and that law was heavily supported by the elitist techie trash who have said some terrible things about the homeless and who think they’re too good to see homeless people on the sidewalk on their way to work. If my memory serves correctly, that law prohibiting tents on the sidewalk was their idea. The pedestal that these wealthy scum — both conservative residents and techie trash — put themselves on is disgusting. And again, the law prohibiting tents on the sidewalk is not a law that a genuinely liberal or progressive City would have and it’s yet another example of how San Francisco has moved to the right.

The Castro: The Breeder Mecca

Briefly, on another topic, but still related to how the conservatives have ruined The Castro: Mi amigo/My friend had an errand to run at around 9.30am on el 3 de marzo de 2018/3 March 2018 (sábado morning/Saturday morning). On his walk, he passed numerous breeder/straight couples shoving their sexuality in our faces — something they often whine about Queers doing — by passionately making out along the sidewalk or up against buildings, as if meeting for the first time. One guy was slamming the female up against the wall and making out with her as if he were uncontrollably about to fuck her right there. They came to The Castro to do this and at 9.30 in the morning on a Saturday? We don’t see this behaviour anywhere else in The City. Only in San Francisco’s Disneyfied Castro. It was cold out but the breeders didn’t seem to mind and were not dressed warmly. Drunk? All the breeders were in the ubiquitous all-black clothing one has come to expect to see around here and elsewhere. Because feminism is mostly dead in now-conservative San Francisco and because chauvinism and misogyny are now “in” due to the political redneck climate we’re in where a female is seen as a sexual object, submissive and subservient to the guy, cat calling is back. Mi amigo heard one of the females getting cat calls. I’ve not heard females getting cat calls since I’ve lived here. That didn’t happen in the Old Bohemian City and it certainly didn’t happen in The Castro. She was dressed with long slits all the way down her lingerie dress and the cold wind was blowing her dress open and she seemed to be thoroughly enjoying the cat calls. Other than that, he saw only one older Queer couple holding hands the entire time. One. The conservative trash around here should be delighted to hear this since they have done their absolute best to make The Castro the new Breeder Mecca with the help of openly-gay conservative Scott Penis. Mi amigo said that yet another store has closed. Since The Castro is in the center of San Francisco, it looks like the center of the City is going to become a slum, as is quickly happening. Most of the (conservative) merchants around here deserve exactly what they get because they are responsible for changing/ruining The Castro.

Now I think I’ll go back to not paying attention to what they’re doing around here for my own health and sanity because I can’t do anything about it, and every time I do pay attention to their latest antics and their conservative hateful agenda at some group, I get very annoyed. As was the case here. Chau.—el barrio rosa


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The Queer Community is Dead (2014 and beyond)

Black, Black, Black, Black, Black, Black and more Black

Hola a todos. The other day I received the following e-mail and thought I’d respond to it here. The e-mail was in response to several articles I’ve written about the sheeple’s obsession with wearing cult-looking and conformist all-black or black and grey clothing head-to-toe 7 days a week. Here’s the e-mail followed by my response:

“I wanna answer your question about why you’re seeing people in black, black & gray. I wear all black all the time every day, sometimes black and gray. Its [sic] to show that I’m morning [sic] because the orange man as you call him is in the White House. All the people I know are doing the same. Lisa.”

My response: Hola Lisa. A rhetorical question: How are people supposed to know that’s why you’re wearing all-black or black and grey? I assume you don’t wear a sign saying, “In mourning because of the orange man.” I suspect most people are wearing all-black because “everybody else is wearing all-black.” They’re just copying each other because that’s what sheeple do. They’re conformists and they’re proud of that.

Another rhetorical question: Are you planning to wear all-black or black and grey every day for eight years or longer? That’s going to get pretty old. Frankly, from where I’m sitting here in San Francisco it already is pretty old. What I see looks like a lot of very depressed people out there and looking at their faces they look depressed, or angry. Everywhere I look I see this all-black clothing rut that most people are in. But you all can take comfort in knowing that you’re dressed for a funeral upon any moment’s notice.

I’ve noticed that many pedestrians and cyclists (with no lights) when they’re crossing the street or riding on the street at night in their all-black clothing looked annoyed when a car or truck nearly hits them because the motorist can’t see them. I don’t know how pedestrians and cyclists expect motorists to see them at night in all-black, especially in some dangerous intersections. I take it that it has never occurred to these conformist people here in the stupid-is-in shithole US that it’s intelligent to wear something reflective/colourful on one’s person at night in order to let motorists see them. That’s something I was taught as a child, but presumably that basic education is not being taught any more considering the people I see out there. One might think that would be “common sense,” but if “common sense” were common we wouldn’t be in the mess we’re in.

Also, you and others might want to keep this in mind: I assume that the people wearing all-black don’t care if they are mistaken for a white nationalist, a white supremacist or a nazi because all-black is also the clothing colour that many of them wear from some online images I’ve seen.

Politically speaking, there’s no reason to think that the electoral college results will be any different in 2020 than they were in 2016. Our corrupt s-election system — which most people choose to live in denial about — will be unchanged. A partisan brainwashed Democrat will want to tell me, “I think the Democrat will win next time.” Well, the war criminal Democrat won last time — she got 3-4 Million more votes that we know of than he did — but nevertheless she’s sitting at home these days popping up every now and then seeking attention before she runs again in 2020. And assuming this septic and deranged man-child-bully is still in office by 2020 or even if the other guy has replaced him, I suspect you and others will be wearing your all-black for eight long years if not much longer. Won’t that be a bit boring to wear the same drab depressed colour every day for eight-plus years? I should think that alone would cause someone to go into a deep depression, if not possibly insane. Pretty bright (Latin) colours lift the spirits. All black or black and grey are depressing to one’s spirits. I understand you can’t stand the basura. I can’t stand him or the vp either, but I’m not about to change what I wear because this heinous regime is in office. That’s seems ridiculous to me. Also, this black and grey cult-looking rut that people are in with their clothes has been going on long before the orange man took office. I first noticed it four years ago for the Latin Grammy’s that I wrote about here. It was mostly the (stupid) Millennials who were doing this, but in recent months I’ve noticed that this absolute conformity is across the board regardless of one’s age in order for more sheeple to “fit in” with the masses.

If one were going to mourn for the country, the mourning should have begun the night of the Judicial Coup back in 2000. That came following the Bush Crime Family’s stealing of the 2000 election, and Al Gore and the corrupt Democratic Party acted like the usual complicit wet noodles. I remember saying to mi amigo/my friend that night: “It’s all over for this country” and I meant that. Then Obama expanded on the despicable neocon policies of the illegitimate Bush II regime so one would have worn all-black during the eight years of Obama as well to continue in their “mourning for the country.”

This “dress code” of wearing all-black seems extreme to me. It also seems shallow and purely symbolic, because there are other more effective and productive ways to show one’s disapproval, especially when it’s not common knowledge why you’re wearing all-black. I’ve looked this up many times and found nothing on it, other than one person saying they were wearing all-black because Obama had left office. For others, it’s more of a moda/fashion thing. A more effective and productive way of showing your disapproval of the orange man-child would be by visibly and openly supporting the mayor of Oakland and her commendable efforts in trying to help undocumented residents by warning them of an imminent ICE sweep, as one example, of many examples I could give. Gracias for your e-mail. Chau.—el barrio rosa

Challenging the Anti-Gay Views of a fundamentalist Christian

Why would anyone waste their time doing that?

Hola a todos. But that’s exactly what openly-Queer Olympian Adam Rippon plans to do when he “takes a call” from the fundamentalist scum who pretends to be a Christian currently occupying the office of vp here in the shithole US.

I keep reading headlines such as “Adam Rippon says he’s ‘totally ready’ to take a call from P*nc*.” Jesus fucking christ, what is wrong with you Adam? Why would you do that? I wouldn’t give that man the time of day. Completely ignore him. Why disrespect yourself, Adam, by talking with anti-Queer basura? You’re not going to change that man’s mind on anything. Have you not looked at him? He’s not all there. He’s off the latch. Him and his blank emotionless stares. WTF is going on in his mind? He has made it extremely clear that he hates/despises gay people, so why would you choose to subject yourself to someone like that? The orange man reportedly joked that his vp sidekick ‘wants to hang’ all gays. That’s someone you want to talk with? Loco. Do you not know what he is as a person? Do some research on him. He’s worse than el hombre-niño naranja/the orange man-child, if one can possibly imagine that! He’s been described as “scary” by some people who’ve had contact with him.

I know from personal experience what it’s like to deal with fundamentalist Christians. Well, they claim/pretend to be a Christian while they’re full of hate. Like so many (if not most) Christians, they’re really Christian in name-only. They don’t practise the teachings of Jesus in their daily lives. They wrap themselves in the US flag and Christianity, the bible, scripture verses, prayers and the Floating Cloud Being as part of their hateful agenda. I’ve talked with many fundamentalist Christians — some of them in my own family — and where does that conversation lead? To a heated argument where nothing is ever solved or resolved. Ever. Such a conversation is a complete waste of time, Adam. You’ll be all hot and sweaty at the end of it and absolutely nothing will have changed. One cannot change an anti-Queer bigot’s mind. One would think you would know that by now. And as anti-Queer as that piece of work is, one gets the distinct impression that he’s a typical closet case himself, like many others in this white power/nazi regime. Because breeders who are secure with themselves and their own sexuality don’t hate on Queers (GTQBLs). Closet cases do that to hide their own Queer feelings.

Adam is showing his youthful immaturity. He’s coming off to me as very naïve and inexperienced. I also get the sense he’s doing this for attention — bad idea — as a follow-up to the attention he enjoyed during the Olympics. I wouldn’t take a call from any of these basura.

I would also like to say this because I keep reading headlines about it: As for those — the far-right? — who say that some of the Queer US Olympians should not have talked about politics, that’s nonsense. But of course as typical, if the far-right/conservatives had agreed with the comments made they’d be applauding them and thanking the Olympians for expressing their views, instead of whining about them. I would like to remind these people that these games are all about politics. They are so much about politics that that P*nc* guy was there making an ass of himself as the basura from this despicable regime usually do. These games are about politics, ugly nationalism and whose country is supposedly “best” and all that immature rubbish. The reality is that politics is in nearly everything that I can think of. It’s even in classical music and in shallow US pop culture. Politics is infested in everything, just like fossil fuel. Chau.—el barrio rosa


The Orange Man’s regime says employers can fire people because they’re gay

Doomsday Clock at 2 minutes to midnight

Hola. As regular readers may know, I can’t stand to talk about politics. I’m always sweaty after doing so. After writing an article related to politics, I feel like I have to go take a shower. That’s usually not the case with anything else I write. Mi amigo/My friend tells me he’s the same way after reading any political articles.

Nevertheless, I feel the need to vent. Here in febrero/February 2018, today’s politics feel hopeless and futile mostly due to Democratic and Republican Party devout faithful partisan brainwashing. We’re at 2 minutes to midnight according to the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists. And what does one read in the comments — if one can stand to read them — on most political websites and in political video comments on YT? Childish partisan arguing, ignorance, hate, one-upping and bickering over whose team (political party and candidates) was and is best, with self-appointed authorities “presenting their argument.” Most of which one has heard or seen thousands of times before, especially since 2000. It’s nothing but recycled partisan-brainwashed pabulum. Disgusting. I can’t stand it. I don’t doubt that many of these people are paid operatives of the two corrupt corporate parties who hang out in comment sections day and night getting paid to spend their time trolling for their party. The brainwashed partisans among us — and they are in the majority — are absolutely unable to get past their brainwashing. This is particularly true for brainwashed Democrats and Republicans, and bots of El hombre-niño naranja/the orange man-child. This is also true for a certain cultist group of fake-socialists/fake-leftists whom I’ve written about in the past where their one-track mind is brainwashed on “class.” For them and their simple minds it’s all about “the ruling class” versus “the working class.” The far-right can’t stand the #metoo movement. That’s the same position that the sexist, chauvinistic and misogynistic male-dominated SEP has on the #metoo movement. As I was telling mi amigo/my friend, overall from what I’ve seen of them, the SEP has far more in common with the far-right than they do any “Left” while they pretend they’re on the “Left” (rubbish!) and refer to their website as “Left-wing.” As I’ve written before, people call themselves anything these days. It doesn’t have to have any basis in reality. Related:

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With brainwashing, any logic or critical thinking skills one might have possessed to begin with are erased. Brainwashing overrides both logic and critical thinking. I would say that I’ve never seen anything like this before but that is not true. I’ve been reading this partisan drivel since at least 2000 following the Judicial Coup and the stealing of that election by the Bush Crime Family and with the complicity of the corrupt Democratic Party and their wet-noodle Al Gore. That’s when I began seriously paying attention to the septic swamp called US politics. What has changed since that time? Nothing really. Only the names of some of the players/corporate parasites. And of course things have gotten worse.

With the brainwashed Democratic Party thin-skinned partisans, any time anyone speaks a word of criticism about their corrupt cesspool of a party and their war criminal politicians (Hillary, for example) one is accused of serving as a cock sucker for el hombre-niño naranja/the orange man-child, or being “a closet Republican pretending to be left wing” or “you’re from the troll farm in St Petersburg, and by the way can you tell us about the restaurants in St Petersburg so that we won’t have to go on Y*lp to read reviews?” Pathetic. Any time anyone speaks the truth about the current septic and insane occupant of la casa blanca/the white house, one is accused of being “a sore loser Democrat. Hillary lost. Get over it!” Even though I didn’t support her to begin with and I can’t stand her, but partisan trolls often make baseless assumptions about people they know nothing about. That’s part of their trolling script. With these partisan basura, there is nothing in between. Then if one mentions Dra Jill Stein in a positive light, both of those brainwashed partisan cults — Democrats and Republicans — join together in a hate fest on “Russian operative Jill Stein.” (roll eyes). Sigh. I’m going to say what I would probably not be allowed to say anywhere else: Fuck off all of you! I do not have the patience for partisan-brainwashed people who cling and adhere to a corrupt cesspool of a party no matter what they do, and no matter what piece of imperialistic corporate trash they put up as their candidates. Have you no standards/requirements other than cultist/bootlicking partisan allegiance? But partisan brainwashing overrides/removes any standards or requirements that one may have had. And anyone who supports such basura of the corrupt Democratic Party is serving as an accomplice and enabler to said filth. (The same goes for the corrupt Republican Party). But that doesn’t seem to bother anybody. Brainwashed partisans continue to wallow in the gutter and they seem to enjoy it immensely.

Perhaps it goes without saying, but the far-right/rabid (nazi/white supremacist) supporters of the orange man are impossible to talk with. They are such know-nothing, stupid, willfully-ignorant — especially sexually; they’ve had no sex education classes ever? — prejudiced and bigoted people. I recently learned how sexually ignorant they are from reading their comments hating on the Queer Olympians.

At this rate — and I see absolutely no reason why this won’t continue — the Doomsday clock will strike midnight and these brainwashed partisan cultists will still be arguing over their corrupt parties and which one is better. In reality, they are both corporate trash and their devout cultists refuse to see that. That’s what brainwashing does to people.

If one chose to be an accomplice and enabler of our thoroughly corrupt system during the 2016 “s-election,” anybody with half a brain and with principles/convictions who claimed to be a liberal or progressive would have voted for Dra Jill Stein. She was the best candidate out there in 2016, despite my having some problems with her as it related to her interest in working with Democratic Party-enabler and war criminal Hillary-endorser fake-socialist Bernie Sanders. A genuine liberal or a genuine progressive would not have voted for right-wing Hillary, because that’s a contradiction in terms and belief systems. They would instead have voted in their best interests and the best interests of the country and the world. They would have voted for Dra Jill Stein. But brainwashed partisans — including the fake-liberals and fake-progressives — voted for Hillary because of that “D” for Democrat next to her name. They voted as they were told/ordered to vote, voting against their best interests and for an utterly corrupt party as they always do. Voting one’s best interests is too logical and intelligent for this crowd who — with their brainwashed partisan views — are really no different than brainwashed fundamentalist Christians. Like cultists and devout true believers, blindly following the herd. Rather than voting for Jill Stein, I have read comments such as, “I held my nose and voted for Hillary.” With Jill Stein, there is no nose-holding required, you damn fools.

If we’re still here by 2020, and by that I mean if this insane and dysfunctional regime of the US Oligarchy hasn’t destroyed the world with a nuclear attack on the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (조선민주주의인민공화국, Chosŏn Minjujuŭi Inmin Konghwaguk), I’ve read in recent weeks that the corrupt Democratic Party is considering running Hillary again for president since she refuses to go away and refuses to take any responsibility for her 2016 “loss.” Oh yes why not?! They might as well recycle her once again. She’d love that as she’d love the attention and finger-pointing Bill would love it too as he seems desperate to get back en la casa blanca. These people crave power. Chelsea would love it too as it would give the family in general attention and I get the impression she’s going to run for something. The whole family loves attention and being before cameras. They live under the illusion that they’re very special people, which is why they won’t go away. I also read that Bernie Sanders is considering another presidential run. And Oprah is waiting for the Floating Cloud Being/god himself to tell her to run. Apparently she has a direct line to the FCB and she’s just waiting for “The Word.” Yes, that’s true. She said in a recent interview when asked about it: “And wouldn’t I know? Because if God actually wanted me to run, wouldn’t God kinda tell me? And I haven’t heard that.” (roll eyes) Oh so that’s the way it works? This god fellow has to tell people to jump into the corrupt cesspool of politics? Well what exactly has she heard from this god fellow? Loca. And who would vote for somebody like that? Answer: Every brainwashed Democrat in the country, that’s who! One might recall that the current occupant of the office of vice president claims that god talks to him too. Loco. In any other job or field that I can think of, when someone talks about god personally talking to them they’re look at suspiciously — and one cautiously backs away from the person a few steps — because such talk is a sign of mental illness. But I guess in the septic field of US politics, it’s perfectly “normal.” Well, it won’t surprise me at some point when we see Oprah holding a press conference and telling us that she indeed did get the go-ahead to run for president because “he”/god told her to run. And if she’s selected by the electoral college, that will give her messiah Obama a third term. So as of this writing, it looks like the 2020 campaign (if we’re still here by then) will mostly be a rehash of the septic 2016 campaign. Of course this country won’t be the same by then with climate change and all, and people running out of food. I won’t have it!

Our little group of local San Francisco Queers discussed this among ourselves recently and surprisingly to me every single person in our group feels as I do. I hadn’t expected that. I knew that most of us were nonpartisan/independents. But they too have “had it up to here” and they realise there’s nothing that we in our group can do about any of this. And because we are all nonpartisans, that right there makes us an outcast because we are not part of the Democratic or Republican Cults. So, the people in our group are focusing their lives more on pleasurable things; things they enjoy doing and talking about. Seems like a good idea to me. Because I have to say that there’s no reason for one to waste one’s life reading or responding to partisan cultist pabulum and presenting one’s opinion in response because there’s so little to no intelligence out there to receive any position that is not devoutly partisan. And anyone who is going to “get it,” (meaning what I’ve written in this article) already has, and they did so long ago. Chau.—el barrio rosa

Oh and by the way, as of this writing the Arctic Circle is experiencing 38 degrees Fahrenheit. It is supposed to be minus 40 to minus 60 degrees Fahrenheit at this time of year. This is causing the cold North Pole air to be pushed down into Russia. They have minus 40 degrees F. right now. And the other part is being pushed into América del Norte/North América, specifically Canada and The Cesspool. So parts of the shithole US are colder than the North Pole is currently. But there’s nothing here to see or worry about. Move along. We’re looking, we’re not touching, and how was that fish you had last night? You know, the fish with all the mercury, plastics and petroleum products in it?


You can land a job without education or experience