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US Presidential campaign resorts to scapegoating undocumented immigrants

Hola. I had no intention of writing anything about the presidential campaign here in The Cesspool/the US, but when one issue keeps getting shoved in one’s face daily because of a billionaire redneck white trash candidate, it’s a hard to ignore that. Hate is hard to ignore.

As per usual, the scum has floated to the top. And the way these corporate parasites go about getting support from the gullible sheeple is by appealing to their emotions using hate. They appeal to the lowest common denominator. They feel the need to hate on one group or another in order to generate support from redneck white trash (which is all I’ve seen show up at his campaign rallies). Critical thinking skills are unknown to these sheeple. They operate solely on emotion and respond to hate rhetoric, and one particular corporate parasite is generating as much hate as possible on a daily basis and the corporate media are fueling it by giving this basura as much attention as possible. The corporate media could just ignore his hateful ass, but no, they don’t do that, including Univisión. That billionaire piece of trash who’s buying his way for president went after respected journalist Jorge Ramos of Noticero Univisión at a press conference. And when that piece of billionaire did so, because of his willful-ignorance of español, he mispronounced the name of the network Jorge Ramos works for. Note to wealthy redneck white trash: It’s not pronounced “You-nah-vision,” asshole. Learn some basis español, Mr Bully, before you go off telling someone to go back to their network that you don’t even know how to pronounce! You looked pretty bad/ignorant. You remind me of the worst type of internet troll. By telling Jorge to “go back to Univisión,” many Latinos/Hispanos/Mexicanos heard, “go back to México.” (Hopefully I don’t need to explain that to anyone and the slap-in-the-face that that is.) And Mr Bully redneck was making fun of an español accent the other day. Ugh.

Arte en lienzo Lámina - La Dalia Roja Canvas Print

Las Dalias are native
to México, Centroamérica,
and Colombia.

I haven’t heard that the misnamed “Democratic” Party and their useless, mealy-mouthed, feet-shuffling corporate parasites have said a word in response to the hate spewed against los inmigrantes indocumentados. Silencio is what one typically gets from them. Well, silencio can equate with agreement. Have I told you how much I despise that corrupt “Democratic” Big Business Party and the trash that still support it, no matter what they call themselves (pseudo-”progressives,” pseudo-”liberals” and other meaningless words)?

And what’s this about Mr Billionaire Bully and that anti-Mexicano asshole sheriff on a power trip in Arizona going to México together? Is that to pick a fight with los mexicanos? *roll eyes* Well at least learn the word for “hello” before you go, assholes. I can help you with that: Say “hola” and the “h” is not pronounced, just so you know.

Yesterday, I learned that Queen Hillary of the Borg Collective and that Bill went to la boda/the wedding for this redneck billionaire bully back in 2005, so they’re all friends.

For my own sanity and well-being, I’m paying very little attention to this caca, in part, because there’s so much scapegoating of los inmigrantes y los inmigrantes indocumentados/undocumented immigrants and I’m sick of it. I can’t stand it. Here in The Cesspool/the US, everyone is an immigrant whether you were born here or not unless you are a direct descendant of the native peoples (commonly known as “Native Americans”) who were here to begin with and treated like basura by the arriving (European) immigrants.

Also, the words on the Statue of Liberty in New York harbour mean absolutely nothing to these basura such as that billionaire asshole and his rabid, right-wing trash supporters. Based on the way this gutter-based presidential campaign is going, is there any wonder now why some of us refer to este país/this country (US/EEUU/Los Estados Unidos/The Imperialistic Empire) as The Cesspool? Chau.—el barrio rosa


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Guns Kill People

A Gun is A Tool for Killing People

Hola. ¿Qué tal? In an article I read about the CBS reporter and cameraperson who were killed near Roanoke in the US state of Virginia last week by a former CBS employee, the topic of gun control came up, in part, because the reporter’s father said he’s now on a mission to work for gun control. Well good luck with that! Yeah that’s likely to happen. You’re in redneck Virginia which is one of the most backward states in The Cesspool/the US/Los Estados Unidos. I’m well aware of Virginia since I lived around that area in my past and it hasn’t changed since. When I lived in the District of Columbia, I didn’t like leaving the District and going out to Virginia right across the Potomac River because I knew all about backward Virginia. Anti-gay and anti-ethnic Virginia. Northern Virginia (which borders the District) is a little bit better than the rest of the state, but still, being a “city person,” whenever I had to go out to Virginia I couldn’t wait to get back to the District.

So some idiot said this in response to the gun violence in Roanoke:

“…you refuse to acknowledge that there is actually EVIL in the world. Gun violence happens because of what is in the heart and in the head, NOT because of what is in the hand. NOTHING can ever change that, and it is a tragedy that gun control advocates will never be able to contribute to resolving this problem as long as they start from the wrong foundation.”

Well where does one start with that nonsense? That person’s “foundation” is entirely fucked up. To begin with, the heart is a muscle. The heart pumps blood. Thought processes and emotions are not in the muscle called the heart, so gun violence does not happen because of what is in the heart. What that person is spewing is greeting card sheeple thinking about the heart as in, “I heart you” or “I love you.” I know that the sheeple have been well-brainwashed that the heart is where emotions are (such as love) and the heart has been well-marketed and exploited in the name of “love.” (The heart is always red isn’t it? I do think the Abstract Art El Corazón Rojo/The Red Heart on this page is very pretty). Then there’s reality and basic science: All emotion, including the emotion of love, is found in the brain. Secondly, a person’s rage or anger will not kill another person if the raged person does not have a tool for doing so. Such tools include: a person’s fists along with their body force, a gun, a knife, a motor vehicle, maybe a sword, a letter opener (you get the idea). I think the main tools today are a gun and a motor vehicle. A person’s rage can kill the raged person — by him or her having a heart attack or stroke in the process of experiencing the emotion of rage — but that emotion can only kill the raged person. The raged person cannot kill another person without a tool, such as a gun. So when these gun locos go on about how “guns don’t kill people, people kill people” that is such simplistic, jingoistic, ludicrous bull shit nonsense. Of course guns kill people just as motor vehicles do. If a person wants to kill someone, the person needs something/some tool to do it with. Even if someone wants to commit suicide (kill themselves), the person needs a tool for doing it with such as a gun or something to overdose on. I’m trying to write this as simply as possible because these redneck gun nuts are so fucking dense. So again for the thick people, if the raged person (the former CBS employee) didn’t have the tool called a gun, the reporter and cameraperson in Roanoke would still be alive today because the raged person would have no way of killing them. Even the thickest of people should be able to grasp this, no? Why were gun nuts not born with critical thinking skills? Apparently they’ve been reading too many syrupy greeting cards about “the heart.”

Then the topic of affirmation action came up because the person who killed the reporter and cameraperson was Black and from what I read he was gay and he felt very discriminated against by some things that happened at the station and by somethings he heard at the station. Being Black and gay I can understand that, especially being where he was in Southwestern Virginia. Redneck Hicksville. Where rednecks go out shooting innocent and beautiful birds with a gun and call that a “sport.” Sick-assed people. I bet if a bird were able to pick up that rifle and shoot your big white ass you wouldn’t consider that a “sport” would you, Mr Redneck? Despite the former employee’s feelings of rage and resentment toward the station’s employees and what they allegedly said or did against him, that doesn’t give him or anyone the licence to kill another person. Instead, what he should have done was to leave the area entirely — maybe he could have worked at the CBS headquarters or their affiliate in the District — and in his new location connected with a well-qualified psychotherapist to work through his feelings of rage and resentment and just forgotten all about his former job and the people he worked with at the CBS affiliate in Roanoke. I don’t know why he wanted to be down there in that part of Virginia to begin with. If I had to be in Virginia, it would have to be Northern Virginia, preferably inside the Capitol Beltway.

White People have had Affirmation Action since Day One

Then there are those who say the former employee was only hired by the Roanoke station because of affirmation action — oh yeah let’s drag that out! — even though the anti-ethnic people asserting that have nothing to base that on. They’re just trolling their hate for affirmation action and because he was Black. I read he had previously worked at the CBS affiliate in San Francisco as a reporter — I think I remember seeing on occasion years ago — and he was originally from the Bay Area. But regardless of why he was hired at the CBS affiliate in Roanoke (I assume it was because he was qualified and they felt he was the best person for the position), I’d like to point out that white people have had affirmation action since Day One and affirmation action for white people continues to this day. Just look at the techie basura, for example. The techie industry which has raped San Francisco is well-known for being predominantly white and male (with a few Asians), and it’s getting worse. I read recently that las mujeres/women are leaving the tech industry in droves mainly because of the chauvinistic techie work environment. Considering what I’ve seen from the techies in San Francisco, I can believe that.

So class, let’s review what we’ve learned today: Guns kill people. Period. And we looked at several examples of that. Gracias por acompañarnos. Chau.—el barrio rosa

Evict Mayor Ron Conway and Puppet-Mayor Ed Lee

Hola. Here are some new items from Dean Johnson Fine Art, a local San Francisco artist.

Even though I’ve previously written a lot about this, this may be your first time to pink barrio so briefly here’s what’s going on in San Francisco: Just like in the District of Columbia with the US federal government being an Oligarchy, the San Francisco city government is also an Oligarchy with bought and paid for corporatist politicians working for their corporate owners. For example, take the puppet-mayor cancer in City Hall. He’s the puppet of his tech venture capitalist billionaire owner. The puppet-mayor goes on about how he himself doesn’t cater to “special interests” *roll eyes* when that’s all el hombre does. It’s just that his “special interests” are the bougi wealthy, The Establishment, The Real Estate Industrial Complex and their Corrupt LiarsTM, the wealthy techies, The Tech Surveillance-State Industrial ComplexTM (by giving them corporate welfare), and his most special “special interest” is his corporate owner, venture capitalist Ron Conway. So this pabulum that the puppet-mayor spews about not catering to “special interests” is complete nonsense, like most of what he spews.

Less than 4 years ago, these conservative basura vowed to “take this city back from the progressives.” (Or at least those who claim to be “progressives” who are really just Dembots/Obamabots shills and hacks when it comes right down to it; the word “progressive” has become meaningless and I’m so tired of hearing it and reading it). The Ron Conway-Ed Lee Class Warfare Agenda has ruined San Francisco in less than 4 years. Thousands of San Franciscans have been and continue to be evicted and forced out of this now extremely expensive city. The smug, wealthy, elitist and class-ist basura (mostly homeowners) couldn’t be happier. They finally have the conservative city they’ve long wanted, except they want more of the Old City and residents gone. Rents today in San Francisco are outrageous. The average rent as this time being over $4,000.00/month for a basic one-bedroom apartment, and property values are super-inflated and based in greed ($1 MILLION US DOLLARS PLUS). It’s not a joke around here when people mention $4.00 for coffee and a piece of toast. The new, young and mostly white bougi “straight” residents are the techies. They’ve taken over San Francisco as if they own the place, and the city has done all it can to sanitise and lobotomise San Francisco in order to please them. It is the techie’s class warfare that has raped this city. They have the luxury of throwing their la plata/money away — they’re excessively overpaid — on overpriced things and they like to brag about paying well-over asking for underwhelming and inflated properties and expensive status-symbol vehicles. These people are so fucking shallow. Maybe that’s because they’re young and insecure and they adhere to that superficial “Keeping Up With The Jones-es” nonsense for acquiring materialistic stuff. People who are secure with themselves allow “the Joneses” to keep up with them, rather than the other way around.

So local artist, Dean Johnson, has created these symbolic “protest” buttons and posters that one can wear or put on one’s wall.

You can check out more of these protest items here at his store. They’re available en inglés/US-English y español. Chau.—el barrio rosa

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I want to go back in the closet

[UPDATED] Hola. Someone came to pink barrio the other day by searching, “I want to go back in the closet.” I guess there’s not much to say about that other than what I’ve already said in other articles, so this is more of a venting article on my part. We have a lot of fucked up people in our society so that probably explains this. I know from visiting the site I call Closetlist that the dominant word in the “men for men” category sex ads is the word “discreet” no matter what el muchacho is into sexually. The words “discreet” (and the occasional “super discreet”) are epidemic in “men for men” sex ads on ClosetList. One would assume that “discreet” is a required word for any sex ad on that site. Even for JO ads, el muchacho has to be “discreet.” WHY? I’d like to ask these guys: Who cares what you do sexually and with whom that you need to be “discreet” about it? As I’ve said many times before, there’s nothing wrong with one guy having consensual sex with another guy. I thought we were way beyond that hang-up. But that’s what those ads are about, so why is there a need to be “discreet” about it? Discreet is code for “in the closet” or a closet case and ashamed of what you’re doing sexually, or you’re cheating on someone and don’t want the person to find out.

The ironic part about this, “I want to go back in the closet” is the timing of it. This is not the 1970s or 1980s where one might expect to hear or read someone say that they want to go back in the closet (or stay in the closet). Someone typed, “I want to go back in the closet” at this point in time here in 2015 where here in The Cesspool/the US/The Imperialistic Empire same-gender marriage is now legal in all 50 states (even though some county clerks/”officials” refuse to honour the ruling). So a Queer person (it’s probably a guy) waits until same-gender/gay marriage is legal throughout The Cesspool and then he decides that he wants to go back in that unhealthy closet. My suggestion to him: It’s sad that you feel ashamed of who you are and of your sexuality. It’s also sad that you want to live a lie to yourself and others and dishonestly pretend to be a person that you’re not by going back in the closet. There are many credible and well-trained psychotherapists available who could help you deal with your feelings of being ashamed of your Queer sexuality and I’d recommend that you contact some of them to find the best therapist for you.

It’s possible that a very young person typed, “I want to go back in the closet” because they’re being bullied in school and/or elsewhere because of their sexual orientation, and if that’s the case I have empathy for you because most of us have been bullied by bigoted basura in our society and that sucks. It doesn’t feel good at all. And often los muchachos who are anti-gay are gay themselves — they’re closet cases — and they try to hide/disguise their gay sexual orientation by being anti-gay. I usually tell los muchachos like that to go get the dick! LOL.

There’s also another possibility for this, “I want to go back in the closet” desire and I think it’s very real: As more and more “straights” with their baby strollers — they breed like mosquitoes, you know! — barrage their way into former gay areas in major cities (such as The Village in Manhattan, West Hollywood en Los Ángeles County and San Francisco’s Castro, and other areas), I do think that some Queers feel uncomfortable being out of the closet among in-your-face heteronormative “straights” when it feels like they’re taking over our gay areas and “marking their territory” with their heavy telenovela-type make-out scenes on the sidewalks and street corners and their mandatory hand-holding to let everyone know they’re “straight.” And I think that causes some Queers to feel like they’re back where they were in Straightsville years ago before they came out of the closet. And as I wrote in this article, that’s one of the problems I and others see with this assimilation nonsense that the corporate GLBTQ organisations — who serve as self-appointed authorities on all things Queer — and others have so heavily pushed for. As usual, they didn’t think the concept all the way through to see this possible outcome, and that outcome is: Gay guys adopting a heteronormative and a self-hate/anti-gay way of thinking to “fit in” with the “straights.” Yes, heteronormative conservative gay guys have sanitised our gay areas and shut down one thing or event after the other as if ashamed of our GLBTQ history so as to please the precious “straights” — the “straights” have priority over GLBTQs in our barrios do they??? — who feel the need to ramrod their way into the only little area we have that we can call our own. The “straights” own the entire world — but the “straights” are never satisfied, the Assholes — and they want it all. And heteronormative conservative gay guys (they’re usually the bougi, elitist, wealthy homeowners) serve as accomplices in giving it to them and are more than happy to do so. The Assholes! Chau.—el barrio rosa


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The Junk Food Vegan

Junk food and vegan? That sounds like a complete contradiction to me.

Hola. I was on this guy’s blog the other day. From reading his blog on occasion I know he’s a vegan and very concerned about animal rights. Recently he talked more about being a vegan. I had mistakenly thought he was a vegan for health reasons, but that’s not the case at all according to him. As I said in this article awhile back, my experience with vegans has been pretty consistent.

I know of one person who became a vegan for health reasons. He has prostate cancer and from what I remember about him he worked with Dean Ornish, MD at UCSF (University of California-San Francisco) in becoming a vegan as a way of dealing with his prostate cancer (instead of having prostate surgery), which to my knowledge so far as been successful for him. Other than him, I suppose some vegans are concerned about their health, but consistently the vegans I’ve had any contact with did not become a vegan for health reasons. To them, it’s all about not killing an animal in order to eat. And that blogger I mentioned above is no different. He went on to say that if it wasn’t for eating junk food he would have a hard time being a vegan. Really? Does he not realise there’s a reason that some “food” is called junk food? On his blog, potato chips were mentioned as being better than hamburgers (which they are but one is eating dead animals when eating a hamburger). Then he cheered for eating (greasy?) french fries. I assume he’s talking about the “fast-food” type french fries? Regardless, I take it that he’s not concerned about the funky oil from repeated usage that french fries are usually cooked in nor is he concerned about the cancer-causing free radicals that result from high-temperature cooking. Restaurants don’t seem to know any temperature but “High” when it comes to cooking. And chefs seem to be trained to have that flame as high as possible. That’s one reason I prefer to eat at home. It’s much cheaper and I know what’s in it, and I don’t cook using high heat.

Lately I’ve been seeing more online about longtime vegans and vegetarians who have gone back to eating dead animals for — according to them — “health reasons.” WTF? Sigh. Some of these people claim, “I almost died” from some deficiency they claim to have had because they were not eating dead animals. Just because one is a vegetarian or a vegan does not mean that one eats well or knows how to eat well nutritionally. I’ve seen some people — presumably vegetarians or vegans — who shop at Rainbow Grocery Cooperative in San Francisco (a worker-owned and operated vegetarian/vegan grocery store) who load up their cart with nothing but processed foods and processed frozen dinners (which are usually loaded with a high sodium level including the ones that are labeled “Low Sodium”). Of course one can get sick or have some health problems if one does not educate oneself on how to eat well and nutritionally as a vegetarian/vegan. But the people I see giving lame excuses for going back to eating dead animals and bragging about it blame it on being a vegetarian or vegan, rather than blaming themselves for possibly eating poorly and not thoroughly researching the best ways to get what their body needs nutritionally before they become a vegetarian or vegan. Many (most?) vegans seem to think that being vegan is all about not eating dead animals and that they can eat anything else they want and lots of it. Then when they start running into health problems they blame it on not eating animals instead of what they should be looking at which is: What should I be eating that I’m not eating as a vegan (excluding dead animals) and what am I eating that I shouldn’t be eating?

Complete Proteins

One can get a complete protein from eating a salad with organic kale, organic spinach, organic lettuces and with organic nuts and organic cottage cheese in it. There are many ways to get complete proteins without even touching dead animals. For vegetarians, organic eggs are available and they are a complete protein. Also organic legumes such as organic lentils are a complete protein. (I like organic lentils a lot). One of the vitamins that vegans and vegetarians can be deficient in is B12. One can get B12 by eating organic eggs, organic cottage cheese, organic Swiss cheese, organic molasses and organic yogurt. And as I stated above, the reason a person can fail as a vegetarian or vegan is lack of education.

I know from reading message forums over the years that whenever food, vegetarians and vegans are the topic that the comments below the article turn into a cesspool. I won’t allow that to happen here in the comments. One can go elsewhere for that. And if one thinks that humans must eat dead animals to survive then continue to think that, and if one thinks that being a vegetarian or a vegan is unhealthy, then continue to think that. I have no interest in so-called “debating” any of this with anyone. Doing so is as futile as “debating” religion or partisan politics and one’s favourite D or R corporate basura politician. It’s all a major waste of one’s time.

Maybe one day, I’ll talk with a vegan who cares about what is in the food s/he eats. But I’ve yet to talk with or meet a vegan who cares about the ingredients’ list in their foods, except that it not include an animal product. And to think for years I thought that being a vegan was an extension of being a vegetarian (taking vegetarian-ism even farther) when that is not the case at all based on what I’ve seen. Chau.—el barrio rosa


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What’s the real reason Univisión is ending Sábado Gigante?

Hola. Univisión (pronounced: uniβiˈsjo̞n. It’s an español word for an español language network. Only español-illiterate idiots pronounce it “You-nah-vision”) announced months ago that they are cancelling their longest running programme and the longest-running television variety show in history, Sábado Gigante, with the last show being on 19 de septiembre 2015.

I’ve read the reasons they’ve stated for ending the programme, but I don’t believe most of them considering what I know about cut-throat and back-stabbing Univisión. (At that network, an employee can be there one day and gone the next without any notice, which doesn’t seem quite legal to me.) The one reason I do believe that the network gave for the cancellation is that the show has trouble attracting younger viewers. Well of course that’s the case because younger viewers are glued to and addicted to their smartphones stupidphones. And tech/stupidphones have been and continue to be heavily promoted and advertised on the network. Considering the level of stupidphone addiction I see, it’s surprising that anyone is watching any of their shows, or that any network has any viewers. Yes Univisión, keep promoting those stupidphones and you’ll end up with no audience at all! (Related: Smartphones are transforming society into a sea of stupid).

But the real reason I think they’re ending the programme is because they’re embarrassed by it, because of what it is. It’s a variety show. And variety shows are outdated. Variety shows are from a past era or past generation. And the network only wants “current, new, fresh, young and white” on their network which does not include variety shows. What specifically told me that they are embarrassed by Sábado Gigante is that they have already stopped showing Sábado Gigante Classico which they have shown for years every Domingo/Sunday morning in the overnight hours. They were repeats of the show. But as of 1 de agosto, the network stopped showing the repeats or Sábado Gigante Classico. Why would they do that? Even with Sábado Gigante cancelled they could still continue showing repeats from their vast archives of the show, no? Because the show is really timeless. There’s nothing about it that date-stamps it, unlike some other shows. It’s my opinion that the reason they stopped showing the repeats is because the show is ending by their own choice and they’re embarrassed by it and they want it completely erased from their network, including repeats. Fin. The End. So they’ve now replaced the Sábado Gigante Classico time slot with a programme from Televisa, the network in México where Univisión gets much of its programming. ¡Viva México!

I read that the host of Sábado Gigante, Don Francisco, — that’s his stage name and for those who don’t know, the word “Don” is not his name. Don is a term of respect just like Doña is used for las mujeres/women as a term of respect — is being honoured on Telemundo while he’s still under contract with Univisión. That is unheard of because from what I read one cannot appear on the rival network (Telemundo) when under contract with one’s own network, but that’s what Don Francisco will be doing. He will be honoured on Telemundo’s Premios Tu Mundo before his last show ends on Univisión en septiembre.

I’ve mostly stopped watching Univisión some time ago because I’m very turned off by the network. They’ve made it so corporate. And there’s no shortage of fake, constantly smiling faces and laughter (there’s never a problem in anyone’s world on that network). The network is saturated with blindly-white teeth, cosmetic surgery, silliness, and as I said earlier they heavily promote tech/stupidphones. I’m also tired of seeing conservative/drab black, gray and white clothing (the latest shallow fad for the sheeple) which the network is obsessed with.

Univisión only want young, white Latinos in their 20s and 30s before their cameras — with only a few exceptions to that before they too are pushed out the side door — and by those standards Don Francisco is considered “old,” and the network is ageist (as well as anti-ethnic). A few years ago, they updated Sábado Gigante and in my opinion they improved it and made it a bit more mature (that was a good thing) but the show has become predictable, like most of the heteronormative programming on the network. Despite what the network says about “other projects” for Don Francisco at the network, I won’t be surprised to see him go over to Telemundo. Many Univisión actors and “personalities” end up on Telemundo and because of that some people refer to Telemundo as “Unimundo.”

From my research, Sábado Gigante is recorded during the week. From what I gathered, it’s an all-day project. The public comes to watch a taping of the show and to serve as the audience. The audience area is always full, although not necessarily with “young people” that the network is obsessed with. The show is recorded in Doral which is north of Miami where Univisión has their production studios. The show is broadcast from 8.00pm to 11.00pm every Sábado/Saturday. It’s rarely been pre-empted. When the show ends en septiembre, I would think that a lot of people will be unemployed unless the network can find a new job for the large staff used to produce Sábado Gigante, many of whom have been with the network for a long time. They can’t all go to Telemundo. (Question: Where will the network’s los bailarines/dancers go…los muchachos? Maybe to El Gordo y La Flaca?)

Sábado Gigante has had a long run. It began in 1962 in Chile and started on Univisión in 1986. Maybe Telemundo will pick up where Sábado Gigante leaves off because they are starting their own variety show shortly on Telemundo to fill the gap left by Sábado Gigante. So apparently Telemundo doesn’t consider variety shows outdated, or they’ve decided to take a chance on one. We’ll see how long their variety show lasts. Chau.—el barrio rosa

What have you heard about how San Francisco has changed?

New "Luxury Design Condos" blocking the Bay Bridge

New “Luxury Designer Condos” (Dahling) for the super-wealthy now blocking the view of the iconic Bay Bridge

Hola. ¿Qué tal? I’m interested in hearing from people who live anywhere, including here in The Cesspool (also known as the US/The Imperialistic Empire) or in another country. I’m also interested in hearing from people who live in the Bay Area.

For people who don’t live in the Bay Area, have you heard about how San Francisco has drastically changed, and if so, what specifically have you heard? Give examples, por favor.

If you live in the Bay Area and/or you come to San Francisco, when you get together with people do you talk about how the city has changed and what specifically do you talk about? Please give examples.

I and mis amigos/my friends keep hearing the same thing from many locals. The Old City residents — those who haven’t been evicted — are very unhappy with how the city has changed mainly due to techie gentrification. The conservatives/Libertarians are experiencing multiple orgasms on an hourly basis because they are absolutely giddy over the changes. In particular, they love how completely sanitised and so-called “Family-Friendly” (UGH!) the former Gay Mecca is today and that “straights” are pushing their way in like a cancer taking over and “marking their territory.” The conservatives have wanted this for decades and they finally have achieved their goal.

The people responsible for these major changes include, but are not limited to: the conservative, corporatist el alcalde/mayor who is owned by the Real Estate Industrial Complex and their Corrupt LiarsTM as well as the Tech Surveillance-State Industrial Complex. El alcalde/the mayor is the puppet of his billionaire venture capitalist techie owner. The real alcalde — and whose name should really appear on the ballot for re-election en noviembre 2015 — is the billionaire venture capitalist. Another person responsible for the changes: a conservative corporatist gay heteronormative political parasite. He looks like a funeral home director with his conservative/drab black suits. He has body image issues among other personal hangups. His disciples worship him as if he were The Holy and Indivisible Trinity.

With locals, sometimes they’re specific but often they’re vague as to what they say about how the city has changed. Locals mostly talk about how conservative the city has become and that we have lost our base. Some longtime residents (especially homeowners) say if they could leave the city, they would. They also say, “look at all the babies and strollers.” I hear that a lot. That’s referring to the flood of “straights” having moved into The Castro and Upper Market especially. During the Gay Mecca years, Upper Market was mostly Queer boys. Today it’s mostly “straight” with screaming babies. “Straights” enjoy breeding like mosquitoes. Mi amigo tells me about the many hours he has to endure listening to high-decibel screaming and crying as a parade of baby strollers come by his window daily with each attention-seeking/needy female trying to show off her baby to others. I know for a fact there are many copycat pregnancies among the sheeple and that’s a big part of what we’re seeing. Some people like to talk in vague/quiet statements so as not to offend anyone who might be eavesdropping and who loves what’s happened to the city, to avoid a confrontation. That’s because the conservatives/Libertarians are rather rabid and “in your face” about expressing their opinions in public. So those locals who speak in vague and quiet statements don’t come right out and talk the way I do here about how the city has changed. Instead, they often speak in code. But when I have the opportunity to speak with a local, I try to get specifics out of them because I want to know exactly what they’re talking about rather than having to guess what they’re getting at.

The conservatives/Libertarians/techies with their vile Class Warfare Agenda have raped this city and they continue to downplay their political takeover of the city using deceptive Newspeak rhetoric. I am not going to type what they say (their propaganda) as I don’t care to give them an audience on this site.

So I’m curious as to who has heard what. Wherever you live en el mundo/in the world and whatever you’ve heard about how San Francisco has changed, leave a comment about it, por favor. Muchísimas gracias. Chau.—el barrio rosa