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Change it back to Gay Freedom Day

Can we get rid of corporate Pride Inc. and return to Gay Freedom Day? It’s about acceptance, and freedom of and from oppression and discrimination, not pride. Why Pride?

Hola a todos. I won’t be surprised if I get some flak for this article, but I don’t care.

In San Francisco, Pride Inc. — also known as the Gay Pride Parade — has become a Rainbow Flag saturated corporatised commercial where Millennial breeders/straights can be seen making out under Rainbow flags, as can often also be seen in San Francisco’s former Gay Mecca, The Castro, throughout the year. When the truth be told, Pride Inc. has become an hours-long corporate mobile ad for the data-mining and predatory Tech Industrial Complex to promote their billionaire-owned corporations, their apps and the continued dopamine-phone addiction. Even though the tech industry with its reputation of being misogynistic and sexist claims to be pro-gay (or at least the major techie corporations do), many of the techies are anti-gay based on their under-their-breath remarks, facial expressions and the behaviour we’ve seen from them in San Francisco’s Castro. Pride Inc. is also the event where millionaire-owned corporate sports teams with their history of homophobia are invited by the organisers of Pride Inc. to come and promote their teams and millionaire celebrity players. A few years ago the organisers of Pride Inc. invited US military recruitment to take part. WTF? Clearly an indicator that Pride Inc. had completely lost its way and sold out, because the founders of the original Gay Freedom Day Parade wanted nothing to do with the US Military Industrial Complex, and the Movement was very pro-peace. Not at all into US imperialism or advancing that barbaric agenda. Pride Inc. is also an opportunity for wealthier breeders to come to party. Bottom Line: Pride Inc. is really just a corporate party. Historically, some of the advertisers and participants were (and still are?) anti-gay, such as corporate banks and (as I mentioned earlier) corporate sports teams who are now in the corporate Pride Inc. parade. One wonders how many “faggot jokes” one hears in these corporate national league sports team locker rooms these days and especially after these wealthy players get back from Pride Inc.? But these days, the conformist and now-conservative Gay Community (what little remains of it here) finds these corporate sports team jocks to be heroes and “cool dudes” — completely ignoring their homophobia and homophobic history — because “Hey, they’re jocks, real macho men” playing with balls, and I’m not talking about sexual activities.

Lesbians Chauvinistically Hijacked the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement and its sanitised acronyms

The event that is now called “Pride” — or what some of us more accurately call “Pride Inc” since the event is now a corporate commercial complete with the “official corporate car” and “the official corporate hotel chain” — was originally and officially called The Gay Freedom Day Parade. The event was called The Gay Freedom Day Parade up until 1981 when it was changed (by needy, attention-seeking lesbians?) to the International Lesbian and Gay Freedom Day Parade. Why was it changed to Lesbian and Gay? They changed it without anyone noticing. As with that silly and sanitised “LGBT” acronym, why were lesbians moved to first place-top billing when they renamed it International Lesbian and Gay Freedom Day Parade?

The way it usually works in any other context is that the people who do most of the work get most of the recognition, as it should be. Period. But not in the minds of these self-absorbed lesbians who hijacked our Movement. Gay guys and trans individuals led the original Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement, not lesbians. And that’s what it was called. What was wrong with Gay and Lesbian in that order? What was wrong with GLBTQ in that order, as it was originally named when acronyms started being used?

I read this recently:

“Lesbians changed it to LGBT when huge numbers of gay men died from AIDS in the 80s.”

Really? I hadn’t heard that. If that’s true, it is extremely rude and disrespectful to the thousands of gay guys who led the Gay and Lesbian (GLBTQ) Rights Movement for lesbians to take it upon their self-righteous selves to move themselves to first place in that “LGBT” acronym. I mean, if they had led and done most of the work of the Movement they would deserve first place. But they didn’t. As I said earlier, Gay guys and trans individuals led the movement. While they were doing most of the work, lesbians were sitting on their ass on their hogs with a cigarette in one hand and a beer in the other partying. They think they deserve first place for that, do they? I. Don’t. Think. So.

You know, I can see some busy-bodied, attention-seeking, self-absorbed and self-entitled lesbians sitting around a corporate conference room table and saying this shit:

“The more stupid we make it the more it will stick. We lesbians have an idea. Let’s sanitise our Movement by using letters instead of words. Let’s call it “LGBT,” which will be more like sanitised code language. We believe this will be more acceptable to the breeders. Because the words Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer won’t be “in their face” the way it is now with “Gay, Lesbian and Transgender,” which makes the breeders very uncomfortable, and we don’t want that. We want the breeders to love us and think we’re just like them. So let’s cater to the breeders (unspoken: and their bigotry and prejudices) okay? Does everyone here agree? It seems unanimous. Good. So we will put us lesbians firstsee Footnote 1 every time and always since this is our idea, and because we lesbians are more acceptable to the public and to breeders than Gay guys are. So let’s move Gay guys to second place. We’ll sorta hide them in there behind the “L” even though Gay guys have done most of the work of the Movement. That doesn’t matter. Many of us lesbians can’t stand men anyway. Everyone here agree? Good. We will be contacting all media organisations around the world and notifying them of this permanent change we have made to always put us lesbians first whenever they write about anything gay-related. This meeting is adjourned.”

On a related note: That’s one of the reasons that StarB*cks — known for its rampant ageism as recently reported (do you buy coffee from that corporate chain?) — awhile back had the image of a lesbian couple’s hands on their coffee cups. They did not have the hands of two gay guys holding hands and probably never will! That’s because lesbians are considered more acceptable to the anti-gay prejudiced and bigoted breeders/straights than gay guys are.

Corporate “Pride Inc” should be changed back to Gay Freedom Day — and I’m sure that will happen, aren’t you?! — as in freedom of and from oppression and discrimination.

Why Pride? What’s there to be proud of and have pride in?

I’ll assume that lesbians dreamed up this Pride, Inc. nonsense too when they were hijacking our Movement and putting themselves first.

Question: What’s there to be “proud” about and have “pride” in when it comes to the way one was born? It’s not something one has to talk oneself into. Or did these busy-bodied lesbians think that one’s sexual orientation is a choice that one must take “pride” in and be “proud” of as one’s chosen sexual orientation?

One can be proud of one’s accomplishments and achievements throughout life, such as getting a long-term gay partner, goals met or work-related achievements.

But why would one be “proud” or have “pride” over something — such as one’s sexual orientation — that one had/has absolutely no control over or choice in the matter? That’s like saying, “I’m proud to have brown hair and brown eyes,” something one was born with. Just like one is born with one’s sexual orientation, even if one feels they are the wrong gender in the body they came out of the womb with and later change their gender.

I’ve never heard a straight person say, “I’m proud to be straight,” have you? I’ll partially take that back. I have heard breeders say, “I’m proud to be straight” when they were mocking and making fun of Gay Pride (Pride Inc.).

So again, why would one be “proud” to be gay or straight and take “pride” in that, when one’s sexuality is just the way it is. It’s not a choice to take “pride” in or to be “proud” about.

For example, I don’t say: I’m proud to be Queer or Gay. What’s there to be “proud” about when it comes to one’s sexual orientation? One’s sexual orientation is a matter of fact; it’s just the way it is. (I know I’m being repetitive here and deliberately so because there are a lot of stupid, dense and thick people out there, should they show up here and read this article).

So why did these fucking idiots — lesbians who hijacked our Movement — change all of this from Gay Freedom Day to “Pride” and “Proud” without anyone knowing it? I don’t at all understand what they were thinking? Other than the childish need for attention and to be first. (What were these lesbians like as children in elementary school? Oh good gawd, I can’t imagine. “I wanna be first, I wanna be first.”) Get some therapy and work through that. But unfortunately, this “Pride” and “Proud” language caught on like a virus, just like that sanitised “LGBT” code language shit that one sees all over the internet.

I suppose someone would say: “Pride is about your being proud or have pride in being out of the closet.” One day a year you’re out of the closet? That’s about the extent of it now. That’s all it’s about? But much of the Queer Community doesn’t seem to be out of the closet now; they seem to be back in the closet from what I’ve seen with their “discreet” and “down low” selves, and trying to act straight, macho and act like a breeder jock. Or, are they only out of the closet and “proud” — but only to a certain extent — one day a year on corporate Pride, Inc. Sunday so that they can party with the breeders and talk about fucking pussy with the breeder guys.

I remember reading some of the closeted gay ads where the guys wrote, “This is just between you and me, no one else needs to know. Just two discreet guys having sex behind closed doors. Most people think I’m straight and I want to keep it that way.”

So much for “Pride.”

How does one get ready for Pride?

Some of us Queers used to be asked: “Are you getting ready for Pride?” It would be a month away and we never knew how to answer that question because what does one do to “get ready for Pride?” Does one buy new shoes or buy new jeans or what? Or if one was going to work-out to pump oneself up in a muscular way, that takes a lot more time than a month to do, so that can’t be it. One can pick out what one will wear in a few minutes, so that can’t be it. Getting your hair cut only takes an hour, so that can’t be it. So, what exactly is “getting ready for Pride?” These days, because “Pride Inc.” is so “last year,” we don’t hear anyone asking that question anymore. And that’s been especially the case since most of the Queer Community seems to have gone back in the closet and are being “discreet” and “down low.”

This re-writing of our history by these fucking lesbians didn’t work very well. It didn’t make much sense. Did these lesbians have too much 420 when they were dreaming this shit up? Or did they literally have their heads up some corporate ass and weren’t clear on the concept? It seems that they were completely clueless on what the Movement was about.

With the original Gay Freedom Day, the goal was for basic human and civil rights, freedom from oppression and freedom from discrimination, which the original founders completely understood. That’s why they called it The Gay Freedom Day Parade. The founders of the original Gay Freedom Day were extremely clear on the concept and therefore there was no need to change what they did. Yet these arrogant and busy-bodied lesbians allegedly took it upon themselves to hijack our Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement and made these self-absorbed and self-entitled changes to give themselves attention. I can hear them now, “We want to be first, we lesbians want to be first.” Such childish immaturity.

Unconditional Acceptance, not Tolerance

Gay Freedom Day is also about acceptance. Giving unconditional acceptance to a Queer/Gay person. And not that lame, weak and mealy-mouthed word “tolerance” that I can’t stand. It makes me cringe every time some idiot who should know better uses the word “tolerance” instead of “acceptance.” Anytime I see anyone use the word “tolerance,” as in “I’ll tolerate you,” I think: Don’t bother. I want you to accept me, not begrudgingly put up with me, which is what tolerate means.

So I think that this corporate “Pride Inc.” nonsense — which has completely lost itself and lost its way when it became corporatised — should be changed back to Gay Freedom Day. But I live under no illusion that’s ever going to happen. No, not as conformist and conservative as the now-dead Queer Community has become.

Isn’t it interesting how “everything” got sanitised and corporatised and with the lesbians having to go first with their “ladies go first” mentality. The “ladies go first” mentality is chauvinistic and it’s also very heteronormative and “Old School.” The “ladies go first” mentality is the same thinking that my parents and grandparents held where (as they would say): “The little lady always goes first. Open doors for the little lady. Pull out chairs for the little lady. Buy gifts for the little lady. Her place is in the home (barefoot and pregnant). She’s supposed to be in the kitchen and passive/submissive to the tall, dominant, strong and manly guy.” I guess those lesbian morons didn’t think about that.

Another example of things being sanitised is that today most Queers are indistinguishable from breeders in their outward appearance. Even with my most reliable Gaydar, when glancing at single guys walking on the sidewalks in today’s San Francisco, it’s hard for me to tell who is Queer and who is a breeder. That was not at all the case during the Gay Mecca decades. It’s as if they’re trying to look the same. It’s a case of gay guys trying to be and look straight or heternormative. Then there are the Queer boys (according to my Gaydar) I see walking around holding hands with females in The Castro and Upper Market trying to give the impression they are a breeder couple. More heteronormative. Are they in the closet or have they gone back in the closet after being “out” for years? Related: How many Queers can the closet hold? and The Closeted Queer Community (2017).

I do remember the San Francisco Gay Freedom Day Parade Band and other “Freedom Day” musical groups we had at that time. By the way, the San Francisco Gay Freedom Day Band is now called, can you guess? It’s called the “San Francisco Lesbian/Gay Freedom Band.” Lesbians had to hijack the names of musical ensembles too! Or did the band change the name because someone in the band said, “We need to change the name of the band because everyone is putting the word lesbian first now, and we must conform and be like everyone else.” Damn sheeple. Regardless, these lesbians have been relentless for attention. So they had to go and change the names of musical ensembles too to put themselves first! More revisionist history. I swear, these lesbians are absolutely rabid about needing attention and being in first place. I’m surprised they haven’t changed the name of the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus to San Francisco Lesbian’s Chorus, even though there are no lesbians in it. But would that matter to them that there are no lesbians in the Chorus — call it that anyway! — with their rabid Queer-revisionist history mentality? Ugh.

I remember researching this topic of Queer revisionist history sometime back and at that time I noticed that literally everything has been sanitised and reversed from the way it originally was in order to give lesbians top-first billing. And somehow — I have no idea how they accomplished this — they even went back into archival records from the 1970s and changed that language to put “Lesbian” first to give the false impression that our Movement was always called “Lesbian and Gay…” in the historic language of that day. That is extremely dishonest, it’s fake and it’s a lie because back in that day the word Gay was first because, once again, gay guys and trans individuals led the Movement and did most of the work.

Most of the work today is being done by the Trans Community. Everyone else in the Queer Community is dead. The Trans Community is just trying to find a suitable place to go to the bathroom, and doing their best to avoid being assaulted, beaten up and killed.

So I say: Forget this “Pride” shit, which I have zero interest in at this point because it has been ruined. Change it back to Gay Freedom Day, and call it that. That was the original, authentic name given to our special day once a year. Go back to a parade that has no corporations, no official corporate cars, no official corporate hotel chains, no official anything, no techie corporations, no corporate sports teams or homophobic players, no corporate or business floats or corporate funding. And go back to a parade that has no busy-bodied corporate trash running the thing. Period.

It’s long past time we Queers return to our roots.

As some of us see it from my talking with local Queers about this topic, it’s no wonder that the Gay Community is dead here in 2018. Gay meccas have been deliberately dissolved and taken over by breeders. Related: Chelsea: The Death of a Gay Neighborhood, Murdered by Neo-Hetero-Homophobes. Lesbians hijacked the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement and re-wrote, changed our original rich Queer history. So today, it’s as if the Queer Community has no idea where they came from nor do they have any clue where they’re going. There appears to no longer be any Queer-related goals. It’s as if most Queers live under some false illusion that all has been accomplished (hardly!) for the Queer Community when Gay Marriage was made legal here in the shithole US. Related: What was the ultimate goal of the Gay Rights Movement? But for how much long will marriage equality be legal under the orange nazi’s regime?

I see no indicators of “pride” or “proud” in today’s now-dead Queer Community. Most recently I asked: Are there no openly gay people in San Francisco anymore?
When the site I called ClosetList allowed personal sex ads, the Men-for-Men category had thousands of ads with nearly all of them saturated with the word “discreet” and or “down low.” Discreet is the opposite of proud or pride. So the Queer Community has gone from “Out and Proud” to the opposite: Discreet and down low. Discreet can imply (gay) shame and that you’re doing something you shouldn’t be doing. Some guys used the word “discreet” 6-8 times in a very short paragraph sex ad (almost every other word), indicating that they were not “out and proud” but closeted in San Francisco. I’ve also written about The “Discreet” Gay Guys in New York City. One year I wrote: Change Gay Pride to Gay Discreet. Awhile back, I wrote: More back to the 1950s: Gay guys marrying females in droves. Sad.

To some of us, “Pride” and Pride Inc. have become completely passé, outdated and irrelevant, with by all indications a mostly now-closeted (and dead) Queer Community. I think the Queer Community could have all their rights taken away and they would still remain silent, conformist and obedient. That’s the opposite of who we were during the original Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement and with our proudly radicalFootnote 2 Gay Freedom Day Parades. Chau.—el barrio rosa


Footnote 1 There is real irony or hypocrisy here. Keep in mind, this change of putting lesbians first came at the height of the Feminist Movement which the lesbians who made these changes likely took part in since there was some overlapping between the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement and the Women’s Movement. But lesbians shoved Gay guys out of the way to make themselves the “stars” and give the illusion they (the lesbians) were in control and the dominant group of the Movement, which was a bold-faced lie.

Footnote 2 It was proudly-radical up until the Queer Community became conservative and conformist with that Gay Assimilation nonsense. Today, one gets the impression that the Queer Community has completely divorced themselves from our radical past, is ashamed of it and almost apologetic to the breeders for our radical past because our behaviour and actions offended and inconvenienced the precious breeders.


Gay Rights’ Movement Legacy Hijacked By Lesbians. May GLBTQ Live On!

The official acronym is now: LGBTQQICAPF2K+

Lea DeLaria: The LGBTQIA+ acronym is divisive

Gay “Assimilation:” Back to the 1950s

Queers glorying war on Gay Freedom Day Weekend

You can’t make this shit up! Hola a todos. Mi amigo/My friend went on a walk this morning (el 23 de junio de 2018/23 June 2018) up to Twin Peaks here in San Francisco. Every “Pride Weekend” (also known as Pride Inc) “Gay Freedom Day Weekend,” as it was originally called, a pink triangle is installed on the Bay side/East Side of Twin Peaks (although it’s technically not on either peak but rather on the hillside looking down from the tourist area). This pink triangle can be seen for miles since it’s rather large. From my apartment window, I can see them putting it up.

Mi amigo said there were no large crowds up there, no large crowds going up or coming down. What disgusted him when he got up there was the music being played by a Queer band. They played the US national anthem as well as “California, Here I Come.” (Don’t these bands ever learn any new repertoire?) As I’ve pointed out before, the US national anthem is the last piece of music I would expect the now-dead so-called Queer Community to play (if it can be called a “Community” since there’s no feel or sense of community now within any groups of the so-called Queer Community. The dopamine-phone addiction has replaced any genuine sense of community. It’s hard to have any feelings of a community when all one sees is a sea of phone zombies no matter where you look walking around hunched over and hypnotised by their phones; the latest distraction).

Anyway, as I’ve pointed out before, the US national anthem glories war which most people don’t seem to be aware of. They mindlessly mumble-sing it with their fake patriotism and ugly nationalism. Take these lyrics, for example:

“And the rockets’ red glare, the bombs bursting in air,
Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there;
O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave?”

Is that something you would expect to hear a repressed and oppressed minority group singing or playing in their devoutly partisan glorification of the US Oligarchy, which represses, oppresses and depresses Queers? Or do these idiots even think about what they’re singing about or playing: Rockets’ red glare and bombs bursting in air glorify war, death and killing of innocent people by the US government/Oligarchy and its illegal barbaric terrorist attacks on sovereign nations killing thousands of innocent people. Then there’s the big lie about “the land of the free.” The land of the free? Where’s that? WTF? Where does one even begin to debunk that nonsense when we currently have nazis in power, a US Supreme Court that rules against basic human rights for Queers, and a US congress that has willingly reduced itself to subservient ceremonial status as both right-wing corporate parties (Democrats and Republicans) genuflect by their silence and complicity to their Führer?

With the US national anthem, we see the now-dead, so-called Queer Community warming to and embracing this drivel. What has happened to my fellow Queers? The original Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement wanted nothing to do with celebrating the imperialistic US War Machine/Military Industrial Complex and its barbarism. They were pro-peace and about peace. They were not pro-Establishment like today’s mostly conservative so-called Queer Community.

But today’s corporatised and adamantly conformist so-called Queer Community has done a “180.” They disgust me. (It got to be the plastic in the agua/water worldwide). They’re now embracing what they once rejected. Insanity. And that’s why some of us can’t relate to them at all. It’s part of their “Assimilating with the breeders” head trip. Gag.

With the rockets’ red glare, the bombs bursting in air, and that flag still being thereFootnote 1, I guess Queers don’t mind killing other Queers which is what happens in war. Or do Queers think that only breeders are killed in war?

We shouldn’t be surprised if the “2018 San Francisco Pride”Footnote 2 parade begins with a playing of the US national anthem with macho, redneck straight guys from the US military riding motorcycles, instead of the Dykes on Bikes. Chau.—el barrio rosa


Footnote 1 The flag still being there is important, is it? Who do you think is going to steal it? And who cares if they do? It’s just a piece of cloth. Our rights are guaranteed in the US Constitution (what little remains of it at this point), not in a piece of cloth that Hollywood has brainwashed the public with that in a military battle one is supposed to save a flag when in reality that is not at all the case. When you’re being shot at with bullets and bombs and trying to save/protect your life, do you really think you’re going to worry about some fucking flag? If you are that shallow and dense, you deserve what you get! And how many battle fields have you seen with flags in them? It’s after the battle that the flag shows up. The winner puts a flag up, and not until then.

Footnote 2 As one of my commenters noted, the “2018 San Francisco Pride” sounds like it’s about having pride in The City, as in “I’m a proud San Franciscan.” Their title doesn’t sound like the event is about anything Queer or Gay-related, and I suspect that’s deliberate. The organisers have so ruined and sanitised this corporatised event — which should be called Gay Freedom Day — that they have removed the words Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer from the title. To cater to the breeders and make them more comfortable so more of them will show up as they hijack the Rainbow Flag and make out under it?


Change it back to Gay Freedom Day

The Queer Equality March began with the US National Anthem? WTF?

What does protesting to empty government buildings on Saturday accomplish?

Answer: Nada./Nothing. It’s just a feel-good event for the “keyboard warrior” type protesters.

Hola a todos. Mi amigo/My friend is not a typist, so occasionally he asks me to type a comment for him on some political website he’s ended up on or under a video he has watched on broken YT. (BTW, what are those techie trash doing down there at YT’s Headquarters in San Bruno to earn their exorbitant salaries when YT keeps getting worse by the day?)

Well, I had no idea that the pro-Establishment, status-quo, partisan brainwashed Democrats were so damned dense. That explains why they are still Democrats. These people wear the labels “progressive” and “liberal.” Like hell they are! That’s all relative. I suppose they are “progressive” or “liberal” — whatever those words now mean — compared to the far-right, but. They are merely strong, life-long supporters of their right-wing party, regardless of what they call themselves. And their mealy-mouthed lame party seems to be absolutely terrified of the orange nazi. They treat him with “kid gloves.” Genuine progressives and genuine liberals would not conceive of supporting a corrupt, imperialistic right-wing party which much of the time works for the other right-wing party, the Republican Party.

Mi amigo had a couple of suggestions for these commenters regarding protests over this topic:

The nazi concentration camps for children at the southern border (between Los Estados Unidos/the US and México) are being called “Tender Age Shelters.” We must call them what they are: concentration camps.

Ah, what a lovely, sweet, syrupy wet-dream name. Was that newspeak name of “Tender Age Shelters” dreamed up by white supremacist Stephen Miller (Senior Policy adviser) when he dreamed up this border policy with him “having the ear” of the orange nazi? I can’t begin to tell you how much it warms mi corazón/my heart to hear that Orwellian newspeak bull shit language of “Tender Age Shelters.” Hitler would approve. Who do these trash think they’re fooling? Oh I know they’re just playing to their idiot base which consists of some of the most stupid, anti-ethnic, anti-Queer, anti-women, bigoted, prejudiced, white supremacist, nazis and proudly-ignorant people on the planet. They are the orange nazi’s rabid supporters. Basura.

Since I was doing the typing, mi amigo asked me to add anything that I wanted, so I took the time of trying to get through to these thick Democrats. That was extremely frustrating:

Their planned protests are on SATURDAY el 30 de junio de 2018/30 June 2018 when government offices are closed in the District of Columbia, and other major cities. Which means that their protests will accomplish nothing because:

1. The public’s attention span for news topics is very short and would likely not last another half-month, as of this writing. Topic-fatigue will set in. The public will get tired of this topic. Therefore,

2. Have your protest NOW. As in TODAY. Get in the streets TODAY/NOW. It does not need to be some organised protest — meaning organised by some of those groups who serve as a front for the useless Democratic Party — for people to get in the streets in every city across the US with signs. Make your own signs. You don’t need mass-produced, cookie-cutter signs. The Establishment boot lickers among us will say, “But we don’t have a permit for our protest; it takes time to get a permit.” If you need a permit to express your mind and point of view, it’s not a genuine protest but rather an Establishment-approved charade. The founders of the US didn’t have a permit for their protests/revolution! Do we understand each other, mi amor?

3. The Congress is not in session on Saturdays, so what’s the point of your protest? And

4. The orange nazi won’t be there on a Saturday. He’ll either be in Florida or at Camp David or in Manhattan or out of the country making an ass of himself as usual and further embarrassing the shithole US. Or, he’ll spend the weekend on the phone somewhere with a world leader trying to get another one of his real estate and golf course business deals rammed through in another country on one of their beaches, and such a deal is in violation of the Emoluments Clause of the US Constitution.

So what’s the point of protesting to empty government buildings, Dembots? This goes for anything you’re protesting.

One dense person told me, “I work during the week.” That’s not the point, idiot. Clearly that person did not read or comprehend my first comment. I had suggested in my original comment that these protesters — for the first time in their lives — inconvenience themselves by having the protests during the work week and taking personal days and or taking the week off to do so. If this issue is important enough to these people one would do that, and have the protests during the middle of the work week when the congress is in session, and when the Supremes are in session, and when the orange nazi is en la casa blanca/in the white house. In other words, protest in the District when all of these political trash are there. Otherwise, what’s the fucking point, idiots? Of course I didn’t write my comments in the style that I’m writing here. I wrote very politely there so that my comments would not be deleted. I’m not in any polite mood at the moment after dealing with these Dembot fools. Nevertheless, my suggestions were beyond their mental reach to grasp. They just couldn’t get it or didn’t want to because they didn’t want to inconvenience themselves and upset their comfy personal lives and lose vacation time or personal days or even time off without pay during the work week for protesting some they pretend to care about. Why don’t they just say: “Honestly, this is not that important to me to take off during the week when my actions might make a difference. I don’t really sincerely care that much about this topic or these kids because I don’t know any of them. I’m just on this site as a ‘keyboard warrior’ to talk all big and tough and pump myself up like other brainwashed Democratic voters do. Ignore all that I say because it’s mostly bull shit.” Meanwhile, these children at the border are living in a concentration camp with who-knows-what is happening to them, they are not living comfy personal lives like these Dembots and these children will be scarred for life. Yet Mr and Ms Dembot can’t conceive of interrupting their own precious lives to protest when these politicians are at work.

It’s too bad I couldn’t draw these thick people a picture. So I gave up. These days, I have a shorter and shorter fuse for stupid people and these brainwashed Democrats were among the most stupid people I’ve encountered lately.

My suggestions were unanimously rejected by these status-quo, pro-Establishment Dembots. They have been so completely brainwashed that all protests must be on a Saturday, so as not to inconvenience their lives and their work schedules.

They like to think of going to a protest as just a fun thing to do or like going to a party. It apparently doesn’t matter to them that the people they are protesting are no where to be found and are not at work on a Saturday. When I asked what their feel-good protest would accomplish by protesting to empty government buildings such as the US Capitol, for example, my question was met with a deafening silence. They didn’t want to hear it.

As I told mi amigo: Their little “protest” is merely just entertainment for them on a weekend, just something to do, a partisan social event for like-minded brainwashed people to get together in a group and gloat over their useless Democrats and lie about how great they are and whine about how horrible the other right-wing party is. Because if these Dembots were serious about their protests and wanted their efforts to have some effect, they would protest during the week and gridlock the District of Columbia, the nation’s capital. They would pack DC’s metro with millions of protesters (carrying homemade signs) coming into the District from Maryland and Virginia, millions of protesters would pour into Washington National Airport and Dulles International Airport, they would tie up traffic coming in and going out of the District, and cause havoc especially during rush hour, inconveniencing thousands of local residents who live in the District, Maryland and Virginia. ALL OF THIS would draw attention to LATINO CHILDREN BEING RIPPED FROM THEIR PARENTS AT THE SOUTHERN BORDER OF THE US.

When I was a Democrat (pre-2000), I took part in all the protests (that I knew about) years ago on a Saturday, none of which accomplished a damn thing in hindsight. Those were anti-war protests. The US still went to war no matter how many people protested. Our protests always started in San Francisco’s Manhattan (that’s what I call our Financial district) at the Waterfront/Embarcadero which is all commercial real estate for the entire length of Market Street until one gets down to the Civic Center area where the political buildings are. I do remember looking at the San Francisco Federal Building and thinking “No one is there today; it’s closed,” so this all seemed like a waste of time. But these protesters don’t want to inconvenience themselves by taking a week off to protest when a protest could/might make a difference and shake things the hell up. And by not wanting to inconvenience themselves, it tells me that these protesters are not really serious about the reason they’re protesting.

In the comments on that site, one person said they would be protesting at their local ICE office on the same day. (roll eyes) Aren’t ICE offices closed on Saturday, other than maybe a skeletal staff? Or is anyone there at all? Well that ought to accomplish a lot. Not. So why would you be protesting to an empty ICE building, idiot? When I pointed that out, that too was ignored. Partisan Democrats live in and operate on Denial. Does their Denial serve them well after all these years? Some Dembots said: “I’ll be there on the 30th. I can’t believe what they’re doing to these kids who are being separate from their parents at the border.”

I got off that message forum feeling a deep sense of hopelessness because these people I was commenting to didn’t seem to have the basic sense to understand that if you want to accomplish something, you have to protest when the people you are protesting are there. Doh. Damn. That would be during the week when these politicians are there at work. Not on a weekend. But that went right over their head, and these Dembots are supposed to be the more intelligent crowd? How did they get that undeserved reputation?

Someone said to me: “I can’t bang my pots and pans on the metro otherwise the metro police will arrest me.” Sigh. Oh lord (and I’m an atheist). I hadn’t suggested anyone bang their pots and pans on the metro, idiot. I was suggesting banging pots and pans only in the streets of the District of Columbia (or whatever city you live!) with a sign saying why you’re doing it, moron. WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE THESE DAYS! GAWD! DID YOU ALL TAKE FUCKING STUPID PILLS? OR IS IT THE PLASTIC IN THE WATER? DAMN.

I swear, stupid is definitely in and the Democratic partisans I encountered were the “cream of the crop” when it comes to outright stupidity. Dense. In Denial. Not one fuse lit. Not even a lit bulb. Nada. No one home. There’s no wonder we’re in the dismal state we’re in with such damned stupid people in this country.

Now, tranquilo pink barrio, go back to your music. Despite your efforts, you can’t fix stupid. Chau.—el barrio rosa

[Note: I know this article is repetitive and redundant in places. I wrote it that way deliberately for the stupid-is-in people -- including the thick Dembots -- who may happen to show up here.]

“Gay people can live anywhere,” except in New York City

Hola. I have no intention of writing about every anti-Queer incident that happens against the now-dead Queer Community (who could keep up with that?!), but I chose to write about these incidents because of that “Gay people can live anywhere” slogan/nonsense that we were hearing around here in San Francisco’s Castro awhile back. I haven’t heard or read that in some time. Well, one rarely hears anyone speaking anymore because most people are glued to their phones and in their phone trance. Maybe those “Gay people can live anywhere” idiots vacated The City to give that delusion a try (good luck with that!), or they came to their senses and came out of their wishful-thinking delusions.

Some years ago — after Gay Marriage became legal here in The Cesspool/the shithole US — gullible Queers were moving out of The Castro as well as The City and we kept hearing: “We’re moving because gay people can now live anywhere.” (Sigh, roll eyes) I thought to myself but didn’t ask these gullible people because I didn’t want to get into an argument with them: What drugs are you on that causes you to think that, “Gay people can now live anywhere?” These gullible Queers had been brainwashed with that same nonsense.

These incidents I’m writing about here are most assuredly a sign of the times and the anti-Queer atmosphere in this country set by the orange nazi and his despicable and corrupt regime. And I don’t see the useless and corrupt right-wing Democratic Party saying a word. The same goes for the other corrupt right-wing party. (They are both corporate basura).

A cab driver in New York City told two passengers that he “doesn’t drive gays.” Now keep in mind this happened in Manhattan with its Queer history, and not some small hick town where one might expect this to happen. This incident came a few days after a lesbian couple in Manhattan as well got kicked out of an Über driver’s vehicle because they were kissing.

NBC News in NYC reported this story. Ryan Smith and a friend were a passenger in a cab in Manhattan and they said they were “shocked” when their driver interrupted the conversation they were having to ask them if they were gay. (You mean the driver didn’t say “LGBT” like everyone has been brainwashed to say?) They didn’t answer the driver, so he persisted and asked again: “Are you a gay man?” Ryan said “Yes, I am.” The driver said: “I don’t drive gays.” Ryan said he was “shocked.” (You shouldn’t be shocked Ryan, if you’ve been paying attention to what is happening here in the shithole US. Too busy glued to that phone of yours?)

Then, during the same week two lesbians were kicked out of an Über driver’s vehicle because of their “short kiss” in the backseat. Question: Why is anyone riding in Über vehicles to begin with considering all the bad publicity that corporation has received? What is wrong with people today? The Über driver told the lesbian couple that their kiss was “illegal,” and then when they told him it wasn’t, he said “it’s disrespectful.” “Disrespectful” to whom? A homophobe? We can all be assured that he wouldn’t have responded that way if they were a breeder/straight couple in a full passionate make-out scene to the point of fucking in the back seat. I suspect that would have been perfectly acceptable with him and he would have enjoyed watching that through his rear-view mirror, and even jacked off to it! The lesbian couple rightly reported him and this Über driver lost his cab licence over the incident. The New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission suspended his licence. But the way things work these days, he’ll probably get his licence back somehow and very soon. Just make a call to la casa blanca/the white house. Tell them the story. That’s something the orange nazi or his vehemently anti-gay sidekick would gladly rectify and help him out with to get his licence back, out of bullying revenge against the lesbians.

Anyone surprised by these incidents in Manhattan? One shouldn’t be, if one has been paying attention.

A few years ago we were told by the conservatives around San Francisco’s Castro — as they were sanitising the former Gay Mecca — that “Gay people can live anywhere now; gay is now mainstream; there’s no need for gay meccas anymore.” It was the owner of Café Fl*re who said that during the same time that he was one of the lead supporters of the anti-homeless sit-lie law. And to think I used to spend time hanging out in his café giving that asshole business. At the time, I described his comments as ludicrous, and pointed out that Queer people can’t even live in the closet anywhere.

Well, if you can’t live in New York City (of all places!) as a Queer person, where can you live?!

When is the now-dead Queer Community going to get off their fucking phones and realise what is going on in this cesspool of a country? Because we are very quickly headed back decades, people. Wake the fuck up! But I’m a realist. I know that’s not going to happen. Things will continue as they are. The world has a major, major distraction today. It’s called the Adult Pacifier to keep The People constantly entertained and distracted from what really matters. The dopamine-phone addiction is the one major difference today that we did not have during the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement. During the Movement, one did not see thousands and thousands of people paralysed on the sidewalk hunched over staring at a box in their hand unable to move, talk or even look up. We didn’t have this awful distraction “back in the day.”

One thing: Lesbians don’t take any shit from anybody as you’ll see in this video because they too have been smashed to the curb too many times. Gay guys didn’t used to take any shit from anybody. But that was then. Today is different. Their pilot light is completely snuffed out. Gay guys have mostly become phone-addicted bots. They are mostly pro-Establishment, cop-supporting, conformist conservatives with their “Conform, Obey!” mentality. They are the opposite of who they were as people. They are more worried about getting the latest app than anything happening to the Queer Community in the news today. The trans folk seem to be the only people doing anything and they are all out there alone in fighting the bathroom bill and other issues, and they are losing. Remember when the trans activist questioned Obama and was not supported by any of the Queers in that room? Instead, all of the pro-Establishment, brainwashed Democratic partisan Queers in that room supported their messiah and saviour neocon Obama (because of that D next to his name; you’re never supposed to disagree with or take on anyone from your own partisan “team”). What a disgusting sight! Where are the gay men, again? Silent. They appear to be quiet comfortable going back to the 1940s. The straight white men are fighting to become nazis. The straight white women are fighting to become bougi, perfect-looking model types in Stiletto heels.

Mi amigo/My friend asked: When is the dead Gay Community going to get back together again and start fighting this shit all over again? When one forgets ones history, one is doomed to repeat it. And we’re not going to fucking Oklahoma — fuck that shit — to start a Gay Mecca. A new Gay Mecca better be on the Left Coast somewhere.

Off topic but one of my pet peeves: Why does this disreputable Über corporation sanitise the Deutsch/German word Über by removing the umlaut? BTW, Über means about, on, over, or via. Do they remove the umlaut in Deutschland/Germany too? How disrespectful. Well probably, because Über is based in the Tech Capital of San Francisco, and even though many world languages are spoken here, the English language loves to disrespect and sanitise the other world languages. But Über is a Deutsch/German word no matter what language you put it in so it should remain authentic — with the umlaut (Ü) — to its original language. The same goes for any other world language that is used in an English language sentence. México is another example. The accent over the “é” in México should be retained in all English language sentences because México is an español language word. It’s not an English word. Chau.—el barrio rosa

Here is the video of the lesbians and their encounter with the homophobic Über driver:


Gay “Assimilation:” Back to the 1950s

It’s all about the money

Just because someone is Queer or Black or Asian or Latino or an indigenous person of the Américas or a Woman or Trans or of any other minority group who has never had an opportunity at public office, that does not at all mean that the minority person is going to be a good or outstanding person in office. Not at all. From what I’ve observed, most of them have turned out to be worse — and by that I mean more conservative — than the white trash males that preceded them, frankly. It’s all about the dinero/money regardless of one’s sexual orientation, gender or ethnic group. Those things are just the façade.

Identity Politics?

Hola a todos. During the Gay Mecca decades, I think “the first openly gay candidate” really meant something positive, as in the case of Harvey Milk being elected to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.

But I have to say that not too long after Milk, I’ve seen minority candidates riding on “the first [fill in blank] candidate” for public office and for the most part they’ve been nothing special, if not worse than what we had before.

I’ve reached my fatigue level with “the first [fill in blank]” candidates, which corporate (gay) rags often like to go on about. I’m talking about “the first openly-gay candidate.” Or “the first Black candidate” or “the first Black mayor” or “the first Black Woman mayor” (which San Francisco is now experiencing; well she’ll be the puppet mayor of her corporate owners), or “the first Asian candidate” or “the first woman candidate” or “the first Latino candidate.” Or “the first openly HIV-positive candidate.” Is “the first openly HIV-positive candidate” intended as a sympathy run?

In San Francisco, I remember seeing this ridiculous headline: “In historical move, mayor appoints first openly HIV-positive supervisor.” Oh please! What about “the first candidate with openly chronic colds?” What about the “first candidate with openly chronic diarrhea? Surely that too would be a sympathy run! But in nearly every instance I can think of since this nonsense began, “the first [fill in the blank] candidate” turned out to be just as bad or worse than the straight white political trash preceding them. These “first” candidates fulfilled a conservative agenda working for their corporate owners just like the political basura preceding them.

We had “the first Asian mayor” in San Francisco and he was a disaster. His policies helped to ruin this City — making San Francisco the Tech Capital and kicked out the majority of the Old City residents including much of the Gay Community — although the conservatives adored him, rewrote history and bestowed Sainthood Status on him when he died.

Obama was “the first Black president” and overall he turned out to be worse than the white guy before him, illegitimate George W Bush. One example: Those who paid close attention during his regime — rather than going into a self-induced coma for 8 years merely because of that D next to his name — know that Obama greatly expanded the Bush/Cheney neocon agenda, and Mr Nobel Peace Prize Obama left office with 8-9 wars (I lost count) in progress. The so-called “gay community” remained absolutely silent and never protested any of Obama’s wars or his other neocon despicable policies — because to them wars are perfectly okay if it’s a Democrat leading it — or anything else he did because of that D next to their messiah Obama’s name. Apparently the “gay community” didn’t care how many gay people Obama’s wars killed. Or do they live under the illusion that wars only kill breeders? The same gay hypocrites did protest Bush’s wars. Why? Because Bush had that R (for Republican) next to his name. That makes a difference, you ask? Of course it does to brainwashed partisans, both D and R. Another political disaster: Openly-gay Scott Penis (Mr PrEP). Also, it was one of the Asian SF supervisors who cast the deciding vote in favour of San Francisco’s city-wide nudity ban because of a few naked guys on the odd occasion in The Castro. Then, most recently, we have the “first openly gay appointee” of the orange nazi’s regime. “Openly gay US ambassador to Deutschland/Germany makes Republican history. Richard Grenell is the highest ranking openly gay official ever in a Republican regime according to the current Log Cabin Republican’s president. From what I can tell, this guy is a gay nazi. And consequently there are now calls to expel him from Deutschland after he pledged to “empower the far right across Europe.” Is that what you would expect from a gay guy? See what I mean? “If people like U.S. ambassador Richard Grenell believe they can dictate like a lord of the manor who rules in Europe and who doesn’t, they can no longer remain in Germany as a diplomat.”

So I’ve had it up to here with this “first [fill in blank] candidate” caca. It’s technically called identity politics.

I’ve also learned that most of the disciples and followers who worship “the first [fill in blank]” candidates do not pay attention to what they do in office. So these disciples/voters of these candidates serve as mindless cheerleaders for them no matter what they do and no matter how heinous their despicable policies. Some people have no standards.

If one believes the June 2018 s-election results in San Francisco to be legitimate, of those who voted in the last s-election in San Francisco, The City elected “the first Black Woman mayor.” Her name is London Breed. She was the board president of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. Many people are jumping up and down in celebration over this puppet mayor. Why? Because she, through the real mayor, billionaire and Angel Investor Ron Conway, is going to give the data-mining and predatory Tech Industrial Complex that owns San Francisco everything and anything they want since they heavily supported her. I’m afraid I don’t see that as anything to be celebrated.

Just because someone has a vagina (or penis) and is of a certain skin pigmentation, that person can be just as bad or even worse than what we’ve had before. Their gender and skin colour doesn’t make them any more special, unique or genuinely progressive than anybody else. I used to think it did — although I don’t remember where I got that thinking from — because the thinking was “minorities have been put down for so long that they in office will correct systemic problems by being genuinely progressive in office.” I’ve since learned that that’s absolute bull shit thinking. From my experience and from what I’ve seen, if anything, these candidates take a more conservative approach.

I suspect London Breed, the new puppet mayor of San Francisco — who’s being celebrated by her gullible supporters as “the first Black and second Woman mayor of San Francisco” — will turn out to be like (or worse than!) all the others. And the “first Asian mayor” of San Francisco was a disaster for this City. He was the conservative — charading as “a moderate” — empty puppet of the same billionaire Angel Investor that the “first Black Woman mayor” will be serving as. And that’s because the Tech Industrial Complex heavily funded committees supporting Ms Breed. So who do you think she’ll be working for? Hmmmmmmmmmm? Care to take a guess? I’ve already seen a picture of the two standing together and she looks delighted to be standing next to the real mayor, Mr Billionaire. So I suspect the continued shift-to-the-right in San Francisco will remain in place.

So I think it’s time that we admit it, shall we? Humans are humans regardless of their skin pigmentation, their sexual orientation, or beliefs, or their working for billionaires and their corporate owners. It’s all about the money.

With the exception to that being fundamentalists, the far-right, fascists, nazis and fake-Christians. To them, it’s about another agenda. Chau.—el barrio rosa

A second flagpole for the Harvey Milk Plaza?

I thought it was odd that The Castro neighbourhood that was once saturated with Scott Penis campaign signs during at least two election cycles was now saturated with Rafael Mandelman signs (as of junio/June 2018). WTF was that about? How could that be possible when The Castro barrio/neighbourhood, if anything, is now more conservative and conformist than it was? But after some research while writing this article, I now know the reason why.

Hola a todos. For years, the children in adult bodies in San Francisco’s Castro — specifically the conservative group of people on an authoritarian power trip known as the Castro merchants, as well as some self-entitled conservative homeowners — have behaved extremely poorly. Like small children in a sandbox. They ought to be ashamed by their behaviour over the years, although I doubt they are. Some people have no standards. And despite some people’s chronological age, they never mature mentally to adulthood unfortunately. The Castro merchants are an example of that. And despite their living in a major US cities (San Francisco), these Castro merchants and homeowners come with a rather provincial and prudish mentality.

Over the years these merchant basura have argued over, fought over, squabbled over, lied and played their septic, childishly immature and conservative politics with members of the Queer Community over the flagpole at Harvey Milk Plaza (at Castro and Market Streets) which flies a large Rainbow Flag. All of this dysfunction over a flag pole? Yes, I’m afraid so. Something so trivial really. There’s nothing else going on in their pathetic lives in their stores than to be obsessed and fixated with a flag pole at the Milk Plaza? Apparently not.

The last pronouncement from these merchant pendejos came in the style of what could best be described as a Congressional Declaration that no other flag but the Rainbow Flag would ever fly on this flag pole at Harvey Milk Plaza. Who do these merchant basura think they are to make such a grandiose decision about a flag pole that’s not on their property? Their mentality is that of the orange nazi: Loco/a, dictatorial and authoritarian. They also behave as if they’re afraid of their own shadow. This pronouncement from them came right after the Transgender flag was flown there for (I think it was) a 24-hour period. Any correlation between the two? Does one detect some anti-trans feelings among this septic group of elitist conservative merchant basura on their childish power trip?

As I’ve written many times before, but for the purpose of any new readers: These days the Rainbow Flag in Milk Plaza is solely displayed for tourist purposes because The Castro has been thoroughly sanitised of its former Gay Mecca status with the help of these conservative merchant basura. Today, The Castro is a Breeder Mecca with fleets of black baby strollers being pushed by Millennial females wearing their conformist all-black or black and grey clothing (no matter how hot it is outside) with their screaming babies/children. Today’s Castro is nothing like the former Gay Mecca. The Castro has been thoroughly stripped of its Gay Mecca character and uniqueness with the help of these conservative merchants. If one removed the Rainbow Flags, today’s Castro would look like any other neighbourhood in The City. The breeder Marina comes to mind.

From what I remember when this topic came up before, the flagpole at Harvey Milk Plaza is on public property. It’s not on anyone’s private property; it’s not on the property of any of these busy-bodied merchants. So why have these pendejos merchants controlled it? These merchants seem to think the flag pole is on the top of their own store. It’s an example of out-of-control conservative basura on a power trip, although these merchants may lie and call themselves “a liberal” or “a progressive.” These days, people call themselves anything. It doesn’t have to be based in reality.

It seems to me that if anyone should control this flag pole at Milk Plaza, it would be the City and County of San Francisco, not these busy-bodied store owners. As they say in México, I’d like to say this to these merchants: ¡Vete a la chingada! Do we understand each other, los pendejos?

These busy-bodied merchants have taken it upon themselves to control this flag pole for years. They have ramrodded it and possessively owned-controlled it. Because of this and other conservative politics in The Castro, I can’t stand most of the Castro merchants today and I’m not one of their customers. The sooner they go out of business, the better, is how I feel about them. They have helped ruin The Castro.

But not all merchants in The Castro are members of this corrupt and childishly conservative clique. The best adult sex store and the best looking one in The Castro, Rock Hard, is not part of this corrupt and domineering merchants group to my knowledge. From what I know and have observed about Rock Hard, they have opposed the sanitising of The Castro. Over the years, they have unfortunately been bullied by the SFPD over their window displays by the same type of prudes who run some of these stores. The cops received calls from prudish breeder and prudish gay families in The Castro who complained that they didn’t want their children to see the sex images on some video covers displayed in Rock Hard’s window. There’s an easy solution to that: Don’t show your children RH’s window, los pendejos. It’s sad that many people become prudes when they become parents. They seem to forget their own past. (Related: Sexual Freedom and Revolution). So, Rock Hard was forced to put white stickers over their gay video covers (dick and ass images specifically) displayed in their window. But something tells me that if Rock Hard had featured nothing but straight videos, they would not be required to put white stickers over pussy, ass or boob images. Just gay dick and ass shots. And these conservative breeder and gay families with children have been part of the conservative agenda to sanitise and change The Castro to the way they want it: into a Breeder Mecca. If these people didn’t like The Castro of the Gay Mecca years, why the fuck did they move here? Why didn’t they move to another neighbourhood in The City without any adult sex stores? Well, because people like that come with a conservative right-wing agenda and they relish being an asshole about it.

FYI: The last time I looked, Urban Flowers is not a member of this corrupt merchants group either. So one can support both Rock Hard and Urban Flowers.

In this recent s-election (junio/June 2018; California primary), Rafael Mandelman won the seat (district 8) on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors that conservative Scott Penis unfortunately held for 8 years.

Sometime ago, I stopped paying close attention to San Francisco politics for my own health and sanity, because I rarely agree with what goes on around here politically. So I paid little attention to this past s-election and the campaigning that led up to it.

I do remember the first time Rafael ran for supervisor in San Francisco. He came off to me as a wet doily frankly. He spoke in political clichés, and acted as if he were somewhat intimidated by Scott Penis. Rafael was considered “a progressive” but I noticed back then that he seemed to run from the word progressive when interviewed. Not a good sign. Some people call themselves “progressives” even when they’re not. They’re progressive in name-only. They’re merely Establishment Democrats supporting their corrupt, imperialistic right-wing Democratic Party which often serves as employees of the other corrupt, imperialistic right-wing party: the Republican Party.

It occurred to me the other night following the s-election in California, now that district 8 in San Francisco has a new and allegedly “progressive” supervisor with Rafael Mandelman, why not have a second flag pole installed near the current one and fly various pro-Gay flags there, including the beautiful trans flag?

Upon reflection, I don’t know why I thought that would be a good idea since the dead Queer Community has put all of these flags — Rainbow Flag, Bear Flag, Leather Flag, Trans Flag, et al — back in the closet as I wrote about in this article. So, very few people here would have any interest in any other flag flying there. I think that what remains of the dead and seemingly back-in-the-closet Queer Community here in San Francisco would respond with apathy to the whole idea of a second flag being flown in HMP. Couldn’t care less. I also think that most of what little remains here of the conservative Queer Community wouldn’t say anything if they took the big Rainbow Flag down tomorrow. Their response: “The Rainbow Flag is so passé. It’s served its purpose. Been there. Done that. Just as well that they take it down.”

We shall see how genuinely progressive Rafael turns out to be. I’m not holding my breath. Or to climb The Establishment corporate ladder, will he turn out to be another fake-progressive wet doily and Establishment ass-eater (your typical Establishment Democrat, in other words) in the mold of Scott Penis?

Well, after further research, I’m beginning to get a clue on the answer to that and this is not looking good:

I find it curious that the voters went from conservative Scott Penis to so-called “progressive” Rafael. How on Earth is that possible? Or did these conservative voters who gave us eight years of that awful prude Scott Penis realise what a dismal place he helped turn The Castro into? I saw nothing change for the positive under his successor who served a short term on the Board after being appointed by the now-dead former mayor.

I already have one peeve with Rafael. Stop calling conservative voters “moderates.” That is newspeak. He said this on s-election night:

“These are voters who tend to be among the more moderate in the district, and they appear to have broken pretty significantly for me,” he said. “It does appear that I’m winning. … It looks like I was just elected supervisor.”

In San Francisco, a “moderate” is code language for a conservative. I learned that from longtime locals years ago. I think that’s common knowledge in San Francisco. What exactly do these politicians and others have to do or say to be called what they are: conservatives? None of them are called conservatives in San Francisco. They call themselves “moderates.” Then the corporate media dutifully regurgitate that and call them all “moderates.” Most of the voters having been brainwashed by the corporate media also call these conservative trash “moderates.” So I cringe every time I hear these conservative politicians and voters mislabeled as “moderates.” It’s newspeak and a way of trying to sanitise and hide their often conservative and draconian agenda. Some of us are not fooled by it.

Trying to be like Scott Penis? WTF?

After additional research while writing this article, I now understand why voters chose Rafael. According to one source I read, during the campaign Mandelman cast himself in the mold of Scott Penis. WTF? Well there you go! The article referenced, “he takes phones calls and rides Muni like his constituents.” A genuine progressive would not cast himself in the mold of Scott Penis or any conservative. A genuine progressive would run from conservative Scott Penis’s record and never mention his name! Was Rafael trying to ride on the coattails of The Holy and Indivisible Trinity, as I’ve often called Scott Penis? That’s how Scott Penis’s disciples saw him: as a conservative god who could do no wrong. I saw his rabid supporters around here especially in his first term stop just short of genuflecting to him on the sidewalk. I heard some of his conservative redneck supporters say to him, “How’re you doing my boy?; you’re doing a great job!” “My boy?” I honestly think some of his conservative supporters had a father-son sexual head trip going on with him, in part, because at that time he looked very young/boyish. He doesn’t now.

Then, I read that Rafael would consider building housing on the parking lot at Glen Park BART Station and the Safeway lot at Market and Church streets. One problem with that is that the word affordable (as in affordable housing) was missing. The space at Safeway is perfect for a gigantic complex of bougi and elitist Luxury Designer Condos (Dahling) for the Millennial basura and super-wealthy.

Then, Rafael’s endorsements included the Democratic Party Establishment. Get this: He was also endorsed by the president of the conservative Castro merchants, and I should point out that they adored their messiah Scott Penis (who would fit in very nicely with the Log Cabin Republicans). Rafael was also endorsed by the conservative Alice Club. They always endorse conservative Scott Penis. Rafael also received the endorsement of one of the major corporate newspapers in San Francisco known for their conservative political positions. So to have conservative organisations endorsing a so-called “progressive” you know something is wrong and suspect.

It would appear that Rafael has “shifted to the right” — of course he would deny that as they all do — in order to get elected and to get endorsed by these traditionally conservative groups.

Note: The asterisked paragraphs below were written before I saw Rafael’s endorsements, such as from the merchants’ group, meaning I don’t expect any of my proposals or suggestions to ever happen:

*As for a second flag pole, I can hear some idiot saying “it’s not good to have multiple flag poles together, you can’t do that.” Really? The United Nations doesn’t seem to have any problem with that arrangement, where this image shows roughly 25 flag poles together outside their headquarters in NYC. Many government buildings have multiple flag poles next to each other.

*But above all, I suggest that Rafael not consult with the omnipotent, busy-bodied Castro merchants about this proposed new flag pole whatsoever. Who cares what los pendejos think? We already know what they think because they’ve been telling us for years, and some of them are going out of business anyway, which they deserve to do. We can use their empty stores for inexpensive affordable housing which there is a grave shortage of in San Francisco. (Over $2,000 dollars for a studio apartment in the Tenderloin. Insanity!) Has anyone looked around here lately and seen the dismal state of things in The Castro? Retail is quickly going out of business.

BTW, mi amigo/my friend was over in Marin County the other day and he had to go to a mall with a relative. He said that one-third of the mall was empty with closed stores.

As I pointed out in this article, the breeders seem to have hijacked the Rainbow Flag (they love making out under it), so isn’t it a time that we Queers get our own flag pole not controlled by conservative merchant basura? I think this disreputable merchant group is mainly headed by that conservative hardware store which shall remain nameless.

During the former Gay Mecca years, various flags were displayed on the Milk Plaza flag pole, such as the leather flag, the bear flag, and the trans flag. The trans flag flown there was very pretty. I heard it was loaned to them.

The Castro merchant pendejos said that the intention of the person originally responsible for the Harvey Milk flag pole said that only the Rainbow Flag should fly there. I don’t really give a damn what his original intention was. What did he have against the other Queer flags? I’m not sure they existed at the time that the original flag pole was installed. And furthermore, this is about a flag pole, not a musical composition where one hopefully adheres to the wishes of the composer. Who cares what this guy thinks? He doesn’t even live here. As I recall, he lives in New York City, if he’s still alive.

A new flag pole would have nothing to do with him or his wishes. It could be called the Queer or Gay People’s Flag Pole in Harvey Milk Plaza, and if we want to fly a trans flag, we will fly it, thank you very much. ¡Vete a la chingada, merchants group!

I mentioned how these prude merchants have helped sanitise the neighourhood. The Castro has a long history of nudity yet these merchant have whined about the few naked guys in The Castro, which led to a city-wide nudity ban authored by openly-gay prude Scott Penis. (BTW, I did see four of the original naked guys recently — yes they were naked — up near Castro and 19th Streets.) As I recall it was the owner of that hardware store who said, “I don’t want my grand daughter seeing naked guys on her way to and from school” or words to that effect. Then move, perra! No one is forcing you or your grand daughter to live here. It seems that your prudish conservative self would perhaps be much more comfortable in Topeka Kansas, for example, next to a Southern Baptist Church. And one’s granddaughter wouldn’t think anything of the few naked guys — if she even see them! — if she hadn’t been brainwashed with some prudish conservative thinking that seeing the naked human body is a bad thing or “evil.” This store owner and granddaughter must be absolutely repulsed when they see their own naked bodies. But this was all part of the sanitising The Castro for the breeders.

*Rafael should also ignore that conservative perra that runs that Castro Benefit District racket. Does that piece of conservative work still live in Pacifica while receiving an extremely generous salary for continuing to help ruin The Castro when la perra doesn’t even live here?

*I’m well aware that the conservative merchants would come up with a long list of why it’s not possible or not a good idea to install a second flag pole. They are the most negative of people. They will cite the MUNI wires even though there’s been no problem with the current flag and the wires. The wires are not even used anymore. But these basura would have to come up with something to oppose this idea of a second flag pole.

*Since that land is public, is it not possible for Rafael to accomplish this rather quickly? There’s no need for any useless committees of busy-bodied conservatives residents or waste-of-time hearings or drawing up ridiculous plans costing The City millions of dollars and taking years to accomplish. It’s a basic flag pole we’re talking about here like the one that’s there. Put the damn thing up. It doesn’t take up any more space than 4 square inches. Two stop signs take up more space than that! How difficult is that? Answer: As difficult as the nay-sayer pendejos in The Castro want it to be. Getting anything positive done around here is like a root canal.

Previously, the closed-minded conservatives among us said that anyone and everyone would want to put a flag up there on the original flag pole. From the “What If” Fear Crowd: Someone afraid of their own shadow said what if the nazis want to put their flag up there. There are nazis around here? Where? But that’s an example of the type of extreme thinking and extreme comment that one has come to expect around here from these basura who oppose anything positive. Some nut said what if the Westboro Baptist Church want to fly their flag up there. And why — do tell — would they be interested in a flag pole in San Francisco when they’re in Topeka Kansas? They’re not the brightest bunch. Do they even know where San Francisco is, or how to get here? Could they find us on a map? Do they believe in maps? I deal with “What is” and not “What if” because the latter leads to all kinds of lunatic speculation and ideas. I deal with things as they come.

*Has one never heard of reasonable and rationale guidelines for a flagpole, such as these, that I propose:

1. This second flag pole is limited to San Francisco residents.
2. All flags flown must be of a pro-Queer/Gay nature.
3. A flag can fly for up to a month.
4. Rafael Mandelman will be responsible for putting the flag up or someone of credibility (but no merchants) that he appoints.
5. And the Castro merchant basura will have absolutely no control over it, or have any say about it or anything to do with it. Period. We already have ample examples of how they ruin things around here.

*What’s wrong with this idea? It’s the way it was during the Gay Mecca decades — the leather flag was flown the weekend of the Folsom Street Fair, for example — until the self-appointed and self-omnipotent basura authorities called the Castro merchants had to get involved. To them, again, I say: ¡Vete a la chingada!

*While writing this article, I noticed that the major San Francisco conservative gay rag (which again shall remain nameless) also endorsed Rafael. WTF? This is not looking good at all. I stopped reading that rag years ago because all it did was to raise my blood pressure with its increasingly conservative bent and endorsements. Over the years, in my opinion they have been directly responsible for helping shift San Francisco to the right and for conservative-brainwashing what remains of the Gay Community here into becoming more conservative and conformist. That’s how conservative Scott Penis got elected for 8 years. I knew this City had changed when I watched the Gay Community vote in conservative Scott Penis the first time. I thought: WTF has happened here? The publisher was/is very connected with The Establishment (the San Francisco Oligarchy). They endorsed Scott Penis multiple times for any office he ran for. They endorsed the city-wide nudity ban which openly-gay prude Scott Penis authored. They endorsed all anti-homeless measures endorsed by anti-homeless Scott Penis, and I could go on.

So how is it possible that this conservative gay rag would endorse so-called “progressive” Rafael Mandelman? Something is very wrong with this picture. Politics these days are so fucked up. People call themselves anything. This reminds me of a Democratic Party politician in Virginia who says he’s open to supporting the orange nazi for a second term. It also reminds me of Democrat Pelosi who keeps saying this is not the time to talk about impeachment of the orange nazi. These days, people are doing and saying crazy things regardless of what label they wear. And as I’ve said before, with Dem-bots these days, the word “progressive” or “liberal” is merely code language for being a brainwashed supporter of the right-wing, utterly corrupt and imperialistic Establishment Democratic Party, which much of the time works for the other right-wing party: the Republican Party.

*Surely this new second flag pole (the Gay People’s Flag pole) can be installed soon, no? With the millions and billions of dollars in this City from the data-mining/predatory Tech Industrial ComplexTM, surely they could pay for the new flag pole. Their corporations pretend to be very pro-Queer even though many of the techies are anti-Queer based on the anti-gay looks they give whenever any guy happens to glance at them in and around The Castro. The techies give this “don’t you dare look at me faggot” look that some of us have been uncomfortably subjected to in and around The Castro from these Millennial techie trash. Clearly they are not comfortable or secure with their own sexuality to behave in such a way.

Considering Rafael’s pro-Establishment, conservative and right-wing endorsements, particularly from the corrupt and conservative merchants’ group, I can see him continuing in the path of Scott Penis and giving the same people Scott catered to whatever they want. I mean, he cast himself in the mold of that piece of work during the campaign so why wouldn’t he continue that corporatist, conservative agenda script? So to the right-wing who have been having diarrhea moments because according to them “the progressives have taken the Board,” I say: Tranquilo. Tranquilo. I suspect little if anything will change in any genuinely progressive direction. Instead, the continued right-ward shift of The City will continue which is usually the case when fake-progressives (Establishment Democrats trying to climb up the corporate party ladder) are in power. I would imagine that when Mandelman seeks re-election, he’ll have the endorsement of the whole conservative Establishment crowd: Feinstein, Pelosi, et al. As a lawmaker on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, at least Rafael comes with a law degree — he’s an attorney — whereas Feinstein and Pelosi have no legal training at all. Did you know that? It’s true. But like many in the cesspool called the US Congress, both Feinstein and Pelosi are sitting in the congress as “lawmakers” with their Bachelor of Arts degrees in completely unrelated fields to what they’re doing in the Senate and House. I’m not at all criticising a Bachelor of Arts degree, but merely pointing out that one would think that a “lawmaker” in congress would have a graduate-entry professional degree in law (a Doctor of Jurisprudence degree, JD degree). Both Feinstein and Pelosi have been living in my former hometown, the District of Columbia, more than long enough to earn a Doctor of Jurisprudence degree at either of two fine law schools in the District: Georgetown University School of Law or George Washington University School of Law, as two examples. But instead, they both sat on their ass in the senate (Feinstein) and the house (Pelosi) without any legal training or background on their power trips and making laws effecting the lives of millions of people. Oh and by the way, you know la perra that is currently serving as the US ambassador/bully at the UN for the orange nazi? She too has no training for that position either. Just like the orange nazi has no training for the position he currently holds. Is anyone surprised? At the UN, her degree is in Accounting. WTF does a degree in Accounting have to do with a job bullying other nations of the UN?

But I’m off topic. But that’s okay. It’s my site. If I want to be off topic, I will be.

The Reality: I don’t expect any other flagpole to ever appear at HM Plaza, and especially after what I’ve seen about Mandelman after seeing his list of endorsements and mealy-mouthed statements.

I suspect the status quo will continue, and I think there’s no question about that now since billionaire and Angel Investor, Ron Conway, will continue as the real mayor with London Breed serving as his puppet. I saw a picture of Breed and Conway standing together and London was wearing a broad smile and appeared to be delighted to be standing next to the real mayor. Mayor Conway will give the Tech Industrial ComplexTM whatever they want.

Mi amigo/My friend also wanted to add that by openly Queer mayoral candidate Mark Leno losing to Breed, it shows how much power or rather lack of the now-dead Queer Community has lost in San Francisco. If this were just 10 years ago, who do you think would have won? Answer: Mark Leno. So where in the shithole US do gay people have any power today? We can’t think of any place. It used to be the Gay Mecca areas in major US cities, but they’ve been taken over by breeders. (Related: Chelsea: The Death of a Gay Neighborhood, Murdered by Neo-Hetero-Homophobes). “Being gay was so last year anyway,” now that we have all of this “sexual fluidity” nonsense going on.

It’s now time for me to go back to not paying attention to the caca that happens around here (fuck it!), since I don’t like high blood pressure readings. Chau.—el barrio rosa

WTF? (from the video description):

“Rafael Mandelman who is a member of the City College of San Francisco Community College Board of Trustees in an interview on 9/8/17 said he was in favor of the privatization of the SF PUC Balboa Reservoir for development of housing. He also defended the rigged process of community and staff imput in the privatization deal that SF Mayor Ed Lee is pushing for the developers. AFT 2121 has passed a resolution against the privatization of the PUC Balboa Reservoir and it’s acquisition by CCSF for the College use. At present, large numbers of students and staff use the land for parking which they would loose if it was privatized. The SF PUC also was required to offer the property to CCSF before turning it over to developers but violated the law by not offering the land to CCSF before turning over to developers. Mandelman is also running for San Francisco Supervisor.”


San Francisco’s Real Mayor Strongly Backs London Breed

Making laws with a Bachelor of Arts degree

Are there no openly gay people in San Francisco anymore?

Gay Shame: A Sign of the Times

How many Queers can the closet hold?

Lea DeLaria: The LGBTQIA+ acronym is divisive

Hola a todos. No, tranquilo, I’m not going to rehash this topic again. Just the major points. I’m tired of talking about it since I don’t expect anything to ever change in this regard, or at least not any time soon. And rarely does anyone agree with me because the sheeple — including most Queers and breeders — have been so brainwashed to use their revisionist history “LGBT” nonsense.

Instead, I’ll direct readers here to read: The official acronym is now: LGBTQQICAPF2K+. Read that.

I always cringe when I see that “LGBT” thingy in article headlines that one sees all over the internet. One site after the other thinks they must use that “LGBT” thingy in order to conform and be like all the others to “fit in” and be accepted. The same with their readers and commenters. Despite my extensive research on this topic, I’ve never been able to find out who it was exactly — what idiot, what nut, although it must have been a lesbian devoid of any knowledge of our rich Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement history — that started this revisionist history “LGBT” acronym that the stridently conformist, corporatist and now-conservative Queer Community has adopted like a bunch of sheeple. My guess tells me it was one of those Queer media organisations — perhaps run by lesbians since the “L” is first — who arrogantly took it upon themselves to dictate to us Queers what we and the entire world must use when writing about Queer-related topics.

I read yet another reason for the “LGBT” acronym the other day, which went like this:

“Lesbians changed it to LGBT when huge numbers of gay men died from AIDS in the 80s.”

Well I must have missed that. That’s the first time I’ve read that. And if that’s true, it is extremely rude and disrespectful to the thousands of gay guys who led the Gay and Lesbian (GLBTQ) Rights Movement for lesbians to take it upon themselves to move themselves to first place in that “LGBT” acronym. I mean, if they had led and done most of the work of the Movement they would deserve first place. But they didn’t. Gay guys and trans individuals led the movement. While they were doing most of the work, lesbians were sitting on their ass on their hogs with a cigarette in one hand and a beer in the other partying. They think they deserve first place for that, do they? I. Don’t. Think. So.

Regardless, some of us don’t like that LGBTQIA+ mess, including actor and comedienne Lea DeLaria as you can read about here in a lengthy article.

Lea said:

“Part of me believes that this inclusivity of calling us the LGBTQQTY-whatever-LMNOP tends to stress our differences,” she explained. “And that’s why I refuse to do it. I say queer. Queer is everybody.” [Source].

I say Queer. Queer is everybody. You tell it, Lea. You go, girl! I’m right there with you. Right-on!

Lea claims this “LGBT” acronym is the most divisive issue we now have in the Queer Community (as of 2016). I wasn’t aware of that, since everybody is using it except me, Lea and a few others. And “LGBT(Q)” continues to appear on the sites that the article about her appears on, so she hasn’t had any influence on them either unfortunately. Also, I would think more divisive issues today would be:

1. Self-induced gay conversion
2. Gay guys going back in the closet and marrying females and pumping out babies as they try to be like the straight guys due to the order for “Gay Assimilation.”
3. Lesbians trying to look and act like straight women.
4. The death of the Gay Community.
5. “Are there no openly gay people in San Francisco anymore?”.
6. Gay Shame: A Sign of the Times
7. How many Queers can the closet hold?
8. Why do females marry gay guys?
9. The “Discreet” Gay Guys in New York City
10. The gay Jock Bros who reject gay guys
11. Gay Assimilation Has Backfired

To list some concerns I’ve written about.

Leah says that this LGBTQIA+ acronym stresses or puts emphasis on our differences — and divides of — rather than uniting us as Queers. I agree with that. It’s dividing us up into little cages by letters. (Breeders don’t have any letters defining them — they’re just called straight or breeders — and they have pretty much as many varied sexual interests as Queers do.) Maybe that’s another reason why the so-called Gay Community today does not have any feel or sense of “community” now. This may not be the case in some bars that are still genuine gay bars (as opposed to gay bars that breeders are hanging out in and taking over); there may be a feeling of “community” there if everyone is not glued to a phone and is instead talking in person with each other and interacting. But out and about, there’s no feel or sense of a “Gay Community” in San Francisco’s Castro anymore.

Anyway, I was pleased to see a prominent Queer female who understands this, since usually when I bring it up I’m dismissed by the corporatist and adamantly conformist Queers among us who say: It must be “LGBT” (note they leave off the Q). And if you’re not using “LGBT” something is wrong with you.

Conform! Obey! Wear black and grey and always use “LGBT” and vote for the corrupt and imperialistic right-wing Democratic Party, as you’ve been brainwashed to do.

That’s the entire package or slogan and that’s partly what is wrong with the Queer Community today.

With the “LGBT” conformists, what do they have against Queers that causes them to omit the “Q” on the end? By the way, what’s the difference between Gay and Queer? The “LGBT” conformists have no problem with the G (for Gay), but the Q (for Queer) seems to be more advanced for their mindset.

Someone recently told me in defending this alphabet soup mess that “Elgeebeetee” (“LGBT”) is the easiest to pronounce. Well no, Gay or Queer are the easiest to pronounce. They are already well-established words in our vocabulary, idiot. I take it that critical thinking skills are no longer taught in schools here in the shithole US.

Personally, as I’ve written before, I think the Queer community has become too conservative to adopt the word Queer. They couldn’t conceive of that. They would consider that way “too rad/radical” for their conservative tastes. How did the Gay Community become so conservative? WTF? So if anything, they would go with the word Gay. Or as someone told me the other day while I was writing this, “I’m non-heterosexual” because as he said “I’m sick of all these labels.” Yes, I am too. I agree. Many of them are meaningless these days.

But frankly, until one of those busy-bodied Queer organisations issues a Dictate for a one-word change to either Queer or Gay, I don’t see anything changing any time soon with this acronym mess. Just thought I’d pass along what Lea DeLaria said. Chau.—el barrio rosa