With Bi and Str8 guys the GF is always out of town

Just go get the dick!

Hola. It’s really odd to see so many girlfriends (GF) out of town all at one time. Where do they all go? That’s been my question over the years that I’ve been looking at gay personal sex ads on the site I call ClosetList. GFs that would fill several airliners are out of town constantly if one believes the lies and bull shit in the ads written mostly by gay guys pretending to be bisexual and a few pretending to be “straight.” They claim in their ad to be bisexual and “straight” because they think that sounds more masculine and heteronormative than calling themselves gay. They also describe themselves as “discreet” and “DL” (down low). I think most of these guys have “issues.” They come with what’s known as internalised homophobia/gay shame. This is one of the many problems with this GLBTQ assimilation nonsense I’ve written about.

Any time a so-called “bi” (or “straight”) guy wants to suck dick predictably the “GF is out of town,” which means he’s cheating on her if one takes his ad at face value. I’ve read that “GF is out of town” countless times in gay sex personal ads on CL. I’ve especially noticed this in New York City, of all places. I had no idea there were so many closet cases in New York City, and especially Manhattan. When I came out of the closet GLBTQs went to major cities to “come out”—for example, I and mis amigos/my friends went to the District of Columbia—because no one knows anybody there or cares what the fuck anybody does sexually in a major city. A person is anonymous in a major city. There are no busy-bodied prying eyes wondering what the neighbours are doing that exists in small towns. But these days, it seems that GLBTQs go to major cities to stay in or go back in the closet. It’s loco/crazy. And los muchachos have this small town way of thinking. I’d like to ask these heteronormative closet cases this question: Who in Manhattan cares what the fuck you do sexually or with whom? Despite the decades of work of the now-dead Gay Rights’ Movement, many GBLTQs are going back in the closet trying to be like the “straights” (when was that ever a goal of GLBTQs?!), heteronormative and the “GF” (girlfriend) they don’t have is always out of town and el chico is looking to get the dick. It’s just some made up stories these closet cases come up with. These guys are very transparent.

Just go get the dick, dudes

Just go get the dick, los muchachos, and stop the fucking charade! jesus! You’re not fooling anyone with this phony girlfriend story that all of you closet cases repeat because you all say the same thing. It’s as if you copy and paste each other’s ads. And you don’t even need to talk about a GF as part of your bull shit story. Just say in your ad that you want to suck dick. There’s no need for any internal-guilt trip explanations of why you’re on ClosetList or any apology (such as los chicos that start out by saying, “I don’t usually do this and I’m not that kind of person…” or “My first time doing this and wanted to see where it would go…”). But the reason you bring up this fictitious GF is part of your fantasy head trip and you’re trying to give the impression/image that you’re into pussy and more “jock,”/masculine than the guys who say they’re gay. You’re into dick just like the gay guys because you are gay. Can people be into both pussy and dick? Yes, but you’re not one of them. And how do I know that? Well, a good indication is that I never see any of the guys (with their pics) who claim to be “bi” on ClosetList looking for females over in the men-for-female section. No, they’re not there. They’re always pretending to be “bi” in the men-for-men section only, and if you’re fucking around and really bisexual it seems to me that you’d be looking for females too even though you pretend to already have the (nonexistent) “GF.”

I read one ad the other night where the guy claimed to be “straight.” He said he is engaged (to a female) and she was also out of town. I guess she was with all the other las muchachas maybe having a nice fiesta somewhere. Yeah right! He was looking for the dick too while she was supposedly out of town. So this loco is already going through the charade of supposedly being engaged to a female and planning to get married while he’s on ClosetList looking to get the dick and to fuck around with a guy. Well, when they get married I can see where that marriage is headed, can’t you? That happens all the time. Another case of divorce and child support, and a fucking mess. This guy needs to just go get the dick and forget about that female that he’s not really into, otherwise he wouldn’t be online looking to get the dick! But upon reflection, since his “GF is out of town” like all the other GFs, maybe she doesn’t exist either and the heteronormative engagement part was also bull shit.—el barrio rosa


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A bike ride across the Golden Gate Bridge

And a Sea of Stupid

Hola. Two or three times a week mi amigo/my friend rides across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco to Marin County (that’s the county across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco) where the Marin Headlands are located, and then he rides back to San Francisco.

As he’s crossing the Bridge, he observes that the majority of people are not looking at the view of San Francisco or at the Bay or the Pacific Ocean. “What are they looking at?” you might be asking. Most are bent over and squinting at their “smartphone.” I call them stupidphones because so-called “smartphones” are transforming or already have transformed society into a sea of stupid-assed people. So most people go all the way up to the Golden Gate Bridge to continue in their stupidphone addiction. They could do that at home. Mi amigo sees the same thing up on Twin Peaks (two small peaks in the geographic center of San Francisco). People go all the way up there to presumably to look at the panoramic view of the city, the Bay Area and the Pacific Ocean. But he thinks most people never see the view or appreciate it because they only look at their phone the entire time they’re up there. Then if they came with other people they each have to show each other what’s on their precious phone in a “Show and Tell” type thing like they’re in elementary school. Both the Bridge and Twin Peaks have become (what we call) a stupidphone “library.” Also, on both sides of the Bridge for some time cyclists have also been stopping in very large groups to get on their stupidphones. It’s sad that cyclists can’t even enjoy a bike ride without the distraction and interruption of their stupidphone addiction. He’s even seen cyclists riding very fast while texting. That precious text couldn’t wait? While he’s walking in the city he sees cyclists texting while riding and San Francisco has a reputation now of being a dangerous city for cyclists and pedestrians because of reckless and inconsiderate motorists. In order for a cyclist to text while riding the idiot cyclist has to take his or her hands off the handlebars. At their high rate of speed and with the very rough streets in San Francisco today that’s an extremely stupid and dangerous thing to do. But stupidphone addicts aren’t concerned about their own safety at all from what we’ve seen. That dopamine rush/addiction to that screen in their hand is what’s utmost important to them. Stupidphone addicts relegate any safety issues to someone else. They don’t hold themselves at all responsible for their own safety. Their safety is somebody else’s responsibility and I say that based on observing their loco/crazy behaviour. In his gym, the stupidphone addiction is epidemic. He tells me that he’s usually the only chico in the gym not on a stupidphone. Everyone else is fully addicted while they’re supposed to be working out (they’re “working out” their thumbs). Motorists are no different. They stop in the middle of the street and/or freeze in place while backing up their vehicle glued to their stupidphone.

I don’t have a stupidphone and if someone gave me one I’d throw it in the basura/trash where they all belong. They are a distraction toy. They are a baby’s rattler for an adult. I can’t stand them and neither can mis amigos because we see what they’re doing to people and our society. A sea of stupid and stupidity. I use a PC and I can’t imagine being on some toy box with a tiny little screen in it with a tiny little keyboard in it and having to check the goddamned thing every 5 seconds or every 2 minutes the way I see fucking idiots doing around here. That would be such an annoying interruption and disruption to always having to reach for a box in my pocket or to stare down at a screen. Doesn’t one’s hand and arm get tired of having to hold the thing out in front in full view? And when I glance at people’s screens around here, I think: So that’s what you’re so entranced by? There’s never anything on the screen worth looking at that is so critically and ultimately important. I see some idiots just staring and staring and staring at icons on their screen as if they’re getting some dopamine “rush”/hit off of icons. They look at that screen with their complete mesmerised attention. Others are mindlessly scrolling with their hand in the air on auto-pilot.

When online, I go wherever I want but I can wait until I get home to do that. There’s nothing online that causes me to feel this burning, addictive desire to be staring at a fucking screen constantly while walking down the sidewalk (and into people), or walking into passing traffic without looking either direction as stupidphone-addicted fools do around San Francisco), or while on my bike (only an idiot would do that!), or while I’m supposed to be looking at a beautiful view.

Being raped is no longer a concern. Did you know that?

I take it that las mujeres/women are no longer concerned about being raped. I see las mujeres walking around San Francisco alone late at night completely oblivious to their surrounding and not even looking around anywhere. They walk on dark streets and the only thing they’re eyes are on is their fucking stupidphone screen. Their screen lights up their face like a flash light shining on their face for any mugger/assailant to see her face very clearly. If she were assaulted/raped she wouldn’t no who hit her, she wouldn’t be able to see who’s assaulting her because it takes the eyes awhile to re-adjust from staring at that screen she’s addicted to. I think that describes what’s known as an Idiot who is not even in possession of basic sense or “city smarts.” Stupid-assed people. There has got to be something in the water to be producing the stupid-assed people we’re seeing today in techie San Francisco! (Perhaps these are the gullible people who drink bottled water thinking it’s better water where the plastic from the bottle is known to leach into the water. Maybe that’s also what’s going on.) And then the Idiot would wonder why she got mugged or raped. Can’t imagine why, huh? Then watch her get right back on her stupidphone immediately in a dark place so she could return to her addiction and “text” about it and upload pics of her bruises to see how many people “like” her pics, not learning anything from the bad experience. Apparently these idiots are not the least bit concerned about being held-up at gunpoint or mugged—and that happened here recently when one person in a group of three was shot at gunpoint and died as a result of it (and I suspect all three were on their stupidphones late a night)—for their la plata/money (wallet/purse) and that goes for anybody as they’re walking around a major city as if they’re in the fictional hamlet called “Mayberry.” There was crime even in “Mayberry.” But I’m pleased to know that rape and muggings are no longer a reality or something to be at all concerned about in techie San Francisco. It’s as if these stupidphone idiots think their stupidphone will somehow protect them from being mugged because, well, they’re “looking busy” on it so in their mind I guess (for some reason) they think they won’t be bothered by a mugger or anyone interested in assaulting them/raping them. [roll eyes] I don’t think it works quite that way with muggers. But whatever you do, don’t ever take your eyes off that screen. These are orders from La Manzana. Never let your eyes go off that screen. Never.

And I guess this doesn’t bother the stupidphone addicts either: Privacy Scandal: NSA Can Spy on Smart Phone Data. I don’t think that the stupidphone addicts give a fuck that they’re being spied on—their addiction is more important to them—or they’ve forgotten all about it. I can hear them now with their usual cop-out response, “I have nothing to hide.” That’s not the point, idiot!

While writing this, I talked with some people who live in the Bay Area but who don’t live in San Francisco, and from talking with them I’ve pretty much concluded that this addiction to stupidphones seems to be a “city thing” possibly. I’ve also heard that from one other person who lives on the San Francisco Peninsula. The people I talked with say they don’t see much of it where they live. So why would it be a “city thing?” Well because it’s the newest, latest, coolest fad to do and “everybody’s doing it” so that means you must too in order to “fit in” with the sheeple/herd. Also, possibly because tech has taken over San Francisco—corporate welfare is being given to their wealthy techie companies from the city—and tech is seen as “cool,” even though many of the same stupidphone-addicted people have had their amigos/amigas evicted from this city because of tech gentrification. I call San Francisco “The Techie Capital” since that’s what el alcalde/the major (and his billionaire techie owner) seem to be trying to turn San Francisco into, if they haven’t already, and maybe because the Tech Surveillance-State Industrial Complex is so saturated in this city that the shallow sheeple think “in order to be anybody” (“Keeping Up With the Joneses”) and because of insecure people and peer pressure they think they must be on these stupidphones 24 hours a day to “be accepted” and to get their dopamine chemical rush/hit because “their phone rang,” so to speak. Someone was giving them attention they desperately crave and that’s what much of this is about. Attention-starved people, especially immature, needy and insecure females. The sheeple have been taught by the corporate media that “one must be connected 24 hours a day.” But the sheeple generally have a very short attention span no matter how many useless apps you throw at them, so one would think they would burn out from this pretty quickly. Perhaps this is just a long fad? These stupipdphones and all that’s connected with them gets rather expensive too.

I don’t remember the PC ever being pushed so hard or marketed the way these stupidphones have been and continue to be. The predatory Tech Surveillance State Industrial Complex want world-wide complete saturation of these phones and (useless) app$. That’s one of the main reasons for opening things up with Cuba under messiah Obama. Predatory US Imperalism will ruin that island nation too. They want everyone in the world addicted to these stupidphones and apps—keep the masses distracted from what’s really going on and from what really matters—for their corporate greed, their profit margins. The corporate media are complicit in the addiction by the way they advertise them and push them on the gullible public who have been brainwashed to think: “I must be connected 24 hours a day to be anybody.” WHY? I talked with an international tourist recently visiting San Francisco from the UK and he told me, “I’ve seen these phones and people’s addiction to them wherever we’ve been (all major US cities). These phones are the greatest mind-controlling device ever.” He’s correct. They serve as a complete distraction for the willing sheeple. It’s obvious to us that this stupidphone addiction is stronger than any drug know to humans. And these days, stupid is “in” so why are the sheeple glued/addicted to smartphones?” That’s quite a contradiction, or have the sheeple never thought of that?—el barrio rosa


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Plunging Neckline

Hola. ¿Qué tal? Frequently when I go to check e-mail, I unfortunately see a headline about some woman’s “plunging neckline” on the red carpet at some awards ceremony. This e-mail empresa/company is absolutely obsessed with “plunging necklines” considering how often I see a headline about it when checking e-mail. I’m at a loss why a woman’s “plunging neckline” is important. Why does anyone care about some woman’s “plunging neckline?” I don’t give a fuck if she walks out naked. We’ve all seen naked people before. We were all born naked. But I guess the people at that useless techie company in Silicon Valley that my e-mail is connected with is unaware of this fact about people being born naked. Perhaps these so-called “brilliant” elitist techies—who we are often told are such “geniuses”—think people are born with clothes on and with one’s clothes all the way up to the hair line considering this is the prudish and backwards US where the sight of “skin” is forbidden. And in this tech company’s picture of the woman and her “plunging neckline,” the techies had to sanitise/cover up the bottom half of the “plunging neckline” that their prudish headline was about! The caption said that the “plunging neckline” dress might seem a better fit for less curvy women. “Less curvey women?” [roll eyes] BASURA! is what they are at that techie company. I can’t stand fucking prudes/people who are afraid and ashamed of the human body and its “curves.” Get some psychotherapy prudes, preferably from a doctorate level therapist—they have more training—because you’ll need all the help you can get! And that therapist will have his or her hands full dealing with your fucked-up head.

I fail to understand why a “plunging neckline” is even important. With all the problems we have in this world, a “plunging neckline” wouldn’t seem to be one of them. But that’s what this techie company is concerned about? Or is this more of that prudish US nonsense where people are supposed to be ashamed and afraid of the human body and its curves? The lower part of her chest is possibly showing? GASP! Oh what do we do now?! jesus! Does anyone have a queen-sized sheet handy that we could use to cover her up?

So, if I have this correct: Here in The Empire/the US/los Estados Unidos one is now supposed to wear funeral-black and/or drab gray clothing (some white clothing is allowed) and have everything covered up like a nun. Nothing should be exposed. And keep your eyes glued to your “smartphone” stupidphone screen. Don’t ever take your eyes off of that precious screen embedded in your hand that you’re addicted to 24 hours a day! But ultimately important: Make sure you don’t click on any “plunging necklines” while you’re hunched over and squinting at that mind-controlling stupidphone screen as we move back into the Dark Ages.

I do so like the “plunging neckline” on the “curvy” las lesbianas at the top of the page, don’t you? Chau.—el barrio rosa

San Francisco’s Real Estate Bubble

Hola, as I wrote in this article about excessively overpriced San Francisco, the city is experiencing two bubbles: A real estate bubble and a tech bubble.

We do have a lot of suckers in the New Conservative, Lobotomised, Techie San Francisco and somewhere they’ve been programmed to think that it’s good to pay more for something than it’s really worth just because they can and have la plata/the money to do so. Many people suckers enjoy wasting their la plata.

A condo sold recently that I’d been watching. It’s up near the top of Twin Peaks (two hills with an elevation of roughly 925 feet/282 metres near the geographic center of San Francisco). I don’t remember when the building was built but it’s not a new building like one of these new overpriced and under-whelming cookie-cutter glass boxes that they’re throwing up as fast as possible around San Francisco these days to make the city look more like Manhattan or Hong Kong. This condo sold for a little over $1 MILLION SIX HUNDRED THOUSAND US DOLLARS. It’s a 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 1 car condo for that amount of la plata. 2686 square feet. The description of the place was the part I found a bit much. Real estate liars say anything to sell a property. Do they ever tell the truth about anything? They often describe properties that they’re “offering” (how fucking pretentious) as being:

1. charming
2. nestled
3. vibrant (to corrupt real estate liars three people standing on a street corner is considered “vibrant”)
4. centrally-located (even though the place is no where near anything)
5. sophisticated (meaning conservative, dull and boring with all white walls and white, black or gray furniture and white carpet; no colours allowed)

They use other such lies and bull shit to unload overpriced dumps/properties. This condo near the top of Twin Peaks had a more nose-in-the-air and pretentious description for it. What I found interesting about this dump is that it has a “Sitting Room” (Dahling.) Apparently one can’t sit in any room in a home anymore. One needs a special room for sitting. I guess pretentious-assed people must have a specified room where their snooty ass is allowed to press against a chair. In my apartment, one is free to sit in any room they want if there’s a chair there or sit on the floor! The description of this condo went on to say that the dining room and kitchen are “designed for the chef in you.” Well hell, the buyer may not even know how to boil water. Many people don’t, you know! Do the super-wealthy cook? I don’t think so. I think they eat all meals out. The bougi kitchen in their “Luxury” home (Dahling) is just for looks. The description went on to say that, “you may not want to leave the immense master bedroom suite with amazing views, private deck, separate dressing room (you need a separate room for getting dressed?…I swear the super-wealthy have all of these fucked up rules), your own sitting room with a fireplace and a master bath with steam shower, Jacuzzi and a top of the line wet/dry sauna. Well, the buyer may not want to leave the immense master bedroom (Dahling) and all that other stuff but it might be a good idea to do so in order to pay for this thing that they’ve likely been told by the real estate liar: “it’s absolutely you; I can just see you living here, this condo has your name written all over it” at over $1 MILLION. The real estate liars ended their description with this stuff, “Sunrise to sundown, the magical changing panorama of the City’s bustling skyline beneath you can be mesmerizing. It doesn’t get better than this!” Even though they mention the decks in their description at least twice, most people in San Francisco rarely use their decks (other than for storing stuff). I’ve ridden my bike by this building for years and I’ve never seen anyone out on the decks of this condo building at all.

I can’t imagine paying that amount of la plata for some condo or for any place to live, and the fees don’t end there. There’s the Home Owner’s Association fee, property taxes and many other fees. What would be the overall total cost for this condo? Maybe about $4MILLION US DOLLARS?

If someone gave me a place such as this, I’d sell it and move into a small apartment and I’d give a generous chunk of the sale price la plata to the homeless—that would give me great satisfaction—and they could do with their la plata whatever they want. I find it disgusting that we have people sleeping in the cold streets of San Francisco while pretentious, shallow and superficial snooty-assed wealthy snots could help the homeless immensely but instead are wasting money on overpriced dumps like this. We have more and more “haves versus have-nots” living right next to each other in this city which is experiencing intense class warfare mostly caused by the techie basura. And in the case of this overpriced condo, the buyer is essentially paying for the view. I hope they notice that their view of the Bay Bridge is disappearing as more Luxury Designer Condos (Dahling) towers are being built and now blocking the view of the iconic Bay Bridge.

The other night I read a restaurant review comment for a local restaurant located in one of these new condo buildings. The customer wrote about the techies and their lack of taste in his review:

“What I think is happening is that these new SF residents buying cookie cutter overpriced and tiny condos just want to see and be seen in modern-looking restaurants that match their overpriced and underwhelming boring luxury condo.”

I see that a one-bedroom apartment on Twin Peaks that I rented for between $800-900.00/month in the early 1980s was recently listed for the over-inflated price of $3,999.00/month. It’s pretty much the same apartment I had. That building has a motel-style layout, all the apartments are pretty much the same just slightly different layouts. One is paying for the view. I’ve noticed that this apartment is still for rent after about 6 weeks or so on the market. Why hasn’t it rented? I just checked the listing and it’s been reduced to $2,600.00/month. Maybe the real estate bubble is popping, no? Or do wealthy people not rent? I would have thought that the wealthy techies would have rushed up to Twin Peaks to rent that and offered to throw extra la plata at the landlord. I would have thought that the techies might offer to rent that one-bedroom apartment for $7,000.00-10,000.00/month or more since many of these Luxury Designer Condos (Dahling) are sold for “over-asking” according to the Real Estate Industrial Complex and their Corrupt Liars. Chau.—el barrio rosa


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PrEP: Gay guys like giving money to Big Pharma

PrEP has become code for bareback sex.

Hola. Well clearly many gay guys like giving la plata/money to big corporate pharmaceutical empresas/companies. I previously wrote about this topic here (Taking PrEP is an excuse for barebacking). I’m seeing more and more gay guys writing personal sex ads that read, “looking to BB and on PrEP.” But that’s not what we’ve told PrEP is for. The GLBTQ organisations have lied and told the gullible public that “PrEP is one of the tools” GLBTQs have to help prevent HIV. That implies that other “tools” are being used, but from what I and others are seeing that’s not the case. PrEP is THE ONLY so-called “tool” guys are using. But the dishonest GLBTQ organisations with their cushy, elitist bloated executive salaries like to lie and deceive people and give the false impression that los muchachos are also using condoms in addition to PrEP. They’re not from what I’m seeing, and that’s the big lie about PrEP because I’ve seen no evidence of condoms being used with PrEP by anybody anywhere. On the site I call ClosetList where guys are looking to bareback. They specifically say they are “neg and on PrEP.” I read those ads all the time and not one ad has said anything about condoms or safer sex. If they don’t specifically say bareback/BB in their ad along with the word PrEP, some guys show a picture of them being fucked without a condom. I’ve noticed that recently some guys seems to be taking the more covert approach by describing themselves as a “PrEP bottom” but the words “safer sex and condoms” are no where in the ad. I think that “PrEP” has become code for bareback. Some “PrEP” guys say they’re looking to be fucked by a “neg top,” but that doesn’t mean anything. Many guys have been pozzed by so-called “neg tops.” What idiot would assume that a el chico is neg just because he says he is. (Damn, we have some stupid-assed gullible people in our society).

The GLBTQ populace—Queer boys especially and some los chicos/guys who pretend to be “bi” but who are really gay and who think “bi” sounds more masculine so they call themselves that—like giving la plata/money to corporate Big Pharmaceutical companies, and they’re doing so by taking expensive PrEP.

PrEP is an excuse to have unsafe sex. That’s the bottom line. And most people don’t seem to give a fuck what harm they do to their bodies by being on this strong drug indefinitely which has to be taken every day for it to be at its most effective. People are willing to take the risks. The same risks they take by being on PrEP because one can still get pozzed (get HIV) by barebacking even being on PrEP. PrEP is not 100% effective against HIV and by taking PrEP (which is extremely expensive), the person is generating more la plata/money for the corporate big pharma company that makes it. I guess that doesn’t bother anyone either. And then we have some scum of the earth conservative corporate parasite politicians who have received campaign la plata/$$$$ from the manufacturer of PrEP (that’s technically called a bribe I believe) and the politicians want to say “muchas gracias” to the company for their campaign contribution(s) so they do so by getting as many GLBTQs on PrEP as possible. The unspoken message being: You can all now bareback if you take expensive PrEP and make as much profits as possible for this Big Pharma corporation.

My Question: Why are people’s insurance companies paying for PrEP? Guys don’t have to bareback. PrEP is a “luxury drug” so why are insurance companies even paying/allowing guys to be on this expensive drug?

Also, anyone on PrEP has to have this bank of blood tests taken regularly (every 3 months or so) to check to see if one’s kidneys and bone density (along with other bodily problems) are being damaged by this harsh drug. Barebacking is worth the risk of damaging one’s kidneys and other possible side effects?

In the past, the message that was sent to GLBTQs and heterosexuals was: Use a condom and/or have safer sex. The new message is to take PrEP and bareback, and we’ll try to deceive the stupid public by using this “it’s one of the tools” bull shit.

There’s a conservative political parasite basura in San Francisco who has been pushing PrEP and of course this political parasite has also been regurgitating the lie about PrEP being “one of the tools” we have. He’s a thoroughly sleazy and shady corporatist and just repeating the big corporate lie. It’s time to stop the lies and deceptions about PrEP and what it’s used for and how it’s being used. But I know that’s not about to happen because lies, deceptions and corruption are “in” these days. Chau.—el barrio rosa


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Alex Jones, Go Get the Dick!

Póster - La Estatua de la Libertad - ¡Hola! Print

La Estatua de la Libertad
The Statue of Liberty
at la frontera/the border
between México y Los Estados Unidos/US
welcoming los inmigrantes indocumentados
undocumented immigrants
from México y América Central
y América del Sur,
and from elsewhere.

Hola, I don’t usually talk about Alex Jones (el hombre who has his own radio show/network in Texas), but a couple of amigos listen to his show, not necessarily agreeing with him. As they tell me, Alex’s views about inmigración y los inmigrantes indocumentados are awful, and he also can’t stand Mexicanos. (I can’t imagine disliking an entire group of people in this context). The words on the Statue of Liberty mean nothing to Alex Jones: “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!” Alex also can’t stand gay people and that’s why I’m writing this. There are two reasons a person cannot stand gay people and they are:

1. The person has been brainwashed by the bunk in that bible using a literal interpretation, and/or the person has been brainwashed by some anti-gay fundamentalist religious cult.


2. They’re Queer themselves and are trying to hide/disguise their gay sexuality. They are very ashamed of being gay because they’ve been brainwashed to think there’s something wrong with being gay, and because of that they hate on gay people to give the impression they are a (bigoted/anti-gay) heterosexual. In other words, they think that hating gay people will give the appearance that they themselves are “straight.” But the reality is that there are lots of people like that and many of them are Queer boys married to a female. They bowed to society’s pressures and their family’s pressures to get married. They kept being asked: “How many girlfriends do you have?” and “When are you getting married?” Ugh. Mind your own damned business! GLBTQs are made to feel uncomfortable every day by some busy-body asking: “When are you getting married?” (and they mean to the other gender because the person asking the question erroneously assumes that the GLBTQ person is heterosexual).

People who are secure with themselves and their own sexuality do not hate on or discriminate against gay people.
Closet cases (gay people living a lie, being a fraud and being dishonest with themselves and others) do that. And in the opinion of mis amigos who listen to Alex Jones, he’s a closet case. Some naïve person might say: “But he has a child and esposa.” Well that doesn’t make any difference. There are many gay closet cases who are married to a female, they breed like mosquitoes and squeeze out babies—because again, they’re pressured by that busy-bodied family of their’s, “when are you going to begin a family?”—and they try to be heteronormative. Go on the site I call ClosetList and you’ll see all the sex ads from muchachos looking to get the dick who say they’re married to a woman and need to be “discreet”. [roll eyes] In other words, they’re cheating on her. But that’s standard and it’s also part of the reason that the divorce rate is around 50% in the US of Hypocrisy when it comes to that societal brainwashed charade called “The Institution of MarriageTM.”

So our message to Queer boy/closet case Alex Jones is: Alex, go get the dick and stop playing games with yourselves and others. Stop hating on gay people, stop living a lie and stop being a fraud and get your ass out of that moldy closet. (And also stop hating on Mexicanos). Muchísimas gracias.—el barrio rosa

San Francisco, a “Liberal, Progressive Enclave?” No.

Not anymore. Hola, I talked with someone yesterday who told me that he listens to right-wing radio programmes on the “left side of the dial.” I asked him: Why do you do that? He said he liked to “hear the other side and what they’re thinking.” I asked: You don’t already know what they think? I do. You’ll hear lots of hate and ignorance from them and with an all-knowing, omnipotent and patronising tone they’ll ask you, “Where do you get your information?” as if they alone own the facts. He said to me: Are you from the south? (I don’t know what that had to do with anything). I said: No. (Back to the topic). I asked: So why do you listen to right-wing radio programmes? He said: Well I like to hear what the right-wing think coming from a “liberal, progressive enclave like San Francisco.” Phew! I started to feel that boiling-feeling inside. I said: You don’t live here, do you? He said: Yes I do. I said: Well if you did, you would know that San Francisco is no longer a “liberal, progressive enclave.” I said this city has done a 180 since the current alcalde/mayor got in office and his techie billionaire owner took over. They promised to “take San Francisco back from the progressives” and they did that. This city is now conservative. So where have you been to not know that? Then out of nowhere, he said: Well what about the former mayor? I said: Well what about him? He doesn’t live here now. Like these other opportunist D and R parasites, he helped to ruin the city and then he moved his ass to Sacramento as the now do-nothing (but well-paid) assistant governor, and he’s a conservative. He said: Well what about [he named a mayor from decades ago]? With frustration I said: He was in office decades ago. We’re talking about today. Now. jesus! The Democratic Party which is what you’re really talking about is a conservative, right-wing party just like the Republican Party and it’s one of the two Big Business parties owned by corporations. (I was churning inside and walked away from him. I’d had enough of this moron.)

I don’t know how anyone could not know what’s happened to San Francisco in just the past 3.5 years. What’s happened here has been drastic. Many people have talked about how the neighbourhood (The Castro) has changed and that’s because of the drastic changes in this city. Some people don’t pay attention to anything—but their stupidphone and alcohol/getting drunk addictions—and they’re still living in his “liberal, progressive enclave” delusional state. Even the local major publication that pretended to be “progressive” that’s no longer in business admitted that the “progresives” had lost San Francisco and they admitted that over a year ago. Local activists have said the same. Where has this loco been? I guess he’s been too enamored listening to the right-wing and “hearing their point of view.”

I could have given him some examples, such as a “liberal, progressive” city would not:

1. Hate on the homeless and create several laws criminalising homelessness, which is what San Francisco has done. There’s nothing “liberal, progressive” about hating on homeless people.

2. A “liberal, progressive” city would not create a city-wide nudity ban for the occasional two or three nudists not bothering anyone in a 2-3 block area of a city.

3. A “liberal, progressive” city would not build “luxury” condos for the wealthy and no affordable housing for the average person. There’s nothing “liberal, progressive” about that.

4. A “liberal, progressive” city would not give corporate welfare to predatory techie companies because they base their company in San Francisco. There’s nothing “liberal, progressive” about that.

5. A “liberal, progressive” city would not gut/remove environmental laws to protect techie companies and their ubiquitous shuttles. There’s nothing “liberal, progressive” about that.

6. A “liberal, progressive” city would not be run by a bunch of corporatist conservatives who work for the wealthy and for developers, for the techie industry (et al) from the mayor’s office to the Board of Supervisors. As of this writing, there is only ONE supervisor (out of eleven supervisors) on the Board that even calls himself “a progressive.” And he often votes with the conservatives.

7. A “liberal, progressive” city would not turn itself into a car culture with bougi, elitist, pretentious, status-symbol “Keeping Up With the Joneses” big-assed vehicles.

8. A “liberal, progressive” city would not consistently vote in every election cycle for corporatist, conservative, career-politicians of the misnamed “Democratic” Big Business Party. Yet in every election cycle, the same conservative corporate parasites are returned (usually by 80% of those who voted in San Francisco) to their cushy, elitist bourgeois jobs until the political parasite finally retires. Over the years when I’ve had the opportunity, I’ve asked many “Democratic” party voters why they vote for the politicians they do. I learned that most voters couldn’t tell me anything about the voting record of the corporate parasites they vote(d) for. They simply vote for these “Democratic” politicians over and over based on party allegiance/loyalty, their name recognition and because they’ve seen them on TV. That’s their only requirement: Party-registration, name recognition and camera time. One would hope that the voters of San Francisco would have higher standards than that, no? With the pseudo-liberals and pseudo-progressives who continue to support the thoroughly corrupt and conservative “Democratic” party and their messiah Obama, one doesn’t have to stand for anything. It’s all about the party no matter what the party does or how far to the right it moves in trying to outdo the Republicans in their attempt to see which party can be more right-wing. (Obama’s criminal war against Yemen and Iran nuclear deal: US prepares for new wars and Obama regime sets record for denying access to government documents and Obama set to veto any cuts to Pentagon war machine and Obama’s terror summit: An exercise in hypocrisy, falsification and self-delusion and Obama regime seeks blank check for perpetual war). It’s time that “Democratic” voters cease lying to themselves by labeling themselves a “liberal” or a “progressive” (when they are neither) while they vote for and support conservative politicians who keep moving farther and farther to the right. Both words “liberal” and “progressive” mean nothing these days as they have been thoroughly misused and abused by Dem-bots. These days, people call themselves anything—such as “liberal” and “progressive”—when it has no basis in reality at all. Chau.—el barrio rosa

And there are so many other examples one can give of how San Francisco is no longer a “liberal, progressive enclave.”—el barrio rosa


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