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The Illusion That Gay People Can Live Anywhere

Hola a todos. A survey of 96,000 people — that’s quite a lot of people — in fifty-three member states of the United Nations has revealed that two-thirds of adults would not approve of their child revealing that they were gay or lesbian and in love with someone of the same gender. Really? But we’ve been told over and over that “Gay is now mainstream and gay people can live anywhere..” I’ve challenged that ludicrous statement repeatedly here on pink barrio. Gay people might be able to live anywhere in the closet but even that’s questionable, and I see nothing but heteronormative programming — him holding hands and making out with her (ugh) — on the corporate media television networks that I monitor. And the current heated controversy in the US over transgender access to public bathrooms shows that’s GLBTQs cannot at all live anywhere openly and honestly.

The International Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association conducted that survey. The survey overall found that there are “deeply entrenched heteronormative concepts of sexual orientation and gender identity.” Really? Who would have guessed that? From what we GLBTQs have been told, I’ve been under the distinct impression that GLBTQs are warmly and lovingly accepted anywhere now. “We’re mainstream.” Haven’t you come away with the same impression? [sarcasm intended]. You can read more about this survey in the UK Guardian.

So, let this put to rest the delusional wishful-thinking/lie that we’ve heard for sometime now from the conservative idiots (including GLBTQs) in San Francisco’s former Gay Mecca known as The Castro that “there’s no longer a need for gay meccas because gay people can live anywhere now…gay is now mainstream.” Ha!

I should point out that the conservatives have never liked gay areas of cities to begin with and referred to them pejoratively as “gay ghettos.”

Speaking of “gays can live anywhere:” Most people in the US think it’s illegal to fire a person for being gay. They’re wrong. In more than half of the 50 states of The Cesspool/the US/los Estados Unidos, it is currently legal for an employer to fire an employee for being gay. Fortunately, we have sexual orientation and gender identity protection here in California. But only 21 states of the 50 states and the District of Columbia make it illegal to fire employees for their sexual orientation. Of those 21 states, 18 of them and the District also ban firing transgender employees. As for this “Gay is now mainstream and gay people can live anywhere” nonsense, that’s true only in some people’s dreamstate.

Then there’s this prudish bathroom stuff. jesus fucking christ! The Cesspool/The US is such a fucked-up country when it comes to human sexuality, nudity and anything having to do with the human body other than keeping the human body completely clothed like a nun so as not to “show skin.” Did you hear about this?: “Woman Harassed in Bathroom for Appearing Transgender — and She’s Not Alone.” What the fuck difference does it make what bathroom somebody uses? If you’re secure with yourself and your own sexuality you would have no problem using a Unisex bathroom where both men and women use it, like in Japón/Nihon/Japan and other countries. It seems to be mainly fucked-up-in-the-head insecure guys who don’t want someone to see their “pee pee.” Ugh. No one gives a fuck about your “pee pee.” I am sick to death of insecure guys worried about their small “pee pee” being seen by somebody. There are all these imaginary predators in these bathrooms according to the lunatics opposing the right for transgenders to use the bathroom of their choice. I’ve never had anyone approach me in a public bathroom and I don’t know anyone who has. I don’t care what bathroom they use and neither should you if you’re secure with yourself as a person (and your own sexuality).

The Cesspool/The US: (Sigh.) UGH! What a fucked-up country.

I welcome transgenders to use whatever bathroom you’re most comfortable using and take your time. And feel free to use any part of my website that you want. Feel free to comment and say whatever you’d like, and you can make it as long or as short as you want. There’s plenty of space here. Chau.—el barrio rosa


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The Castro Report

The Castro Report will be an ongoing update of what I and mi amigo/my friend see and hear in and around San Francisco’s former Gay Mecca, The Castro. I’ll update this page from time-to-time. Feel free to comment on what you see and hear in The Castro, or what you’ve heard about The Castro if you don’t live here.

[Keyword: "Straightsville" refers to Market Street between Castro and Church Streets.]

22 de mayo de 2016/22 May 2016: Overheard: “We Had A Falling Out Over My Eye Shadow.” Hola a todos. This is more “high energy” noticias/news from San Francisco’s Castro. Good stuff here. Mi amigo went to his gym today. This was after looking at the following Billionaire’s Map of the Bay Area article:

That article refers to “Billionaire’s Bay.” I and others have never heard the term. Quoting the article: “Maps show dramatic spike in million-dollar homes in San Francisco with the majority of properties now worth seven figures or more…[Ed. Suckers!] Million-dollar homes were rare in 2012, now they form the majority. In 14 neighborhoods, 100% of homes are worth seven figures or more. Just five years ago, million-dollar homes were scarce in the US. Now they are nothing special. And nowhere is more saturated with seven-figure mansions than San Francisco and Silicon Valley – otherwise known as ‘Billionaire’s Bay’. More than half of San Francisco’s properties (57 per cent) are worth $1 million or more – up from 19 per cent in 2012.” (They are referring to old, moldy, dilapidated homes.) “Nearby San José has seen a similar boom, with 46.3 per cent of homes worth $1 million in 2016, up from 17.4 per cent in 2012. And in 14 neighborhoods clustered around the tech hub of Palo Alto, 100 per cent of homes are now priced at seven figures or more.”

Mi amigo came back from the gym saying, “I can’t stand the people here. I guess I can’t stand the snooty billionaire class that has taken over the Bay Area.” I asked him: How was Straightsville? He said: “Lots of people out (about half “straight” and half Queer), and lots of baby strollers and literally everyone except the homeless was on their phone. At the gym, I heard some female go on about, “He didn’t like my eye shadow, and we had a major falling out over it.” *roll eyes* Assuming she was talking about her boyfriend or partner, the “straights” certainly do have a lot of really critically important things to think about, don’t they, such as eye shadow?

Mi amigo said: “These shallow and superficial wealthy people won’t know what hit them when there’s a nuclear exchange between the US and Russia or some other disaster because they haven’t paid attention to anything other than their shallow eye shadow news.” He said that the overwhelming majority of people out were young and white, both “straight” and Queer. That’s usually the morning crowd – young and white, and lots of dogs with the baby strollers. Check out that map. Chau.—el barrio rosa

Scott Penis (Mr PrEP) Now Wants A Job At The State Level (California)

Scott Penis is the type of conservative, heteronormative gay politician who instead of showing gay couples with children in his campaign literature shows a young, white “straight” couple with children. As one local resident wrote: “it will be good to get that slime ball out of city politics…he can’t do that much damage at the state level.” Yeah, well we’ll see.

Hola a todos. This article is about Scott Penis, also known as Mr PrEP to some people. He’s a local conservative, gay, pro-corporate, elitist, bourgeois-ruling class, anti-working class San Francisco politician. Just another scum of the Earth corporate parasite politician in other words. Scott Penis is not his real name, but it’s one of the names that some locals came up with to refer to him as. Other locals refer to him as Politician Cocks or Mr PrEP considering his “campaigning” for the bareback drug Travada (and that’s essentially what it’s used for: barebacking). I sometimes refer to Scott Penis as Politician Cocks given that the elitist pendejo has been obsessed with cocks/dicks/penises and not wanting to see them ever since he’s held public office in San Francisco. I assume he has a penis so he has to look at his own on occasion which must be traumatic for him. The conservative Castro merchants absolutely adore him and speak gushingly about him. One conservative merchant said, “He’s so professional.” Translation: He’s so conservative. I most often refer to Scott Penis as “The Holy and Indivisible Trinity” (that’s my original) after observing the behaviour of his older, Daddy-type, rabid, conservative, redneck supporters who — during his first term in office — nearly genuflected to him on Castro Street while they gushed over him and told him “wonderful job you’re doing, my boy.” Sigh. In their mind, he’s omnipotent, can do no wrong and is above reproach, and that’s why I refer to him as “The Holy and Indivisible Trinity.” And their “boy,” Politician Cocks, is in his 40s and has body-image issues. He looks like an overly tall conservative mortician.

During his first term, I observed two of his alleged supporters screaming at him. On two separate occasions, two of his Daddy-type and beer-belly supporters stopped him on the sidewalk on 18th Street near Castro to question why the gay bars were allowed to put their event signage on utility poles in The Castro — I thought the signage added nice colour to ugly drab gray poles — and “that should not be allowed” they screamed at him as their necks got redder and redder. Watching this spectacle from a short distance on at least two occasions, I thought to myself: Well keep it up Holy Trinity supporter. You’re going to have a stroke right here over signage on utility poles? That’s what you’re concerned about it is? Nothing else of importance going on in your sad pathetic life but your concern about signs on a pole? jesus! Of all the things to be concerned about.

It has become apparent to many locals that The Holy and Indivisible Trinity moved here from New Jersey to change San Francisco to the way he wants it with the help of the now-conservative gay community in San Francisco. He couldn’t just mind his own damn business and focus on (apparently boring?) New Jersey. I can picture him sitting in New Jersey fuming to himself: “I can’t stand what they’re doing out there in San Francisco and in that Castro Gay Mecca. They don’t need a gay mecca and with all the lewd and lascivious nudity behaviour that takes place out there, my god. Showing their penises and their asses; I wouldn’t dream of it! I’ve heard about it. I’ve even seen it on television. There’s nothing wrong with gay people living in the closet. As a good conservative, I find it disgusting what they’re doing in The Castro and in San Francisco and I’m going to stop it. (Yells to Mommy in the kitchen): Mommy, I’m going to move to San Francisco to change San Francisco to the way I want it and you’ll be real proud of me, mommy, you’ll see.”

I think that scene is very realistic considering what el pendejo has done since he arrived here.

But the main reason for this article is because The Holy Trinity is in his second term as part of the San Francisco Oligarchy (the capitalist ruling class city government). He ran for a second FOUR-YEAR term. And he knew it was a four-year term when he ran, just like the first term. But he also knew he wanted to run for office at the state level so he could fuck things up there too. Then he probably has a desire/goal of going from the state level to the US Oligarchy federal level government in the District of Columbia. That’s the way these corporate parasites operate. They fuck things up at one location (San Francisco) and then leave and the public is stuck with their idiotic and draconian policies but the self-serving corporate pendejo politician is long gone. I’ll be glad to get this asshole out of here so he can no longer do any more damage to San Francisco (although he’ll likely be replaced with someone even worse, if that’s possible, but that’s the way it usually works these days). But it doesn’t seem right to me and others whom I’ve talked with while writing this article that someone can run for a four-year term with the intention of (hopefully, in his mind) serving only 2 of the 4 years and then leaving for Sacramento (the state capital). If he were not interested in serving the entire 4-years he should not have run for re-election in the first place, and should be barred from leaving or serving in another position at the state level until his 4-year term is completed in San Francisco. As is typical with these sleazy politicians, he’s currently campaigning for his new job while he’s in his current job. Well, that implies he’s not “giving his all” to his current job because otherwise he wouldn’t have the time to do that. But in his case, I wouldn’t want him to “give his all” because he’s corporate scum and I and others want him to do as little as possible in his remaining time here. I can’t think of any other job where this job-seeking arrangement is allowed/permitted. When I worked in Manhattan (that’s what I call San Francisco’s Financial District) no one talked about their interest in another job while working their current job even when they were looking for another job. That was something one did not do under any circumstance. That was kept absolutely confidential because there could be repercussion if anyone found out that an employee planned to leave and go to another job. Talking with mi amigo/my friend about this, he said the same was true in his field. As he said, “you don’t talk about wanting to go to another job if you want to keep your current job.” But in this thoroughly sleazy and corrupt Cesspool called Politics, one of the “perks” is that you can be in your current job and blatantly be working to get to another job and that’s considered perfectly acceptable to everyone apparently, even to your stupid and gullible supporters. If I were one of Politician Cocks’s supporters (you couldn’t pay me enough!; I don’t support basura), I’d be pissed at what he’s doing because I would say: “Well hell, I voted for you for re-election and your re-election was for a four-year term, not two years. That was the deal. Now you’re telling me you weren’t really interested in/committed to the job in the first damn place so I feel used and deceived by dishonest you. But yet you wanted my support which I gave you (stupid me) and now you want to only “serve” 2 years of the job and then take off for Sacramento. Well fuck you, asshole! You’re no different than all the other political scum that we have feeding off the public trough.” I wouldn’t have any intention of voting for him to take a job at the state level until he had served his second four-year term in its entirety. But that’s not what I see happening around here with his conservative gullible supporters. Today, in the former Gay Mecca known as The Castro, the conservatives (merchants and homeowners especially) are putting up his campaign signs in their windows. Apparently what I just said about how I would feel about it — being used and deceived — has never occurred to them. His campaign signs look identical to his campaign signs for his first and second political campaigns, he just changed the text. Maybe his fool supporters are glad to see el pendejo leave too, but since these are his staunch conservative base/supporters who are putting his signs in their windows, I doubt they’re glad he’s trying to leave.

His opponent is doing the same thing. She’s running for the same job at the state level while serving her current job within the San Francisco Oligarchy. She’s far better than he is so maybe she will win but I wouldn’t bet on it, the way things work these days. La basura usually win. He has the full support of the San Francisco Oligarchy/Establishment (meaning the thoroughly corrupt undemocratic Democratic Party Machine in San Francisco). On the topic of police brutality, The Holy Trinity says “we need to stop demonising cops.” *roll eyes* He’s quite the boot-licker. Standing for what is right is put aside. All ethics and doing what is the right thing to do as a good human being are also put aside. This self-serving pendejo does whatever he thinks will most advance his corporate political “career” so if that means siding with police brutality that’s what he does. The scum of the Earth. And he’s also for cops being armed with tasers despite the reams of credible evidence against that. I was surprised to see that the conservative District Attorney has endorsed the other candidate and not The Holy Trinity. My, my what happened to the love affair between the DA and The Holy Trinity? You know there’s some chisme/gossip there! The DA campaigned for the hateful, anti-homeless sit-lie law (criminalising homelessness) we have that Politician Cocks also campaigned on for his first term. As someone told me, “Politician Cocks’s anti-homeless hate rhetoric ought to be enough in itself to disqualify him for any future office.”

Before The Holy Trinity unfortunately came along, I had never known of any gay guy quite like him before. Ever. I had never known of any conservative gay guys because from my experience gay and conservative were an oxymoron. Not today! WTF happened? All the gay guys I’d known or met were caring and compassionate human being and not rabid conservatives. But this guy is the opposite of all that. These days, with many politicians, hate is their operative vocabulary and elitist Politician Cocks has hated on the homeless ever since he was elected (assuming the election results were legit…never a guarantee of that with easily-hackable electronic voting machines).

Since Day One, Politician Cocks has deceivingly described himself as “a moderate” to try to hide his conservative agenda. There’s a saying in San Francisco that a “moderate” in San Francisco is really a conservative trying to disguise/hide their conservative agenda, and that’s exactly what Politician Cocks has turned out to be: A conservative. He hides behind the word “moderate” to appear less dangerous and conservative than he really is — he’s not fooling anyone — and to hide his draconian, pro-developer, pro-tech, anti-tenant, pro-wealthy, pro-bourgeois elite, anti-homeless, anti-poor (etc) agenda.

Mi amigo has the misfortune of seeing Politician Cocks occasionally. He says that Politician Cocks is usually glued to his phone appendage in his hand and is stalled frozen in the middle of the sidewalk staring at his screen. When I mentioned this to one local, he asked: “Is Politician Cocks trying to find a bareback sex date on one of his many sex apps??” Perhaps. Mi amigo says The Holy Trinity looks very unhealthy and is as “thin as a rail.” Possibly the side-effects of PrEP?

Scott Penis is also a strong proponent of the drug PrEP/Travada. He received some campaign dinero/$$$ from the pharma corporation that makes PrEP. Isn’t that convenient? So rather than advocate condom use and safer sex, he’s encouraged as many people as possible to get on expensive PrEP to prevent HIV infection. One does not need to take PrEP to prevent HIV infection if one has safer sex. Condoms are pretty effective for that. And a guy doesn’t need a condom at all if he just jacks off alone or with a partner. But apparently Politician Cocks needs more than jacking off to be sexually fulfilled. He claims PrEP “is one of the tools” he uses for preventing HIV infection and that it was difficult telling his mother about it. LOL. WTF? A guy in his 40s has to tell his mother what drugs he’s taking and what he’s doing sexually? If Politician Cocks is like most guys I see on the site I call ClosetList — and I have no reason to believe that he’s any different than they are — I suspect PrEP is the only “tool” he uses. So stop bull shitting people. The gay guys on ClosetList who say they’re on PrEP specifically mention PrEP in their ad because they want to bareback. They make that very clear. I can’t remember ever seeing a gay personal sex ad where PrEP was mentioned in addition to condom use. Nope, never seen that. From my observations, PrEP is code for bareback sex, period. But I suspect many gullible people fell for Politician Cocks’s alleged deception and his “one of many tools I use” bull shit. Politician Cocks, who tries to appear so very innocent and “wholesome” (I can’t stand that word), is so full of it and himself much of the time. One local resident said to me: “It would be interesting to know how many of his conservative base — including the corporatists he works for — have barebacked him and given him multiple loads for political favours. Perhaps that’s why he wanted to get on PrEP so he could take all loads (including Poz loads) from his Daddy supporters to please his conservative slave masters.” PrEP is a very strong and expen$ive drug with some very harmful side effects. But from my research and observations, most users of PrEP/Travada choose to dismiss the side effects as absolutely “harmless.”

I’ve never seen The Holy Trinity with anyone. He’s always alone. I can’t imagine who would want to be with him. He doesn’t have a boyfriend, or if he does, it’s a closeted situation where they can never be seen together in public. His smartphone stupidphone seems to be his “boyfriend” or is he constantly checking his phone for bareback sex dates from his Daddy-figure supporters? A couple of local residents have questioned whether Politician Cocks is even gay because as they told me (and I’ve already said) and I’m paraphrasing: I’ve never see him with a guy or with anyone and he acts so closeted, uptight and uncomfortable with himself. Is he really straight and saying he’s gay to exploit the conservative gay community for his conservative agenda? One person said to me: “It won’t surprise me in 10 years to hear that he’s married to a woman and they have children.” Well I don’t know about that. Who would want to be with that, regardless of their gender?

Then there are the one-issue gay people (sigh!) who support this guy because he’s gay and conservative. They — especially conservative upper-middle class homeowners with a bougi-elitist attitude and with that equal sign on their big hearse-black SUV — like his anti-homeless hate (even though there are many GLBTQ homeless). They like his prudish nudity ban and they like that he’s helped change ruin the Castro to the point where there’s nothing there now. They’re the same one-issue people who don’t care about or are willfully-ignorant about the heinous Bush/Cheney policies that their beloved “messiah” Obama has expanded upon. They don’t care or are completely ignorant about how many people he’s killed as a war criminal. Nor do they care about his many broken promises and the lies he’s told. If anything, they will make excuses for him because he’s done some window-dressing stuff for the gay community and that’s all that matters to these shallow and superficial one-issue people who don’t pay attention to anything else he’s done. That he calls himself a Democrat makes anything he does acceptable to these partisan Dembot basura. But when illegitimate George W Bush was in office, these hypocrites were screaming about the same or lesser policies. One local resident to me: “That’s why you’re seeing Politician Cocks’s signs in some people’s windows with Hillary signs directly above his. It’s that pathetic party line allegiance where they (like sheep) get in lockstep. Both Hillary and The Holy Trinity are repugnant politicians representative of the political cesspool. But they both have that “D” next to their name and that’s all that matters to shallow and superficial partisans. (In case you haven’t noticed by now, I despise Democrats and Republicans).

GLBTQs continue to leave San Francisco, and Politician Cocks is directly responsible for the continuing fading gay mecca. As I said earlier, it’s as if he sat in New Jersey hating the Gay Mecca and vowed to end it and make it “straight.” So, he moved his ass here and got the majority of conservative gullible GLBTQs to fall for him to accomplish his goal of making The Castro like “Family-Friendly” (GAG!) Walnut Creek, California, and that’s what’s happened. It’s pretty much the same story every time mi amigo tells me about his daily walks around The Castro: Market Street between Castro and Church Streets is now (what we call) “Straightsville” with the sidewalks full of him-tall/her-short hand-holding “straight” white couples and their fleets of condo-sized baby strollers. Birth control is out in the New Conservative, Lobotomised and Soul-less San Francisco. Breeding like mosquitoes is in. Down at 18th and Castro it’s the same story. Mi amigo says that today’s Castro looks like “straight” Noé Valley to him with mostly white (young) families/breeders. There are the occasional single Queer boyz and increasingly rare Queer couples holding hands — and occasionally getting nasty and disapproving anti-gay looks from some “straight” basura as I’ve written about previously — but the Queer boyz/couples are very much in the minority in the former Gay Mecca. So the Castro of today is the exact opposite of the way it was when I and mi amigo moved here. The Castro has been deliberately made into a “Family-Friendly” (ugh) Disney-fied (they’ve even planted non-native palm trees) empty shell of its former self with the help of self-serving, conservative gay Politician Cocks.

Speaking of GLBTQs leaving San Francisco, last week a moving van pulled up next door. The gay couple next door is leaving The Castro/San Francisco. I didn’t know them that well but they’re from the proudly-radical and alternative San Francisco of the past (the Old City). They’re moving to Palm Springs. I wished them well and didn’t ask why they were leaving because I’ve stopped asking that for the simple reason that when I was asking that question I kept getting the same vague, non-responsive answer from people. Most GLBTQs like to speak in code by saying, “Well, you know the City/The Castro has changed.” I’m thinking to myself upon hearing that: Yeah, we all know that. Could you be a bit more specifics, por favor, such as 1. I’m sick of the “straight” basura and their in-your-face make-out sessions around here and their fleets of baby strollers as they take over The Castro, and/or 2. I’ve had enough of the arrogant techie basura and/or 3. I’ve had enough of the outrageous costs of living here, and so forth. But no one ever says any of that. It’s always just this “Well, you know the City/neighbourhood has changed” as if they go out of their way not to offend the “straight” or techie basura.

I don’t really know why anyone would want to leave San Francisco — even with all the problems The City has today that I’ve written about — and move to the boiling-hot “retirement” sauna desert car-culture called Palm Springs. It looks very suburban down there from what I’ve seen and I’ve read comments from Palm Springs’s locals about it. I’ve read that coming from a major city it can be rather boring there because the pace of life is much slower. You really can’t be outside during the day (only early mornings and late evenings) because of the heat/boiling sun. But they do have a sizeable gay community there although it’s more of an older retirement-aged gay community if I’m not mistaken. They do have many clothing-option/nudity resorts. (The Holy Trinity should stay away from Palm Springs as he would freak out at that!) And the housing prices are cheaper there than they are in developer-greed-based San Francisco. But if one wants “suburban,” wouldn’t it be easier to just move to the Bay Area suburbs? If I were to move anywhere down there, my preference would be West Hollywood (WeHo). I’d prefer the side closest to the Hollywood Hills for bicycle riding. Although I realise what’s going on in San Francisco and The Castro is also taking place in West Hollywood (breeder “straights” moving in and taking over and developer’s/real estate greed with the “Luxury Condo” obsession and outrageous rents). But WeHo might be interesting, if one could afford it. The cost of living would probably be the same as in The Castro. There’s the unfortunate prejudice down there among the gay community against gay guys who live in West Hollywood. I’ve seen gay personal sex ads which specifically said, “No WeHo boyz” which I thought was ugly as if every gay guy in West Hollywood is the same. During the Old City days here in San Francisco, I used to see that same thing up here where some gay guys didn’t want to hook up with any Queers (known as The Castro Clones) who lived in The Castro.

But I was sorry to hear that the gay couple next door is leaving because that means that their house will likely be bought by yet another him-tall/her-short young, white stupid-sound “straight” couple. And if they’re like the others who have moved in here, they come with the very specific agenda of breeding like mosquitoes and squeezing out loud-screaming children to add even more huge condominium-sized baby strollers to the sidewalks. I’ve not heard or read that there are breeding “straight” couples and screaming children in gigantic strollers in Palm Springs. Hmmmmm. No screaming children or in-your-face cheating “straight” couples making out on the sidewalk? Hmmmmm. The more I think about it, Palm Springs is sounding better all the time. Chau.—el barrio rosa


PrEP: Gay guys like giving money to Big Pharma

Obama and the Transgender Activist

Bi Now Means Masculine And Not Bisexual

With some GLBTQ progress having been made over the past decade, one would think that gay guys would be the most “out and proud” these days that they’ve ever been. But no, that’s not the case. Instead they’re running from the word “gay” and running from their gay sexual identity as if ashamed of both and as if gay is now a “bad word.” They’re running back in the closet and continuing to describe themselves as “discreet” (the opposite of “out and proud”) and “DL” (down low or closeted). Most gay guys are now writing “bi” and/or “be bi or masculine” in their sex personal ads. Is there something in the water worldwide causing this loco behaviour?

Hola a todos. Did you know that “bi” now means masculine, and not bisexual? Yes, that’s how most gay guys are using the term “bi” to describe themselves. Recently in my article where I asked: What’s Wrong With Gay Dick?, I wrote about the thousands of gay guys all over the US and around the world who are today labeling themselves as “bi” in their gay personal sex ads even though they’re not bi. These are gay guys identifying themselves as “bi” and looking to suck dick but they’re usually only looking to suck “bi” or “straight/married” dick. How someone explain to me how “bi” or “straight” dick is any different than gay dick? These guys don’t want to suck gay dick for some reason. Gay shame? They’re very specific that they want “bi” or “straight” dick. Then there are the “bi” bottoms who are looking to get fucked. The “bi bottom” descriptor is new. I’ve not seen that until recently and it’s very curious. Since the guy is looking to get fucked, why is it important to know that he is supposedly “bi?” As a bottom, does it matter that he’s supposedly fucks pussy on other occasions when in this case he’s the one looking to get fucked? Why not just say, “bottom looking to get fucked” and leave off the “bi” bull shit/lie? I think it’s because he’s trying to let everyone know that he’s a masculine bottom and not a feminine bottom because “bi” is now used to mean masculine.

As I said in that article (link above), all of these guys are not bi in the original sense of the word — who do they think they’re fooling? — because human sexuality does not change this drastically and with such a large segment of the population as seen in gay sex personal ads on the site I call ClosetList. As I’ve written before, it’s as if the gay community has completely flipped out. For example, does anyone believe that the majority of gay guys in the former Gay Mecca of San Francisco are now bi? Who believes that? Nobody I’ve talked with believes it. I ran this by a very experienced psychologist-sexologist amigo of mine and when I told him about this he burst out laughing and shook his head (left to right) and said, “crazy world.” If one believes the majority of men for men sex ads on ClosetList, the gay community in San Francisco is no longer gay (WTF?), or at least the majority of guys posting on ClosetList in San Francisco as well as the Bay Area under the Men for Men category are not gay. I honestly think this is a case of gay shame which is really quite sad because I thought most gay guys had already worked through these repressive and gay-self-hate issues over the past decades, but apparently not. The gay community has been urged to “assimilate” (translation: go back in the closet) with the “straights.” And the ironic thing about this is that despite some GLBTQ progress having been made, one would think that even more gay guys would be “out and proud” instead of ashamed of their gay sexual orientation and hiding behind the word “bi” to appear more heteronormative when they have no interest in women. But that seems to be what’s happened. With more GLBTQ progress has come going back into the closet and calling yourself “bi.”

The comments had closed for my article (linked above) and a few gay guys e-mailed me about that article. One gay guy said he had hooked up with two different guys in the past six months for sex who in their ad described themselves as “bi.” He said he pretended to be bi too even though he has no interest in women when he responded to them because they only wanted to hook up with another bi guy. He told me he played what he thought was the “bi role” and talked about watching pussy porn together and asked this alleged bi guy about the last time he fucked a chick. That didn’t go anywhere he said. The supposed “bi” guy he responded to showed no interest in talking about pussy or about chicks. Instead, he kept going back to gay sex and sucking dick. At that point, he (the guy who e-mailed me) stopped pushing the “bi” script/talk because it was a dead-end topic. Interesting. Another gay guy wrote me and said he calls himself bi but all he means by that is that he’s masculine and he thought that’s what bi meant. So I wrote him back asking, “you didn’t think bi meant bisexual which is the original meaning of the word? He responded, “No, I thought bi now meant masculine because so many guys are using bi in their personals and I don’t believe that many guys are bisexual.” Oh, so he doesn’t believe it either. He said he’s not into women. Then the fourth gay guy said the bi thing in gay personal sex ads is “all bull shit just like their dick size.” He wrote, “I’m sure you’ve seen 9″cut printed in their ad but their pic looks more like 5-6.” Yes, I have seen that. I think they’re using internet inches or maybe they began measuring their dick length from their shoulder blades or somewhere. Wherever they’re measuring from it’s way off.

Since I wrote that article, I saw one guy’s ad that read, “Legit bi guy…” in one major US city. Oh, “legit.” Does that mean that this guy has received some flak for calling himself bi — and other guys know he isn’t — and called him on it? The curious thing about his ad was that it came across as if he was bull shitting despite the “legit bi guy” title. In his ad he wrote: My girl — “my girl” is how he referred to her which is fairly common language for these fake-bi guys’ ads — is home. I’m bored and hanging out in my hotel room looking to hook up with a good-looking dude who’s into jacking to pussy porn. I thought: Well, if you’re a legit bi guy (as you claim) and really into pussy (or is it all a fantasy?), what are you do sitting in your hotel room wanting to jack off with another dude to pussy porn and not home with your “girl” and working on your “girl’s” pussy? Or are you really not into your “girl,” OR is there really no “girl” at all? Is this just all heteronormative fantasy like all these other fake-bi guys out there with their gay shame?

To be clear, I’m not talking about the real bi guys out there. This article is not about them. I know there are some bisexual guys out there. But this is about gay guys who are on some heteronormative fantasy head trip and/or they’re just copying other guy’s ads who are using the word “bi” in their ad to mean they’re “masculine” or to appear more “straight” when they’re not into “girls” at all. One line I’ve seen in many fake-bi guy ads over the months is, “my girl is away.” The guy in the hotel room I just talked about in the previous paragraph has written many ads using that “my girl is away” line. I wrote about that too here awhile back. Judging by these ads, there are busloads of “girls” out of town. Mi amigo/My friend asked: Where do they all go that they are never with these fake-bi guys on ClosetList? And I’ve noticed that many gay jocks think they have to say they’re bi so they come off as more masculine. It’s part of the obnoxious jock personae as they pretend to be “straight” and try to be all heteronormative because they are ashamed to be gay and ashamed of the word “gay.” Just like the obnoxious supposedly gay sports bar in San Francisco is ashamed of the Rainbow Flag. The Rainbow Flag is apparently “too gay” for these conservative, obnoxious, loud-screaming jocks obsessed over wealthy corporate sports teams when they score a point or on the odd occasion they win a game. They don’t fly the Rainbow Flag at that sports bar except when they want to exploit GLBTQ tourists on Pride weekend (which in San Francisco has become nothing but a corporate commercial mostly attended by “straights”). Then their Rainbow Flag goes back into the closet the following Lunes/Monday until next year. When that bar opened a number of years ago, a local Queer boy astutely wrote, “The Gay Rights’ Movement ends at this bar.” That turned out to be true. It was around that time or a little after that the Gay Rights’ Movement died especially in now soul-less, lobotomised and techie San Francisco where GLBTQ activism is dead as (what remains of) the gay community has become conservative. And conservatives sneer at and mock protesters and protesting, except when they want to protest something. Then they get their Rent-A-Mob out and protest.

Gracias to the guys who e-mailed me with their experiences. I appreciate it.

Most bi gay guys are not bi. They’re merely using the word “bi” to make themselves sound more “masculine,” jock and heteronormative with their anti-gay/DownLow/closeted feelings that they still haven’t worked through where they think there is something wrong with being gay and that one is more of a Real ManTM and masculine/macho if one deceives others and lies by giving the false impression that one has sex with some fictitious “girl.” As one of commenters has said: We’re living in very strange times. Chau.—el barrio rosa

Music And Liturgical Review: The Day of Pentecost At Washington National Cathedral (Choirmaster Benjamin Straley)

The article is about the music and Liturgy at Washington National Cathedral (WNC) in the District of Columbia. WNC is a cathedral church of the worldwide Anglican Communion.

Hola a todos. They had some excellent music in the District this past Domingo/Sunday up at Washington National Cathedral on Mount St Albans. It was the Day of Pentecost: Whitsunday, and the Seventh Sunday of Easter. Pentecost is the longest season of the church year throughout the Anglican Communion and other christian denominations (Anglicans, Lutherans, Roman Catholics and a couple of others, depending upon the church) who honour the Liturgical Year.

For this Liturgy, Cathedral Organist and Assistant Director of Music, Benjamin Straley, expertly served as Choirmaster and he did a splendid job. I don’t remember ever seeing him conduct before but in my opinion his conducting style is far better than that of another choirmaster. Benjamin’s style as a choirmaster reminds me of the visiting excellent choirmaster from a parish church of the CofE (Church of England) I worked with in one of my church positions, and he and Benjamin have a very similar conducting style and overall refined style as a choirmaster. Benjamin beats time when he conducts and he wasn’t looking all around at the priests, vergers and towards the back of the Nave like another choirmaster does, but rather was very focused on his music stand (scores) and the Cathedral Choir of Men and Girls. From what I could tell from the camera work, he wasn’t conducting the hymns (or if he was, very subtly) but rather just starting them with the Choir, and he sung the hymns from his music stand it looked like. Hymns don’t need to be conducted like a certain choirmaster feels the need to do. The organist has played these hymns for decades and can easily set the tempo for the hymns and proceed on.

Since our Benjamin was serving as Choirmaster, there was a superb guest organist taking his place at the Cathedral’s Great Organ. He’s excellent and reminds me of our Benjamin’s playing. He looked familiar to me (has he been there before?), but I’m sorry I don’t know his name because it wasn’t printed on the service leaflet. (Why are the names of the organist and choirmaster rarely ever printed on the service leaflet? They only do so for “special” Liturgies. They never fail to leave off the names of the priests. Mi amigo said: That’s because the priest think they are the most important people there.) The guest organist played beautifully and is very skilled at improvisation (which is critically important in an Anglican Liturgy). I liked his hymn playing very much. It was very legato, full and lush, and his organ improvisation during the censing of the altar was very majestic and more on the High Church side. It was lovely. I have nothing but praise for him. Just like our Benjamin, he’s my kind of organist. (And because I like him, he probably won’t be back! (grin). Maybe he will fill in for Benjamin when/if he takes a holiday from his duties there.) And the celebrant priest took his time censing the altar during the processional hymn.

From observing this Liturgy, I got further confirmation that our Benjamin is High Church/a devout Anglican, as I had sensed he is from his superb playing. He bowed to the processional crosses as they passed (something I never see from another choirmaster) and bowed (the priests did also) during the appropriate place on the last verse of the first processional hymn. During the Consecration, he bowed his head in a prayerful manner (since he couldn’t kneel) and made the sign of the cross/blessed himself at the appropriate places during the Consecration, as well as elsewhere in the Liturgy (such as bowing for the name “Jesus Christ” when that appears as in “through Jesus Christ our Lord.”). He sets an excellent example of a High Church devout Anglican. Other than two of the Men of the Cathedral Choir on the right side (one being the excellent Cantor for that day), I saw no one else in the Cathedral Choir observing High Church practises, and I think that’s because they’re mostly Low Church.

For this High Holy day liturgy, they used incense the thurible to give the appearance of High Church. Other than approximately the first half of the Liturgy where I did see a little smoke coming out of the thurible, there was no indication that they used much incense. Are they concerned about complaints from the Low Church congregation? Is that why they barely use any incense? So that when someone whines to them about the incense they can say: “Well I’m sorry that you had a problem with it but you might be interested to know that the thurible was on near-empty from the start and it was completely empty after The Gospel reading, so the “smoke” you’re complaining about is entirely of your imagination because we barely used any incense. I suspect just the mere sight of the (empty) thurible is enough to arouse a complaint from you.” At the Anglo-Catholic parish where I served as organist-choirmaster for, we used lots of rosemary incense. I enjoyed the aroma of that and it got very smokey in there.

I didn’t see any smoke coming out of the thurible at all when the thurifer censed the congregation. He did a very nice job but he could have done more. It was rather short. And frankly, in a sense he shouldn’t have bothered at all although I’m glad he did. I didn’t appreciate the congregations lack of respect for the Liturgy at that point, at least the congregation within camera view. That was annoying to me. What is with this disrespectful congregation sitting near the Sanctuary area? They didn’t even have the sense or respect to bow to the thurifer either time. What is wrong with people?! They just stood there staring at him like zombies. They might as well have been in a Southern Baptist church (ugh!) where they wouldn’t know a thurible if they saw one. Upon reflection, maybe that’s where they had intended to go and mistook the directions. Mi amigo said: Maybe the congregation is so Low Church that they don’t know that you’re supposed to bow to the thurifer. Perhaps. But just by instinct one would think they would do so.

“Keeping Up Appearances:” Giving the Appearance of Using Incense

The lack of incense in the thurible reminded me of Hyacinth Bucket (“it’s Bouquet”) of the British comedy, Keeping Up Appearances, and the skis she wanted on the top of the car because the Caradines (spell check?) had skis on their car. Remember that? So she bought Richard skis for his cumpleaños/birthday. Richard, Hyacinth’s esposo/husband, questioned this gift because, well, neither of them ski. That was immaterial to Hyacinth as she explained to Richard that you don’t need to ski, you just give the impression that you ski by having skies on top of your car. (Then he remembered the Caradines having skis on their car and he concluded that’s where this idea from Hyacinth originated). Then Emmett from next door — Hyacinth’s divorced neighbour who plays the piano beautifully! — saw the skis on Hyacinth’s car and questioned them and she explained they were going to her sister Violet’s (she’s the one with that large house you know, swimming pool and room for a pony). He said he didn’t know that Violet lived that far north (for skis). LOL. Well, back to WNC: That’s what WNC does with the incense. They don’t use incense in any large amount (it’s never like St Mary The Virgin, also known as “Smokey Mary’s” in Manhattan). They at WNC just like to give the impression that they use incense by dragging out the thurible on High Holy days to have whispers of smoke come from it now and then, purely for show/theatre purposes and keeping up appearances. But they do try, bless them. They don’t have to use the thurible at all; they could leave it locked up in the cabinet where frankly I think they would prefer that it remain. Mi amigo/My friend saw the thurifer lightly swinging the thurible during the final processional hymn and said, “How pathetic! There’s not a bit of smoke coming out of that thing.” There wasn’t. It was dead. Now I know our Benjamin has more than enough to do but maybe they should let him prepare the thurible and then it would be done properly because he was/is — or it is on hold now because of his duties as Organist and Assistant Director of Music? — studying to be an Anglican priest. And the more I see from him, I think he would make a very fine Anglo-Catholic/High Church priest.

For this Liturgy, the Cathedral Choir of Men and Girls performed the following anthems:

Offertory: Leo Sowerby/Come, Holy Ghost
Communion: Thomas Tallis/Loquebantur variis linguis

And the Anglican Chant (for psalm 104) was a setting by George Walsh.

They have stopped chanting the responses before and after The Gospel reading just as I had thought. If only they would use the responses that they use at St Thomas Church Fifth Avenue in Manhattan (which one can hear in any of their audio webcasts of their Sunday Festal Holy Eucharist liturgies during the school year when the trebles are there). I’ve always liked those responses, especially the response after The Gospel where the trebles soar up to that top note. Although that top note is never the same because the key that the organist uses for the response is based on the key (signature) for the Sequence Hymn immediately before The Gospel. So sometimes that response is lower on the scale and other times the trebles end up gloriously in the stratosphere. That’s followed by a High Church sassy organ improvisation (just like the guest organist played at WNC for this Liturgy: The Day of Pentecost), or a more subdued improvisation or a combination of both styles.
And speaking of that, one of the highlights of this Liturgy was the organ improvisation following the reading of The Gospel. When I heard it, I said to my screen: Oh, all right! We’re now at St Thomas Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. Yes, it was that good. He played a superb High Church fanfare improvisation following The Gospel reading to get the acolytes and gospeller (she didn’t seem to be big on incense) back into the Sanctuary area. It was wonderful! Although I don’t know that all of the Low Church people there appreciated it. His improvisation was in two styles ending in a more meditative setting. Like our Benjamin, the guest organist is a superb improviser, which is indeed a very special talent and art form. Not everyone can improvise especially as superbly as Benjamin and this guest organist do. Organists of this high caliber have usually studied improvisation under specific highly-regarded and respected organists who excel in the art of improvisation.

The final organ voluntary for this Liturgy was Variation sur le thème ‘Veni Creator’ by the French composer, Maurice Duruflé. I especially like Duruflé. It was beautiful. Was that the 64′ at the end? I’m quite sure he used the 64′ for some of the hymns, such as Down Ampney (Come Down, O Love Divine). That last verse was glorious; I can imagine how it sounded live in the Nave. It would put a lump in one’s throat. My headphones had a nice, rich rumbling bass sound. And how often does one have a 64′? Not often. The most I ever had in my church jobs was a 32′, so one might as well take full advantage of the 64′ when you have it. Work it, which he did! Muchas gracias. And the guest organist looked like he was enjoying himself and as superbly (and High Church) as he played he should have!

La producción/Production/The Camera Crew

La producción has changed their style and they’re now doing more of what turned me off from watching the liturgies at Trinity Wall Street (TWS). I do miss watching/hearing the superb Trinity Choir of Trinity Wall Street in Lower Manhattan. But I stopped watching their Liturgies because I became too frustrated with the camera work at TWS. Rather than keeping the camera on the musicians performing at Trinity Wall Street, their camera goes off scanning slowly down the High Altar when the Choir is singing, parking on a stained glass window, the columns or slowly scanning the ceiling of the Nave (which never changes). At WNC, they’re now doing similar camerawork I think to give a “poetic” or “artsy” effect or something. It’s annoying. They only show these scenes when the musicians (the Cathedral Choir of Men and Boy/Girls and our Benjamin) are performing and that’s when one’s eyes should be on the musicians and not off looking at windows or the ceiling. The same complaint I had with TWS. Inept is the best way to describe their camera crew at TWS. WNC used to have a superb camera crew — I never had any complaints about them — and they stayed focused on the Liturgical aspects, rather than the building. But in recent months that has changed. It was especially bad/frustrating during the 8 May 2016 Liturgy when our Benjamin was improvising during Communion. Rather than watching him — which is what I wanted to do — they showed scenes of las flores/flowers and parked on those for awhile, to the point where I thought someone had completely forgotten about the camera and that it was stuck on flowers. Then the large stained-glass window was shown which I’ve seen many times before. Mi amigo/My friend said, “I think they’re trying to emulate what organist Diane Bish did in her programme, The Joy of Music. Yes, it looks like that’s what they’re trying to do. The problem with that is that Diane was in a different parish or cathedral church each week, and not in the same building. It made sense for her to do that — but she never did so at the expense of the music where you felt frustrated that the camera wasn’t on her — but it doesn’t make sense in this context. I would also point out that they don’t show the stained glass windows, columns, zoom in on flowers — and I love flowers but I choose to look at them at a certain time and not when I want to watch Benjamin — and the ceiling when the priests are speaking, celebrating or giving their Homily. The camera stays on the priest speaking. Again, it’s only when the musicians are performing that someone there thinks we don’t need to see them all the time. Back to the 8 May Liturgy that I mentioned earlier: Then when the trebles began their entrance for the Communion Anthem, the camera was on a stained glass window so we didn’t even see the boys. Then the camera fleetingly showed the boys and then we were sent back to a stained glass window. Sigh. (What is with their obsession with stained glass windows?) This is the same frustrating stuff they’ve done at Trinity Wall Street. Why don’t they create a page on their website of pictures of all of their stained glass windows and viewers can go to that page and look at all of their windows for as long as they want if their attention span is too short for watching the musicians. Although I think most people would have even less attention span for looking at flowers. I get the distinct impression that production thinks that the musicians are boring to watch. Not to me they’re not. That’s one of the reasons I’m watching your Liturgies to begin with! Here’s a suggestion: Why not do a virtual tour of the Nave during each Homily (except for the Bishop’s/Interim Dean’s Homily). You have plenty of time during each Homily to show every stained glass window in the Cathedral (depending upon how long you park on each one), show the Nave and Transepts in detail and the chapels as well. You could even go outside and go up to the top of the Cathedral and show us a panoramic view of the District from up there. That would be pretty, provided it’s a clear day. You can show the priest occasionally — as a quick reminder of who’s giving the Homily — but do an in-depth tour for the entire length of the Homily. (Yeah right, I’m sure we’ll never see that.)

Well enjoy this more High Church Liturgy. They don’t come around that often at Washington National Cathedral, so you have to take them/enjoy them when you can. Chau.—el barrio rosa

Cycling in San Francisco Has Become Much Less Diverse

Hola a todos. For years, mi amigo/my friend has ridden his bicycle from San Francisco’s Castro barrio (the former Gay Mecca) over to El Condado de Marin/Marin County. Marin is the county north of San Francisco across the Golden Gate Bridge. So he rides over the Golden Gate Bridge to the Marin Headlands and back to The Castro, which takes about 2.5-3 hours round trip.

Today when he returned, I asked him as I usually do: “How was your ride?”

He said: The City wasn’t crowded, but the Golden Gate Bridge was very crowded, which is the opposite of the way it has been for years on Sábado/Saturday mornings. Most of the cyclists were young white males. No ethnic diversity really. This is not the way it used to be. The cyclists were coming from The City (going to Marin) and the cyclists show that The City is becoming very much less ethnically diverse than it used to be. This is very likely due to the young, white techie basura gentrification of San Francisco. So as some of us thought would be the case, we’re quickly losing our ethnic diversity as San Francisco becomes a sanitised playground for the super-wealthy and one-percent class. There were a few female riders but no Queer boys the way there used to be. And he said that the back trails are becoming full of hikers and they are mostly younger white males and females in their teens and early 20s. There are so many more people over there now as well as in San Francisco that the trails have become much wider than they used to be from overuse and they’re now ditched from so many people walking on them. He says the same is true up on San Francisco’s Twin Peaks with those trails and overpopulation.

I read the other day that the Black population in San Francisco is almost nonexistent today. The Fillmore barrio of San Francisco used to be known as Harlem West.

I asked him: How many riders were on their smartphones stupidphones?

He said: Surprisingly, I saw no phones. I think the phone addicts come out later. They’re the “doodler riders” which means they only come out on weekends when it’s warm out. They’re not the ‘serious’ riders.

Thought I’d pass this along. Chau.—el barrio rosa

A Reminder: Remember To Walk Your Phone!

Prickly Pear Cactus Flower

Prickly Pear Cactus Flower

Hola a todos. Just a gentle reminder to everyone to remember to walk your phone. It’s of utmost importance (apparently). It used to be called “walking your dog,” but these days from what I’ve seen with most people in Techie-Zombie San Francisco their dog is just an accessory tagging along behind looking depressed and ignored by their supposed careperson while s/he is instead hunched over walking their phone and mesmerised entirely with whatever drivel is on that screen which is shining like a flashlight on their face for any potential mugger to clearly see. I see this all the time on my bike rides. I used to be annoyed by it but after talking with mi amigo/my friend I take a different approach. Mi amigo says: Really when you think about it, this is quite good for you because the phone zombie/idiot walking their phone is the easy target for any mugger — so the mugger will leave you alone — and the person walking their phone won’t know what hit them. That’s a very good point. And that’s especially true when they’re walking their phone between 11pm and midnight as phone zombies do. So, again, everyone remember to walk your phone, por favor. Chau.— el barrio rosa

UPDATE: I’ve noticed that smartphones stupidphones — I call them stupidphones because of this article from zdnet: Smartphones: Transforming society into a sea of stupid and from observing people’s stupid behaviour while they’re on them — are now an integral part of ads and programmes on la televisión (the US corporate media networks). Except for the corporate ads from US telecommunications companies, the stupidphone has nothing to do with what’s being promoted in the ad, but the advertiser makes certain that stupidphones are shown in their ad. Is that so the company appears “hip” and “cool?” I saw an ad for chocolate. The chocolate company made sure to show stupidphones in their ad even though the stupidphone has nothing to do with chocolate. Before stupidphones were (unfortunately) invented, advertisers didn’t make sure they showed people on landline phones in their ads. So why do they feel they must show this new toy? Is it to try to get more stupid people addicted to them? It’s a form of brainwashing = your stupidphone must be a part of anything you do in life and remember to do a silly (stupid) group “selfie,” which you’ll look at once and likely never look at again. Or the ad for frozen waffles: A family of four in the ad with three of them on their stupidphones in the kitchen (they each have a stupidphone). Their son who’s not on a stupidphone grabs the presumably hot waffle out of the toaster with his bare hand but doesn’t get burned somehow. Then they all stare at him with a surprised look because they’ve been glued to their stupidphones like a bunch of tech zombies and not paying attention to the waffle in the toaster. Even the new telenovelas are making sure to include and show stupidphones being used and the actors receiving text messages as part of the story line. As a friend of mine who has a stupidphone said to me recently: “You might be surprised to know that I agree with you. It’s as if tech is out-of-control and there’s a very deliberate and unhealthy attempt for tech to overly control our lives.” Yes. Not that I live under any illusions that the tech zombies will change their current stupidphone-addicted behaviour. Chau.—el barrio rosa