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The Anti-Gay Agenda in San Francisco

This post if part of the series: “There must be something in the water.”

Since some conservative gay homeowners in San Francisco prefer to live around “straight” people and not among other gay people, why didn’t these elitist gay homeowners stay where they were decades ago instead of moving to San Francisco during the Gay Mecca days?

El 22 septiembre de 2014. Hola, this topic boils me so I’ll try to be concise. San Francisco has had rent control as long as I’ve lived here. Rent control in San Francisco applies to any residential building constructed before 1979, so therefore any apartment building built after 1979 is not under rent control. But despite that, for years the shills and hacks for the Real Estate Industrial Complex and their Corrupt Liars have whined that developers refuse to build new buildings here because of San Francisco’s rent control laws. In reality, developers today seem to be building new buildings for the very wealthy just fine, and the new buildings are not under rent control. They’re typically called “Luxury Designer Condos” (Dahling).

The Real Estate Industrial Complex and their Corrupt Liars as well as conservative elitist homeowners despise rent control. The hypocrisy in that is that many, if not most, of these homeowners today were most likely tenants/renters themselves in the past in San Francisco, and so they benefited from the same rent control laws that they now want to abolish. Such hypocrisy is so typical of the US of Hypocrisy.

The majority of what remains today of the GLBTQ populace in San Francisco are tenants in rent-controlled apartments.

Currently, there is yet another attempt to remove rent control apartments off the market in San Francisco with Proposition G on the November 2014 ballot.

Yes on G: “Save Rent Control”

The so-called “progressive” Harvey Milk GLBTQ Club endorses “yes” on Prop G (“Save Rent Control”). The conservative Alice B Toklas Club has taken a “no endorsement” position. I had expected the Alice Club to endorse “no” on Prop G to favour the conservative homeowners and the Real Estate Industrial Complex and their Corrupt Liars. Conservative, corporatist Politician Cocks—who claims to be gay (although I’ve never seen him with anyone and he does try to be heteronormative)—has also taken a “no endorsement” position. That’s rich. I would have expected him to align himself with the Real Estate Industrial Complex and their Corrupt Liars, as they are helping to fund his re-election campaign. Maybe he’s taken the “no endorsement” route because he’s up for re-election so he is charading as “neutral” on the matter? Anyone fooled by that?

For those who don’t know, San Francisco is in the midst of a deepening affordable housing crisis, although most people erroneously omit the word “affordable” when talking about our affordable housing crisis. They just say we have a housing crisis, which is bull shit. There’s no shortage of housing for the wealthy in San Francisco. As I’ve written before, long-time San Franciscans are being forced out of the City by rampant tech gentrification. New (techie) residents moving into the city are being charged rents that only the very wealthy can afford. The scum from the Real Estate Industrial Complex and their Corrupt Liars from all across The Cesspool (the US/los Estados Unidos) and internationally are buying up apartment buildings in San Francisco and turning them into “Luxury Designer Condos” (Dahling) as well as short-term rentals. This is diminishing our affordable housing supply and is consequently removing rent-controlled units from the market. The conservatives/libertarians/right-wing and wealthy are currently enjoying their wet dream come true for this city. For decades they have wanted what is currently happening to this city. Today, they now love this city that they once—not long ago—claimed to despise. I have certainly noticed that when the Real Estate Industrial Complex Shills and Hacks troll on local message forums, they come across as arrogant and smug assholes, and usually dumping on rent control. I’ve also noticed that homeowners/property owners in San Francisco have this reputation for thinking that just because they own property that their opinion matters more than that of other people, and that being a homeowner entitles them to special rights.

Whether one is a long-time homeowner, a tenant in a rent controlled apartment or has just moved here for a job in the Tech Surveillance-State Industrial Complex which is ravaging this city, real estate liars and their speculation are continuing to put our barrios at risk by displacing non-wealthy tenants they don’t want living here (they only want the wealthy to live here) from their homes, driving up the cost of housing and eroding our barrios for the average person. Anyone who is not (extremely) wealthy is at risk from speculation.

Some details about Proposition G:

The proposed speculator tax of Proposition G is focused exclusively to discourage the quick purchase and re-sale of apartment buildings. Only speculators pay this tax. The tax would be imposed only on multi-unit buildings that are bought and re-sold in less than five years. There is no tax on all single-family homes, condos, or owner occupied housing units (including Tenancies-In-Common). If Proposition G passes, that will supposedly discourage the flipping of apartment buildings—although in my opinion at the rate things are going I wouldn’t be surprised if they were to find some way around this to continue the flipping of apartment buildings—and encourage long-term investment in existing and new (affordable?) housing.

In my area of Castro/Upper Market in San Francisco, I’ve seen gay homeowners with “No on G” signs in their window. I was saddened and disgusted to see that. What that tells me is that some gay homeowners think more about their own financial situation than they do about anybody else. It also tells me that even though they are gay, they are anti-gay and elitists. Because should Proposition G fail, that will force more and more of what remains of the GLBTQ populace out of the city. And who will replace them as tenants? Well, based on who is moving in here at this time the GLBTQ tenants will be replaced by more “straight” young, white, wealthy techie people as the city continues to lose its ethnic diversity and its GLBTQ population. The conservative Oligarchy of San Francisco (which includes supposedly gay Politician Cocks) seem to have the goal of making San Francisco “The Techie Capital” for the Tech Surveillance-State Industrial Complex. Some residents have complained about el alcalde/the mayor and his corporate billionaire owner of the tech industry and the mayor’s absurd policies of obsessing over one industry: tech, and giving corporate welfare through tax breaks to that industry when techie companies base their company in San Francisco. Detroit focused on one industry and look at Detroit today. And for some time now, there has been credible talk about the tech bubble bursting.

This is part of San Francisco’s plan to make this city a conservative city of and for the wealthy, which is currently underway. By gay homeowners displaying “No on G” signs, I would assume that they prefer “straight” (and mostly white) people over other GLBTQ people living here. If they wanted to live around “straight” and mostly white people rather than other Queer people and ethnic diversity, why didn’t these conservative gay homeowners stay where they were decades ago instead of moving to San Francisco during the (now-fading) Gay Mecca days? Chau.—el barrio rosa


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San Francisco’s Politician Cocks is on PrEP? Or a publicity stunt?

PrEP is only for people who are at ongoing substantial risk of HIV infection. See bottom of the page for more details on PrEP/Truvada.

Picture 1268El 22 de septiembre de 2014. Hola, I saw mi amigo yesterday and he asked me: “Did you hear that ‘The Holy Trinity’ is on PrEP?” I said: Yes I did, can you believe that? Why would he need to be on PrEP? Mi amigo said: Exactly! Who would be that desperate to want to have sex with that piece? I said: Well, some people are asking, “Does he get laid?” One wouldn’t think so. Mi amigo told me that he read that Politician Cocks said that the most awkward thing about revealing that he’s taking PrEP was telling his mother he’s on PrEP. Well if she’s as prudish and conservative as he is—which I would guess she is—that’s understandable, I suppose. But rather than sounding like an adult, Politician Cocks sounded like he’s in high school and having to tell his mother about what he’s doing sexually, at age 44. It also sounds like she too is surprised that he has sex. Who would have ever guessed that the conservative prude—who looks like an undertaker at a funeral home—that authored the San Francisco city-wide nudity ban is on this luxury sex drug PrEP and presumably barebacking since that’s the reason one takes PrEP. Loco. “There must be something in the water” seems to be a recurrent theme these days. But after thinking about this while writing this post, it’s so typical: These days, of course a conservative prude would be barebacking and want to be on PrEP and all the negative consequences with that drug.

Politician Cocks, known as “The Holy Trinity” to some of his rabid conservative believers who seem to see him as their saviour (it’s another “messiah complex” thing going on here) told the corporate media recently that he’s on PrEP, which—cutting through all the bullshit and newspeak provided by AIDS/HIV organisations—is the drug that muchachos who want to bareback take in hopes that they won’t get pozzed. That’s the bottom line. But PrEP is not completely effective. If taken every day, PrEP has been shown to reduce the risk of HIV infection in high risk people by up to 92%. But PrEP is much less effective if it is not taken every day. And the way that some (if not most) HIV/AIDS organisations promote PrEP, one gets the impression they’re working for the Corporate Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex. Do some of these organisations with their bloated executive salaries get any funding or a kickback from that industry?

Then a day later I saw mi amigo and he said to me (I’m putting this in my own words): You know, the timing of this announcement from Politician Cocks is very curious. It very odd. Is Politician Cocks really on PrEP, or is this a publicity stunt to give this basura more attention which he craves? He’s in his re-election campaign and running mostly unopposed (as far as the corporate media are concerned, which includes the main gay publication in San Francisco which serves as a shill and hack for the conservative San Francisco Oligarchy/the misnamed “Democratic” party Establishment). Why would Politician Cocks announce during a re-election campaign that he’s supposedly on PrEP and that he wants more gay guys on this (toxic) drug? Has he received a campaign contribution (dinero/money) from the pharmaceutical company that makes PrEP and this is his way of “paying them back?” Is that why he wants more people to use PrEP/buy it? If he really cared about gay guys as he pretends, Mr Holier Than Thou would urge gay guys to have safer sex, not take PrEP (bareback/unsafe sex). This muchacho doesn’t give a fuck about gay guys. As some people in San Francisco have said, he’s thrown the gay community under a Google bus and helped to gentrify the GLBTQ populace out of the city. He only thinks about: himself and his conservative political career (and assuming he’s on PrEP) where the next bareback fuck is coming from. Would the San Francisco Oligarchy go along with the lie that their conservative Politician Cocks is on PrEP? Of course they would. Put nothing past them. How can one tell when a politician is lying? When his/her mouth is moving. This corrupt city government is as corrupt as the government at the federal level. Show me a government anywhere that’s not corrupt. Show me a government anywhere that won’t lie to the people and won’t say anything for their conservative corporatist agenda.

Assuming Politician Cocks is on this luxury sex drug PrEP as he claims, he has a monthly co-payment of $15.00 because he’s covered by the San Francisco Oligarchy’s health plan. The list price for PrEP/Truvada is (from what I’ve seen) between $1,000-1,400.00 a month. In general, other health plans that come with high deductibles may “cover” their patients but the patient may not be able to afford the high co-payment for this toxic drug PrEP which is not mandatory to one’s life and is a luxury sex drug so one can bareback, instead of having safer sex.

If this is a publicity stunt on Politician Cock’s part, it hasn’t received much publicity—I’ve heard no one talking about it when I’ve been out and about—although it’s been covered my some major corporatist publications on the west and east coasts of The Cesspool/the US/los Estados Unidos.

As I was telling mi amigo: I’ve never seen Politician Cocks with anyone when I have the misfortune of seeing his face. He’s always alone and usually in his conservative funeral-black suit hunched over and staring down at his stupidphone and fucking with that (even in dark places at night in a major city; not a very intelligent thing to do). Is he trying to line up the next bareback fuck perhaps? Occasionally, I see some of his conservative rabid disciples rushing over to shake his hand and nearly genuflecting to him as if they consider him some celebrity. He loves the attention from his fawning minions—giving them a wide, broad smile as if to say, “I’m working for you rabid conservatives because you’re my base and I know you love what I’m helping to do to make this city conservative”—as they pump up his big head/ego even more so than it already is.

Mi amigo who has some experience in his past with sex workers said that if Politician Cocks is on PrEP that he would guess that he uses escorts/sex workers and pays them in cash. That way he can remain anonymous since he is part of the San Francisco corporatist Oligarchy (corporatist politicians who work for their corporate owners). As I said earlier, he’s one of the conservative corporatist parasites helping to ruin this city before he leaves and (as rumour has it) takes off for Sacramento to help continue to ruin things at the state level. These corporatist politicians are like tornadoes and hurricanes. They come in here from other places—Politician Cocks is from New Jersey—and help ruin the city by changing the city to the way they want it and then they leave. We’re then stuck with their conservative aftermath and (draconian) laws. Meanwhile, they’ve gone to the state level so they can fuck things up there too. Then after they’re done there (termed-out) then off to the federal level to the District of Columbia to really make a mess of things in the cesspool called the US congress (house and senate) or la casa blanca.

Assuming he’s on PrEP, Politician Cocks—who tries to be heteronormative—might be one of those gay guys (he says he’s gay) who writes in their sex ads: You’ll come to my place and the door will be ajar, lights out and music playing or a sex video, you come in, eat my ass out and mount my ass, breed my hole bareback and then leave. No talking, no chit-chat. Just hot bareback sex and we never see each other. Completely anonymous. I’ll be blindfolded. After you breed my hole, you leave and say nothing. NSA (that stands for “no strings attached”) That’s an ad I’ve read many times on the site I call ClosetList. Of course this behaviour (in that ad) is rather stupid especially in a major city because anyone (including someone who’s anti-gay) could respond to such an ad and pretend to want to have sex with this gay boy and that could lead to major problems/trouble.

And are some gay guys lying about being on PrEP? I’m now wondering about that. There’s a sex ad on ClosetList at this time. The muchacho claims to be a bi MWM (married white male) and taking all loads (meaning poz and neg loads) and he claims he’s been on PrEP for 3 years. Unless I’m missing something here, how can he have been on this luxury sex drug for 3 years when PrEP/Truvada did not receive FDA approval until July 2012, which is only about 2 years ago.

I would imagine that most muchachos approach their doctors enquiring about taking PrEP by bullshitting the doctor and saying, “You know doctor, I’ve been thinking, in addition to condoms, I would like more protection to prevent HIV so I’d like to take (unspoken: this toxic drug) PreP, if you would agree to that.” That’s what I’ve read that guys tell their doctor. What they don’t tell their doctors is that they have no intention of using a condom in the first place. Then the doctor is thinking: Hmmmmm, that will give me more office visit$ from this client and I could certainly use that extra income/dinero/money, and then there’s the te$ting required which will generate even more dinero/money, so yes, this is looking very good, so then the doctor responds: “Well yes, we can certainly look at that and you might be a very good candidate for PrEP.” I’ve seen sex personal ads on ClosetList and the guys are quite clear as to their intent: If they mention “Neg + PrEP” in their ads they specifically say they want to BB and that they’re neg (HIV-). One muchacho on ClosetList in San Francisco says in his ad: No condoms, no pulling out, raw BB/bareback sex only. And he has stated in previous ads that he’s on PrEP, but sometimes he omits that from his ad. Then one muchacho in Los Ángeles did say he’s looking for BB, but “wrapped is cool too.” But seeing “wrapped” in an ad is unusual.

Among gay and bisexual muchachos, those who were given PrEP were 44% less likely overall to get HIV than those who were given a placebo pill.

Blood tests are required every three months: In addition to getting regular blood tests done when on PrEP, there are the side effects of the drug, such as upset stomach or loss of appetite. Common Truvada side effects may include: headache, mild dizziness, depressed mood; strange dreams; mild itching or skin rash; or changes in the shape or location of body fat (especially in your arms, legs, face, neck, breasts, and waist). The very short-term side effects of PrEP include headaches, weight loss and gastrointestinal problems like nausea, diarrhea and abdominal pain. These side effects usually resolve in the first few weeks or so after starting PrEP. PrEP/Truvada can also worsen kidney health. Some people experience minor reductions in their bone and kidney health, which can be reversible when PrEP is discontinued. But the kidneys seem to be heavily effected (negatively) by PrEP from my research.

One would think that anyone in the San Francisco Oligarchy taking PrEP would cause the insurance rates to go up for the city health plan overall (meaning for everyone else) because of the expense of this drug alone as well as increased doctor visits, the refills and the added attention to an HIV prevention programme. And assuming Politician Cocks is taking PrEP as he says, it’s a luxury sex drug that Politician Cocks takes because he refuses to change his sexual behaviour. Because again, PrEP is for people who are at ongoing substantial risk of HIV infection. To me, that’s extremely irresponsible on his part but I haven’t seen anyone saying this, including his blind-allegiance disciples who think he can do no wrong.

There are other sexual diseases one can get from barebacking, not just HIV, such as:

As a (bareback) bottom:
Hepatitis B
HIV ***
HPV (warts)
Unknown: Hepatitis C

As a (bareback) top:

Hepatitis B
HPV (warts)
Unknown: Hepatitis C

“Barebacking carries risks of STD transmission even without ejaculation, such as herpes, gonorrhea, chlamydia and syphilis infections can be transmitted without any cum present. HIV has been isolated from pre-cum and could be transmitted even without full ejaculation. The risk of transmitting HIV without ejaculation is lower than with ejaculation, but there is still some risk involved.” [Source: San Francisco City Clinic]

I agree with mi amigo. I don’t know who would be that desperate to have sex with Politician Cocks in the first place. I would imagine that a paid escort/sex worker would likely say to himself: “Oh, the things I fuck to pay my rent/mortgage.” Chau.—el barrio rosa


Targeting PrEP to High-Risk Gays Would Lower HIV—For a Huge Price

More info on PrEP/Truvada:

Pre-exposure prophylaxis, or PrEP, is a way for people who do not have HIV but who are at substantial risk of getting it to prevent HIV infection by taking a pill every day. The pill (brand name Truvada) contains two medicines (tenofovir and emtricitabine) that are used in combination with other medicines to treat HIV. When someone is exposed to HIV through sex or injection drug use, these medicines can work to keep the virus from establishing a permanent infection. When taken consistently, PrEP has been shown to reduce the risk of HIV infection in people who are at high risk by up to 92%. PrEP is much less effective if it is not taken consistently.

Before starting PrEP, ensure the patient is HIV-negative. Although antibody tests help establish a person’s status with a high level of reliability, it’s only as good as the window period for initial HIV infection. Should a patient have recent high-risk activity after an earlier negative antibody result but before they start PrEP, they could still be infected. In this case, it may be wise for them to wait to get another test later and start PrEP based on the second result or to have an HIV RNA test conducted. In a small number of people in PrEP studies, the person was actually infected, but hadn’t produced enough antibodies to test positive. In some of these cases, the person went on to develop drug resistance to the components of Truvada.

PrEP is not just about taking a pill every day. Individuals who decide to take PrEP will need to see their doctors at least every three months for routine care and testing. They’ll need to talk about their current sexual activity, their level of risk, STDs, routine test results and any side effects. This means more doctor visits, refills, co-pays, and extra attention to an overall HIV prevention strategy for people who decide to use PrEP. [Source: PrEP Brochure]

Truvada may increase your risk of certain infections or autoimmune disorders by changing the way your immune system works. Symptoms may occur weeks or months after you start treatment with Truvada. Tell your doctor if you have: signs of a new infection–fever, night sweats, swollen glands, mouth sores, diarrhea, stomach pain, weight loss; chest pain (especially when you breathe), dry cough, wheezing, feeling short of breath; cold sores, sores on your genital or anal area; rapid heart rate, feeling anxious or irritable, weakness or prickly feeling, problems with balance or eye movement; trouble speaking or swallowing, severe lower back pain, loss of bladder or bowel control; or swelling in your neck or throat (enlarged thyroid), menstrual changes, impotence, loss of interest in sex. An HIV test is also required every 3 months during treatment… you may need frequent blood tests. [Source: http://www.drugs.com/truvada.html]

About the flyer from gayshamesf.org on the upper right side of the page:

I’ve provided the flyer here for information and educational purposes. I like the flyer because it tells the truth. Some of the text may be hard to read so here’s what the flyer says:

The flyer reads:

“The Weiner fascist agenda:

* Remove public benches (Ed. at Harvey Milk Plaza)
* Criminalize nudity
* Silence street performers
* Close recycling centers
* Condos, condos, condos !!!
* Close parks
* Amend environmental review for development”

That list doesn’t begin to cover the amount of harm that elitist conservative Politician Cocks has done to this city and to people, including GLBTQ people. The list also omits Prop L/Sit-lie which criminalizes homelessness which Politician Cocks strongly campaigned on and supports. Then he created another version of sit-lie for both the Jane Warner Plaza and the Harvey Milk Plaza.

Hillary Clinton says “I’m Baaack” and Bernie Sanders talks “Political Revolution.”

“The researchers write, “The central point that emerges from our research is that economic elites and organized groups representing business interests have substantial independent impacts on U.S. government policy, while mass-based interest groups and average citizens have little or no independent influence.” [Source: Princeton Study Declares U.S. government an Oligarchy]

El 20 de septiembre de 2014. Hola. When I came to my PC the other day, mi amigo had been on it earlier and he had up an article from the site I call CommonDems. That’s not the name of the site, but it’s a more accurate name for the site which pretends to be “progressive and independent.” In the end—meaning at election time—that site serves as a shill and hack for the misnamed and right-wing “Democratic” party in The Cesspool/the US/EEUU. That site also bans large groups of people from their comment forum just before the election who are not in lockstep with The Oligarchy’s “Democratic” Party and their corporatist parasite nominees. If one is interested in reading comments, that site is about the best place to read comments without risking acquiring a case of gastritis. But unfortunately even with many (most?) of them, they pretend to be “progressives” and “independents” or Green Party all during the year, but then at election time they too get in lockstep with the herd and vote for The Oligarchy’s corporatist parasites (specifically of the “Democratic” party). That’s according to a poll—which I never saw—the site conducted before the 2012 election. Most on that site that took part in the poll said they were voting for messiah.

The article mi amigo had up on the PC was about Queen Hillary of the Borg Collective (Hillary Clinton) screaming, “‘I’m Baaack’” As someone wrote in a comment: I didn’t know she had left, and who the fuck cares that she’s back?! How long are we going to recycle the Clinton Family members? When is Chelsea Clinton going to run for something? Queen Hillary was in the US state of Iowa with Bernie Sanders campaigning for 2016. Sanders talks about a “Political Revolution.” (What drugs is he on?) A “Political Revolution” reminds me of that “Hope” and “Change we can believe in” bull shit that we heard from messiah during his first campaign for la casa blanca that the gullible sheeple fell for, went loco/a and losing all sense of reality. Any objective person paying attention since then knows that the “hope” and “change we can believe in” rhetoric was indeed bull shit—as some of us said at the time—and merely an empty marketing ploy to dupe the sheeple. But it worked. How does Bernie Sanders think a “Political Revolution” is going to take place here in The Cesspool/the US when the masses are seriously addicted to their adult toys and other distractions, and not paying any attention to Bernie Sanders and couldn’t care less about political matters. Or is he not aware of any of this?

Of the few comments I was able to scan before I couldn’t take it anymore and had to click off, they were a repeat of the campaign season before the 2012 election, the 2008 election, and the 2004 fraudulent election (stolen in Florida and Ohio). I said to myself while reading some of the comments: these people are repeating the same comments they wrote before the last election, and the one before that, and the one before that. Aren’t these comments or ones just like them already in the comment archives of this site from the previous elections? If so, just bring them out and repost them since there’s no need to rewrite them all over again other than to update them with the current D or R politician’s name running. Someone said in a comment that they were not voting and gave the same reasons I’ve given. That comment received the reply, “so you’ve given up?” The response to that was: No, I’ve not given up. I have a more effective way of voting where I know that my vote is always counted and means something; I vote with my money by where I shop. I don’t take part in the Oligarchy’s staged event. The response to that was the usual response from a Dembot: No candidate will ever be pure enough for you to meet your standards. I thought to myself: well, unlike you Dembot, at least that person has standards. You don’t show any sign of any standards. You are quick to get down on your knees and bootlick for any corporate so-called “Democratic”-parasites these corporatist scum put up there as their nominee. Then you’ll be back here on this comment forum 4 years from now writing the same D-Bot drivel all over again.

I had to click off. I can’t take anymore of this caca, and I won’t be paying any attention to this next presidential election because why bother? It will only make one ill and if voting changed anything (in a positive way) it would be illegal. Chau.—el barrio rosa


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“I’m Ready for Hillary.” Already?

Elizabeth Warren: the messiah for 2016?

The D and R Divide in the US

What is an Obamabot?

Messiah’s Legacy

Netroots conference applauds Democratic Party demagogy

Princeton Study Declares U.S. government an Oligarchy
“The researchers write, “The central point that emerges from our research is that economic elites and organized groups representing business interests have substantial independent impacts on U.S. government policy, while mass-based interest groups and average citizens have little or no independent influence.”

NSA Attacks Student at University of New México

El 20 de septiembre de 2014. Hola, recently some arrogant asshole from the NSA went to the University of New México to brainwash/indoctrinate their students with propaganda/newspeak about the (illegal) activities of the NSA. University of New México alumnus, Andy Beale, was also there along with current student Sean Potter. Sean was in the same room with this piece of work from the NSA. Sean politely tried to question the representative liar from the NSA. The NSA muchacho spewed lies at Sean about the NSA and didn’t appreciate Sean’s questions and factual information to the contrary. Señor NSA seemed to think he was above reproach and omnipotent. Quite arrogant. Sean questioned this NSA muchacho about the NSA’s illegal collection of data on all USans. After the informal “question and answer session,” the liar from the NSA decided that their “question and answer session” was over and he tried to grab the phone that Sean had been using to record the conversation while saying that he (Señor NSA) was not grabbing the phone. Do these people ever tell the truth about anything? Sean and Andy were later kicked out of the facility by the campus cops for supposedly “causing a disturbance,”—oh that tired old excuse! you know sneezing “causes a disturbance” for these fragile people—even though the camera shows neither Sean or Andy caused any disturbance. And as expected, la policía has failed to act on the assault charge complaint Sean and Andy filed for the NSA propagandist grabbing their phone. Chau.—el barrio rosa

Watch it here:

NSA Attacks Student at University of New México (Angle One)

NSA Attacks Sutdent at University of New México (Angle Two)

It’s (now) Bad to be Gay?

There must be something in the water

El 4 de septiembre de 2014. After I wrote this article, the newest “gay sports bar” on Market Street was written about (see comments at the bottom of this article) because one of the owners of that bar just opened up a new restaurant. When they wrote about the “gay sports bar” in the article they removed the word “gay” and just called the bar a “sports bar.” Is that because that bar has sort of been taken over by “straights” or what? That reminded me of another instance of sanitising. Across the street from the obnoxious gay sports bar on Market Street in San Francisco that I just mentioned, a new bar (one can’t have too much of the drug alcohol around here!) was announced as being a gay arcade and wine bar. But oddly when the paperwork for the gay arcade and wine bar’s approval went up on the glass windows at the bar’s location it said, “arcade and wine bar.” Again, the word “gay” was missing and this is happening in The Duboce Triangle area which neighbours The Castro, but they’re mistakenly calling it The Castro. The point is this is happening in San Francisco. Unbelievable. But I’m glad to know I’m not the only person now asking, “what is happening to this City of San Francisco?” In my opinion, it’s as if this city cannot go backwards fast enough and erase its radical/liberal (in the true sense of the word) past now that the conservative city government (the San Francisco Oligarchy) has moved this city to the right politically (related: The Left has lost San Francisco)). Also, when the owners of the gay sports bar were interviewed in another article about the new restaurant the article said that the owners “identify as gay.” WTF does that mean? As opposed to “the owners are gay.” Sigh. Someone sent me a kind e-mail and you can read more about this down in the comments at this article. Finally, the consulting chef (based in California) for this new restaurant said in the article announcing the opening of the restaurant that, “I hate to call it white people Mexican food but it is. And I think the Castro needs a place like that.” The Castro needs a “white people” restaurant? Why? The Castro is an ethnically-mixed barrio. Someone is talking about a “white people restaurant” in 2014 in San Francisco? In my opinion, the ethnic make-up of The Castro is about one-third Asian, one-third white and one-third mixed ethnicities. So why would such a neighbourhood need a “white people restaurant” regardless of what food they’re serving? Many people including myself are extremely offended by the consulting chef’s comment. Chau.—el barrio rosa

El 31 de agosto de 2014. Hola, at the rate things are going I suppose this is expected considering what the GLBTQ populace have become due to their goal of assimilationist politics and policies. In their desperate desire for heterosexual acceptance (ugh), the GLBTQ populace fervently launched itself into the arms of two of the most historically repressive and conservative “institutions” we have in the US:

1. Marriage
2. Military

And consequently, dissent is now despised, hated and detested.

Look at the gay personal sex ads in Queer newspapers and magazines. The ads read: “seeking straight-looking, straight-acting, discreet, down-load, no fats, no fems.” Such heteronormative and ugly language (ugly: “no fats, no fems” part) and other nonsense have become internalised within the fucked-up-in-the-head GLBTQ populace. As another Queer blogger I know has said: It is sad what my fellow Queers have become. I agree.

Some (if not most) of the GLBTQ corporatist organi$ations with their bloated executive salarie$—who serve as hack$ and $hill$ for the right-wing (and misnamed) “Democratic” Party in the US—and who eat the upper colon of the US Oligarchy – (D) are also responsible for this.

Gay Culture is Dead in 2014 - Rainbow Flag Poster
Gay Culture is Dead in 2014
Rainbow Flag Poster

Read the text
on the right side
of the poster here

Speaking of fucked up, we are living in some weird times. After decades of the Gay Rights’ Movement—which completely died after the US Supreme Court ruling allowing some states in the US to begin issuing same-gender marriage licences—it now seems to be the thinking of a large group of mainly white gay guys in their 20s and 30s in the US that being gay is bad. Narrowing it down more, that’s especially the case between the ages of roughly 28 to 32 years old. What the fuck happened to them that they think being gay is bad? Is this part of the GLBTQ crowd that has been sucked in by the right-wing? (Gays and Lesbians: Sucked in by the Far Right. What Happened to the Wild, Free Gay Movement of the 1970s?

Gay Guys Pretending to be “Straight” WTF?

What I’m also talking about specifically are the closeted gay guys who are now pretending to be heterosexual and walking around San Francisco’s Castro of all places!…(you know the former Gay Mecca?) holding hands with a female, rubbing her butt and anything else she allows to be rubbed. Loco. As is the case (and the presumed requirement) with the typical “straight” couples we see in The Castro these days, the closeted gay guy is often 3-4 feet taller than the female. I talk about that height requirement in this article at that link.

For some time now, mi amigo and I have checked out some of these gay boy closet cases in The Castro strolling around holding hands with a female. The guy is often swishing his ass more than the female he’s with. Mi amigo and I both have extremely reliable Gaydar and we’ve concluded that the guys we’ve seen are definitely gay closet cases. Gay closet cases in The Castro? Is there something in the water? Now that’s fucking crazy/Loco. The female that the guy is with could be a lesbian. We’ve overheard some of their conversations at bus stops and on the sidewalk and most of the gay guys look and sound very effeminate when they speak, and are more feminine than the female they’re with and behaves/acts like a stereotypical gay guy. But, for some psychological reason, he’s pretending to be “straight” with her as he rubs all over her and wraps around her as they pretend to be a “straight” couple while standing around mostly Queer boys (who are not in the closet) on 18th Street near Castro in The Castro, for example.

Then there’s online. There’s a very similar crowd to this on the site I call ClosetList. It’s the same age group of mainly white guys on there. What is it with white guys in their 20s-30s these days? Nearly every guy on ClosetList describes himself as:

“discreet” (that’s the main word 99.9% of them use)

Some gay guys also say in their gay sex personal ad:
“not into the scene”

Queer Boys turning into Macho Men (Ugh)

Then there’s the obnoxious jock fad. These mostly white young gay guys who don’t call themselves gay (gay shame?) with their polished/gym-toned bodies and no social skills. If only they would “polish” the interior as much as they’ve “polished” their exteriors. Mi amigo has contacted some of these “jocks” and he said they have absolutely no social skills when he’s tried to talk with them. They can’t talk—one gets “dead air” with them—and their personal sex ads read shallow and superficial and they’re only concerned about the physical appearance. Nothing about personality.

So again, none of these gay guys use the word “gay” in their gay personal sex ads to describe themselves. I think they are ashamed to call themselves gay even though they are looking to get their dick sucked or to suck dick or to fuck a guy or get fucked by a guy. That’s what is known as gay sex, muchachos. Some of these guys call themselves “bi” and I suspect that’s because “bi” sounds more masculine to them than the word “gay.” Mi amigo and I think they most assuredly have gay shame.

So after decades of the Gay Rights’ Movement, how can people possibly still be clinging on to gay shame? Mi amigo says that from his experience with many “bi” guys, most “bi” guys are not bi and have no interest in females. They just say they’re “bi” because, again, they think that sounds more masculine and heteronormative than saying they are gay, or in other words: It’s bad to be gay is their thinking. That’s called Gay Shame.

As I said earlier, these guys are in their 20s and 30s mainly, and I’ve noticed that most of them specifically are between 28 and 32 years old. That means they were conceived between 1982 and 1986. What the fuck happened during those years or since then that would cause these guys to be so fucked up mentally regarding their gay sexuality (that they’re trying to deny it)? When did their anti-gay brainwashing occur and by whom? The US corporate media possibly?

The odd thing about this is that what I’m writing about here (closet cases in general) is happening at the same time that same-gender marriage is legal in some places and being made legal in other places in the US. Did the now-dead Gay Rights’ Movement have no effect on these guys who are today between 28 and 32 years old? Or are these guys embarrassed and ashamed by the decades-long Gay Rights’ Movement of the past?

Yes, I know I’ve talked about this before and I’m bringing this up again because mi amigo and I were in San Francisco’s Castro this past Friday night and we noticed some of this same stuff going on again. Our almost-unfailing, very reliable Gaydar told us that some of the muchachos we were seeing and pretending to be “straight” and holding a female were really gay guys. And we’re seeing more of this. He and I used to never see closeted gay guys in The Castro. If one were in The Castro, one was proudly out of the closet and not ashamed of being gay and not pretending to heterosexual and not snuggling up to a female. But today: This is what we’re seeing and it’s Loco.

A psychologist might say: “yes, they are likely gay and they’re in the closet. They came to the Castro for the guy to covertly check out guys without the female knowing that’s what he’s doing, although she may have some suspicions, unless she’s completely in denial. The female he’s holding on to is just his “cover” or “security blanket” and just along for the ride, so to speak, but she doesn’t likely know that.

Well regardless, mi amigo and I find it sad that many gay guy spend so much of their life pretending to be somebody they are not. A fraud, in other words. Although this is nothing new. I know that many “straight” guys live in the closet married to a female and they have children and then one day: “Honey, I’m gay and I’ve been gay all my life. It’s time for a divorce and for me to stop living a lie. We can split everything up.”

But after decades of the Gay Rights’ Movement, many people still can’t come out of the closet and are ashamed of their gay sexuality. That’s pathetic really. Some gay people go throughout their entire life living a lie, being a fraud and pretending to be someone they’re not because they refuse to stop living a lie and come out of that fucking closet. And we seem to be getting more of that type in The Castro these days as it become more “straight.”

Some conservatives—even some gay conservatives—round here who have said in the past that there’s no longer any need for gay meccas have said, “gay people can live anywhere now.” That’s mostly true as long as gay people live in the closet, be heteronormative and pretend to be “straight.” Their statement is wishful thinking. GLBTQ people cannot live anywhere freely and openly as Queer people, and that’s the part the conservatives omit.

At this point in time, one might have thought that society had moved past this thinking that gay is bad. Even if society had moved past that thinking (which it hasn’t), clearly many GLBTQ closet cases haven’t moved past that thinking from what I and others are seeing around San Francisco’s Castro. Chau.—el barrio rosa


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More sanitising of San Francisco’s Castro

The Twin Peaks Bar at Castro & Market Streets in San Francisco is known as the first gay bar in the US with glass windows where people could (and still can) see in the bar. I guess from now on, The Edge bar in San Francisco will be known as the first gay bar in the US to pull down white shades so that people cannot see in the bar. It’s always best to cater to (gay) bigot’s prudish personal prejudices and hang-ups.

Kissing Tim Poster
Kissing Tim Poster

This “Kissing Tim” poster
reminds me of the
“Castro Clone look.”
Anyone remember that look?
You don’t see this scene
too much anymore, unfortunately,
in the sanitised Castro.
It seems that just taking
one’s shirt off is frowned upon now.
WTF have we become?
What is going on in this country?

El 31 de agosto de 2014. Hola, I suppose this too is to be expected as the US becomes more and more prudish, conservative and so terribly afraid of seeing the human body. For example, when I go to check e-mail on one particular site based in the US, there’s usually some article there I happen to see in passing about some celebrity woman’s dress being “too revealing,” according to the prudish standards of that site. What a fucked-up country we live in here in The Cesspool/The US/Los Estados Unidos.

Mi amigo asked me if I had noticed that The Edge (one of the GLBTQ bars in The Castro of San Francisco) has begun sanitising itself. What prudish asshole—possibly a certain prudish conservative politician?—around here complained about The Edge? I can’t imagine The Edge would have taken these actions on their own initiative.

One Saturday night per month (again, that’s one night a month) this Queer bar, The Edge, has an event called “Code” which is billed as “Bringing Leather Back To The Castro.” (Well, good luck with that considering what The Castro has become.) This event starts at 9.00pm on one Saturday a month. For this event The Edge pulls down all of their white window shades. Mi amigo and I asked: Why do they do that? WTF? Is that so that the conservatives prudes (including gay conservative prudes) in the area won’t be offended? This event features geared up male dancers (muchachos wearing jock straps and they look very good in them) and they dance on the bar and some of the customers are free to put dollar bills in the dancer’s jock strap if they want.

Sexy male dancers wearing jock straps or sexy briefs/underwear is nothing at all new for San Francisco and the gay bars. That was very common here during the Gay Mecca days. BUT, that was then. In the New San Francisco where tech and techies have taken over the city mostly “straight” techie basura (some with children) are continuing to move into The Castro, and presumably they knew what area they were moving into when they chose to live here, no? Since we are constantly reminded what supposed geniuses these techies are. Ugh. And as is so often the case, they and others are now wanting to change the area even more so than its already been changed—with the assistance of the San Francisco Oligarchy/Corporatocracy and a certain supposedly gay, extremely divisive/polarising conservative politician—to the way they want The Castro to be. They want The Castro to be conservative, and thoroughly sanitised and sterilised. Some of us say that’s already happened. Just look at the place; it looks nothing like it did during the Gay Mecca days. But apparently, the bigots/prudes don’t feel the sanitisation has gone far enough so they are insistent that what they don’t want to see and are offended by be put out of sight as they seek to make San Francisco and The Castro into another “Mayberry.”

I usually check out The Edge because they have very nice LED wall lighting. The colour of their walls change from night-to-night usually. The Edge is one of the few bars that displays the Rainbow Flag (they have several of those), the Transgender Flags, the Leather Flag and The Bear Flag out front. Contrast that with the obnoxious, heteronormative/closet-case supposedly gay sports bar on Market Street which doesn’t fly any GLBTQ flags. Apparently the Rainbow Flag is also “too gay” for that bar. The Edge is also where the beautiful and lovely Drag Queens hang out on occasion (you Drag Queens always look lovely, Dahlings!) So I checked out The Edge this past Saturday night (08.23.14) and mi amigo is correct. I didn’t go in the bar but they had their white shades at the windows pulled all the way down so no one could see in. I walked by and looked in the crack between the shades and saw one of the dancers on the bar.

This is new to have the shades down. The Edge used to not cover up their windows for these events, so I and mi amigo can only assume that someone complained. Who might that be? I and mi amigo can take a few guesses.

This is that sanitising and sterilising of The Castro that I’ve already written lots about. It’s just more of that, and I know more will come considering the political basura we have today. I suspect some of the busy-bodied prudes in the area who have already harassed the sex stores (Rock Hard, the best sex store, being one of them) into sanitising their window displays and no I’m not making this up—perhaps some of the disciples of conservative supposedly gay Politician Cocks—whined, moaned and complained about The Edge and their sexy, caliente dancers.

As I and mi amigo see it, if goddamned prudes/bigots want to live in “Mayberry” why the fuck don’t they just move their ass to a “Mayberry?” A place like that shouldn’t be too hard to find here in The Cesspool/the US. Wouldn’t that be easier than trying to make San Francisco into some prudish, provincial little town where bigots are made comfortable, bigots are catered to and where bigots are ashamed of the human body, including supposedly gay conservative Politician Cocks? I say “supposedly gay” because some people are understandably questioning whether he’s even gay and I’ve never seen that conservative piece of work with anyone (not that anyone in their right mind would want to be with him) and he tries to act heteronormative. As mi amigo said to me: Can you imagine what sex would be like with him? No I can’t, and por favor I’d rather not think about that. Yet people genuflect to these bigots/these conservative prudes around here—some of whom probably mistakenly call themselves a “liberal” (ha! they don’t have a clue what the word means)—who can’t bare to see the human body. Seeing the human body apparently traumatizes these delicates deeply. Unlike any sane and rationale person, they don’t possess the ability to look the other way if they see something that offends them and they don’t want to see. You know, I’ve never known anyone whose head would not pivot in the opposite direction to avoid looking at something they didn’t want to see, but we have people like that here. Life must be miserable for them being forced to see things they can’t bear to look at on a daily basis and where their head can’t turn away.

Also, some of the bigots/prudes I’m talking about are GLBTQ bigots who migrated here decades ago to the (then) Gay Mecca. As they’ve become older they have become conservatives and have become like the prudes/bigots they couldn’t stand (where they came from) and moved away from decades ago, when they moved to San Francisco. But now, they want to turn this place into a version of where they left/came from. Why don’t they just go back there since they would be comfortable there now? That’s what intelligent people would do.

It wasn’t that long ago on my bike ride I rode by The Edge one night that I noticed one of the dancers was on the sidewalk in front of the bar cooling off. I liked his jockstrap and he looked good in it. During the Gay Mecca days no one would have thought anything about a muchacho standing in front of a bar in a jockstrap. That was the old Castro and the Alternative and Proudly-Radical former city. The new Castro shows how drastically The Castro has changed, in a sterile and negative way. So what’s here now? Not much, other than the stupidphone addiction and self-absorbed and self-entitled techies. One frequently sees people walking with one hand sticking out in front of them holding that stupidphone they’re intently addicted to, glued to and can’t possibly stop looking at it. That’s about all one sees here. In the former Castro, there was lots of nudity during the Gay Mecca days of Sexual Freedom and Revolution. That’s changed as the GLBTQ populace has been sucked in by the right-wing and become conservative. (Gays and Lesbians: Sucked in by the Far Right. What Happened to the Wild, Free Gay Movement of the 1970s?).

The Conservative Castro

Awhile back when I saw one of the male dancers hanging out in front of The Edge I thought to myself: Oh I can see some of these conservative, busy-bodied, redneck bigot assholes around here having a problem with a dancer being in front of the bar in his jockstrap. From what I’ve observed, the bigots are usually older, overweight white guys especially these self-entitled elitist conservative (gay) homeowners who had their fun here decades ago—during the Gay Mecca days—but now are the opposite of the person they used to be, and think they have special rights just because they own property. I remember seeing exactly that type of person stop Politician Cocks on the sidewalk one day and the guy was getting very worked up at Politician Cocks over what? He was getting all worked up over how terrible it was that the gay bars were allowed to put their event and promotion flyers up on the utility poles around The Castro. I thought to myself: So it looks like you’re about to have a stroke over flyers on utility poles. There’s nothing else of importance going on in your (pathetic) life? With all the things going on, that’s what you have the luxury of being concerned about? A bar’s flyers on utility poles? Regarding the guy who was whining about the flyers: his neck turned multiple shades of red as he was bloviating at Politician Cocks. (For those who don’t know, Politician Cocks’s conservative rabid disciples/believers view him as a messiah or The Holy Trinity of and for their conservative agenda. Some of them even refer to him as “the quiet Jewish boy,” implying he’s Jesus? The part they leave off is that he’s quite dangerous.) Now back to this guy: From where I was standing at the bus stop I could see that the guy was having trouble controlling his saliva. He was foaming at the mouth over this issue. Yes, I can hear these foaming-at-the-mouth bigots screaming just like they were screaming during their hateful campaign for the city-wide nudity ban. The prudes will predictably scream:

“What about the Children?”

Sigh. What children? It’s interesting that these bigots—including gay, conservative bigots—weren’t the least bit concerned about “the children” when they were having their fun during the Gay Mecca days as “radical liberals” of the sexual freedom and revolution days. There were some children around here then. As for longtime San Francisco residents, it’s as if these bigot assholes are trying to completely forget about San Francisco’s Gay Mecca history now that they have become conservatives—but they probably call themselves “a moderate (i.e. newspeak).” Ashamed of the word “conservative,” are you?—and decided that they are now “old.” My question: What children are walking by or hanging out around The Edge or any gay bar from 9.00pm to closing time on one Saturday night in The Castro? The lunacy these idiots come up with. And what harm does it do to a child to see a guy in a jockstrap? Hmmmmmm? Would the child even know what s/he is seeing or even notice the jockstrap? Even when the dancers are on the bar, there are usually guys standing in front of the windows inside The Edge so one really can’t see that well inside the bar. So what child walking by The Edge is going to look way up on the bar over in the distance and see the dancers in a dimly lit bar with dim LED lights shining on the dancers and conclude that the dancer is in a jockstrap? And finally: who the fuck care? What harm does this do to a child? All adults were once children. Did nudity or partial nudity harm these adults who are whining about nudity or partial nudity? And what exactly is the mechanism that supposedly does the actual harm?

Hypocritically, these same bigots who whine, moan and complain about seeing the human body (or parts of it) never scream, “what about the children?” when children are being killed in the US or killed in other parts of the world by bombs and drones dropped by their beloved messiah Obama’s regime—and San Francisco is a city which consistently votes in lockstep for the misnamed and useless “Democratic” party corporatist parasites of The US Oligarchy—nor did they scream “what about the children?” during the years of the illegitimate Bush regime and its barbaric actions in Afghanistan, Iraq and throughout the Middle East. No, these bigots are silencio/silent about those children. Why is that? Because these scum-of-the-Earth bigots/prudes/assholes are only concerned about “the children” when it comes to children seeing the human body. When actually it’s these prudes who don’t want to see the human body so they hide behind the, “What About The Children” Card. I would point out that these prudes are the same basura that believe that their christian god made the human body. So I’d like to tell these bigots the following: You realise you’re saying that your christian god made something that you consider “indecent,” “lewd,” “bad” and “naughty” (ugh) that children shouldn’t see, and you seem to have trouble looking at yourself, correct? Answer: Correct. But you believe that your omnipotent christian god fellow is perfect, correct? Answer: Correct. Well how can your god be perfect when “he” made something you—in your twisted, fucked up minds—consider “indecent?” The “indecent” is in your fucked-up head, bigots. Get some psychotherapy. Psychotherapy could treat your disorder called Gymnophobia, a fear/phobia of nudity. Although the therapist would have his/her hands full with a piece like you in his/her chair.

I’m sick of these conservative prudes ruining The Castro and this city and trying to turn this place into wherever they originally came from, that many gay people left when they came to San Francisco’s (then) Gay Mecca. But now decades later, they want to turn this place into where they left. That’s fucked up. Loco. If you useless conservative trash want to live in a “Mayberry” (or some provincial hamlet) there are trains, planes and buses leaving San Francisco daily to take your bigoted ass to some village or hamlet where you’ll be more content, until you find something there you don’t like that you can whine about. So fuck off and leave San Francisco, basura. I and others are fucking sick of you. Most of you seem to have uptight, prudish, anal psychological problems and are too damned dense and thick to seek psychotherapy to treat them.

In recent years in San Francisco as part of the effort to turn this city to the right, we’ve had the draconian sit-lie ordinance (which criminalises homelessness) and two additional anti-homeless laws led by prudish, divisive, supposedly gay conservative busy-body Politician Cocks (a.k.a. The Holy Trinity). El muchacho (Politician Cocks) mistakenly calls himself a “moderate” to hide his bourgeois elitist-corporatist agenda and to appear less dangerous than he is. Then came the city-wide nudity ban because of a few naked muchachos who were hanging out in a 2-3 block area of The Castro, where nudity was common during the Gay Mecca days. Then recently, (what some of us call) the Texting Library in The Castro—well it’s known as “the gay gym” and it’s where stupidphone addicts come to engage in their intense addiction and work out their thumbs and then they write, “I work out 7 days a week—sanitised itself by removing the Rainbow Flag colours on the columns of both levels of the gym. WTF? What’s there now? They painted over the Rainbow Flag colours with drab, bland, dull gray paint. One can only assume that the Rainbow Flag colours were removed at the gym because the Rainbow Flag is now considered “too gay” by the fucked-up gay closet cases and the heteronormatives of the GLBTQ populace. More “straights” are also becoming members of the gym so some of us assume the Rainbow Flag colours were removed to not offend the delicate, (covertly anti-gay?) “straights” who might be offended by the Rainbow Flag in the former Gay Mecca. WTF are “straights” doing in The Castro to begin with if they are offended by rainbow flags? It’s always good to cater to people’s prejudices and bigotry, isn’t it? [strong sarcasm intended] Ugh. Also regarding the gym: Mi amigo tells me that now the gym which used to be mainly gay guys is now about one-third female. He says he has no idea where all of these females are coming from but it’s quite noticeable. They are mostly young, white and very thin to the point of looking bony/anorexic as if they have an eating disorder.

As for The Edge, mi amigo and I suspect people such as the self-appointed busy-bodied (gay) prudes who live in those homes on Collingwood with their conservative Politician Cocks’ re-election signs in their windows complained to The Edge. That would be our guess. They may have said that the dancers in their jock straps were violating Politician Cocks’ city-wide nudity ban or some such caca when the dancers were standing in front of the bar cooling off.

The Edge might say that the shades are down for their “Code” event to entice people to come in the bar to see what’s going on and hopefully spend $$$/dinero there. Well if that were the excuse/rationale being used for this, then The Edge would have their shades down every night of the week for the same reasons ($$$/dinero), not just when the dancers perform.

Going Backwards

The Twin Peaks Bar at Castro/Market is known as the first gay bar in the US that had (still has) glass windows where the public could see in the bar. I guess from now on The Edge will be known as the first gay bar in the US to pull down white shades so that the public cannot see in the bar, as we head backwards into more prudish times where bigots are catered to here in The Cesspool/The Imperialistic Empire/EEUU/The US. How long before we turn into neanderthals?

Once a neighbourhood changes, it doesn’t go back to the way it used to be. Chau.—el barrio rosa

Final thought:

Mi amigo asked: How much longer before the Rainbow Flag comes down at Castro/Market because it’s considered “too gay” for the neighbourhood? Yes, I and others have been wondering the same thing. I guess that flag will be replaced with the “straight” flag or the US flag at the rate things are going around here. But upon reflection and solely for tourists dollars, I suspect that the totalitarian organisation that appointed itself to control that Rainbow Flag at Castro/Market on public property will keep it for awhile longer.

Oh and by the way, as of this writing, has anyone noticed the ad promoting a major national clothing chain on the Muni bus stop at Castro/Market (west side) featuring a young, happy “straight” white couple? This is at Castro/Market I’m talking about (you know, what was once known as the “epicenter of the Gay Mecca?” One would hope/think the ads in the Castro would show gay couples, no? Not “straight” couples in an embrace. I guess showing gay couples in ads is becoming passé.

Also, as is so often the case with premature celebrations in the GLBTQ populace, as of this writing the St. Louis Rams has released Michael Sam, the 1st drafted openly gay football player. I wonder what the gay “jocks” and others are thinking about this?

———- COMMENTS (manually posted from e-mail) ———-

09.04.14 I’m going to be a little off topic but also on topic. :-) I wanted to make you aware of this. That new restaurant that you mentioned owned by the same owners as that sports bar opened up and the complaints are coming in about the name of the restaurant and how it is described as “mexican food for white people,” and they have a tacky drink called “Juan in a million.” There are accusation of racism, insensitivity, and that the restaurant is catering to the wealthy white people moving into these West Hollywood type new condos coming in all along Market Street. People are not pleased with what’s happening in this city and I’m one of them. I hate what is happening to my city. SF is now making NYC look cheap. You’re not alone, other people are asking, “what the hell is happening to San Francisco?”
My response: Gracias for that and I completely understand where you’re coming from. I did a little research on that after I got your e-mail. I found an article about it and all of the comments were negative about the restaurant. As I’ve said before, it seems that the owners of that obnoxious supposedly gay sports bar on Market Street are indeed gay closet cases because in the article I found about the new restaurante mexicano the word “gay” was missing. Instead it said: “the Castro’s first (and only) sports bar.” If they weren’t closet cases it would read: “the Castro’s first (and only) GAY sports bar.” I guess they are trying to not offend “the straights” again. I’m fucking sick of it! In reality, that useless obnoxious bar is not the first sports bar in The Castro and some people pointed that out when the place opened. Other bars have sports on television too and did so before this dump opened. Muchas Gracias for that. Chau.—el barrio rosa

09.02.14 Excellent article, thank you. I feel the same way you do. I live in SF and I am sick and disgusted with what’s happening here and some people are going on as if nothing’s happening. WAKE UP PEOPLE, we are losing our city and our gay mecca! A close friend who used to live here during the mecca days is visiting me for a week. He’s had quite the shock seeing the new Castro. He’s not pleased with what he’s seen. We were out earlier tonight and arrived at Castro and Market and the first people we saw were three young heterosexual couples together. My friend looked stunned and said, “this is not looking good. I can see this at home.” I’m passing your article on to friends.
My response: Hola y gracias for that. Chau.—el barrio rosa

The Death of Art in San Francisco

El 30 de agosto de 2014. Hola, here’s an e-mail I received yesterday:

I’m a painting artist in San Francisco and have been a customer of Flax Art Supply for years. Flax Art Supply is a privately-owned, non-corporate, non-chain art store.

You may have heard that the store is having to relocate so a luxury condo building can go in there. I was in Flax a few days ago for the first time in about 6 months. There were two employees in the store. One employee at one register and one employee floating around the store. No employees in any departments. There used to be 5-6 employees in the store and there used to be a line of customers waiting to check out at the two registers. No lines now. I was the only customer in the store. It felt deserted and depressing. The store is large and I felt like I was in an abandoned warehouse with no one there. They won’t be moving to their new location for a year or so and they don’t know where that will be. While I was in the store I was thinking to myself that art is like classical music today. Both are quickly dying. San Francisco has been taken over by techies. Techies are not into art. They’re into drinking, sex and their smartphones and nothing else.

My response: Hola y gracias for that and sorry to hear that. Yes, that is depressing to hear. That speaks to the rampant gentrification of San Francisco where our artists have been kicked out of the city and forced out of the city by San Francisco’s corporatist agenda to make this a new city of and for the wealthy. That’s all this city wants is “Luxury Designer Condos” (Dahling) and techies. Someone may be asking who is responsible for this. Well, the Corporatist Oligarchy of San Francisco and its corrupt corporatist parasites, the Real Estate Industrial Complex and their Corrupt Liars and immense greed, the Tech Surveillance-State Industrial Complex and of course GREED and corporatist basura politicians who work for their corporate owners. The Tech Surveillance-State Industrial Complex is heavily promoted by the corporate media and others to get the sheeple completely addicted to these fucking stupidphones and apps which generates even more dinero/$$$$ to the techies. I wonder: How many artists who have been evicted from their San Francisco apartments are among those addicted to their stupidphone and who have given $$$$ to the techies through the purchase of a stupidphone and useless app$? In a sense, they are responsible in part for their own eviction. Gracias for your e-mail. At least we have the art on this page to enjoy. Chau.—el barrio rosa


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