The Playing Cards for the US Presidential Selection (2016)

“Go team, go!” … The Spectator Sport’s Mentality of the 2016 Presidential Selection

Hola. Every presidential selection season for the US Oligarchy, predictably the following playing cards are dragged out and used by the Dembot supporters of each political (corporate) candidate running for the misnamed “Democratic” Party nomination. These playing cards are used by Dembots to try to get others to support their candidate, because they choose to believe that their candidate is not as putrid as the corporate candidate from the other big business party, the Republican Party. The playing cards are:

1. The Lesser-Evil Card. This card is the most used card in the deck. Its use is based on the premise that the (presumed) nominee from the “Democratic” Party will be or is less septic than the nominee from the Republican Party.

2. The Perfect Card (example: “He’s Not Perfect, But…”). This card has been used extensively by the Berniebots (rabid supporters of Bernie Sanders). No human being is perfect so why does this even need to be said?

3. The “Remember The Supreme Court” Card. This card is used in combination with The Fear Card (see card #4) as a reason that one must vote for the thoroughly corrupt and imperialistic Democratic Party nominee. This card is used by Dembots to imply that a nominee to the US Supreme Court should be chosen by a so-called Democratic parasite rather than a Republican parasite.

4. The Fear Card: The Dembots scream: “Do you want [fill in Republican nominee's name]??????” This overused card is dragged out every fucking selection cycle on cue when anyone says: 1) they’re not going to vote or 2) they are going to vote for a “third party” candidate and not the corporate parasitic nominee from the Democratic Party. This card is intended to instill fear in one and to encourage lockstep agreement with the Democratic Party.

5. The “We Must Do” Card. This card involves Group ThinkTM and lockstep agreement/obedience especially among Dembot commenters on message forums.

6. The “You’re Wasting Your Vote” Card. Ugh. This overused card is one of the most worn out cards in the entire deck. I talk more about this below, but this tattered card is dragged out by Dembots at the very mention of someone stating that s/he plans to not vote for the same piece of D-Establishment trash that gullible-him/her (meaning the Dembot) has fallen for and is voting for.

7. The “Don’t You Think We Should Vote For…?” Card. This card also involves Group ThinkTM and is used to encourage someone to compromise/water-down their principles and convictions and lower themselves to the gutter and vote for the Dembot’s imperialistic and nationalistic candidate, who the gullible Dembot wants to believe is not as septic and rank as the presumed nominee. During the 2016 selection season, mi amigo/my friend has seen the, “Don’t You Think We Should Vote For…?” Card used repeatedly by the Berniebots who are behaving identically to the Obamabots (during Obama’s first campaign.) We suspect they are the same gullible fools.

8. The Pure/Purity Card: This card is used in a patronising and troll-style manner by (rabid) supporters of and nasty/ugly trolls for Bernie Sanders to urge others to abandon/put aside their convictions and principles and to (as they put it) “be more understanding and supportive (Translation: do as I do and support Sanders)…we should all stick together and not get bogged down in sectarian struggles” they write. Ugh. The Berniebots write that (imperialistic and nationalistic) Sanders “is not quite as pure” as the candidate the other person supports. One thing mi amigo/my friend has noticed about the Berniebots is that they are closet-case Democrats. They go out of their way to try to give the impression that they don’t support the Democratic Party. But the more they reveal in their mush-mouth comments as they troll message forums cheer-leading for their saviour Bernie, that’s exactly who they support: The Democratic Party. They remind me of the wishful-thinking, delusional Obamabots.

9. The “If You Don’t Vote, You Have No Right To Complain” Card. This card/thinking is ludicrous and apparently the people who use this card don’t posses any critical thinking skills whatsoever. This card is used by Dembots to try to instill a guilt trip on the person who says s/he is not voting. No where in the US Constitution or Bill of Rights does it say that one loses one’s First Amendment rights if one does not vote. Granted, very little remains of the First Amendment after the illegitimate Bush regime and the Obama regime have both trashed it. Nevertheless, one does not lose one’s right to speech and to complain about things politically just because one chooses not to take part in this corrupt charade by not voting, and usually for very credible reasons.

10. The “I’ve Not Heard That. Do You Have A Source? Where Do You Get Your Information?” Card. Ugh. This obnoxious and patronising card is used by the most willfully-ignorant and stupid-assed people out there — and they are rapidly increasing in numbers — who don’t seem to know what a search engine is here in 2016. That the person claims not to have heard something automatically discounts the information and makes it untrue in their “mind,” for some reason (a case of denial?). The best response to them is the following:
“Search Engine: [keyword], [keyword]. (I use DuckDuckGo).”
My opinion is that I’m not going to hold their hand and do their work for them. They can look this stuff up just as easily as I can. So there. But most likely they’re just trolling for the candidate being criticised.

Of the cards in the set, I’ve already seen the Fear Card used many times (an example: “Do you want Trump?”). Frankly, I can’t stand Trump but if he’s already been selected by the Oligarchy — and one of these basura has already seen selected — by having him reside en la casa blanca might get these phony “liberals” and fake “progressives” and faux-Left (including GLBTQs) off their ass and back to the vigilance they were involved in during the illegitimate Bush regime. But as I pointed out in this article during the entire duration of their messiah Obama’s time in the white house they have been sedentary on their collective asses. These Democratic hypocrites have been supporting under their Obama the same policies and the expansion of same that they protested under Bush. Under their Obama (the candidate of “change” – remember that bull shit?), they have risen hypocrisy to an entirely new level. One thing I’ve learned under Obama is that Democrats stand for nothing but party allegiance. So we’ll see if they get off the pot and return to the vigilance they were engaged in pre-Obama should Trump have already been selected for the US Oligarchy.

For those who may have missed this previously when I posted it:

“A new study from Princeton and Northwestern Universities has found that the United States’ government more closely resembles an Oligarchy or a Corporatocracy than a Republic or Democracy….The researchers write, “The central point that emerges from our research is that economic elites and organized groups representing business interests have substantial independent impacts on U.S. government policy, while mass-based interest groups and average citizens have little or no independent influence.”—Princeton and Northwestern Universities’ study (2014)

Again, for those in denial (partisan Dembots, Obamabots and Berniebots), from that study, pay special attention to this part por favor: while mass-based interest groups and average citizens have little or no independent influence.”—Princeton and Northwestern Universities’ study (2014)

From what I’ve observed especially this selection cycle, unfortunately most people refuse to believe that study from Princeton and Northwestern Universities. Most people want to believe that their vote matters and their vote counts, and that these corporate politicians care what they/we think. LOL. Most people consistently engage in hopelessly delusional, wishful-thinking. Just like the gullible Obamabots.

I have no patience for people who still cling to the cesspool called the “Democratic” Party and who believe in this “election” farce/charade and who still believe their vote matters, makes a difference and that they as people matter to these corporate political parasites, and where this entire spectacle is treated like the Stupid Bowl.

Mi amigo/my has noticed that this 2016 selection has the usual spectator sports’ mentality with it (examples: “go Hillary, go!” or “go Bernie, go!). Sigh. He says that it seems that most Dembots have done yet another flip or a “180″ and now live under the illusion that the voting system in the US is legitimate. We both remember that during the illegitimate Bush years that some of the Dembots — as well as ourselves — were vigilant in reminding people about the easily-hackable electronic machines that leave no paper trail. (Related: PC World: Study: E-voting Machines Are Easily Hackable). But today, it appears that just because the Dembot’s messiah Obama was selected twice by the Oligarchy to expand on the Bush regime’s policies, that Obama’s selection somehow cancels out in their mind (the word “mind” used advisedly) any thoughts of corruption and an illegitimate voting system. So these days, Dembots are writing comments that give the impression that they think that the “election” system in the US is legitimate, fair, honest and everything is fine. Loco. That’s not what the Iowa caucus recently showed. Did they pay attention to that or choose to live in denial about that too?

“You’re Wasting Your Vote: The Democratic Party Guilt Trip

I want to make special mention about this playing card in the deck. The “You’re Wasting Your Vote” Card is nothing but a Democratic Party Guilt TripTM intended to make one feel guilty for not supporting/voting for the corporate, corrupt, lying gutter scum that they put up as the nominee of their cesspool party.

Secondly, no one is wasting their vote when one votes from a position of principles and conviction, and anyone who tries to convince one otherwise is a Democratic Party hack and shill troll. They are best ignored. What business is it of theirs who one votes for? Voting or not voting is a personal decision, not “group think.” Although today the process has become as cheap and shallow as when people place bets on a sporting event.

Thirdly, if anyone’s vote is “wasted,” it is the brainwashed partisans who “waste their vote” by consistently voting for one of these two Establishment corporatist imperialist parties and their corporate parasites thereby continuing the dismal status quo.

There’s also the likely rigged outcomes of all the federal and state election processes in The Cesspool/the US. The phony “election” results are whatever the ruling elites decide them to be. The entire farce/spectacle is designed as “entertainment” and to give dysfunctional people something to argue over (“my team is better than your team”) in comment sections, and to enrich the corporate media by turning the entire charade into a spectator sports type of contest that generates ratings and lots of profit. As you may know, with the Iowa caucus, some Democratic caucus sites decided their winner with a coin toss. And in all six situations Clinton conveniently won. Imagine that. In reality, there is little chance that that could actually happen randomly.

In conclusion, if one still believes in this charade called voting (on easily-hackable electronic voting machines that leave no paper trail), then one should vote from a place of principles and not on who’s team is going to win. It’s not all about winning. That mentality is very shallow and superficial thinking. The reality is that both corrupt teams (Democrats and Republicans) work for their corporate owners, they only care about the super-wealthy/the 1%, and neither give a fuck about the average person — despite empty words to the contrary on the odd occasion — and they’ve made that quite clear. Unfortunately, from a place of denial most gullible people still choose to not see that, so they continue to take part in this corrupt system. Who would have thought that people would willingly and knowingly take part in corruption? What does that say about them as people?

I don’t suggest that anyone try to convince others of anything that I’ve written here, unless you like wasting your time and enjoy arguing with people. (Not something I’m into). People have to come to this place of understanding on their own from my experience. If someone doesn’t already “get this” on their own, there is absolutely nothing that one can say to them to convince them of it, from my experience. So I don’t even bother because it becomes a futile experience. You’ll just go around in circle with them and hit one wall after the other. And in the end, all you’ll get in response from them is: “So who are you saying ‘we’ should vote for?” Ugh. Completely missing the point. Chau.—el barrio rosa

Hillary Clinton Claims To Be A Progressive. LOL.

Politics. Ugh.

Hola. Mi amigo/my friend told me that he read that Hillary Clinton (lied and) called herself a progressive. That’s hilarious. It’s also ludicrous. Yeah I had seen a headline about that, dismissed it and moved on. La mujer/The woman has no shame. Politicians will say anything if they think some sucker will believe them. I asked him: She was being sarcastic when she said that, no? It’s a joke, no? Was she making fun of progressives, all 3 of them en el mundo/in the world? Or was she trying to do stand-up comedy as part of her campaign? He said: “No, none of that. That right-wing piece of work was serious.” I said: Well, I guess she’ll trot out Obama’s marketing bull shit about “Hope” and “Change We Can Believe In” shortly. Give that a go. These Establishment basura have no ethical compass whatsoever when it comes to saying anything during a campaign. They will say anything to be selected by the US Oligarchy.

Hillary is no progressive any more than Obama is a progressive. They are both pro-war corporatists, thoroughly corporate. That’s not progressive. They are both imperialists. That’s not progressive. Real progressives are anti-corporate and anti-imperialism (among many other characteristics which she doesn’t possess). And real progressives — not these phony progressives of today — would want nothing to do with the thoroughly corrupt, corporatist, imperialistic, right-wing, cesspool Democratic Party. Ms Clinton was part of the Obama regime for four years (2009-2013). And overall, Obama’s policies have been to the right of and an expansion of the despicable and barbaric imperialistic policies of the illegitimate George W Bush regime, including that rotten sack Dick Cheney. I never heard anyone call Bush a progressive (LOL), by these people’s fucked-up definition. And I should point out that the word “liberal” has become just as meaningless. I’ve seen many self-described so-called “liberals” on message forums being very “liberal” in their support for Obama’s militarism/imperialism. I’ve seen them make excuses — or they remain silent because they think they are not supposed to criticise their saviour Obama — for his To Kill list, his “War on Terror” nonsense, his self-proclaimed right to assassinate US citizens within the US without charges or any legal process, and his droning of wedding parties (as some examples). I’ve seen these “liberal” hypocrites support under Obama the same despicable policies they protested under Bush, and they remind me of the Bush supporters. Anything their messiah Obama does — his expansion of Bush’s policies — they support because Obama is from their right-wing party (while they pretend to be a “liberal”) and that requires silence/no criticism or blind allegiance to said policies. Under Obama, I’ve learned that “progressives” and “liberals” stand for nothing but their allegiance to the misnamed “Democratic” Party. Unlike these hypocrites, my politics don’t change depending upon who is in office.

I really wish people would abandon the word progressive because these days it doesn’t mean anything. The word has become so abused and misused by Democratic Establishment political opportunists and their hacks and shills.

In the New Conservative Lobotomised Techie San Francisco, the word progressive is a “dirty word.” In this New City, I no longer hear anyone using the word progressive other than the far-right when they’re hating on people they perceive as being “progressive.” The (conservative) GLBTQ populace in today’s San Francisco run from the word progressive; they mock the word progressive. We have a few local activists (remaining from the Old City) in San Francisco who are still misusing the word progressive to describe themselves when in reality they are nothing but feet-shuffling, apologetic, excuse-making, “it’s all the Republicans fault,” Establishment Dembots/Obamabots at selection time. And I can’t stand them.

I live under no illusion that people will stop using the word progressive. I no longer use it because, as I said, the word has become meaningless, just like the food label words “natural” and “gourmet.” They no longer mean anything either. I’ve seen food items with the words “natural” and/or “gourmet” on them and the food is full of junk, inferior ingredients, additives, and chemicals.

But I suppose in an Orwellian world where a war criminal is awarded a Nobel Peace Prize and where peace = war, up = down, left = right, freedom = slavery, free speech = protest zones, black = white and so forth, that Ms Clinton is a “progressive.” LOL. But only in an Orwellian 1984 World Playbook could that right-wing piece of work be described as a “progressive.” (roll eyes) Chau.—el barrio rosa

Fake Vomit on the Toilet Seat (Telemundo’s Heteronormative Gran Hermano)

In the comments below, por favor mark any spoilers (“—-ALERTA DE SPOILER—-”) clearly for those who may only be watching La Novela Gran Hermano on Telemundo. Muchas gracias a todos.—el barrio rosa

Update: El 8 de febrero de 2016: Hola. Iselis is gone. Yes! Regarding Gran Hermano/Big Brother, I was thinking about this: It can’t happen with this particular Gran Hermano, but it could happen with one in the future: rather than have someone voted out each week, why don’t they keep them all in there for 3 months and then at the end of the 3 months have the audience decide the winner based on however they choose to decide that? That would “stir things up” a lot more than the current formula. The problem with the current way of doing it is that when they get down to about 3-4 los habitantes en la casa, it’s going to get a bit boring I suspect. That’s the way it’s been in other Big Brother programmes that I’ve seen. Especially when there are only 2 people left. I don’t understand why someone has to leave each week. I understand it would change the process and the way the show operates and maybe the process needs to be changed for variety. They could come up with something else that’s done on a weekly basis rather than expulsión. I think it would be more interesting to have them all stay in there the entire time, if they’re looking for drama! Imagine the drama with them all staying in there for 3 months! The thing is the “drama” is lost the more people leave. Something to consider. Chau.—el barrio rosa

Update: El 6 de febrero de 2016: Hola. Catalina left la casa last Domingo (Gala de Expulsión). This semana Dante, Iselis, Pedro or Domingo have the possibility of leaving mañana. My choice for expulsión is Iselis. I’m also a little tired of the “Dante y Iselis Show” if you know what I mean. She has also been mentioned in one or two comments below. And Melissa acted like an ass and refused to take part in the fiesta for Jommart’s cumpleaños. I wish Telemundo had shown more of Jommart in the kitchen making her pastel/cake. She was in the kitchen most of the day working on her pastel and Telemundo and los habitantes should have given her more appreciation for it. The red velvet layer burned badly on the bottom. I felt sorry for her because she had to cut off a lot of el pastel, and that’s wasteful. It’s easy for un pastel to burn if the oven runs hot and I’ve not seen Jommart bake un pastel in the oven until now so she wouldn’t know how hot the oven runs. The other layer did better but it got a little dark on the bottom too. I wasn’t around to see when they ate it and Telemundo only showed less than a split second of the pastel on someone’s plate. And Feliz Cumpleaños to Jommart should she ever read this. Then there was the “stand off”/major conflict between Dante who began bullying Pedro (although Domingo y Jason were involved) en la casa during the commercial break — of all times to have a conflict en la casa — during the live show. Did Giselle (the host en studio) know what was going on? If you happened to have missed that, you can see it here (unfortunately there are commercials before it plays…ugh). Ad pollution is one of the worst things we have on this planet. Telemundo also put an annoying promotion ad in the video feeds. Por qué? Anyone who’s watching the feeds would know when the show is on it seems to me and they also have the times on the website so why is there a need for a promotion ad in the video feed? Overall, Telemundo has done an excellent job with Gran Hermano (other than my complaint about it being very heteronormative and a lack of GLBTQ contestants) from the beautiful, colourful la casa/nursery to their producción of La Novela Gran Hermano. Gracias. Chau.—el barrio rosa

Update: El 2 de febrero de 2016: They now have a beautiful nursery en la casa. Very colourful; they did a superb job on that. If I had a nursery or needed one, I’d like mine to look like their’s. That’s all I’ll say about it so as to not spoil it for anyone who only watches the show on Telemundo and not en vivo 24/7. Chau.—el barrio rosa

As of this writing and this article may change: (EN VIVO 24/7): Following last night’s fiesta en la casa, I watched Jason (with Dante serving as his accomplice) try to sabotage Carlos (who very much enjoys his beer/booze) by spooning fake “vomit” out of a bowl onto the toilet seat and on the floor below the toilet, as well as on the floor of the living room and then smearing one of Carlos’s shoes/slippers in it trying to give the impression to los habitantes that Carlos got sick from too much booze following last night’s fiesta en la casa. Fortunately, Carlos got up early before anybody else did following last night’s fiesta, found the fake “vomit” in the living room and cleaned it up, but he didn’t clean up the toilet seat even though he saw that too. He sat around in the living room and in the kitchen for awhile looking as though he was thinking about something. Someone is trying to get him out of la casa with this stunt? Then he went back to bed. Los habitantes were not up yet. I haven’t been able to closely follow “EN VIVO 24/7″ since then but I think Carlos is onto this scheme. It’s quite mean of Jason and Dante to do this to Carlos. But the viewers will know what’s going on, so if anything, this could backfire on Jason and Dante at some point.

Hola, awhile back I remember thinking to myself that these Gran Hermano/Big Brother programmes would come to an end because in real life el mundo/the world now lives in a constant state of Big Brother with global surveillance, illegal-spying and data-mining, especially from so-called “social media” sites such as that billionaire-owned FB. Ugh. Why do we need a programme about Big Brother when Big Brother is happening world-wide? Your country is spying on you and your neighbour, especially The Cesspool/the US/los Estados Unidos. The US spies on everybody including themselves. The corporate media feed the public: “Terror, Terror, Terror” 24-hours a day. “Be Very Afraid. Be Afraid of Your Own Shadow.”

But this article is not about that; however, I did want to make that point/correlation. So, have you been watching Gran Hermano either on EN VIVO 24/7 or on Telemundo, or both? La casa/The house for Gran Hermano (Big Brother) is beautiful. Lots of pretty colours. It’s a very nice house, although it’s not heated and it’s been quite cold there at night (los habitantes wear jackets inside, although often Jason doesn’t wear a shirt). I think the bedrooms are heated. There’s nothing drab, dull and boring about their house, which I think is en la Ciudad de México/México City (which is at an altitude of over 7,000 feet above sea level).

I do get very tired of seeing all the funeral-black and gray clothing that the contestants are probably told to wear by la producción. That conservative-looking, silly drab funeral-black, casket-gray and boring-white clothing fad is still going on in the corporate media? I wrote about that here. I flipped to Univisión for about a minute while writing this and what did I see? Before I went back to tv azteca I saw three show hosts: dos chicos sitting there in their casket-gray suits and white shirts. La chica was sitting there in a funeral-black dress (had she just come from a funeral?) See what I mean? Dull/drab gray, black and white. They go overboard with these ridiculous (colour) fads that some moda/fashion nut dictated was “the thing to wear now.” I’ll wear what I want to wear and it won’t be dull black, gray and white.

One thing I noticed about the “cast”/contestants of Gran Hermano is that they are not all light-complected/”white” Latinos/Hispanos/Mexicanos et al, which is very good. They all look “white” on Telemundo’s website because of over-exposed pictures of their faces, but in reality most of them are darker-complected. That’s very good to see.


There’s a problem:

The Heteronormative Gran Hermano:

Why no GLBTQ contestants?

There are no “out” GLBTQ people in Telemundo’s world? But we’ve been told repeatedly that “GAY IS NOW MAINSTREAM!”

Anybody that tells me, “Gay is now mainstream” I’d have to respond to them by saying: “Ha! What drugs are you on?!” But you know, one would think that out of all the people who auditioned — I read they had 5,000 applicants — to be on Gran Hermano, that one or two GLBTQ people would have been among them, no? — and they probably were — but for some reason they were not selected. And that’s my problem with Gran Hermano. All the 14 contestants are “straight,” or at least they pretend to be “straight” while in the house from what I’ve observed. Not one openly-Queer person in there. WHY? And again, we’ve been told repeatedly by wishful-thinking idiots in San Francisco and elsewhere that “Gay is now Mainstream.” The reality is that if gay were “mainstream” I wouldn’t be writing about this and I would not have written the other articles I’ve written about the saturation of heteronormative/”straight”-only programming in the corporate media and their commercials since the US Supreme Court legalised same-gender/gay marriage in all 50 states of The Cesspool/the US/los Estados Unidos. It was after that ruling from the Supremes that fools began spewing this wishful-thinking bull shit about, “gay is now mainstream.”

I’m so tired of heteronormative. I’m tired of some car commercial making their commercial more about “straight” sexuality than about the car they’re trying to unload on some sucker. (Clearly, they don’t want any GLBTQ customers). I’m speaking of a certain car commercial that is all about this “straight” couple and the camera has to zoom down on them holding hands. WTF does that have to do with anyone buying this car? And at the end of the commercial, we see this “straight” couple leaning up against this car fawning over each other. Mi amigo/My friend saw the same commercial and he asked me: WTF are they selling? The “straight” couple and “straight” sexuality or this car? Uh huh. Don’t get me started.

Again, for the thick people, the reality is that gay is not mainstream at all otherwise GLBTQ programming would now be reflected in corporate programming and commercials. And in the Gran Hermano house when they are paired off whether it’s for the cycling challenge or dance noche/night on Viernes/Friday (with lots of alcohol to get them drunk, especially lush Carlos), they are paired off in male-female couples. And I’m tired of seeing male-female couples shoved in my face, especially when one considers what is happening to gay areas in major city around the US, such as San Francisco’s Castro and Upper Market areas which are becoming Straightsville. Well, Upper Market is already Straightsville. This morning on his walk in Upper Market, mi amigo saw five “straight” young white couples — the usual basura — making out on one of the hills. He said they looked like they were about to fuck right there — “GET A ROOM SOMEWHERE!” — and the only word he heard from them was “like.” These days, Upper Market is a flow of “straight” couples and baby strollers. With Gran Hermano, I’d rather watch what’s going on in the kitchen — they are my favourite scenes — than to watch Dante and Iselis fawn over each other on the couch or needy/desperate-her climb up on top of him and try to hump him in the bedroom (they have beautiful bedrooms, especially the greenery scene bedroom). He looked like he was trying to push her off of him, which he did, and then she climbed back on him. Hell bent.

So why did Telemundo (or was it Endemol Shine Latino?) choose to not have any out-Queer people in the house? What was that about? And as is typical with the corporate media, some ageism was also involved in the selection of the candidates. The contestants are mostly all “young.” There is no “old” person in the house. Why can’t there be a mixture of people from younger to older?

As for their 24-hours feeds (EN VIVO 24/7) of la casa, it was good at the beginning, but now it’s mostly stalls at times because no matter what time of day or night it is, the video plays a bit and then it spins and spins as if too many people are trying to watch it. It’s no longer a continuous feed because apparently Telemundo doesn’t use enough bandwidth for the feeds. It’s too bad they didn’t put as much dinero/money into the EN VIVO 24/7 as they did la casa. Also, they have four cámaras for en vivo, and because of the spinning/stalling, the “feed” gets so backed up so you’ll be seeing this scene with Jason and Dante talking in the kitchen, for example, and then if you click on another cámara, Jason and/or Dante are doing something completely different there, which makes it look like it’s not “live” even though it is.

You can see pictures of la casa here, although it may take forever to load. Chau.—el barrio rosa

San Francisco’s Baby Explosion and The Stroller Brigades

The New San Francisco: A city of copycat pregnancies and where the “straights” love to breed like mosquitoes, and where no one “wears their baby.”

Hola. All the babies and baby stroller brigades. Ugh. Everywhere you look. jesus fucking christ. Is no one using birth control anymore? Obviously not. We’re going backwards in that regard too, are we? Oh yes, why not! Due to (tech) gentrification, San Francisco has gone from the former “Proudly Radical and Alternative” City that once cared about social issues such as overpopulation to this New City that doesn’t give a fuck about anything but greed, corporate sports teams, being sanitised and mainstream like every other place.

There are the gigantic baby strollers. One thing is clear: Parents of this New Conservative Lobotomised Techie San Francisco — where did these (techie) zombies come from? — do not want what is best for their child otherwise they would be “wearing their baby.” You can read about “wearing your baby” here and here. The mother would be “wearing” one baby and the father would be “wearing” the second baby. As you’ll read at those links above, “wearing one’s baby” is healthier and much better for the child. But what’s better for the child doesn’t seem to concern or interest these parents because I rarely see anyone “wearing their baby.” Instead, we have brigades/fleets of baby strollers clogging our sidewalks which wouldn’t be the case at all if parents “wore their babies.” If I had a baby, I would not put my baby in a stroller because the stroller would make me feel distant to my child and vice versa, rather than “wearing my baby” which encourages the bonding (among many other things) that is critical between parent and child. How does a parent bond with a fucking stroller that is being pushed around like a shopping cart, or have these clueless parents never thought about that? Strollers get in people’s way all the time. But as mi amigo/my friend said: Isn’t that’s the main reason people use strollers? I think so. So that they can get in people’s way thereby giving the parent and the baby attention that the parent (usually the needy-mother) craves and expects from people. Why bother having a baby if nobody is going to look at it?! And of course everyone’s baby is “special,” and “different” than anyone else’s, and above all other babies. That’s the thinking of most parents. Some of these strollers look more like condominiums in size. Then there are the (what I call) Podium Strollers. That’s where the baby is propped up — halfway between a sitting position and a lying position — on the stroller as if the stroller is a podium and the needy and narcissistic mother is trying to display her child so she can get full advantage and all the attention she desperately craves from others as — if all goes as planned — people gushingly “oooo and aaaaaah” over her baby. In reality, it’s just another baby. But again, the thinking seems to be: If nobody gives my baby attention, why did I even bother going through all that work and effort to have a baby?! I think much of this is “copy-cat pregnancies,” which goes something like this in this New City (and elsewhere):

Short, stupid-sounding Valley-Girl her says to tall-him: “Honey, I like talked with (fill in name of friend) today and like she like told me she is now like pregnant. Isn’t that like totally like cool like? She’s like going to like have a like baby. I’m like so like totally like happy for them. I’m like wouldn’t it like be cool like if we like had a baby like too like and I could like be like pregnant like at like the same time like she is and like she and I could like compare our pregnancies like and our pussies? (A copycat pregnancy). And I’m like our little one could like play with their’s. Totally like cool like, huh, honey? I’m like it will like totally be sooooooooooooo much fun like, honey. And I’m like we like will be sooooooooooooo totally much like happier like with a baby honey. I’m like this is totally like cool like. Let’s like have a like baby too, honey.”

(Woman, where did you learn to talk and how do you hold a job talking like that? Unfortunately, that is a common style of speech in this new city. The obsession with the word “like” or “I’m like” is about every-other-word, or with other people it’s about every fourth or fifth word. These parents also walk in la lluvia/the rain – what little la lluvia we have had — with their babies without umbrellas. We locals have never seen anything like it before).

Assuming her partner got any of that with all that stupid-sound Valley-Girl “like” nonsense in there, at this point a red light should go off in his head, but it usually doesn’t. He usually goes along with this “copycat pregnancy” scheme. Yes muchacha, it’s a lot of fun to get up in the middle of the night multiple times at all hours to change diapers and to deal with a loudly screaming child and then try to work the next day with interrupted sleep. You’ll love it, you’ll really love it! You don’t know what you’re missing by not having that, muchacha! Who wouldn’t want that? And because someone you know is following the “Copycat Pregnancy Stroller Brigade” Script because it’s the latest fad and thing to do, you have to also, correct muchacha? You could adopt, you know, if you’re so desperate for a child and have been brainwashed by your family and society that you must have a child or you’re not anybody or you’re not a “complete person” without a child (roll eyes). There are two things one must have to be anybody today: A loudly screaming child in a huge condo-sized stroller and a smartphone stupidphone (and this New Techie San Francisco believes that everyone should: “Live their lives in and on their phone” and “Never take your eyes off that screen” even when you’re being mugged). Mi amigo has noticed that the baby can be screaming at the highest decibel level, but the one thing that will take the mother’s attention away from her screaming child in that huge stroller is that stupidphone the mother has her nose buried in. She then becomes oblivious to her child.

My message to these people:

ALTO/PARE/STOP. STOP RIGHT THERE. You shouldn’t be squeezing out babies to “be so much happier” in your relationship. Work on your relationship — or split up — first before you squeeze out a baby. If your relationship needs to, “be so much happier” you need to work on that before you pop out a baby. Don’t use a baby as psychotherapy for your (dysfunctional?) relationship because the child will end up suffering. Having a baby is not all “fun,” and about self-absorbed, self-entitled and needy you, la mujer. But you know, so many idiot parents do just that. Thousands of relationships end in divorce with him paying child support payments for roughly the next 18 years in many cases because of this thinking. And let’s tell it like it is: the baby is really all about getting tax breaks and subsidies from the government.

Some of us are wondering: Has the condom industry completely collapsed? It is obvious that no one believes in birth control in the New Conservative, Lobotomised and Techie San Francisco. The parents here today are mainly young and white or Asian, and many of them (if not most) sound just as stupid as my example up above.

The Daily Baby ReportTM

Every time mi amigo/my friend comes back from his walks or going to his gym or anywhere really, he gives me The Daily Baby ReportTM. And it’s nearly always the same, except for one thing. The number of babies and stroller brigades he’s seeing each time is increasing in number. These parents have their babies out for display in la lluvia/the rain without umbrellas and out en las temperaturas frías/in cold temperatures. The baby is getting soaked with lluvia because the oblivious parent is on her stupidphone in la lluvia. Loco. These lobotomised basura are oblivious to rain and cold weather and they’ll do anything for attention and to show off that baby. Mi amigo says that sometimes the baby has a stupidphone too so it can get addicted to the thing at a real early age. (Aren’t most children today by the age of 7 addicted to a stupidphone?) Then there’s the ubiquitous and required two Golden Retrievers or two Black Labradors — these sheeple have to choose the same dogs everyone else has — tagging along behind the baby stroller(s). Also, with these people, everything has to be big. They come with this “US Big” mentality that they been brainwashed with probably from the US corporate media. They have to have the biggest and tallest black SUV (the things look like a tall hearse), the biggest sterile-looking cookie-cutter condo, the biggest dogs, the biggest stollers. It’s all about Big with these people.

These self-absorbed and self-entitled parents also live under some illusion that they have private ownership to the sidewalks in San Francisco and are entitled to use every space on the sidewalk so that nobody else can get by these assholes without walking out in the street, which I and mi amigo often have to do.

In the Old “Proudly Radical and Alternative” City — which I can confirm no longer exists because the lobotomised and culture-less techies and their predatory venture-capitalist billionaire-owned companies have ruined San Francisco — I often heard it said that there were very few children in San Francisco. No one can say that now.

Who Would Deliberately Move To A Drought Area?

Answer: Stupid people.

Our historic drought is continuing and I and others are wondering where these self-absorbed assholes who are pumping out babies think they’re going to get agua/water for their babies or themselves in the future? The people I’m talking about are the new zombie residents of San Francisco. And why would someone deliberately move to a drought area? Are these people really that fucking clueless and oblivious? Don’t they listen to any noticias/news at all? Deliberately moving to a drought area doesn’t sound very intelligent does it? And aren’t some of these people (or most of them?) the techie zombies who we are repeatedly told are such “geniuses?” Well, supposed “geniuses” and intelligent people wouldn’t have a hobby of breeding like mosquitoes in an already over-populated mundo/world nor would they deliberately move to a drought area.

The way it worked in past decades in San Francisco is that when children got to a certain age the parents moved out of the city citing various reasons, such as: (Short-her said to Tall-him): “Honey, you know I’ve been thinking, don’t you think it would be better for our little (fill in name of child or children they’ve already pumped out) if s/he had a bigger house to play in, had their own rooms and a nice open front and back yard with lots of room to play in with the other neighbourhood children (unspoken: of the same income bracket of course) and better schools? (Also unspoken: A nice ‘wholesome’ conservative and white area.) At which point, tall-him is supposed to answer: Well yes honey, that does sound quite appealing and much better than where we’re living now. Maybe we should move to the country to get all that. (Why the fuck didn’t you move to the country to begin with? Duh.)

Assuming these new residents repeat much of that script of the previous paragraph, el barrio rosa/pink barrio says to them: GOOD IDEA. CAN YOU LEAVE TOMORROW? You don’t have to live here to have a real estate liar sell your $1MILLION PLUS USD Luxury Designer Condo (Dahling) for you or that excessively over-priced moldy home you suckers fell for when you moved in here. Take your bougi, expensive status-symbol vehicle(s) with you. Now, how soon can we expect you assholes to be out of here? By the end of the week, possibly? With your excessive, lavish wealth that you enjoy throwing around (on $3.00 cake-cutting fees, for example) and all the dinero/money you claim to have in your corporate “portfolio” (Dahling), you could hire a company to pack your bougi/pretentious things for you. So all you really have to do is pack up all your strollers and all that baby paraphernalia/gunk/mess — I do realise that could take weeks in itself — and then get the hell out of here, no? We indeed look forward to it, I can assure you.

But the problem these days seems to be that as soon as one group of “straight” basura leave, here comes another group of “straight” breeders who are hell-bent on repeating the entire process all over again. This seems to especially be the case in The Castro and Upper Market areas, the former Gay Mecca. (Related: Why many GLBTQs resent “straights” coming to gay areas).

Yes, the “straights” move to San Francisco — of all places — to squeeze out babies. WTF is that about? Why do they feel they must move to the most expensive city in the US — San Francisco — to fuck and have babies? Or have the corporate media on the East Coast or somewhere heavily promoted that the latest trend — meaning stupid fad for shallow and superficial people who live their life by the latest fad — is for “straight” couples to move to so-called “Innovative San Francisco” to pump out babies? I have read that expression (“Innovation San Francisco”) in articles about how tech has ruined this city. Is that what’s going on? Or, is this their way of “marking their territory” and helping to change/erase the gay reputation that San Francisco once had (and still has to some people who haven’t been paying attention)?

Note to self-absorbed and self-entitled “straight” basura: It’s okay to have sex/fuck, but birth control is highly advisable as well as “wearing your baby.” Where have you heard or read information to the contrary? Unfortunately, birth control and “wearing one’s baby” is not part of the repertoire of these assholes. Chau.—el barrio rosa

The New Castro: The $3 Cake-Cutting Fee and the $10 Beer. WTF?!

Hola. I thought I had “seen and heard everything” until recently. I saw a picture of this double-layer Coconut Cream Cake from a Castro (San Francisco) restaurant. I’m a “dessert person” so this cake sounds very good to me. I’d like to see the ingredients’ list first to make sure it’s made with the best ingredients, organic whenever possible and maybe even vegan. I would never eat at this restaurant because of the prices, many of which are based in greed. I’ve often wondered how this restaurant was able to close one day a week — when most other restaurants in the area don’t have that luxury and are open 7 days — but I’m getting a better idea now of how they’re able to do that. I don’t care to give this bougi/expensive restaurant any promotion, so from hereon I’ll just refer to this restaurant as “GREED.” I’d have trouble eating at GREED even if someone else was paying for it. GREED is located in the area of The Castro which these days increasingly feels to me like I’m entering into Straightsville. So I typically avoid that block unless I’m on my bicycle and don’t have to look at who’s on the sidewalk since I don’t care to see tall him and short/submissive her holding hands and/or making out and nearly fucking on the sidewalk in THE GAY CASTRO. Someone who ate at GREED was going on about this Coconut Cream Cake and there was a picture of their slice, which didn’t look overly generous to me; sort of on the small side. So I went to the restaurant’s website to see if the cake was listed in their Dessert Menu. It was not, so I don’t know how often they have it. A Ginger Cake was listed instead at $11.00 a slice. $11.00 a slice for one piece of cake? Loco./Crazy. Then in small print up above on the menu it stated that there is a $3.00 cake-cutting fee per person in the restaurant. WTF? They charge $3.00 to cut a piece a cake per person? If there are four people at your table and everyone wants cake, that’s $12.00 they’re making as profit just for the cake-cutting fee alone. Well, you can fucking keep your cake. If I were to eat at GREED I would tell them this:

You know, I really don’t mean to put you out at all and I didn’t know what a bother, such a major job it was to cut a piece of cake. You see, I’ve cut many pieces of cake in my experience and it was just no big deal; it only takes a couple of seconds. But if you could kindly take me back to this Coconut Cream Cake or bring it out here to my table, I can put on some plastic gloves that you provide (presumably without a fee) and without touching anything but the cutting knife and my slice and assuming the cake is already scored (slices already marked to be cut) I will be glad to cut my own slice. Would that be possible? Can you do that? Because I’m not about to pay GREED $3.00 to have you cut a piece of cake. What the fuck is happening to The Castro and this city, assholes? I know you’re trying to make this city “A Playground For The Super-Wealthy,” because you have these techie basura here with their big/over-inflated heads and they enjoy throwing around (wasting) their money, and idiots around here keep telling these techies what supposed geniuses they are because these lobotomised smartphone stupidphone-addicted zombies were somehow able to pick up some coding skills along the way. Well, we’re not all in tech and TECH CAN FUCK OFF as far as I’m concerned. And so can your restaurant. So give me the check, assuming there’s not a fucking fee for that too. I hope you go out of business, you greed-based assholes.

Of course I wouldn’t say that to them (other than maybe in a letter) but that’s what I’d like to say to them.

But after thinking about it, I know there’s no shortage of suckers out there who have no problem with throwing their dinero/money away on anything that’s greed-based and overpriced from food, to underwhelming and ugly cookie-cutter Luxury Designer Condos (Dahling), as well as a $3.00 cake-cutting fees per person, just because they can.

I worked in one of the retail stores of Just Desserts (the original company/bakery founded in the 1970s on Church Street) and we didn’t charge any “cake-cutting fee.” We charged $2.50-3.00 for a generous slice of our high-quality cake made from scratch each day by the bakery on Carroll Avenue. Remember Just Desserts’s famous Chocolate Fudge Cake, their Fudge Brownies, and their Mocha Buttercream Cake (that was one of my favourite cakes and it did take a lot of work at the Bakery to make that because of all the steps involved)? At that time, all of our cakes were the best cakes one could buy anywhere made with the best ingredients, in my opinion. In those days, I often heard people say, “It has to be Just Desserts.” I knew the ingredients’ lists well for our desserts because customers would sometimes enquire about the ingredients of different desserts. Just Desserts was not about greed, which is what San Francisco has turned into: Rank and Ugly Greed, in part due to the Conway/Lee regime and corrupt corporate parasitic politicians of the San Francisco Oligarchy who work for their corporate/developer/real estate and Techie Oligarchy owners.

Based on the price of the Ginger Cake they had listed on GREED’s Dessert Menu at $11.00 a slice, then add to that the $3.00 cake-cutting fee per person, that brings the price of one slice of cake to $14.00 for a small slice of cake. Who would pay $14.00 for a small slice of cake? Answer: Suckers, stupid-assed people and bougi-wealthy pretentious basura who like to be seen throwing money away while there are hungry homeless people sleeping in doorways in freezing temperatures in the same block of this restaurant. It’s fucking disgraceful. What’s next at GREED? A fee for opening the fucking door to let you in the restaurant followed by the host’s fee for seating you at a table, then the fee for giving you the menu, then the fee for bringing you the salad and dinner plates (or is there a separate fee for each of those?), then the fee for clearing the table, the fee for dessert forks before the $14.00 slice of cake is brought to you, and then the fee for giving you the check? Fuck off!

If I ran a restaurant, I’d be embarrassed to charge $3.00 for a “cake-cutting fee.” To me, that’s tacky among other negative things. If they feel they need to charge an additional $3.00 for a cake slice, just include it in the price of the cake slice and don’t even mention a “cake-cutting fee.” Just raise the price of the cake slices on the menu to $14.00, and some idiots won’t have any problem paying that. From scanning the reviews, a lot of pretentious people eat at this restaurant. The way they write their reviews, they remind me of the Classical Music Snots. They try to be all philosophical and poetic, you know, and put on airs of class-ism and pretentiousness. (I can’t stand basura like that). Someone was going on about, “the poetry coming out of the kitchen (Dahling) and each dish was a work of art.” For those prices, it damn-well ought to be!

$140.00 for a 8″ Double-Layer Cake? WTF?

When I worked at Just Desserts, we sold mostly 8″ single or 8″ double layer cakes. The picture of the slice of Coconut Cream Cake from GREED looked to me like it was an 8″ double layer cake. It looked like they probably got about 10 slices out of the cake. Well:

10 slices @ $14.00 a slice = $140.00 for a 8″ double layer cake.

So they are making $140.00 on one cake? That’s outrageous. That’s insanity. That’s greed.

Just Desserts sold freshly-baked 8″ double layer cakes for around $24.00 I think it was. It wasn’t much by comparison.

The cheapest dinner on this restaurant’s menu was the Vegan Lasagna at $24.00 a plate, and that was the only (token) vegan item on the menu. Someone did complain about the lack of vegan items on the menu. The rest of the menu was/is dead-animal and decaying-fish based. With our polluted oceans and Fukushima nuclear radiation in the Pacific Ocean, people still have no problem with eating “local” sword fish? That was on the menu too. Isn’t sword fish endangered? Although the New Conservative Techie San Francisco wouldn’t give a fuck about that either! The city that cared about that is mostly gone. I noticed that someone was gushing over the “perfectly seasoned moist lightly fried rabbit (amazing).” Fried rabbit? I cannot conceive of that. You know, with some asshole like that, I’d like to take a live cuddly rabbit out to their table after they’ve ordered “fried rabbit” and have them hold the little rabbit and say to them after a few moments (pointing to the rabbit), “So you’d like this fried?” and see what their reaction is. Or if I felt like being very blunt about it I’d ask the person: “So you would like this little rabbit to give up its life so that you can have a meal?” Would they change their order after having personal contact with the live rabbit? So many people have this major disconnect from where their food comes from. If dog or cat were on the menu, would they mindlessly order that too (while their dog or cat is at home)?

The Lobotomised, Culture-less Techie Assholes

As mi amigo/my friend says (sarcastically): Thanks again lobotomised techie assholes for ruining this city! You’re about the only basura who could afford these insane, outrageous prices. We’ve all heard the stories about how you shallow and superficial trash brag about how much money you have in your “portfolio” and how much money you waste/throw away as you throw around your wealth, just because you can. You shallow trash get off on superficial status-symbols. Maybe one day you’ll mature past that. (Doubtful…that requires a much higher maturity level than the juvenile behaviour we’ve seen from these techies). We’ve all heard about the techie basura blowing a minimum of $1 MILLION USD for a 500-square foot micro condo. Insanity.

Some of us can’t wait until tech crashes and these snooty, arrogant, culture-less, techie scum are out of here because they won’t be able to afford their $1MILLION USD PLUS “Luxury Designer Condos” (Dahling) any more, or their bougi/pretentious vehicles or anything else. Fuck off!

I told mi amigo about GREED’s cake cutting fee when I saw him. He couldn’t believe it. Then he told me he had just seen a sign in The Castro for $10.00 beer. I’ve heard about that along with the $8.00 for toast and coffee. Tech can afford these insane prices so everyone else is expected to is the thinking from greed-based businesses in the New Conservative, Lobotomised and Techie San Francisco.

These days, The Castro is fully saturated with overpriced, bougi, lah-ti-dah coffee. Shallow and superficial people love to be seen standing in line every morning and/or multiple times a day waiting to buy their overpriced coffee around here — again, it’s a status-symbol thing, you know — while hunched over with their nose embedded in their stupidphone frantically texting somebody (why don’t you just call the person, idiot?). Apparently, people these days don’t know how to boil agua/water to the correct temperature or grind their own coffee beans the way I did when I drank coffee. I read the other day that there’s at least 14 new coffee places in The Castro, and that was as of 2013. That was not including the long-established restaurants and cafés that also serve coffee drinks. So there’s no shortage of coffee for the coffee and smartphone stupidphone addicts. They are the two major addictions in today’s Castro: 1) stupidphones and 2) coffee, in that order. Well, really there are five addictions if you include the nicotine, meth and alcohol/booze addiction. Chau.—el barrio rosa


Smartphones: Transforming society into a sea of stupid

How to Respond to Berniebots? (Supporters of Bernie Sanders)

Hola. At first, I thought I was under some sort of e-mail spam attack from someone. Over the past weeks, I’ve received multiple e-mails all with the same theme. None of the e-mails were identical. But they all had the same theme and they asked the same question, which was: “How do you respond to Berniebots? (Supporters of Bernie Sanders).” I wondered why anyone would be asking me that to begin with, so I ignored the e-mails. Then one person came back and elaborated that he was asking me this question because, “you’re non-partisan” and he wanted to hear how a non-partisan person would answer the question. Then I looked back through a couple of the other e-mails and found that, “you’re non-partisan” was included in one of those. At that point, things began to make a little more sense. So, I’ve decided to take them all seriously/well-intentioned — whether they’re meant that way or not — and answer the question.

How to Respond to a Berniebot?

You don’t. Why bother? Don’t even waste your time.

At the point that someone has latched onto a candidate, nothing you say to them will pry them away from their candidate. You’re wasting your time. And I know this from personal experience. Anyone who posts something in favour of any candidate is likely to be there to argue — arguing is a favourite hobby of dysfunctional people who have nothing else going on in their pathetic life — so they sit on message forums trolling for months for their candidate. Some of these political people/trolls are likely being paid to be there. So just ignore them. Someone (such as a Berniebot) who has latched on to Bernie Sanders — usually based solely on emotion versus facts about the candidate — is not about to abandon him until he endorses the party’s nominee. In this case, that will likely be Queen Hillary of the Borg Collective. A small group of Berniebots will refuse to support her. But after their messiah Bernie gives his most fiery speech yet and strong endorsement of imperialist Hillary — and he has already said he will endorse the nominee — and encourages his devout believers to stay within the orbit of the corporatist Democratic Party and in support of that corporate parasite, Hillary, most of his disciples will flock to her and, as usual, become some of the biggest hypocrites around. They will have hated on her for months and then they’ll do the usual/typical 180-flip and begin trolling in support of her and label anyone who doesn’t support her, “a Republican troll” and/or “a Rove operative.” So just ignore the Berniebots no matter what amount of ignorance they spew. And from what I’ve seen, there’s widespread ignorance about Bernie Sanders out there. For example, people are calling Sanders a “socialist” and a “progressive” when he is neither. Sanders is not a socialist and he’s not a progressive because he’s pro-US imperialism. A real socialist and a real progressive — not these phony “progressives” of today who are nothing but Democratic Party apologists, hacks and shills at election time — oppose all US imperialism. (Some of these phony “progressives” are registered as an “independent,” or “Decline to State,” but they’re really just closet-case Democrats at election time). Real socialists and real progressives are pacifists and for peace, and they don’t change their politics based on what corporate parasite is sitting in the white house the way phony “progressives/liberals” have done under their messiah Obama (a.k.a. “Mr Hope and Change We Can Believe In” and that bunk). The fucking hypocrites; they stand for nothing but their brainwashed party allegiance. La Basura. I can’t stand people like that. Sanders is also full of ugly US nationalism and the scapegoating of undocumented immigrants. And I would like to point out that socialists do not run for office within the orbit of a capitalist political party (the Democratic Party). Capitalists do that. A real socialist and a real progressive would not even consider joining with or want anything to do with the thoroughly corrupt Democratic Party. La Basura. I don’t know where some people are getting their misinformation about Sanders but I sense it’s the same place that the gullible and stupid Obamabots got their misinformation about their corporatist messiah Obama during his first campaign. And as was and still is the case with the pathetic Obamabots, the Berniebots only hear what they want to hear (what they perceive as positives) about their saviour Bernie from cheap, feel-good sound bites.

But in the end, it doesn’t matter. Sanders is not going to be the nominee.

We, The People, don’t choose the candidates anyway. That’s just an illusion. Super-delegates, the corporations, the Military Industrial Complex and the corporate bankers/Wall Street choose who will be the next imperialistic corporate parasite to reside en la casa blanca/in the white house to bully and fuck up the US and el mundo/the world even more so than is currently the state of things. If voting made a difference, it would be illegal, especially considering we have easily-hackable electronic voting machines which, after all this time, most people still continue to choose to live in Denial about. Hope this helps. Fin./The End.


Have You Latched On To Bernie Sanders?

Bernie Sanders: the messiah for 2016?

Do You Sing “The Twelve Days of Christmas?”

Hola. Are you one of the people who sings the song, “The Twelve Days of Christmas” but don’t have any idea what you’re singing about? That seems to be the case with many people. I don’t know when they think Christmas begins. Sometime during Advent, maybe?

For example, today (el 31 de diciembre/the 31st of December) is the Seventh Day of Christmas (of the Twelve Days). Did you know that? So contrary to the thinking of many people, Christmas is not over. It seems that many so-called “christians”/faux-christians and other people never learned what the Twelve Days of Christmas really means. And the hypocrisy of it all is that on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day (especially) people stand around singing “The Twelve Days of Christmas,” without having any idea what they’re singing about. The same people proceed to rip down their tree on or before New Year’s Day (which is only the Eight Day of Christmas) and they take down their holiday lights, and they go into hibernation the rest of the Winter and their butts never see a church pew until Pasqua/Easter. I call these people the phony “Christmas and Easter christiansTM” because they’re so transparent. Those two High Holy days are the only time they set foot in church as they try to “buy their way into heaven” by doing the very minimal. These are also the same people who never bow to the processional cross(es) or genuflect in Anglican, Roman Catholic or Lutheran liturgies. Some of these people complain that their neighbour’s holiday lights are still on and their tree is still up until January 6th. Well, that’s because the neighbour is honouring/observing the Twelve Days of Christmas. They’re not the hypocrites here. The hypocrites are the people who sing, “The Twelve Days of Christmas” and then somewhere between the 26th of December and the 1st of January (usually) they say, “Well, Christmas is over now” (no it’s not!) and down comes the trees and everything else.

In conclusion, the Twelve Days of Christmas in the Christian Liturgical Calendar run from December 25 until January 6 (The Feast of The Epiphany). Hope this helps. Chau.— el barrio rosa

[Note: Then there are people like myself who use coloured light sets year-round because they're pretty and I think it's silly to have them stuck in the closet for 11 months a year when they could be used and enjoyed all year].


What Are the Twelve Days of Christmas?
“The First Day of Christmas is, of course, Christmas Day—the Nativity of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. (It is not December 13 or 14, as so many “12 Days of Christmas” countdowns incorrectly assume.)”