Going back to the 1920s and beyond

Hola, the title of this post is based on a statement a conservative relative made to me recently. She said, “It feels like we’re going back to the 1920s and beyond.” In other words, to Nazi Germany. Ever since 911, she has fed into the Official Terrorism CardTM and its propaganda from The Empire’s government and its subservient corporate media. But now I think she’s finding it all rather ridiculous. She had the corporate media on her television the other day and I said to myself out of frustration and not realising she was still in the room, “all they ever talk about on that canal/channel is terror, terrorist, terrorism.” She heard me and said, “Oh I know, isn’t it ridiculous!” That was not the response I expected from her knowing her as I do. I thought to myself: What’s happened to you? Are you finally waking up to this nonsense?

I and others never fell for this terrorist nonsense to begin with. The reality is that people are killed, maimed, injured and blown up every day somewhere in the world—often as a result of these scum of the Earth D and R politicians and their barbaric policies—and one killing/death is not any more important than the other. Far more people die in the US each year of cancer, heart disease, malignant tumours, auto crashes and other causes than from so-called “terror,” but those deaths are not even talked about because they can’t be exploited in the name of the Fear Card called “Terror.” And because the US has this arrogant and ugly Exceptional-ism Complex, they feel that anything that happens in The Cesspool/the US is somehow more important than when the same thing (killings/deaths/bombings) happens somewhere else in the world. Loco.

My relative has always fallen for this terrorism nonsense and on one occasion we argued about it, wasting my time. But since I no longer argue (or what some people call “debate”) with anyone about politics (because why the fuck bother?…it’s a complete waste of time and I’m not into dysfunction) this hasn’t come up in conversations with her in some time. People will think what they want. If they’re that stupid, gullible, naïve and brainwashed in either the “Democratic Religion” or the “Republican Religion” and can’t possibly figure this political nonsense out by now and how the public is being “played” and exploited by these useless D and R corporate political parasites and their corporate owners, there’s nothing I can say to change their mind. Many people like to be exploited and played by career D and R politicians whom they adore from their beloved political “team.”

We have this going on in The Cesspool/the US/los Estados Unidos:

Chicago Police Department operates “black site” interrogation compound

Chicago’s Abu Ghraib

It wouldn’t surprise me if this is happening in every major city in the US.

We also have this going on:

Governor compares Wisconsin protesters to terrorists

Yes, in the minds of the twisted and fucked-up-in-the-head people, protesters are now “terrorists.” I suspect bakers will be called “terrorists” any day now because they use ovens. Loco.

And what do we hear every day from corporate parasites (again, also known as D and R politicians), and from their stenographers called the US corporate media? We hear: terror, terror, terror, terror, terror, terror, terror, terror, terror, terror, terror, terror, terror, terror, terror, terror, terror, terror, terror, terror, terror, terror, terror, terror, terror, terror, terror, terror, terror, terror, terror, terror, terror, terror, terror, terror, terror, terror, terror, terror, terror, terror, terror, terror, terror, terror, terror, terror, terror, terror, terror, terror, terror, terror, terror, terror, terror, terror, terror, terror nonstop and
terrorism, terrorism, terrorism, terrorism, terrorism, terrorism, terrorism, terrorism, terrorism, terrorism, terrorism, terrorism, terrorism, terrorism, terrorist, terrorist, terrorist, terrorist, terrorist, terrorist, terrorist, terrorist, terrorist, terrorist, terrorist, terrorist, terrorist, terrorism, terrorism, terrorism, terrorism, terrorism, terrorism, terrorism, terrorism, terrorism, terrorism, terrorism, terrorism, terrorism, terrorism nonstop and terrorist, terrorist, terrorist, terrorist, terrorist, terrorist, terrorist, terrorist, terrorist, terrorist, terrorist, terrorist, terrorist and terrorist fed to the public 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The message fed to the public: Be Afraid. Stay Afraid. Be Afraid of Your Own Shadow. Be Subservient. Obey. Submit to Authority Without Question. And let these out-of-control bullies/thugs/gangs on a power trip officially called “the police department” in The Empire beat the fuck out of you, crack your skull, put their foot on your face or in the middle of your back, use their erect taser penis on you, and/or kill you for no reason at all, especially if you’re Black. These anti-ethnic thugs can’t stand Black people. And these thugs/gangs can do all that because they have a uniform and a badge and are above the law (they think) because D and R corporatist politicians eat their ass out and imply that the police are above the law. The now fully-shredded US Constitution (having been shredded by the Bush and Obama regimes) means nothing to these scum, including these corporate parasites called D and R politicians.

I’d like to ask this rhetorical Question: What piece of basura is still clinging to the useless and misnamed “Democratic” Big Business war/drone party?
Answer: The devout, immature partisans with low self-esteem who have been brainwashed since childhood with this thinking that they need a messiah/saviour and a “team” to cheer lead for and to worship. I saw an Obama/Biden bumper sticker the other day and I told mi amigo: Well there goes a Dembot. An idiot. He said: You would think that they would be embarrassed to have that on their car at this point in time considering their Mr Drone’s behaviour. He continued: How many countries are we at war with now under Mr Change We Can Believe In/Mr Nobel Peace Prize? I responded: That doesn’t matter to them. They would say: But Bush did…. (because these devout partisan morons can never stay on the topic; they have to go on about the other Big Business Team). Ugh. Humans!

Ever since the Inside Job called 911 the US and the world have flipped out. 911 was the “New Pearl Harbour” referred to on page 51 of the neocon’s blueprint called The Project for The New American Century agenda where the neocon’s goal was/is US Empire building and world domination. The “New Pearl Harbour” was needed to unite the gullible sheeple behind the neocon’s agenda, which began under the illegitimate Bush/Cheney regime (many of the Bush regime basura were signatories to PNAC) and PNAC has continued under “Mr Hope” and “Change We Can Believe In,” the Obama/Biden regime. 911 has been completely and entirely exploited by these D and R scum and given as the reason for the shredding of the US Constitution and human and civil rights internationally.

If you’d like to answer the question from my relative, you’re urged to watch the videos below to help you come to an informed conclusion, por favor. Chau.—el barrio rosa

Torture & Murder in the US: Black Sites Revealed
Infowars reporter Joe Biggs is in Chicago at the recently uncovered black site where citizens have been illegally detained, tortured and even killed. Protesters descend on the site.
[DISCLAIMER: My placing this video on this page is not an endorsement of Alex Jones or his canal/channel. I don’t watch Alex; mi amigo does and he alerts me to certain videos Alex produces. I agree with Alex occasionally but detest his opinions about undocumented immigrants, for example. The Statue of Liberty in New York Harbour (which reads: “bring me your tired your poor”) means nothing to Alex. There was a small protest at this black site in Chicago and that’s what his video is about.—el barrio rosa]


Secret ‘BADASS’ Intelligence Program Spied on Smartphones

Secret US spy program snoops on citizens’ smartphones with aeroplanes, claims report

The D and R Divide in the US

Hillary Clinton says “I’m Baaack” and Bernie Sanders talks “Political Revolution.”

Interviewing politicians and their newspeak

Right is Left and Left is Right

Dembot Hypocrisy

Up Next: Jeb Bush

Elizabeth Warren: the messiah for 2016?

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Bush’s Fourth Term

Iraq II

Overpriced San Francisco

$3,500.00 USD is the average monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment in San Francisco….It’s a good thing there’s lot’s of wealthy techies in this town that can afford to waste money on overpriced apartments, overpriced food and drinks, and overpriced (and many cheaply built) One Million Dollar Plus Luxury Designer Condos (Dahling)

San Francisco smog and view of the iconic Bay Bridge now blocked by Luxury Designer Condos (Dahling)

San Francisco smog and view of the iconic Bay Bridge now blocked by Luxury Designer Condos (Dahling)

Hola. We have a lot of idiots in San Francisco today who like to be exploited. They pay ridiculously high prices for things—apparently without any thought—where the inflated price for something does not match or justify what they’re getting in return. These idiots are called super-wealthy techies. They have endless la plata/money and waste it on overpriced things. Why do they do that? Because they can. It apparently never occurs to these supposedly brilliant people—we’re told they’re brilliant—that they are being played/exploited by corporate greed.

I had wondered how long it would take for people who don’t live in San Francisco or the Bay Area to hear about San Francisco being ruined by corporate greed and no longer being the city we had a reputation for being for decades. From reading local restaurant and bar reviews, most people who live outside the Bay Area or in another state or city usually say nothing about how San Francisco has changed, if they even notice. How could they not notice? They must be glued to their stupidphone the entire time they’re here (Related: Smartphones are transforming society into a sea of stupid). We do see that often here: Mis amigos have talked about it. People on the Golden Gate Bridge or up on Twin Peaks fucking with their stupidphone. They’re bent over and squinting at that tiny screen endlessly, thumbs moving rapidly, or they’re scrolling through sex profiles and not even looking at what they went there for: the view, presumably. Idiots.

Iconic Bay Bridge now blocked by Luxury Designer Condos (Dahling)

I read an article by someone in the techie industry who lives in another major US city and who had recently visited San Francisco. He had mixed things to say about the New Conservative, Lobotomised, Corporatist San Francisco. I was interested in what he had to say because in past decades when anyone wrote about San Francisco who didn’t live here, it would always be positive and how they, “Left Their Heart in San Francisco.” 1. Well, those days of leaving one’s heart here may be fading (just like our fading gay mecca), which one local writer recently referred to as seeing “in the rear view mirror” because we are no longer a gay mecca, she said. The writer of the article who visited here recently clearly didn’t leave his heart here. He’s a corporatist and in that sense one would think he would really like what’s happened to San Francisco and what he saw here. But, I got the sense that he thinks some things should be left as they are to keep their original “charm.” I got the sense that he thinks that some cities should not be or cannot be made into another Manhattan or another Hong Kong.

He wrote briefly about how outrageously overpriced and expensive San Francisco is today. (He got that right!) He said let’s not even talk about the real estate market and rentals there. $3,500.00 is the average monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment (that’s the last figure I saw recently). He referred to San Francisco as a “bubble culture.” I think he means the techie and real estate bubbles. He mentioned the horrendous traffic in the city making it take forever to get from one side of the city to the other—yes that’s new for San Francisco—and he pointed out that the city is only 7 miles wide. I should also point out that we now have air pollution, which until fairly recently we didn’t have. Other parts of the Bay Area have had smog/air pollution (especially the East Bay and South Bay) but not San Francisco. We are almost an island since we are surrounded by water on three sides. He didn’t speak very highly of our public transport system. And he seemed unaware that the many artists/musicians who used to live in San Francisco are now living in Oakland (in the East Bay) or elsewhere because they were evicted or priced out of San Francisco. He also didn’t say anything about our hot weather en febrero/in February (and that’s part of the reason for our new air pollution) during the continuing historic California drought. February is supposed to be part of our rainy season. I got the sense he’s not that hot on coming back here anytime soon. Many of us San Franciscans say that the Tech Surveillance-State Industrial Complex and the Real Estate Industrial Complex and their Corrupt Liars and their immense greed have ruined San Francisco, and I sense that he noticed that. This is all because of the policies of el alcalde/the mayor and his billionaire venture capitalist techie owner, as well as the conservative basura (they call themselves “moderates” but they’re not fooling anyone with that) on the Board of Supervisors.

Iconic Bay Bridge now partially blocked by Luxury Designer Condos (Dahling)

A saw a one-bedroom apartment the other day where I paid between $800-900 USD/month in the 1980s is now renting for $3,000.00 a month. That’s extreme greed. That’s $3,000.00 is in addition to the $3,000.00 deposit required. It’s the same apartment I had for $800.00 from looking at the picture they showed. When I moved out, I think the rent was $900.00. All they’ve done since then is weather-proofed the building recently and painted the apartment in sterile, bland, boring, corporate-looking all bright white which is the latest colour fad (especially for these condos) for people who have no sense of taste. When I rented that apartment I knew that there was nothing really special about it and I was paying for the view and the location and that’s what anyone today will be paying for. So that $3,000 a month for a view. The bedroom is small (you can get a double-sized bed in there but it’s a bit cramped), the living room is pretty average (larger than the bedroom) but not that large and has a working fireplace. No sprinkler system. The kitchen does not have a dishwasher and I see they’ve installed a new stove. But it’s the same model of stove my landlord put in my apartment awhile back. I found that stove online new for roughly $100.00 USD. I didn’t know that one could buy a new stove for as little as $100.00, did you? But leave it to my landlord to find one at that price. So they didn’t even buy a high-end stove to put in this $3,000.00 a month apartment. The view is a “panoramic” view of the Bay, Financial District and East Bay. It is a pretty view (it’s the same view one can get from going up to Twin Peaks – it’s even better up there) but it’s not worth $3,000 a month.

In all the pictures on this page, you’ll see how the Bay Bridge is already partially blocked from view. I’d give it another 2 years (or less) and the Bay Bridge will be completely blocked from view by then. In the picture at the top of this page, you’ll notice how smoggy it looks. As I said above, smog/air pollution for San Francisco is new. Locals say it’s from the new car culture that the New Conservative Techie San Francisco has become. It’s also from the ubiquitous 2-story tall techie shuttles, and the air pollution from China being blow in and from other sources. The more people who are added to our pollution = the more smog we will have. And el alcalde wants at least 30,000 more Luxury Designer Condos (Dahling) built for the very wealthy here. We’re in a continuing historic drought so in the past rain would be washing that pollution away. Historically, San Francisco is a windy/foggy city which also pushes any pollution over to the East Bay and beyond. But these days, it’s different and looks more like the picture above. Some people may confuse that air pollution with fog, but it’s not fog because fog doesn’t have an industrial smell, or smell like rotten eggs.

I was reading a local restaurant/bar review and someone was not at all pleased with their $11.00 drink they had ordered. $11.00 for one drink? WTF? The person said it tasted like flat lime juice for $11.00. The person wrote sarcastically:

It’s a good thing there’s lot’s of wealthy techies in this town that can afford to waste money on overpriced food and drinks.

Reminds me of the idiots I’ve heard about who pay $8.00 USD for a cup of coffee and a piece of toast. Or the idiots who pay $8.00 for a small loaf of bread at a local bougi bakery located in an area near where many techies live. $8.00 for a small loaf of bread (just flour and water) is nearly all profit for that bakery. The labour cost would be the most expensive part of that.

Are these the shoes of a drunk techie?

Are these the shoes of a drunk techie?

Mi amigo sent me the picture over on the right. He saw these shoes that someone had left (a drunk techie?) on the side of the street. He thought they might be from a drunk techie since they’re about the only ones who could afford to abandon their shoes on the side of the street during a drunken stupor and then have to buy new shoes. The often-drunk techies don’t seem to have much, if any, taste in anything really nor good judgment. Even if I had billions of dollars in my credit union account I would not waste any of that on something that is clearly not worth the asking price. But these people do. Only an idiot would do that. As an example, I wouldn’t pay $11.00 for a fucking drink. That is outrageous. But with these elitist, super-wealthy techies they throw their la plata/money around—just because they have it to throw around—whether the asking price is justified or not. Are these shallow and superficial people trying to impress someone? Why? Nobody knows who they are. They’re anonymous. And their taste in Luxury Designer Condos (Dahling), Ugh! I guess if one likes living inside—what looks like—a cold corporate office the places are okay. Barren, sterile, all-white interiors and accessories, cookie-cutter glass condos for a minimum of $1MILLION PLUS. And many of these over-priced condos are cheaply made. But that doesn’t seem to bother the techies. Or the investors who are buying some of these overpriced properties with no intention of living in them. It’s just an investment property to them. Another example of the lack of quality not justifying the outrageous greedy asking price: Corporate greed. Chau.—el barrio rosa

Financial markets celebrate European Central Bank launch of €1 trillion quantitative easing program

1. The exception to this is the conservatives who have despised and hated on this city for decades. Today, for the conservatives who are paying attention, they love the New Conservative San Francisco. Those conservatives who aren’t paying attention—people who don’t live here—still think it’s the same “liberal” city they hated.


The Conservatives Love the New San Francisco

Greed-based parasitic Developers install a “curtain” for the wealthy and 1% in San Francisco

The Techie Trash

The Anti-Gay Agenda in San Francisco

The Death of Art in San Francisco

The Disappearing San Francisco Bay Bridge

The Techies Class Warfare

A Proposal to replace San Francisco City Hall with Luxury Condos

The Obsession with Black Clothing at Univisión y Telemundo

La obsesión con la ropa de color negro en Univisión y Telemundo.

Hola, has anyone else noticed the obsession with black clothing at Univisión and more recently at Telemundo? Note: Univisión is pronounced (and I’m writing it phonetically): Ooooo (as in moon) -knee-veee-shon for the español language illiterates at ABC News.

Mis amigos have noticed this obsession with black clothing items. I and others first noticed it during Univisión’s Latin Grammy Awards 2014 and I wrote about it at that time. I and others weren’t sure if a Latin artist had died and everyone in the awards ceremony was asked to wear funeral-black, or what? As it turned out, no one had died but there was a sea of drab-funeral-black at what is supposed to be a festive awards ceremony. The all-black looked odd. Latino/a artists in all black or varying shades of black. For the most part, the only pretty bright “Latin colours” were on the stage LED sets. And since then, I’ve noticed the funeral-black clothing obsession at Univisión has continued. It’s as if some loco/a who’s in charge of things there made a policy stating:

“Anyone appearing before our expensive cameras must wear all black or at least one piece of black clothing, or a shade thereof.”

Now I see that Telemundo has started doing the same thing, and on their shows that have an audience outside, they’re apparently asked to wear (some) black too. Loco. Even locally en San José en el Área de la Bahía. Los presentadores de noticias were in black and white this morning (the day before el Día de san Valentín). Mi amigo noticed it and pointed it out. I said: Oh, they’re just copying Univisión’s obsession with black clothing. These networks don’t like to be original. One just copies the other.

So I looked to see if black is a moda/fashion colour for 2015. In the images I saw there’s a little bit of black but most of the colours were very pretty mixed colours. So no, black is not a moda colour per se for 2014/15. But looking at these two corporate español networks, you would think that black is the #1 and only colour for the 2014/15 season. It reminds me of the obsession with big-assed black SUVs and redneck pick-up trucks (all black) here in the techie capital of gentrified San Francisco.

I don’t know who the fuck came up with this ludicrous policy of having nearly everyone on camera in some black clothing item, or in all black, or in shades of black, or in black and gray, or black and white, or black and red, or black and blue, well you get the idea.

Mi amigo said: Black is not a Latin colour. He’s correct, it’s not. Black is a conservative/corporate colour and I think that’s what this is all about. I suspect both corporate networks are trying to look more conservative and more corporate and trying to outdo each other and see which network can look more conservative/corporate, no? Chau.—el barrio rosa

The Conservatives Love the New San Francisco

It’s The Conservatives’ Wet Dream Come True For San Francisco.

Hola. Over the decades that I’ve lived in San Francisco, the conservatives despised San Francisco. They could not stand this city. They called San Francisco every possible pejorative they could think of. They couldn’t say enough negative and hateful things about San Francisco, and I came to expect that from them whenever I read local message forums. Some conservatives still do—I guess they don’t live here and haven’t kept up—and they don’t realise the city has drastically changed to the way they wanted it for decades.

The conservatives who live here (some of them identify as “libertarians”) love the New Corporatised, Lobotomised, Chauvinistic, Techie/Stupidphone-Addicted City of San Francisco. The conservatives finally accomplished their goals with the complicity of the San Francisco Corporate-Fascists (mealy-mouthed people call it an “Oligarchy”) of the city government. A few years ago, the conservative techie billionaire who owns the city and el alcalde/the mayor said, “We will take San Francisco back from the progressives.” They did, with the help of some very gullible so-called “progressives” on the Board of Supervisors who stupidly allowed themselves to be played. Idiots.“The Left” no longer owns San Francisco. San Francisco has become very mainstream, non-alternative, bland, corporatist, chauvinistic (The Feminist Movement is clearly dead here today), and it’s becoming more homogenous in many ways.

I no longer read local message forums (for my own sanity) but when I did up until a few months ago I noticed that the conservative trolls on message forums were going on about San Francisco being “Everyone’s Favourite City,” (which is a really fucking arrogant and ignorant thing to say; I’ve never referred to San Francisco as that because a person’s favourite city is very subjective). They were calling this city a “World-Class City.” Both of those descriptions of San Francisco they refused to say until they got into power. And they don’t try to disguise or hide their ethnic hatred and anti-ethnic mentality. They make it quite clear that they are delighted, for example, how el Distrito de la Misión has changed. They call it “cleaning it up.” Translation: Young, super-wealthy, snooty, pretentious, elitist, chauvinistic, white-lobotomised techies moving in and taking over la Misión (and other barrios). Many Latinos/Hispanos/Mexicanos/Chicanos and others have been evicted and/or forced out of la Misión and the city, some to San José in the South Bay.

There’s nothing “world-class” about parasitic and greedy developers building cookie-cutter outrageously expensive glass boxes called “Luxury Designer Condos” (Dahling) with their sterile white interiors for the young, pretentious, super-wealthy white people set. The chauvinistic, lobotomised techies come to mind here. The former Alternative and Proudly-Radical city of San Francisco that I moved to decades ago was a “World Class City” which is one of the many reasons I moved here with its cultural and ethnic diversity—San Francisco was then called a “Small United Nations” and I haven’t heard the city called that in some time—and the many artists of all kinds living here, which have since been gentrified/evicted out of the city, many over to Oakland across the Bay. Today, in many ways, San Francisco is a very provincial town with petty, childish—especially the corporate-fascist politicians and the local conservative merchants—mainstream, conservative-thinking people.

Whenever anyone criticises the rampant stupipdhone addiction of the corporate media programmed sheeple in San Francisco, the conservatives rush to defend the addiction by saying, “everyone is addicted to something,” which of course is ludicrous. But that’s supposed to justify the addiction in the conservative’s attempt to rush to the defence of the Tech Surveillance-State Industrial Complex. I realised that the elitist conservative online trolls see this stupidphone addiction as part of elitist tech. And then when one brings up the NSA Surveillance State aspect, they’re fine with that too because they say in their signature naïve and innocent style, “if you have nothing to hide, why are you concerned about it?” which again completely and deliberately misses the point. (Related: Secret ‘BADASS’ Intelligence Program Spied on Smartphones and Secret US spy program snoops on citizens’ smartphones with aeroplanes, claims report).

Even though I no longer use the word “progressive” (because the word has lost its original meaning), today the word “progressive” is a “dirty word” in conservative/mainstream San Francisco. The only time I hear the term “progressive” used today is by the pseudo-left to identify themselves, and by the conservatives as a put-down of the pseudo-left. Many (if not most) of the people remaining in San Francisco who identify as “progressives” are really nothing but the pseudo-left and serve as shills, hacks and Obamabots for the conservative misnamed “Democratic” Big Business Party. Chau.—el barrio rosa


On the topic of chauvinism, which I and others see a lot of in San Francisco today:
Females are so insecure and needy

Chauvinism in The Castro (San Francisco)

I wouldn’t do well as a “straight” person

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Status Ubiquitous Vehicle Drivers Supersize their Gasoline Bills in San Francisco

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SUV = Status Ubiquitous Vehicles

The San Francisco that I moved to in the late 1970s, the former Alternative and Proudly-Radical city, used to be a socially-conscious and socially-responsible city. That was then. Since then, this city has done a complete reversal.

The New Corporatised, Stupidphone-Addicted and Conservative city of Lobotomised Assholes is very much the opposite of the city I moved to. For decades, San Francisco made fun of and ridiculed Los Ángeles (this north v. sound rivalry nonsense) for being a car culture. But that’s unfortunately and hypocritically what the New San Francisco has become. A city with lots of big, status-symbol vehicles and lots of traffic. Shallow, pretentious and superficial people trying to impress somebody with their big vehicles (in bland and boring black, tan, silver or white big-assed SUVs)! I and mi amigo frequently see new expensive vehicles. We suspect they’re owned by the super-wealthy/millionaires connected with the Techie Surveillance-State Industrial Complex which has taken over and helped to ruin San Francisco with accomplices of the political corporate fascists—some people prefer the mealy-mouthed term “Oligarchy” to describe these career corporate parasites—we have in positions of power in San Francisco City Hall today.

Because petro prices have dropped some here but not as much as they have nationally, we’re now seeing lots of huge, big-assed SUVs (they’re usually conservative black) and other big vehicles that people are buying in their attempt to impress (“Keeping up Appearances”) and presumably to be like somebody else they know, with their “Keeping Up With The Joneses” mentality. Question: Why can’t people just be themselves? There’s usually only one person in the thing (the big SUV) and the driver is often distracted with and/or fucking with something in the vehicle. I would presume that the sheeple in these huge vehicles have allowed themselves to be programmed by the US corporate media with the mentality that “Bigger is Better.” So, because petro prices have dropped some in San Francisco, the sheeple have rushed out to buy big, gas-guzzling (black) SUVs.

Why don’t people let The Joneses keep up with them?

A psychologist answered that for me: Because they don’t know who they are as a person. And they need psychotherapy to analyse why it is so important to them to “keep up” with somebody else rather than be themselves and secure with themselves as a person. In other words, “Let the Joneses Keep Up With You.” Many of these SUVs (I call them Status Ubiquitous Vehicles) take up lots of room. It’s impossible to see over or around the things because of their huge size. They are like big, wide tanks. The other day, I saw some macho idiot try to fit his big vehicle into his garage space. The vehicle still stuck way out after being parked in the garage space.

My neighbours “micro green” car would fit in the same garage space about 4 times with space left over. I’ve watched my neighbour park his little car. He can get into the smallest parking spaces with ease and with space left over and he has no trouble quickly turning the car around. These cars cost a little over $13,000.00 from what I found online (2014/15 models). With Fuel MPG: 34 city / 38 hwy. Engine: 1.0L in-line 3 DOHC and variable valve timing. Premium unleaded fuel. The electric version cost about $25,000. Fuel economy: Gasoline 122 MPG city, 93 MPG highway and 107 MPG combined.

There are a few of the “micro green” cars around my area, but most vehicles around here are the huge, over-sized, big black tanks. I feel like asking the drivers of these vehicles: You need that much vehicle, do you? It’s about one-third the size of a school bus. Why don’t you just rent a school bus and repaint it black (since that’s the sheeple’s colour) or would that not be pretentious enough for you? Even if one had a “family of four” one wouldn’t need all that vehicle!

Humans! Ugh. So some of us are wondering what will these Status Ubiquitous Vehicle idiots do when the price of petro goes back up again in the future? Don’t they think that’s going to happen? It’s likely to happen. Will they realise how short-sighted and how foolish they were for buying such a huge, gas-guzzling vehicle? I suspect not. Because we’re dealing with stupid-assed people here. If they had any working brain in that head at all, they wouldn’t have bought that huge big pretentious tank in the first place. These people are fucking idiots, which is what the New Conservative San Francisco has mostly become: A city of idiots with the sheeple driving these big gas-guzzling vehicles along with stupidphone addicts walking right out into traffic without looking either direction. Now you tell me that’s a “smart” city?

If we still had the Alternative and Proudly Radical City of San Francisco that I moved to, people would be taking mass transport in larger numbers or (if need be) driving a car like my neighbours. I’d be seeing mostly his type of car around this city (and they come in some beautiful colours), and his type of car is much cheaper than these big-assed tanks that the pretentious ones feel they must own for status purposes. Chau.—el barrio rosa


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Smartphone San Francisco™

Do you walk out into traffic without looking?

Stupidphone-addicted idiots in San Francisco do. Yes, it’s very common (if not expected) here in San Francisco. Clearly, to them their addiction to their stupidphone is more important to them than their life. Or do they think that somehow their stupidphone will protect them from being hit by a vehicle or from being mugged? As of March 2014, the San Francisco Department of Health estimated that two to three people a day are hit by cars (it’s surprising it’s not a lot more than that based on what I see!), many of them are injured…others die. But that doesn’t seem to concern the stupidphone addicts. “Being connected” 24-hours a day to the strongest mind-controlling device there is, the stupidphone (a.k.a. “smartphone”), is all that matters to the sheeple. (Related: Smartphones are transforming society into a sea of stupid and How smartphones steal fleeting moments of life.)

Hola. I was riding my bike the other night. It was dark out. I saw some idiot glued to his stupidphone walk out into traffic without looking either direction. He was wearing all black which made him very easy to see to motorist. [sarcasm intended] When he realised he almost got hit, it didn’t seem to bother him as he immediately returned to looking down at his stupidphone screen and continued walking across the street. He was going in my direction, unfortunately. He went by a dark city park glued to his stupidphone. I guess he welcomed the possibility of being mugged near the dark city park. Then he crossed weaved across the next street. There was a cyclist in front of me and the cyclist wasn’t sure what this idiot was going to do, and I wasn’t sure either. His weaving was not because he was drunk but because he was glued to his stupidphone and oblivious to his surrounding in a major tiy. The cyclist ahead of me—out of frustration with this idiot—yelled, “LOOK UP!” at him, but I didn’t see the stupidphone addict’s reaction, if he had a reaction. He seemed to be de-sensitised and lobotomised.

This is a case of someone valuing their addiction more than they value their life. Many of the people I’ve talked with in San Francisco say that this stupidphone addiction is the greatest addiction they have ever seen. They say it is stronger than any drug out there. I agree, based on what I’ve seen. The stupidphone addict must be on that stupidphone even when putting their life at risk. In this instance and as is often the case all responsibility is put on the motorist not to hit the idiot crossing the street without looking either direction and oblivious to his or her surroundings. Obviously, the pedestrian doesn’t care if he’s hit or not.

Motorists are no better. Mi amigo is frequently telling me about some idiot motorist he got behind who was driving as if s/he had not a clue where they were going, driving slowly and weaving on the street. Then when mi amigo was able to pass them he looked at the driver and the driver was glued to a stupidphone, looking quickly back and forth between the stupidphone and the street ahead. Mi amigo has also seen some cyclists on stupidphones (now there’s an idiot for you considering the rough streets with deep potholes in San Francisco), especially on the Golden Gate Bridge. I guess the idiot cyclist didn’t care to see the beautiful view from the Bridge (isn’t that the reason they were on the Bridge?) Instead, their stupidphone was more important to them since that’s what they were glued to.

As some locals have said: Were these stupidphone addicts equally addicted to their PCs? None of us think was the case. Before the stupidphone, no one had to be on their PC every hour they were awake as well as waking up to check it during the night, the way it is with the stupidphones. At least with a PC one has a full-sized screen and keyboard. You don’t have to buy all these useless apps to use a PC. Part of this stupidphone addiction involves peer-pressure and “you have to be on a stupidphone to be cool.” It’s the same as having to say the word “like” every other word. It’s cool to be stupid in the US, but you’re “like” on a “smartphone.” Isn’t that a contradiction? Since it’s cool to be stupid, why have a smartphone?

What about the medical problems and conditions associated with the stupidphone addiction? As other locals have said, most addicts wouldn’t give a fuck. Even if they were told that they’re losing their eyesight from squinting at these small screens, they would continue their addiction until they became unable to see at all. That’s how strong this addiction is. And I and others don’t see many people in the medical field talking about this, probably because they’re equally addicted to these stupidphones themselves or they don’t want to be seen criticising the Sanctimonious and Sacrosanct Techie Surveillance State Industrial Complex.

Meanwhile, the addiction will continue as our society becomes saturated with lobotomised zombies squinting at and fucking with the greatest mind-controlling device there is. Chau.—el barrio rosa

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The Rainbow Flags have been removed from San Francisco’s Castro Street

Hola. As part of the sanitising project of San Francisco’s Castro barrio by the conservatives in power and their accomplices, the Rainbow Flags that lined Castro Street (high up on the utility poles) have been removed. Some locals see this as a continued way to make the barrio/The Castro more “straight friendly” and to cater to those anti-gay, chauvinistic “straights” who are offended by Rainbow Flags. It’s always wise to cater to bigotry and prejudice, don’t you think? [sarcasm intended] They seem to think so here in the New Conservative San Francisco. The Rainbow Flags lined Castro Street for decades and were replaced periodically over the years when they started to look faded from the sun. They were in need of replacing before they were permanently removed. So other than one or two gay bars, there are no Rainbow Flags today on Castro Street (Related: The Fading Gay Mecca).

Some of us feel that the Castro Street sidewalk widening project—which was unnecessary and very costly and was intended to pump up the big head of a certain corporatist conservative gay self-serving politician—had a very specific covert agenda, which included:

1. The complete removal of the cement/sidewalks of the Gay Mecca Days where thousands and thousands of GLBTQs from all over the world walked on, hung-out on, partied on, had sex on and played on. There was immense history in those sidewalks. That’s now gone. That history has been completely disrespected by the corporate-fascists conservative politicians and their conservative accomplices in power. It’s as if the New Corporatised Lobotomised Conservative City of San Francisco wanted to erase that history as if it never existed, and they have done so.

2. The agenda also included the completion of sanitising of The Castro, to cater to the chauvinistic “straights” and to make the barrio more bougi/upscale/elitist and pretentious. Did we really need sidewalks the width of what one sees in suburban malls on Castro Street?

The big Rainbow Flag—controlled by the local dictatorial, totalitarian merchants’ group—remains at Harvey Milk Plaza, but for how long? Some locals wonder when that will be removed too. Or will that useless and irrelevant merchants’ group leave that Rainbow Flag up (which is on public property) to exploit national and international tourists for the merchants’ monied interest? Chau.—el barrio rosa


Chauvinism in The Castro (San Francisco)

On the related topic of chauvinism, which I see a lot of in San Francisco today: Females are so insecure and needy