The Closeted Queer Community (2017)

Why I no longer write about Queer topics, and why am I now using the word “Queer?” Well that’s because there’s no hierarchy or politics involved in the word “Queer,” as opposed to the hierarchy of that “LGBT” nonsense that’s saturated all over the internet. Also, Queers (and the word Queer) make breeders nervous and we enjoy every minute of it. (smile)

Hola a todos. Some readers have asked me via e-mail: Why are you no longer writing about Queer topics? That’s because I don’t see any reason to. Why should I bother? I’ve written about Queer topics for years and it didn’t do any good. Nothing changed for the positive. There’s nothing else to say about it. Only a few people seem to care in the big scheme of things. As with some other topics I used to write about, I seem to be “fighting an uphill battle” or “a lost cause.” That’s how it feels to me. Several examples that come to mind explaining this and some of which overlap:

I’ve become disgusted with what the Queer community has become, and I’d rather write about things that don’t annoy or disgust me. It’s healthier/less stressful for me to do that. Today, the Queer community is mostly DISCREET (translation: closeted), conservative, pro-corporatist, pro-Establishment, DISCREET, mainstream, DISCREET, non-alternative, DISCREET, non-proudly radical, sanitised, DISCREET, shallow sheeple trying to be like the boring and often conservative mainstream breeders. Queers today are the DISCREET opposite of who they were during the decades of the (now-dead) NON-DISCREET and proudly-radical Gay and Lesbian Rights’ Movement. Some examples:

1. Monitoring television programming: one would think that the entire world consists of breeders. One gets the impression there’s not one openly Queer person en el mundo/in the world other than that heteronormative, corporatist, pro-Establishment, Obamabot and god Ellen daily promoting silly, dumbed-down and “stupid-is-in” and making millions doing so. Whenever I see her in YouTube promotions of her show she’s wearing all black or black/gray or all white. Ms Conformist. La mujer/The woman didn’t care how many immigrants the Deporter-in-Chief Obama had deported or how many breeders and Queers Mr Nobel Peace Prize had droned or killed in other parts of the world in his 8 wars as she gushed over Obama at every opportunity. Or is she oblivious to all that? And I know Anderson Cooper is an openly-Queer boy, but I’m making a point here. Most of the (closeted) Queer people before network cameras pretend to be breeders. They refuse to come out of the closet and announce that they’re Queer. There are a lot of Queer people out there, but the public is led to believe those people are breeders because they refuse to come out of the closet. Despite some advances that have been made for Queers over the decades, those advances are not reflected in the overwhelming majority of corporate network television programming. And with the insane Orange Man at the controls, expect those advances to be eroded or disappear altogether. He’s already begun eroding Transgender rights. All the programming on the español language networks I monitor is breeder-based. I am so tired of seeing him fawning over her, him making out with her, him holding needy-her’s hand, him holding her chin, him playing with her hair, her running over to him for more attention with one foot up in the back (she’s perched on one foot) desperate for more attention, and him doing other things with her when it’s more than obvious to me and my reliable Queerdar that “him” is really a closeted Queer boy pretending to be a breeder. Such as the breeder-based dating programme that started on TV Azteca recently in the afternoons. According to my Queerdar, I’ve seen one closet case Queer boy after the other on there wanting to date a female. (roll eyes). Is this stuff for real or is it staged just to create a programme? Do they ever have real dates on there? I don’t know. Mi amigo/My Queer friend says the same about the closet cases on television. In all of the Latino/Hispano/mexicano community, I only know of TWO (2) Queer boys that are out of the closet. Just TWO. That’s it. Those two are Ricky Martín (Enrique Martín Morales) and Christian Chávez (José Christian Chávez Garza). All the others are closet cases despite the public being fed the wishful-thinking lie that “gay is now mainstream.” Yeah sure it is. That’s why I constantly read anti-Queer comments on political message forums and YouTube videos and everywhere else. “Gay is so mainstream” that Queers are saturated all over my television. NOT!

I don’t watch the English-language networks but I would guess that they’re no different. I suspect 99% of the programming on those networks is breeder-based too. In the last few months I’ve read about one or two of those corporate networks planning to do a “gay programme” or bring back one they did in the past. At which point, some shallow, corporatist Queer organisation jumped up and down in celebration about this. Get. A. Grip. As some of us see it, it’s nothing but a “flash in the pan” in the big scheme of things and nothing to get excited about. Too often with these rare “gay programmes,” or when they feature a person who is supposedly Queer, they merely show stereotypical Queer guys and lesbians to continue outdated stereotypes. I’ll get excited when corporate networks change their programming to where a large segment of their programming is Queer-based. But I’m not holding my breathe for that to happen. These little “token” gay programmes are meaningless — and usually shallow — in the big scheme of things as far as some of us are concerned.

2. The public — including Queers — use that cookie-cutter/corporatist “LGBT” acronym nonsense because that’s what’s been drilled into them by them seeing that all over the internet. Even the anti-Queer far-right use “LGBT.” Some of us can’t stand the “LGBT” nonsense for several reasons:

1) to begin with, it leaves out Queers entirely since there is no “Q” on the end…whatever nutball dreamed it up was prejudice against Queers. Some of us are surprised that the “T” is still there and that they haven’t chopped that off yet considering the hate for Transgender individuals.

2) “LGBT” is the hijacking of the original Gay and Lesbian Rights’ Movement by lesbians when they were not the dominant group of the moment so why are they getting “top-billing?” and

3) I saw a few people recently asking: “What’s wrong with you gay guys? Why are you giving “top billing” to lesbians? Why are you allowing that when you did most of the work during the Gay and Lesbian Rights’ Movement?” Agreed. Yes, I fail to understand why lesbians get top billing. That makes no sense to me. Also recently, I read that the “L” was put first by one of those corporatist gay media organisations because lesbians were feeling neglected. (roll eyes) Oh the poor things. It grieves me so to hear that. [sarcasm intended] Well if their ass had done more during the Gay and Lesbian Rights’ Movement they wouldn’t feel neglected. They deserve what they get, which is second billing as in GLBTQ, if one must use any acronym. That’s the way it should be written: GLBTQ. But personally, I’m starting to use the word Queer instead of any letters at all since this topic and acronyms feel like a lost cause to me.

3. The Queer community to me and other Queers now seems dead and closeted, hence the title of this article. The Queer community has gone from proudly-radical and “out and proud” to proudly discreet which means either you’re closeted and/or cheating on somebody.

As I’ve written many times before, looking at men-for-men personal sex ads on the site I call ClosetList, most Queers (guys) describe themselves as “discreet” (translation: closeted and/or cheating on someone). Most Queers also describe themselves as “bi” when they’re really gay. Why do I say that? Because human sexuality does not change so drastically and so quickly to where thousands and thousands of guys worldwide go from being Queer to bi. That just doesn’t happen. But these fake-”bi” guys with their internalised homophobia seem to think that “bi” makes them sound more like a breeder, more masculine, more manly, more macho, and more obnoxious-jock even though these guys have no interest at all in females. But in today’s world, lying and deception are in especially in personal sex ads where hardly anything is real about those. Again, for the thick people, calling oneself “bi” when one is really gay is a form of internalised homophobia because one is ashamed of the word “gay.” To be clear, I’m not talking about the guys who are genuinely bisexual. I’m talking about the “bi” frauds. Didn’t most Queers work through this years ago during the decades of the Gay and Lesbian Rights’ Movement? Apparently not. And some of us see a major rise in internalised homophobia in the Queer community today. It’s really pathetic what the Queer community has turned into. Mi amigo said the other day: “I get the impression that most Queer people are back in the closet.” Uh huh. That’s the impression I get too in the former Gay Mecca of San Francisco.

4. Just like with the breeders, most Queers today are wearing all-black or black and gray. What happened to the pretty Rainbow Flag colours, Queer boys? You’re now ashamed of those because the breeders don’t wear them? Why are you so adamantly trying to be like the breeders? Again, internalised homophobia? Just because some misguided los pendejos in some corporate Queer (media) organisation(s) told you to “assimilate” after gay marriage became legal in The Cesspool/the US? Today, it seems that most Queers consider the Rainbow Flag to be “too gay.” Yet another example of what I mean by going back in the closet with internalised homophobia. It’s as if Queers consider wearing colour an indicator that they’re Queer rather than a breeder, and we can’t have that! No, the breeders are wearing all-black and/or black and gray and looking like white nationalists and/or depressed zombies, so the conformist Queers apparently think they must do the same to “fit in” and “assimilate” with/be like the boring and conservative breeders. Translation: Going back in the closet.

5. In tech-zombie San Francisco, no one cruises anyone any longer. One’s phone addiction has replaced all cruising. Mi amigo (a Queer boy) has told me repeatedly about how he has made the mistake of fleetingly glancing at another guy on the sidewalk who apparently turns out to be a breeder and the guy gives mi amigo a very disapproving, snarling angry look as if he’s about to say, “don’t you look at me you faggot.” Sigh. This anti-Queer behaviour did not happen often in the former San Francisco of the expired Gay Mecca. This behaviour is happening in the new Breeder and Baby Stroller Mecca and here which has taken over and replaced the former Gay Mecca. I should point out that people who are secure with themselves and their sexuality would not respond the way these breeder basura respond just because another guy happens to fleetingly look at them. Los pendejos.

So in conclusion, to me this all seems like “an uphill battle” led by one person (me) and supported by a few other concerned people. But no one else seems to give a fuck. I’m tired of it and tired of wasting my time writing about it when clearly things continue to keep going backwards towards the 1940s. (Related: Gay “Assimilation:” Back to the 1950s). I do have one other Queer article I’ve written and already posted. It’s about mi amigo/my friend and his experience with the fake-Queer Trump supporters. You can read that at that link.

From our experience, all we see are breeders making out, or Queers (both guys and females) trying to pretend to be breeders and heteronormative so that no one will possibly think that they are Queer because we know how awful that is, right? More internalised homophobia. I was in a store the other night and this guy ahead of me in line had to lean down and give this female he was with a lengthy kiss at the register. I thought: Oh here we go. He had to let us all know they are breeders. I told mi amigo about it and he said: “Well, the female always needs attention and that’s probably what he was doing. He was just doing his obligation otherwise he’d never hear the end of it!” In today’s San Francisco’s Castro, I now do a double-take when I see two guys kissing or making out because it is so rare to see that. I even stop to watch briefly and appreciate them because it’s such a rare sight to see these days here in The Breeder and Baby Stroller Mecca. (Have these breeders never heard of birth control of any kind?) These days, when I see two people from a distance, I expect them to be breeders kissing or making out or nearly uncontrollably having sex on the sidewalk (as if they just met) in The Castro.

San Francisco’s Castro has been ruined. The Castro today is nothing like it was when I moved here during the height of the Gay Mecca days. Get this: Can you believe that a group of Queers a year or so ago started a project to Queer The Castro? It hasn’t worked and it’s not about to, but that’s how bad it’s gotten here with prudish and in some cases anti-Queer breeders taking over The Castro. And the local conservative Queers have served as their accomplices and enablers. The local conservative Queers clearly prefer living with other breeders rather than with other Queers. More internalised homophobia?

In the Old City of the Gay Mecca, it used to be that Queer boys and Queer couples walked by my window talking. Now it’s breeders with loud and/or screaming children walking by my window talking. Or more baby strollers going by. And it seems to be a requirement with breeders that he has to be 3-4 feet taller than she — from my research that’s her ridiculous requirement — and she has to be submissive to him as if she’s living in the Victorian era where females are supposed to be dainty, submissive and subservient to guys (in order to get his attention that needy and high-maintenance her constantly demands from him).

Our little group of non-closeted and proudly-rad Queers have been discussing among ourselves whether the majority of Queers will have to have their rights eroded or removed completely to get them out of the closet again and off their electronic leashes and to return to the vigilance and activism of the decades of the former Gay and Lesbian Rights’ Movement? But from what I see of the apathetic and closeted Queer community today, I’m not holding my breathe that any of that is about to happen anytime soon. Because the attitude of most Queers today seems to be, “I’m like whatever like” and “I got the most hysterical text message just now…where’s the next party?” And the most overused word in The Castro today is the ubiquitous word “like.” Most people have completely ruined their speech to integrate the word “like” throughout their speaking in order to “fit in” and be accepted by the stupid-is-in majority. The most stupid-sounding people live here now. It’s extremely rare to hear any intelligent or intellectual conversations at all. Intellectual is out. Stupid is in.

As of this writing, one of the US corporate media networks is doing a mini-series — some of us consider it another “flash in the pan” — being billed as a LGBT Queer (my word choice) mini-series. Will they be interviewing the heteronormative, self-appointed corporatist authorities that dreamed up that “LGBT” crap? Mi amigo and I don’t plan to watch it. I think the thing is probably a superficial programme about the now-dead Gay Rights’ Movement, and they’ll likely give the false impression that the Movement is still going. Yes of course it is [sarcasm intended], that’s why Queers are “discreet” and back in the closet, or at least behaving that way. It doesn’t really matter what this mini-series is about as far as some of us are concerned. As soon as I read “LGBT” in the headline for it, I clicked off. I’ve had it up to here with that. When they use that, you know it’s going to be corporate and especially considering it’s on a corporate network. No gracias. Frankly, I don’t care what this mini-series is about considering who’s doing it. I’m so disgusted with it all. I’ve seen a couple of billboards for this programme in San Francisco’s Castro. Apparently clueless advertisers don’t know that The Castro is now the Breeder and Baby Stroller Mecca and no longer the Queer Mecca. I wouldn’t think there would be much, if any, interest in this programme in today’s “discreet,” conservative and heteronormative Castro. When it airs, they’ll probably have media crews in The Breeder and Baby Stroller Mecca talking with some of the remaining Queers still living here to “get their take” on this mini-series. Before their cameras will likely appear the usual “celebrities” that are dragged out on cue and seen as “authorities” on all Queer matters. Some of whom consider themselves to be “progressives” — even though they vote just like Establishment Democrats at election time — and they also use the conformist/pro-Establishment non-progressive/corporatist “LGBT” acronym in their writings and speaking.

I remember when “Milk” (the story of Harvey Milk) was filmed here and all the hate the producers received from conservative locals (including conservative Queers), and the many merchants who would not cooperate with the producers. I and the people I know were disgusted and embarrassed by the behaviour of The Castro during the filming of Milk. And Milk was filmed during the Gay Mecca years. That experience was very revealing to some of us Old City people. It told us how The Castro was becoming very conservative and was clearly losing itself and heading in a negative direction, and has led us to the sanitised, cold/unfriendly, fake, lobotomised and very conservative Castro of today despite all the Rainbow Flags around here solely for tourist/marketing purposes to give the illusion that The Castro is still a Queer Mecca. Chau.—el barrio rosa

The fake-Queer guys supporting The Orange Man

Hola a todos. FYI: I’m now using the word “Queer” instead of any acronyms. That’s because there’s no hierarchy or politics involved in the word Queer, as opposed to the hierarchy of that corporatist “LGBT” nonsense that’s saturated all over the internet. When an acronym is used, I prefer GLBTQ which reflects the original Gay and Lesbian (GL) Right’s Movement. Also, Queers and the word Queer make breeders nervous, and we enjoy every minute of it. (smile)

The other day, mi amigo/my friend who is a Queer boy had an online encounter with a person claiming to be: “gay with a partner, a veteran, and a Trump supporter.” A Queer guy and an Orange Man supporter seems to me to be an oxymoron — or perhaps just a moron — and an obvious case of self-hate.

Mi amigo asked this guy how he could possibly be supporting The Orange Man when it appears that The Orange Man is very anti-Queer, despite any deceptions/words/lies to the contrary. The people around The Orange Man are very anti-Queer, particularly Pence, and The Orange Man’s nominee to the US Supreme Court (Gorsuch) says, “it should be illegal for gay people to have sex.” That doesn’t sound very Queer-positive to me.

Well, none of that mattered to this fake-Queer guy. Why do I describe this person as a “fake-Queer guy?” You’ll understand that in a moment. This fake-Queer guy replied by saying that Trump was the only presidential candidate who held up a Rainbow Flag during the 2016 campaign. Can you believe anybody would say that as some flimsy reason for supporting a candidate? Mi amigo responded by saying: “You fell for that stunt? Any anti-Queer person can hold up a Rainbow Flag to dupe stupid, gullible people like you. Unlike yourself, I look at what people do in the context of laws they favour or executive orders they write which can change people’s lives (not silly photo-op things), their voting record, their actions and the people they surround themselves with — that’s what’s important — not who holds up a flag to give stupid people the illusion that they’re pro-Queer.” I told mi amigo: Well you should have told him that Hillary — whom neither of us supported — went to the Pride Parade in Manhattan, which should carry more weight than some insane candidate holding up a Rainbow Flag the wrong way. Mi amigo accused this fake-Queer guy of having internalised homophobia considering his support of anti-Queer people. The fake-Queer guy/Orange Man supporter responded by saying, “When my partner gets home, I’ll tell him that we’re both homophobes.” Mi amigo pointed out to this fake-Queer guy that The Orange Man held up that Rainbow Flag upside down with purple at the top. When the flag is displayed correctly, red is at the top like in a Rainbow. This mistake was also pointed out at the time of The Orange Man’s stunt, that the flag was held wrong-side up. But in typical stupid-is-in style and in his continued defence of his hero, The Orange Man, this fake-Queer guy justified The Orange Man’s mistake by saying that actually he (the fake-Queer guy) wouldn’t know which way the Rainbow Flag should be held up either. Loco. Stupid-is-in. He didn’t know the order of the Rainbow Flag colours either so that justified The Orange Man’s mistake. Yeah, you’re some Queer guy all right. Liar. I’ve never known a Queer person who didn’t know how the Rainbow Flag should be correctly flown/displayed and who didn’t know the correct order of the colours. Even the child across the street from me knows the order of the rainbow colours: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.

At that point, the fake-Queer guy started back-tracking. He said: I didn’t vote as “a gay.” (“A gay?” That’s the language I read and hear from the ignorant breeders. You’re not a Queer boy at all. All of this has exposed you as a fraud, Mr Breeder). He continued on: I voted as an “Amurrrrrrkkkan” (that’s not how he spelled it; that’s my spelling to emulate a redneck breeder). I said to mi amigo: Well then why did he bring up the gay topic in the first place when it was really irrelevant to his vote for The Orange Man? Again, “stupid is in.” That was the end of their conversation. Mi amigo and I concluded that he was dealing with an anti-Queer breeder pretending to be a pro-Orange Man Queer guy. You’re not fooling anyone here, Mr anti-Queer Breeder.

The Orange Man’s cult followers — these basura must be paid trolls — have taken over all message forums in their blind supporter for their hero Trump. They remind me of the Obamabots. They are very thin-skinned people and want complete lockstep allegiance to their almighty god, The Orange Man. Mi amigo told me that the other day he read a pro-dictatorial comment from one of The Orange Man cult members saying, “The people who do not support Trump deserve to be kicked out of the country.” Mi amigo didn’t respond to that comment but if he had he would have asked: Did you feel that way when Clinton, Obama and the Bush Crime Family were occupying la casa blanca/the white house?

From my experience with The Orange Man’s Cult, they are extremely anti-Queer, extremely anti-ethnic/racists, some of them are proud Nazi and white supremacists. Their ignorant trolls use any excuse to anti-Queer bait other commenters. I suspect there are many fake-Queers out there supporting The Orange Man. Just thought I’d alert readers to that. And as I’m completing this article, The Orange Man has removed some rights for Transgender individuals, labeling them “special rights” which is the typical far-right lie about any Queer rights. Queer rights are equal rights. Queer rights are not “special rights.” Chau.—el barrio rosa

What happened to the renowned University of Maryland Chorus?

Hola a todos. After writing my article titled “Musicians need to stand for something!” and after the commenting period on that article ended, I received some e-mails from international readers enquiring about what happened to the University of Maryland Chorus? As readers pointed out, I wrote about the Chorus in past tense. Their question is answered in my tribute article to The Maryland Chorus, but some people wrote back saying they didn’t see anything about that (even though it’s there; it is a very long and thorough article), so I’ll answer their question here.

Back in the Spring of 2009, the University of Maryland at College Park decided to disband their University of Maryland Chorus. Dr Paul Traver, the founder and director of the Chorus, had already retired and the new Director of Choral Activities was their Chorus Director. A publication in the District of Columbia wrote that several area Choruses in the Washington Metropolitan Area had undergone financial problems in recent years and were forced to disband. The writer listed (I think it was) four choral ensembles, including the University of Maryland Chorus. He wrote that The Maryland Chorus had been liquidated, which is a legal term, which also means dissolved. I don’t have any more information about that. The University said that the University of Maryland Chorus (also known as The Maryland Chorus and the UMD Chorus) had accomplished their goals and was being “retired,” and the name “University of Maryland Chorus” was also being retired to respect the Chorus and its long legacy.

I realised a few years before I had the opportunity and privilege (and a goal achieved) to sing with the University of Maryland Chorus that they were outstandingly superb. They were an example of choral excellence at its finest. I and mis amigos/my friends who moved to the District from the Conservatory of Music where we had graduated compared the UMD Chorus to Margaret Hillis’s Chicago Symphony Orchestra Chorus. They were that good. Margaret Hillis recommended them to conductor Claudio Abbado for performances of Beethoven’s Missa Solemnis with the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra Amsterdam in the Kennedy Center Concert Hall. The Washington Post classical music critic wrote about their performance: “Paul Traver’s University of Maryland Chorus was glorious throughout.” One of my musical friends in the District who worked at the classical music store on Wisconsin Avenue over in Georgetown often said after one of Maryland’s performances with the National Symphony Orchestra or a guest international orchestra, “that Maryland Chorus can sing the shit out of choral music!”

When I sang with them, I think we were mostly a student-based Chorus of students from the School of Music. But I sensed from what the University wrote upon their retirement that this was no longer the case and probably had something to do with the disbanding of the Chorus as the University wrote that the mostly community-based Maryland Chorus was being ended. They could have just kept the name “University of Maryland Chorus” and changed the requirements to an all-student based Chorus.

In those days, from my experience, it was possible for the general public to sing with the local University Chorus if a chorister qualified and passed the audition requirements. Such a choral ensemble is known as a “town and gown” Chorus, meaning town’s people and university students. I think that was also true at that time at the University of Virginia’s School of Music with their choral ensemble called The University Singers, and the same was true at the University of Maryland. At Maryland, non-students had to pay a nominal fee to sing with The Maryland Chorus. But in hindsight, I get the impression that the University of Maryland was possibly never quite pleased that the University Chorus was not a student-only Chorus and perhaps that’s why they wanted to end them since Dr Traver was no longer there. Even from their founding, they were not an entirely student-based Chorus. They were started when the National Symphony Orchestra asked Dr Traver at the University of Maryland’s School of Music to form a Chorus for a performance of Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9 (“Choral”). He did — and the Chorus was comprised of students from the UMD School of Music and auditioned choristers from the community, rehearsing in the School of Music — and their performance achieved so much critical acclaim that they decided to stay together. Good idea. They became known as the University of Maryland Chorus and over the years performed with many of the world’s finest orchestras and in major concert halls (Kennedy Center Concert Hall, London’s Royal Albert Hall, New York’s Carnegie Hall and so forth). When they were “retired,” they were down to about 90 voices from what I read. The Chorus that I knew and loved when they were at their height — when one got the impression they were almost the Official Chorus of the National Symphony Orchestra especially under conductor Antal Doráti — had roughly 140-150 voices, so they had lost a lot of choristers over the years. Was this because the Chorus did not have the same appeal to choristers because they were not performing with the National Symphony Orchestra and guest international orchestra as often as they once did? Or, did the new Director of Choral Activities deliberately want the University Chorus to be smaller? I don’t know. Or was this reduction in their size part of the classical musical arts dying? If that were not the case, weren’t there enough qualified choristers in the School of Music — which is an excellent music school (and an all-Steinway school) — to meet the requirements of the University Chorus to keep it up to size of 140-150 voices?

I do know that many people on the UMD campus were not pleased with the decision by the University to disband their University Chorus. Ending your University Chorus does seem weird, doesn’t it? I haven’t heard of any other universities ending/”retiring” their University Chorus. Just the idea of that seems loco. Well there was one (although not a University but rather a Conservatory of Music): Decades ago, the New England Conservatory Chorus was “retired”/disband by the NEC and they performed regularly and recorded with the Boston Symphony Orchestra in Symphony Hall across the street. This was before the Tanglewood Festival Chorus (TFC) became the “Official Chorus of the Boston Symphony Orchestra.” The TFC is not one of my favourite Orchestra Choruses in main part because of their fluttery/wobbling vibrato soprano section. Sopranos: Could you possibly “get a grip” on that annoying fluttery-vibrato you have? jesus!…You’re not an Opera Chorus, you’re a Symphonic/Orchestra Chorus. There’s a difference; that’s why they have two different names. John Oliver thinks that fluttery-wobbling vibrato you have sounds good, does he? Maybe his ears are beginning to fail him. In their early days, I liked the Tanglewood Festival Chorus very much. They were one of my favourite Choruses, but not now. And when they perform, they look like a motionless bank of zombies regurgitating on cue what’s been drilled into them. That’s because John Oliver, the Chorus Director, has this ridiculous requirement that they perform without their vocal scores, even though everyone else on stage has their scores! What exactly are they trying to prove with that and is this intended to impress someone? I’ve heard his reasoning for this but I find it rather ludicrous. I much prefer to see a Chorus use their scores. Well really, I feel that way about all musicians, especially pianists. Using the score, makes musicians look more involved in their performance. It shows that they’re reading music and interpreting the markings in the score.

But back to UMD, upon the retirement of The Maryland Chorus, the University of Maryland Concert Choir (an all-student based Chorus) replaced the UMD Chorus as the Symphonic Chorus on campus. They have performed with the National Symphony Orchestra in the Kennedy Center Concert Hall as well as with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra on occasion (Britten’s War Requiem was one of their performances). But the UMD Concert Choir (I’ve not heard them) has not performed nearly as frequently with the NSO as the University of Maryland Chorus did, particularly during the Antal Doráti years. After Doráti left and Rostropovich took over, the UMD Chorus had fewer engagements with the NSO from what I noticed, which was disappointing. I sensed that Rostropovich preferred the Choral Arts Society of Washington. If I’m not mistaken, I think the Choral Arts Society was the first Orchestra Chorus Rostropovich worked with after arriving there. I also think that the first Chorus that a new conductor works with becomes his/her favourite/preferred choice.

One might find it interesting to know that before The Maryland Chorus was “retired,” the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra dissolved/disband their Symphony Chorus. That’s true. Can you believe that? That’s another weird one. I’ve not heard of another major symphony orchestra disbanding their Symphony Chorus. I read they weren’t that good although I never heard them. So the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra began inviting the University of Maryland Chorus to perform with them. One of my commenters said that the orchestra management must have had a meeting and asked why they were wasting money on a Symphony Chorus (paying a Chorus Director) when they could be inviting the best Orchestra Chorus around, the University of Maryland Chorus, to perform with them. Since the UMD Chorus was “retired,” the BSO has been inviting the UMD Concert Choir to perform with them, as well as the Baltimore Choral Arts Society. I read one excellent review for the University of Maryland Concert Choir. They were described as having a very clear tone and excellent diction in one of their performances of Händel’s Messiah. I hope this helps answer readers questions. Chau.—el barrio rosa

Why did they disband the Cathedral Choir at La Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris?

Hola a todos. I suppose the disbanding of their Cathedral Choir had to do with dinero/money. That’s usually the case with budget priorities/cuts, although I don’t know why they’re tight on dinero (if that’s the case) since the Nave at Notre-Dame is full every Domingo/Sunday for their High Church Messe/Mass. One expense they have is the heating of La Cathédrale since according to Titulaire Organist Olivier Latry, Notre-Dame is the only church in France that’s heated, although it must not be that heated since most people wear their jackets, coats and scarves during the Messe.

So why do they no longer have a Cathedral Choir at Notre-Dame or a Choir each Domingo? One would think that an internationally-known cathedral such a Notre-Dame would have a renowned Cathedral Choir, no? They did have a larger Choir for the first Sunday after Epiphany 2017, but that was the first time I’ve seen that in some time.

Back in 2013 they had a Chorus of approximately 32-voices. But most of the time their huge Choir area rarely gets used for a Choir. It usually remains empty or priests sit there for special Liturgies where large groups of priests are in attendance. For their Sunday Messe, they usually have a small group of choristers: It can be one person (a cantor) providing and leading the service music. Or it’s a quartet (4 voices). Or an 8-voice Choir, something like that.

From my research and assuming this information is still current, they have a Choir School at Notre-Dame — Maîtrise/a pre-college music school in Paris– yet most of the time a Choir does not sing for the Messe/Mass on Domingo/Sunday morning, which is unusual. I find that odd considering the Anglican cathedrals I know of with Choir Schools as well as St Thomas Church Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, the Choir of Men and Boys sing regularly throughout the Liturgical Year, excluding the Summer months when the Choir School is closed. Sometimes the boys/trebles will be out and just the Men of the Choir sing. Or if they also have girl choristers, they will alternate with the boys so the boys sing approximately twice a month, or both the boys and girls sing together on some occasions. But why would they disband their Cathedral Choir at Notre-Dame when they supposedly have a Choir School? The Choir School — assuming it still exists — is composed of Le Chœur d’Enfants/The Children’s Choir (they perform the most and they’re quite good; I enjoy them), the Young Ensemble, the Adult Choir of choristers receiving professional training, and the Gregorian Ensemble). I have heard a small Women’s Chorus on one occasion (it was maybe 12-14 voices, I forget how many choristers I counted at the time) and a small Men’s Chorus (about the same size as the Women’s Chorus as I recall) performing for the Messe on a couple of occasions. But mostly it’s The Children’s Choir that sings when a Choir is there, as in this Liturgy below from enero/January 2017. And what an invaluable experience for these boys and girls to have the opportunity to perform in one of the greatest cathedrals of el mundo/the world. Mi amigo/My friend remarked on how young some of the boys look to be able to read music of the difficulty used in these Liturgies. For example:

The organ improvisation (is that Olivier Latry playing?) at the beginning of this Liturgy is glorious with the High Church procession/incense.

In one of the videos below, they had an excellent Chorus Director, Lionel Sow, who is currently the Chorus Director for the Paris Philharmonic Symphony Chorus. I don’t think he’s at Notre-Dame any longer, or does he still serve as the assistant director of the Children’s Chorus?

They have six superb and highly-regarded organists: 3 Titulaire Organists who alternate through the year playing the Grande Orgue high up in the back of the Nave and then they have 3 Choeur Organists who play the smaller orgue in the Choeur area for accompanying the choristers. Does the salary of the 6 organists take up most of the budget/dinero of the Music Department?

What they do at Notre-Dame they do well with the small group of mic’d choristers they have. And someone might say that they don’t need/require a larger Chorus, which is true if one is being objective about it. But that’s not the point. With a larger Chorus they are able to do more elaborate and beautiful repertoire. Also, the descants and added harmonies for the service music — such as the “Al-lé-luia” that they sing before the reading of The Gospel — can’t be done well with a few choristers where it sounds the way it’s supposed to sound. I’ve heard a couple of sopranos sing the descant for the “Al-lé-luia” and even though I appreciated that they sang it, it didn’t sound the way it’s supposed to sound — because it sounded too thin since it was only two voices — and not full and more lush as it does when they have a larger soprano section of a Chorus singing the same parts. A larger Chorus makes the Liturgy richer, gives the Liturgy a richer sound and it’s more interesting musically speaking. When making budget cuts in parish and cathedral churches, it’s the Music Department that is the first place thought of to make cuts because of the lack of respect for the music, arts and culture. Although at Notre-Dame, they seem to respect the music. Their Liturgy is full of music. As mi amigo/my friend often says when watching the Liturgies with me, “they put on a good show at Notre-Dame!” Yes, Notre-Dame has the best High Church Liturgy I’ve ever seen. They make the Anglican Liturgy — of the ones I’ve seen and previously written about — look like a cheap imitation, frankly. Other than the Homily and the readings, their Messe is pretty much all music and it’s all about the music. Their organists are constantly busy with the service music/responses — their organists really have to pay attention during the Liturgy because they’re always “on” as it’s called — they play improvisations, psalm settings and music/improvisations accompanying the procession for The Gospel reading. And they have to play at the correct time.

At Notre-Dame, they sing all the parts of the Messe setting in Latin (Kyrie, Gloria, Credo and so forth) rather than the boring way of speaking/mumbling them. The settings they use (meaning the music used for the Kyrie, Gloria and so forth) are not like the ones used by some churches which I would describe as “little ditties.” The only lack of respect for the music is with the television network (KTO-TV) which video records their Liturgies. They don’t allow the viewers to hear all of the organist’s Prelude or improvisation. For some mysterious reason, KTO-TV always cut off the Organ Sortie/Organ Voluntary/improvisation at the end of the Messe which many viewers have complained about but nothing has changed in that regard. As far as expense, they do have many priests to pay.

For Noël 2016/Navidad/The Twelve Days of Christmas beginning on el 25 diciembre/December – el 5 enero/January/Epiphany, I had expected to see a large Chorus in the Choir area. But that was not the case. They had three Masses (that I know of and each different in style) and only one of them had a larger Chorus and that was again the Children’s Chorus for what was called the “Family Mass.” The other two Masses had a smaller group of choristers. Fortunately, none of their Masses for Noël were the typical Mass that one is accustomed to seeing in los Estados Unidos/the US for Navidad and fortunately their music was not the typical “Christmas music” that is played every holiday season in the US that I’m sick of hearing, frankly. They did use a couple of Sir David Willcocks’ descants for two of the well-known carols. Descants are not difficult to write so I don’t understand why someone hasn’t written some new descants for these carols to add some variety? It would have to be someone well-known — such as a John Rutter, for example — otherwise they would likely not sell or be used because they wouldn’t have the composer’s “celebrity status” attached to them in the same way that the Sir David Willcocks’ descants did when they were first released back in the 1970s and still have today. But at Notre-Dame, I was pleased that their Liturgies for Noël were not what one has come to expect to hear in Anglican parishes or cathedral churches for the Twelve Days of Christmas. They sang Adeste, Fideles for Epiphany which I’ve not heard sung before for that season of the church year, but I thought it was interesting and it made sense liturgically speaking.

They used to have a large Cathedral Choir which from older videos looks like about 32-voices. So what happened? It would be interesting to know.

On another matter, although related to Notre-Dame: Is KTO-TV going to ruin the experience for online viewers of watching the Liturgies from Notre-Dame? As it is now, they already rudely cut off the organ improvisation at the end of the Messe. They also don’t begin recording the Messe when the organist begins his improvisation. Why is that? They had a special Liturgy at Notre-Dame recently that I wanted to see, but the KTO-TV announcer talked over the entire organ improvisation at the beginning and continued talking over the entire procession. He didn’t shut up until most of the priests had reached the Sanctuary area. With this announcer talking, it was the same as standing beside some inconsiderate person in the Nave who felt the need to tell the person beside him what was taking place when we could all see what’s taking place. We’re not stupid. So CÁLLATE/SHUT UP, POR FAVOR. He was extremely annoying. It was difficult to hear the organ and to get the authentic feel of being in the Nave with the congregation. Experiencing what the congregation experiences, isn’t that the intent? I should think so. I still haven’t gone back to watch that Liturgy and am hesitant to do so because what else did he talk over in the Liturgy? I just clicked off I was so annoyed by the whole thing. That announcer’s inconsiderate behaviour is the same type of inconsiderate nonsense that the BBC does with state ceremonies where the Queen and Royal Family are in attendance. The BBC feel the need to talk over it and talk throughout it as if we’re all stupid and don’t have a clue what’s going on. They even talk over the Choir’s anthems (TAIS-TOI/SHUT UP!). Chau.—el barrio rosa:

Related videos:

The excellent Chorus Director: Lionel Sow

Iran: Tehran Symphony Orchestra and Chorus perform Orff and Rachmaninov

Hola a todos. I have to ask: What backwater cesspool of a redneck hick town do these proudly-ignorant, nearly-illiterate, stupid-is-in and know-nothing cult members of El Hombre Naranja/The Orange Man live in? It’s as if none of them made it past fifth grade, if that, and they are stuck vegetating in the 1940s. And I’m not just saying that, I’m serious. I honestly don’t recall ever encountering such an absolutely ignorant group of people in my life as the basura that boot-lick and rabidly support El Hombre Naranja in their hero worship of him. These people have never learned something as basic as “two wrongs don’t make a right.” So in their “mind” (the word “mind” used advisedly), if Obama did something that was wrong, it’s perfectly fine when El Hombre Naranja does the same. Loco.

The hate and ignorance for Iran is rabid and wide-spread among the robotic cultists of El Hombre Naranja, especially after president Bannon and his empty puppet, El Hombre Naranja, placed sanctions on Iran recently. Because of US hate for Iran, corporate media propaganda and willful-ignorance about Iran, one would think that all of Iran were an uncivilized mud pot with most Iranians living in caves. That’s the impression The Cesspool/the US tries to give to its ignorant sheeple. But that image is the opposite of reality.

By the way, Iran is pronounced “E-rahn,” and not “I ran” the way the ignorant, hick/redneck stupid US’ans (including the US corporate media and politicians) pronounce it.

I don’t agree with some of the policies of the Iranian government — nor am I interested in talking about them — just as I don’t agree with the policies of the US Oligarchy or some other world governments. But the government of Iran is not the people of Tehran/Iran. And the views of Muslims worldwide are as varied and diverse as that of Christians. But to hear the hateful bots of El Hombre Naranja, they think all Muslims think the same, which is ludicrous. And of course reason has no bearing on them. In their alternative universe, reason is “fake news.”

Iran’s capital city, Tehran, is a beautiful, very modern city with a population of about 9 million people in the City of Tehran and 16 million people in the greater Tehran Metropolitan Area. Tehran looks no different than a city in the US. See also here and here. Los Ángeles came to my mind while watching the tour of the Tehran video below. Tehran has a very nice and modern Metro, nicer than some Metros here in The Cesspool (nicer than San Francisco’s). Modern Life: 65 New Passenger cars added to Tehran subway system. And Mayor of Belgrade visit Tehran’s modern Metro system. Also: Modern Life (Home Page). Lovely, friendly people live there. I don’t see any homeless people in Tehran so apparently they take care of their people, unlike The Cesspool which chooses to treat homeless people like basura while The Cesspool pretends to be “A Christian Nation.” Tehran has an excellent Symphony Orchestra and Chorus which in 2015 performed Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony (“Choral”), just to give one example of their repertoire/skill level. I haven’t heard it but I have heard part of their performances of the Rachmaninov Piano Concerto No. 2 in c minor and also part of Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana (see videos below).

Some people have been asking: Will there be a false flag/inside job sometime soon similar to the 911 inside job at the beginning of the illegitimate Bush regime? (Cue the “Tin-Foil Hat” Card that will likely come from the far-right and others about now because I spoke of a false flag/inside job). A false flag (terrorist attack) would be launched to get the public opinion poll numbers of El Hombre Naranja soaring — as it did under the illegitimate Bush regime — by making the public even more afraid of their own shadow and to get the sheeple in lockstep behind El Hombre Naranja. This speculation of a false flag comes especially after El Hombre Naranja has been slapped down (twice now) by the US judicial system. He and/or president Bannon fail to understand that if one wants a court to more likely rule in one’s favour — since justices/judges are also human beings with emotions/feelings/personal opinions — one might more likely get a ruling in one’s favour by keeping one’s mouth shut rather than publicly railing against a court’s decision by calling it “disgraceful” and other pejoratives. But some people just don’t seem to possess basic sense.

El Hombre Naranja and his out-of-control and amateurish regime have turned the District of Columbia into utter chaos since he took office with even his Supreme Court nominee in disagreement with him over El Hombre Naranja and his stated disrespect for the US court system. I read that they’ve already interviewed another person to replace the current and abrasive White House spokesliar, and president Bannon and El Hombre Naranja haven’t even been in office a month.

A false flag worked for George W Bush. Jeb Bush and many of the Bush regime’s people were signatories to the neocon PNAC document, which on page 51 speaks of needing a “New Pearl Harbour” (which 911 was) to unite the people behind The Oligarchy’s goal of US imperialism and world domination. Would a false flag work for El Hombre Naranja? Two possible targets: North Korea and Tehran/Iran.

Although in the alternative universe that El Hombre Naranja and his cultists live in, he could just tweet that there was a terrorist attack someplace in The Cesspool — blaming it on North Korea or Iran — without there actually being one. Just like with the “Bowling Green Massacre” that they have been going on about that never happened. His gullible disciples would believe it because he said it. That would be the best kind of “terrorist attack” as no lives would be lost. Then again, in his alternative universe he could tweet that he has launched a nuclear attack on North Korea or Tehran without ever doing so. Again, no lives would be lost. The corporate media would report that no attacks occurred and El Hombre Naranja and cult would scream, “fake news, fake news.”

I can’t imagine (and don’t want to even think about it) any deranged person attacking/bombing Tehran. Only a completely insane person would do that, and that’s my concern because we have a completely off-the-latch, insane person(s) en la casa blanca/in the white house. El Hombre Naranja comes with no social or diplomacy skills whatsoever. He’s a dysfunctional, bullying child in an adult body always having to have his way. And from what I’ve read, he’s constantly livid over trivial things such as the bath towels in Air Force One not being soft enough. His devout cult followers rush to defend any and all things that he does and says. They spend every waking hour obsessing about and trolling about “libs” (they’ve never learned to spell the word liberal apparently) and how “libs lost and we won, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.” Children in adult bodies, assuming these are “adults.” All the problems in el mundo/the world are because of (according to them): “libs, libtards, libturds” and “DemoRATS.” Anyone who disagrees with them they automatically label “a Communist,” clearly ignorant of the definition of the word Communist. Their own Republican party is sacrosanct and above reproach and not responsible for any of our problems. If El Hombre Naranja bombed/destroyed Tehran (I can’t even think about that), it would be no different than destroying a major US city.

I thought about this: If the haters of Iran were to hear the Tehran Symphony Orchestra and Chorus, watch video tours of Tehran and of their Metro, their Persian food and rich culture, would that at all change their Dark Ages and willfully-ignorant view of Iran held by the cultists who worship El Hombre Naranja, as well as the views of El Hombre Naranja himself? Absolutely not. And to begin with, they wouldn’t watch any of these videos, just as no links are adequate to these basura unless it comes from their Fox News or Alex Jones or whoever they’re watching. El Hombre Naranja and his cultists prefers to remain ignorant. They would call all of these videos down below “fake news.” They prefer to wallow in their hate and ignorance rather than to educate themselves. To them, education is a very bad thing and education would get in their way of scapegoating people who are not identical to them.

In the first video below, a superb Iranian pianist (his name is not listed) is playing the Rachmaninov Piano Concerto No. 2 in c minor with the Tehran Symphony Orchestra (TSO) in this excerpt of his performance below. The TSO use the Bösendorfer piano, considered by many to be the finest pianos en el mundo/in the world and better than the Steinway (New York or Homburg). Their Bösendorfer has a beautiful sound. For this performance — and they may do so in general — the TSO uses the European seating arrangement with the violins seated on both sides of the orchestra and cellos seated inside the orchestra.

I read an article from a tourist from The Cesspool now living in Tehran who has spent over two years there. He loves Tehran and spoke about all the anti-Tehran lies, disinformation and propaganda constantly fed to the public about Tehran. He said that Tehran is a very safe city without exceptions and the people are very friendly. There’s also very few Western tourists there. He said there’s probably approximately five in the entire country.

For this performance (below) of the final chorus from Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana, the Tehran Symphony Chorus was excellent. It was clear to me — like with all well-prepared Orchestra Choruses — that the Chorus Director had brought in a language coach for the text/diction which is in Latin because I could understand every word, considering that the languages of Iran are:

Persian: 53% of the population
Azerbaijani and other Turkic dialects: 18%
Kurdish: 10%
Gilaki and Mazandarani: 7%
Luri: 6%
Arabic: 2%
Balochi: 2%
Other languages: comprise 1%, and they include Tati, Talysh, Georgian, Armenian, Circassian, Assyrian, Hebrew, and others.

Yet many stupid US’ans can even speak one language (US-English) correctly. Pathetic really, while they hallucinate about their supposed “greatest country” and other US-nationalistic ugliness. (Why does there have to be a “greatest country?” There are many great countries). You should see the sad writing skills of the cultists who worship El Hombre Naranja. And his are no better.

Back to the Tehran Symphony Chorus, I heard no annoying vibrato from any section of the Chorus, and they bowed at the end. I used the title above for this article because I wanted to credit the Symphony Chorus, even though they don’t perform in the Rachmaninov Piano Concerto No. 2 in c minor. Chau.—el barrio rosa

Related: Asked to ban female musicians, Tehran Symphony Orchestra cancels performance: “The authorities had pointed out that the female performers were not wearing appropriate hijab (head covering)…The women musicians were going to perform the country’s national anthem. Why shouldn’t they? I have said many times that I was born in this country and I know very well where the red lines are. As long as I’m the director of this orchestra, I will not allow this kind of treatment,” he [the orchestra's artistic director Ali Rahbari] added.

Here’s the excellent Tehran Symphony Orchestra and Chorus (Orff):

In this video, notice the modern traffic signals that let motorists know how many seconds remain before the light changes, for both red and green lights. We don’t have that in San Francisco and I’ve not seen that anywhere in The Cesspool, the so-called “greatest country.”

I enjoyed this video recorded on their Metro, although I would have preferred different music more authentic to the region:

A nice segment about the Metro and about the Persian food in this video. Someone was having jugo de zanahoria/carrot juice, like I make every day. Now that’s real food as opposed to coffee — nothing nutritious about that — that the typical US’an would be ordering. Those stuffed bell peppers look good to me:

A World Without Borders: I advocate for open borders

Hola a todos. I live under no illusion that el mundo/the world will ever see open borders between countries. But the Earth was created without borders. In my opinion, people should be able to live wherever they want to live on the planet and should be allowed to move freely from place to place. Immature humans are responsible for the borders imposed on the Earth and borders have been nothing but a problem since. War$ have been fought over borders. Borders remind me of a child’s mentality where the child feels the need to “chalk off” their little area/territory and then say, “This is my playground here. You stay out. You stay over in your playground. Nan, nan, nan, nan, nan.” And frankly we’ve not matured any since.

The cultists who hero-worship El Hombre Naranja/The Orange Man en la casa blanca/in the white house have made themselves absolutely insane — or maybe they came that way — because of their hate for los inmigrantes/immigrants. On sites that I visit, even though the article they’re commenting on may use the non-emotional and neutral language “undocumented immigrant(s),” because of their rabid hate for people of a darker-skin pigmentation these haters feel the need to scream the hateful “illegal” word in all caps. It’s as if they think people can’t read lower case even though the rest of their hateful drivel is in lower case. But they’re not alone in this regard. Some fake-liberals and fake-progressives use the same hateful “illegal” language. I’ve read from them: “I consider myself a Democrat and a liberal…” Yeah, many people consider themselves all sorts of things even though it has no basis in reality. These fake-liberals and fake-progressives then proceed to launch in on the same type of hateful spew using the word “illegal” that one reads from the hateful cultists of El Hombre Naranja.

No human being is “illegal.” La Estatua de la Libertad/The Statue of Liberty and the words on it means nothing to the hate-filled cultists of El Hombre Naranja. Therefore, it’s time to begin dismantling the Statue of Liberty, crate it up and ship it back to France with a note on it saying that it no longer means anything to the US of Hate. Hate, hate, hate and scapegoating one group or another for all the many problems in our society is all that The Cesspool knows anymore. El Hombre Naranja and his cultists’s hate for los inmigrantes is all that matters. And president Bannon wants a “white nation.” Although The Cesspool (Los Estados Unidos/the US) is a nation of immigrants.

There are many white Latinos/Latinas. In fact one of my complaints is that young model-type white Latinos saturate the español language networks. Univisión (pronounced uniβiˈsjon, and not “You-nah-vision” the way español-illiterates pronounce it), Telemundo, Televisa and Azteca (the latter two being based in la Ciudad de México/México City) come to mind. One media writer awhile back wrote that Univisión is the whitest network on television. I’d agree with that. It’s a corporate network of mostly young, perfect-looking white models, females and males. And their studio lighting attempts to make their on-camera network darlings look at light-skinned/white as possible. If white Latinos were the dominant migrant group coming into The Cesspool, I suspect this topic of immigration wouldn’t even be a concern. I think the hate for los inmigrantes coming from south of the US border is solely because of migrant’s darker skin-pigmentation.

I support immigrants all over the world, and I especially support inmigrantes indocumentados/undocumented immigrants. I have a special sympathy for them. They are doing what they feel they must do in order to survive — and the hypocritical white basura and others who hate on them in The Cesspool would do the exact same thing if put in their situation — often having to leave and or split of their families and leave their amigos. Los inmigrantes are certainly suffering from a lot of hate directed at them these days, unfortunately. But to repeat myself for the thick and stupid-is-in people, in my opinion the hate for immigrants is not because they are undocumented. It is because of their ethnicity (a more brown-skin pigmentation) and that’s a major problem for anti-ethnic/racist people who hero worship El Hombre Naranja, who is the empty puppet of president Bannon en la casa blanca. These white supremacists (some are proud Nazis) want an all-white nation, even though there are many white Latinos/Latinas and they often look no differently really than the white people (mainly) in The Cesspool who are hating on los inmigrantes.

Who is going to pick your fruits and vegetables?

Migrant workers put in hours and hours of back-breaking labour in the fields. I can’t imagine doing that work. It would make my back ache from being all bent over constantly and very painful in a very short time. These fine migrant workers harvest white people’s fruits and vegetables. (Yes, I know they pick everyone’s fruits and vegetables, but I’m making a point). The same white people who hate on them. After migrants are kicked out of The Cesspool, these short-sighted and hateful white trash (let’s tell it like it is) and nearly-illiterate rednecks who are disciples of El Hombre Naranja will begin complaining vehemently about the prices of fruits and vegetables at their local grocery store. Or do they only eat raw meat/dead animals? There will be no one to harvest their fruits and vegetables, assuming they eat any. Are these white basura going to get out in the hot fields to pick their own food for the same cheap labour salary that the hard-working migrant workers were paid?

Respected journalist Jorge Ramos of Noticiero Univisión (pronounced: notiˈsjeɾo uniβiˈsjon) pointed out in a recent article that 40% of los inmigrantes coming from México don’t come across the border. They fly into a US airport and overstay their visas, so a wall at the border between Los Estados Unidos y México would have no effect at all on them. (Related: Jorge Ramos: Donald Trump’s Wall Is Totally Useless).

In the past week (the week of el 6 de febrero de 2017/the 6th of February 2017), the disciples of El Hombre Naranja have been writing screaming (in their usual all caps) such things as “DEPORTATIONS HAVE BEGUN, THANK YOU PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP. WE WIN! WE WIN! YOU LIBS LOSE. HA, HA, HA, HA, HA!!!!!” According to ICE, the recent raids on los inmigrantes in California and the deportation of a Latina were planned for awhile and are not tied to your hero El Hombre Naranja.

I appreciate the many contributions of los inmigrantes (both documented and inmigrantes indocumentados) to The Cesspool and I stand in solidarity with them, and thank them for their many contributions to Los Estados Unidos. Muchas gracias. Chau.—el barrio rosa

Why people are wearing all black (and looking like white nationalists)

Hola a todos. I’ve written about this before, but not in this context. I had one of the shopping networks on the other night — I find shopping networks to be the least obnoxious, annoying and least juvenile programming one can find on television — because all the español language networks were running the same informercials they’ve been running for (what seems like) months now. I glanced at the television at one point and saw yet another guest on the shopping network wearing all black. I’ve seen this so many times before. They are obsessed with black (as well as gray and white) on there, but they’ve gone overboard with black. I’ve seen many of the show hosts wearing all black, or black and gray. I thought to myself: There has got to be more to this ridiculous all-black fad than some moda/fashion statement nonsense. After a bit of research, I realised that people have been urged to wear all black because of Führer Trump being in office as a way of showing that they’re mourning. (roll eyes) The article I read about it was devoutly Democratic partisan. The writer stopped short of saying: Wear black to mourn Obama not being in office any longer. Well, Obama served his two 4-year terms so he would be out of office regardless of what D or R corporate parasite came next. I can’t stand Führer Trump and couldn’t stand Obama either, therefore I see no reason to look like an non-creative black zombie by wearing all black.

San Francisco, which is a Democratic-partisan City, has turned into a City of Black Zombies. By that I mean most people — especially guys — are wearing all black or black and gray, as if it’s their “uniform.” The partisan article I read said: Wear black to show that you “mourn the loss of a truly sophisticated, graceful, and intelligent president Barack Obama.” Oh good lord! I doubt that the thousands of innocent people that Mr Nobel Peace Prize Obama killed in his many wars — he left office with 8 wars in progress — would consider him to be “sophisticated, graceful” or intelligent.” And that’s because sophisticated and graceful people don’t kill other people. Barbarians and dysfunctional people do that and they feel no sense of remorse, just like messiah Obama clearly felt no sense of remorse for all the innocent people killed on “his watch.” And Obama didn’t seem that intelligent when Mr Constitutional Scholar declared Chelsea Manning guilty before she had even gone on trial. Obama wasn’t intelligent when he expanded on the vile policies of the illegitimate Bush/Cheney regime. I would guess that writer knows nothing about any of this, so that writer would likely say, “Who cares?!” Well, if Obama had a R (for Republican) next to his name you would care. But with partisan Democratic hypocrites, war is only bad when it’s a Republican in office. The writer also wrote: Wear black to mourn the death of our democracy with Trump being in office. Apparently this writer didn’t know that our democracy died long before Trump’s arrival. Our democracy (although the US is technically a Democratic Republic) died in 2000, if not before, the night of the Judicial Coup when illegitimate George W Bush was selected by Bush Family friends on the US Supreme Court. So claiming that we had democracy when Obama was in office is incorrect too. Apparently that writer had not read the Northwestern and Princeton Universities’ study of 2014 which said that the US is an Oligarchy, not a democracy:

“A new study from Princeton and Northwestern Universities has found that the United States’ government more closely resembles an Oligarchy or a Corporatocracy than a Republic or Democracy….The researchers write, “The central point that emerges from our research is that economic elites and organized groups representing business interests have substantial independent impacts on U.S. government policy, while mass-based interest groups and average citizens have little or no independent influence.”—Princeton and Northwestern Universities’ study (2014)

So why weren’t all these conformist sheeple wearing black during the heinous policies of the Obama regime or the Bush regime? I think the answer to that is quite clear: Because they’re hypocritical partisan Democrats.

To the shallow sheeple, it seems that it’s easier to wear an all-black “uniform” on a daily basis than to actually do something of substance that might have a positive effect on something politically, such as voting with your dinero/money (for example) and stop supporting corporations and corporatists D and R politicians. Because in reality, wearing all-black isn’t going to do a damn thing — other than make dinero/money for the corporations that sell black clothing — and people aren’t going to know what “wear black clothing” is for anyway, just as I didn’t until I researched it.

This all-black clothing fad is not new. It really started years ago. I first noticed it when I saw a sea of black at the 2014 Latin Grammy Awards Ceremony. Some people were asking that night at the awards ceremony, “Who died?” Since then, I’ve seen complete saturation of black clothing along with black, gray and white especially on the corporate networks I monitor. So again, most people won’t know what this decree for people to wear all-black clothing is for. I’ve also noticed how many (if not most) Latinos/Hispanos/mexicanos have abandoned wearing beautiful Latin colours to conform with the all-black clothing herd. I’ve even seen Latin musical groups wearing all-black or black and gray when they used to wear beautiful colours. Sigh. From my observations, most musicians (I’m talking about non-classical musicians) are wearing all black. I saw a clip of the Rolling Stones while writing this and they too were wearing all black.

Apparently Ivanka Trump doesn’t know what this fad is for either because I saw a picture of her while writing this article. She was wearing all black and her toddler son was wearing a gray shirt and black pants. Does she not know that the all-black clothing fad is in protest of Donald Trump?

Another observation: In researching the white nationalists’ movement since Führer Trump took office, I’ve noticed that most of the white nationalists wear all-black (examples – give these a few seconds to go to the correct image: here, here or black and tan/white as seen in this picture here. I find that quite ironic since they can’t stand Black people or other ethnic groups with a dark(er) skin pigmentation.

But I think this better explains the complete saturation of black clothing, no matter where I look or what network it is, with people usually wearing all black, or black and gray or black and white or a combination of all three (drab hearse-black, ashtray gray and boring white).

This silly and depressed-looking fad seems to be worldwide, but it’s especially here in The Cesspool/the US/los Estados Unidos. As I see it, it’s really a fad for shallow, conformist and Democratic-partisan people (mourning their messiah Obama/Bush II no longer being in office). If one wanted to effect positive change politically — if that’s even possible at this point considering the dismal state of things (and as far as I’m concerned it’s all over for this country) — one has to do a lot more than putting on some black clothing. (roll eyes). I suppose some of these black clothing zombies do more than just wear black/gray clothing, but I suspect that what they do is in a devoutly Democratic partisan sense, and therefore I have no use for that at all. Democratic partisans (whom I can’t stand because of their hypocrisy) are part of the problem. And I always have to say this for the stupid people: I can’t stand Republicans either. Both Democrats and Republicans are part of “The Swamp.” And “The Swamp” is what Führer Trump promised to drain while he packs his elitist cabinet with white millionaires and billionaires and (closeted) white nationalists, and puts one of them on the National Security Council. More hypocrisy in and from the US of Hypocrisy. Chau.—el barrio rosa