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Since the Conservatory remains closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I thought I’d take the opportunity to write about two things: the protests taking place in the US and the COVID-19 pandemic:

You might as well have a cakewalk. It will accomplish the same as a peaceful protest.

What do peaceful protests accomplish? Absolutely nothing that I can think of, especially in the case of when one is protesting to empty buildings where the political trash you’re protesting aren’t even there, usually on weekends. A genuine peaceful protest won’t get anybody’s attention, usually not even passing mention. It’s just (yawn) “another protest.” In reality, it seems to take violence and the destruction of property to wake people the fuck up and to make some minimal changes in The System. And I say that from years of experience having been in the streets as a peaceful protester. In hindsight, I can’t think of anything that our peaceful protests stopped. Whatever I and others were protesting went on as planned/scheduled. Even when millions were in the streets in the US and in European cities engaged in peaceful protests, all the wars during the illegitimate Bush regime, for example, went on as planned. Our peaceful protests didn’t stop any of them. And the corporate media will give wall-to-wall coverage to violent protests and the destruction of (corporate) property as we’ve seen in recent days, but usually won’t even give passing mention to a “peaceful” protest. See what I mean? I’m a non-violent person, but the reality is a peaceful protest does nothing meaningful to change anything for the positive. It’s just a therapeutic, feel-good moment for like-minded people. It’s purely symbolic. And the people they were protesting were probably completely unaware of the protest. Someone says, “Oh there was another protest.” Another person asks, “What did they accomplish?” Answer: “Nothing, but they got some sun and fresh air.” And with the peaceful protests, it’s the same tired slogans that we’ve heard for decades. “No Justice, No Peace,” “Ho, Ho, hey, hey, [fill in the blank] has got to go.” Geezus. The same stale chants. Come up with some new material! As a local senior citizen told me recently about peaceful protests from her experience: “You might as well have a cakewalk. It will accomplish the same thing as a ‘peaceful protest’.” And don’t get me started on state-sanctioned protests. If you’re wondering, “Where are the legendary San Francisco protests? I expected San Francisco to be leading the protests.” Well, that was a different time and a different City. We’ve had a little bit here, but nothing like it used to be. Tech has ruined The City and lobotomised, shallow and superficial Millennial techies don’t seem to care about anything other than their phones. And to the orange thug fake-Christian in the white house, if you’re going to — once again — pretend to be a Christian by standing in front of a parish of the Anglican Communion (St John’s Parish) in Lafayette Park in the District of Columbia, please know that the most used book in an Anglican Liturgy and the appropriate book to hold in your hand is The Book of Common Prayer (BCP), not the bible. But I wouldn’t expect the idiot to know that. The Liturgy — either Rite I or Rite II (whichever one the parish or Cathedral Church is using) — comes out of the BCP, not the bible. Ya Dunce. (The First and Second Lessons — as they are called in the Liturgy — are from the bible, and that’s about it). Related: Bishop criticizes Tr*mp’s church visit: ‘Everything he has said and done is to inflame violence’ And to the fake-liberals and fake-progressives — cultists of the right-wing Democratic Party; the enabling party of the far-right Republican Party — who are writing on their websites about “the pastor of St John’s parish,” Anglicans/Episcopalians don’t have “pastors.” (Southern Baptists have pastors). Anglicans have Rectors and or Vicars (as well as Bishops), also known as priests. Did you not read the parish’s sign behind the orange thug that referred to the priest at St John’s Parish as Rector?

San Francisco’s Dolores Park: Isn’t it mostly the self-absorbed and self-entitled, elitist, snotty, ageist, permanent-frowny faced, lobotomised Millennial techie trash — who have ruined this City since their arrival — who consistently hang out in this park and who refuse to social distance and refuse to wear a face mask? I don’t see any face masks in that park. But they remembered their phones! They never forget their phones. That’s all that matters to these pathetic, irresponsible people. But this virus is turning out to be a life-long disabling disease. And these idiots can’t even social distance or wear a face mask. Just like their messiah Elon M*sk — who opened up his factory in the South Bay violating state and county health orders — presumably their thinking is that they are above it all, or they consider COVID-19 a “hoax” and it does not apply to them. Any wonder why our infection rate in San Francisco continues to rise? Dolores Park. Stupid is in. That’s it.

May 28, 2020:


And the image below, from May 30, 2020, after San Francisco Mayor London Breed requested that all San Francisco residents wear a face mask when leaving their homes. Not a face mask in sight — if one is infected, one could be infecting others — and they are not using the social distancing chalked circles that The City marked on the grass. Do all of these people we see in groups live in the same household? Or are they violating that restriction as well by getting together with people outside their household? Selfish stupid people.


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