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The Queer Community is Dead (2014 and beyond)

“The Price of Freedom is Eternal Vigilance.”—that’s something that the Queer Community has completely lost.

Hola a todos. Ongoing Queer Activism? That’s something of the past. Today, Queers/GTQBLs can hear threats from closet case politicians of the US Oligarchy about “hanging gays” and Queers don’t even stick up for themselves. They continue to stare glazed-over at their #1 addiction: their phones. It’s more important to them to see who “liked” them on billionaire-owned Fa*eb**k, and who “liked” the picture of their lunch. Maybe Queers (and breeders) should look up from their phones and decide to do something important with their lives. But I’m a realist and know that’s not about to happen.

It does not give me pleasure to write this. I write this article from a place of resignation, in the sense that there’s nothing I can do about it. Queer activism of the Gay Mecca decades is completely gone. There’s no question about that. Nobody seems to care about anything anymore, or at least very few do.

It seems that the ultimate goal of the former Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement was having the legal right to marry. Who knew? I never knew that was the ultimate goal and who decided that was the ultimate goal? Lily Tomlin (whom you can see here and here as Ernestine Tomlin at the phone company) said she had hoped that the Queer Community would have come up with something better than marriage. I agree. The Breeder Institution of MarriageTM is a fucking turnoff, especially considering the hypocrisy of it where at least 50% of breeder marriages here in The Cesspool end in divorce. “We have to be like the breeders” — that’s what Queer “assimilation” is — seems to be the mentality of the Queer Community these days. To my knowledge, Lily and Jane Wagner have not married, and as I recall, she said in an interview that she and Jane would probably wear clown suits to their wedding should they ever get married. I sensed they’re not big on the idea of marriage and wedLOCK. Understandable. I’m not big on marriage of any kind. And after same-gender marriage/gay marriage became legal here in The Cesspool, it seemed that the Queer Community shut down, closed up shop and said, “That’s it. We’re done. It’s all been accomplished. Hooray! We’ve achieved it all. There’s nothing left to do.”

(roll eyes) Sigh. A feeling of absolute disgust.

Oh there’s plenty left to do and to be accomplished Queer Community, especially here in 2017, as I said earlier, when a major politician in power talks about hanging gays. That comment/threat didn’t seem to phase the now-dead Queer Community at all. In fact, nothing seems to phase them anymore, they seem to be dead or having become lobotomised. WTF has happened to them? The Queer Community — since at least 2014 — abandoned its former self and has become quite conservative to “fit in with the breeders” in the name of “gay assimilation.” UGH. And in my opinion, the notion/concept of “gay assimilation” has grossly backfired. Gone are the “proud and radical days.” In fact, today Queers run from “proud and radical,” as if trying to run away from and/or erase our Queer history. I think that many Queers today see Queer activism as something of our “radical past” — which they view as very negative (because they know it offended the precious breeders) — so they want nothing to do with activism anymore because that’s associated with those “radicals” those “far left” those “left-wing nuts,” as they would likely say as “good conservative pro-Establishment Queers.” Queers have “assimilated” (translation: gone back in the closet using words such as “discreet, down-low” which are the exact opposite of “out and proud.”) It seems that the Queer Community has divorced itself from our proudly-radical past of the Gay Mecca years since they became quite the pro-Establishment conservatives during the Obama regime years. Under Obama, Queers served as his boot lickers and supported their neocon messiah Obama — even while he greatly expanded the despicable illegitimate Bush regime’s neocon agenda — and the Queer Community supported anything Mr Nobel Peace Prize did including his 8 wars. Their thinking seemed to be: War is only bad when there’s a Republican in office. We support war when it’s a Democrat. Hypocrites.

Also, as expected anti-Queer/GTQBL attacks are on the rise under the orange man’s anti-Queer regime. So that ridiculous talk we once heard from many Queers about “gay is now mainstream; gay people can live anywhere” is of course ludicrous as many of us said to begin with. The fact is, some people — especially trans people — can’t live anywhere safely even in the closet. That’s especially true in the deep South. No place is immune to anti-Queer attacks. There have been anti-Queer attack in New York City. According to the NYPD, there have been 128 hate crimes so far in 2017, more than double the 62 from last year.

Back in 2014, I wrote an article titled, “Gay Culture is Dead.” Most people didn’t want to hear that. I scanned through that article and it reads like the same thing I’m saying here in 2017.

Some Queers still show up for the annual Corporate Pride events in major cities each year, which these days — at least in San Francisco (I don’t know what it’s like in other major cities) — seem to be an event for mostly the breeders with their baby strollers who need some excuse to party. Probably because that’s something easy to do and it involves partying, getting drunk. I don’t see the US national thoroughly-corporatist Queer organisations doing anything these days other than adding more and more corporate logos to their websites, eating corporate ass, eating the ass of corporate sports teams, and eating the ass of the misogynistic corporate Tech Industrial Complex. It’s as if the elitist corporatists — with their Executive salaries (Dahling) — who run these wealthy national corporatist Queer organisations think that “all has been accomplished.” The one thing these national Queer organisations continue to do is to have lavish, outrageously-priced Gala Dinners for their wealthy donors, where one of them most recently honoured a techie billionaire. These organisations represent wealthier Queers of a certain income bracket. They couldn’t care less about homeless Queer youth otherwise they would be diligently working on that problem. I see no sign that they’re doing anything.

In summary: It’s such a different time today. Overall, the Queer Community is dead and, again, that was re-emphasised the other day when it was reported that the orange man’s sidekick talked about hanging gay people. Some people thought something that heinous might wake people up, but that didn’t do anything either. At this point, I don’t think anything will wake up the Queer Community. The Queer Community’s pilot light is out. Oh there are occasionally little pop up protests here and there in some major cities but nothing like what I’m talking about requiring ongoing constant vigilance like during the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement. Little “pop up” protests aren’t going to do anything. They are mostly symbolic and just feel-good pabulum for the people protesting at the time. And so often people are protesting to empty buildings on weekends when the basura they are protesting are not even there. It seems that the organisers of protests don’t want to “inconvenience” the breeders, including motorists. Because the breeders will think we are not like them as we have desperately tried to prove we are? That indeed seems to be the thinking of the “gay assimilation” crowd. Genuine, real, effective protests are all about inconveniencing the breeders/sheeple — to wake them the fuck up out of their stupor — and basura in positions of power. One has a right to protest under the First Amendment of the US Constitution, and if one needs a City permit to protest, then it is not a genuine protest. It is a state-sanctioned charade.

But since the Queer Community doesn’t care/give a fuck, why should I? It’s hard for me not to care because that’s not the type of person I am. But there’s nothing I can do to awaken anyone, other than write this, which many people won’t want to hear since Denial is “in” these days. And since threats about hanging gay people result in silencio/silence, I don’t think anything I say will make them wake up. The Queer Community does not seem to care about anything anymore but their phones, partying with Meth, (and for the wealthy) being on expensive PrEP so they can bareback. Chau.—el barrio rosa

Update: Lily Tomlin and Jane Wagner got married on New Year’s Eve 2013. They got married in Los Ángeles in a private gathering.


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The SEP’s Billionaire-Class Hypocrisy and “Social Media”

In truth, they only oppose the billionaire class when it doesn’t disturb their own comfort level.

Hola a todos. Our little group of San Francisco Queers got together recently for our monthly vegetarian-vegan dinner. We never know what we’ll end up talking about, it’s rather spontaneous. It’s often based on what someone mentions in passing near the beginning, which was the case this time. Mi amigo asked: Is anyone here on F**eb**k? (Hereinafter referred to as “FB”). Signs of pain were heard in the room. Groans. Everyone shook their head in disapproval of FB — at least some Queers still have some convictions unlike some fake-socialists (I’m thinking of the Socialist Equality Party/ICFI/Marxist/Trotskyist/Communist variety, they go by many names) — because we don’t care to help a billionaire make more billions nor do we care to be spied on anymore than we know we already are. Mi amigo explained to us that some of the SEP cultists (cultists best describe the devout commenters on the SEP site) were going to great lengths to make excuses for their being on so-called “social media,” particularly FB. BTW, what is a FB? What a stupid name. (As I’ve written before, “social media” is the headquarters for many people void of any genuine social skills, such as the Millennial-zombie assholes). Mi amigo told us that the main excuse being given by the SEP cultists for their being on FB is, “We have to use FB to get our message out.” Really? The person sitting next to me said, “Doesn’t their website get their message out like anyone else’s website?” I said: Being self-described socialists, I didn’t know any of them were on FB to begin with because it’s of the billionaire class, even though the SEP site heavily promotes FB by having tech icons on their site. Yes, this is the same site that claims to oppose the billionaire class while daily promoting the billionaire class, specifically billionaire-owned FB. Try not to choke on the hypocrisy there. Mi amigo told us that this hypocrisy had been pointed out to the SEP cultists and they essentially dismiss it (Denial is “in” these days) and say that they have to use FB because “it’s so embedded in our culture.” That’s the excuse they give? That’s their rationale? That’s odd, I’m not on any “social media” and I get along just fine without them. These adult pacifiers (these phones) which the sheeple are addicted to are also “embedded in our culture” and I get along just fine without one of them too. Cars are also “embedded in our culture,” and I don’t own a car, and get along just fine without a vehicle by using mass transit (Metro and bus). There are so many things “embedded in our culture,” such as the use of sex language, for example, but I don’t see those conservative prudes on the SEP site using sex language. They need to come up with some other lame excuses. The SEP commenters claim — that because “FB is so embedded in our culture” that using FB is no different than being forced to be a customer on one’s local gas company provider. (roll eyes) Hardly! The fact is nobody is forcing anyone to use FB, and many people can’t stand the thing. The extreme lengths and excuses some people go to in order to avoid having to change their own behaviour! The SEP commenters also say it’s no different than having to use G**gle, even though on their own site some people have urged the SEP cultists to stop using G**gle and use non-tracking DuckDuckGo, and to stop using the language, “g**gle this.” In other words, stop using the word “g**gle” as a verb, because that also promotes this parasitic and predatory out-of-control corporation that wants to control the world, along with Am*z*n. (BTW, I had a piano student some years ago — he was a wonderful guy — who worked at G**gle at one time — at a time when that company was considered respectable and was thought very highly of — and he told me that the company hated the word G**gle being used as a verb). So, mi amigo told us that many of the SEP cultists were making any and all excuses of why they need to use FB. It doesn’t matter to them that FB is part of the misogynistic Tech Industrial ComplexTM. I pointed out that I’ve noticed misogyny, sexism and chauvinism within the comments on the SEP site, and often particularly from females. Perhaps that explains some of this. Many of the SEP cultists (commenters) are quite a backward piece of work while they pretend to be on “the left” or at least some of them do. Others have said, “we’re not on the left” so there seems to be some confusion within the ranks of the SEP on where they fall within the political spectrum. Their 2016 vp candidate supported open borders — as do I — and clearly that did not set well with some of the SEP cultists, and accordingly an argument ensued, which of course accomplished nothing in the end. When I was on their site, most of the commenters — and some of the writers — came off to me as quite the conservatives and very prudish. Nothing genuinely “left” about that. And when their writers are pictured, they’re usually dressed very conservatively (dark-coloured suits and ties; they look very corporate). Nothing remotely rad, even when they’re dressed very casually on the odd occasion. You won’t see any tie-dye on them! Not what I would expect from someone claiming to be on “the left.” Although one of their main writers, according to mi amigo, recently wrote that they are on “the left.” With tech, the SEP support the phone addiction — they have written in their articles “people worldwide now have news instantly at the touch of a finger” (note to SEP: we had “news instantly at the touch of a finger” with the PC which came before these addictive adult pacifiers/phones; so “news instantly at the touch of a finger” is not new and it’s not a new feature with phones) — and the SEP encourage their readers to use both major “social media” sites, particularly FB. They promote them both on their site. Interestingly, when I glance over at people’s adult pacifier screens, they’re not reading news. They’re usually playing waste-of-time games, scrolling through reams of sex profiles and pics or little boxes of text. None of it looks like news.

Julian Assange has said that FB is the biggest data-mining spy machine on the internet along with G**gle. Windows 10 is also a major auto-spy machine. One can read about that at that link. In this article: How F**eb**k’s tentacles reach further than you think, Vladan Joler in Belgrade says that all FB users are effectively working on behalf of the company. That apparently doesn’t bother the hypocrites at the SEP either. Most of this has been explained to the SEP cult members, but because they don’t want to have to change their own behaviour, they shuffle their feet and make lame excuses in the comments for why they must use FB and remain a part of the problem. Again, they claim they have to use FB to promote the SEP articles — as if they are not already online and anyone interested in socialism (or their brand of socialism) — would likely find them through some search engine. G**gle is censoring their site as well as other sites considered on “the left.” Do the sheeple on FB care about the SEP articles? Considering the dismal state of things here in The Cesspool/the US/Los Estados Unidos, clearly their articles don’t seem to be catching on or having any effect on the masses despite some SEP’s commenters delusions about, “this is the imminent collapse of capitalism” and “an imminent revolution in the US.” Both are delusional wishful-thinking. I would think that most people visiting their site would be turned off by the off-putting comment section. There’s no sense of community there whatsoever and they’re certainly not the warmest bunch of people. Often abrasive. As for an “imminent revolution,” most people in the US couldn’t walk one city block without having to take a cigarette break or without needing a beer, or the desperate need to check their phone every 5-10 seconds, so exactly how is credible revolution about to happen? By my saying that, the SEP would likely accuse me of, “slandering the working class.” They’re big on using that language, as if the working class is above reproach and should never be criticised. Nonsense! I’m just stating the reality rather than wishful-thinking they often like to engage in. No social class is sacrosanct or above-reproach in my opinion, including the working class. I just don’t see the “working class” about to rise up in any major way nationwide to have a legitimate and genuine revolution. The fact is a real revolution would greatly inconvenience the “working class” and that’s why it’s not likely to happen. Someone wrote a comment on the SEP site: “We must organize to counter this” (meaning the censorship by G**gle). The response to that comment: Silencio/silence. See what I mean?

The bottom line: The reason the SEP cultists make excuses for using FB is because they use it themselves and are likely addicted to it — despite it being owned by a billionaire, and in this case they don’t care — and to stop using FB they would have to change their own behaviour. Not. Going. To. Happen. Mi amigo said: It’s obvious that they refuse to change their own behaviour as “good socialists” so that explains the bank of excuses they give for why they must use FB. Therefore, despite their claim of being “socialists” and opposing the billionaire class, they are really serving as accomplices and enablers of FB, being part of the problem and helping a billionaire make more billions. In truth, they only oppose the billionaire class when it doesn’t disturb their own comfort level. Rather than stand for something, such as their supposed but nonexistent convictions in this context. Their hypocrisy is duly noted. And people claim to be anything these days, including “a socialist” and “on the left.” But that doesn’t mean they are. (Look at all the people who claim to be a Christian, and they are Christian frauds. Those hypocrites don’t at all live the teachings of Jesus in their own life.)

I told our group: I don’t think we should worry too much about the SEP. It’s a very small group of people/cultists on their website, the last time I was on there. Mi amigo confirmed it’s still the same. Even though the SEP is international, they are not any major political force at all — even though they live under the illusion they are — especially in the US/Los Estados Unidos. The SEP cultists love to pump themselves up and tell “naysayers” how important they are, and what work they’ve accomplished and what person has gone out and given speeches to whom, and how they’re gaining enormous popularity. Not really. Their political candidates are rarely on anyone’s ballot and they receive so few votes that the SEP website never inform readers as to how many votes they receive, including their presidential and vice presidential candidates. Must have been embarrassingly few. According to their own site, G**gle searches directed only 650 people to their site weekly in 2016. This year due to G**gle censorship of their site and other “left” sites, news.g**gle.com has referred only 53 people to their site in the past week (middle of octubre/October 2017), as of this writing.

Mi amigo also said that they rarely talk about Queer-related topics — because that is considered “identity politics” which they oppose — and they only mention Queer-related issues in passing. For those who don’t know anything about the SEP, their #1 theme is class. All the problems in our society are because of social class, according to them, particularly with the cultist commenters. I find that thinking ludicrous. For example, someone’s anti-gay feelings are because of their class? Nonsense. There are people in all social classes who are anti-gay. It has nothing whatsoever to do with class. When I was on their site, I got the distinct impression that most of the people (writers and commenters) are breeders/straight, so therefore that could explain why they don’t care about Queer topics. Some could be closet cases. That’s the way that usually works. In one article recently, mi amigo read a remark which to him came from a place of straight-privilege and he pointed that out in a comment, only to be attacked by the cultists commenters. They don’t like any criticism of their saviour writers on that site whom they seem to see as some type of deity. That speaks to the gushing praise for their writers that one often reads in the comments.

The SEP constantly talk about “the working class” (whom they support) and the “Ruling Class,” — which they oppose, except in the case of “social media” — and of course FB is part of the billionaire “Ruling Capitalist Class,” being well-connected with the US Oligarchy’s Establishment. Chau.—el barrio rosa

“Fallen Soldiers” is a way of sanitising war, death and killing

Hola a todos. This topic — one of my pet peeves — has come up because “fallen soldiers” (translation: needlessly killed soldiers/troops) are in the news at the moment having to do with the utterly incompetent and psychologically deranged el hombre naranja/the orange man and another one of his blunders.

What exactly are “fallen soldiers?” They are troops that were killed, usually needlessly.

“Fallen soldiers” is a way of sanitising war to make the killing of soldiers, the death of troops sound “pretty,” poetic and more palatable. It’s odd, when anyone else dies, they’re not described as “fallen.” We never hear this: “Did you hear that Ms T. has fallen? [Ed. One might think to oneself, "what, was she up on a ladder or something or did she climb a tree and fall out?"] Yes, she has fallen from cancer in the hospital today.” In reality, the troops or soldiers haven’t “fallen” anywhere other than to the ground on occasion having their life ended because they were sent on some dishonorable mission based on a bank of lies spewed by D and R corrupt politicians and for the stealing of other country’s natural resources. But The Cesspool/The US/Los Estados Unidos feels the need to make things such as war sound “pretty” to keep the gullible sheeple supporting their lies and their corrupt neocon agenda of US empire building and world domination through the PNAC document.

I live under no illusion that what I’m about to suggest will happen, but people should start telling it like it is: Use the words “killed soldiers” and not this poetic language of “fallen soldiers.” War is not poetic. War is not pretty. War is terrible and people are killed in war. They are not “fallen.” Stop the bull shit. Stop sanitising war. (Yeah, that’s likely to happen.) Chau.—el barrio rosa

The gay Jock Bros who reject gay guys

This article is about the gay Jock Bros with their internalised homophobia, mostly of the seemingly-lobotomised, adamantly conformist and void of any genuine social skills Millennial-trash-assholes1 age group (20s and 30s). Mi amigo/My friend said recently: “It’s as if many gay guys are voluntarily going back in the closet. No one is forcing them in the closet; they’re going back in the closet on their own.”

Hola a todos. During the former Gay Mecca decades in San Francisco, gay guys who worked out at one of the gyms around The Castro described themselves as “gym-toned” in their personal sex ads. “Gym-toned” is a fairly neutral description and not connected with anything offensive. Then at some point — and I’m not sure when it happened — “gym-toned” got replaced when many gay guys took on the identity of being “a jock” or “a jock bro” with all the (mostly) negative images that one can conjure up in one’s mind about “the obnoxious and stupid jocks.” It’s strange that gay guys would take on the identity of a jock considering historically and to this day it is the obnoxious and sexually-insecure jocks who have been and still are anti-gay and who have bullied gay guys on school playgrounds and on sports fields and called gay guys “faggots.” So why would gay guys take on the identity of someone like that? Loco./Crazy. And that’s still going on to this day, although the following example is from 2014:

Quote: Martin…said most people at his school have accepted him, but there also have been some negative remarks about his coming out, especially from the jocks…He is a faggot now,” I was told some people said,’ wrote Martin. (High school soccer star comes out as gay in rural West Virginia by dancing with Homecoming King…). End Quote.

Speaking of the “fractured Queer Community” — that’s how I’ve heard the Queer community referred to recently — from my observations, most gay jock bros try to come off as if they’re straight or bi. They put on this posturing macho act of being a breeder as if they believe in straight-superiority. And from what I’ve noticed, these gay jock bros want nothing to do with other gay guys based on what these jocks say in their personal sex ads on ClosetList. Again, they’re gay — the ones I’m talking about here — but most often lie and say they’re bi, because they don’t like the word gay and don’t want to be called gay or associated with “the gays,” even though they’re looking for sex with a guy (usually another jock bro). They only want to hook up sexually with “straight or bi guys.” As my straight neighbour occasionally says, “A straight guy has no interest in having sex with another guy; a straight guy is not into guys.” Of course any masculine gay guy could respond to these jocks and lie and say they’re bi too and just play along with their “bi/macho” head-trip, since the topic of females and pussy is not likely to ever come up. These very-stuck-on-themselves jocks often show an image of their (or another jock’s) “bubble butt jock ass” in their sex ads. Here’s an example of a sex ad from a self-described “white jock” I read recently:

“I’m usually into girls [Ed. yeah sure you are liar], but I’m looking for a dude for mutual oral, kick it to see where it goes, all between us of course on the down low. No one else has to know.” (roll eyes). Well who the fuck in the Bay Area cares what you do sexually, Mr Jock Bro? Hmmmmmmm? The Bay Area is not some small hick town with busy-bodied prying eyes. Or, are you cheating on someone, Mr Jock? The translation of Mr Jock’s ad: I want the so-called straight (closeted bi or closeted gay guy) to fuck my jock ass.

So why do gay jock bros reject gay guys? Well I think that’s pretty obvious. It’s because they have deep issues involving gay shame. Here in 2017, they still think that being gay is bad. They still have negative connotations associated with the word gay in their minds. And what I’m talking about I’ve seen countless times in men-seeking-men sex ads; this is not isolated stuff. I think most people have heard the term, “He’s just a stupid jock.” Well, these jock bros still haven’t worked though their gay shame. They have some head trip going on in their mind that a gay guy is not a “real man” because a gay guy is not “into girls” or “into chicks” and doesn’t fuck pussy, and other anti-gay stereotypical prejudices promoted by the (bigoted?) breeders.

So these gay jock bros pretend to be bi with a GF (girlfriend). Reading the ads on ClosetList, all of the girlfriend’s of these obnoxious jocks are constantly out of town, according to what they say in their ad. I wonder why that might be? Because the GF they claim to have doesn’t exist. I’ve seen countless sex ads from these self-described bi guys and they write, “my GF is out of town.” Yes, they’re always out of town aren’t they? That’s because there is no girlfriend, liar. You’re Queer, you’re not bi. Stop lying about who you are. And get some new material, jock bro frauds. Say that your nonexistent GF is over at her sister’s or something. Jesus! It’s always the same script: “GF is out of town.” You self-described “educated and professional” jock bros aren’t very creative. All you do is copy and paste each other’s ads. The curious thing is that one never sees these fake-bi guy’s personal sex ads looking for a female over in the men-for-women category. I wonder why that might be? Because they’re not bi. They’re closeted gay guys lying about their sexuality. Mi amigo has told me about his gay phone sex experiences. Currently, he tells me that there is rarely any guy who say he’s bi on the line. There’s a total of 2-3 guys on the line who say they’re bi. One of them is a genuine bi guy. He’s all about pussy. The other guys are gay (not bi, so they’re lying) and when mi amigo brings up pussy with them, those guys say, “we don’t need no pussy or chicks; ass is better than pussy, just us guys here.” Most of the guys who say they’re bi whom mi amigo has talked with over the years have had no interest at all in talking about females or pussy or boobs/rack.

The obnoxious jock bros are closet cases, using the code language “DL” (down-low) and “discreet” (which they usually misspell like this: “discrete.”) They often say in their ad how they are “educated and a professional.” But somewhere in that education they claim to have, the deprogramming of their gay shame and gay-related ignorance was overlooked, since there are thousands of masculine, “manly” gay guy out there.

The jock bros seem to be stuck back in the day where a gay guy was stereotypically thought to be “fem” and “nelly” and referred to affectionally as “Ms Thang,” which was part of what was known as “gay camp,” which I no longer hear in heteronormative San Francisco. These days, it’s rare to see any fem or nelly gay guys at all. When I do, I enjoy seeing them and I feel sorry for them because they are who they are and they are so looked down on and shunned by much of the now-extremely judgmental, conformist — “have to be like the breeders” — and pro-corporate/mainstream gay community today. Ugh.

The anti-gay, gay jock bros need to sit their self-described “bubble butt jock ass” in a psychotherapist’s chair. The jock bros often describe themselves as VGL (very good looking). Arrogant fucks! VGL is best for someone else to say, rather than one describing oneself as such.
The jock bros are not known for being modest or humble. And their “VGL” is only on the outside, cosmetically and superficially, if that, since again, VGL is rather subjective. Look inside at their obnoxious closeted/anti-gay personality and one may find a rather ugly person.

“Gay Assimilation:” Back in the closet for many, if not most

Ugh. Not this topic again. Unfortunately, “gay assimilation” has resulted in the Queer Community’s desire — and even obsession — to be as much like the breeders as possible, including being jock bro supporters of major league corporate sports teams. The opposite of during the Gay Mecca decades. After same-gender marriage/gay marriage became legal here in The Cesspool/the US/Los Estados Unidos, Queers were given the order to “assimilate.” And consequently in my opinion, “gay assimilation” has backfired and caused the Queer community to lose itself. Some people are using the word “fractured” to describe the Queer community today. In some cases, Queers interpreted “assimilate” to mean go back in the closet in order to “blend in”/disappear with the breeders. In San Francisco it seems to have caused what remains of the Queer community here to want to erase our proudly-radical Gay Mecca history as if we’re ashamed of it. That’s the impression some of us get. San Francisco’s Castro is nothing like it used to be. The Castro has been deliberately sanitised, breeder-washed and transformed from a Gay Mecca into a Breeder Mecca complete with fleets of Millennial-black baby strollers. Who gave the order to “assimilate?” The corporatist assholes at those wealthy pro-Democratic Party Establishment national corporate Queer organisations. You know who they are. The one with that equal sign and others. These one-issue people resided in their messiah Obama’s upper colon for his 8 years in office and served as his unconditional cheer-leaders no matter what he did, including supporting Mr Nobel Peace Prize’s 8 wars because of that “D” for Democrat next to his name. Those wealthy national corporatist Queer organisations — whom the Queer community worships — only care about Queers of a certain income bracket. Before this order to “assimilate” was given, Queers were already “assimilated” throughout society, whether in or out of the closet. One of these organisations is the same corporate trash who threw trans people under the bus a number of years ago. They have these bougi, outrageously expensive-per-plate annual Gala Dinners (Dahling), again, for those of a wealthier income bracket. In recent years, guess who these corporatist Queer assholes honoured? A billionaire of the misogynistic Tech Industrial Complex, while there were likely homeless Queer people with nothing to eat lying on the sidewalks within the parameters of this fucking bougi/elitist dinner. Wasn’t it $500.00 a plate and up? Again, the fact is that Queers were already mixed throughout society so there was no need for these corporatist Queer basura to order Queers to “assimilate,” which most Queers seem to have interpreted to mean: 1) abandon your public “out” Queer personae of the Gay Mecca decades. 2) Try to “act” like and emulate the breeders at all times; 3) warmly welcome the breeders in and welcome them to take over your Queer neighbourhoods with their mandatory hand-holding and their in-your-face breeder make-out sessions (while nearly fucking on the sidewalk) and their fleets of black baby strollers. 4) Support corporate sports teams, corporations and of course the misogynistic Tech Industrial Complex and their billionaire-owned companies. Stay completely addicted to that phone glued to your hand. Never take your eyes off that screen. In other words, be a corporatist and be the opposite of the person you were during the Gay Mecca decades. 5) Ashamedly apologise to the breeders for your protests and “radical” behaviour during the Gay Mecca decades that may have inconvenienced and offended these precious and delicate breeders who are so easily put-off and made uncomfortable by Queers, and even by the word “Queer.” The Queer community has essentially done all of that in their own way, and in part, through the Jock Bro persona.

I can hear the Jock Bros say: “Come on, breeder guys, you have to accept me now. I’m a macho, real man Jock Bro just like you. I have a beer in my hand, a baseball cap on — that alone makes me a jock bro — and I watch the game and scream at televisions showing the game just like you breeder guys. I’m not like those gay faggots (that you don’t like?). I fuck pussy (or lie and say I do) while I’m looking for another (closeted) jock bro guy on CL to have sex with.”

That’s about the extent of it.

So where are all the gay guys?

From what I’m seeing in the men-for-men sex ads, most gay guys are no longer calling themselves gay. I swear we are going backwards quickly; shaking my head in disgust. Sad. The language “straight-acting” is not used in the majority of the ads I’ve seen, but nevertheless, that’s the intent I and others get from observing the Queer community today.

The Queer Community’s Straight-Superiority Mentality

These days (Fall of 2017), I usually can’t tell who is straight and who is gay in San Francisco’s Castro and because no one cruises anyone anymore in the now-thoroughly-sanitised Castro, so it makes it even more difficult to tell who is gay, despite what one’s reliable gaydar tells one. I’ve heard some lesbians say the same thing; that they can’t tell who is a lesbian because today’s lesbians are trying to look like straight women. For example, lesbians have mostly abandoned the “butch cut” in favour of now having long flowing blond — out of a bottle? — hair. Plus, depending upon the day, most gay guys are not looking at anything but their phones, while the guy they’re desperately searching for on their phone could have just walked by them as they scroll through 1,000s of lying copy-and-paste sex profiles/pics). During the Gay Mecca decades, one assumed that nearly every guy in The Castro was gay, so unlike today, there was never any question about it. On occasion, I’ve seen a guy who looks gay to me and he’s standing at the bus stop making out with a female and being Mr Straight-Superiority. Mi amigo/My friend has seen many guys he always thought were gay from his former gym (which was unofficially known as the gay gym in The Castro) walking arm-in-arm or hand-in-hand with females down Market Street. This would have been unheard of during the “Out and Proud” Gay Mecca decades. But that was then. These days are no longer “Out and Proud.” The gay guys today are nearly always “discreet” “extremely discreet” “down low,” — all code words for closeted — while some others don’t use code language but specifically say they’re closeted and write “no one needs to know what we do behind closed doors; this will stay between you and me.” Los chicos: I doubt there would be a news crew outside your door waiting to hear all about what you’re doing in there. In fact, I suspect no one would care, other than someone you’re possibly cheating on, so what’s up with all this hush-hush “discreet” and “down-low” bull shit? But nearly every guy uses that in their ads; copying each other’s ads so all ads pretty much sound alike. They make it sound as if it’s a crime for two consenting gay guys to have sex in private.

While researching for this article, this is what I found as of septiembre 2017/September 2017 on ClosetList for the San Francisco Bay Area in the Men-for-Men category:

334 ads contain the keyword gay
78 ads contain the abbreviation GWM (that’s all?)
207 ads contain the abbreviation WM (deliberately omitting the word gay?)
881 ads contain the keyword bi (see what I mean?)
625 ads contain the keyword straight
279 ads contain the keyword/abbreviation str8

For San Francisco:

Only 124 ads contain the keyword gay (is that what one would expect for the former Gay Mecca?)
Only 49 ads contain the abbreviation GWM (again, is that what one would expect for the former Gay Mecca?)
69 ads contain the abbreviation WM (deliberately omitting the word gay?)
309 ads contain the keyword word bi
191 ads contain the keyword straight
113 ads contain the keyword/abbreviation str8

So, does any sane, reasonable, rationale and thinking person honestly believe that San Francisco’s Queer Community — what’s remains of it due to rampant gentrification — has suddenly become bi and is no longer gay? I don’t believe that, neither does my straight neighbour and neither does my good amigo who is a psychologist. I guess the Gay Community nationwide all miraculously “turned bi” overnight — yeah, right! that’s the way human sexuality works with thousands of gay guys all at once — with their sudden interest in females and pussy and rack when someone announced this new silly “bi” fad? Maybe that was around the same time as that other ridiculous fad where everyone is to wear all black or black and grey. If one can “turn bi” or “turn gay” or “turn straight” as the absurd “sexuality is fluid” crowd likes to say, then that means that the vehemently anti-gay/far-right ultra-conservative agenda crowd has always been correct when they have said that “gay people choose to be gay.” Has the “sexuality is fluid” crowd never thought of this? Scientific evidence does not show that, but scientific evidence no longer seems to matter to many people, especially the basura currently holding residence en la casa blanca.

It seems that the latest heteronormative fad which has been going on for some time, is for gay guys to say that they’re bi — even though they’re not bi — according to what the majority of gay guys are writing in their personal sex ads. That answers my question, “Where did all the gay guys go?” They didn’t go anywhere, they’re still there. They’re just lying about their sexuality and calling themselves “bi” to conform/fit in with all the other fake bi guys. I think there’s very little truth involved in many, if not most, personal sex ads, so this fits right in with that dishonesty and lying about oneself. Reminds me of the ads that read, “blond hair” and then the image shows a guy with black hair. Some people don’t even know what colour hair they have!

I don’t see most gay guys — according to my gaydar — walking around with females and mi amigo said there was no indication that the majority Queer population is bi at the recent Dore Alley Street Fair. So where are all of these supposed bi guys? They’re nonexistent, just like the fictional/nonexistent “GF” they claim to have. Again, I think what most gay guys are doing is simply copying each other’s ads to “fit in” and to conform. Just like they’re wearing black and gray every day of the week to conform. The gay community has become such a bunch of conformist, corporatised sheeple.

It’s really too bad that what’s left of the gay community in San Francisco can’t find themselves to be real and genuinely honest as individuals, rather than trying to be like everybody else.

From reading the many ads from the jock bros, one gets the impression little has been accomplished by the Queer community despite our decades of work. And the jock bros certainly aren’t helping matters with their closeted behaviour and internalised homophobia.

I see ads on CL from gay guys in former gay meccas such as San Francisco’s Castro/Upper Market, West Hollywood, The Village in Manhattan (as three examples) all with the same closeted language “discreet” and “down low.” Some guys even using the word “closeted.” It seems so strange to me and Orwellian that these gay guys are in the closet in a former out-and-proud gay mecca. As mi amigo said to me while I was writing this article: It’s as if many gay guys are voluntarily going back in the closet. No one is forcing them to do that; they’re going back in the closet on their own.

Yes they are.

Another article would be about gay guys going back in the closet and dating/marrying females, which I’ve previously written about. That too is Orwellian. After Queers work decades to get the right to marry other Queers, I read that gay guys are marrying females in droves (see link above). WTF? Loco./Crazy. If they wanted to ultimately marry females in the end and stay in that unhealthy closet, why the fuck did they work for gay marriage? Insanity. Whenever mi amigo and I see Queer boys on television, we point them out to each other and then say: “Oh he’s probably in the closet and married to a female the way things are going these days.” Then moments later we hear the guy say to the host, “my wife, kids and I…” Yes of course, he had to let the viewers know that he’s a (closet case) breeder. He didn’t want to leave any doubt in anyone’s mind that he might be Queer. No, can’t have that! Even though in some cases, the guy is more feminine than the female host he’s talking with.

Despite being repeatedly reassured by wishful-thinking idiots in the Queer community that “gay is now mainstream,” there is no sign of that in advertising or programming that we see. All I see is him and her. Him-tall and her-short. Breeders can never be the same damn height. That’s her chauvinistic head trip from my research. They’re usually holding hands and/or engaged in the usual in-your-face make-out scene. Breeders love to put on a make-out show for people. I’ve come to the point where I think what they really meant by “gay is now mainstream” is that the word “gay” is occasionally spoken in the corporate media/mainstream media. And on the odd occasion, some celebrity will announce that he’s gay, while at the same time thousands more gay guys go back in the closet. It would be interesting to know the ratio of how many Queers/GTQBLs simultaneously go back in the closet when one celebrity comes out of the closet. That’s about the extent of “gay being mainstream.” And what was that that I read the other day while writing this about some people trying to counter the word “gay” being used more frequently as a pejorative slur? If that’s another reason that gay guys are avoiding the word “gay” and instead lying and mislabeling themselves as “bi,” then they’re feeding directly into the word “gay” being used only as a pejorative.

Is that also why they’re avoiding the Rainbow Flag? The only place I see Rainbow Flags today is on most Queer bars in The Castro, and a couple of other businesses, and a few homes/apartments. The supposedly gay sports bar on Market Street refuses to fly the Rainbow Flag except on Corporate Pride Sunday, and they do so then just to exploit the tourists. Then back in the closet that flag goes on Lunes/Monday. During the Gay Mecca days, I saw little Rainbow Flag pins on guy’s backpacks and shoulder bags. Today? Gone. Did they remove their Rainbow Flag pins to the closet — along with themselves — when they were given the order to “assimilate” with the breeders, realising that breeders are not into Rainbow Flags? And of course a Rainbow Flag clashes with the “bi, straight-acting” façade of most gay guys today, especially the obnoxious Jock Bros. Chau.—el barrio rosa


1Millennial trash-assholes. I’m not referring to all Millennials here, but from what I’ve seen, observed and experienced in San Francisco, I am talking about pretty much the majority of Millennials. WTF happened to this generation to make them the way they turned out? They are some of the most unattractive (I’m referring to their snotty personality; no genuine social skills whatsoever) on the planet. jesus! I’ve heard other people say the same. While writing this article, in a video a guy from Canada was talking about how the Millennials stink. I’ve not noticed that about them. Maybe up there they don’t wash their all-black cultist-looking clothing that often.

San Francisco is unrecognisable to former residents

Referring to San Francisco: “The whole City sucks. We don’t recognise this City.”—spoken by two former gay residents (a gay couple) of San Francisco

Hola a todos. Mi amigo/My friend saw an acquaintance today who is friends with a gay male couple who moved to Hawaii a number of years ago. They came back to San Francisco recently (octubre 2017/October 2017) to visit, thinking that they would like to move back to San Francisco and The Castro, but after seeing the new-conservative San Francisco and The Castro, they’ve decided they will remain in Hawaii.

They said, “We don’t even recognise San Francisco or The Castro today.” They also commented on how snotty it is here now. Yes, as I’ve said before, New York City, specifically Manhattan, (which San Francisco has sometimes been compared to) has nothing on San Francisco today in the Snooty/Snotty Department. This gay couple’s biggest complaint was about the Millennials and how terribly snotty they are, as well as the breeders who have taken over this former gay mecca. They said “it’s bad enough in Hawaii,” (they said it’s too conservative there), but The Castro has been so changed to conservative — deliberately so — that it’s nothing remotely like it was. They could not believe how this City has changed since they left.

As for the majority of Millennials (notice I said “the majority,” and not all), don’t get me started again on those snotty assholes. Can’t stand them! And I don’t hear anyone speaking positively about them. They act like lobotomised phone zombies. They have no social skills. They can’t talk. They’re fucking rude. They can’t even smile. “Excuse me” is not in their vocabulary. Polite? Never heard of it. When they’re talking with other Millennial trash, their vocabulary consists of, “I’m like, she’s like, he’s like, it’s like, like, like, like, like, like.” Listening to them, they are some of the most stupid people on this planet. They act as if they own the place with a chip on both shoulders. No personality whatsoever. Their idea of “social skills” is typing up to 140 characters on some corporatist so-called “social media” site. Basura. (Related: The Millennials: The Generation with a Dress Code).

Mi amigo and his acquaintance also talked about how stupid it was for Queers to leave Queer areas of major cities where they had safety in numbers. Well I would like to remind readers that it was the conservatives — who have never liked gay areas of major cities to begin with and pejoratively referred to them as “ghettos,” although I’ve personally never seen ghettos with million-dollar plus homes and bougi status-symbol vehicles, have you? — who lectured the Queer community that “gay is now mainstream, gay people can live anywhere, there’s no longer a need for gay meccas.” Fucking idiots. Just before or around the same time that the conservative merchants decided to sanitise/ruin The Castro, the owner of Café Fl*r* was quoted as saying “there is no longer a need for gay meccas (referring to The Castro) because gay people can live anywhere now.” At the time, I called that delusional wishful-thinking, and it still is. That piece of basura also led the hateful/anti-homeless sit-lie law campaign. He and other conservative merchant trash in The Castro are directly responsible for ruining The Castro. Under the orange man’s sidekick who thinks gays should be hung, one wonders if the conservatives who said that “gay is now mainstream and gays can live anywhere” are possibly re-thinking their ludicrous thinking about now? Chau.—el barrio rosa

The orange man reportedly joked that his vp sidekick ‘wants to hang’ all gays

Hola a todos. So the orange man reportedly joked that his vp sidekick ‘wants to hang’ all gays. Considering what we’ve seen and heard thus far from this sick, bigoted, prejudiced, misogynistic, vehemently anti-Queer insane and chaotic regime of white supremacists/nazis, I don’t take their supposed “jokes” as jokes at all, but rather not-so-covert ways of saying what they really think, believe and want to do, and intend on doing when they have the opportunity. Period.

As for wanting to hang all gays, which I’ll assume both the orange man and his sidekick agree on, what a Christian thing to say. [sarcasm intended.] Hanging is the same as killing. Clearly, that commandment “Thou Shalt Not Kill” from the bible — that these trash pretend to believe in — means nothing to them, and how many innocent people has the orange man killed during the short time he’s been in office? But this comment was most typical of these fake Christians, these Christian frauds who exploit Christianity for their extremely non-Christian neocon agenda, while the hypocritical orange man goes on about how this nation worships god. His god is dinero/money, and his church is a golf course every Domingo/Sunday.

Other than that, I don’t really have anything to say about this, that I haven’t previously said about these closet case basura in power. If my regular readers have something to say about it, have at it.

The orange man’s sidekick is one of the most anti-Queer/GTQBL people in political office today. I would like to point out that someone who is secure with him/herself sexually and with their own sexual orientation does not make such heinous comments, so what does that say about the orange man’s sidekick? It’s most often bigoted closet cases who make such despicable comments to hide their own gay feelings.

“A New Yorker article says T*u*p teases the socially conservative vice president about religion, abortion and gay rights.” You can read the article here.

Mi amigo/My friend and I wondered how much interest there is in this from the Queer/GTQBL community. None, to speak of that I’ve seen. I checked on two major well-known national Queer sites that readily came to mind. One site had two comments expressing outrage over this. The other site had only nine comments — that site makes it difficult to comment since they use a FB plugin for their comment system (I can’t stand that) — and at least two of those nine comments identified themselves as Queer supporters of the orange man. They said the article is false and that this never happened (the usual denial one gets from the rabid supporters of the orange man) and urged other commenters to “get over that Hillary lost” (yes, we’re back to that again).

If this were the days of the Gay Mecca era, Queers would be in the streets protesting this sick remark/this supposed “joke” by the thousands in all major cities nationwide. Today? Silencio./Silence. They’re too busy playing on their adult pacifiers (their phones and getting the latest app to see how many people liked them on billionaire-owned FB). Also, they’re too busy partying. I think this despicable regime could start lining up Queers to be hung and few people would say anything. Such a drastically different time from the Gay Mecca days. Sigh. Chau.—el barrio rosa

Gay Conversion

Hola a todos. This is a more in-depth look at this topic than my previous article. The Anti-Gay Agenda: “Sexuality is Fluid.” Translation: A person can change their sexuality; one’s sexuality is changeable, or that a person’s sexuality changes without the person having any control over it. These gay conversion sites promote that “sexuality is fluid,” which is the excuse/justification given for gay guys supposedly being about to “turn bi” or “turn straight.” According to these gay conversion sites, all a gay guy has to do to “turn straight” or “turn bi” is to start fucking pussy — and he will immediately realise what he’s been missing all these years and the ultimate satisfaction of pussy — and also by only watching “straight porn.” The “Sexuality is Fluid” Card is nearly always used in a straight-superiority and anti-gay context to promote breeder sex: for the sole purpose and justification of “turning” a gay guy straight or bi. Read the full article here.