A gay guy tries to prove he’s straight by getting a girl pregnant

Hola a todos. A gay guy tries to prove he’s “straight” by getting a girl pregnant. How tiresome, yet it’s a very common occurrence. Many young people make the dumbest decisions because of society’s hate for GLBTQs. I heard about this and I’ve seen the guy. I’ve also seen his dad for years. This gay guy is quite feminine no matter how much they try to “dress him up” complete with a baseball cap to try to make him look “straight” before the cameras. He doesn’t at all look like the typical “straight” heteronormative/macho guy.

This is a true story. Over the past year, an 18-year old guy (who shall remain nameless) had been repeatedly questioned about his sexuality and rumours that he’s gay, which of course he denied. All closet cases deny being gay. That’s what makes them closeted. Now, I hear that he’s going to be a dad. Uh huh. As most people see it, he thought or his dad thought and told him that the best way to get these nasty gay rumours/speculations to go away is to get a girl pregnant and to become a dad. How many times have we heard this sad story played out over generations? Countless times. Apparently he gave no thought to the child. What about this gay guy’s daughter that’s arriving in a couple months? She’ll grow up being a “mistake” — or they may tell her she was “not planned” — just to try to prove her dad’s sexuality to the world that he is not gay. How can one make a proper decision at age 18? It’s as if this gay guy said: “I’ll get a girl pregnant to prove to the world that I’m straight.” Oh please! Getting a girl pregnant won’t prove that at all. What you are proving to the world is how stupid and naïve you are. And does it matter if the world thinks you’re gay? But I don’t expect the average 18-year old to have the maturity to be that secure with himself to let people think what they want. But using the birth of a child to prove that you’re “straight” is really very low and so transparent. It’s also a case of children rearing children. From what I read, many people are not buying this. They see it for what it is. They know what he’s doing. They’re not fooled. They see that he’s trying to cover up what he really likes (guys) by getting a girl pregnant. On being a new parent-to-be, he’s said he’s struggling financially. Why didn’t he think about that before dreaming up this scheme? This guy has essentially ruined his life — and perhaps his daughter’s life but that remains to be seen — because of his anti-GLBTQ prejudices. It won’t surprise me in a year or less to hear that he and his girl have broken up. Then comes the child support years. After mi amigo/my friend looked at the picture of his dad, mi amigo said: There’s not just one person here who’s gay, check out his dad. Yeah, I had thought his dad was gay to begin with, but he too is in the closet and married to a female. Seems to me it would have been easier in the long run for both of them to just come out of the closet rather than living a lie.

And after seeing him and his dad together on multiple occasions and watching their interaction with each other, I’m wondering if they have something going. I’ve watched them get real close with each other with arms around each other, hugs, and his dad grabbing his son’s face and giving him a big kiss on the cheek. His gay son did not pull away but got closer (cheek-to-cheek) with his dad and rather seemed to enjoy it with a big smile. It was definitely not the typical kiss I’ve seen dad’s give their sons. Two closet cases. Chau.—el barrio rosa

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  1. Alejandro

    Hoooooooooola. Was over in the Castro last week and saw this guy I had a few dates with probably 6 months ago. We got along ok but something didn’t seem right about him so we didn’t see much of each other after that. He was definitely gay and made a point of railing about the str8 invasion of the castro during one of our dinner date. Guess what???? I saw him passionately making out with a woman near the Jane Warner plaza last week. Couldn’t believe my eyes after all he’d told me during our dates. I must have stared at him and he saw me, waived and immediately sort of moved away from her a bit. He looked uneasy. He had a problem with bi guys because we talked about that on one of our dates. GUess he’s gone back in the closet – that’s the way it looked and forcing himself to date women. I think the reason i stared at him was because what I saw was a gay guy making out with a woman. I don’t konw what to think but there’s some really weird shit going on in SF and other cities these days w/ gay guys shooting back behind that closet door. just wanted to pass this along. Gracias.


  2. D8

    Lying about his sexuality came back to bite my friend. I wrote a comment here on another article about a gay friend of mine here in SF. He was openly gay at his last job. He was there for years. He changed jobs and told me at his new job they think he has a girlfriend. He’s gone back in the closet. I see him much less now on purpose because I can’t understand why he would do that. We got together for the first time in some time last week and it’s all coming down on him now. He slipped up big time. He made the mistake of getting together for lunch one day with a good friend from his old job and inviting his best friend from his new job to join them. It came up at lunch by the co-worker from the new job asking him “when will we have the pleasure of meeting your girlfriend? When will she be joining us for lunch?” His friend from the old job was shocked and said, “girlfriend? You’re gay.” He said the rest of the lunch was a disaster and it got around at work and now the people at his new job have trust issues with him. They’re wondering what else he’s been deceptive about? A really bad situation because of his lies. I finally decided to ask him what made him do this and all he could tell me was “San Francisco has changed and some of his gay Castro friends have gone back in the closet.” Just like you’ve written, gay guys are trying to act or be str8.

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