“A perfectly good queer boy with a wife”

UPDATE (26 December 2019, the second day of the Twelve Days of Navidad/Christmas): Hola a todos. The Conservatory is currently closed for the holidays, and I realised by the lack of comments (which are now closed) that no one cares about this topic but myself and mi amigo/my friend, but that doesn’t stop me from writing about it.

As he often does, mi amigo was watching a video on U-toob about one of the topics he’s into. He’s watched this guy’s videos for years. I glanced at the screen and saw Mr Millennial Jock Bro sitting there in his Millennial drab black and grey clothing and his black and grey Jock Bro baseball cap. (Note: A baseball cap instantly turns any guy into a Jock Bro, you know.) Mi amigo said, “He’s never worn that baseball cap before.” I asked mi amigo: Another closet case queer boy? Mi amigo said: This guy has never made any mention or given any clue about his sexual orientation. Well, not until we brought it up and I asked about it. We observed his semi-queer mannerisms. I said about the guy: queer boy and probably in the closet with a wife and an entire brood of children, because that’s what I’ve come to expect. (Closet cases go overboard on breeding. It’s to prove how “straight” he is, supposedly. How many people fall for that behaviour/stunt?) Well, it was less than 5 minutes later that mi amigo came to me and said: The guy in the video just said: “I’m sitting in the nursery doing this video and my wife and kids just got home…” Oh yes, why not. But of course! Another closet case. And “nursery” usually means “babies” or one on the way in an already overpopulated world. And he said “kids” so that’s plural. He already has at least 2 children. Keep breeding to try to prove you’re straight and try to “breed the gay away.” Another closet case. It’s become predictable. You know it’s stunning with this age group of 20s-30s (the Millennials, of course). Who reared these people that they turned out the way they did? They seem to have really been brainwashed heavily with homophobia, anti-queer thinking en masse, with few exceptions. With them, it must be “him and her” in their warped minds even when he’s obviously queer. They also use the word “gay” as a pejorative by saying, “Oh, that’s so gay” or “Don’t be so gay.” Another closet case. I now expect it whenever I see a Millennial guy who looks and behaves like this guy. And they often look like the guy in the video (clones of each other) with the short “clean cut” conservative hair cut and shadow or semi-beard and Jock Bro baseball cap. But, again, I know I’m the only person who cares about this or is annoyed by it, so, that’s that. Mi amigo pointed out that there is one more thing that these guys do: They saturate themselves with macho clothing such as sports t-shirts, sports gear, baseball caps, sports logos as if they are on their way to “the game” with the other macho breeder jock bros and the like. All of that is intended to give the image of a heteronormative, macho, “normal” supposedly straight guy. Never mind his queer mannerisms and voice, or the guys he has sex with on the side when “the wife” is away. And they’re big on over-breeding to contribute to overpopulation. Then this morning I saw a guy on television. I read him as a queer boy from Day One (a few months ago). I see him often because he’s a regular on the programme. He often looks miserable to me. He’s from the non-United States but lives in Asia with his Asian wife. Is he married to her in order to stay in Asia for his job? He too is a closet case according to my extremely reliable gaydar. After I researched him a bit, I learned that he and “the wife” have been in couple’s counseling. Hmmmmm. Things aren’t working out too well with your wife, Mr Closet Case? He would appear to have a drinking problem as well. Trying to dull the pain and wish it would all go away, Mr Closet Case? Pictures he has shown of “the wife” don’t make her appear too happy and content either. Many of his text messages are about booze and show booze bottles and how his friends know what to buy him: booze. The guy would appear to be an alcoholic. When I see him on camera, he looks unhappy inside and almost dulled. Well, that’s life in the closet for you. You chose it, Mr Closet Case. Chau.—el barrio rosa End of Update.

What a waste of a perfectly good queer boy.“—a quote from mi amigo/my friend.

Hola a todos. That was the topic at a recent meeting of the Conservatory’s Queer Alliance. Some of the students told me they had noticed this strange phenomenon/fad. I see it on a daily basis, unfortunately. Especially on television. Well, it’s certainly not new of course. I see the queer boy (according to my reliable gaydar and I hear him speak) on the set and he’s wearing a left-hand fourth finger wedding ring in many cases. That’s traditionally the hand that breeders wear their wedding rings on. So I think to myself: Is the guy queer and married to his boyfriend and has his wedding ring on the wrong hand? Married queer couples are supposed to be wearing their wedding rings on their right hand fourth finger so as to not be confused for a breeder or for being straight. Or, is the guy a closeted queer boy married to a female?

“Gay and Lesbian Marriage. Instead of wearing wedding bands on their left hands, gay and lesbian couples often choose to wear rings on their right hands instead. Within gay and lesbian communities, the right-handed ring is an instantly recognizable marker of a monogamous relationship, and even marriage within the states that have legalized it.”

For generations, closeted queer boys have been with wives and some with children and today it seems to be at an epidemic level as the world heads backwards to the dark era of the 1940-50s. But what the Conservatory students told me — and it’s also what mi amigo/my friend had observed — is that there’s one group in particular on U-toob where one is most likely to see an obvious queer boy mention “the wife” (to let us all know that he’s allegedly straight). That group is the Millennial techies. Along with going out of their way to mention “the wife” (as he affectionally and warmly refers to her rather than “my wife”), they also inform us that they have kids. The Straight Agenda. I thought it was basic sense that one should not reveal a lot of personal information online? Well, these Millennial techies don’t seem to have received that message. Breeding and over-breeding is intended as absolute proof that he’s supposedly straight. Mind you, their techie corporations participate(d) in Corporate Pride every June to try to give the appearance that they are pro-queer. Some of us didn’t fall for that stunt to begin with. These days their techie corporations are censoring any queer-related content. So, as some of us said at the time, the Millennial techies participation in Corporate Pride was purely for cosmetic purposes to dupe gullible queers into thinking that the techie basura are “our friends.” When these Millennial techies started arriving in San Francisco and took over The City and ruined it, some of them were overheard saying, “There are too many gay people here.” That sounds like they are pro-queer to me and well-informed on the City they were moving to. [sarcasm intended].

One of the Conservatory students rhetorically asked: “What can be done about the many queer boys today with wives?” Nothing can be done about it. It’s his life he’s ruining and possibly the lives of others by living a lie. Some women know that their husband is gay — was he the only guy who would give her any attention? — whereas others choose to live in denial as to their husband’s queer sexual orientation. It’s very unhealthy in many ways to live in the closet being a fraud to oneself and to others. But here in The Century of Insanity, one should expect more of this. I do. And one cannot fix stupid — which I consider living in the closet a form of — so don’t bother trying.

It’s just very ironic that these closeted queer boys with wives relocated to San Francisco, the former Gay Mecca. Did they move here because they thought they might have a better chance of hooking up with a guy on the side through some sex app in a City that used to be known as a Gay Mecca? Did they ask their real estate liar, “Can you tell us exactly, what area of the City was the Gay Mecca?” The real estate liar says, “Oh sure, it was The Castro and Upper Market.” Closeted queer boy says, “Well then the wife and I are interested in the Upper Market area.” Thinking to himself: I’ll have to ask around to find out what are the best sex apps for hooking up with a guy around here “discreetly” and “down low” so that the wife doesn’t find out.

Of course the temptation is always there to confront these closet cases and ask them why they live in the closet pretending to be straight? One answer they would likely give is that he’s following the wishes of his parents and their homophobia. My response to that would be: Oh, so your parents’ life and their bigotry is more important than your life and psychological well-being? That’s always a big problem: The parents versus you (their queer son). I suspect most have been completely brainwashed with The Straight Agenda. Related: Is Our Society at Risk of Becoming Gay?

Oh by the way, in San Francisco this afternoon, mi amigo walked by The Twin Peaks Bar at the corner of Castro/Market Streets. That bar has historically been a bar for older (think: “seniors”) gay guys. This afternoon he looked in there and he saw older “him and her” couples. Ugh. The breeders want it all. Yes, even in there. It’s now a straight bar? But of course, what else? Wasn’t that the first gay bar that opened in San Francisco that had windows not trying to hide the queer clientele from the public? Then one of the queer bars on Castro Street — or was that more recently a straight bar? — has closed. It’s boarded up. Every time I walked by that bar it had females sitting in there. Chau.—el barrio rosa

Update: After I wrote this article, mi amigo came to me with the following that he suggested I add:

He’s watched two guys in U-toob videos for years. He thought they were both queer guys based on their mannerisms. One of them even has a “queer voice.” One guy has the left hand wedding ring. The other guy wears no rings. Well, this week (20 December 2019), they both felt the need to tell us all about their wives. One of the guys had to bring out his wife and they began making out on camera. Moments later he said, “She’s the brains of the outfit.” These are both tech shows. So why on Earth does one need to make out on a fucking tech show? Answer: To prove how allegedly straight the queer guy is, as if anyone cares! What is it with these people? Well, closet cases love to shove their supposed breeder sexuality in our faces. It’s intended to prove how “straight” he is. Some of us are still not convinced. Mi amigo finds this phenomenon more stunning than I do. He said: How quickly queer guys went back in the closet — assuming they were out to begin with — after they were told to “assimilate” with the breeders when gay marriage became legal in the US. Think about that for a moment: So after gay marriage became legal in the US, these queer guys married females — to be like the straights; it’s called “assimilating” — which they could have done to begin with before gay marriage became legal! Loco./Crazy. Insanity. At this point in time, even though I continue to write about this with frustration, I’m rather resigned to it. It’s a very sad state of affairs, this going backwards in time and going back in the closet. Nothing I can do about it. Fin. The End.

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  1. Greg

    Saw a guy being interviewed on television having to do with gardening. I had the volume down. He was sitting there on the table with his arms crossed. My mind said to me – gay gay. He was as gay as it gets. Sitting there next to him was his wife and they looked like they had just had an argument before the cameras started rolling. No arm around her or anythinig like that. Cameras showed us their three kids. No matter how hard gay guys try, you can’t hide or suppress your gay feelings. You’re gay so accept it. It’s just the way you were born just like some people got tripped up along the way and were born straight (lol). I had to say that. We had no choice in the matter and consider what straights and closeted gay guys have done to the w o rld….it’s a fucking mess, I’d choose gay over straight any day if I had a choice.

  2. Eddie

    Thank you my good man. Have read your site a long time but never commented. We need many millions more of you and then something might change for the better. Just want to say this after reading this and your other articles – I’m an older gay guy & was also part of our movement, did a lot of work for it back in the day. It is a depressing state of affairs today. Just glad I came along when I did and was able to be part of something that was historic in its day.

    What I see is a very fractured “community” — I put that in quote because I know you don’t feel there is a gay commnity today and I have to agree w/ you on that. Things feel back to the way they used to be before all of our hard work. People seem more into the corporate LGBTQ brand than in solving the many problems still facing us queers. I stay off of most gay or queer sites because I never feel welcome there. They only want comments supporting the way things are today. Anyone voicing criticism they say >>>stop airing our dirty laundry in public. Gays are hard enough on each other without your criticism.<<< Not sure how they expect to solve our problems if we aren't allowed to talk about them.

    This comment I've written to you would never be allowed on the sites I'm talking about. I'd be banned. Thanks for making your site different than all the others and voicing the problems that nobody else will talk about. I appreciate what you do.

  3. castro local

    there are two types of straight couples i see in the castro. the first gruop is small and they look like they just hooked up, like you’ve written they head to the nearest rainbow flag to suck face and the girl has to put one foot up behind her. she cranes her neck to try to reach the bro’s mouth to kiss him. never thought of hooking up with a bro that matches your height? those couples are smiling from ear to ear as they head to beck’s to fuck and hope she doesn’t get preggies to hook in this guy for 18 yrs. cuz by the looks of things around here nobody is using birth control anymore. then the second group of straights look more in for the long haul. they are not easy on the eyes. they wear a solid frown and look like they just heard that their closest relative just died. never a smile, never a hello, never an excuse me, never anything but an unhappy face. i guess that tech job is not all they had been promised or dreamed it would be or they don’t like sf. they’ve made their bed so now lie in it assholes. i have no sympathy for them cuz they’ve fucking ruined a once great city.

    1. D8

      They’re still moving here in droves. This city is getting so crowded everywhere you look. One of the small side streets near me is now like a freeway during the commute time. They’re still building more luxury condos. How many millions do they want to live here? The funny thing is that the condos are being built on landfill over by the Bay where sea level rise is expected to flood that area….not a concern of our pro-developer building department.

  4. Queer boi

    Hiya – I sent this article to a queer friend of mine who I thought would get something out of it and could relate. He wrote back saying that nobody cares about this and that’s why there are no comments. He said he gave up on fuked up closet cases years ago after dating one. I wrote hiim saying “but this is a new trend.” He said “It doesn’t fucking matter. There is no gay community anymore, just self-serving gay organizations who should all close since they serve no purpose today but to put out some press release where they disagree with trump over some anti-gay decision he makes. Nobody fucking cares anymore. That’s why things are the way they are today because nobody cares, and people are so fucking hung up on their little niche rather than the big picture and gays as a whole.”

    I have to agree with what he said. I’ve heard it all before when we’re together for brunch. Anyhoo, glad you do care. I do 2. That’s at least 2 of us. Thx.

  5. Simon

    I can relate. There’s a guy at work like this. Everyone knows he’s gay – we talk about it when he’s not around. He has a wife so my coworkers suggested I ask him out to lunch and see where it goes. Had lunch….He asked me what I did outside of work if that wasn’t getting too personal. I told him I spend some time on two major gay sex apps. No explanation needed. He already knew about them he said. Said he had heard about them. I suggested we hang out after work one Friday. He was up for that. We’ll see how this goes. Might get this guy out of the closet one way or the other. Ha ha. Nah, don’t think it will be anything like that….more like him cheating on his wife if anything happens between us is what I feel from him.

    Thanks for writing about it. Don’t know of anyone else that’s written about it.

    btw, you have a pretty site with all the colors. Cool looking.

Fin. The End.