A plane has a vagina?

It does when watching airline videos. And yet they claim to oppose sexism.

Yeah. One of the plane spotters says that no sexism is allowed on his “channel.” Ha! That’s rich! The dude doesn’t recognise his own sexism. Yes, as is typical with sexists, he’s blind to his own sexism by calling planes “she” and “the Queen of the skies” and other sexist descriptors. Or is it okay for him to be sexist, but no one else? I saw this sexism pointed out in the comment section on one occasion, but obviously it was ignored by the plane spotting guy.

This is really odd because the word plane is not feminine en español. It’s masculine: el avión (el = boy, la = girl). Or el aeroplano for aeroplane.

I’ve never seen a vagina as part of a plane, have you? And I’ve seen many planes and have ridden on a few. But in these videos, every plane is referred to as “she” rather than “it” or “he.” (“He” shouldn’t be used either). The larger planes are referred to as “The Queen (of the Skies)” rather than “The King.” The plane spotting cultists, as one would expect, thoroughly go along with this outdated thinking — including the females — well, they go along with anything that their cult leader/their messiah plane spotting guys say or do for that matter, so that explains that. The cultists are in lockstep with their cult leader, without question. He can do no wrong.

But elsewhere, some females don’t go along with this “she” business. They consider it sexist to refer to planes as “she” or ‘The Queen” and so forth. In fact they are offended by it. They refer to planes as I do, as “it” or “the plane.” That seems more logical and intelligent to me. Attaching a gender to an inanimate object is damn odd, very conservative and outdated. It’s weird. So why do that?

Plane spotting guys: You’re no better than anybody else. Learn to use a language translator. The site they’re on, YT, is an international site with no language requirements, so why do they?

These “channels” say they prefer English to be used in the banal chat for “a common understanding.” Translation: So that the plane spotting guys with cameras who run the “channel” don’t have to use a language translator. Might that be because the only language they know is US English? That’s the translation of “a common understanding.” It’s common for whom? Lazy people? It’s “common” for those who only speak US English. Period.

Depending upon the source one uses, English is not the #1 language in the world. It’s not the first international language. One of the Chinese languages is first, so for a “common understanding” why aren’t they using Mandarin or Cantonese? The second most popular world language is español. So why aren’t they using that? English — they don’t specify British or US English — is third. [Source].

But the same source also says this:

“When we count the top 10 most spoken languages according to the total number of people who speak them (whether or not the language is their first language), eight of the 10 languages from the list above still make an appearance, but with a few major differences: English narrowly edges out Chinese for the top spot, Japanese and Punjabi lose their spots, and French and Indonesian join the top 10 thanks to the fact that more people speak them as a second language than as a native language.

1. English

1.348 billion total speakers

2. Mandarin Chinese

1.120 billion total speakers

3. Hindi

600 million total speakers

4. Spanish

543 million total speakers”

People in the EU usually speak multiple languages. International languages are taught in schools early on. Then you come over to the backward United States of North America, most people only know US English, and some people have trouble getting through that. They sound damn illiterate — well many are quite frankly — and they are usually willfully-ignorant and or make fun of other world languages and in some cases afraid of them. They mangle or mispronounce any words from other world languages, other than their precious US English. One of the plane spotting guys at LAX plane spots or lives in El Segundo. He consistently mispronounces the name of his own city. It’s El Say-goon-doe, not Say-gun-doe. That too is from español. It’s cool to try to learn a few words from other languages, people. Ignorance is not cool, although I do realise that “stupid is in” in the United States of North America.

I look at planes and I see nothing that looks female on it. If anything, they look more masculine, more male, like a penis with their long body. So why are planes not referred to as “he” sexist conservative traditionalists?