A second flagpole for the Harvey Milk Plaza?

I thought it was odd that The Castro neighbourhood that was once saturated with Scott Penis campaign signs during at least two election cycles was now saturated with Rafael Mandelman signs (as of junio/June 2018). WTF was that about? How could that be possible when The Castro barrio/neighbourhood, if anything, is now more conservative and conformist than it was? But after some research while writing this article, I now know the reason why.

Hola a todos. For years, the children in adult bodies in San Francisco’s Castro — specifically the conservative group of people on an authoritarian power trip known as the Castro merchants, as well as some self-entitled conservative homeowners — have behaved extremely poorly. Like small children in a sandbox. They ought to be ashamed by their behaviour over the years, although I doubt they are. Some people have no standards. And despite some people’s chronological age, they never mature mentally to adulthood unfortunately. The Castro merchants are an example of that. And despite their living in a major US cities (San Francisco), these Castro merchants and homeowners come with a rather provincial and prudish mentality.

Over the years these merchant basura have argued over, fought over, squabbled over, lied and played their septic, childishly immature and conservative politics with members of the Queer Community over the flagpole at Harvey Milk Plaza (at Castro and Market Streets) which flies a large Rainbow Flag. All of this dysfunction over a flag pole? Yes, I’m afraid so. Something so trivial really. There’s nothing else going on in their pathetic lives in their stores than to be obsessed and fixated with a flag pole at the Milk Plaza? Apparently not.

The last pronouncement from these merchant pendejos came in the style of what could best be described as a Congressional Declaration that no other flag but the Rainbow Flag would ever fly on this flag pole at Harvey Milk Plaza. Who do these merchant basura think they are to make such a grandiose decision about a flag pole that’s not on their property? Their mentality is that of the orange nazi: Loco/a, dictatorial and authoritarian. They also behave as if they’re afraid of their own shadow. This pronouncement from them came right after the Transgender flag was flown there for (I think it was) a 24-hour period. Any correlation between the two? Does one detect some anti-trans feelings among this septic group of elitist conservative merchant basura on their childish power trip?

As I’ve written many times before, but for the purpose of any new readers: These days the Rainbow Flag in Milk Plaza is solely displayed for tourist purposes because The Castro has been thoroughly sanitised of its former Gay Mecca status with the help of these conservative merchant basura. Today, The Castro is a Breeder Mecca with fleets of black baby strollers being pushed by Millennial females wearing their conformist all-black or black and grey clothing (no matter how hot it is outside) with their screaming babies/children. Today’s Castro is nothing like the former Gay Mecca. The Castro has been thoroughly stripped of its Gay Mecca character and uniqueness with the help of these conservative merchants. If one removed the Rainbow Flags, today’s Castro would look like any other neighbourhood in The City. The breeder Marina comes to mind.

From what I remember when this topic came up before, the flagpole at Harvey Milk Plaza is on public property. It’s not on anyone’s private property; it’s not on the property of any of these busy-bodied merchants. So why have these pendejos merchants controlled it? These merchants seem to think the flag pole is on the top of their own store. It’s an example of out-of-control conservative basura on a power trip, although these merchants may lie and call themselves “a liberal” or “a progressive.” These days, people call themselves anything. It doesn’t have to be based in reality.

It seems to me that if anyone should control this flag pole at Milk Plaza, it would be the City and County of San Francisco, not these busy-bodied store owners. As they say in México, I’d like to say this to these merchants: ¡Vete a la chingada! Do we understand each other, los pendejos?

These busy-bodied merchants have taken it upon themselves to control this flag pole for years. They have ramrodded it and possessively owned-controlled it. Because of this and other conservative politics in The Castro, I can’t stand most of the Castro merchants today and I’m not one of their customers. The sooner they go out of business, the better, is how I feel about them. They have helped ruin The Castro.

But not all merchants in The Castro are members of this corrupt and childishly conservative clique. The best adult sex store and the best looking one in The Castro, Rock Hard, is not part of this corrupt and domineering merchants group to my knowledge. From what I know and have observed about Rock Hard, they have opposed the sanitising of The Castro. Over the years, they have unfortunately been bullied by the SFPD over their window displays by the same type of prudes who run some of these stores. The cops received calls from prudish breeder and prudish gay families in The Castro who complained that they didn’t want their children to see the sex images on some video covers displayed in Rock Hard’s window. There’s an easy solution to that: Don’t show your children RH’s window, los pendejos. It’s sad that many people become prudes when they become parents. They seem to forget their own past. (Related: Sexual Freedom and Revolution). So, Rock Hard was forced to put white stickers over their gay video covers (dick and ass images specifically) displayed in their window. But something tells me that if Rock Hard had featured nothing but straight videos, they would not be required to put white stickers over pussy, ass or boob images. Just gay dick and ass shots. And these conservative breeder and gay families with children have been part of the conservative agenda to sanitise and change The Castro to the way they want it: into a Breeder Mecca. If these people didn’t like The Castro of the Gay Mecca years, why the fuck did they move here? Why didn’t they move to another neighbourhood in The City without any adult sex stores? Well, because people like that come with a conservative right-wing agenda and they relish being an asshole about it.

FYI: The last time I looked, Urban Flowers is not a member of this corrupt merchants group either. So one can support both Rock Hard and Urban Flowers.

In this recent s-election (junio/June 2018; California primary), Rafael Mandelman won the seat (district 8) on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors that conservative Scott Penis unfortunately held for 8 years.

Sometime ago, I stopped paying close attention to San Francisco politics for my own health and sanity, because I rarely agree with what goes on around here politically. So I paid little attention to this past s-election and the campaigning that led up to it.

I do remember the first time Rafael ran for supervisor in San Francisco. He came off to me as a wet doily frankly. He spoke in political clichés, and acted as if he were somewhat intimidated by Scott Penis. Rafael was considered “a progressive” but I noticed back then that he seemed to run from the word progressive when interviewed. Not a good sign. Some people call themselves “progressives” even when they’re not. They’re progressive in name-only. They’re merely Establishment Democrats supporting their corrupt, imperialistic right-wing Democratic Party which often serves as employees of the other corrupt, imperialistic right-wing party: the Republican Party.

It occurred to me the other night following the s-election in California, now that district 8 in San Francisco has a new and allegedly “progressive” supervisor with Rafael Mandelman, why not have a second flag pole installed near the current one and fly various pro-Gay flags there, including the beautiful trans flag?

Upon reflection, I don’t know why I thought that would be a good idea since the dead Queer Community has put all of these flags — Rainbow Flag, Bear Flag, Leather Flag, Trans Flag, et al — back in the closet as I wrote about in this article. So, very few people here would have any interest in any other flag flying there. I think that what remains of the dead and seemingly back-in-the-closet Queer Community here in San Francisco would respond with apathy to the whole idea of a second flag being flown in HMP. Couldn’t care less. I also think that most of what little remains here of the conservative Queer Community wouldn’t say anything if they took the big Rainbow Flag down tomorrow. Their response: “The Rainbow Flag is so passé. It’s served its purpose. Been there. Done that. Just as well that they take it down.”

We shall see how genuinely progressive Rafael turns out to be. I’m not holding my breath. Or to climb The Establishment corporate ladder, will he turn out to be another fake-progressive wet doily and Establishment ass-eater (your typical Establishment Democrat, in other words) in the mold of Scott Penis?

Well, after further research, I’m beginning to get a clue on the answer to that and this is not looking good:

I find it curious that the voters went from conservative Scott Penis to so-called “progressive” Rafael. How on Earth is that possible? Or did these conservative voters who gave us eight years of that awful prude Scott Penis realise what a dismal place he helped turn The Castro into? I saw nothing change for the positive under his successor who served a short term on the Board after being appointed by the now-dead former mayor.

I already have one peeve with Rafael. Stop calling conservative voters “moderates.” That is newspeak. He said this on s-election night:

“These are voters who tend to be among the more moderate in the district, and they appear to have broken pretty significantly for me,” he said. “It does appear that I’m winning. … It looks like I was just elected supervisor.”

In San Francisco, a “moderate” is code language for a conservative. I learned that from longtime locals years ago. I think that’s common knowledge in San Francisco. What exactly do these politicians and others have to do or say to be called what they are: conservatives? None of them are called conservatives in San Francisco. They call themselves “moderates.” Then the corporate media dutifully regurgitate that and call them all “moderates.” Most of the voters having been brainwashed by the corporate media also call these conservative trash “moderates.” So I cringe every time I hear these conservative politicians and voters mislabeled as “moderates.” It’s newspeak and a way of trying to sanitise and hide their often conservative and draconian agenda. Some of us are not fooled by it.

Trying to be like Scott Penis? WTF?

After additional research while writing this article, I now understand why voters chose Rafael. According to one source I read, during the campaign Mandelman cast himself in the mold of Scott Penis. WTF? Well there you go! The article referenced, “he takes phones calls and rides Muni like his constituents.” A genuine progressive would not cast himself in the mold of Scott Penis or any conservative. A genuine progressive would run from conservative Scott Penis’s record and never mention his name! Was Rafael trying to ride on the coattails of The Holy and Indivisible Trinity, as I’ve often called Scott Penis? That’s how Scott Penis’s disciples saw him: as a conservative god who could do no wrong. I saw his rabid supporters around here especially in his first term stop just short of genuflecting to him on the sidewalk. I heard some of his conservative redneck supporters say to him, “How’re you doing my boy?; you’re doing a great job!” “My boy?” I honestly think some of his conservative supporters had a father-son sexual head trip going on with him, in part, because at that time he looked very young/boyish. He doesn’t now.

Then, I read that Rafael would consider building housing on the parking lot at Glen Park BART Station and the Safeway lot at Market and Church streets. One problem with that is that the word affordable (as in affordable housing) was missing. The space at Safeway is perfect for a gigantic complex of bougi and elitist Luxury Designer Condos (Dahling) for the Millennial basura and super-wealthy.

Then, Rafael’s endorsements included the Democratic Party Establishment. Get this: He was also endorsed by the president of the conservative Castro merchants, and I should point out that they adored their messiah Scott Penis (who would fit in very nicely with the Log Cabin Republicans). Rafael was also endorsed by the conservative Alice Club. They always endorse conservative Scott Penis. Rafael also received the endorsement of one of the major corporate newspapers in San Francisco known for their conservative political positions. So to have conservative organisations endorsing a so-called “progressive” you know something is wrong and suspect.

It would appear that Rafael has “shifted to the right” — of course he would deny that as they all do — in order to get elected and to get endorsed by these traditionally conservative groups.

Note: The asterisked paragraphs below were written before I saw Rafael’s endorsements, such as from the merchants’ group, meaning I don’t expect any of my proposals or suggestions to ever happen:

*As for a second flag pole, I can hear some idiot saying “it’s not good to have multiple flag poles together, you can’t do that.” Really? The United Nations doesn’t seem to have any problem with that arrangement, where this image shows roughly 25 flag poles together outside their headquarters in NYC. Many government buildings have multiple flag poles next to each other.

*But above all, I suggest that Rafael not consult with the omnipotent, busy-bodied Castro merchants about this proposed new flag pole whatsoever. Who cares what los pendejos think? We already know what they think because they’ve been telling us for years, and some of them are going out of business anyway, which they deserve to do. We can use their empty stores for inexpensive affordable housing which there is a grave shortage of in San Francisco. (Over $2,000 dollars for a studio apartment in the Tenderloin. Insanity!) Has anyone looked around here lately and seen the dismal state of things in The Castro? Retail is quickly going out of business.

BTW, mi amigo/my friend was over in Marin County the other day and he had to go to a mall with a relative. He said that one-third of the mall was empty with closed stores.

As I pointed out in this article, the breeders seem to have hijacked the Rainbow Flag (they love making out under it), so isn’t it a time that we Queers get our own flag pole not controlled by conservative merchant basura? I think this disreputable merchant group is mainly headed by that conservative hardware store which shall remain nameless.

During the former Gay Mecca years, various flags were displayed on the Milk Plaza flag pole, such as the leather flag, the bear flag, and the trans flag. The trans flag flown there was very pretty. I heard it was loaned to them.

The Castro merchant pendejos said that the intention of the person originally responsible for the Harvey Milk flag pole said that only the Rainbow Flag should fly there. I don’t really give a damn what his original intention was. What did he have against the other Queer flags? I’m not sure they existed at the time that the original flag pole was installed. And furthermore, this is about a flag pole, not a musical composition where one hopefully adheres to the wishes of the composer. Who cares what this guy thinks? He doesn’t even live here. As I recall, he lives in New York City, if he’s still alive.

A new flag pole would have nothing to do with him or his wishes. It could be called the Queer or Gay People’s Flag Pole in Harvey Milk Plaza, and if we want to fly a trans flag, we will fly it, thank you very much. ¡Vete a la chingada, merchants group!

I mentioned how these prude merchants have helped sanitise the neighourhood. The Castro has a long history of nudity yet these merchant have whined about the few naked guys in The Castro, which led to a city-wide nudity ban authored by openly-gay prude Scott Penis. (BTW, I did see four of the original naked guys recently — yes they were naked — up near Castro and 19th Streets.) As I recall it was the owner of that hardware store who said, “I don’t want my grand daughter seeing naked guys on her way to and from school” or words to that effect. Then move, perra! No one is forcing you or your grand daughter to live here. It seems that your prudish conservative self would perhaps be much more comfortable in Topeka Kansas, for example, next to a Southern Baptist Church. And one’s granddaughter wouldn’t think anything of the few naked guys — if she even see them! — if she hadn’t been brainwashed with some prudish conservative thinking that seeing the naked human body is a bad thing or “evil.” This store owner and granddaughter must be absolutely repulsed when they see their own naked bodies. But this was all part of the sanitising The Castro for the breeders.

*Rafael should also ignore that conservative perra that runs that Castro Benefit District racket. Does that piece of conservative work still live in Pacifica while receiving an extremely generous salary for continuing to help ruin The Castro when la perra doesn’t even live here?

*I’m well aware that the conservative merchants would come up with a long list of why it’s not possible or not a good idea to install a second flag pole. They are the most negative of people. They will cite the MUNI wires even though there’s been no problem with the current flag and the wires. The wires are not even used anymore. But these basura would have to come up with something to oppose this idea of a second flag pole.

*Since that land is public, is it not possible for Rafael to accomplish this rather quickly? There’s no need for any useless committees of busy-bodied conservatives residents or waste-of-time hearings or drawing up ridiculous plans costing The City millions of dollars and taking years to accomplish. It’s a basic flag pole we’re talking about here like the one that’s there. Put the damn thing up. It doesn’t take up any more space than 4 square inches. Two stop signs take up more space than that! How difficult is that? Answer: As difficult as the nay-sayer pendejos in The Castro want it to be. Getting anything positive done around here is like a root canal.

Previously, the closed-minded conservatives among us said that anyone and everyone would want to put a flag up there on the original flag pole. From the “What If” Fear Crowd: Someone afraid of their own shadow said what if the nazis want to put their flag up there. There are nazis around here? Where? But that’s an example of the type of extreme thinking and extreme comment that one has come to expect around here from these basura who oppose anything positive. Some nut said what if the Westboro Baptist Church want to fly their flag up there. And why — do tell — would they be interested in a flag pole in San Francisco when they’re in Topeka Kansas? They’re not the brightest bunch. Do they even know where San Francisco is, or how to get here? Could they find us on a map? Do they believe in maps? I deal with “What is” and not “What if” because the latter leads to all kinds of lunatic speculation and ideas. I deal with things as they come.

*Has one never heard of reasonable and rationale guidelines for a flagpole, such as these, that I propose:

1. This second flag pole is limited to San Francisco residents.
2. All flags flown must be of a pro-Queer/Gay nature.
3. A flag can fly for up to a month.
4. Rafael Mandelman will be responsible for putting the flag up or someone of credibility (but no merchants) that he appoints.
5. And the Castro merchant basura will have absolutely no control over it, or have any say about it or anything to do with it. Period. We already have ample examples of how they ruin things around here.

*What’s wrong with this idea? It’s the way it was during the Gay Mecca decades — the leather flag was flown the weekend of the Folsom Street Fair, for example — until the self-appointed and self-omnipotent basura authorities called the Castro merchants had to get involved. To them, again, I say: ¡Vete a la chingada!

*While writing this article, I noticed that the major San Francisco conservative gay rag (which again shall remain nameless) also endorsed Rafael. WTF? This is not looking good at all. I stopped reading that rag years ago because all it did was to raise my blood pressure with its increasingly conservative bent and endorsements. Over the years, in my opinion they have been directly responsible for helping shift San Francisco to the right and for conservative-brainwashing what remains of the Gay Community here into becoming more conservative and conformist. That’s how conservative Scott Penis got elected for 8 years. I knew this City had changed when I watched the Gay Community vote in conservative Scott Penis the first time. I thought: WTF has happened here? The publisher was/is very connected with The Establishment (the San Francisco Oligarchy). They endorsed Scott Penis multiple times for any office he ran for. They endorsed the city-wide nudity ban which openly-gay prude Scott Penis authored. They endorsed all anti-homeless measures endorsed by anti-homeless Scott Penis, and I could go on.

So how is it possible that this conservative gay rag would endorse so-called “progressive” Rafael Mandelman? Something is very wrong with this picture. Politics these days are so fucked up. People call themselves anything. This reminds me of a Democratic Party politician in Virginia who says he’s open to supporting the orange nazi for a second term. It also reminds me of Democrat Pelosi who keeps saying this is not the time to talk about impeachment of the orange nazi. These days, people are doing and saying crazy things regardless of what label they wear. And as I’ve said before, with Dem-bots these days, the word “progressive” or “liberal” is merely code language for being a brainwashed supporter of the right-wing, utterly corrupt and imperialistic Establishment Democratic Party, which much of the time works for the other right-wing party: the Republican Party.

*Surely this new second flag pole (the Gay People’s Flag pole) can be installed soon, no? With the millions and billions of dollars in this City from the data-mining/predatory Tech Industrial ComplexTM, surely they could pay for the new flag pole. Their corporations pretend to be very pro-Queer even though many of the techies are anti-Queer based on the anti-gay looks they give whenever any guy happens to glance at them in and around The Castro. The techies give this “don’t you dare look at me faggot” look that some of us have been uncomfortably subjected to in and around The Castro from these Millennial techie trash. Clearly they are not comfortable or secure with their own sexuality to behave in such a way.

Considering Rafael’s pro-Establishment, conservative and right-wing endorsements, particularly from the corrupt and conservative merchants’ group, I can see him continuing in the path of Scott Penis and giving the same people Scott catered to whatever they want. I mean, he cast himself in the mold of that piece of work during the campaign so why wouldn’t he continue that corporatist, conservative agenda script? So to the right-wing who have been having diarrhea moments because according to them “the progressives have taken the Board,” I say: Tranquilo. Tranquilo. I suspect little if anything will change in any genuinely progressive direction. Instead, the continued right-ward shift of The City will continue which is usually the case when fake-progressives (Establishment Democrats trying to climb up the corporate party ladder) are in power. I would imagine that when Mandelman seeks re-election, he’ll have the endorsement of the whole conservative Establishment crowd: Feinstein, Pelosi, et al. As a lawmaker on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, at least Rafael comes with a law degree — he’s an attorney — whereas Feinstein and Pelosi have no legal training at all. Did you know that? It’s true. But like many in the cesspool called the US Congress, both Feinstein and Pelosi are sitting in the congress as “lawmakers” with their Bachelor of Arts degrees in completely unrelated fields to what they’re doing in the Senate and House. I’m not at all criticising a Bachelor of Arts degree, but merely pointing out that one would think that a “lawmaker” in congress would have a graduate-entry professional degree in law (a Doctor of Jurisprudence degree, JD degree). Both Feinstein and Pelosi have been living in my former hometown, the District of Columbia, more than long enough to earn a Doctor of Jurisprudence degree at either of two fine law schools in the District: Georgetown University School of Law or George Washington University School of Law, as two examples. But instead, they both sat on their ass in the senate (Feinstein) and the house (Pelosi) without any legal training or background on their power trips and making laws effecting the lives of millions of people. Oh and by the way, you know la perra that is currently serving as the US ambassador/bully at the UN for the orange nazi? She too has no training for that position either. Just like the orange nazi has no training for the position he currently holds. Is anyone surprised? At the UN, her degree is in Accounting. WTF does a degree in Accounting have to do with a job bullying other nations of the UN?

But I’m off topic. But that’s okay. It’s my site. If I want to be off topic, I will be.

The Reality: I don’t expect any other flagpole to ever appear at HM Plaza, and especially after what I’ve seen about Mandelman after seeing his list of endorsements and mealy-mouthed statements.

I suspect the status quo will continue, and I think there’s no question about that now since billionaire and Angel Investor, Ron Conway, will continue as the real mayor with London Breed serving as his puppet. I saw a picture of Breed and Conway standing together and London was wearing a broad smile and appeared to be delighted to be standing next to the real mayor. Mayor Conway will give the Tech Industrial ComplexTM whatever they want.

Mi amigo/My friend also wanted to add that by openly Queer mayoral candidate Mark Leno losing to Breed, it shows how much power or rather lack of the now-dead Queer Community has lost in San Francisco. If this were just 10 years ago, who do you think would have won? Answer: Mark Leno. So where in the shithole US do gay people have any power today? We can’t think of any place. It used to be the Gay Mecca areas in major US cities, but they’ve been taken over by breeders. (Related: Chelsea: The Death of a Gay Neighborhood, Murdered by Neo-Hetero-Homophobes). “Being gay was so last year anyway,” now that we have all of this “sexual fluidity” nonsense going on.

It’s now time for me to go back to not paying attention to the caca that happens around here (fuck it!), since I don’t like high blood pressure readings. Chau.—el barrio rosa

WTF? (from the video description):

“Rafael Mandelman who is a member of the City College of San Francisco Community College Board of Trustees in an interview on 9/8/17 said he was in favor of the privatization of the SF PUC Balboa Reservoir for development of housing. He also defended the rigged process of community and staff imput in the privatization deal that SF Mayor Ed Lee is pushing for the developers. AFT 2121 has passed a resolution against the privatization of the PUC Balboa Reservoir and it’s acquisition by CCSF for the College use. At present, large numbers of students and staff use the land for parking which they would loose if it was privatized. The SF PUC also was required to offer the property to CCSF before turning it over to developers but violated the law by not offering the land to CCSF before turning over to developers. Mandelman is also running for San Francisco Supervisor.”


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