A World Without Borders: I advocate for open borders

Hola a todos. I live under no illusion that el mundo/the world will ever see open borders between countries. But the Earth was created without borders. In my opinion, people should be able to live wherever they want to live on the planet and should be allowed to move freely from place to place. Immature humans are responsible for the borders imposed on the Earth and borders have been nothing but a problem since. War$ have been fought over borders. Borders remind me of a child’s mentality where the child feels the need to “chalk off” their little area/territory and then say, “This is my playground here. You stay out. You stay over in your playground. Nan, nan, nan, nan, nan.” And frankly we’ve not matured any since.

The cultists who hero-worship El Hombre Naranja/The Orange Man en la casa blanca/in the white house have made themselves absolutely insane — or maybe they came that way — because of their hate for los inmigrantes/immigrants. On sites that I visit, even though the article they’re commenting on may use the non-emotional and neutral language “undocumented immigrant(s),” because of their rabid hate for people of a darker-skin pigmentation these haters feel the need to scream the hateful “illegal” word in all caps. It’s as if they think people can’t read lower case even though the rest of their hateful drivel is in lower case. But they’re not alone in this regard. Some fake-liberals and fake-progressives use the same hateful “illegal” language. I’ve read from them: “I consider myself a Democrat and a liberal…” Yeah, many people consider themselves all sorts of things even though it has no basis in reality. These fake-liberals and fake-progressives then proceed to launch in on the same type of hateful spew using the word “illegal” that one reads from the hateful cultists of El Hombre Naranja.

No human being is “illegal.” La Estatua de la Libertad/The Statue of Liberty and the words on it means nothing to the hate-filled cultists of El Hombre Naranja. Therefore, it’s time to begin dismantling the Statue of Liberty, crate it up and ship it back to France with a note on it saying that it no longer means anything to the US of Hate. Hate, hate, hate and scapegoating one group or another for all the many problems in our society is all that The Cesspool knows anymore. El Hombre Naranja and his cultists’s hate for los inmigrantes is all that matters. And president Bannon wants a “white nation.” Although The Cesspool (Los Estados Unidos/the US) is a nation of immigrants.

There are many white Latinos/Latinas. In fact one of my complaints is that young model-type white Latinos saturate the español language networks. Univisión (pronounced uniβiˈsjon, and not “You-nah-vision” the way español-illiterates pronounce it), Telemundo, Televisa and Azteca (the latter two being based in la Ciudad de México/México City) come to mind. One media writer awhile back wrote that Univisión is the whitest network on television. I’d agree with that. It’s a corporate network of mostly young, perfect-looking white models, females and males. And their studio lighting attempts to make their on-camera network darlings look at light-skinned/white as possible. If white Latinos were the dominant migrant group coming into The Cesspool, I suspect this topic of immigration wouldn’t even be a concern. I think the hate for los inmigrantes coming from south of the US border is solely because of migrant’s darker skin-pigmentation.

I support immigrants all over the world, and I especially support inmigrantes indocumentados/undocumented immigrants. I have a special sympathy for them. They are doing what they feel they must do in order to survive — and the hypocritical white basura and others who hate on them in The Cesspool would do the exact same thing if put in their situation — often having to leave and or split of their families and leave their amigos. Los inmigrantes are certainly suffering from a lot of hate directed at them these days, unfortunately. But to repeat myself for the thick and stupid-is-in people, in my opinion the hate for immigrants is not because they are undocumented. It is because of their ethnicity (a more brown-skin pigmentation) and that’s a major problem for anti-ethnic/racist people who hero worship El Hombre Naranja, who is the empty puppet of president Bannon en la casa blanca. These white supremacists (some are proud Nazis) want an all-white nation, even though there are many white Latinos/Latinas and they often look no differently really than the white people (mainly) in The Cesspool who are hating on los inmigrantes.

Who is going to pick your fruits and vegetables?

Migrant workers put in hours and hours of back-breaking labour in the fields. I can’t imagine doing that work. It would make my back ache from being all bent over constantly and very painful in a very short time. These fine migrant workers harvest white people’s fruits and vegetables. (Yes, I know they pick everyone’s fruits and vegetables, but I’m making a point). The same white people who hate on them. After migrants are kicked out of The Cesspool, these short-sighted and hateful white trash (let’s tell it like it is) and nearly-illiterate rednecks who are disciples of El Hombre Naranja will begin complaining vehemently about the prices of fruits and vegetables at their local grocery store. Or do they only eat raw meat/dead animals? There will be no one to harvest their fruits and vegetables, assuming they eat any. Are these white basura going to get out in the hot fields to pick their own food for the same cheap labour salary that the hard-working migrant workers were paid?

Respected journalist Jorge Ramos of Noticiero Univisión (pronounced: notiˈsjeɾo uniβiˈsjon) pointed out in a recent article that 40% of los inmigrantes coming from México don’t come across the border. They fly into a US airport and overstay their visas, so a wall at the border between Los Estados Unidos y México would have no effect at all on them. (Related: Jorge Ramos: Donald Trump’s Wall Is Totally Useless).

In the past week (the week of el 6 de febrero de 2017/the 6th of February 2017), the disciples of El Hombre Naranja have been writing screaming (in their usual all caps) such things as “DEPORTATIONS HAVE BEGUN, THANK YOU PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP. WE WIN! WE WIN! YOU LIBS LOSE. HA, HA, HA, HA, HA!!!!!” According to ICE, the recent raids on los inmigrantes in California and the deportation of a Latina were planned for awhile and are not tied to your hero El Hombre Naranja.

I appreciate the many contributions of los inmigrantes (both documented and inmigrantes indocumentados) to The Cesspool and I stand in solidarity with them, and thank them for their many contributions to Los Estados Unidos. Muchas gracias. Chau.—el barrio rosa

2 comments on “A World Without Borders: I advocate for open borders

  1. Alejandro

    Hooooooooooooola. Gracias for this article. I appreciate your humanity and compassion. I love your “El Hombre Naranja.” Very original and what a slap to his supporters who I’ve noticed can’t stand it when anyone calls him the orange man. They don’t have any problem with calling him führer but they can’t stand calling him the orange man. Gracias.


  2. strangetimes

    hola, all good points made. I read that most california growers-farmers voted for el hombre naranja (i like that name) and are now getting concerned where they’re going to get their field workers from. you’re correct, these white trash that voted for el hombre naranja aren’t going to get out in any fields to pick fruits & vegis. guess it will all rot in the fields. the selection of el hombre naranja in november was an example of a person’s vote doesn’t count and the system is a complete farce because even though I didn’t vote for hillary, she got three million more votes than el hombre naranja yet he’s in office as the side kick of president bannon. the votes of those three million (that we know of & it may be more than that) don’t count, didn’t count.


Fin. The End.