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About el barrio rosa/the pink barrio:

Hola. el barrio rosa/the pink barrio is my personal diario/diary. I always think that when someone comes to this “About & Contact” page that it’s to tell me off, because they read something they didn’t like and the comments had already closed so they couldn’t tell me to fuck off (although that would not be a friendly comment and that’s what I ask people to leave when they comment, even when they disagree with me), or the reader is asking, “Who is this person?” Does it matter?

Some people have blogs. I have un diario/a diary where I write here as I would write in a personal diario/diary. In this case, the public can read mi diario/my diary and even leave friendly comments about something they read if they’d like, which is not the case at all with personal traditional diaries. I write about things that interests me. I can’t stand partisan politics although I occasionally vent about them in an article. I write about music performances (usually classical), I used to write about Anglican Church music and the Liturgy — no I’m not religious; I’m an Anglican Atheist — but I have written some articles about High Church La Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris (which is Roman Catholic), and I have written a lot about Queer (GTQBL) topics especially in San Francisco. To me, all that I write about is all a part of life, even though it may seem like none of it is connected or related. I don’t live under any illusion that anyone agrees with me on anything that I write. I’m well aware that my views are not popular with the masses. And if someone disagrees with me about something, that’s fine. One is free to disagree, just do so in a friendly way, por favor/please.

One reason I started pink barrio, was so that I could say here what I would not be allowed or be banned from saying on any other site, and especially those sites that pretend to be so-called “progressive.” I had the worst experience with commenting — no matter how politely my comment was written — on so-called “progressive” sites (which are usually just “fronts” for the corrupt Democratic Party). Corporate sites were not much better. Bottom line: It makes most people very uncomfortable to hear the truth.

I remember that years ago I wasted hundreds of hours arguing with D and R partisans over politics on message forums. I learned that Democratic and Republican partisans will remain partisans regardless — and continue to worship the corrupt parasites of their corporate party, respectively — and keep going through the same motions each election cycle, but expecting a different result. That’s the definition of insanity, by the way. In the end, nothing was ever accomplished by arguing with anyone. No one’s mind was ever changed on anything. It was a complete waste of my time and it was very frustrating as well. It was not very healthy. So, I’m not here to argue with anyone about anything, including politics. These days, I can’t stand arguing. People will think what they want regardless. Chau.—el barrio rosa

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