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About el barrio rosa/the pink barrio:

Hola. el barrio rosa/the pink barrio is my personal diario/diary. I always think that when someone comes to this “About & Contact” page that it’s to tell me off, because they read something they didn’t like and the comments had already closed so they couldn’t tell me to fuck off (although that would not be a friendly comment and that’s what I ask people to leave when they comment, even when they disagree with me), or the reader is asking, “Who is this person?” Does it matter?

Some people have blogs. I have un diario/a diary where I write here as I would write in a personal diario/diary. In this case, the public can read mi diario/my diary and even leave friendly comments about something they read if they’d like, which is not the case at all with personal traditional diaries. I write about things that interests me. I can’t stand partisan politics although I occasionally vent about them in an article. I write about music performances (usually classical), I used to write about Anglican Church music and the Liturgy — no I’m not religious; I’m an Anglican Atheist — but I have written some articles about High Church La Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris (which is Roman Catholic), and I have written a lot about Queer (GTQBL) topics especially in San Francisco. To me, all that I write about is all a part of life, even though it may seem like none of it is connected or related. I don’t live under any illusion that anyone agrees with me on anything that I write. I’m well aware that my views are not popular with the masses. And if someone disagrees with me about something, that’s fine. One is free to disagree, just do so in a friendly way, por favor/please.

One reason I started pink barrio, was so that I could say here what I would not be allowed or be banned from saying on any other site, and especially those sites that pretend to be so-called “progressive.” I had the worst experience with commenting — no matter how politely my comment was written — on so-called “progressive” sites (which are usually just “fronts” for the corrupt Democratic Party). Corporate sites were not much better. Bottom line: It makes most people very uncomfortable to hear the truth.

I remember that years ago I wasted hundreds of hours arguing with D and R partisans over politics on message forums. I learned that Democratic and Republican partisans will remain partisans regardless — and continue to worship the corrupt parasites of their corporate party, respectively — and keep going through the same motions each election cycle, but expecting a different result. That’s the definition of insanity, by the way. In the end, nothing was ever accomplished by arguing with anyone. No one’s mind was ever changed on anything. It was a complete waste of my time and it was very frustrating as well. It was not very healthy. So, I’m not here to argue with anyone about anything, including politics. These days, I can’t stand arguing. People will think what they want regardless.

I’ve written a considerable amount on mi diario/my diary (pink barrio) about the worldwide Breeder AgendaTM.

Fortunately, I personally was able to escape seeing the Breeder Agenda of “him and her” for decades. I’ll give you some background, some history:

Most recently, I turned off the corporate mainstream media networks around the beginning of 2018 to get away from seeing and hearing about The Breeder Agenda, as well as for other reasons. I got so tired of loud, corporate media hype, lies, disinformation, constantly-obnoxious hyped screechy commercials, dumbed-down programming based in stupidity and catering to the lowest common denominator, the worshiping of US celebrities and anyone regularly appearing before a network camera and the US celebrity culture (including the worshiping of the British Royal Baby Factory), the worshiping of shallow US pop culture and watching (closeted) Latino musicians one-by-one sell out to corporate interests as they too became celebrities. I became exhausted from seeing brainwashed Democratic and Republican partisan pabulum and theatre antics catering to each corporate team’s brainwashed disciples/sheeple. And I particularly got tired of seeing the constant images of straight couples (“him/tall and her/short”) shoved in my face 24 hours a day. When I was monitoring the Latino networks, even if one suspected that some guy on camera was a Queer boy, he usually went out of his way to “act straight.” He made sure he hugged and kissed every females on the set to make the audience think he’s a breeder, hoping that would dispel any of those nasty online rumours that he’s gay. Yet another closet case. There are millions and millions of them worldwide. Most Queers remain in the closet worldwide, and they’re often married to females and have children and promoting the Breeder Agenda.

Also, nearly all of the surface mail I receive in my mailbox features the usual white “him and her” couples. There’s a well-known Bay Area mattress company that apparently is only interested in selling their mattresses to breeders, since they never feature any Gay or Lesbian couples — we don’t exist in their breeder world? — lying on beds in their advertising. They only show (young and white) “him and her” couples.

I’m well aware that there are a few people before corporate network cameras and microphones in the US corporate media who are openly Gay. But that doesn’t at all take away from the point I’m making here. And to me, most of those few come off as rather heteronormative from what I’ve seen of them, including the two heteronormative celebrity lesbians working for corporate networks who seem to be worshiped by their adoring fans. I don’t care to promote them by mentioning their names.

Some anti-gay people like to go on about “the Gay Agenda” which you’ve probably heard people mention. In reality, there is no Gay Agenda and there never has been unless one thinks that working for basic human rights is “an agenda,” and the same human rights which apply to other minority groups as well.

If there were a Gay Agenda in place we would see openly-Queer people saturated all over our television — other than the few that I mentioned earlier — in every programme regardless of what channel you’re on. Does one see that? No. One does not see that at all. Instead, what one sees are constant images of “him and her” shoved in our faces day and night, and I’m sick of it. This is what I mean by the worldwide Breeder/Straight Agenda, which comes with the following unspoken message: “If you’re not a breeder, you’re not ‘normal.’”

Who wants to be “normal?” “Normal” is conformist and absolutely boring.

As for the Breeder Agenda, as I said earlier I was able to escape this tiresome agenda until recently, in the last 5 years or so. I never paid any attention to this “him and her” nonsense or even noticed it — probably because I rarely saw it — when San Francisco was The Gay Mecca. During those days, I only listened to the radio and rarely turned on the television. At that time, I was heavily into political news and that’s what I listened to on radio.

I saw the Breeder Agenda (“him and her” couples) decades ago in the District of Columbia (my former home city) especially over in Georgetown before moving to San Francisco at the height of the Gay Mecca. I don’t remember seeing “him and her” at that time at Dupont Circle, the predominantly Queer area in the District.

BUT I began seeing this “him and her” phenomenon when San Francisco’s Gay Mecca (The Castro) was sanitised by the conservatives to make The Castro conservatively “Family-Friendly” (ugh) for the breeders moving in here, and Queers being forced out through various means. That’s when I began noticing him-tall/her-short breeder couples flowing in here with their mandatory hand holding and make-out scenes on the sidewalks. I also noticed that many breeder couples went out of their way to make out at Castro & Market Streets under the big Rainbow Flag as if marking their new territory. Well, that did it for me, because that looked damned odd. I had not expected to ever see breeder/straight couples making out under a Rainbow Flag. WTF is that about? What message are they trying to send? As an analogy, I wouldn’t go out of my way to make out under the Straight Pride Flag. (It’s colours are drab funeral black, casket-grey and boring white. The same boring and conformist colours that one sees the lobotomised and adamantly conformist black and grey-clad Millennials wearing 365 days a year).

So, San Francisco’s Castro quickly became the Breeder/Straight Mecca with the invasion of obnoxious breeder couples who love to get drunk and projectile-vomit on the sidewalk or on the windows of businesses around here. You have to watch where you walk, especially on weekends, to avoid piles of vomit. The breeders clog up our sidewalks with their fleets of baby strollers with screaming babies (often twins). It seems that these new residents don’t believe in any form of birth control on our already over-populated planet. These in-your-face-with-their-sexuality breeder couples have come in here as if determined to mark their new territory because we don’t see this obnoxious “in your face” breeder behaviour I’ve just described anywhere else in San Francisco or the Bay Area. It’s as if breeders are hell-bent on making out in front of the few remaining Queers still living here. One wonders if some (many?) of these conservative-looking breeders hold to the anti-gay view that Queers can “go straight” if they see enough breeders making out and feel out of place? That’s the way it has appeared because, again, this has been a Castro area phenomenon only and a very concerted effort.

Meanwhile, sadly many Queers seem to have gone back in the closet because of the “Decree for Queers to Assimilate” that was given by those self-appointed authorities at those national corporatist and elitist Queer organisations — who only care about Queers of their income bracket — following gay marriage becoming legal in The Cesspool/the shithole US.

Translation of this “Decree for Queers to Assimilate with the Breeders:”

1. Fit in with the breeders.
2. Act straight.
3. No more radical or “Out and Proud” behaviour. That’s of the past, and we corporatist, wealthy and elitist Queers are almost ashamed of it with apologies to the breeders for offending them or inconveniencing them in any way when we were protesting.

That’s what we Queers worked decades for in the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement? To try to “act straight?” Corporate idiots.

During the Gay Mecca decades when people walked by my window in San Francisco it was nearly always the voices of male couples/Queer boys that I heard. Today it’s the opposite. I only hear the voices of “him and her” shallow and superficial-sounding Millennial breeder couples. I look out and they’re wearing the expected and conformist black and grey. That’s indicative of how The Castro and San Francisco has changed in the wrong direction. The female in these couples is usually talking loudly (for attention) and the guy she’s with often responds with a fake-sounding laugh to humour her, and possibly for other reasons. It’s a very different City than the San Francisco I moved to decades ago. I’m fully aware that places changes, but this change is pretty drastic, in large part due to the invasion of the sexist and ageist Tech Industrial Complex and the seemingly-lobotomised and phone-addicted techies. As some longtime locals have said: “San Francisco used to be known worldwide for our uniqueness. We weren’t like every other major city. Apparently that was a bad thing to some people (the conservatives). Because today, San Francisco is really no different than any other city. It’s become a very conformist and cold/snotty city — and a playground for the snooty and snotty super-wealthy (the Bay Area is now known as “Billionaire Bay”) — as opposed to the “proudly radical and alternative” City of the Gay Mecca years. What remains of the Queer community has become very conservative as well, and I think they still align themselves with the corrupt and imperialistic Democratic Party (one of the two corrupt and imperialistic big business/corporate right-wing parties in the US). It’s been pointed out that even San Francisco’s skyline now looks no different than any other major city. Conform. Obey. Chau.—el barrio rosa

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