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Hola. I’m a Conservatory-trained musician (piano major, voice and pipe organ double minors) and write mostly about music, classical music performances I’ve enjoyed, with symphonic choral music being my focus, along with piano performance. As a pianist, I was trained more as a Performance Major even though I was in the Music Education degree programme and vocal music concentration. I received extensive piano accompanying experience at the Conservatory — sometimes it was too much at the expense of my own piano repertoire since we were required to accompany three people and I had many more than that! — accompanying many of the orchestral musicians for their Student Recital and juries. And I also served as piano accompanist for the Conservatory Concert Choir. I look back on all of it as good experience that most people didn’t have. So I feel very fortunate in that regard. I’m a “choral person” and I’ve had the privilege of being a chorister in three major Orchestra Choruses in the US: Norman Scribner’s Choral Arts Society of Washington and Dr Paul Traver’s University of Maryland Chorus with regular performances with the National Symphony Orchestra and guest (inter)national orchestras in the Kennedy Center Concert Hall, as well as a chorister in Vance George’s San Francisco Symphony Chorus (with interim Chorus Director Margaret Hillis, Founder and Director of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra Chorus) with performances in Davies Symphony Hall. All three were invaluable experiences for me because since my High School days — which served as a major catalyst for my strong interest in symphonic choral music — I had dreamed of performing in the Kennedy Center Concert Hall with the superb Choral Arts Society of Washington and the superb University of Maryland Chorus and with major symphony orchestras, performing many of the symphonic choral works I had come to enjoy since my days of serving as piano accompanist for the High School Chorus. You can read articles from my “In the Conservatory” series over on the right. Chau.—el barrio rosa

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