8PM is about thanking the health care workers

Some of the techie trash are not clear on the concept. COVID-19 is not about god or US nationalism.

Hola a todos. I don’t care to give anyone any ideas, so I’m going to be vague here. But there’s a piece of music that celebrates ugly US nationalism and glorifies the Christian religion. It’s also US-centric.

Every night at 8.00pm in San Francisco — and in other cities — there’s a short celebration of a few minutes where residents cheer, bang pots, blow brass instruments (or that’s what it sounds like) and applaud our health care employees for the work they’re doing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A friend of mine in Upper Market in San Francisco told me today that across the street from him, some of the techie trash have started singing this obnoxious god-centric and US-nationalistic hymn during the celebration. WTF?

The problems with this are as follows: The gratitude being shown to the medical care employees has nothing what-so-ever to do with the Christian god fellow or “Amurrrrka.” And COVID-19 is not a US disease, as the singing of this hymn would imply. It’s an international disease, not limited to the US. And their singing is — in his words — “obnoxious.” He said, “More from the clueless techies.” He suspects they are cultists of the insane orange thug in the White House because that’s the mentality of the people who would sing this hymn, completely missing the point of the 8.00pm celebration. He suggested I write about this, but I said I didn’t want to give other idiots any ideas, so that’s why I agreed to write about it vaguely whilst stating why the singing of this hymn is most inappropriate.

Again, 8PM each night is about thanking the medical personnel and the work their doing during the COVID-19 pandemic, and that’s all. The celebration is not about glorifying the US or the Floating Cloud Being or about selfishly begging that only the US be saved or protected. Chau.—el barrio rosa