A Correction: Gay guys and Drag Queens led the Movement

Hola a todos. I’ve written several times that the (now-dead) Gay Rights Movement was led by gay guys and trans individuals. The trans part came from a trans commenter I had at the time. She was trying to promote trans, I think, since many of her comments were about trans, trans, trans. A part of me at the time questioned that but I let it go.

Upon reflection, I should have questioned it. Back in those days — with the two riots at donut shops in San Francisco and in Los Ángeles that started the Gay Rights Movement (pre-Stonewall) — how many genuine trans people were there to lead any movement?

Historically, most Drag Queens have been men dressing as women. I looked that up to confirm that it’s true. In contemporary times, Drag Queens are associated with gay men and gay culture.

There were many Drag Queens — that art form which is considered outdated now — but Drag Queens are not transgender as a whole. A few may be. All the Drag Queens I’ve known were gay guys and they had no interest in changing their gender. The drag part was just something fun to do as part of theatre, an art form, and not a reflection of them wanting to be women. In fact, they made fun of women. I suppose there were some Drag Queens who wanted to change their gender and did, but I didn’t know them.

So the correction I want to make is that our now-dead Movement — that died after Gay Marriage became legal in the non-United States — was led by gay guys and Drag Queens, not gay guys and trans people because I don’t think that most Drag Queens were trans people, especially in those days. I think it gives far too much credit to trans people to say they led the Movement. Chau.—el barrio rosa