A Sea of Females

“Pride” and “Assimilate?” That’s a contradiction, which I’ll get to in a moment.

Gay Incorporated operate with their head of their collective asses most of the time. The Movement is dead and has been dead since gay marriage became legal in the US. Who knew that gay marriage was the ultimate goal of the Movement? Apparently Gay Inc. made it the ultimate goal in order to be exact replicas of the straights. One wonders why these queer organisations still exist since they don’t seem to do anything other than issue press releases on occasion and holding lavish $500/plate dinner for people of their same income bracket or higher as they honour some celebrity or tech executive. On the same street block that the dinner is held, there will be homeless and veteran queers sleeping on the cold cement, but Gay Inc. is not interested in THOSE queers. I have nothing positive to say about the mess that Gay Inc. has made out of things since they killed their own Movement by telling queers to “assimilate” with the straights. It seems that Gay Inc. never think things through to their ultimate conclusion.

I remember the night that gay marriage became legal. I just happened to be near San Francisco’s Castro and a crowd of mostly guys had gathered outside the Castro Metro station. Some syrupy woman from one of the California organisations of Gay Inc. was addressing the crowd. She was speaking as if she were talking to children. She led them in syrupy child-like songs. I could not relate to this at all. Later I heard her say that “now that we can get married, we must now assimilate with the straights.” WTF? I didn’t like the sound of that; it rubbed me the wrong way. Who did she think she was to decree to queers what they should and must do? If she wanted to “assimilate” with the heteros, then do so. But speak for your damn self! And I think queers were as “assimilated” with the straights as they cared to be quite honestly. Assimilate means to blend in or become one with another group. And many queers interpreted “assimilate” to mean: Go back in the closet, which they did. The outcome of that decree to “assimilate with the straights” was, as expected, gay guys going back in the closet pretending to be straight — laughing at fag jokes — in order to blend in or “assimilate” with heterosexual guys. And that’s exactly what happened in many cases. Then, some gay guys married females — they didn’t need gay marriage for that and at that time I read a headline saying “Gay guys are marrying females in droves”! — in order to appear heterosexual and to “blend in.”

So why the need for “Pride” if queers are “assimilated?” it’s a glaring contradiction. That’s what this idiot woman failed to say: We need to assimilate and therefore from hence forth and forever more all “Pride” events will be cancelled because with Corporate “Pride” we as queers stick out, we draw attention to ourselves and that’s the opposite of this “assimilate with the straights” decree. It’s a major contradiction. With “Pride” we are not assimilated. And since we want to blend in, the very concept of “Pride” and being “proud to be gay” contradicts this decree to “assimilate with the straights.” But of course she didn’t say that which makes Corporate Pride so hypocritical. She also wouldn’t say that because Corporate Pride makes $$$$$$$ for a lot of greedy people who love to exploit gullible queers for their money.

As I always like to ask and applying critical thinking skills here: Why would anyone be proud of or have pride in their sexuality? That makes no sense to me whatsoever. Are you proud of the gender of the person that you have sex with, if you have sex with anyone? That makes no sense to me either. So “Pride” or “Proud” is the wrong word. But I can picture a group of corporatists sitting around a corporate board room table saying, “Well we’re not ashamed to be gay so what’s the opposite of ashamed?” Someone speaks up, “Proud is the opposite of ashamed.” Another person: Oh that’s it. We can say that we’re proud to be gay and, let’s see, we can call it Proud? No, I know, call it Pride. Another person says: Oh that’s perfect. Let’s call it Pride.

Very simplistic for shallow minds. And nobody at the table apparently had the intelligence to say: I know this will ruffle some feathers here, but why would anyone be “proud” of their sexuality or the gender of the person they have sex with? That doesn’t make any sense to me. I’m not “proud” or have “pride” in my sexuality. It is what it is, just like my skin colour/pigmentation. There’s no weekend or month for that! There’s no “Proud to be White/Black/Asian/Latino/Hispano et al” weekend. I think you need a more appropriate word than “pride.” I had no choice in the matter with either my skin pigmentation or my sexuality. Or why not just leave it what it was originally? We don’t have to change everything as some at this table want to do. Changing something just to change it makes no sense either. (That’s telling them!)

Gay Inc. couldn’t leave it as it was originally: It was originally Gay Freedom Day and Festival. Meaning the freedom to be who you are as a queer person. Then they started that insane alphabet soup mess which is now doubling parts of the alphabet. Is it their intent to repeat the entire alphabet 2-3 times with plus signs? Insanity.

One of the problems with the alphabet soup is that it does not reflect the original history of the movement. Although they of Gay Inc. seem to want to run from anything having to do with the past.

Gay guys led the movement by the thousands but the “L” for lesbian was moved to first place. Why? That shoved the G for gay guys to second place. That’s a great way of honouring their legacy. But as usual, Gay Inc. don’t think these things through to their ultimate conclusion.
So for anyone who is “assimilated with the straights” they would oppose Corporate Pride. Or would they instead go to “Straight Pride” if there were such an event? Gay Inc. has made such a fucking mess of things — I detest them — and I cannot relate to any of their “updated” changes. And who are these corporate trash who run Gay Inc?

These days, “Pride” — no matter where you look in major cities around the world including San Francisco — is a sea of females. Females and trans are now the “poster girls” for “Pride” and Gay Incorporated. Gay guys have been kicked under the bus just like they were shoved over to second place in that alphabet soup mess. The original was GLBT with the G first. Now it’s LGBTQ+. I often write it LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ++++++ since they seem to want to repeat the entire alphabet 2-3 times.

But upon reflection, maybe it should be changed once again to LT “Pride” since it’s now predominantly lesbians and trans as the face of Gay Inc.. But that would shorten the number of letters used — and we can’t have that! — and that contradicts their goal to repeat the entire alphabet and plus signs 2-3 times. Have I told you how much I can’t stand these people? As comedian and actor Lea DeLaria has said: “By the time you get through all those letters, the parade is over!” She said that it should be called Queer because the alphabet soup rubbish is divisive. It divides people up into little groups rather than uniting people as a whole. I agree, but I don’t think anyone will ever get that through the thick heads of the morons at Gay Inc. who live under illusions that they know what’s best for queer people, of their same income bracket of course.