A “terrorist attack” is “cowardly?” What about US mass shootings?

If it’s the state (state-sanctioned terrorism), then of course it’s considered perfectly fine and “justified” no matter how many innocent lives are lost. But, if it’s an individual or group, then it becomes “cowardly” and “heinous” and scum-of-the-Earth politicians are “appalled.”

April 2019: Hola a todos. I wrote this article months ago, but never posted it. Since I’m now writing only music-related articles in my “In the Conservatory” series. Rather than waste the time I spent writing this, I decided to post it. Also, an event brought this article to mind: The so-called “terrorist” attacks in Sri Lanka on 21 April 2019. As expected, various (corrupt) politicians called this act of violence, “cowardly.” These politicians really need some new material rather than repeating the same thing over and over all the time. PM Theresa May lied and said she found the attacks “appalling.” Why? Violence takes place daily around the world. Yet she doesn’t find her own policies and state-sanctioned terrorist attacks on other nations “appalling” in the name of Her Majesty’s Government. Ms May displays such blatant and rank hypocrisy. But then that’s typical of politicians isn’t it?

Here’s my original article:

French president Emmanuel Macron announces new measures to fight “terrorism?” Sounds like he’s been influenced by the current deranged White House resident man-child. Whose “terrorism” is he referring to?

“French gov’t unveils new action plan to fight terrorism … included 32 measures that aim to better identify and understand the ‘terrorist.'” Which one is he talking about?

One thing I’ve noticed with international political figures is that whenever any act of violence takes place and that act of violence is marketed to the public as “a terrorist attack” Footnote 1 — to keep the public afraid of their own shadow and to sustain the US Military Industrial Complex’s insanely bloated budget and to keep the fraudulent “War on TerrorTM” propaganda going — politicians are among the first to exploit the violence and denounce said violence by describing it as “a cowardly act.” The most recent example of that was when French president Emmanuel Macron referred to an alleged “terrorist attack” in Malia as “a cowardly act.” Then, awhile back, that despicable witch in the office of British PM used the same “a cowardly act” rhetoric. These supposedly intelligent politicians can’t ever come up with anything original. They just regurgitate each other’s rhetoric. I can envision that callous British PM saying to herself: “Well let’s see, how can I pretend I care about this, or how can I exploit it? Over in the US, Tr*mp called it ‘a cowardly act,’ so I’ll do the same thing being his little obedient and submissive bitch and enabler over here in the UK.”Footnote 2

But is it really a cowardly act?

In reality, a so-called “terrorist attack” is not a “cowardly” act at all. Far from it. And calling it such is just a cheap and childish way of belittling those allegedly responsible for the violence or those pretending to be responsible. This is especially the case when the violence is yet another state-sponsored false flag where corporate parasites in positions of power are trying to blame their violence, deaths and killing on others.Footnote 3 Because it takes a lot of courage to do or pull off such an act of violence especially when it kills the person(s) and they know they will be killed, and I would presume a lot of planning. I couldn’t do it, even if I wanted to. I think the US defines “a terrorist attack” as an attack on innocent people. Well that’s the same thing the US does to innocent people worldwide. Yes, their own terrorist attacks — which terrorise, frighten and scare entire populations — kill thousands of innocent people with drone strikes in Iraq and Afghanistan, killing thousands of innocent families. They’ve bombed hospitals, bombed schools and air-raid bunkers full of children. They don’t care. These barbarian basura have no feelings. They’re empty vessels inside. (The orange being is a vile and despicable example of that). And because it’s the US doing it, it’s not “terror” in their sick mind. It’s justified in the name of “bringing freedom and democracy.” That’s syrupy sweet language describing heinous and barbaric acts of violence for the gullible sheeple to swallow, which many do. But the hypocrisy is noted because the US doesn’t care about freedom and democracy in its own country.

Unfortunately, no one talks about the real terrorist attacks. The genuine terrorist attacks are the terrorist attacks that governments such as the US Oligarchy illegally launch on sovereign nations. Now those terrorist attacks are cowardly because the piece of trash politician who orders the attack doesn’t take part in it at all, if s/he even sees it. Someone else does his or her dirty work for them — such as members of the military — and that person or group of people may latter have psychological problems for the rest of their lives for his/her despicable-nasty deeds. The political basura in office merely gives the orders to launch the attack, and the terrorist attack likely takes place in the middle of the night when said political basura is cowardly asleep in bed or trolling on Twi**er by pumping himself up once again with how “great” he thinks he is or bullying his latest target with more insane drivel. It’s extremely cowardly to let someone else “do your dirty work” for you.

Can there be any more cowardly act than that? So these corporate, lying politicians are the real cowards.

I look forward to the day — which I’m sure will be soon, aren’t you? — when these political basura admit that their own terrorist attacks was “a cowardly act on my/our part.” One of the most recent examples of that was the insane noninterventionist-interventionist White House resident’s terrorist attack on Syria which was based on lies, as is usually the case.

“Terrorists attacks” seem to be perfectly acceptable with these scum when the attacks are state-sanctioned, whether they are officially state-sanctioned (meaning with congressional approval in the US, for example) or not. In the psychotic minds of these corporate parasite politicians, acts of violence are only bad when what they call “cowardly individuals or groups” engage in violence for various (legitimate?) reasons, including blow-back because of vile and bullying US imperialism for global empire building and world domination.

Bottom line: The real cowards are holding political office, and in some cases by questionably-illegitimate means. And the partisan-brainwashed voters who continue to blindly support the right-wing “Democratic” and Republican Cults no matter what they do serve as their accomplices and enablers by continuing in lockstep to vote for these D and R basura.

What about Mass Shootings in the US?

What about the mass shootings in the non-United States? The current White House occupant mindlessly repeats the same pabulum as all other basura politicians by calling the mass shooting “an act of cowardice.” Complete rubbish, just like the person who made the comment. It takes a lot of courage to plan and go out and shoot and kill 20 people in El Paso Texas, and another person kills 10 people in Dayton Ohio within 24 hours of the first shooting spree, as two examples of mass shootings. There’s nothing “cowardice” about that at all! The true coward is sitting in the White House. The true coward spoke behind bullet-proof glass on the Mall in the District of Columbia the evening of 4 July 2019 as he was rattling on about “freedom.” Bullet-proof glass and “freedom” don’t go together. They are a glaring contradiction. If we truly had “freedom” and any other fake-patriotism and fake-nationalism that he was rattling on about, he wouldn’t have insisted that he speak behind bullet-proof glass. What’s “Mr Freedom” afraid of? I guess his insipid speech writers didn’t think of that. If only these political basura possessed any critical thinking skills whatsoever to think things through before they open their yap, they wouldn’t make such stupid remarks about these heinous mass shooting events, some of which are caused by their own rabid white supremacist supporters. Let’s tell it like it is: If one really insists on talking about cowards and cowardice, one should look inward at the fragile cowardice personality and approach that said politician takes to stringent gun control in the non-United States. That’s the coward right there. Such political basura has one’s head in the upper colon of the National Rifle Association.

The current White House occupant has no shame. He’s one big-assed hypocrite. Following these two mass shoots, he said that “hate has no place in our country…” Oh, the hypocrisy! He spews hate on a daily basis — including at his cult rallies — to feed his white supremacist cultist base, giving them his signature “white power” hand gesture whenever he speaks. Chau.—el barrio rosa

Footnote 1 This has been the case since the illegitimate Bush/Cheney regime was in office in the US and the neocon’s Project For The New American Century Agenda (PNAC) inside job called “911.” See page 51 of PNAC which speaks of needing a “new Pearl Harbor” — which “911” was — to unite the public behind a state of permanent war for US Empire Building and World Domination.

Footnote 2 Just like the British PM claims to be “shocked and appalled” at the death of the woman exposed to Novichok in the UK. The reality is that the PM doesn’t give a damn about that woman, and how many people has she given the order to kill? She’s supposedly once again “shocked and appalled” at this death so that she can exploit it for her political gains. That’s the reality.

Footnote 3 When one group or another allegedly claims to take credit for certain acts of violence or what we are told is “a terrorist attack,” I’ve often wondered: How did these alleged “terrorists”/perpetrators of violence know what phone number to call or who to contact to claim responsibility? And did anyone call back or trace the number to verify the source? Isn’t that curious? And with some of these groups, we are told they live in caves in the Middle East so exactly how do they arrange communications from a cave to claim responsibility and to do so quickly usually? Do they have WiFi in their caves? Or are we just told that such and such group claimed responsibility (even though they didn’t) by lying corrupt governments, and the subservient corporate media who believe anything a government says — despite all the lies they’ve previously told — dutifully report anything governments say as absolute fact? They must think we’re all stupid.