A virus is not partisan

COVID-19 Update (28 June 2020): I think the COVID-19 pandemic is a lost cause worldwide, but particularly in the dis-United States. Perhaps this is what will kill off most people, and it’s because of the mask issue. Something as simple and basic as a mask. Many people who think they are better than others are not sheltering-in-place. I know some people like that. Basura. And depending upon where you go in San Francisco, two-thirds of the people are not wearing masks. They don’t care or they think they’re above it all. They’re not social-distancing. I’m especially talking to the self-absorbed and self-entitled Millennial basura who think they’re better than the rest of us. You’re not. People who care about their health have to do the social-distancing because the others — like the Millennial trash — refuse to. They’re not about to put themselves out for anyone. (What inconsiderates raised these people? What is wrong with much of the Millennial generation that has caused them to put themselves up on this pedestal where they think they’re better than the rest of us?) Selfish and stupid people won’t do something as basic as wear a mask. Insanity. As I was telling mi amigo/my friend: At the rate this dysfunction among people about wearing a face mask is concerned, I can see a civil war occurring over a mask. Some rednecks in Sacramento say they refuse to wear a mask “because we don’t like Newsom up here.” What’s liking Newsom have to do with it? This is not about Newsom. Why is everything politicised these days? This virus doesn’t care what your politics are. I’ll wear a mask permanently when outdoors if it will prevent me from getting the common cold. I hate it when I get a cold. So for the common cold alone, I’ll wear a mask. And if someone doesn’t like it that I’m wearing a mask, there’s a solution for that: Don’t look at me. Then we have idiots in the Bay Area who think we are “post” shelter-in-place so they’re supposedly coming to eat outdoors at a restaurant in San Francisco. We are not “post” shelter-in-place (SIP) in the state of California. People are supposed to be staying close to where they live. How is that hard to grasp? One San Francisco restaurant thanked a customer from Pacifica — or was it another fake review? — for choosing them as their first “post shelter-in-place” restaurant. Sounds like this restaurant management is not clear on the SIP guidelines either. Again, we are still in SIP throughout California. What is wrong with people that they can’t grasp such basic guidelines? Stupid is in. Related: Are you one who thinks you’re privileged and above COVID-19 safety requirements?