A Womanised Male

I was trying to put into succinct words what’s the best way to describe a womanised man? So I asked mi amigo/my friend since he’s had quite a bit of experience with females, especially before he came out of the closet. He says: Well, a womanised man acts more like a woman than a man, especially emotionally. The guy tries to imitate a female with the tears and drippy/syrupy language that females are known for. One example that comes to mind is a female’s overuse of the word “love,” which most females from my experience use to the extreme. Womanised guys do the same having learned it from her. How many genuine straight guys talk about love unless they’ve been womanised? Nada. I think most genuine straight guys don’t talk about love in the context I’m talking about because as they would say, “I don’t want to sound like a sissy.” One gets the impression that the word “love” is the first word that a female learns. The womanised man tends to make dysfunction his “go to” problem-solving tool just like most females do who thrive on dysfunction and constant drama. My female neighbour is like that. If she doesn’t have some drama or dysfunction going on in her life at all times, she’ll create it. And if there isn’t any dysfunction at the time, the female will make one up and so will a womanised male. They lose their masculinity as the female becomes the dominant. Many guys married to females — whether they are genuine straight guys or gay and in the closet and married to a woman — fit this category of being womanised. I’ve seen this over and over which is why I decided to write about it. These womanised guys allow the female to “rule them” and change them to the way she wants him to be — rather than being the guy she first met and supposedly liked — changing him into acting more like a female than a guy. In reality, often the female is the “man of the house.” Face facts: When you get messed up with a female, expect a horrible mess, whether you’re a genuine straight guy or a closet case, and both having been womanised. And what fucked up thinking goes on in the head of a female where she arrogantly thinks it’s her responsibility to change a guy to the way she wants him to be? Didn’t she like the guy she first met? If so, then why change him? That’s her fucked up psychological head trip. These busy-bodied females think they need to change their guy to the way they want him and these guys are so damn weak that they allow themselves to be changed by her. Is that so that he can get pussy? So pussy comes with a price tag, so to speak. The guy allows himself to be womanised as entrance rights into that pussy? No smelly rank pussy is worth that. I’d tell her to fuck off. You either like me — the guy you met — or we’re done. Understand bitch? You’re not changing me to the way you want me. I haven’t tried to change you, so why do you feel you have some licence to change me? Who the fuck do you think you are?

Whereas most Queer boys — from my experience — don’t do this. They have the maturity to accept a guy the way he is or move on, and presumably that’s the guy they were attracted to originally. If they find that the guy was not what they were really looking for as they get to know each other or they just don’t necessarily hit it off or there are some differences strong enough to make a difference in having a relationship, the Queer boy will try to find another compatible guy. Queer boys don’t try to change the guy they have found into the guy they were really looking for to begin with. A far more mature approach. Breeders certainly are fucked up. Maybe that’s why we are inundated with heteronormative breeder brainwashing — images of “him and her” everywhere you look — to counteract the dismal and dysfunctional reality of breeder sexuality. The brainwashing is intended to convey, “being straight isn’t quite as bad as it seems with over-controlling/constantly emotional women and their dysfunctional emotional-wreck behaviour.” Yeah right! Tell that to somebody who will believe it. Chau.—el barrio rosa