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I’m a Queer boy, a gay boy. I’m not a LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ+++++ guy. All that shit looks like a fucking brand name, doesn’t it? Or letters for a corporate law firm. Lea DeLaria astutely said, “By the time you get through all those letters, the parade is over.” True Lea. Like myself, she uses the word Queer: “We’re Queer.” Period. One word, not that alphabet soup mess, and how many more fucking letters are they going to add to it? It’s insane.

I’m very frustrated with the state of the Queer so-called “community” these days. The fact is: There is no community today or feel of community today. I’ve written about this so many times.

I was involved in the Gay Rights Movement along with my friends. But the Movement lost me when it went corporate and sold its soul to US corporations as well as the US Military Industrial Complex Killing Machine — they want to go kill other Queers do they? — who pretend to be “Queer-friendly.” Related: Queers glorifying war on Gay Freedom Day and Gay Men Glorify War and Nationalism and Change it back to Gay Freedom Day. During the Movement, all the Queers I knew opposed the US Military and corporations, whenever possible.

Another frustration: Human sexuality today seems, well, rather insane like everything else and turned up on its head — so fucked up — compared to the way it was during the Movement. There’s the “sexuality is fluid” crowd. “Sexuality is fluid” implies that one can choose or change one’s sexuality. Well that’s the same thing the far-right has always said — very few people seem to make this connection; no critical thinking skills? — when they say, “gays choose to be gay,” rather than one’s sexuality being cemented in one’s DNA. Porn actors and the Porn Industrial Complex are using all kinds of deceptive and vague language to justify fucking anything for a dollar — one of the new terms is “pansexual” — rather than just calling it what it is: Straight-for-pay (a gay guy will do a straight “scene” for pay), Bi-for-pay or Gay-for-pay. How many more terms will some nuts dream up? These days, it seems that most people can’t just say “I’m gay, I’m bi or I’m straight.” These days they have to say, “I identify as gay.” What will you “identify” as tomorrow and the next day? Why identify? Just fucking say what you are. Identify implies that one can change one’s sexuality from day-to-day based on how they “identify” as if one’s sexuality changes like the weather. Ludicrous. I don’t “identify.” I’m Queer. Period. So you’ll see a gay guy that started out in the porn industry and who had sex with guys now fucking chicks, changing his appearance to “look straight.” More Insanity. When he’s called on it he says, “I can’t explain it. I like pretty things. WTF does that have to do with females? Think I can explain it: The porn industry is known for its homophobia, so did a porn director tell you that you might do better in the industry if you were “Straight-for-pay?” Regardless of the lies, BS and nonsense that people spew to justify what they do — be the opposite of who they were (go from gay to straight) — it’s usually all about MONEY. Then another similar actor justified his “straight for pay” by saying I’m gay “but I have sex with women.” Sigh. They must go through boxes of V*agra in these shoots so the gay guy can keep it up for pussy while he pretends to be bi or straight. Insanity.

Then, according to the dates on Tw*tter, porn actors are doing recent photo shoots and filming sex scenes during the height of the viral COVID pandemic. You can’t fix stupid so don’t try, and no one is pointing this out to these irresponsible porn actors. Related: The Porn Industry Is Headed for a Major Coronavirus Outbreak. And they all write the same cookie-cutter drivel in their tw**ts, such as “Can’t wait to fuck [so and so]. So much fun.” (roll eyes)

Someone wrote an article complaining about the people who complain about these slick, corporate so-called “Pride” parades once a year (pre-COVID). I go after them too! They asked: Where will the money come from if our parades are not thoroughly corporate? (roll eyes) To begin with: Why is it called “pride?” One’s sexuality is in one’s DNA. Why should one be proud about that? Are you “proud” about your hair or eye colour too? How about calling it Gay Freedom Day or Queer Freedom Day, meaning Queers working for freedom against discrimination? But to hear the corporatists tell it, there’s virtually no discrimination or violence against Queers today. Well that’s true to some degree since most Queers seem to be back in the fucking closet and many with the opposite gender — they’ve “assimilated” (roll eyes) — so they’re seen as straight, and yes, straights (closet cases) don’t need to worry about discrimination. Especially if you’re “straight” and white. That’s called white privilege.

The corporatists don’t seem to understand that there’s no need for slick corporate parades costing millions of dollars with corporate sponsors. Just have each individual who wants to be in the parade or put a slick float in the parade pay their own way for what they want to do in the parade making it a grass roots parade. Make your own homemade sign and walk that in the parade. How about getting back to the origin of things rather more fucking revisionist history, which seems to be the norm today? Although I suppose the parade would still be a mobile commercial for every bar in town. Nothing wrong with bars but one gets the impression that bars are all that Queers have and drinking is all that they do. When I went to bars, it was to socialise, not to drink so I’d spend 2 hours “nursing” a glass of white wine or cranberry juice. The bar didn’t make much dinero/money off of me or my friends. We were not there to get drunk and rarely did any of us get drunk.

There’s no need for me to go into any more. Just click on the many Queer articles I’ve written down below in the list and feel free to comment on the articles where the comment section is still open. When the comments are off, it’s because I’m tired of all the spam that comes in on those articles.

What I do like about the few remaining Queers that I see on the odd occasion is: earrings (which disappeared when Queers were ordered to “assimilate” with the straights following gay marriage becoming legal; because most straight guys don’t wear earrings so most Queer removed their earrings practically overnight). I also like the rare faux hawks, Mohawks, alternative hair styles, colour on clothing — not the usual black and grey “uniform” the herd is wearing — the drag queens, gay camp and two guys walking together. It’s rare to see that these days in San Francisco. Conformity is in these days; nothing radical. The 2-4 naked guys who used to be in The Castro are gone. They were hated on by the conservative Queers who ruined The Castro (with its long history of public nudity).

The Queer so-called “Community” used to be just like me. Today, I’ve not changed but they are the opposite of me and there are very few who look like me or act like me now. But I thought the naked guys added a lot showing open-mindedness and more diversity. It’s rare to see any of this anymore because most Queers have stripped themselves of these things in order to look and “act” straight. That’s what our Movement worked decades for, is it?

Oh by the way, did I tell you I have a short fuse for corporatists? It can be measured in centimetres, especially when I see that “LGBTQ…RSTUVWXYZ223++++++++” shit. And considering what the far-right have done with those letters, one would think Queers would have the sense to abandon them:


Gracias. Chau.


An Open Letter to the Queer Organisations at the State and Federal Levels

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