After ruining San Francisco, the techie trash are now leaving

Hola a todos. Unfortunately, they’re not leaving fast enough. When the techie trash moved here by the thousands and added thousands of vehicles to our streets, sent housing and food costs through the roof, they disrespected our neighbourhoods, our cultures, they came barrelling in as if they owned the place rather than as an uninvited guest with their corporations receiving corporate welfare through tax breaks from the City and County of San Francisco. The techies were one of the causes of one of the largest mass evictions San Francisco has ever seen, with the help of the Real Estate Industrial Complex and their liars. (Do they ever tell the truth about anything to sell a property?) Much of the Old City — “the proudly liberal and radical San Francisco” — was evicted to Oakland. The techie trash were heard making homophobic comments. They’re such lovely phone zombies. I think they’re androids by now. They certainly don’t act like people.

The equally despicable conservatives around here — who always hated the Old City; the “proudly liberal and radical San Francisco — welcomed the techie trash with open arms and referred to them as “geniuses,” “a gift to the world” and “successful” (just because they’re overpaid). What Rubbish! The finest musicians are a “gift to the world” but I didn’t see the conservatives gushing over them. That’s because to the conservatives, music and The Arts are considered “frill.” The class-ist conservatives supported the techie trash because they were transforming San Francisco into a lobotomised and cultureless City that they had always wanted forcing Old City residents out, particularly renters. It was a blatant example of class warfare.

The finest musicians in the world could be considered geniuses, not techies without any social skills. Three techies came to me for piano instruction over the years. One guy was a real asshole — I did not look forward to teaching him because of his big head — and during his piano training, he thought he was better at the piano than he really was. You know, that big head that many, if not most, techies have? With the other two techies, one was all right until the end. The other guy was a really nice guy and not at all like the reputation that the techie trash have. In fact, he left G**gle. He got out of tech. But they all told me the same thing about my training when I asked them: They told me that music training under me was much more difficult than their tech training. A dentist told me the same thing; that music training is much more difficult than her training to be a dentist. Now you tell me, who are the real geniuses? The finest musicians. And real geniuses have social skills. The techie trash walked around San Francisco for years in The Uniform (all-black or black and grey clothing looking as if they were ready to go to a funeral). Their Luxury Condos (Dahling) were just as drab: Black and grey with a touch of white. Minimalist, minimalist, minimalist. That’s the word given to drab and no imagination these days. Not even a fucking flower in a vase is allowed.

And the words “hello, how are you? and excuse me” and other pleasantries are not in their vocabulary as they wear a permanent, cold-looking, lobotomised snarl on their faces. Well, that’s if you can see their face which is usually buried in the downward position. Their permanent body position is that of being hunched over as they’re glued to their best friend in the world: their phone. When they talk, their language is the repeated and overuse of the word “like” as well as making all sentences/statements sound like they’re asking a question. We call that “up-talking.” It sounds absolutely hideous and illiterate. Not what one would expect to hear from supposed geniuses. Real geniuses sound highly intelligent and articulate. The opposite of how the techie trash sound, with few exceptions.

Due to the COVID pandemic, I’ve read multiple news stories saying that the techie trash are leaving San Francisco and the Bay Area by the droves. They’re not leaving fast enough. Their presence here has ruined a once great city and made San Francisco the most expensive City in the non-United States.

I hear they’re moving to Austin to ruin Austin as well. If the techie trash behave in Austin the same way they have behaved in San Francisco, their arrival in Austin is nothing to look forward to. I feel sorry for you Austonians.

There’s a reason why many of us refer to the techies as trash. So you’re about to find out Austin, if you don’t already know.

Gracias for taking them. I don’t know who you’re going to pawn them off on. Although I’ve read that the big techie trash corporations — the ones who employ the most employees — in the Bay Area are remaining here. That’s too bad. Chau.—el barrio rosa