Airlines videos: Learn to use a language translator.

The plane spotters can use a language translator just like anybody else is required to do.

This is 2022. Stop your backward English-only requirement.

One would never be allowed to say that in their video chat. Their power trip “mods” with their overinflated sense of self worth would delete it.

Hola a todos. AdTube/YT is a global site. AdTube does not require English-only, so why do these airlines channels? Have they never thought of that? Anyone, including these plane spotting guys, can use a language translator just as easily as another person. Again, this is 2022 people! The translation might not be spot-on every time, but it will be close enough to get the jest of what the person has written in most cases. I use a language translator all the time. Many people in the world do not know English so why should they be required to type in English, especially when they don’t want to look like an idiot by writing something incorrectly in English, like I do with other international languages on occasion. English is a difficult language to learn. These plane spotting guys think they are above using a language translator?

The airlines videos are interesting to watch. These are guys who spend the day at one of the world’s airports — LAX — watching planes take off and land and providing some info about the planes and the flights and other information. But one of the things that annoys me about them — and I wouldn’t be allowed to say this in their chat without being banned — is their very conservative English-only requirement in the chat. They claim it’s for a “common understanding.” (roll eyes). This “common understanding” — which is public relations BS — does not apply to those viewers around the world who don’t speak English or have remedial English skills and who feel embarrassed typing in English for concern of writing words incorrectly. Just as I would feel if I had to write in some other international languages that I’ve never studied. It’s quite understandable to me. It’s for a “common understanding” for the person who runs the channel and a few others so they don’t have to use a language translator like anyone else can do to see what someone else in another part of the world has written in the chat using another world language. The chat itself is very conservative, yet the airlines themselves don’t strike me as being conservative, so why do these guys think they have to be conservative?

It’s time to respect all world languages and you don’t do that by demanding English-only in your chat or on your site. So, everyone (including the guys who run these “channels”) and anyone watching these “channels,” pick a language translator and have that at the ready so when someone in another part of the world or even in the United States of North America writes something other than English, you’ll know what they’re saying. How difficult is that? It’s pretty simple really. That will work much better than these busy-bodied moderators — don’t get me started on moderators who think they are such special people and their power trips — continuing to reprimand people on a daily basis in the chat for not using their precious US English.

One of the plane spotters says this about what he does: “THE BIGGEST & BEST LAX LIVE Plane Spotting stream.” I know that’s marketing and hype but it sounds cocky and arrogant to me. Not good. One should allow others to say that about you rather than you saying that about yourself. As an analogy, the finest musicians don’t say how great they are and how they’re the best. They humbly and modestly allow others to say that about them, which I respect a lot more and it’s a more mature approach.

Plane spotting videos: Where everything (literally, even the most mundane and ordinary) is described as “awesome” and “amazing” by the plane spotting guys, and the Friends of the Friendless who dominate their silly and immature chat. One of the guys — whose chronic laugh ends everything, word or sentence he says — is the guy that runs one of these “channels” and he mispronounces nearly every non-English word he says, including the name of the City where he films from in Los Ángeles. Phonetically it’s El Se-goon-doe. Not El Se-gun-do. Not “gun.” It’s not an English word. He says he’s travelled throughout the EU — Deutschland and Austria — but didn’t seem to learn any of the language whilst there. He says Frankfurt wrong consistently. He says “Frank” as if he’s saying a guy’s name in US English. It’s not pronounced that way in Deutschland or the EU. The same for his travels in América del Sur. He says Colombia the same way he would say District of Columbia. Wrong again! They’re two different pronunciations, in part, because Colombia is a word from Español. Note the difference in spellings and therefore pronunciation. There’s not one word in Español that he gets right or authentically correct. No, he’s your typical US’an. Only knows one language: US English. His “Executive Producer” (which sounds very corporate, doesn’t it?) seems to know some Español, but unfortunately doesn’t seem to try to teach any of it to his boss, the plane spotting guy. Either that, or Mr Plane Spotter is just not interested and prefers to sound the way he does. Who would want to sound like that?

The plane spotter who runs one of the other channels with his brother is better with international language words, but something’s happened to him too. He was pronouncing México correctly, which impressed me from the start, although sometimes he was pronouncing it incorrectly as it’s mispronounced in US English. Well, maybe one of his financial supporters got to him and told him it has to be pronounced wrong as in US English, so now he consistently pronounces it wrong. I noticed one commenter with 9 likes who asked him about this and urged him to pronounce México authentically. Even after that comment, he hell-bent decided to keep saying México incorrectly. Why would anyone deliberately choose to be wrong when, as that commenter said, México is not an English word?

US English feels the need to change every international word (to sound as redneck and hick as possible usually). It reminds me we’re living in the Century of Insanity and with nationalism everywhere you look, and in this case it’s a matter of rank US nationalism. “English only, English only.” What rubbish! This is 2022 people. One plane spotter does say “France” correctly but then says Frankfurt incorrectly. He doesn’t keep the same “a” vowel formation for Frankfurt that he uses for France. (roll eyes) The guy is just very inconsistent. And when one is at a microphone and serving as “host” whenever you’re filming, to have the utmost credibility, one would think one would strive for accuracy and authenticity in all international languages — yes that takes work but that’s part of the job when you’re dealing with international airlines and the countries/cities they’re based in — not just in your precious English. It’s extremely disrespectful to your international viewers who speak other languages to hear you butcher words in their language. Ugh. And then laughing about how you mispronounce words and trying to make lame excuses for it shows your immaturity. They use these words over and over so they would only have a small group of words to learn to pronounce correctly and authentically in other world languages, such as Frankfurt, Colombia, México and maybe ten others. How difficult would that be to learn correctly? One plane spotter also said Amazon incorrectly. That too is not an English word.

As for the chat on these channels from LAX, ugh. It’s best not to read those unless you immensely enjoy going to Tupperware parties where everything is fun, happy, syrupy, with people who don’t even know each other and who will never meet each other asking each other how they are continuously, talking about what they’re having for lunch, when they will be back to the chat, when they’re going to bed, and other mundane stuff. Because everything is “fun and happy” people constantly laughing (lol) and there’s not a problem in the world.  Any mention of airline crashes and that sort of thing is not allowed in the strictly sanitised chat. In other words, reality is not welcome in the chat. The chat is like a fantasy world with constant gushing over the hand-selected moderators. Their only pay is to call them “amazing and awesome.” Like most online moderators on a power trip, they seem to see themselves as very special people. They must not have a life of their own because they’re available — up to 10+ hours a day — whenever these plane spotting guys show up at LAX. The people on the chats remind me of “The Friends of the Friendless.” They strike me as very lonely people who have no life what-so-ever.  And they get off on hearing the host say their name “on air.”  What’s the big deal about that?  If I were to donate money, I would not want my name to be spoken on air.  I don’t need that attention.  But these people, man, some of the most pathetic people in the world.  There’s one chick who is on more than one channel and to everyone she says, “ah bless ya mate”  “you to [sic]”  She doesn’t know the difference between to and too.  She could spend the hours that she wastes on these chats writing drivel to other children in adult bodies and learn the difference between “to” and “too” one day, you know.  And these plane spotting guys know what they’re doing.  It’s their strategy. They’re working/playing these syrupy people in the chat by calling them “a family” and the people in the chat are too stupid to understand that they’re being played.  Many people fall for that “family” shit because of the importance that our society places on (dysfunctional) family.  And of course the only two words that these people know are “awesome” and “amazing.”  One must use those words to conform and fit in with the other syrupy children in adult bodies. 

Both of the teams that I’ve watch from LAX do a good job although I prefer the two brothers’ team because they’re less corporate in style and they’re more mature. Of the two brothers (they’re Hispano, I believe), the older guy serves as the host and he’s very selective in what español words he pronounces correctly. He picks and chooses. He used to say México correctly (the way it’s pronounced en español), but he no longer does. He insists on saying it incorrectly, even when this is pointed out to him. Yet he says Jorge correctly and some other español words. He also stripped his surname/last name of the accent that it’s supposed to have, which to me strikes me as someone who’s trying to run away from his Latin/Hispano culture and heritage in a desperate attempt to be more US’an, which may explain why he insists on saying México incorrectly (the way it’s said in US English), even though it’s not an English word. Did some of the far-right English-only trash who donate to his “channel” urge him to “you should say it the way it’s said in the US?” (And that makes it right? Because the US pronounces it wrong?) He often says to people when reading their messages: “I hope I’m pronouncing your name right.” Why do you care? You don’t care when it comes to other proper nouns, such as México? So someone’s last name who gives you money you’re concerned about pronouncing correctly, and then going on about their “awesome” and “amazing” tip? With the names of some countries, you don’t care even when people tell you the correct pronunciation of words in their native language! You insist on proudly saying it wrong. This guy has such an inconsistency problem, and perhaps other issues related to his Hispano ethnicity, which again, he seems to be trying to run away from.

As I said, the two channels I watch somewhat — who has the time to sit and watch hours of plane spotting? — do a good job, but please stop with this English-only rubbish. And depending upon what source you read, English is not the dominant language in the world. Cantonese or Mandarin are, so “for a common understanding” — as these guys like to say — why are they not using one of the Chinese languages? Hmmmmm? English-only is very US-centric as if the United States of North America still arrogantly thinks of itself as the centre of the universe.

UPDATE: Both of the channels I watch from LAX do a good job. Or should I say “amazing” and “awesome” since they are the two most overused words one hears on both channels? Both words have completely lost their meaning because “everything” is now “amazing” and “awesome.” They seem to be the only two words that Milleneals know. In reality, very few things are “amazing” and “awesome.” The chat room is also full of both words as if they think that in order to “fit in” and conform, they too much overwork the words “awesome” and “amazing.” Some things are just good, excellent, superb, okay, mediocre and the like. One channel is becoming more and more “corporate” with heavy graphics. That channel also has an “Executive Producer” which is also very corporate. The other channel is run by two brothers who have quite a distance to come to get to LAX. Both channels are continuing to record plane arrivals and departures at night. Both are making a big deal out of their night cameras, which I would not do. Why? Because that’s a production aspect. Television networks never make a big deal about whether they’re using a day or night camera, so why would you? But maybe these airline guys are doing this to help bring in dinero/money to help pay for their night cameras. The brothers have the slightly better night camera in my opinion. The colours look quite authentic and it was very expensive for them. And they had to pay a hefty restocking fee according to one of the brothers to return the night camera they had tried out before deciding on the current camera. As for the chat? I try to avoid reading that. It’s referred to as “nice and clean” and gushing over the mods. Sanitised is the more accurate word to describe the chat. Nothing controversial there. In fact, when I was watching one day, they wouldn’t even say the word COVID on air. COVID was referred to as “you know what” in the context of the plane traffic being not being as heavy. I guess they don’t want to offend the syrupy idiots in the chat that don’t believe in COVID or vaccinations.

They also have such conservative rules for their chat room. Some people talk about “we want this to be a very safe place.” A safe place? You’re on the fucking internet. How is that not a “safe place” to begin with. One wonders how such delicate and easily-offended people make it through the day! The term “safe place” is used in many places online and it translates to mean: Keep this fun, happy, not a problem in the world, just like a Tupperware party. Don’t bring any reality in this room (for children who have never matured to adulthood). And that seems to be a large group of the people who watch airline videos. The fact is: People can throw all the words at you that they want, but if you have the maturity to ignore them, words are merely words despite what idiot they come from. I get so tired of hearing that “this is a safe place” rubbish. No one can harm another person with words or name-calling online. Unless you have a child in an adult body who takes the bait. Maybe that’s what they’re concerned about. Since most of the people in the chat act like children and they can’t even type in intelligent, complete sentences including some people who pretend to be a “pastor” and is always going on about “god bless.” Why would you assume that the person believes in god, just because you do? It’s tacky proselytizing. People who are secure with their own religious beliefs don’t engage in proselytizing. And by the way they write, how did that person get to be a member of the clergy with such awful writing skills?

Then they have this peculiar rule about “We don’t talk about other channels.” You all share the same interest in aviation yet you don’t talk about other channels? That’s insane. Why are you people so afraid of the world? There’s nothing wrong with saying the other guys do an outstanding job on their channel. The two are different, but they’re both good.” There’s nothing wrong with that. Although too often the children — with their juvenile “team” mentality (“My team is the best!”) in adult bodies think they have to play “teams” and bash another channel and gush over the one they’re currently on.

My rule would be to talk about other channels all you want since most people know they exist, but don’t hate on another channel because that can get into “slander” territory.

It seems that religious nuts, lonely people and the most delicate of conservative people are attracted to these channels. Again, don’t get me started on the worshipping of the mods, of course, using the words “amazing” and “awesome.”

If I had a channel like this, it would be no different than the way I run this website. I’ve mostly had to turn comments off because of the amount of spam that pours in. That gets very time-consuming to delete. But when I did have comments on, people were free to say what they want in whatever international language they chose, no worshipping of “mods” (even though I don’t have any), it would not be a playroom for the Friends of the Friendless and for people to talk about getting tea for someone else in the room (roll eyes) with constant immaturity and laughter. There would be a language translator for anyone to use, including myself with no “English-only” requirements. And planes would be called “him” as they are in español. What would not be allowed is religious proselytizing. Take that rubbish elsewhere.

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