All the COVID lies

Hola a todos. It is with great frustration that I write this article. Hopefully writing this will relieve some of that.

Everyone I know or am familiar with has violated the COVID guidelines for San Francisco, Marin and Sonoma Counties. Some pretending to be devout about the guidelines. Yeah right. Hypocrites.

All of “the family” considers COVID to a hoax because the orange loser in the white house declared it so. That’s all it took. Even the two that voted for Biden/Harris take the same reckless approach to the health guidelines as those who voted for the orange loser. There are two nurses in “the family” who share this hoax belief. Insanity. None of these people have changed their behaviour what-so-ever. They live their lives as they did before the pandemic began.

“You can’t be infected because I know you, and you won’t get sick” is what one of the nurses said. Does her crystal ball predict when one will be infected with the common cold as well? It’s a large group of people and they’ve had multiple super-spreader parties over the holidays. They all must want the 90 year old mother there to die since they’ve changed nothing with their behaviour, nor has she. There’s an excuse for her. She has some stage of dementia. Eventually, their luck will run out and they will likely become infected, if they aren’t already and asymptomatic. One member of “the family” is extremely arrogant and abrasive and refuses to talk about COVID. She pretends to be a medical expert even though she has no training at all in the field. I’d like to ask her: Where did you do your residency? Her response would likely be: “What’s a residency?” Mi amigo/My friend says: I don’t even recognise this family anymore. I cannot relate to any of them. What has happened to them. We were raised to do the opposite of what they’re doing. We were taught to follow the law, to follow (health) guidelines and that they were in place for our own good, not to try to skate around them and pick and choose what we want to follow or flippantly ignore all health guidelines as these people are doing. The 90-some year old woman told mi amigo that one of the family’s had driven to the Bay Area rather than fly to avoid any quarantine. She didn’t understand that it doesn’t matter how someone gets here — whether they drive, fly, arrive by taxi, arrive by limousine, walk, crawl, or skip on one leg — they are supposed to quarantine for 10 days because our COVID-19 infection rate is skyrocketing. She was boasting to mi amigo that they had found a way of skating around the guidelines by driving here rather than flying, and she seemed to think that was a good thing. That’s not the woman I used to know. It boggles the mind. Then when mi amigo asked her: When have the medical sciences ever created a hoax? She was silent for a moment and then said: Well that’s a very good point. I hadn’t thought of that.

Because of Thanksgiving, Navidad/Christmas holiday travelling and get-togethers, San Francisco’s confirmed cases are now soaring. All because of silly traditions and stupid people who think that conservative tradition is more important than their health or lives. Clearly, many people don’t value either.

One person in “the family” claims that she had a falling out with her best friend because her best friend refused to wear a mask when visiting her. (“Her” is this person: see here). Yet she herself doesn’t wear a mask when violating shelter-in-place and visits her 90-some year old mother in another county. Astounding hypocrisy. She tells people what she thinks they want to hear, telling one person one thing and another person another. She said, “We’re not too good at following the health guidelines.” And who’s choice is that, Ms “Don’t Tell Me, I Don’t Want To Know?”

Also, I’ve seen many stories written in online comments about how people got together with this person and that person (going to businesses). I ask: Where are you that such businesses are even open? Did you wear a mask when going to that massage parlor? Where are you that a massage parlor is open? Or did you make the whole thing up? When I politely question anyone about their perceived lies, they lecture me on COVID and what safety precautions so and so is taking. All I asked them was “Where are you that such a business is even open other than on a limited basis?” For example, someone went to a massage parlor — where are massage parlors open? — and later felt guilt over being there because of his partner. It didn’t occur to him that he could have gotten infected with COVID at the massage parlor and passed it on to his partner.

Then there’s the straight couple in my building. They’re a piece of elitist work. They recently had a baby. As soon as the child was born, they began their “show and tell” to the world travelling here and there violating the COVID health guidelines and exposing the baby to a world full of germs. I think that child has been home a total of maybe one week over the months since he was born. I think the only people who haven’t seen him are the Pope and the Queen. I guess they haven’t been able to schedule an audience with either of them YET. Give them time. They’re rarely here, always going somewhere to “show off the baby.” They couldn’t just email pictures of the baby to everyone? And it apparently has not occurred to them that should either of them become sick and or die, that one of them would be a single parent raising a kid. Or should they both die, he’s without parents. Reckless behaviour on their part, and they only wear face masks on the odd occasion when they think someone in the building might be seeing them, so the wear the mask for show. Apparently they think COVID is a hoax too — otherwise they would change their behaviour — or they think they’re above it all and that a virus wouldn’t think of infecting them.

Two women visited my neighbour the other day. They all removed their masks in her small apartment even though she could be infected. She’s been all over the place too with travelling. I heard them talking and could tell they were not wearing a mask because they didn’t sound muffled. Then when they left her apartment, they put their masks back on. Why did they take their mask off to begin with inside her apartment when she or any of them could be infected? They take their mask off when they’re in an enclosed space and are supposed to be distancing 6 feet. You’re supposed to wear a mask in enclosed spaces, morons. More insanity.

Then there are the stupid people who consistently wear their mask below their nose. That defeats the entire purpose of wearing a mask to begin with. Mi amigo/My friend gives me mixed reports on his walks around San Francisco. Some days, only a few people are wearing masks or wearing them incorrectly. Other days, all are following the guidelines for masks. Most don’t social distance here which means he has to walk out in the street because the others refuse to, and some people walk right for him he said. WTF is that about? Deliberately trying to infect someone? He said the people who do that are usually those without a mask and middle-aged/older overweight angry-looking white men who could pass as an orange loser supporter.

As for the hoax people, you can’t fix stupid. When did the medical sciences ever create a hoax? Who in the medical sciences has the time to come up with some fucking hoax and to choreograph that as a “world hoax?” The medical sciences have never done that before nor have they for COVID-19.

It just took one ignoramus — the Village Idiot, the orange loser — to brainwash the entire world that COVID is a hoax. Stupid is in and you can’t fix stupid.

I found it odd that US Vice President-elect Kamala Harris had said that she would not be vaccinated with any vaccine that was rushed out under the orange loser’s regime. Well, he’s still in office — I’ll believe it when I see that he plans to leave (or be dragged out of the white house by someone) — and I’m not sure what changed with Ms Harris but she was vaccinated on live television this past week. WTF?

And if one receives one of the vaccines being rushed out, you’re still supposed to keep following the current health guidelines: Masks, social distancing and shelter-in-place, quarantine, and so forth. None of that changes because of a vaccine, in part, because it’s unknown as of this writing how long the immunity for any of these vaccines will last. As of this writing it’s about 8 months, which is 4 months short of a year. So as of this writing, one would have to be vaccinated every year against coronavirus. And some credible medical doctors are saying that this virus will be with us for the rest of our lives, in its different variants. Chau.—el barrio rosa