Alphabet Soup “Pride”

The insanity continues. (June 2022), Recently, US president Biden stumbled over the alphabet soup mess.  This time the version used was “LGBTQTI+”  He got hung up on all those letters.  Well yeah, I can see why.  Was he thinking: “Why can’t they just say the word gay? Why do they have to recite the alphabet?” I couldn’t tell you what the second T is for or what the I is for.  And frankly I really don’t care. I’ve had it up to here with this alphabet soup rubbish. It’s fucking absurd. But most conformist people have been absolutely brainwashed to use it as well as the corporate media, and they say it on cue in order to fit in and appear to be “hip and cool.” Apparently the corporate trash at Gay Inc. sent out a memo to every media outlet in the world ordering them to use this alphabet soup whenever talking about anything gay or queer. My friend said:  Why can’t they just use the word gay?  Or queer?  I said:  Because that makes too much sense to thinking people, doesn’t it?  And listening to some people interviewed, they now omit gay (guys) entirely, and these are guys speaking. They talk about “the trans community” (where is this “trans so-called community” they’re going on about?) and “the lesbo community.” Where is that? But gone — and thrown under the bus — are gay guys. It’s rare to hear the word gay. These days, the face of Gay Incorporated is lesbos and trans. A sea of females. How did that happen when gay guys led the now-dead movement by the thousands?

Straights/Heterosexuals don’t have any letters or any string of letters. So why do gays need letters and plus signs and especially this increasingly long train of letters where some letters are repeating themselves?
Is it their intent to go through the entire alphabet at least 2-3 times? Depending upon which version used, there are already two Qs and two Is. Oh, and two Ts. I thought gays wanted to be like the straights. That’s what I kept hearing after gay marriage was made legal and that’s why the gay marriage thingy — to be like the straights — and their using hetero terms such as “my husband” (a guy calling his partner “my husband” instead of “my partner”) and “my wife” (for lesbos) which are right out of heterosexuality. (By the way, gay marriage is likely to be struck down shortly by the US Supreme Court. I suspect most won’t care.) Another example of trying to be exact replicas of the straights is having/adopting of children thingy, and other things I could list with the intent being: “See, we are just like the straights. We are just as normal as the straights because our lives are just like the straights ” Well, being just like the straights was never a goal when I was somewhat involved in the movement. Another example: Gays and lesbians wearing their wedding rings on the exact same finger as the straights so they can be mistaken for heterosexuals. So a person will see two guys sitting together at a restaurant table for example and both with left hand wedding rings. The person will think: “Well that’s nice. They both have girls and are waiting for their wives to return who are off shopping.” In reality they’re a gay couple but are perceived as straight because they insist on wearing their wedding rings on the traditional “heterosexual finger” (left hand fourth finger). As I said earlier, as for gay marriage, from what I understand, the US Supreme Court will be striking that down as well — just like they struck down Roe v Wade — in the near future. Not surprising really. But will anyone care? Those married will, I guess, but from what I can tell, many gays have completely forgotten about gay marriage. They see a left hand fourth finger wedding ring on a guy and automatically assume the guy is straight.

My friend was saying: In San Francisco, it’s not called Gay “Pride” but “LGBTQ Pride.” 🙄 People at microphones stumble or slur over all those fucking letters. My friend was complaining yesterday of how the rainbow flag has now been “updated” and he says it too is a mess. Like everything else that Gay Inc. has touched. The version I saw had a section for straights in it (black white and grey, I think it was). WTF do heteros have to do with the rainbow flag? Why do they have a section? Other than they seem to enjoy making out under it where I live which is a mind fuck for me.

There was a shooting on San Francisco’s Muni Metro the other day and a young reporter — I read him as queer — was sent to the Castro Street Metro Station because the shooting took place between Castro and the next station over to the west. The reporter referred to “this is the gayest neighbourhood” or something to that effect. I take it the reporter doesn’t live here or never/rarely comes over here because The Castro today is mostly heterosexual. It is not gay. Some of the homeowners refer to “the heterosexual Castro.” There are some queers left but not many but The Castro today is not even an empty shell of its former gay mecca self. It’s a mindfuck to see straights hanging out and living in a rainbow flag saturated area. The flags are up for historical and tourist purposes. I can only assume the alleged straight guys we see with girls are really a bunch of closet cases (or perhaps they’re bi) where the guys are looking for dick. Why else would a genuinely straight couple deliberately move to a historically gay (now former gay) area? And I’ve seen some of the chicks that these guys are with poke their guy in the chest with her elbow when she caught him looking at a guy. She’s trying to control her guy’s sexuality. That ain’t going to work. Also at the same press conference I mentioned with the queer reporter who still thinks that The Castro is queer, a spokesperson from the police department made some equally outdated statement when she said that “people from all over the world come to San Francisco for ‘Pride’.” Rubbish. I. Don’t. Think. So. That used to be the case to some degree. But it’s something the officials love to say to make our “Pride” appear to be something that it’s not, but “Pride” today is mostly a straight event and for tourists. It’s essentially a corporate-based 4-5 hours long mobile commercial. It’s nothing worth flying here from another part of the world to see. That’s for sure. Bottom line: It’s nothing like the original event that was called Gay Freedom Day and Festival.


If they absolutely insist on using letters, GLB (Gay, lesbian, bisexual) should be the letters used in that order, if any letters MUST be used. (Related: trans should be their own thing). Gay, lesbian and bisexual are the 3 basic category, and gay was always first historically because gay guys led the movement by the thousands. But after thousands of gay dudes died from HIV/AIDS and having done most of the work of the movement, lesbos decided to hijack the movement and move their elitist fat asses to the front of the line, shoving gay guys over to second place in that “LGBTQ” thing. Isn’t it a wonderful way to honour the legacy of gay guys and the decades of work they did by shoving them over to second place so that self-absorbed and self-entitled lesbos could be first? This is another reason why I have no special affection for lesbos.

Then he was telling me that he got another email: “PrEP’d with Pride.” This pride shit — which fortunately is over at the end of June — has been reduced to sex and encouraging gay guys to bareback on PrEP and take loads up their ass, and get any other STDs up their ass and pass on the ones they already have to others. That’s what “Pride” seems to be all about now along with partying and getting drunk and getting COVID as well. Four people I know — fully vaccinated and boostered — stupidly returned to a pre-COVID way of living in recent weeks having believed the lie that the pandemic is over. They abandoned all COVID restrictions and protocol from the health sciences. In the past weeks, all four have tested positive for COVID and they don’t understand why? Huh? Hmmmmm? Doh. Stupid is in.