Amy “Deadly” Goodman blends beautifully into the background

I saw the icon image for her show on AdTube (that’s what I call U-Toob) and I couldn’t see her for her set. That’s because of her conservative, drab, traditional-funeral appropriate black, grey and or black-purple shroud “uniform” she wears every weekday on her programme. The woman must be terrified of pretty colours. The thing is it’s hard to distinguish her from her set. She’s there somewhere. She reminds me of Rachel Maddow. Does she own anything other than that conservative black wrap-around shirt-jacket she wears on every show? I’ve never seen the woman in anything other than that. Why do these two females insist on looking so conservative and drab? That’s the “new progressive” for you. Fit in with the conformist, conservative herd. Abandon anything that looks remotely “rad” (radical). There was a time where women would never be seen wearing the same thing more than once. I take it that fashion statement rule expired sometime ago. Most guys don’t wear the same suits, jackets, shirts or ties every show, especially when they have a daily show.

I thought so-called “progressives” were opposed to the corporate media, that’s why they are referred to as “the alternative media.” But Amy tries to copy the corporate media and their overuse of the word “Deadly.” That’s just one example. As a Latino online said: She was quick to jump on that idiotic Latinx nonsense which few Latinos use. Amy can remember “Latinx” but she can’t remember the official title for the people in the US House of Representatives which is Representative.

Also, despite having worked with Juan González for years, she didn’t learn a bit of español from him apparently, other than how to pronounce Univisión sort-of-correctly. Juan must have taught her that one. But other español-language words? She pronounces them as if they were/are an English language word when they are not.

Being an on-air broadcaster and the Executive Producer of her show, one would think Amy would use official language — rather than sheeple language — to inform and educate (rather than cater to ignorance) as she does in other aspects of her show where she informs and educates.

The House of Representatives “Congress members”

From what I’ve noticed, Amy consistently refers to the Representatives in the House of Representatives as “Congress member(s)” even when they’re in the studio with her. Rather than saying, “Let’s hear from Representative [name of person], what is your take on….” Instead, Amy says, “Let’s hear from Congress member [name of Representative]….” Why does this woman (Amy) refuse to use their official title? Or can she not pronounce the word Representative?

The thing is: everyone in the Congress is a “Congress member” — both House and Senate — whether they are called that or not, but they are all in the Congress. Why does she have this disconnect? She doesn’t have any problem saying the word “Senator.”

She also consistently refers to the US nation’s capital as “Washington DC” even though the official name of the nation’s capital is the District of Columbia as you can see in the images below (also known as The District or DC). Related: It’s District of Columbia, not Washington DC.

Very Healthy Finances Mean DC Can Stay Strong Amidst a Federal Storm
Mayor of the District of Columbia - Wikipedia

When I lived in the District, everyone I knew from New York City — which is where Amy is based — referred to the District or District of Columbia; they never called my home city “Washington DC”. They knew better. It’s interesting that she has that sheeple “Washington DC” language cemented in her vocabulary, yet she’s quickly latched on to the new “Latinx” fad. So she is able to update her language to some extent. She also uses that revisionist history and corporate-conformist “LGBT(Q)” shit — lesbians did not lead our Movement as the “L” first implies; gay guys led the Movement along with Drag Queens — that one sees spammed all over the Internet, instead of using the word Queer. Queer is all-inclusive. (Originally is was GLBTQ). Comedian and actor Lea DeLaria — who uses the word Queer — says that, “By the time you get through all those letters, the parade is over.” Indeed. But that’s what the conformist sheeple have been brainwashed to say and to write.

Then Juan, her co-host, seems to be living in the Cold War Era when he uses the pejorative language “third world countries” when referring to developing nations. Odd to hear a Latino or Hispano (of all people!) use this language.

What Is the Third World?

“Third World” is an outdated and derogatory phrase that has been used historically to describe a class of economically developing nations. It is part of a four-part segmentation that was used to describe the world’s economies by economic status. Third World falls behind First World and Second World but was ahead of Fourth World, though Fourth-World countries were hardly recognized at all. Today the preferred terminology is a developing nation, an underdeveloped country, or a low- and middle-income country (LMIC). [Source]

As I say: How can there be a “third world” when there’s only one world that we all live on? It’s called Planet Earth.

Amy’s show is informative. She could tone down the corporate media-sounding hype, and the use of the word “deadly.”

What has happened to progressives? Mi amigo tells me, “Amy’s about as progressive as anyone you’ll find these days” which he was saying in a certain context, considering the state of progressives today that he and I have both talked about. From what I’ve noticed most progressives have become an empty shell of their former selves, particularly when it comes to PC language which most seem to have abandoned and reverted back to the outdated language.

I had a mild confrontation awhile back with a former progressive who uses the word “foreign” instead of international and sees nothing wrong with the word “foreign.” The person was adamant about using outdated language. S/he sounded no differently than the far-right, while claiming to be a socialist and progressive. Yeah right. That person must have a terrible time trying to find the “Foreign Arrivals” at Heathrow and other world airports, considering the terminal says “International Arrivals.” They understand the reason for using “international.” Amy’s just as bad when it comes to the use of the word “foreign.”

But as mi amigo says, “she about the best out there.” Well, it’s all in context isn’t it? He says Amy’s about the only one he can stand to listen to. She’s more in-depth than most. Chau.—el barrio rosa

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