An Open Letter to Gay Incorporated/The Gay Agenda: the Queer organisations at the state and national levels in the United States of North America

The heteronormative corporatists hijacked, ruined and destroyed our Movement. Today (2021), it’s dead because of them. They are directly responsible for the death of our Movement.

Hola a todos. So what happened to all the Queer boys in San Francisco? The answer to that in a moment.

The night that gay marriage became legal in the non-United States, the self-appointed know-it-alls at those Queer organisations at the state and national level (Gay Incorporated/The Gay Agenda) — who live under the illusion that they know what’s best for Queers (of their same income bracket of course — told us: “We need to assimilate (with the straights).” Translation: Blend in with the breeders. I was already as “assimilated” as I cared to be since I don’t put the dysfunctional breeders up on any fucking pedestal to be modeled after considering their over 50% divorce rate. So I didn’t like what I was hearing from these organisations. How does one “blend in?” It seems that most Queers thought that meant to go back in the closet and pretend to be straight and emulate the breeders and the breeder lifestyle as much as possible, and laugh at their “faggot” jokes as Mr and Ms Queer pretend to be straight because they are now “assimilated.” And that’s what has happened. And that’s what has happened with many Queers taking on the Straight Jock personae, even though straight jocks have historically been and still are the same assholes who bully Queers in locker rooms and on the sports field and who make “faggot” jokes.

To the Queer organisations who urged Queers to “assimilate” I say: FUCK OFF ALL OF YOU, you corporate trash. How fucking short-sighted can you be to not have predicted this outcome? The very death of our Movement. All of you corporate trash should lose your jobs. I’ve been on your sites and they’re loaded with rows of corporate logos. You’ve sold out to corporations. Fuck off all of you. Do we understand each other? I can’t stand you and what you’ve done. What a bunch of useless corporate trash you all are. You can go work for the breeders that you want Queers to “assimilate” with. How’s that? And which of you short-sighted organisations changed GLB (which was the original) to “LGBT?” That’s fucking revisionist history. And why the change? I read somewhere that it was changed to show that we support women’s rights. Well doh, isn’t that a given? We support B and T rights too, but no one ever moves them to first place! Ever thought of that? Idiots. You trash don’t even respect your own Queer history. Lesbians did not lead our movement in the majority as the “L” first implies. Gay guys did by the thousands. I take it that the self-absorbed lesbians decided to move their big fat ass to first place in that alphabet soup nonsense. But I thought you wanted to be exact replicas of the breeders? Related: Lesbians trying to look like straight females. Straights are called “straights.” Queers should be called Queers. All of that alphabet soup mess is divisive. All it does is divide us and cause drama and in-fighting. The word Queer unites us. It’s one word. The straights don’t have this long string of letters — which keeps getting added to — to define them. And how many more fucking letters? Again, I thought you corporatists wanted to be heteronormative and as much like the straights as possible? Then drop all those fucking letters and say the word Queer. Doesn’t your mouth speak the word Queer? And considering what the far-right has done to “LGBT,” one would think that Queers would abandon that nonsense:

So what happened to all the Queer boys in San Francisco?

Most of them left The City or were forced out. The recent Queer arrivals are “assimilated” and in the closet and walking around with females, holding hands and pretending to be straight. They are fucking “assimilated” as they were ordered to be by those useless Queer organisations I mentioned earlier at the national and state level following gay marriage becoming legal.

As my lesbian neighbour said recently to my surprise, “Gay marriage ruined everything!”

She was saying, “San Francisco used to be such a fun place and then it started changing and it changed very quickly. The techies came in and ruined The City and then we had gay marriage which ruined everything. I’m thinking of leaving this country. She says she’s feeling very depressed because all her friends have left San Francisco.”

We’d never talked about this but I was shocked to hear her say that “gay marriage ruined everything.” The reason we’d never talked about this is because I don’t talk about any of this with anyone — other than mi amigo/my friend — because I assume that nobody will agree with me on anything. And a female will change her mind, her position and her story on any topic within 24 hours or less; I’ve experienced that with my neighbour on occasion. She says one thing on one day and contradicts herself on another. She tells mi amigo one thing on one day and then when I see her she tells me something completely different! So I’m thinking: That’s not what you told him. Also, I assume that everyone living around me — including the few Queers still remaining here — are conservatives and approve of what’s happened to San Francisco as well as the death of the Gay Rights Movement. So I keep my mouth shut to avoid conflicts, usually. I say what I have to say here where it can’t be deleted or I won’t be told to shut up.

With few exceptions, since gay marriage became legal, most Queers have become very conservative, particularly in their appearance and rather prudish frankly. In many ways, Queers have become the opposite of who and what they were. Anything “rad” is gone as if trying to divorce themselves from their past with apologies to the precious breeders for having offended them in any way with the unspoken: Please accept us, we’ll be as much like you as possible. We’re sorry for our “out and proud” radical past. And because we know that lesbians are considered “more acceptable” to you bigoted and anti-Queer breeders than gay guys are — in fact many straight guys say they watch lesbian porn but hate “faggot” porn showing two guys — we’ll call ourselves “LGBT” and notice how we hide the G in there to make the G for gay less conspicuous because we know that the original “GLBTQ” was too much for you breeders to handle. (roll eyes) So we corporatist, pro-Establishment and conformist “LGBT’ers” — partisan brainwashed “Democrats” usually — are more than happy to cater to your prejudices and anti-gay bigotry. Yes, it’s always good to cater to one’s prejudices and bigotry. [sarcasm intended]

The thing is: When the closet case with the female talks, his voice often gives him away as a Queer Boy. You can’t hide that dude, no matter how hard you try to be straight with your gay shame. And “assimilate” and assimilation causes gay shame. That’s something that those useless, short-sighted corporatist organisations didn’t think about. The emotional toll and harm of living in that unhealthy closet is immeasurable.

So what did our Movement accomplish when the majority of Queers are living in the closet with gay shame? It feels like damn-little was accomplished at this point when we see our own people (Queers) rushing back in the closet in droves because they were ordered to “assimilate.” Worldwide, only a small minority of Queers are out of the closet.

And again, this happened when gay marriage became legal. The Queers who wanted to get married did over time. As for the others, the Queer so-called “community” — and there is absolutely no feel or sense of community today what-so-ever — as a whole appears to have gone insane.

Gay marriage was the absolute death of the Gay Rights Movement. I never knew that the conservative and heteronormative Institution of Marriage and wedLOCK was our goal, did you? Not that I heard. Related: Queer couples: Please wear your wedding ring on your right hand fourth finger unless you want to be confused for being straight. And if you don’t mind being confused for being straight, you have gay shame issues.

Consequently, Queers went back in the closet in droves with some marrying the opposite gender (one wonders why they worked for gay marriage then when they could have married the opposite gender in the first damn place, doh?) and others are living closeted lives.

Around the same time, the local conservative Queer rag in San Francisco had the gall to publish this Letter to the Editor from a closet case urging Queers to return to the closet with the usual tripe, “this is not the right time to be out.” No, it’s never the “right time” is it? It’s “never the right time” when you ask bigots and those living with gay shame about it. They will give the same answer all of their life, “it’s not the right time.” It’s the same answer that ethnic groups hear when pushing for their rights.

And sadly, gay shame seems to be at an epidemic level these days (September 2020) considering all the fucking closet cases we see walking around here with females regardless of their age in San Francisco’s Upper Market and The Castro, the former Gay Mecca. Looking at them, I don’t know if it’s a Queer boy and lesbian walking together (not holding hands) OR are they a supposed “straight” couple? If they are a gay male couple and a lesbian couple walking together, why are they walking as if they are two straight couples (“him and her” and “him and her”)? Who the fuck knows! Regardless, this is infuriating, and I suspect it’s the same in other major cities.

But, there’s one thing for certain: Gay marriage has completely backfired. Maybe gay marriage should be overturned. Maybe that’s what needs to happen to light the dead pilot light under the ass of the dead Queer so-called “community.” Because nothing else is; most Queers don’t seem to care about anything these days, but their phones and partying! Nothing else is going on.

Everything became fucked up when gay marriage became legal. I’ve heard some other Queers say the same thing. After that is when we began seeing all that I’ve described in this article. Closet cases pretending to be straight with the opposite gender. Also, Queer boys calling themselves “bi” when they have absolutely no interest in females. They call themselves “bi” to avoid using that dreaded word “gay” and they think that “bi” makes them sound like they’re closer to being straight and “a real man?” Ugh. It’s internalised homophobia, period, which seems to be at an epidemic level today. (I’m not talking about the genuine bi guys out there; I’m talking about the fake-bi guys). I had erroneously thought that most Queers worked through their gay shame and internalised homophobia during our Movement. Clearly, that’s not the case. But upon reflection, I think that mandate to “assimilate” from the self-appointed know-it-alls at those corporate Queer organisations at the state and federal level brought gay shame and internalised homophobia back.

As mi amigo/my friend said: We see about 8 (eight) “him and him” couples a year walking around in San Francisco. It’s pretty rare these days. It’s the opposite of the way it was during the Gay Mecca decades. We attribute this to those terribly short-sighted corporate organisations at the state and national level who urged Queers to “assimilate”/blend-in with the breeders. If it were not for the over-saturation of Rainbow Flags in The Castro — intended to deceive the tourists into thinking that The Castro is still a Gay Mecca — you would never know that we were once the Gay Mecca by looking at what we see today around here. “Welcome to the heterosexual Castro (with closet cases)” is how a Queer homeowner described it to us who has since left The City, in part, because of this. Chau.—el barrio rosa