Another bi guy chooses the heteronormative straight life

So how is he going to deal with his attraction to guys? Try to suppress them? Those feelings won’t stay suppressed. Try suppressing your own sexual feelings for awhile and see how that goes.

What is it about bi guys? I can’t remember any bi guy who has said that he lives with a guy instead of a female.

Do most bi guys wish they were straight? That’s the way it seems.

CS (the porn actors initials) came out as bisexual 2-3 years ago and said he was looking for a boyfriend, in part, because he said he’s attracted to guys and because he hadn’t felt that special connection with a guy in his life yet and he wanted to experience that. So what happened to his looking for a boyfriend? Yeah well. Apparently he didn’t give that too much time or effort. Now, in 2021, he said he’s leaving the Porn Industrial Complex. He was to have one more filming shot before leaving The Industry but cancelled it saying he just wasn’t into it. Now he has a girlfriend, got her pregnant and now a miscarriage. WTF? What a mess.

I’ve seen this with countless gay guys who pretend to be bi. They run from the word gay, say they’re bi but have no interest in females. They think that pretending to be bi will make them appear to be more manly, more masculine, more macho and “straight and normal.” (roll eyes)

Why do bi guys consistently choose to live “the straight life of him and her?” My answer: Because they want to be seen as straight, conformist and heteronormative. Might there be some gay shame and internalised homophobia involved? I’ve seen this repeatedly with guys who claim to be bi.

So how will CS deal with his attraction to guys? Fuck around on the side with guys without Ms Girlfriend or Ms Wife not knowing. Does this girlfriend that got pregnant know that he came out as bisexual in 2018? Or is he keeping that from her? Chau.—el barrio rosa