Another gay guy living a straight life

Hola a todos. Oh man, all the sexually fucked up Millennial gay guys. That’s the age group of the guys in the two videos below and the many other pussy porn videos I’ve watched. What is it about this age group? At least during the Movement, gay guys (or at least the ones I knew) rejected society’s Breeder Brainwashing. And I know there are millions of gay guys worldwide living in the closet and many are in straight relationships with kids and the guy will tell you, “everyone thinks I’m straight and that’s what I want them to think.” Is that because you, Mr Closet Case, think that “straight is normal” and “gay is not normal” while you’re watching nothing but gay porn and checking out guys out of the corner of your eye when she’s not looking? Have I summed you up pretty well, Mr Closet Case? So I keep asking: What exactly did the now-dead/former Gay Rights Movement accomplished? Not much is the way it feels in the big scheme of things. You’d never know it by seeing all the gay guys — according to our reliable gaydar — in breeder/”straight” relationships today. Extremely heteronormative. “Him (queer) with her.” What happened to “him and him” gay boys? After gay marriage became legal in the non-United States and a bunch of corporate idiots at those federal-level queer organisations ordered queers to “assimilate with the straights,” most queers seem to have thought that meant to:

1) go back in the closet and or

2) marry a female and be as much like the breeders as possible, including having kids and start getting into watching corporate sports team to be a heteronormative pseudo-jock. (To be a jock these days, just wear a baseball cap. That’s all you have to do, especially if you’ve got “a girl.”)

Of course, this begs the question:

Then why did you gay guys work years for the right to marry your boyfriend/your male partner when in the end you were going to marry a female? Duh. Insanity. Just to please your homophobic/bigoted, anti-queer family? Fuck your so-called “family.” If they were true family they wouldn’t care what your sexual orientation is. Isn’t your life just as or more important than that of your so-called family’s life? I should think so if you have any self respect and self-confidence at all. But that’s the perception when gay guys engage in this lie of marrying a female to fulfill “The Family Script” (that’s expected of them) when they’re gay and in the closet. I thought people worked through this gay shame issue during the Movement, but obviously not. I didn’t follow “The Family Script.” I said: Fuck it. I had no intention of marrying some female. I had dealt with enough fucked up females just as friends, so I knew damn well I didn’t want to marry one and shorten my lifespan.

Even though the Millennials came along at the height of the now-dead Gay Rights Movement, it’s as if the majority of them were reared by very bigoted, homophobic/anti-queer parents and brainwashed with the following:

Repeat after me, son: you must be “straight” to be normal (ed. “normal” is boring) and live with a female even if you are queer and had planned on telling me at some point, understand? Do you understand me boy? Once again: You must be “straight” and live with a female even if you are queer. Now I want you to remember that for the rest of your life, even if you are queer, otherwise there will be some serious trouble in this household, do you hear me? Because there has never been a faggot in this family. (LOL, don’t bet on it, mom and dad).

I’ve written reams about the many (closet case?) gay guys I have seen in pussy porn videos having sex with females in my article/book about the porn industry, which you can read here: Adult Porn Actors Wolf Hudson and Cliff Jensen: “Sexuality is Fluid?”

As soon as I saw the guy in the second video below and the way he was lying on the bed with his supposed girlfriend and the way he peck-kissed her, I said: Not another one. That boy is gay too. This is an epidemic. I’ve not seen straight guys look or sit like him or hop around on the bed. So I showed the second video below to mi amigo/my friend. After a few moments of looking at it, he said, “Oh that boy is as queer as it gets.” That’s what I thought. So it wasn’t just me. I pointed out: Notice that after kissing her, he has no hard-on at all when his underwear comes off. From watching straight videos, straight guys usually have a hard-on just from kissing a girl — if they don’t it looks like he’s not into her — as one can see here in this first video below.

My gaydar tells me that the guy in the first video (Mr Jock) is straight. So it’s not like every guy I see having sex with a girl I think is gay. Not at all. I take it on a case-by-case basis. About half the time in the pussy porn videos I watch the guy looks gay to me. The other guys look straight. And they’re nearly all of the Millennial age group.

I showed the video with the straight guy to mi amigo and he said: The straight guy is doing it the typical straight way that I’ve seen straight guys have sex with women. The gay guy in the second video is not. I don’t know what they’re doing. The straight guy has the typical narrow pointy dick that straight guys seem to have. Whereas gay guys dicks are usually thicker and not pointy.

I don’t know that I’ve noticed the dick thing with straight guys, maybe a few times. But anyway, in the first video with the straight guy, she’s the one hopping around on the bed, not Mr Straight Jock. And notice that he has a hard-on just from kissing her:

In the second video (below) with the gay guy, after she sucks him, it still takes him a while to get a hard on. Not really into her, queer boy? Or wish a guy were sucking you instead, bro? I watched some of their other videos and their story line is that he met her on T*nder and she took his load in her mouth on the first date. WTF? Now does anyone really believe that? I mean really?! On the first date? No, I find that unbelievable. Things don’t move that quickly with females, especially from a risky online hook up where you could be getting together with a serial killer. You never know. With guys, things can move faster usually — although when I was dating I dated a few gay guys who “wanted to take it slowly” meaning no sex on the first or even second date — but with all others a blow job could happen on the first date with one or both of us taking cum in our mouth. But not with females. “The chicks are just teases” is what I’ve seen written about T*nder from straight and bi guys. I told mi amigo about this — the part about the female taking his load in her mouth on the first date — and from his brief experience with women he said, “That’s the type of woman you stay away from because they can have everything in the book.” A male commenter under the video had trouble believing they met on T*nder too. He said he’d never met any female like her on T*nder and asked how did you do it? I suspect it’s just the story line. Add that to my gaydar reading that the guy is gay. He doesn’t eat pussy and doesn’t really seem to be into her tits. What else is there with a female? Well, just fucking her or lightly kissing her. The only sex I’ve seen them have is what I call “distanced sex.” Mi amigo said, “When a guy is not into the girl he doesn’t do much kissing with her, he’s not into her tits, he doesn’t eat pussy, it’s the type of behaviour you see from this guy.” Mr Closet Case? Who seems to be living with this female. But for how long? They’re both supposedly in their 20s although their story line in one or more of their videos tried to imply that she’s a teenager with him having sex with this teenage girl. He just fucks that hole called pussy, but seems to prefer that she “dominate” him by riding his dick or her giving him a hand job or blow job.

Awhile back I talked with a queer guy who started out with pussy so I asked him about it. He said, “It’s just another hole.” I said: So you mean it’s not “awesome” and “paradise” the way the gay conversion minority like to market pussy? He said, “No, it’s none of that.” I asked him: Did you enjoy it? He said: “It was satisfying at the time.” (Doesn’t sound like he was too impressed with it.) He added: “But I’m queer, I’m not into chicks. They play too many games with guys.”

In the second video below, the gay guy just does not engage in the typical behaviour with her that I’ve seen over and over with the guys who do look straight to me. The gay guy and his supposed girlfriend do say in their profile: “Into guys and girls,” but I’ve not seen them with anyone. And is that just her saying that or him? With these sex profiles, it often seems to have been written by her, so is that her saying “into guys and girls” meaning she’s bi? They remind me of another “straight couple” where I said about the guy “he looks gay” from the first time I saw him no matter how he tries to change his face with facial hair. They too have “distanced sex” although I have seen him eat her pussy. But that couple now has a baby. He got her pregnant while they were making sex videos. So the pregnancy became the story line. Was the baby planned or a mistake? She mostly sucks him in videos and he fucks her. She says how she loves his cock. In their most recent video — they’ve made about 130 videos — he looked bored and someone asked why he never gets a full hard on? Maybe because he’s not really into it especially since she’s had a kid? Or does the weight of having a kid now hit home? Did he fuck up big time by getting her pregnant? Getting a girl pregnant is no longer a fantasy when it actually happens — by mistake? — and you have a new responsibility for the next 18-plus years. And after doing over 100 videos, what’s left to do sexually — regardless of story line — with sucking and fucking that you haven’t already done umpteen times before. Maybe that explains the bored look on his face? So with this gay guy that this article is about: Watch out, dude, if you don’t want a kid that you’re responsible for for at least 18+ years. Someone in the comments also suggested that this (gay) guy wasn’t fucking pussy correctly. He said: Stop fucking like a rabbit. You’re supposed to pound pussy. (But do gay guys “pound pussy?”) In another of their videos the story line was about her catching him jacking off. He was in the bedroom with the door closed jacking off using body lotion. After a bit, she came in and “caught him” and looked at what he was doing. Instead of leaving, she decided to jack him off. Maybe he preferred to be alone and jack off without her which was why the door was closed? Well, if he had wanted her to jack him off wouldn’t he had left the door open and gone to her? One could get the impression he wanted to be alone and not have her interfering with his jack off session and that it feels better when he jacks off himself. But I think it was all about this story line and really all about her showing her boobs to the camera as she gave him a hand job. I didn’t watch all of it to see whether he came or not, but they were the thoughts I had about it. Why did she intrude into his jo session? If he had wanted to be with her he would have gone to her in the first place. It appeared that she was home. But for purposes of producing another video in their collection, it may have been a planned thing for another story line.

After I posted this article, I’ve watched more videos of the closeted gay guy in the video above. From what I can tell, he and his “girlfriend” have been together for a year (I’m going by their videos), although in one or more of their video descriptions they use the word “escort” as if maybe she’s an escort and not a live-in girlfriend. He’s paying her for sex for all of these videos? Where does he get that kind of money. They have a unique sexual relationship which seems to be mainly about her jacking him off, with their second interest him briefly fucking her pussy. By his behaviour I can tell he’s not into pussy by what he does with his hands after he gets “pussy” on his fingers. As if he finds it repulsive — as if he has shit on his finger — and doesn’t want to get that slick slimy mucousy pussy all over the place. She puts in all the work of jerking him off while he lies there. Not your typical “straight” couple. He never does anything with her pussy (never fingers her) and rarely does anything with her tits or anything else on her. He did slap her fat butt — that giggled — for a short period in the video below and he seemed to like that. She didn’t seem to respond to that. Which is also why from the beginning I sensed he’s a gay guy with a female. How long will this “relationship” last, assuming they are a couple, where it’s one-way. They showed him pulling out of her pussy to cum. At least he knows to do that. There’s no sperm in pre-cum according to my research; I didn’t know that. The way it usually works with straight couples is that he’s giving her all the attention (her pussy and tits) with her occasionally sucking his dick. This couple is the opposite which makes me think that this gay guy — when he’s ready to come out of the closet — can go on gr*ndr and forget T*nder and find himself a nice boyfriend and be true to his authentic gay feelings.

People will say and do anything for sex. Chau.—el barrio rosa

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