Another Millennial Jock Bro Closet Case

Trying to “breed the gay away.”

Hola a todos. As he often does, mi amigo was watching a video on U-toob about one of the topics he’s into. He’s watched this guy’s videos for years. I glanced at the screen and saw Mr Millennial Jock Bro sitting there in his Millennial drab black and grey clothing and his black and grey Jock Bro baseball cap. (Note: I guess everyone knows that wearing a baseball cap instantly turns any guy into a Jock Bro, don’t you?) Mi amigo said, “He’s never worn that baseball cap until today.” I asked mi amigo: Another closet case queer boy? Mi amigo said: This guy has never made any mention or given any clue about his sexual orientation. Well, at least not until we brought it up and I asked about it. We observed his semi-queer mannerisms. I said about the guy: queer boy and probably in the closet with a wife and a busload of children, because that’s what I’ve come to expect from closet cases. Closet cases go overboard on breeding. It’s to prove how “straight” he is, supposedly. How many people fall for that stunt? Well, it was less than 5 minutes later that mi amigo came to me and said: The guy in the video just said: “I’m sitting in the nursery doing this video and my wife and kids just got home…” Oh yes, why not. But of course! Another closet case. And “nursery” usually means “babies” or one on the oven in an already overpopulated world. And he said “kids” so that’s plural. He already has at least 2 children. Keep breeding, Mr Closet Case, to try to prove to the world that you’re straight and try to “breed the gay away.” That’s what some of them do. Another fucking closet case. I swear, it’s become predictable. You know it’s stunning with this age group of 20s-30s (the Millennials, of course). Who reared these people that they turned out the way they did? They seem to have really been brainwashed heavily with homophobia, anti-queer thinking en masse, with few exceptions. With them, it must be “him and her” in their warped minds even when he’s obviously a queer boy. “The wife” — as guys affectionally and warmly refer to her rather than “My wife” — often knows or sense that her husband is gay, but usually she’s not about to bring it up. He may have been the only guy who had ever given her attention. Other women know their husband is gay deep down but choose to live in denial thinking that maybe she can “turn him straight.” Meanwhile he gets her elbow in his ribs on occasion because she catches him looking at guys and disapproves of that. To that I say: Listen bitch, you are not about to change your husband’s queer sexuality no matter how many elbows you get him. Do we understand each other? So face facts bitch: Your husband is queer and you were stupid enough to marry him. You couldn’t find any straight guy who would put up with you and your smelly rank pussy and daily emotional roller coaster personality? Only a gay guy would put up with you and he really saw you as a “fag hag.” But then his family started nagging him about “When are you going to marry a nice girl and start a family?” So, he made the stupid decision of marrying his “fag hag” (in some cases) and living “the straight life.”

Now, back to the closeted Jock Bro in the video: These Millennial Jock Bros also use the word “gay” as a pejorative by saying, “Oh, that’s so gay” or “Don’t be so gay.” Another closet case. I now expect it whenever I see a Millennial guy who looks and behaves like the guy in the video. And they often look like the guy in the video (clones of each other) with the short “clean cut” conservative macho military-style hair cut and shadow or semi-beard and Jock Bro baseball cap. And I’m well aware that I’m the only person who cares about this or is annoyed by it, so, that’s the that is. Mi amigo pointed out that there is one more thing that these guys do: They saturate themselves with macho clothing such as sports t-shirts, sports gear, baseball caps, sports logos as if they are on their way to “the game” with the other (closeted?) macho breeder jock bros and the like. All of that is intended to give the image of a heteronormative, macho, “normal” supposedly straight guy. Ignore his queer mannerisms and voice, or the guys they have sex with on the side when “the wife” is away. And they’re big on over-breeding to contribute to overpopulation.

Then the other morning I saw a guy on television. I read him as a queer boy from Day One (a few months ago). I see him often because he’s a regular on the programme. He often looks miserable to me. He’s from the non-United States but lives in Asia with his Asian wife. Is he married to her in order to stay in Asia for his job? He too is a closet case according to my extremely reliable gaydar. After I researched him a bit, I learned that he and “the wife” have been in couple’s counseling. Hmmmmm. Things aren’t working out too well with your wife, Mr Closet Case? He would appear to have a drinking problem as well. Trying to dull the pain and wish it would all go away, Mr Closet Case? Pictures he has shown of “the wife” don’t make her appear too happy and content either. Many of his text messages are about booze and show booze bottles and how his friends know what to buy him: booze. Hard liquor. The guy would appear to be an alcoholic. When I see him on camera, he looks unhappy inside and almost dulled. Well, that’s life in the closet for you. You chose it, Mr Closet Case. Chau.—el barrio