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Peak Oil Update January 31, 2012.
01.31.12 Hola. Here’s a peak oil update from “what is is.”

And here is the video he mentioned in the video:
Peak oil: Global tipping point already passed

Also, “What is is” talked about a future alternative energy store (page) here on pink barrio.com. We have looked for solar panel sources and the best three rated solar panel companies we found do not have affiliate programs. We will continue to look for alternative energy sources.

Death Penalty for Cats and Dogs.
01.30.12 CA has a waiting period (6 days) for rescued cats and dogs to be held in a shelter and CA governor Jerry Brown wants to repeal provisions of this 1998 law. As “what is is” points out in the video, Jerry Brown used to be a progressive or at least pretended to be one. These days, it seems the words progressive and liberal have little meaning to the people who use them. Most politicians are neither progressive or liberal, but the followers of the Democratic Party choose to believe otherwise. These days, most politicians are on the “right” to one degree or the other, even those claiming to be “moderates.” There are many people who think that being a Democrat automatically means liberal, (ha!) but that’s rather outdated thinking. It’s no longer true, especially with corporatist politicians. “What is is” says that during his lifetime he expects one politician to move from the far-right to the left. (I think he was being sarcastic). It’s most often the other way around, as the case with Jerry Brown demonstrates and with every passing day political life and laws seem to be shifting more to the right. It’s as if some people can’t get there fast enough. Here’s the video:


Charytín Goyco.
01.30.12 Until recently, Charytin Goyco was one of the three hosts of Escándalo TV (along with Marisa and Felipe) on TeleFutura in the Estados Unidos. We at pink barrio miss Escándalo TV. As you may know, Escándalo TV was cancelled (a bad decision on the part of TeleFutura/Univisión) as Escándalo was overall a good program. The program it morphed into (Tómbola) was then cancelled the 3rd week of Enero/January 2012. Charytin will supposedly be starting her own show in the Spring on TeleFutura. We enjoyed her on Escándalo. We always looked forward to the musical segments and (like Marisa and Felipe), Chari was most welcoming to the many musicians who performed on the program and you had to love her reggaetón segments with the fine bailarines (dancers) who assisted her. Most people like the idea of Chari having her own show in the Spring, from what I read and most said TeleFutura should bring back Escándalo TV. (I agree). Then you have the sour people (they don’t like anything). Clearly, they have personal “issues.” One sour person said that Chari is, “an old woman who’s trying to act like a 15 year old (really?), and she should put away her boobs (oh don’t do that!) and sit in a rocking chair and crochet for her grandchildren.” One wonders if that person would have said that to Chari’s face? Or did the person say that because the person was able to hide behind a computer keyboard anonymously? And what a silly and rude thing to say. One also wonders where some people come from who write such stuff. Well, we at pink barrio cannot imagine Charytin doing as that sour person suggested. But I have to ask: where is it written what someone is supposed to be doing such and such at a certain age? I’ve heard that thinking many times—-and always dismiss it—–and it’s rather outdated thinking. According to the sours, Charytin is supposed to be sitting in a rocking chair (translation: waiting to die), which is likely what might just happen to her or anyone else who becomes sedentary sitting in a chair. I suspect the sours would also say, “oh, you’re too old to dance; you’re not supposed to be dancing at your age.” Nonsense! We’re of the opinion that one should do whatever they want to do and look however they want to look regardless of their chronological age. If one doesn’t like looking at Chari or her boobs, don’t look at her. No one is forcing you to. Don’t you have other channels on your TV? Many people like to control others and what they do and how they look, we’ve noticed. Who are these people that come up with these ridiculous rules of what a person is supposed to be doing or how they are supposed to be dressing or looking depending upon their chronological age? It’s blatant ageism and we do live in an ageist society. We don’t think of Chari as “old.” In fact, when we see her we don’t think about her age at all. It’s irrelevant. We enjoy her as an entertainer and singer (she’s a singer too, you know. She has a nice voice). Some people choose to be “old” at age 30 because they’ve been programmed with that outdated mentality by someone. Some people die years before they actually die. That’s true. But being “old” is really a state of mind. It’s a mind-set. Others say, “I will never be old regardless of my chronological age.” A medical problem or disease can make one feel badly, which some people misinterpret as “old.” One should really say, “I feel badly” which is more accurate, than “I feel old.” And medical problems and diseases aside, one is only as “old” as one chooses to be mentally. Fortunately, we sense that Charytin rejects this ageist thinking that many people hold to and like to project onto her, and from what I can tell, she rejects it and has decided she will not be “old.” I say: You go, muchacha !—-Rosa Barrio

Is Obama Going To War?.
01.30.12 That was a rhetorical question because of course Obama is going to war, again. The neocon Project For The New American Century agenda proceeds on under Obama. In this video, “what is is” points out some hypocrisy. There’s quite a bit to go around. For example, if George Bush Jr were in La Casa Blanca (the White House), the “liberals” and “left” would be in the streets protesting. But since it’s Obama who claims to be a Democrat, it is somehow different when he does the same things Bush did and even when his actions are more amplified and worse than Bush Jr. The hypocrisy of the Obama believers is so glaring. Unfortunately, politics in the Estados Unidos (U.S.) has been reduced to a sports team mentality (my team is better than your team), and it doesn’t matter when one team acts the same as the other team. Their supporters will excuse the actions, rally behind and provide unconditional support for their team…to the detriment of humankind and the U.S. Constitution and international treaties. As for the Occupy Movement (what remains of it), we sense that most people are not paying any attention to their concerns/grievances any longer. One publication in the Estados Unidos (U.S.) called for an “Occupy the Nation” movement during 2012. As we see it, the same police state tactics used previously to deal with the Occupiers would be used again (and already are being used again – see Oakland CA for example), especially in an election year in the Estados Unidos. Here’s the video:
Is Obama Going to War?:


Peak Oil News Update.
01.27.12 Hola. In this video from “what is is,” he gives us a noticias/news update on peak oil and how it relates to Iran. (Authentic pronunciation of Iran, pronounced by two Iranians:
Click here:
Click here:)
And here’s a poll for you to take part in, por favor/please:

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Here’s the video:

Related: (Cheney’s) Halliburton gets letter of intent for Iraq oil.

Obama’s Peak Oil Solution.
01.25.12 Hola. Last night was the Estado de la Nación (State of the Nation) speech from Obama, and “what is is” talks a little bit about it in the following video. Who still thinks Obama is a “liberal” or even a “moderate” (that newspeak term that some people like to use to describe him)? Here’s the video:

Iran’s Oil Embargo and Oil Supplies.
01.23.12 In this video, “what is is” talks about Iran’s oil and peak oil. (Are we there yet?) Also, many people in the Estados Unidos (U.S.)—and especially those in the Ministry of Propaganda (a.k.a. corporate media)—do not know how to pronounce the word Iran (the same for Iraq). For an authentic pronunciation of Iran, please listen to two Iranians pronounce the name of their country.
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Click here:

At the end of the above video, “what is is” suggests you visit our affiliate retailers’ page (it’s called Green Stores Whenever Possible), which is at this link:

Green Stores Whenever Possible

YouTube Layout Protest.
01.20.12 Do you like what is happening to YouTube since Google bought it? We don’t. The “you” in YouTube is slowly disappearing. Will they change the name to reflect that, to maybe CorporateTube or AdTube or CommercialTube? Here’s a video from “what is is” talking about some of the new changes:

Occupy Wall St Has an Agenda.
01.19.12 Hola. Well, today “what is is” is thinking about the Occupy movement and their agenda, part of which, is to get the dinero/money out of politics (we don’t see that happening however). Most (nearly all) of the politicians in the District of Columbia specifically are bought and paid for by mega corporations, lobbyists, the pharma industry, the mangled health “care” industry, the PNAC group and the military industrial complex, et al. Even though they often pretend otherwise in lofty speeches (to get one to vote for them and send them $$), these politicians represent the 1% and not the 99%. As “what is is” points out, one should vote with their dinero. If people stopped giving dinero to corporations, corporations wouldn’t be in business much longer and frankly some of them don’t deserve to be in business and they wouldn’t be bribing these politicians with your dinero that you spent with a corporation (like a chain-box store or a mega fast “food” store). On occasion, it is impossible to find an alternative to a company because in some places 1-2 corporations have a monopoly, such as with Internet service. In that case, one is stuck supporting one of the corporations if you want to be on the Internet. The same with monopoly power companies, if you want electricity and can’t use solar panels (as in an apartment building). But with many other things, one can find non-corporate, independent and sometimes worker-owned companies to support and we urge people to do that. We call it “voting with your dinero/money.” It’s the most important vote The People have today since most of these politicians don’t work for The People, but rather their owners of the 1% (as some of our commenters have written…and by the way, gracias/thank you to those who have commented).

Vacuum Tube Transport.
01.16.12 Hola. “what is is” tells us about Vacuum Tube Transport in this video and he asks why the current presidential candidates (including George W. Obama) in the Estados Unidos (U.S.) say nothing about alternative sources of energy and transportation. What can you do (personally)? Here are some things you can do (suggestions from pink barrio.com):
1. Vote with your dinero/money by supporting locally-owned, small, independent, forward-thinking businesses whenever possible rather than facele$$ corporation$. (In other words, vote with your dinero/money by where you spend and have your dinero).
2. Put your dinero/money in a locally-owned small bank or credit union. Please stop supporting the large corporate banks of the 1%.
3. “You are what you eat.” Support a local worker-owned cooperative grocery store (where the workers are the owners) instead of corporate, chain-store grocery stores. Buy organic/environmentally sustainable foods rather than processed foods. And cook using low-heat to reduce free radicals.
4. Take public transportation whenever possible, walk or ride a bike.
5. Record and upload a video of topics important to you and the planet in order to try to educate the public (whenever they put down their gadgets).
Now here’s the video:

Related link:
pink barrio.com’s favourites (including Vacuum Tube Transport).

Howard Dean versus Obama.
01.13.12 In this video, “what is is” talks about two rumours he has heard, one being that Howard Dean will run against “G.W. Obama” for president in the Estados Unidos (U.S.). Here in the pink barrio, Howard Dean turned us off years ago as he became more pro-Establishment. Neither Obama nor Dean is a liberal or a progressive despite what those who support either person wish were the case. (Both are quite pro-war, for example, and both have an obsession with “the war on terrorism”). We read a comment on another message forum recently which we are going to quote here: “We’re not going to vote our way out of this mess. Many people are looking for a savior. None exist. Even if one did exist, it wouldn’t matter. The reality is that corporations and corporate lobbyist and the military industrial complex run the government in the United States. Until that changes and until the current system is changed, the downward spiral of this nation will continue regardless of political nominees and political candidates, because they will all work for the corporate owners and lobbyists or be minimized and shoved over in the corner and told to shut up. The Occupy movement was trying to make the changes of which I’m writing but they hit a brick wall with the police protecting the 1%. Even if the Occupy movement starts up again in Spring, they will hit the same wall again.” (End of Quote) Most people showed agreement with that comment on that forum.


Peak Oil and Climate Change.
01.11.12 Hola. Here is a vlog about climate change and peak oil, and how unusual and obvious the weather is these days related to climate change.

Also, check out pink barrio.com’s favourites.


El próximo presidente de los Estados Unidos (The Next President of the United States).
01.09.12 We here at the pink barrio are appreciative to presidential candidate, Toby, (nonpartisan) for sending us this video and the pink barrio has finally found an actual progressive (a real one, not a faux one) candidate for presidente de los Estados Unidos. Our candidate, Toby, fortunately does not talk about “building bridges (except for bridges in need of repair), pushing the envelope, rolling up his sleeves to get the job done” (he’s not big on rolling up sleeves), and he doesn’t even beso/kiss babies. Toby 2012—-Rosa barrio

We see that one of the artists we feature here in the pink barrio, also supports U.S. presidential candidate Toby for President 2012. There’s already a Toby for President shirt:

Elephant With Two Heads.
01.05.12 Hola. In this video by “what is is,” he talks about the two Republican candidates for president in the Estados Unidos (U.S.) Some people will say, “You’re wrong, Obama is a Democrat.” Only on paper! Or as some people say, “he’s a Democrat in name only” (meaning the D behind his name is meaningless). In reality, he’s a pro-war, corporatist Republican of and for the 1%. (Here’s a website for you to check out: Obama the Conservative.) Obama just happens to be registered as a Democrat. One wonders: For all those who plan to vote for him once again, if Obama were to re-register as a Republican, what would you do? Now, here’s the video:

The Tehran Metro.
01.04.12 On our Home page, someone commented that we hadn’t said anything about Iran. Coincidentally, within the next few days we had planned to mention Iran, but in the context of their metro system which is one of the biggest metro in the Middle East. Please watch the video below. Can you imagine any civilized nation bombing Tehran and their metro regardless of the attacker’s motives (and killing thousands of innocent people in the process)? We are well aware of the usual spoken motives of the U.S.—in reality having nothing to do with “bringing democracy” or “freedom”), but rather the Project For The New American Century agenda document comes to mind for us. Bombing Tehran would be no differently than bombing a major city in the Estados Unidos (U.S.) or anywhere else in the world. What rationale, reasonable, sensible and civil person would do that? Here’s Tehran’s metro. It looks much better and nicer than many of the metro systems in the Estados Unidos:

It’s 2012.
Hola. Here in the pink barrio we overheard someone telling another person, “Happy New Year!” The person responded by saying, “Happy New Year? What drugs are you on?” Yes!, that expresses it quite accurately, we think. Here’s a new video from “What is is” titled 2012:

We here at pink barrio particularly like this image (below) and the colors used in it. The image (titled Tribal Peace) is also sold in various forms over at The Card Salon:

In this video, “What is is” presents a realistic scenario of financial collapse where petro is at $15.00/gallon, stores are running out of food, there are long lines for petro and currency is no longer an option. He explains why gold is also not a very good option.

Christmas may be over?
01.01.12 On December 27th, 2011 (the Third Day of Christmas), I read a headline on a website I was on that read, “Christmas may be over…” (The rest of the headline is unimportant). I thought: No, that’s not true. It’s only the Third Day of Christmas (and for the Eastern Orthodox countries, for example, Christmas is celebrated on January 7). Also, Armenians celebrate Christmas on January 6 (it’s a public holiday) and also coincides with the Epiphany. Unlike in the Estados Unidos (U.S.) where Christmas is primarily a buying/greed-fest, Christmas is mainly a religious event in Russia. But in the Estados Unidos, one could easily think that Christmas is over when one sees the dead trees and dead wreaths already out on the sidewalk in front of people’s places of residence on December 26th.

A discarded Christmas/Holiday Tree

A discarded Christmas/Holiday Tree

I saw a tree on the sidewalk on December 27th which looked like it must have been put up around Halloween. It was very dry looking. The poor tree. Many, if not most, people seem to have no respect for nature (and nature includes trees). Here at the pink barrio, we feel that if one must have a tree to celebrate this holiday that one should have an artificial tree one can use year after year. It’s a shame that trees have to die just so a human being can hang things on it for a couple of weeks or a month (depending upon when the cut/killed tree was bought to be decorated). Just think, all of these living trees (regardless of where they are grown) have to die for this commercial holiday and “tradition.” Then the poor thing (the tree) is just tossed out on the sidewalk. No respect whatsoever for the tree. By many people, it’s considered merely an object for human’s enjoyment. As I wrote recently, how many people who say, “Christmas may be over…” on the 27th of December stood around singing, “The Twelve Days of Christmas?” One wonders when those who sing that song think the first of the Twelve Days begins. And I would suspect that some who sing that song are the same people who have already tossed their tree out. Also, I suspect that some Eastern Orthodox faithful who read that article headline I mentioned earlier, didn’t exactly appreciate it. I can imagine them saying, “well, no, our Christmas doesn’t begin for two weeks” and it’s much more having to do with the actual meaning of Christmas, than the “buy, buy, buy-fest” exhibited in the Estados Unidos (U.S.). Back in the Fall, on one of the forums for the #Occupy movement, someone asked, “what does Christ have to do with Christmas?” They had a good point considering what it has turned into. For those who are not Christian or who do not celebrate this holiday season at all, I find it rather inconsiderate and even lacking respect for other people to not consider that some people are turned off by and don’t appreciate hearing, “Merry Christmas” spoken to them. It’s best to say, “Happy Holidays,” if that! I personally prefer nothing be said. (Just trying to bring a little happiness to people’s sad lives!)—Rosa Barrio