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Peak Oil News Update February 29, 2012.
02.29.12 Hola. In this video, “what is is” covers a range of topics, including petro being almost $5.00/gallon at the most expensive station near the pink barrio. For those who have decided they no longer want to fatten the bank accounts of big, corporate oil companies (and their executives) and will from now on take mass transit and/or ride a bicycle, the Biking & Hiking store here in the pink barrio has (I would think) any bike one could possibly want. Here’s a link to their mountain bikes, for example: Cambria Bike: Mountain Bikes. Here’s the video from “what is is:”

Peak Oil News Update February 27, 2012.
02.27.12 Hola. First, there’s oil/stock market noticias/news. Then “what is is” spends some time in the kitchen reading one particular food label. Do you read labels or just buy “pretty packages?” It’s wise to read labels, especially these days. We’ve noticed that some people who buy supposedly organic food, don’t even read labels or information on the package. Why not?! He also would like viewers to see the video immediately below this one. It’s about a corporate, chain, big box grocery store. Please take the time to watch that video. The story the video is about was on the corporate media (which is very surprising) in the District of Columbia:

And here’s the food video “what is is” referred to:


Peak Oil News Update February 25, 2012.
02.25.12 Hola. Here’s an update from “what is is” on the current petro situation and also showing prices from two petro stations in San Francisco CA (Estados Unidos/U.S.). He also mentions that the Biking & Hiking store here in the pink barrio has a new supplier for bicycles (they have lots of bicycles). Please go over there and check it out, or you can click on the small banner ad below this video. Ciao.

Peak Oil News Update February 23, 2012.
02.23.12 We have a peak oil noticias/news update from “what is is.” Brent Crude continues to rise and petro prices are continuing to rise. Here’s what he has to say:

Peak Oil News Update February 21, 2012.
02.21.12 Hola. The highest price for petro that we saw today in San Francisco (U.S.) was $4.59/gallon. The cheapest price we saw was $4.29/gallon. Below is a peak oil news/noticias update from “what is is.” He covers a lot of topics in this video including Iran, Rocky Anderson, the tar sands and he talks about the shirt he’s wearing which can be found over at the Something To Wear store here in the pink barrio. They will appreciate your business. Ciao.—rosa barrio

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The “Tribal Peace” shirt he wore is also here:

Hoddie shirt
T-Shirt: Tribal Peace by DeanJohnsonFineArt


Peak Oil News Update February 19, 2012.
02.19.12 Hola. “What is is” has sent us a noticias (news) update on the peak oil situation. As of this writing, Brent Crude is at $120.80/barrel. In this video, he talks about eating good quality organic food (oatmeal, vegetables and juicing…nothing processed), shows you a website about the healthiest foods to eat, talks a little about Rocky Anderson (he’s running for president this year in the Estados Unidos [U.S.]). Anderson has 3 “campaign events” scheduled for Febrero/February according to his website (two in San Diego and one in Columbus OH). “what is is” shows you some latest petro prices above $4.00/gallon. He also lets you know what some of the stores here in the pink barrio are changing soon to become even more “green” as far as the products they carry. They will appreciate your business. Here’s the video. Ciao.

Peak Oil News Update February 16, 2012.
02.16.12 Here’s a peak oil news update from “what is is.” He looks at current petro prices and the current price of Brent crude. More big SUVs are coming on the streets. People will enjoy filling those big things up, won’t they?! Why do people feel the need to have such big vehicles or a SUV? The ones we see usually have only one person in the thing! We know that to many people the SUV is a “status symbol.” One wonders who the driver is trying to impress or keep up with? And who cares what kind of vehicle a person drives? Intelligent and forward-thinking people have very small vehicles (which they use on occasion) or no vehicle at all (they take mass transit or ride their bicycle or walk). Here’s the video from “what is is”:

Oil Is Going Up.
02.15.12 Hola. Gas prices are rising and oil is going up and “what is is” talks about that and other topics in this video, such as there’s no “magic pill” to take which many people in the Estados Unidos (U.S.) seem to always be looking for. (I’ll add another example to that: I read that psychotherapists are losing business because people are resorting to taking anti-depressants (which are addictive for some people) instead. So typical of the States. Yes, mask the problem with a pill rather than address the problem with quality psychotherapy). Anyway, here’s the link to the Champion Commercial Juicer Page he mentioned in the video. (Also as he mentioned, this juicer page will be gone by the end of February 2012). If you buy the juicer, pink barrio receives a small commission through a good company: Sunfood.com. Here’s the video:

Here’s the link to Gas Buddy.

And DeanJohnsonFineArt sent us this image of his Spring Mug cup (which you could put your carrot juice in):

Peak Oil News Update February 13, 2012.
02.13.12 Hola. Here is the latest peak oil noticias/news update from “what is is.” He also talks about the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant in Nihon (Japan). Speaking of corporate greed and a corporation (Apple) trying to exploit people, you may have heard that iTune$ (or Sony) decided to jack up the price for the music of Whitney Houston following her death in Los Ángeles. We suggest people buy her music later on when the price goes back down. Here’s the peak oil noticias update video. Ciao:

And here’s the video “what is is” referred to in his video:

Peak Oil News Update February 11, 2012.
02.11.12 “What is is” has sent us a peak oil noticias (news) update and he talks about several topics, including why he looks at the price of Brent Crude in particular.

Is Rocky Anderson on the Left?
02.09.12 Hola. In this video, “what is is” talks a bit about Rocky Anderson of Salt Lake City. He’s running for president in the Estados Unidos (U.S.) and “what is is” also talks about the current neocon Republican president who still pretends to be a Democrat, George W. Obama. But first, a comment from Rosa Barrio: I saw the headlines in the video from “what is is,” and one does not see those headlines too many places. They are certainly not on that Democratic Obamabots’ site called DU. If you don’t know what DU stands for that’s just as well. That site is for the devout faithful Democrats/Denialists. No dissent allowed. No talk about Obama’s Bush-clone record is allowed there. All that’s allowed there is cheerleading for the Democrats and George W. Obama. They require lockstep there or one gets banned. I watched a RT (Russia Today) interview with Rocky Anderson and it was difficult for me to watch. To me, he came across as a rather typical, suit-and-tie politician. The content of the interview was very scattered. The interviewer was one of those people who feels the need to talk as quickly as possible. Rocky answered her questions to some degree but his answers were all over the place going quickly from one topic to the other. That’s what made the interview seemed scattered to me. It wasn’t very focused. I went on his website and he looks good on some things. Nothing about the environment on there that I saw. He mentioned receiving an award from the Human Rights Campaign. (That’s nothing to be proud of considering what they are about). Why list that on your website? Please read: Don’t Support the Human Rights Campaign. Despite its name, don’t get me started on the Human Rights Campaign which many people seemed to be deceived by. They are nothing but a front for the corporatist Democratic Party among other things. They have thrown transgendered people “under the bus,” and recently they honored the Chief Executive of Goldman Sachs at a $650 plate dinner. How many homeless and street people could be fed for $650 per plate? Who can afford $650 per plate? Answer: the 1%, or the pretentious who pretend to be part of the 1%.) Does Rocky Anderson not know about the HRC or is he just going on the name “human rights?” Overall, if I had to compare Rocky Anderson to someone I’d say he reminds me of Ralph Nader (I voted for Nader when George W. Obama ran the first time). But these days, I’m of the mind that if voting made a difference in a positive sense it would be illegal, because these politicians don’t work for We The People or the U.S. Constitution, but rather their corporate owners, PNAC, et al. Voting is really for suckers. But if one feels one must vote (because that’s been programmed in one), then Rocky Anderson is the best choice of what’s running this time around, although I suspect the Democratic disciples will not vote for him. The self-described “liberals” and “progressives” will likely vote for the neocon Republican in La Casa Blanca (the White House) and they will also vote for the neocon Republicans in congress who still have the gall to have a D behind their name. Will Rocky Anderson win? No. The devout Democratic believers will repeat the election of 2008 all over again while making excuses and apologies for their beloved George W. Obama. And the corporatist status quo will continue. Many people are looking for positive change, but change must come from within The People, not from a politician. Most people refuse to understand this and I see no sign that The People are willing to change anything within themselves, because that would require some work and a change in their behavior (good luck with that!) and a change in the way people vote (good luck with that!). Most people’s politics are as engrained in them as their religious beliefs, and I see no sign of that changing, until people are forced to change their behavior. Although that may not be too far away.—-Rosa Barrio
Here’s the video from “what is is”:

“What is is” mentioned other videos about Rocky Anderson. Here they are:


Fukushima Nuclear Reactor Solution.
02.08.12 Hola. Does anyone remember the disaster in Nihon (Japan) in 2011 and the Fukushima nuclear reactor? Or have most people forgotten all about that? Are people still eating fish from the oceans, especially on the West Coast of the Estados Unidos (U.S.) after all that radiation has been pouring into the sea? Or is it the case that most people couldn’t care less about what they eat or what’s in it, including nuclear radiation? Here’s a video about Fukushima from “what is is.” But first, here’s a comment from Rosa Barrio: In the video, he talks about an alternative to the one-party system in the District of Columbia. Until the dinero/$$/money is removed from the political process which chooses these politicians in the first place, I’m afraid an alternative candidate would be wasting his/her time by running. The system itself must be changed first before an alternative/non-corporate candidate would have a chance. Also, I don’t think the herd would vote for an alternative candidate because the herd has been programmed/indoctrinated with two teams: Democratic or Republican, and their devout believers cannot conceive of voting for someone who doesn’t have a D or R behind their name (even when both candidates are neocon Republicans in reality). In addition, the Ministry of Propaganda (the U.S. Corporate Media) would give an alternative candidate little or zero media coverage, other than to make fun of the candidate when they do mention them on the rare occasion. So back to “what is is” said, I agree: Get off the grid if you possibly can do that and switch to solar and wind power. You can comment at the bottom of this page. No registration is required. Just copy the password code. We moderate the comments only because of spam we receive from spam bots (tons of the stuff).—Rosa Barrio. Here’s his video:

Peak Oil News Update, February 6, 2012.
02.07.12 Update to the video directly below:
In this video, “what is is” refers to an alternative energy store opening in the pink barrio. The store is now open. It’s called The Green Sun. Check it out.
02.06.12 Hola. Things have changed on the oil scene and “what is is” talks about those changes in the following video. George W. Obama recently spoke about the “threat from Iran.” What threat from Iran? This man sounds no differently than George W Bush during the build-up to the U.S. attack on Iraq (they called it “shock & awe”) but clearly the Iraqi people felt very terrorized by the barbaric attack with the premise for the attack based on lies. As for Obama’s “threat from Iran” rhetoric, what happened to “change we can believe in?” Unfortunately, it was merely a marketing slogan intended to deceive people. Here’s the video:

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Anti-War Protests Begin.
02.05.12 In this video, “what is is” talks about anti-war protests in the past and protests opposing an attack on Iran and Syria. Do protests make any difference these days? (Answer: Not really. Corporate politicians do as their corporate owners and the military industrial complex want them to do.) “What is is” also points out the glaring hypocrisy of many self-described “liberals” and “progressives,” most of which refuse to remove themselves from the corrupt, pro-war, corporatist one-party system in the Estados Unidos (U.S.). So they are going out and buying new “Obama 2012” bumper stickers to slap on their SUVs so they can fit in with the rest of the “Democratic” herd. Many, if not most, of the same people were in the streets protesting the attack on Iraq by Bush, Cheney and the Democratic and Republican congress. But today, many of the same people are no where to be found for a protest against their Obama. This is just additional proof (not that any more was needed) that most people put their political party allegiance above all else with a “my team right or wrong” and a “go, team, go” sports team way of thinking. Sad. Here’s the video:


Peak Oil Update February 2, 2012.
02.02.12 Hola. Here’s a Peak Oil update from “what is is.” He alerts viewers to two credible articles related to oil and oil production and addresses the topic of thorium (which is years away) as a possible alternative to fossil fuels. Here’s the video: