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Peak Oil News Update March 30, 2012
03.30.12 Hola. In this peak oil noticias/news update, “what is is” talks about: the Elgin oil platform, the price of Brent Crude, the oil barges on de la Bahía de San Francisco (the San Francisco Bay). He brings up the Iran topic and shows us many beautiful flores/flowers. Enjoy las flores. Ciao—rosa barrio

Here’s the link to the solar electricity learning kit he showed us in the video:

News Update March 29, 2012
03.29.12 Hola. Here’s the 29th of Marzo/March noticias/news update from our “what is is” updating us on the Elgin oil pipeline and talks about what he’s now doing for his sinus problem. He’s using organic cloves powder (1/8 teaspoon to begin with and then you can move up to 1/4 teaspoon, but don’t over do it). The cloves tea seems to be very much helping his sinus problem. It may or may not do the same for you and this is not intended as “medical advice.” And we won’t tell you, “check with the doctor before you begin…” (you know, that pabulum that literally everyone else says when suggesting something). To begin with, “The doctor” will likely not have a clue about this because it’s not part of “The doctor’s” training and “The doctor” can’t make any dinero/$$ from people using an organic spice (unless of course you use way too much). You can buy the organic spice (for the tea) at the link below this video. Ciao.—rosa barrio

Peak Oil News Update March 27, 2012.
03.27.12 Hola. In this video, “what is is” tells us the noticias/news about the Elgin Oil Platforms off the coast of Scotland. They are having “problems.” He’ll tell you about it. He looks at the current price of Brent Crude and at petro prices near the pink barrio. Also, is anyone ready to get out of that SUV yet? Or do people enjoy fattening the bank account$ of oil indu$try corporati$t$? Bien/Well, if you’re fed up to here with it, you could bike—very good exercise—where you need to go or ride a skateboard (we like skateboards here in the pink barrio. The skateboard chicos (guys) are cool. The Bike & Hike store here in the pink barrio now has a supplier for cool skateboards. We especially like the “green” themes on them. Here’s his video. Ciao—rosa barrio:

The Lockstep Has Begun
03.25.12 Hola. Yes, the lockstep has begun and it’s only March. For those who don’t know how things work in the Estados Unidos (U.S.): When it comes to the septic topic of politics (ugh) and the propaganda ritual called the presidential election (which is in Noviembre/November 2012), the devout disciples, believers, followers, worshipers, acolytes and gullible supporters of the two major corporatist parties (both representing the 1%) get in lockstep position to support and elect their corporatist candidate of the 1%. In reality, they are both Republican, but one of them is officially registered with the misnamed “Democratic” Party. Read more here…


News Update March 25, 2012
03.25.12 Hola. Here’s a noticias/news update from our “what is is” and in this video he talks about weather extremes, which we’ve seen quite a bit of in recent months not just in the Estados Unidos (U.S.) but elsewhere in the world. Lots of flooding in parts of Sur América (South America – Colombia specifically comes to mind outside of Bogotá and some flooding in parts of the city). The link to the seeds he showed us in the video is below this video. Enjoy the flowers.

Heirloom Organics Non-Hybrid Greens Pack is a collection of some of the most nutritious greens available, including Red Russian Kale and Blue Scotch Kale, all organic and non-GMO. 7 Varieties included in this pack. The pack also includes Amaranth (a highly nutritious vegetable leaf from Sur América (South America).

Peak Oil News Update March 23, 2012.
03.23.12 Hola. Bien (Well), what’s the price of Brent Crude now? “What is is” talks about that and other topics, including organic clothing. And I’m going to add something that I saw that he didn’t talk about since it’s not related to Peak Oil or Oil noticias/news, but I think it’s important (and I suspect most people know nothing about it, especially in the Estados Unidos (U.S.). What “what is is” did mention was this topic: H.R. (House Resolution) 347: US Congress expands authoritarian anti-protest law (which was supported by every Democrat in congress…and their supporters are silent about this). (But if George Bush had done this, they would be protesting. Here’s the video from “what is is.” Ciao—rosa barrio

Here’s some Organic Clothing for Muchachas/Muchachos (Women/Guys), you might be interested in. Take a look.

03.21.12 Hola. In this news video from “what is is,” he looks for signs of the debris field from Nihon (Japan) following the nuclear disaster in 2011 in the Fukushima Prefecture. He looks to see if the debris has reached the West Coast of the Estados Unidos (U.S.) yet. He also shows us a view of San Francisco from the Golden Gate Bridge. Then he walks along beaches of the Pacific Ocean. Here’s his video. Ciao—rosa barrio

And, you might be interested in this “green” idea:
iPhone and iPad accessories are made from recycled plastic bottles, made in the U.S.


Peak Oil News Update March 20, 2012.
03.20.12 Hola. Here is una nueva edición (a new edition) from “what is is” in his noticias (news) series about peak oil. Many topics talked about including Occupy (what’s happening with them)? And “what is is” shows us some Ecobags which we urge people to take with them when they shop (not just to the grocery store…but anywhere). He also showed us a source for certified organic clothing and bedding. Enjoy the native flowers and the honey bees. Ciao.—rosa barrio

03.18.12 Hola. Here’s a news/noticias video from “what is is.” It’s self-explanatory. Ciao.—rosa barrio

Peak Oil News Update March 17, 2012.
03.17.12 Hola. Here’s another “Peak Oil News/Noticias Update” from our “what is is.” He covers many topics: Brent Crude prices, the cost of living in the U.S., the “attack the messenger” routine (which is an old tactic used by some), Rocky Anderson (a declared candidate for president of the Estados Unidos/U.S.) who is really not doing much “running for president” (that’s why I referred to him as a “declared candidate”) compared to the corporatist candidates representing the 1%. Anderson has one interview scheduled for this month with a radio station in Salt Lake City. Gracias. Ciao.—rosa barrio

Peak Oil News Update March 14, 2012.
03.14.12 Hola. Here’s a peak oil noticias/news update from our “what is is.” Here’s his video:

News Update March 12, 2012.
03.12.12 Hola. “what is is” shows us the current price of Brent Crude, takes a look at the Bahía de San Francisco (San Francisco Bay) to check on oil barges, and talks vaguely about what he can’t talk about having to do with the “F” word (and it’s not the sexual “F” word in this case). The link below this video will explain that (as we see it, it’s more of that change one can believe in).

News Update March 9, 2012.
03.09.12 Hola. Fracking is the topic in this video from “what is is.” He also shows us the beautiful CA Poppies and other wildflowers (and bees). Here’s his video. Ciao.—rosa barrio

Peak Oil News Update March 8, 2012.
03.08.12 Hola. Here’s some information in a peak oil news update from “what is is.” Brent Crude continues to rise, and will have to have a bearing on this dismal economy fairly soon one would think. And I wrote a post about Occupy Wall Street’s new social network you might find interesting since there’s some information in the post having to do with future protests in general in the Estados Unidos (U.S.). Here’s the video from “what is is.” Ciao—rosa barrio

Occupy Wall Street’s Social Networking Site
03.07.12 Hola. If one has visited any of the Occupy websites, one may have noticed that references to the two major corporate social networking sites can be frequently found on the Occupy websites, which does not make a lot of sense to me since Occupy is protesting the 1%. (Continue reading here).

Peak Oil News Update March 6, 2012.
03.06.12 “what is is” provides a lot of information in this video. The oil market is following the activity on Wall Street. Imagine that. And he looks at the price of petro near the pink barrio. Here’s his video, and the link to the solar backpack he showed us in the video is below this video. Ciao.—rosa barrio

Peak Oil News Update March 4, 2012.
03.04.12 Hola. “what is is” has sent us his latest video about peak oil and oil noticias/news. He also talks about green rooibos tea which has many health benefits. As is the case with another person in the pink barrio, “what is is” has found that green rooibos tea relieves his stomach discomfort he has on occasion. Here’s his video:

Here’s the article referenced in the above video:

Peak Oil is here, Crude Oil price to reach $150 by 2012 Year End

Peak Oil News Update March 2, 2012.
03.02.12 We have a noticias/news update from “what is is” regarding oil/petro/peak oil. Lots going on and he covers some of it in his video. He mentioned The Green Sun (the solar and wind store here in the pink barrio) in his video for those who would like to get off the grid rather than being dependent on the corporatist status quo. Here’s his video. Ciao.—rosa barrio.