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No Beg Fest Here
04.30.12 Hola. One of the self-described “progressive” websites I visit on occasion for noticias/news is having yet another beg fest. That sites seems to be begging for dinero/money about once every six weeks. This time, they are calling it their “Spring Fundraising Goal.” read more here…
The original digital image on this mug (below) was created using LED Wash Lighting. This mug would be especially good for Cinco de Mayo celebrations:

The Denialists
04.28.12 Hola. When “what is is” told me he was doing a video on The Denialists I thought: Oh don’t get me started on them. There are Denialists all over the place, no matter what the topic. The Estados Unidos/U.S. is a Nation in Denial. The Denialists are thick when it comes to the septic topic of politics or when it comes to being “green” (the excuses flow for why someone *can’t* be green…because it would require them to change their behaviour) and then there are other Denialists. Read more here…

Peak Oil News Update April 25, 2012 04.25.12 Hola. Below is an update from our “what is is” on Brent Crude and related topics in this video. “what is is” and I have noticed less traffic on the streets, and I’ve noticed more cyclists out and about, which is a very good thing. “what is is” also shows us an original hand-made mobile blowing in the wind. These have been showing up near the pink barrio and there are some lovely flowers throughout the video. Ciao.—rosa barrio

Here are the two kitchen items “what is is” showed us in the video:

1. KitchenAid Artisan Series Tilt-Head Stand Mixer in Blue
2. Cuisinart Pro Classic Food Processor 7 Cup in white
Here are two more pretty mugs from DeanJohnsonFineArt:


04.24.12 The Kitchen & Health store here in the pink barrio has some lovely new mugs. Here are three of them:


And this one too. It’s the same California Poppy image as at the top of this page.

Peak Oil News Update April 19, 2012
04.19.12 Hola. Here’s today’s peak oil noticias/news update from our “what is is” covering: Brent Crude Futures, the oil barges on the San Francisco Bay, he responds to Mark in the UK who commented on Living in These Times and there are some lovely flores/flowers to see. Also, his video about 1984 is immediately below this video. Ciao.—rosa barrio

Traveling Back To the Future
04.19.12 Hola. The pink barrio’s “what is is” has sent us a video/article about 1984 (that’s George Orwell’s 1984) which we’re living in now. Although I suspect most people are completely unaware of it, or don’t care (especially most people in the Estados Unidos/U.S.) I sense that as long as most people are left alone and they can continue on with their lives and with their gadgets they would live very comfortably in the most repressive conditions, while being oblivious to them (as long as the repression is happening to other people). Read more here…

La VI Cumbre de las Américas
04.17.12 Hola. I read a blog from Colombia regularly. The blog writer is very informative, his interests are similar to mine and I enjoy his blog. I did not know; however, until La VI Cumbre de las Américas (The Sixth Summit of the Américas) how the blog writer feels about Mr Hopey Changey. Read more here…


Peak Oil News Update April 17, 2012
04.17.12 Hola. Here is the “Peak Oil News Update” for April 17, 2012. “What is is” was recently accused of alarm-ism by a CorporateTube (a.k.a. YouTube) viewer so “what is is” explains why it is indeed time for alarm-ism. He didn’t exactly say this but I will: Some people do like to live in Denial, don’t they? It’s a very comfortable place for them. Many people thrive on pretending something is not happening when it’s happening right in front of them. On a related topic, we’re seeing some people drive huge, new vehicles here in the Estados Unidos (U.S.). The things look like tanks. What intelligent person would be buying a huge vehicle these days? What intelligent person would still be driving a huge vehicle these days? I think it’s more of that Denial. Huge vehicles with these fuel prices? I asked “what is is” in a half-way joking manner: Why don’t these “must have a big vehicle” people just buy a school bus—that ought to be big enough for them—and repaint the thing (if they don’t like the colour) if they need something huge (status symbol?) and with often ONE person in the thing. And don’t miss the beautiful black pigeon at the end of the video. The article “what is is” referenced about the military buildup in the Arctic (he said “Antarctica” by mistake, it’s the Arctic) is below this video. Ciao.—rosa barrio

Articles he referenced in the video:
The Tectonic Plate could be cracking
As Ice Cap Melts, Militaries Vie for Arctic Edge

Dra Nancy Álvarez
04.13.12 Hola. Oh-yes-why-not! At the rate things are going in this 1984 world where peace = war, up = down, love = hate and a neocon warmonger is given a Nobel Peace Prize within the last 3 years, why wouldn’t la Dra Nancy Álvarez think that gays choose to be gay? Read more here…

Peak Oil News Update April 13, 2012
04.13.12 Hola. It used to be unheard of to have thunder/lighting storms in the Bay Area, but they have been happening more in recent years and there was one last night. In this video “what is is” scans the Bay for oil barges. He also looks at oil production/demand. The demand continues to rise and will continue to do so (because of the sheeple’s behaviour). Here’s his video. Ciao.—rosa barrio

Related Link:
Experience Plus (More on the Health Benefits of Bicycling)

Peak Oil News Update April 11, 2012
04.11.12 Hola. “what is is” has sent us his latest “peak oil news update,” and he talks about oil barges, Brent Crude, Syria, Iran and Israel. The link to the Tehran metro that I mentioned in the video description is below this video. Can you imagine anyone with “half a brain” bombing Tehran and their metro? What sensible, reasonable and well-adjusted person would do that? A dysfunctional person would do that and many (most?) politicians are quite dysfunctional in their behaviour otherwise the world would not be in the state it’s in. I’m for giving thorough psychological examinations to politicians, but then that would not stop them from being corporate prostitutes (no disrespect intended to sex workers). But I’m quite confident that if the current presidente of the Estados Unidos/U.S. thinks it fine to bomb Iran—since he has droned many other places already, one more place won’t make any difference to him—I’m sure his believers will support him unconditionally. Of course if it were the former White House resident ordering the bombing, the same people would be protesting the bombing. To me, bombing is wrong no matter which “team” does it. I don’t abandon or sell out my principles to cheer lead for a “team.” Here’s his video. Ciao.—rosa barrio

Here’s Tehran’s metro. It looks much better and nicer than many of the metro systems in the Estados Unidos:

Peak Oil News Update April 9, 2012
04.09.12 Hola. In this video, “what is is” responds to one of the comments left on one of his recent “peak oil noticias/news update” videos. He also has asked some people recently if there is a limit to how much they would pay for petro and get out of their SUV (or other vehicle) and ride a bicycle instead. The responses were “interesting.” As I’ve said before, most people aren’t going to change their behaviour until they are forced to. Ciao.—rosa barrio

Living in These Times
04.06.12. In this series of article videos, “what is is” explains what he and others here in the pink barrio are doing for the future (keeping peak oil and climate change in mind). What can you do for living in these times? Do you live close to where you work or do you commute 2 hours one-way? What will that do in the big scheme of things? If you live close to where you work, do you bicycle to work? Read more here…

Peak Oil News Update April 4, 2012
04.04.12 Hola. In this peak oil noticias/news update, “what is is” checks out the oil barges on the San Francisco Bay, the petro prices near the pink barrio, talks about the airline industry and the Elgin oil platform. Are most U.S.ers paying attention to any of this? Nada. Not at all. (He didn’t say this but I will): Most people are too involved with their addiction to texting (and their addiction to the corporatist social networks), but most probably don’t know it’s an addiction. Then if one were to tell them, they’d likely deny they are addicted to texting and to their mobile phones. Here’s his video. Ciao.—rosa barrio

If you decide to get out of your vehicle and ride a bicycle (a much “greener” and healthier form of transportation), we strongly suggest wearing a helmet.

Cruise Ships?
04.04.12 Hola. On our Home page awhile back, someone placed a spam comment linking to their blog about vacation spots. We deleted the spam comment, but would like to respond to it. The person said they had spent a lot of time reading pink barrio. (That’s often what spam comments say). But if they had spent time reading pink barrio, the person would know of the pink barrio’s concern for the environment. On the vacation spot blog, one of their suggestions for travel was to take a cruise. Environmentally speaking, cruise ships are very bad for the environment (they hit whales and dolphins regularly). Read more here…

04.02.12: Feliz Cumpleaños to a very special person here in the pink barrio today. I know the person is not into birthdays—neither am I—but I wanted to make mention of it, so Feliz Cumpleaños. Ciao.—rosa barrio