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An excellent article from Glenn Greenwald:
Bradley Manning is off limits at San Francisco Gay Pride parade, but corporate sleaze is embraced. A seemingly trivial controversy reveals quite a bit about pervasive political values.

My comments about this:
29 de abril de 2013. Hola. SF Pride™ is supposed to stand for justice, freedom and an end to discrimination. But in reality, SF Pride™ is one big corporate commercial for businesses, organizations with bloated “administrative” salaries, HIV drug companies, and corrupt corporate hack Establishment politicians.
Also, as “straight” as the Castro barrio is becoming in San Francisco, I don’t expect SF Pride™ to be around much longer. I guess they’ll keep the rainbow flags up to deceive the tourists and for a tourist attraction. But considering what SF Pride™ has become—and considering what San Francisco has become under rampant gentrification—and Bradley Manning being off limits at SF Pride™ (we support Bradley Manning!), hopefully no one will come to SF Pride™ this year. No big loss at all! One can party and get drunk some place else. If you’re coming expecting to see the San Francisco of Harvey Milk’s day and/or the city that we became famous for world-wide, that City is gone.—rosa barrio
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Peak Oil News Update April 29, 2013
El 29 de abril de 2013. Hola. “what is is” talks about a new route for the Canadian tar sands’ oil to the Arctic Ocean. He also talks about two new OPEC projects and he responds to some comments viewers posted on the last video. Chau.—-rosa barrio

Jenni Rivera’s Family and La Diva de la Banda
El 27 de abril de 2013.

Hola. Mi amiga asked me today, “what do you think about all the attention and coverage that the Rivera Family is getting on Univisión and Telemundo?” For those who don’t know, La Diva de la Banda, Jenni Rivera, died en diciembre 2012 en México in a terrible plane crash. I was very saddened that she died as I enjoyed her and her music. As much as she had accomplished, she wasn’t the least bit arrogant about it. She was very down-to-Earth. Both networks did tributes to her during their recent awards programs (Univisión’s Premio Lo Nuestro 2013 and Telemundo’s Los Premios Billboard de la Música Latina). Ever since Jenni’s death, one member of her family or another has been the center of attention on Univisión and Telemundo and from my point of view it’s a bit much now. I can’t recall anyone who has died where major networks were still doing regular program stories on the person 4-5 months later. In the past weeks, Jenni Rivera and/or members of her family have been a topic on Sábado Gigante, El Gordo y La Flaca, Sal y Pimienta and I’m probably leaving out one or more other programs. The same for Telemundo and some of their programs. As I see it, the Rivera Family is going through the grieving process which they should be and each person grieves differently. Family dysfunctions arise—nothing unusual about that—and rather than going on a major network to broadcast/air your dysfunction with Don Francisco or someone else, what the Rivera Family should do is to all go see a credible psychologist/therapist and work through their problems as best they can. You don’t do that on a television network. To me, the networks are also exploiting Jenni’s death to a degree and the Rivera Family is doing that as well. They bring on CDs of their music to promote during their appearances on the network they’re appearing on. I think that’s tacky. I know it is a very bad time for the Rivera Family in dealing with Jenni’s death. But the Rivera Family should deal with their problems privately as anyone else would do. There is no need to go on a network either live en studio or via satélite and hash-out and rehash your many problems on Univisión and Telemundo for purposes of network ratings (and for CD sales?). That’s also the exploitation part and that’s why the networks are doing it, in my opinion. I haven’t paid much serious attention to any of this because I saw it for what it is, and I’ve not written about it until now. I was just wondering how much longer is this going to go on and I’ve decided to write about it now because one of Jenni’s brothers was on Sábado Gigante again tonight talking with Don Francisco about Don Francisco’s interview last week with one of the other brothers of Jenni (since her death the two brothers have had a major dysfunction), and they showed clips of Jenni. Don Francisco or producción could have invited on psicóloga la Dra Vivian González-Díaz of Telemundo’s Caso Cerrado to “counsel” one or more of the Rivera Family members before they begin therapy (with her, perhaps?). That would have been interesting. Sábado Gigante also had a competition featuring muchachas impersonating Jenni. One wonders: Will one member of the Rivera Family or another become a regular feature on some of these programs? I wonder what next week will bring? Jenni’s favourite recipes maybe? La Diva de la Banda will live on in her beautiful music and I think that’s where the focus should be and not on all this other dysfunctional stuff of who did what to whom, and who said what to whom, and who hung up on whom and so forth. ¡Basta Ya!/Enough already! Chau.—rosa barrio Read more here…

Peak Oil News Update April 25, 2013
El 25 de abril de 2013. Hola. In this “Peak Oil News Update” video below, “what is is” of the pink barrio talks about whether peak oil is here or not. He updates on the oil spill in the state of Arkansas (Estados Unidos/U.S.) and he answers questions from a viewer. He also provides an update on a question he asked in the last video. Chau.—rosa barrio

The Trinity Choir (Trinity Wall Street) Update to article.
Hola. El 22 de abril de 2013. Check out the liturgy for the Fourth Sunday of Easter (21 de abril). The Trinity Choir performed (gracias).

As of this writing I’ve only gotten as far as the Gospel reading but will likely add more to this later after I hear the entire Holy Eucharist. The processional hymn was “Glorious things of thee are spoken.” From experience, I knew there was a descant for that hymn and was hoping they would sing the descant. They did!, but in a rather unusual and cleaver way. Julian Wachner had the tenors/baritones double with the sopranos for the descant (in their own register/octave). So the descant was done in octaves. From what I could tell, the basses were singing the melody with the congregation which would figure. The same with the altos. I’ve heard lots of descants but none where the tenors/baritones sang the descant with the sopranos. It was a very nice effect. Made for a stronger descant. Julian comes up with some good ideas and that’s one of them. Listen to it (the last verse of the first hymn). The Anglican Chant they sang with impeccable diction was the Bairstow setting. I could understand every word the superb Trinity Choir sang and I wasn’t looking at the service leaflet. I’ll probably write more later after I hear/watch the rest. 04.23.13: So I started with the reading of the Gospel today and I have a suggestion for Trinity: Why doesn’t The Trinity Choir sing the responses before and after the Gospel reading? That’s what they do at St Thomas Fifth Avenue and their musical responses are very nice. The response after the Gospel reading is especially “glorious” with the boys at St Thomas. Trinity could even use the same responses as St Thomas. I would think that John Scott at St Thomas would be happy to send Julian a copy of them (even though Julian could probably write them down by ear from listening to a St Thomas webcast). Musically they are very basis (sort of like Anglican Chants) but they would add so much to the liturgy and be much better than hearing everyone mumble: “Glory to you, lord christ” and “Praise to you, lord christ” before and after the reading of the Gospel. The link to the videos is here:
Trinity Wall Street Webcasts/Videos (and you want the Fourth Sunday of Easter, 04.21.13.) Chau.—rosa barrio Read more here…


Obama comes to Boston

Homeless in San Diego, California
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Media hysteria grows over Boston bombing

The Boston bombing produces familiar and revealing reactions. As usual, the limits of selective empathy, the rush to blame Muslims, and the exploitation of fear all instantly emerge

Ted Rall: Gays and Lesbians: Sucked in by the Far Right. What Happened to the Wild, Free Gay Movement of the 1970s?

Peak Oil News Update April 17, 2013
El 17 de abril de 2013. Hola. Below is today’s “peak oil noticias/news update” from “what is is.” He talks about some strange things in the Boston Marathon bombings. He asks for your assistance in figuring these strange things out. He also talks about more oil spills on the planet in the last month. He updates on barges on the San Francisco Bay, gasoline prices in San Francisco and Brent Crude Oil Futures. There are also some beautiful Spring flowers blowing in the wind in the video. Chau.—rosa barrio

San Francisco’s Fading Gay Mecca (article update)
El 15 de abril de 2013. Hola. A fading gay mecca indeed. “what is is” of the pink barrio spoke with an acquaintance in the Castro today. He sees this muchacho every now and then and this muchacho works in the barrio. “what is is” spoke with him briefly and asked this muchacho: “Have you noticed the change in the neighbourhood?” His Response: (With a stern expression as to say “how can anyone not notice?”) he said: “Yes, there are far more baby strollers now. They are always in the way and what used to be mostly gay guys is now mostly young tech “straight” couples and they are rather unfriendly as they race from one bar to another with some female on them. They are snotty. The Castro neighbourhood does not feel as friendly now as it did when it was a gay neighbourhood.” He also said he has noticed the new hard-ass jock heteronomative type gay sports bars going in the barrio. The neighbourhood is mostly just a drinking “straight” neighbourhood now. A place for “straights” to drink and get drunk. (Let me add this: And get drunk so they can fantasize about being with a guy for the first time. Why else would they be in the Castro? These particular “straight” guys used to be called closeted gays. The new term is called heteronormative. They are gay but are going through the charade of being “straight” and holding some female’s hand to disguise what they really are and she’s (needy her) is hanging all over him. “Straights” have the entire world to drink in as far as bars are concerned. They have the run of bars all over the world and in San Francisco. What is so appealing to them about the bars in the Castro for christ’s sake? But I think I’ve already covered that. Are they really “straight” or just pretending to be? And why would people stay in the closet or go back in when same-gender marriage is now legal in some places? Does that make any sense to anybody? Loco./Crazy. It was interesting to hear what that muchacho told “what is is”. It matches what I’ve seen happening in the barrio. Chau.—rosa barrio Read more here…

Are gays going back in the closet?
The Heteronormatives. El 10 de abril de 2013.

We are living in some strange times. I get the distinct feeling that some or many gays/queers are going back into the closet and adopting heteronormative thinking. It’s the way it seems to me and some people I’ve talked with. It’s a bit loco/crazy and Orwellian considering same-gender marriage is the law in some places now. Read more here…

Peak Oil News Update April 8, 2013
El 8 de abril de 2013. Hola. In this “Peak Oil Noticias/News” video below “what is is” talks about the following topics:
The oil spill in the state of Arkansas (Estados Unidos/U.S.) and how the oil has made it into the wetlands as well as Lake Conway. No media are allowed in the oil spill zone and there is also a no-fly zone overhead. He also talks about BO’s budget cuts to Medicare, Social Security and the cut to federal workers’ wages and additional cuts to unemployment insurance. (Obama’s second term: a new stage in the social counterrevolution ). Also, gracias to the people who have commented. Here’s his video. Gracias. Chau.—rosa barrio

Obama’s second term: a new stage in the social counterrevolution
Obama defends plan to cut Medicare and Social Security
Obama attacks Medicare and Social Security
US jobs growth slows to a crawl. Hundreds of thousands drop out of the workforce

Peak Oil News Update April 5, 2013
El 5 de abril de 2013.

In the “Peak Oil News/Noticias” video below, “what is is” talks about the following topics: An oil spill in the U.S. state of Arkansas. There are some lovely Margaritas Blancas (White Daisies) in the barrio shown in the video. I completely agree with the loco idea about people waking up. That’s not about to happen. As he says, the textbots are too busy texting about the next party and the party after that and the party after that. Hopeless. It’s the reality, although many people choose to live in denial and in an “everything is wonderful” world. He updates on the barges on la Bahía de San Francisco and on gas prices in San Francisco. He looks at Brent Crude Oil Futures $/barrel. And he shows us a honey bee on a flower in the rain. Chau.—-rosa barrio

Link: Button – pink barrio – pink, red and purple

Feliz Cumpleanos.
El 2 de abril de 2013. Today is el cumpleaños/the birthday of someone very special in the pink barrio so I would like to say Feliz Cumpleaños to that person. Chau.—rosa barrio