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Noticiero Univisión
05.29.12 Hola. There have been many changes at Univisión lately and I’ll write more about them in another article. If you watch Noticero Univisión (the network newscast), what do you think about their new LED set they began using earlier this year? I think it’s beautiful. One of the major changes at the network in the last year has been with their sets. Many of their sets are now LED-based and when they revealed their new set for the Noticiero Univisión, I thought it was the best noticias/news set I’ve ever seen. Read more here…

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Peak Oil News Update May 28, 2012
05.28.12 Hola. Here is today’s “Peak Oil News Update” from “what is is.” Topics covered: Brent Crude, the barges on San Francisco Bay and what’s up with them. The price of petro near the pink barrio. Also, there’s a noticias/news item about Saudi Arabia and don’t miss the beautiful flores/flowers in the video. And then there’s 2050 and 2100. He gives the answer to his question asked in the “Conflict” video about the distance (measurement) and the pink barrio items are below this video. Chau.—rosa barrio

Items designed by DeanJohnsonFineArt for the pink barrio:

05.25.12 Hola. Conflict is a video-article by “what is is.” He expresses his frustration over the Orwellian newspeak that is being used for an attack on Iran. It’s a buildup for yet another attack on another country who has done nothing wrong and the attack will either come under Romney or Obama (also known as Mr Change We Can Believe In; his new marketing slogan for the sheeple’s consumption is “Moving Forward”).
Read more here…
Tres/Three different items from DeanJohnsonFineArt:

Love To Love You Baby
A Tribute to Donna Summer who died on May 17, 2012 from lung cancer.
05.21.12 Hola. The dance floor always filled up when Donna Summer’s sensual and erotic Love To Love You Baby was played by the DJ at the Lost & Found discothèque in the District of Columbia (known to locals as The District or DC) here in the Estados Unidos/U.S.
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Peak Oil News Update May 22, 2012
05.22.12 Hola. In this “Peak Oil News/Noticias Update” “what is is” begins with Brent Crude pricing. He talks about the types of oil and their usage (very light, medium and heavy fuel oils). He is cycling in this video and shows us a different scene of the Bahía de San Francisco (San Francisco Bay) than we usually see. He also talks about refining petroleum and the three major categories. There are some lovely flores/flowers in the video. And the fog is in today in San Francisco. He ends his update with a visual indicator on a plant which is a result of air pollution (from of course oil). Chau.—-rosa barrio

Mugs by tres/three different artists:

The Perfect Weather Cyclists.
05.21.12 Hola. There are many perfect weather cyclists. They only ride in “perfect weather” (their definition of that). I can’t relate to that. I was walking behind two people yesterday and because they were talking loudly I could hear their conversation. One of them had recently bought a new bicycle. I didn’t catch what kind it was. He was asked by his friend how he liked his new bike. He said he hadn’t ridden it. The question then came: Why not? His answer: I bought the bike thinking it might inspire me to ride and it hasn’t been warm enough and I like sun and (he listed other reasons/excuses). His friend didn’t say much. I was thinking: You bought the bike to inspire you to ride? That’s like some people who buy a piano to inspire them to practice. It doesn’t often happen that way. The piano just sets unused. I had trouble relating to this guy because I ride year-round in pretty much any weather. I work with the weather; I don’t expect the weather to work with/cater to me. The only time I don’t ride is if it’s pouring rain outside, but any other time I ride and usually enjoy it. I find that the weather is a major part of the ride. If one waited for the weather to be “perfect,” one would rarely ride. And how’s that for your health? The Bike & Hike store here in the pink barrio has some new information (new for them) on cycling for all ages, the many benefits of cycling including for people with disabilities. Chau.—rosa barrio. Also check out these bikes, helmets and bike lights from:
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Bike Lights.
Peak Oil News Update May 18, 2012
05.18.12 Hola. In this “peak oil noticias/news update,” from our “what is is,” he talks about the world’s oil reserves with a list of the countries (the Estados Unidos/U.S. is not one of them by the way). He also updates us on the San Francisco Bay oil barges, the petro prices near the pink barrio and he announces who correctly guessed the alphabetical letter he was thinking of in his last “peak oil noticias/news update.” Someone from Las Vegas correctly answered it. Here’s his video. Chau—rosa barrio


Some lovely new flower mugs from DeanJohnsonFineArt: (I was in a store yesterday and they had mugs so I stopped to look at them briefly since I’m the one who puts on the mugs that DeanJohnsonFineArt sends us. I have to say that store didn’t have anything like these. Nada. I looked at them and thought: How uninteresting. Why do they have these mugs? The ones they had were so bland with drab, dull colors. I thought: Who would want that? Then there are these mugs from DJFA. They have such bright, vivid colours and Dean’s are often from his original digital photographs he told me. So check them out. Chau.—rosa barrio).

Most are not fooled by Mr Change.
05.17.12 Hola. As some of you may know, I can’t stand writing about or talking about the septic topic called politics. I just don’t find that enjoyable since many people just end up arguing about it, and especially considering the state of things these days. But I just wanted to say this: The People aren’t necessarily as stupid and gullible as they often appear. That’s what I thought when I saw recent polls in the Estados Unidos/U.S. saying that of those polled, the majority felt that Obama’s statement claiming to support same-gender marriage was politically motivated. Of course it was. That’s what we said here in the pink barrio. The majority of those polled did not feel Mr Change We Can Believe In made his statement from a position of sincere support of same-gender marriage and because it was the right thing to do. Some have fallen for Obama’s stunt such as gullible, Obamabot cantante/singer Ricky Martin. Does Ricky have any idea what his Obama has done other than this?…as in continuing and expanding on the Bush agenda? Does Ricky know this? If he does, like many others, I suspect he dismisses or excuses Obama’s Bush-like record because Obama is the guy from his political team. I suspect that many if not most in the GLBTQ community fell for Obama’s words. One local GLBTQ pro-Establishment rag did. On another topic, very sorry to hear that Donna Summer died. I didn’t know she had lung cancer (diagnosed 10 months ago). I danced to her music during the disco years and especially liked her MacArthur Park Suite. The dance floor would be packed when the DJ put her music on in the late 1970s. We have her music to remember her by. So Donna, “Love to Love you Baby.”—rosa barrio
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Peak Oil News Update May 16, 2012
05.16.12 Hola. Here’s today’s “Peak Oil Noticias/News Update” from our “what is is.” First, he talks about those who choose to Live in Denial (a big problem these days). People often choose to live in Denial so that they don’t need to make any changes in their own behavior. Head up ass is rather common these days. He also updates us on Brent Crude pricing and the barges on the San Francisco Bay? It’s fog season for San Francisco. He talks about the “Big brother” lamp posts can hear, see and bark ‘Obey!’ at you being installed in the Estados Unidos/U.S. and reported by RT News. Isn’t that wonderful! Sigh. Interested in a Peak Oil t-shirt? One of our artists of and for the 99% has designed 3 peak oil t-shirts and they are now here. Also, what’s the letter behind the graphic of a television on The Board in the video? You can leave your comment here or on CorporateTube (also known as YouTube, but the “You” in YouTube disappeared some time ago). Chau.—rosa barrio

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“Big brother” lamp posts can hear, see and bark ‘Obey!’ at you
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Facebook Data Mining (Updated)
05.14.12 Hola. In this video-article, “what is is” and I talk about people and their Facebook craze/addiction and this video-article is about Facebook’s Data Mining. Does anyone care about that? We think one should. The European Commission does:

European Commission cracks down on Facebook data mining.

And Matthew Vickery, a Seattle Resident, cares about it:

Matthew Vickery, Seattle Resident, Sues Facebook for Data Mining.

Does anyone care that Facebook supports CISPA? Read more here…

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Peak Oil News Update May 13, 2012
05.13.12 Hola. Topics in this “peak oil noticias/news update” include: gas prices in California, petro prices near the pink barrio, British Airways’ fuel costs and the consequences for the airline industry. “what is is” updates us on the barges on the San Francisco Bay. He shows us some pretty flores/flowers starting with a beautiful red rose. He shows us some of the forest near the pink barrio and then reveals the number on The Board from the previous “Peak Oil News/Noticias update” where he asked viewers to guess what number he was thinking. Chau.—rosa barrio

New mugs from DeanJohnsonFineArt:

Mother’s Day: Mothers remember their sons.
05.11.12 Hola. If Julia Ward Howe could see what Mother’s Day/El Día de la Madre has become in the Estados Unidos/U.S., I suspect she would scream: “What have you done to it? That’s not what Mother’s Day is supposed to be about. That was not my intent. What is wrong with you people? Don’t you read or remember any herstory?” Read more here…

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Peak Oil News Update May 9, 2012
05.09.12 Hola. Here’s today’s “Peak Oil News Update” from “what is is,” and he begins with talking about crude supplies and how gasoline fell. He updates on the number of oil barges on the San Francisco Bay and on Brent Crude. Supplies are getting interesting. He brings up Vacuum Tube Transport. Have any of our career politicos ever heard of this? I doubt it. I think some of them are just learning how to use a computer. They are not the most intelligent and current and up-to-date group of people. If they were, things would not be in the state that they’re in. Also, check out the original-design mugs (below) from the artist we’re featuring at this time. We like to help local, independent artists and not corporations. Here’s his video. Chau.—rosa barrio

Art Mugs by JUDERM:

Bogotá’s Alcalde Mayor Gustavo Petro’s “Green” Thinking
05.08.12 Hola. Bogotá Colombia has a traffic congestion problem and it’s only going to get worse if Bogotanos don’t make some behavioural changes in their lives. The Colombian capital’s mass transit system, the TransMilenio, is full to capacity, and Bogotá is working to expand the TransMilenio system, which is a system of red articulated buses—I think they are very pretty—with their own dedicated lanes on the city’s streets. Read more here…

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La Celebración del Cinco de Mayo/Celebrating Cinco de Mayo
Noticias Univisión (Univisión News): Cinco de Mayo
Peak Oil News Update May 3, 2012
05.03.12 Hola. “what is is” begins his noticias/news update by looking at the San Francisco Bay for the oil barges and then at the price of Brent Crude. He updates us on petro prices near the pink barrio. He also talks about alternatives…There are some lovely flores/flowers to see. Then there’s the F word, which is not an alternative. He concludes with his thoughts about what the EU is doing. Why would the EU use the Estados Unidos/U.S. as an example of what to do? This nation is crumbling/falling apart in case one hasn’t noticed. Although I suspect many of those who are addicted to texting and glued to their mobile phones are completely unaware of it. Ciao.—rosa barrio

New Mugs from DeanJohnsonFineArt:

Peak Oil News Update May 1, 2012 – International Workers’ Day
05.01.12 Hola. It’s International Workers’ Day and here’s today’s “Peak Oil News Update” from “what is is.” International Workers’ Day commemorates the 1886 Haymarket affair that took place in Chicago. In many countries, International Workers’ Day is a national holiday, but not in the Estados Unidos/U.S where the day is not even officially recognized. “what is is” updates us on the oil barges on the San Francisco Bay, the petro prices and he also talks about Delta Airlines and their plans. And the U.S. is to import dirty oil. “what is is” talks about that. He also mentioned his video-article titled The Denialists. Ciao.—rosa barrio

“what is is” also mentioned pink barrio’s Bike & Hike store.