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Peak Oil News Update May 30, 2013

El 30 de mayo de 2013. Hola. In this “Peak Oil Noticias/News Update” video below, “what is is” of the pink barrio talks about the following topics: Acid fracking in the Estados Unidos/U.S. state of California including the San Francisco Bay Area. He also talks about the Keystone XL Pipeline and provides an update on that, and an update on the Alaskan Shell Oil rig. There are other updates (such as petro prices in San Francisco). And check out la camisa/the shirt over on the right side of this page. On the front of la camisa/the shirt, there’s a whale in front of a cruise ship saying ¡Hola! This is a blue whale at play. Chau.—-rosa barrio

Las Ballenas/whale-related items from DeanJohnsonFineArt design en español y inglés/English:

Is there anything wrong with your Macaroni and Cheese?
El 25 de mayo de 2013. Hola. Earlier today I was reading reviews of a local restaurant in San Francisco.

Some reviewers describe this restaurant as “upscale.” I’ve noticed that some of the reviews sound rather pretentious. This restaurant is in the Castro and as the city and Castro barrio become very gentrified some people are trying to turn the Castro into an “upscale” barrio. Ugh. This blog entry is about one of the reviews of the restaurant. Some piece of work muchacha ordered macaroni and cheese in this restaurant and before the server brought over the bill/check the owner of the restaurant asked Ms Pretentious if something was wrong with the macaroni and cheese. Apparently she was leaving it all on her plate to go back to the kitchen and into the trash can. That’s the impression I got. Ms Pretentious said to the owner, “No, there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s just not to my liking.” Well isn’t that a shame that it’s not ideal for this precious one’s taste buds. Walk out the door of this restaurant and you will randomly see homeless and street people on the sidewalk and I suspect that macaroni and cheese would taste delicious to them and they would be so appreciative. But Ms Pretentious is apparently above asking, “may I have this to go?” so she could give it to one of the homeless people. No, instead, she prefers that the macaroni and cheese be dumped in the garbage. Instead she was exceedingly gushing in her review over the owner because the owner credited her for the macaroni and cheese she didn’t eat. Of course he credited her for this to get her to return to his restaurant to give him more business, and judging by her gushing review it worked. She plans to “watch this restaurant grow and she will be back because of this excellent customer service and this owner.” Jesus fucking christ, woman, you are really gullible. Later I was thinking that because of the amount of food that restaurants waste—because of pieces of work people like la muchacha—all that food could feed the homeless. I did read earlier that in California alone, caterers, hotels and restaurants throw out roughly 1.5 million tons of perfectly good food every year, according to the California Integrated Waste Management Board (as of a year ago). I’ve never sent anything back to the kitchen in a restaurant and if something was “not to my liking” (as she said) I ate what I could of it (I just made a bad choice from the menu) and asked for the rest “to go, por favor.” I know not to order that again. And then I would give it to a homeless person because they might really enjoy it. But Ms Pretentious was above asking for a “to go” box. I’ve also seen people in restaurants order these big plates piled high with food and they ate 2-3 fork fulls and then pushed the plate away, asked for the check, paid the server and left the restaurant. All of that perfectly good food went in the garbage just like that macaroni and cheese Ms Pretentious ordered. What a waste. Humans! Sigh. Grrrrrrrrr. Chau.—rosa barrio

El 21 de mayo de 2013. Hola.

I was unfortunately reminded once again yesterday how this place (the Castro district in San Francisco) has changed and turned into a hateful barrio. I suspect some or most people don’t notice the hate or maybe they do. I do. This past weekend the homeless/street people were being harassed by the cops. All that does it to move the homeless/street people from one place to another. Brilliant! [sarcasm intended]. This may be a temporary enforcement of our draconian and hateful sit-lie ordinance (which prohibits homeless/street people from sitting on the sidewalk between 7am-10pm. (Where are they supposed to sit then? Doh.) Every now and then some rabid right-wing hateful “columnist” or bigmouth will ask why sit-lie is not being enforced in San Francisco so the cops begin enforcing it for a while, and then things later go back to the way they were. Very reactionary as per usual. On another topic: Yesterday an informal-looking group of runners/joggers (muchachos and muchachas) were having a run and it went through the Castro. They were all wearing pink tutus as part of their running clothes. I liked that, especially on the guys. I was casually watching them run, they were giving running signals to each other and had a whistle. Then all of a sudden one of the haters in the barrio had to get wound up and began hating on the runners. Yes, of course that would be the case. I was on the opposite side of the street but two of the runners had stopped to talk with and/or confront the bigmouthed busy-body on the corner of the street. All I could hear was when the runners said to the busy-body: “So you don’t want us running either.” The busy-body screamed: “No, I don’t.” Another runner came back to the two in the confrontation and urged them to “let it go.” I thought that was a good idea because the complainer was essentially no different than an internet troll trying to provoke them. I later told this story to a friend of mine and he asked: Was the guy whining about the runners white, old(er) and overweight? After thinking about it I said well yes he was now that I think about it. I asked my friend, “do you know the guy who was complaining about the runners by chance?” He said, “No I don’t but in the Castro whenever something like that happens it’s usually some older white guys who are overweight doing the complaining about somebody. He went on to say: I don’t know why that is but that’s who the complainers usually are. They fit that description. I don’t see anyone else complaining except older, irritable, very vocal, confrontational, out-to-pick-a-fight, get-out-of-my-neighborhood white guys who think they own the place and they seem to be the conservatives in the Castro. They seem to be intent on turning this place into an old retirement community where no one does anything except walk their dog and then sit. No running or jogging is allowed (unless you’re trying to catch a Muni bus), no skateboards, no sitting on the sidewalk, no live music without a permit, no selling anything without a permit, no gay bar advertizements on utility poles (someone will come along and rip them down), no this, no that, and on and on. Is there anything in the Castro one can do now but drink? Just sit, be sour and “grow old.” SO, unfortunately yesterday I was reminded once again of how hateful the Castro has become and this has especially been the case since the area became conservative and very mainstream. Chau.—rosa barrio

Peak Oil News Update May 21, 2013
Hola. El 21 de mayo de 2013. In this video below “what is is” of the pink barrio talks about the following topics: Obama’s Department of Energy approved a new LNG export terminal in the Estados Unidos/U.S. state of Texas. He also talks about global climate change and the CO2 count. More noticias and the usual updates. Chau.—rosa barrio

My experience in San Francisco’s Castro district today
El 20 de mayo de 2013. Hola. I was in the Castro district (of San Francisco) yesterday. What I saw was lots of drunk people (“straight” and GLBTQueer). I used to party but nothing like this. The most I would have would be 2 beers or 2 glasses of wine because I had to walk (safely) home and I also didn’t like feeling badly afterwards. I know we are in bad times but are people’s lives that desperate and painful that they have to get this drunk and be as loud and rowdy as often as possible, especially on weekends? Some stumbling their way down the sidewalk, one muchacho stopped near me where I was standing and I had to move away because he looked like he was about to vomit then he weaved down the sidewalk. The Castro has become such a heavy drinking (alcohol) area, especially on Sundays. Along with texting, it seems that drinking and getting drunk are the main hobbies now. Contrast that to a protest two days ago at Harvey Milk Plaza. It was a protest against the SFPride (Shame) board of directors for removing Bradley Manning as hononary Grand Marshal of the San Francisco Pride Parade in June (which hopefully no one will come to now). I counted roughly 35-40 people who cared to show up for that protest. Most people ignored the protest. They walked on by it. Couldn’t be bothered. The small number of people at this protest was very representative of what the Castro and San Francisco have become: heavily gentrified, corporatized, mainstream and sheeple. I even heard one presumably conservative/right-wing resident refer pejoratively to the protesters as “these people are damaged,” merely because the protesters didn’t agree with him. Is that what you would expect to hear in the Castro? Rhetorical question. It’s what I would expect to hear in the conservative Castro of today which is nothing like the Castro of the activist gay rights movement. That Castro is dead, unfortunately. Chau.—rosa barrio

The Techie-Asses in San Francisco
A longterm real estate agent leaving San Francisco.
El 17 de mayo de 2013. Hola. I was talking with “what is is” of the pink barrio yesterday and he had just had an interesting conversation with a real estate agent he used to know.

The topic/theme of his conversation is becoming rather common in San Francisco these days. This is what the real estate agent told “what is is” and I transcribed it from what “what is is” told me:
After 23 years of selling real estate in San Francisco’s Castro district, he is moving out of the city to the North Bay because of the tech people. He calls them “techie-asses” and they are moving into San Francisco in herds. He is moving out of the city because of the stress of selling property to the wealthy “techie-asses” with their extraordinarily self-entitled and snotty attitude. They seem to be the only people buying property here. He was getting angry just telling me about them and made it clear that he can’t stand them. He is also moving because of the extraordinary changes in the city and in the Castro district specifically in the last two years. He said he couldn’t believe what has happened to the Castro. He talked about the corruption in the city government and how the former gay population has left the city and what remains here now is more about being straight and having lots of children in baby strollers and doing nothing but drinking. Read more here…

The Conservative Gay Heteronormative Populace
El 13 de mayo de 2013. Hola. Many people are now noticing how conservative the gay populace in the Estados Unidos/U.S. has become.

I and others have noticed with disgust. Columnist Ted Rall wrote about it in his article titled: “Gays and Lesbians: Sucked in by the Far Right. What Happened to the Wild, Free Gay Movement of the 1970s?” I’ve certainly noticed the turn to the right from the gay populace in San Francisco. This City used to be known as “liberal San Francisco.” Those days are most assuredly gone and they’re gone with the help of the gay (conservative) populace and conservative corporatist politicians and their rabid supporters, often posing as “moderates.” Read more here…

Peak Oil News Update May 14, 2013
El 14 de mayo de 2013. Hola, in the video below, “what is is” talks about Shell Oil’s plan to drill twice as deep as the BP’s Deepwater Horizon in the Golfo de México and how the oil companies are desperate to find new oil pockets because of a 7% decline in conventional oil. And he has other noticias/news. Chau.—rosa barrio

Reinstate Bradley Manning!
The San Francisco Pride™ organisation is disgusting. They have lost their purpose, their relevance and their meaning. They are an organisation solely for kissing corporatist ass and the ass of the misnamed “Democratic” Party in the Estados Unidos/U.S. The Pride™ organisation no longer represent the GLBTQueer populace. And hopefully no one will come to this corporate informercial with rainbow flags in June 2013 called the “San Francisco Pride™ parade.” Please watch this video of their last “meeting” following their removal of Bradley Manning as Grand Marshal of the 2013 Pride™ parade in San Francisco. Gracias. Chau.—rosa barrio

Related: Bradley Manning is off limits at San Francisco Gay Pride parade, but corporate sleaze is embraced. A seemingly trivial controversy reveals quite a bit about pervasive political values.

In the Estados Unidos/U.S., we have money for goddamned drones for killing people and for spying on people, but we don’t have money/dinero for education:
Michigan school district shuts down for lack of funds

Obama regime to back wiretap law for social media

The Trinity Choir (Trinity Wall Street) (Update to this article).
El 8 de mayo de 2013. Hola. I forgot to make mention of this at the time. On the Fifth Sunday of Easter (04.28.13) The Trinity Choir sang the following pieces:

Offertory Anthem: O God, Thou Art My God (Henry Purcell) and the Communion Anthem was: Jesu, The Very Thought of Thee (Cecilia McDowall).
Just so you know: One does not have to be Anglican or at all religious to listen to this music and watch the Liturgy. I’m not religious at all. I like the Anglican liturgy (I like the processions, the ritual and the High Church aspects, such as the incense). I listen to them for the music and the superb caliber of The Trinity Choir. They are absolutely outstanding. They have got to be Manhattan’s/New York City’s finest as far as I’m concerned. And I would much rather talk about them than that political sewage/garbage/basura (which one finds at every level of government.) ¡Basta Ya! So enjoy la música from The Trinity Choir. Chau.—rosa barrio Read more here…


Obama warns against “cynicism” at Ohio State commencement address

Low-wage, part-time jobs dominate tepid rise in US payrolls

Manning should be honored
El 5 de mayo de 2013. Hola. At the link immediately above is a good article supporting Bradley Manning after SF Pride™ (it should be called SFShame™) removed him as the honorary Grand Marshal for the pride parade in June in San Francisco (which hopefully no one will come to now).

There are a few things in the article I don’t agree with, such as referring to President [sic] George W Bush and Vice President [sic] Dick Cheney. Neither deserve such respect nor those titles based upon the 2000 (think Florida) and 2004 (think Florida and Ohio) “elections.” Also, the comment in the article about “ignoring the fact that the last good reason to fight with the U.S. military came immediately after 9/11,” I don’t agree with that at all. There’s the “Official” story about what happened on that day which many people don’t believe. If one bought the “Official” story, all but 3 of the hijackers were from Saudi Arabia so why wasn’t Saudi Arabia attacked instead of Afghanistan?…think oil pipeline. And many people feel 911 was an inside job intended to launch the Project For the New American Century agenda. That document speaks of needing a “new Pearl Harbor” (in order to galvanize the public) on page 51 of that document. Many people feel that 911 was “the new Pearl Harbor” and that day has been exploited as the excuse for nearly every draconian law passed since and the erosion of civil liberties in the Estados Unidos/U.S. and elsewhere. I notice that Obama’s name is mysteriously missing in the article and anything about his having continued and expanded the Bush/Cheney regime’s agenda. And Obama declared Manning “guilty” before Manning had been put on trial. Is that what one would expect from a “Constitutional scholar?” Also, I’ve noticed that the gay sheeple seem to be writing in lockstep: “LGBT.” That’s all I see wherever I go these days. We use GLBTQ (and the Q standing for Queer). Putting the L first seems chauvinistic to me as in “Lady’s first.” I read that the reason that the “L” is used first is to show support for women’s rights. Supporting women’s rights should be a given among GLBTQueers so that a lame reason, in my opinion. I think that’s about all I had a problem with in this article, otherwise it’s a very good article and I agree with the overall jest of it. Chau.—-rosa barrio

California community put on police lockdown
A small California community became the second U.S. city to be put on lockdown, after Boston, following a murder in the town.