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Peak Oil News Update June 29, 2012
06.29.12 Hola. “what is is” talks about the following topics in this Peak Oil Noticias/News Update (below):
Brent Crude, petro prices near the pink barrio, barges on San Francisco Bay, he shows us some pretty flowers (the yellow sunflower is featured on a card below this video), and he talks about “the world’s machinery.” As for the topic of “stop and frisk” that “what is is” mentioned, you can read about that here (San Francisco doesn’t want Stop and Frisk!) from a local activist. We in the pink barrio strongly oppose “stop and frisk.” There must be something in the water for these elitist corporatist politicians to come up with this draconian nonsense. Fortunately, from all I’ve read on many sites, very few people are for this “stop and frisk” racist profiling that this piece of work alcalde/mayor of San Francisco came up with. This muchacho/guy is bad news. One might wonder, how did this alcalde/mayor ever get elected in San Francisco to begin with? Sigh. That’s a long story. Some San Franciscans would say “through corruption, sleaze, lies and ballot tampering” among other things. That’s what I’ve heard many people say and read comments on local message forums to that effect after he took office. Back to the video from “what is is,” he has a new quiz for you also. Ciao.—-rosa barrio

These are new from DeanJohnsonArt:


Peak Oil News Update June 25, 2012
06.25.12 Hola. In this “Peak Oil News Update” (below) from the pink barrio’s “what is is,” he talks about Brent Crude, petro prices, barges on San Francisco Bay, Injection Wells and he also shows us some lovely flowers. Also talks about insanitists (no shortage of them!) Ciao.—rosa barrio

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Dean Johnson has some lovely things. He sent me these links. Check them out. I think I’m going to buy 2 dozen of the Feliz Cumpleaños cards and give them to my amigas/amigos here in the pink barrio on their special day:


06.23.12 Hola. Locally, near the pink barrio, there has been an ongoing story involving one of the city officials who has been suspended from his job, and on a local website recently they had a video interview with the partner of the suspended city official. I didn’t watch the interview and have very little interest in the story, in part, because it’s been so talked about so much and rehashed and rehashed. I clicked on the comments for this interview and they were as expected.
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Some Invitations/Multipurpose Cards from DeanJohnsonArt:

Peak Oil News Update June 21, 2012
06.21.12 Hola. Below is a “Peak Oil News Update” from our “what is is.” He begins with noticias/news about a toxic oil spill in the Red Deer River. (Also, see 06.11.12 “Peak Oil News Update” video). “what is is” explains tar sand oil. Also, refineries around the world are having some problems and he explains why. He updates on the current pricing of Brent Crude as of this video and updates on the barges on San Francisco Bay and on petro prices (cheap and expensive) near the pink barrio. As for who guessed correctly the letters/numbers combination from the last “Peak Oil News Update” video, four people responded (including Chuck Bowling of Las Vegas who guessed “8 A” and he wrote a comment (gracias, Chuck Bowling) on pink barrio’s home page that there are “1,225 different letter/number combinations.” “what is is” gives the correct answer in this video. And the cards shown at the end of the video are below this video. Ciao.—rosa barrio

Here’s the video “what is is” mentioned in the above video:
Toxic oil spill in the Red Deer River (Alberta, Canada)

Here are some Invitations/Multipurpose Cards from DeanJohnsonArt:
The pink barrio urges people to support local, independent artists (such as Dean Johnson Art) as opposed to corporate cookie-cutter card companies. The following cards are not corporate nor are the cookie-cutter at all. They are from Dean’s original digital photos and each card is designed individually.

Peak Oil News Update June 18, 2012
06.18.12 Hola. “what is is” has sent us a “Peak Oil News Update” for today. He first goes to The Board with Brent Crude Futures. He updates on the price of inexpensive and expensive petro near the pink barrio. He also sees how many barges are on the San Francisco Bay. What is Brent Crude going to do in the future? There are some predictions. He shows us some lovely flowers, so don’t look away and miss them. Have you been following the severity of storms/weather in parts of the U.S.? (Oklahoma City at this link). He talks about that too as well as what the insurance companies might do. And enough of the malas noticias/bad news, what’s the combination of letters/numbers in the two boxes on The Board? Chau.—rosa barrio

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Sábado Gigante: Why no muchachos in the audience?
06.12.12 Hola. If you watched Sábado Gigante with Don Francisco on Univisión on 06.09.12, you would have noticed that there were no muchachos/guys in the audience. On occasion, Sábado Gigante does segments of the show called Solteras sin compromiso (unattached guys). The segments are dedicated to PG-Rated/acceptable for television male strip shows. That’s fine with me. The muchachos strip down to their black boxer briefs. That’s cool. They are often body-builder types.
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Feliz Cumpleaños Cards from DeanJohnsonArt (don’t you love the colours!…no drab stuff here):

Peak Oil News Update June 11, 2012
06.11.12 Hola. In this peak oil noticias/news update, “what is is” talks about the recent oil spill in Canada. Then to Brent Crude Futures, the petro prices near the pink barrio and the barges on the San Francisco Bay. And he shows us some pretty flowers including el ave del paraíso de flores (the bird of paradise flower). Chau.—rosa barrio

Customizable Invitations/Multipurpose Cards from DeanJohnsonArt:

Peak Oil News Update June 7, 2012
06.07.12 Hola. In this video (below), “what is is” begins with the erratic Brent Crude pricing. He checks the latest prices for petro near the pink barrio. He also updates us on the barges on Bahía de San Francisco/San Francisco Bay. He suggests viewers watch the 05.22.12 Peak Oil News Update video. Then onto some noticias/news regarding an airline company. Then there are the resource conflicts, “what is is” talks briefly about. He also answers the package weight question from the last video. Some lovely flores/flowers in this video. He concludes by urging viewers to please support the pink barrio’s worker-owned stores (we’re part of the 99%). Need a high-quality musical instrument or music score? We have them here. barrio música carries high quality musical instruments and music scores, and the pink barrio receives a small commission from your purchase. The same is true for all of the worker-owned stores in the pink barrio. Need a KitchenAid mixer? It’s cheaper and much better to make your own organically-grown/non-GMO whole-grain bread than to buy bread commercially made (which is too often non-organic and made with “white flour/all purpose”.) Need a Cuisinart Food Processor? Or a mountain bike? We also have them here. Chau.—rosa barrio

Items designed by DeanJohnsonFineArt for the pink barrio:

Peak Oil News Update June 4, 2012
06.04.12 Hola. The pink barrio’s “what is is” has sent us a “Peak Oil News Update.” Have you been following the noticias/news on the world’s economies? He updates on Brent Crude, the barges on the San Francisco Bay and on petro prices near the pink barrio. He also talks about that piece of work who’s the CEO of data-mining Facebook. (And I have a paragraph right after this video about him). Lovely flores/flowers in this video. Chau.—rosa barrio

Items from funnaturephotography:

06.03.12 Hola. I think it’s always good to have billions of dollars and not leave tips in restaurants, don’t you? I mean, it’s not tacky or the lowest of lows or anything like that, is it? I sense that this guy Zuckerberg is a bit naive or something. Anyone who is well-known should know that when they are in public that their every move is looked at, analyzed and watched (think Queen Elizabeth II, for example). Didn’t this guy think that someone would notice that he left no tip at two restaurants in Italy? He only has billions so why no tip, muchacho? How Rude! He is the CEO of that data-mining Facebook. (Why is anyone still on that thing?) I know one wealthy person (she doesn’t have billions) and she always tips at the high end of the scale in restaurants and she’s always been very good to me. She’s very generous. Then you have this piece of work, Zuckerberg. I asked my neighbour what she thought of it. She said, “He’s basura! (garbage/trash)”:
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg left no tip after Rome lunch. Here’s a quote from the article: “It was not the first time that the multi-billionaire chose not to tip – he reportedly did the same thing the night before at Pierluigi, a historic trattoria near Campo de’ Fiori, a piazza in the heart of Rome.” Chau.—rosa barrio
Items from funnaturephotography: