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National Gay Groups in the Estados Unidos/US:
El 30 de julio de 2013. Hola. Someone e-mailed me. They wrote: I’m hesitant to ask you this question since you made it clear you don’t like talking about politics. My question has to do with politics. Would you might telling me what you think about these two gay groups: [names removed] Thank you, pink barrio.
My response: Gracias. I’m going to send you to this article which explains what those groups are about. I’m not listing the names of the groups on this site but the group with the three words (comprising their name) threw transgender people under the bus, so to speak, not that long ago. Yeah, they are really big on human rights. [sarcasm intended]. I have no respect or patience for either group. I can’t stand corporate shills and hacks which is what both groups are (regardless of their names), and that article will explain it for you very nicely. It’s a new article I just found. Sorry to be slow in responding to you. Chau.—rosa barrio

From Dean Johnson Fine Art design:

It gets worse with every passing day at the federal level and locally
El 27 de julio. Hola. I no longer talk about politics because it makes me boil inside and because the political atmosphere in the Estados Unidos/U.S. is so septic. The federal level is completely out-of-control, the constitution/amendments have been thoroughly trashed, and things are deteriorating at the local level and none of this is about to change in a positive direction. The reason I bring that up is because locally in San Francisco one of the worst politicians (hereinafter referred to as “it”) to ever sit in City Hall is up to it again. This time this conservative corporatist politician who shall remain nameless on this site wants to close all city parks from midnight to 5 a.m. “It” claims this has nothing to do with the homeless. That’s exactly what this is about. Say the opposite of the truth. And if one has been closely following “its’” agenda since “it” took office, “it” has been nothing but anti-homeless (“it” campaigned for office on the draconian sit-lie ordinance which criminalizes homelessness) and then “it” came up with a second version of that for two plazas in the Castro. “It” claims to be gay (although I’ve never seen “it” with anyone) and “it” “represents” the conservative and gentrifying Castro district, which used to be known as “The Gay Mecca” (and still is to some people living in the past and who have not been paying attention). The conservatives adore “it” and “its’” agenda. “It” has been unofficially running for alcalde/mayor of San Francisco since “it” became an elected politician. We have nothing positive to say about “it”. So, if the only place a person can sleep is a public park, removing that option will increase the problem and force the homeless to be mobile all night and day. They can’t sit or lie on the sidewalks during the day because of the draconian sit-lie ordinance. (Please read San Francisco wants to delete the homeless). Therefore, the end result will be worse than the way things are now and again will show the worst of human policies. The Board of Supervisors will be voting on this, but they seem to give “it” whatever “it” wants. They gave “it” the city-wide nudity ban (by one vote) that “it” dreamed up for “its” conservative backers including the Real Estate Industrial Complex and their liars. So considering the conservative direction the Board is going in, I’m not very hopeful that they will reject this caca. On a different topic (the wealthy bourgeois elite in this case), someone e-mailed us commenting on the pictures shown on websites of the new “luxury designer homes” being built in or near San Francisco’s Castro district. Their point was that the images on the condo websites showed only young white, straight couples as opposed to gay couples and/or people of ethnic diversities. I pursued that and was on one of the new condo sites yesterday (the building that seems to be stalled in construction). This building will contain 20 condos and the pictures shown were that of a young white straight couple holding hands walking by the building. Another picture showed a white female with two white children. Both pictures were intended to tell interested buyers that they want “family-friendly” (translation: sanitized, the way the Castro has become compared to its former days) and straight white young people/couples in their condos in the Castro district. They showed images of both sides of this condo building (when it’s complete) and they had the same pictures (I’ve described above) on both sides of the building. Chau.—rosa barrio

Casemate cases from Dean Johnson Fine Art design:

Continued Gentrification of San Francisco’s Castro District
El 23 de julio de 2013. Hola. We received the following e-mail from a reader:
“Hi. Read your article San Francisco was an amazing place and found it interesting. It talks about the condos going in. The [Ed. one of the GLBTQueer pro-Establishment corporatist publications in San Francisco] is acting as a mouthpiece for the new condos. They have a full page ad covering their entire front page for one of the luxury designer condo buildings. I went on the website for this luxury designer condo building. Looked at the pictures. If they want any gay people in those condos you wouldn’t know it by the pictures. One picture shows a young white straight couple holdings hands and other young single white people standing around on the sidewalk aside the building. Guess they don’t want anyone who’s not young or not white. Why no pictures of a gay couple or pictures of people of other ethnicities on their website?” (End of e-mail)
My response:
Hola. Gracias for your e-mail. As you probably already know, the pictures on websites such as that are usually there for a reason, to send a covert message to let people know the type of people they’re interested in. I’ve been on 3 of those building websites and I think I was just on the one you’re talking about (the “straight” couple holding hands). Yes, I saw that. Is that what one would expect to see on a website for a condo building close to the Castro? I suppose it is now! I walked by one of the other condo buildings yesterday and it looks like work has completely stopped on that building for some reason. There is not any work equipment around the building. Did they run out of dinero/money? They haven’t even put the roof on the building yet and work seems to have stopped on it. Also, I should mention that the San Francisco GLBTQueer publication that you mentioned is a shill for the corporatist conservative politicians—disguised as “moderates”—we now have who are strongly for these “luxury designer condos.” They intend to remake this city for the wealthy. That same GLBTQueer publication endorsed the San Francisco city-wide nudity ban and also endorsed sit-lie (which criminalizes homelessness). That publication tosses around the words “liberal” and “progressive” on their website (or at least they did when I used to go on their website), but they are merely Democratic-partisans, which doesn’t mean “liberal” or “progressive” these days. The publisher of that GLBTQueer publication is very close to the current conservative alcalde/mayor and a Silicon Valley billionaire known as Mr Tech (his initials are RC), and other so-called bourgeois elite. Chau.—rosa barrio

Arte en lienzo Lámina from Dean Johnson Fine Art design:

San Francisco’s Fading Gay Mecca (Update)
El 21 de julio de 2013. Hola. I just saw an amigo of mine and he was rather annoyed having just come from his gym. His gym is in San Francisco’s Castro district, which used to be known as the “Gay Mecca.” He’s been going to this gym for years and over that time he’s seen probably a total of 20 “straight” couples. It’s been known unofficially as a gay gym. Well since “straights” apparently can’t find any other gym in this city to go to but a gay gym they want this one too. He said there were three obviously “straight” couples there today. He had never seen that before at this gym. Three “straight” couples there all at one time. They made it very obvious they were “straight” by their fawning over and feeling up of each other. He described to me what is known as the “techbots” (they work for the corporate tech companies). The best way to describe them: Tall, skinny, no muscles on them at all. They almost look anorexic. I asked if anyone else noticed what he noticed at the gym? He says he thinks so since there weren’t many people there to begin with. He said even a few of the texting-addicts noticed. Chau.—rosa barrio

An interview with Cornell West:

More on Univisión’s 2013 Premios Juventud
El 20 de julio de 2013. Hola. We received another e-mail regarding what’s already been written on this page about Premios Juventud. Here’s what the person wrote:
“Hola to you. Well that isn’t even half of it. What about all of these gay male singers and dancers who are in the closet and when they perform they pretend to be straight? Uni [Ed. Univisión] has female dancers all around them in sexual poses and acting all sensual to the GAY artist. I’m cool with sexual poses and sensual and there’s nothing wrong with that but it seems fucked up to have female dancers acting sexual and sensual with an artist that my gaydar tells me is gay. Isn’t Prince Royce gay? Isn’t Pee Wee gay? When they’ve been asked about it they both give the same scripted “I’m interested in girls” answer. There was some talk about Wisin y Yandel being gay?…even though they are married to women that doesn’t mean anything! There are many married-to-a-woman guys who are gay. A friend of mine broke up last year with her husband because he turned out to be gay. I knew he was all along. But put those names I’ve mentioned in [Ed. whatever search engine you use] and see what comes up. Except for Ricky Martin they all deny being gay and pretend to be straight. Why? Like I said my gaydar tells me they’re lying, and when you can’t be who you really are and honest about it it doesn’t cause me to want to buy your music or have anything to do with you. I don’t like phonies and people who lie about who they really are. Thanks to you for bringing this up.”
My response: Other than Ricky Martin and Christian Chávez, I can’t think of any other GLBTQ artists who are out of their closet. Gracias for your e-mail. Chau.—rosa barrio

Univisión’s 2013 Premios Juventud
El 19 de julio de 2013. Hola. Here is an e-mail we received today about what I wrote last night (down the page) about Premios Juventud:
“Hola pink barrio. When I saw PJ advertized on Univisión [Ed. pronounced “Oooo (as in moon)-knee-vee-sheon” for those who don’t know], for the first time I wasn’t that excited about it. I thought maybe it was my mood. Perhaps. But for people paying attention to the important things, things are not good in the world so it’s a little hard to party when you know how things really are. These award shows have become predictable even down to how the audience behaves. Univisión brings out their favorites of the network…all young faces only…including artists and dancers. It’s become predictable to see network favorites Prince Royce and others…you know who they are. I agree with your statement about the gay topic [Ed. see below]. One of the pictures I saw from PJ was a guy standing behind a girl and holding her closely with his hands right below her boobs. There were no pictures of a guy doing the same thing to another guy and being a gay guy I would have liked to seen that. Thanks for your take on this. I don’t expect to read it anywhere else.”
My response: Gracias to you, and I agree with what you wrote. Yes they have become predictable. One of the best aspects of these award ceremonies is the LED light sets and light shows. I do enjoy looking at that. The colours are beautiful, and I enjoy some of la música. But yes, I don’t really need to see someone coming out of the ceiling again to begin their act or coming up out of the floor, or seeing what looks like rain coming down on the stage. In my opinion, it’s best not to “work” these staging effect concepts (such as the ones I just listed) but once otherwise yes they do become predictable as you said. And the audience feeling the need to sway their arms to slow music on cue.
¡Basta! Is there a need for that still? Gracias for your e-mail. Chau.—rosa barrio

U.S. Corporate Media Reflecting U.S. Supreme Court’s decision, and Univisión’s 2013 Premios Juventud
El 18 de julio de 2013. Hola. Here’s an e-mail question we received about same-gender marriage and the mainstream corporate television networks in the Estados Unidos/U.S.:
The person wrote: “Considering the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent rulings on gay marriage, when will we see those rulings reflected in programming on the corporate television networks in the U.S? In other words, when will gays be portrayed in the very same way across the board as straights are portrayed on television now? Your thoughts? Thanks.”
My response: Hola. You’re about 10+ years ahead of your time, mi amor. Not anytime soon would be my guess. For example, I’ve just been watching the español language network Univisión [pronounced “Oooo (as in moon)-knee-vee-sheon” for those who don’t know] and their 2013 Premios Juventud (a.k.a. PJ) and I noticed how “heteronormative” it was. Did Queer-boy Ricky Martin dance with any boys in his performance? No. Why not? (And I’m not talking about choreographed “line dancing” which was part of his performance. I’m talking about one-on-one.) Ricky’s performance was no different than anyone else’s in that context. Did Ricky give a beso to another muchacho? No. Why not? (Why wasn’t his partner brought on stage at some point for a beso between the two of them?) But I saw a beso on stage between a “straight” couple and the audience cooed over that. Sigh. Did I see any muchachos/guys dancing with each other one-on-one? No. How about muchachas dancing with each other? No. In the one-on-one dancing everyone was paired off muchacho-muchacha (guy-girl) as if that’s the only way and the “normal” (ugh!) way of pairing off. Now I realise that same-gender marriage is not legal in Florida where Univisión’s Premios Juventud was held (Miami specifically), but the programme is seen throughout the Estados Unidos on the network and I believe also throughout Suramérica/América del Sur, but it would be good to see something other than the predictable ever-present male-female couples constantly fawning over each other with besos. How about showing some gay boys dancing with each other one-on-one (encourage them to do that!) and having a good time? The same for gay girls. Is that too much to ask? And don’t tell me there are no GLBTQueer Latinos/Hispanos/Méxicanos/Chicanos et al. And whenever the corporate television networks decide to show something other than heteronormative/”straight” programming scenes, could they get passed long-held stereotypes about gay people such as a feminine gay guy portraying a “hairdresser”? I should point out that I personally like feminine gay guys. I also like Drag Queens—it’s an Art form—very much. But I’m not talking about either of those categories. I’m talking about the stereotype of gay guys held by the mainstream corporate media. Gracias for your e-mail. Chau.—rosa barrio

“Luxury Designer Homes” (Condos) in San Francisco’s Castro district
El 17 de julio de 2013. Hola. We received an e-mail from a reader:
A contractor wrote us after reading this article from a Guest writer. The contractor wrote:
I’ve stood outside the building and I’ve looked at the photos of the condos opening near Castro and Market. The boxy/triangular looking thing. I found that after looking at those condos that there is a lot of cheapness that people will be paying a high price for. I read that the 2-bedroom condo in that building is $1.5 million. What I saw is not worth that money, such as the spongy, cheap, laminated flooring and the lack-of-trim sheet-rock walls and ceilings. They’re using single-paned windows and most windows don’t open, extremely high Home Owner Association’s fee (nearly $500/month) and a lot of endangered wood is used inside and on the exterior of the building. There are a few “expensive” caveats to get the people in there such as expensive stoves, refrigerators and countertops. Do the type of people who would live in this condo cook? What would they do with a 6-burner range? Does it require 6 burners to pop popcorn and cook pig cheek? I agreed with the Guest writer in that article, buildings such as this are intended to help change the Castro into a snooty, more straight area of wealthy people and closeted gay people. [End of e-mail]. Gracias for your e-mail. Chau.—rosa barrio

The Trinity Choir performs Bach’s Magnificat
Johann Sebastian Bach/Magnificat in D, BWV 243
The Trinity Choir
The Trinity Baroque Orchestra
Dr Julian Wachner, conductor and Director of Music and the Arts for Trinity Wall Street
Trinity Church, Wall Street, Lower Manhattan
El 12 de julio de 2013. Hola. My favourite chorus from Johann Sebastian Bach’s Magnificat in D (BWV 243) is Omnes generationes. The Chorus I like performing this piece is The Trinity Choir of Trinity Church (Anglican) Wall Street in Lower Manhattan. For this performance (see video below), The Trinity Choir was accompanied by The Trinity Baroque Orchestra, which I read somewhere is comprised of members of the Princeton (New Jersey) Symphony Orchestra.

The Trinity Choir and Trinity Baroque Orchestra performed J.S. Bach’s Magnificat for Navidad/Nochebuena 2012 and fortunately the video is still on Trinity Wall Street’s website (although I don’t know how long it will remain on their website). I’ve been watching it lately. The Bach Magnificat was sung as a Choral Prelude before the Liturgy began for Navidad and in this performance the Magnificat is in two sections, separated by a hymn. Julian Wachner, the conductor, used soloists from the Chorus (good idea considering the high caliber of people he has in his Chorus). The Trinity Choir and the Trinity Baroque Orchestra did a superb job with the Magnificat. My favourite chorus from the Magnificat, Omnes generationes, begins at 11.36 into the video in case you’re interested. It’s immediately after a solo sung by one of the sopranos which you might want to hear too. She has a lovely voice.

There’s usually something wrong with video performances such as this. In this case it wasn’t the musicians but rather the camera work. Note to camera people: When the Chorus is singing, show them, por favor. They barely showed the Chorus during Omnes generationes and some other choral sections. Being a choral person, I like looking at the Chorus, and especially The Trinity Choir. The camera person was most likely trying to show Julian conducting and I enjoy watching him too, but the camera needed to be moved back quite a bit to show Julian, the Orchestra and Chorus. The Trinity Choir performed splendidly. They have the best tenor section you’ll hear anywhere. That could sound like I’m disparaging their other sections but I’m not. All of their sections (SATB) are equal in high quality. Read more here

Ten Barges on San Francisco Bay
El 7 de julio de 2013. Hola. Here is a message from “what is is:”
I thought I would do an update. It looks like there has been a major oil train derailment in a town in Canada, which caught fire and destroyed the downtown area. There are deaths and dozens of people missing at this time. Train transport is one way they are getting the tar sands oil out of Canada. Last time I went to check on the barges on San Francisco Bay, there were ten. The gas prices are about the same and have not changed much. The unfortunate news is that the Oil Drum website is ending publication. That was a valuable source for oil-related news. Why are they ceasing publication? I’ll write about that next time. Thanks again for all the e-mails and comments on my PONU video series.—“what is is”

“Burgers, Beers, Babes?”
El 4 de julio de 2013. Hola. We received an e-mail awhile ago from a reader who read my update below (see “Exploiting Gay Pride”) and who had read the article I linked to (San Francisco was an amazing place!). The person wrote in their e-mail: “I was walking my dog by that [gay sports bar’s name] bar and read their chalk board outside. It said “burgers, beers, babes.” I had to do a double-take on that. Babes? When did gay sports bars start referring to “babes?” That’s straight talk. That’s the same shit I hear from my straight friends when they refer to women. I looked in the door and didn’t see any “babes” in there. I think your take on what this bar is about is on target.” [End of e-mail]. Gracias for your e-mail. I remember seeing that same “babes” language some time ago on the chalk board in front of that bar and I questioned it then. After that they started writing “burgers, booze and boys.” Maybe they are trying to become a “straight” bar faster than I thought. Someone could say that they are trying to attract lesbians to their bar. Yeah that’s it. No doubt. Yeah. Right. Sigh. Chau.—rosa barrio

Exploiting Gay Pride
El 2 de julio de 2013. Hola. Someone wrote us in this article about the gay sports bar in San Francisco that doesn’t have a rainbow flag hanging outside the bar. It only has the bar’s flag and the flag of a corporate sports’ team. I watched to see what this bar was going to do for gay pride. What they did was to put up a “Pride Hard” banner over their door. Translation of that newspeak: Party Hard, meaning drink at their bar. They put up a rainbow flag on Friday (the beginning of Pride weekend) hanging below the corporate sports’ team flag but that must not have worked that well so they took down the sports’ team flag temporarily. I said to myself: That rainbow flag will be gone by Monday. It was. I went by there on Monday and the rainbow flag was gone. Today (Martes/Tuesday) the corporatist sports’ team flag is hanging back in place where it was. So, the rainbow flag was only up to exploit pride and in my opinion to exploit the pride drinking crowd. I can hear visitors say (and this is probably what the bar owner thought people would say), “Oh look, they have a rainbow flag here, let’s go drink here.” Since that’s really what “pride” has been reduced to: drinking and partying. I had wondered if this bar was going to keep the rainbow flag up permanently but I didn’t think they would. I suspect they feel the rainbow flag is “too gay” for their heteronormative bar which pretends to be a gay jock sports bar. Yet in the comments I’ve read about this bar, some faux-jocks/hard-asses claim to be there for “The Big Game,” while other people write that very few people seem to be into the sports aspect. Chau.—rosa barrio