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Peak Oil News Update August 31, 2012
El 31 de Agosto de 2012 Hola. Below is today’s “Peak Oil Noticias/News Update” from the pink barrio’s “what is is.” Unfortunately, he’s having problemas de producción/production problems with the equipment he uses to produce these videos. He first looks at the barges on la Bahía de San Francisco/San Francisco Bay. Then to Brent Crude Futures and an update on that. Don’t miss the LED color-changing Light Show in the background. He updates on petro prices near the pink barrio. On to weapons sales and the increase in weapons sales under Mr Hope & Change We Can Believe In (Obama). By the way, Mr Hopey-Changey’s 2012 campaign marketing propaganda is “Forward 2012.” Did you know that the word “forward” contains the words: For-War(d). How appropriate for Mr Neocon Hopey-Changey. Also, there’s a beautiful Orange Tiger Lily Flower to see (the one at that link is similar to the Orange Tiger Lily seen in the video). There seems to be a lot of dinero/money made in trafficking weapons of (mass) destruction. “what is is” told me he had to take out some of this original video in order for it to upload to CorporateTube (a.k.a. YouTube). It looks like he will have to produce shorter videos for awhile. Chau.—rosa barrio

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Button - pink barrio - purple, red and green
Button – pink barrio – purple, red and green


08.26.12 The Censorship and Banning Have Begun. Read more here…

Peak Oil News Update August 25, 2012
Hola. 25 de Agosto de 2012 “Peak Oil News Update” (video below) from the pink barrio’s “what is is” during his bike ride.

Venezuela (which has one of the largest refineries in the world) had an oil refinery explosion and fire, killing 39 people as of this writing. Then “what is is” looks at Brent Crude Futures’ pricing and checks the latest prices for petro near the pink barrio as well as the barges on the San Francisco Bay. He shows us what poison oak looks like so if you see any of that stay away from it! There are major airline problems due to fuel costs, but yet the prudes that run some of the airlines in the Estados Unidos/U.S. seem more concerned over what people wear on their planes. ¿Qué?/What? Does it matter what someone wears on a plane? If you don’t like what someone is wearing, don’t look at them. Doesn’t one’s head pivot in the opposite direction? I couldn’t care less what someone is wearing on a plane or anywhere else for that matter. People should wear what they want and if some uptight prude objects, it’s the uptight prudes problem. At the rate things are going in the regressive Big Brother/Orwellian 1984 Estados Unidos/U.S., some prudish wingnut will propose a national dress code before too long! I’ve had it up to here with prudes. They need psychotherapy. “what is is” talks about the Corporatocracy determined to take over every aspect of our lives, including the Golden Gate Bridge. Pretty flowers at the end of the video. Chau.—rosa barrio

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08.19.12 Boycott the Election in the Estados Unidos/U.S in Noviembre?
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Peak Oil News Update August 17, 2012
Hola. Below is the “Peak Oil Noticias/News Update for El 17 de Agosto de 2012 from the pink barrio’s “what is is.” He first updates on the barges on the San Francisco Bay, Brent Crude Futures, and petro prices near the pink barrio. As for noticias/news: He talks about the Marikana Mine deaths and the reporting media mindset that workers/miners and their deaths are not important. The only thing that is important is the dinero/money made by the empresa/company.

Then he looks at the unusual military industrial complex convoys now moving across the Estados Unidos/U.S. It should be pointed out that this happening under Mr Hopey-Changey (Obama). Don’t miss the pretty purple flower and the bumble bee working on the California Poppies. It takes a lot of energy to do what the bumble bees do, without any break. The pink barrio also has some new customizable pink barrio buttons designed by DeanJohnsonArt (on your right is a pretty pink one, and three other designs are below this video). Chau.—rosa barrio

Many Military Convoys Now Moving Through the United States. Why?

George4Title BusinessTVShow.com

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Peak Oil News Update August 15, 2012
Hola. Below is the “Peak Oil News Update for El 15 de Agosto de 2012. “what is is” looks at oil routes around the world becoming more militaristic in the Strait of Hormoz, for example. The Estados Unidos/U.S. is mining the Strait of Hormoz. (They have to stick their arrogant nose in everything, don’t they?…and this is coming from Mr Hopey-Changey (Obama)).

Also, thousands and thousands of fish are dying in the Golfo de México. (Hundreds of thousands of dead fish wash ashore near Galveston TX (Estados Unidos/U.S.) in massive fish kill.) Also, he updates on the barges on San Francisco Bay, Brent Crude Futures and he updates on the petro prices near the pink barrio. “what is is” also mentions an article on Counterpunch urging people to boycott the Noviembre election in the Estados Unidos. Couldn’t agree more! Time to Boycott the Election. (We agree with this article; the only problem we had with it was the use of the “I” word (Drop the I-word), when referring to indocumentados/undocumented immigrants. Within the next week, I’ll have more to say on this blog about las elecciones de Noviembre/the election in November. “what is is” addresses a comment left on CorporateTube (also known as YouTube) from sciencegirl. Plant organically-grown fruit trees or organic seeds, yes, and grow them in an environmentally-sustainable way. Chau.—-rosa barrio

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08.13.12 Hola. We thought you might be interested in this recent development:
The Mars Curiosity Rover sent this image before it abruptly stopped transmission.

Peak Oil News Update August 11, 2012
Hola. In the video below, “what is is” begins this “Peak Oil Noticias/News Update” with looking at this past week’s Brent Crude finals.

How are the petro prices near the pink barrio? There’s been a development with the barges on the San Francisco Bay following the Chevron Oil Refinery fire recently in Richmond, California, Estados Unidos/U.S. He shows us some lovely blue flowers and California Poppies so don’t miss them. He also talks about the many collapses seem to be lined up waiting to happen (is anyone paying attention?), including the Euro which is expected to collapse soon. Are you noticing the heat wave continuing in the Estados Unidos/U.S.? One thing that people can do is to remove their dinero/money from the big corporate banks (which are part of the problem) and put your dinero in credit unions, especially locally-owned credit unions and/or small independent banks. It doesn’t take much effort to do this. Another thing people can do is to buy their food from farmers’ markets or worker-owned cooperatives. Feeding the big corporate mega chain grocery food stores (including the one with the initials WF) is part of the problem. Stop feeding the corporations. And he invites viewers to leave comments or responses here and/or on pink barrio’s blog page. Chau.—-rosa barrio

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08.09.12 Hola. If you care about paz/peace, you might be surprised to hear what the #1 selling items are on one website I visited recently and what that says about the Estados Unidos/U.S. Read more here: Difundir la paz.

Peak Oil News Update August 7, 2012
08.07.12 Hola. 07 Agosto de 2012 peak oil noticias/news update from the pink barrio’s “what is is.” In the video below, he talks about the Richmond, California, Estados Unidos/U.S. corporate oil refinery fire.

Richmond is across the Bay from
San Francisco. Chevron lost a unit in the fire. He updates on petro prices near the pink barrio. He also shows us some beautiful California Poppies (the state flower of CA) and a bumble bee and a honey bee take turns working on one of the poppies. There’s now a new “graph” for peak oil. “what is is” updates on the barges on the San Francisco Bay and on Brent Crude. And the paper flyer about the lost dog has been removed and hopefully the little dog was found and is back with his/her guardian or care person. (See last video, por favor, about the missing dog). More pretty flowers at the end of the video. Also, in this video, “what is is” asks viewers to go to the 05.22.12 Peak Oil News Update video for more clarity. Here’s the link to that video: 05.22.12 Peak Oil News Update video ). Chau.—-rosa barrio

Peak Oil News Update August 1, 2012
Hola. Below is the 1 de Agosto de 2012 edición of the peak oil noticias/news update from “what is is” of the pink barrio. He begins with noticias about Air France/KLM. He talks about the oil spill in Wisconsin. He updates us on the barges on San Francisco Bay, Brent Crude Futures and on the petro prices near the pink barrio. And he shows us a pretty plant, and there are also other pretty nature scenes in the video. Also, Fall colours are starting at the beginning of August in San Francisco. Below his video are three items from DeanJohnsonArt. Two of the items were shown in the video from “what is is.” Here’s his video. Chau.—-rosa barrio

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