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El 28 de agosto de 2013. Hola. ¿Qué tal? As you may know if you read this site regularly, I don’t talk about politics anymore. The topic literally makes me ill. So I’ll keep this brief.

I just wanted to make this statement on—what I’m calling—Irak II: Siria (en español) or Syria (en inglés/English):

Considering what’s likely about to happen en Siria, I had fleetingly thought about putting my LED paz/peace sign that I made years ago in the window. But then I quickly said: Why bother? Why waste the electricity? Most people don’t give a fuck, including most San Franciscans. San Francisco is a very partisan city for the misnamed “Democratic” Party. And because of how this city votes in every election (San Franciscans vote for the corporatist D-status quo), I would expect whatever the Messiah regime says regarding Siria will be believed by the adoring worshipers/supporters of the Messiah regime who live in San Francisco.

When the previous illegitimate regime was in la casa blanca, we had massive protests in the streets about this exact sort of thing and the lies used for that (I’m talking about the attack on Irak, or Irak I for purposes of this article). But with Irak II (Siria), I expect mostly lockstep support because the Messiah regime has spoken and they would never lie about anything, correct? There may be a small “protest” of some sort at some point. It won’t be a real protest because those taking part will likely have a city-issued permit for their “protest.” If one needs a permit to hold a protest, then it’s not a protest but rather a city/state-sanctioned charade.

I heard one corporatist political parasite say that los Estados Unidos/the US will take actions over the obscene chemical attack en Siria. That piece of work didn’t use the word alleged chemical attack. It’s terribly ironic how corporatist political hypocrites get all worked up over someone’s alleged chemical attack. Yet, for example, their own droning wars and killing of innocent people including children is perfectly fine and acceptable to them. Hypocrisy has indeed been raised to a new level en los Estados Unidos. This article speaks more about it and says it well. And you can read about more hypocrisy in this article. There’s no shortage of hypocrisy. It seems that that’s all there is. Also, “Like so many places in the Middle East now: Beirut, Ramallah, Baghdad, Cairo, Damascus, huge swaths of the city now lie in ruins. Many of these war-torn cities will never recover. Is this our modern legacy for the future?”

As with many times before, The Bullying Empire’s intent here is really for a regime change en Siria (despite lies to the contrary from The Bullying Empire) and for the stealing of natural resources from other countries according to the PNAC agenda. It’s disgusting. Read more here

Are you sure you want to use e-mail?

They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”—Benjamin Franklin
My version:
“They who can give up essential liberty to obtain the illusion of a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”—rosa barrio

El 27 de agosto de 2013. Hola. I opened up my personal e-mail account the other day and saw an e-mail from my credit union. I read the e-mail urging me to sign a templated letter they had created to be sent to senators and representatives in the US congress. What are the senators and representatives trying to do? Well their owners, the corporate bank$, are trying to get the congress to create a law to tax credit unions because the corporate bank$ want it all. Greedy fucks. I have no use for any corporate bank. I oppose the taxing of credit unions but I know that the senators and representatives don’t care what I or any of the rest of us think for that matter, because we are not their owners. They only care what their corporate and MIC owners think. The senators and representatives have made that abundantly clear by their voting records, despite their words to the contrary on occasion.

Later on, I told an amigo about this taxing the credit unions story and then went to read the e-mail to him. The e-mail was gone, but I knew I hadn’t deleted it. It wasn’t in my inbox or the spam folder. Then I did a search in my e-mail for the name of the credit union. The e-mail appeared at the top of that list oddly with the title and credit union’s name crossed out (a line was drawn through them, as in delete). I wondered: Was this a new way of saying that an e-mail had been opened/read? No, because none of the other e-mails that I had opened showed a crossed out line through the title/sender. Instead, I think it was an internal way of censoring the e-mail. If you’ve been paying any attention over recent months you will know what I’m talking about. So I went back to my inbox to see if the e-mail had reappeared there. No, it had not. The credit union e-mail was still gone from there. I’ve never had this happen before.

I suspect there is someone who does not like the content of the e-mail and the e-mail triggered something. I’m considering using another e-mail provider with servers outside los Estados Unidos/the U.S. because the e-mail provider I’ve been using has been in the noticias/news some lately and they have been working very closely with the Messiah regime and that agenda. It would seem that someone does not want anyone protesting the congress in support of credit unions, but rather wants to continue the $tatu$ quo of where corporate bank$ reign.

I read an article by the e-mail provider who shut down his entire e-mail business about a month ago because of actions of and by the Messiah regime. That provider person said that if people knew what he knows about e-mail, they wouldn’t even use it! I don’t question what he means by that at all. I’m getting more and more to the point where I do very little online because of this 1984 nonsense. To those who still might be confused by or dismiss the idea/concept of the Messiah Regime, please view this image. Read more here

The anti-social corporate “social media networks.”
“Social media network”: What a fancy name for something very Orwellian.

El 17 de agosto de 2013. Hola. The effects and ramifications of the corporate “social media networks” (as they’re called) on society are very Orwellian. And include in that the ones specifically for dating and/or sex hookups. These so-called “social media networks” have helped to create a very unsocial, distanced, cold and impersonal society, instead of a very “social” and warm society. What exactly is “social” about typing to people using your thumbs?

I’ve written about this before and have posted articles by Guest opinions. Texting and squinting at a small rectangular screen and playing with it like a baby plays with a rattler for hours and hours is something that many people do, in part, because they think that’s what they’re supposed to do (according to what their television programmes them to do) in order to be one of the programmed sheeple. I mean, you’re nobody if you’re not texting or staring at a small screen in your hand, correct? (sarcasm intended). It’s one of the strongest addictions I’ve seen in people, right up there with some drugs.

I saw a muchacho coming out of the Metro the other day and he was frantic for two things: A cigarette and his gadget. He was frantically feeling for both in his pockets. But he turned on his gadget first then frantically lit his cigarette. So I take it that his texting was the stronger addiction. It’s an extreme addiction and serves as a major distraction for many (if not most) people, many of whom are oblivious to what’s going on around them and in the world that directly affects our lives. The textbots are severely addicted to the corporate “social media networks” where people text rather than talk.

At the local gym in San Francisco’s Castro district, I’ve been told repeatedly that it’s now a texting library (it’s “library quiet”) and that very few people talk at all. Instead they text and stare at their gadgets. When one looks around the gym, one sees nearly everyone staring or squinting at a screen in their hand. Isn’t that pathetic! When I asked: How many people at the gym are not texting? The answer I got was: Only about 4. The textbots text in between reps and sometimes text to each other in the same room (to avoid talking with them in person?). Loco.

These anti-social corporate “social media networks” have even made people anti-social to their dog! The thing I find really sad is the many people I see walking their dogs and texting. The people are at work all day (I presume) and their dog is home alone and often stuck in a dark garage. Their dog remains alone when being walked because the dog’s guardian is still on the gadget and texting. The gadget is getting the love and attention that the dog is missing. Some people really should not have animals especially when the dog is being walked by a clueless textbot. The dog’s tail is down and the dog looks bored or unhappy. I feel sorry for the many dogs I see in this situation. Poor dog.

Also in San Francisco, there have been some assaults, robberies and muggings recently involving the stealing of people’s gadgets. Some people get on their gadget and for some reason seem to think they are safely in the comfort of their living room (even though they are on the public sidewalk) and for some reason they think nothing will happen to them in a major city on the sidewalk because they’re texting that ever-critical text message to somebody. Recently I saw a person who had planned to cross the street but she got stuck on the sidewalk and glued to her gadget. She was completely unaware of her surroundings (she never looked up), the light had changed multiple times, she could have crossed the street minutes ago instead of standing in the middle of the sidewalk squinting at that gadget in her hand and people having to walk around her. For all I know, she may still be standing there, completely absorbed with texting.

I read from a credible source that school teachers and others are having a major problem with students these days particularly with students’ spelling because of texting. The word, “what” is not spelled “wut,” as one example. I’ve read articles from mental health workers talking about the lack of development of social skills in people because of texting. It’s at an epidemic level. Read more here

Yo soy Betty, la Fea
El 8 de agosto de 2013. Hola. ¿Qué Tal? Are you watching Betty, la Fea, on MundoFox at 6.00 pm Lunes a Viernes?

It’s technically Ecomoda, the sequel to spinoff of BLF, but just like with TeleFutura a few years ago when they showed it, it’s being called Betty, la Fea. I’ve not watched MundoFox before. The network has only been around for a year apparently and it’s joint venture between Canal RCN de Bogotá Colombia and Fox, with (I think) Canal RCN providing the programming. And because Canal RCN is involved, I especially wanted to see BFL because I assumed that they would be showing the original Canal RCN Fernando Gaitán Yo soy Betty, la Fea and Ecomoda. Gaitán created both telenovelas. Unfortunately, I missed all of Betty la Fea on MundoFox except for la boda/the wedding (Betty y Armando). I saw on a telenovela forum a couple of weeks ago that BLF was being shown (it said “starting agosto de 2012″) so I thought I had missed it. I began calculating the amount of time since agosto de 2012 to julio de 2013 and in my head fitting in 169 BLF capítulos. I realised BLF was about to end if it hadn’t already! It ended about two weeks ago and then they immediately went into Ecomoda, without the viewers knowing it’s Ecomoda. As I’m writing this and thinking back on what I did see of BLF on MundoFox, not all of that capítulo was shown. That’s terrible. I remember saying to myself (you know, like they do in the telenovelas) that they showed only about 10 minutes of la boda. They cut out some of Nicolás Mora (I like him!…”chau, chau”) when he was sitting in the church pew beside/leaning on Doña Catalina. I don’t remember seeing that at all on MundoFox. I remember thinking that it seemed like a very fast la boda. I think they also cut out some of the priest speaking because I remember liking the way he spoke when BLF was on TeleFutura. Why would they cut out some of la boda? Loco.

Anyway, this Ecomoda is different than the one I saw on TeleFutura and it’s different than the ones on CorporateTube (a.k.a. YouTube). It’s different in a very good way in that it makes sense. It’s really no different than BLF. But when Ecomoda was shown on TeleFutura a few years ago they did such a terrible job of showing it by cutting much of it out and as a result viewers on message forums wrote many comments expressing their disgust with the hack job done on Ecomoda by TeleFutura and saying how it didn’t make any sense. For example, you’d see one character very angry at another character but what caused the anger had been cut out and situations came out of no where. The story line was very chopped up and disjointed. I don’t know why, other than to fit in more damned commercials?

Fortunately, this Ecomoda on MundoFox doesn’t appear to be cut, although I’m now beginning to wonder some about that. When Ecomoda is written about people write, “Ecomoda begins in Buenos Aires…” This version didn’t. The Ecomoda MundoFox is showing (the original one I assume since it’s Canal RCN) began in Bogotá at la cumpleaños of Betty y Armando’s hija/daughter. The Buenos Aires part didn’t come for awhile. I forget exactly where it was. It might have been in the second capítulo, but it was not at the beginning.

After I saw Ecomoda on TeleFutura, I wondered why Fernando Gaitán took something as successful world-wide as Betty, la Fea and then made the sequel so different and sillier. I now know he didn’t. He kept it the same, which makes sense. It was the television networks (TeleFutura) and others who cut it up so and made it sillier and dumbed-it-down some by just showing “excerpts,” if that. The Betty in Ecomoda is not the same Betty as the BLF Betty and that’s one of the complaints about Ecomoda from some people and it’s why some people stopped watching it. It doesn’t really bother me that Betty is not the same Betty. Ecomoda is more about la empresa, Ecomoda (which is probably why Gaitán named it “Ecomoda”) and the people en la empresa and the people they work with (the “Fashion Group” for example). The Betty in Ecomoda is a corporate Betty as opposed to the so-called “la fea” Betty. There’s also some very nice new música incidental in Ecomoda, in addition to the BLF música incidental. I like most of la música a lot.

Ecomoda started about two weeks ago on MundoFox so check it out. They began capítulo once today. There seem to be 26 capítulos, although from when TeleFutura showed it I thought I remembered there being 39. I did feel rather disgusted and alarmed yesterday when on the television screen for the BLF promo on MundoFox it said, “Últimas Semanas.” ¿Qué? Already?! So does that mean that they are going to show all of Ecomoda without cuts or are they ending it early? Read more here

Benjamin Straley at Washington National Cathedral
This article is about organist Benjamin Straley at Washington National Cathedral in the District of Columbia (Estados Unidos/US). Washington National Cathedral (officially known as the Cathedral Church of Saint Peter and Paul) is a cathedral church of the Anglican Communion.

El 3 de agosto de 2013. Hola. Benjamin Straley was hired in the Summer of 2012 as Assistant Organist at Washington National Cathedral (WNC) and I immediately liked him and was hoping he would be around awhile—he was/is a refreshing change from the previous organist—and wasn’t just filling in for the organist who left.

I wish Benjamin were the Principal Organist because then Benjamin would play more often, but I presume he applied for the Assistant Organist position. He’s the best organist at Washington National Cathedral. He’s also studying to be an Anglican priest from what I’ve read about him. He studied organ with Dra Marilyn Keiser at Jacobs School of Music, Indiana University. Benjamin is one of the finest organists I’ve ever heard and WNC is very fortunate to have him (I hope they know that). He plays as if it is effortless for him, which is the sign of an artist. He seems so very relaxed while he’s playing (compared with another organist who looks uptight, stiff and rigid. I won’t name names.) I always look forward to seeing Benjamin at the organ console. Unfortunately Washington National Cathedral is rather Low Church, and almost seems to be getting lower. (“Is that a cry of pain I hear on the line?” as Hyacinth Bucket [pronounced bouquet] of “Keeping Up Appearances” would ask). Yes, one can hear a cry of pain from me with Low Church as I’m a High Church person. Benjamin’s playing makes the Liturgy feel higher church by his artistry and he seems to know the cathedral organ thoroughly. Organ registration is one of his strong interests and expertise. He’s frequently changing settings, stops and thumb/toe pistons for the particular sound he wants. He also doesn’t play the hymns “dry as dust” as someone else does, but rather plays each verse differently (different registration) and spices up the last verse especially with more elaborate harmonies (often giving a “grand and glorious” feel) and he also sometimes uses creative organ interludes in between verses, which I like a lot. He has played for Liturgies where the Bishop for the District of Columbia was present, and the organ fanfare he provided for her entrance, one would think that Her Majesty the Queen were arriving. That’s how good it was.
Read more here