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Felices Fiestas
El 29 de Octubre de 2012. Hola. You may be thinking it’s early for “Felices Fiestas” and I agree since it’s not yet Día/Noche de Brujas or Día de los Muertos. However, Dean Johnson Fine Art sent me his new tarjetas de Felices Fiestas the other day and I thought I’d show them to you. Read more here…

Peak Oil News Update October 29, 2012
El 29 de Octubre de 2012. Hola. Below is a “Peak Oil Noticias/News Update” from the pink barrio’s “what is is.”

He begins with los Gigantes de San Francisco winning the U.S. national series in baseball. We in the pink barrio don’t call it the misnamed “world series” when teams from around the world do not compete in this thing. It’s only teams from the Estados Unidos/U.S., and the Estados Unidos is not “the world,” even though it arrogantly thinks it is and thinks that it can bully the world whenever it wants. “What is is” shows us what happened in San Francisco after the U.S. national series ended this past Domingo/Sunday and los Gigantes won. What he forget to show was that some San Francisco Muni buses (the city’s mass transit system) were burned by those “celebrating” los Gigantes and their win. Of course, to many people this destruction is perfectly fine. But if it were protesters doing the same thing, the hate for the protesters would be rabid. Where are the calls from the right-wing rabids to ban violent and destructive celebrations after these games? The rabids are for banning anything else where similar things/destruction happens. La policía did nothing, but if this were a protest (Occupy comes to mind, for example), la policía would be bulling the protesters and cracking skulls with batons and arresting protesters in The U.S. of Hypocrisy. Also, “what is is” talks about oil production in the Estados Unidos and the newspeak used. He updates on the barges on la Bahía de San Francisco and Brent Crude Futures. He also updates on petro prices in San Francisco. And he talks about the number of earthquakes on the West Coast (California especially) of the Estados Unidos/U.S. And his special event scheduled for El 31 de Octubre de 2012 has been postponed due to computer-related problems. Chau.—rosa barrio

Día de las Brujas y El Día de los Muertos.
El 27 de Octubre de 2012. Hola. Día de las Brujas is a major celebration in some major cities in the Estados Unidos and around the world. Two cities that come to mind in the EE.UU: West Hollywood and Manhattan have major events to celebrate the day. Read more here…

Obama moves to make the “War on Terror” permanent. Complete with a newly coined, creepy Orwellian euphemism – ‘disposition matrix’ – the regime institutionalizes the most extremist powers a government can claim.
El 25 de Octubre de 2012. Hola. Considering Mr Change We Can Believe In (Obama) has expanded the Bush/Cheney agenda, it should surprise no one that he’s moving to make the faux “war on terror” permanent. Will there be protests in las calles/the streets against this? Of course not. Nada. But if George W Bush were still in La Casa Blanca there would be protests. But you see, the hypocritical faux-liberals and faux-progressives (which includes Obamabots) will put up with anything if it’s a corporatist politician with a D next to his name in office. They have no standards or ethics. Party line is #1 for the partisan sheep. Being nonpartisan, objective and not one of the sheep, I protest them both (Bush and George W. Obama). Here’s the link to the article. Chau.—rosa barrio

Casos de Familia no longer on Univisión.
El 24 de Octubre de 2012. As of Lunes of this week, Casos de Familia is no longer listed on Univisión’s schedule. It’s been replaced by La Rosa de Guadalupe. Casos de Familia is still listed on Galavisión’s schedule, but I don’t receive that network so I don’t know if they are old programs or new ones. I’m now getting the sense that Casos de Familia was not doing well to begin with and that’s why Venevisión would not give Judith Grace the salary increase she asked for. The show must have died in the ratings after Venevisión brought on Tere Marín as the new host. I continued to watch the show, but I preferred Judith Grace as host. I have not read one positive comment from anyone about Tere Marín’s hosting of the program. Chau.—rosa barrio

Peak Oil News Update October 19, 2012
Hola. El 19 de Octubre de 2012. Below in the video is a “Peak Oil Noticias/News Update” from the pink barrio’s “what is is.” He mentions that weather changes and allergies are making it difficult for him to sleep some nights. He talks about la Dra. Helen Caldicott and her video series. The video he mentioned is below this video. He talks about Mr Hopey-Changey (Obama). Ugh. There are some pretty flowers in this video. He updates on the barges on la Bahía de San Francisco. There are expected price increases for petro, so he updates on the current petro prices in San Francisco. He also updates on Brent Crude Futures. And unfortunately, there’s a “Well-read Lost Cat” in the barrio. He shows us some beautiful misty blue/purple Morning Glories. He tried to record them in the last video but some inconsiderate and oblivious muchacha allowed her dog to interfere. What is it with people? The “Land of the Living Dead” comes to mind. We like perros/dogs in the pink barrio. It’s the inconsiderate and oblivious people we have a problem with. For some reason, they assume that everyone wants to see whatever they have to show off, whether it be a dog or a baby. If I had a dog, I would be very mindful to make sure my dog does not interfere or bother anyone engaged in doing something with a camera just as a common courtesy. I wouldn’t assume that someone wants to play with my dog. When I had a kitness/cat, I felt the same way and my Maine Coon cat required my approval of any new person before he felt comfortable with them. And “what is is” shows us a wet spider web at the end of the video. Chau.—rosa barrio

Helen Caldicott & David Freeman Nuclear Power: Life & Death

From Dean Johnson Fine Art designs:


El 17 de Octubre de 2012. Why is anyone still on Facebook? Do people not care about any of this?:
The Best Reporting on Facebook and Your Privacy.

Facebook Data Mining.

Peak Oil News Update October 15, 2012
El 15 de Octubre de 2012. Hola. Below is today’s “Peak Oil News Update” from the pink barrio’s “what is is.” Californians are being warned about the next spike in petro prices. He also talks about a problem with using Ethanol and that’s followed by the United Nations warning of an international food crises by next year (2013) and the EE.UU/U.S. is using food land for fuel land. And wheat production is down from last year’s production level. “What is is” shows us some pretty purple-blue margaritas/daisies. Despite all of this noticias/news, we see no shortage of babies, baby strollers and oblivious parents. He updates on the barges on la Bahía de San Francisco and returns to the topic of the coming food crises which I suspect most people would dismiss (Denial). He also updates on Brent Crude Futures as well as the petro prices in San Francisco. And “what is is” ends this video with a very special guest who lives near the pink barrio. Chau.—rosa barrio

El 12 de Octubre de 2012: From Paul Craig Roberts: Evil is Evil. Don’t Vote for Evil. He “gets it.” He writes that if USans had any sense (yeah, well), they would not vote in the Noviembre 2012 election in the Estados Unidos/U.S. because whichever corporatist candidate wins of the two right-wing, pro-war, neocon corporatist candidates (“Democratic” and Republican), it will be a defeat for USans (and I would add: and the rest of the world). Read his article here: Evil is Evil. Don’t Vote for Evil.
Related: Boycott the Election?

From Dean Johnson Fine Art designs:


Peak Oil News Update October 11, 2012
El 11 de Octubre de 2012. Hola. Below is today’s “Peak Oil Noticias/News Update” from the pink barrio’s “what is is.” He begins with the noticias that the European Parliament’s Industrial Committee has rejected a ban on oil drilling.

He shows us a pretty yellow rose necklace which is from Dean Johnson Fine Art design and you can see it below this video.

Next he talks about the Tar Sands’ blockade. He also explains a little bit about climate change as it relates to the changed(ing) jet stream. He updates on the barges on San Francisco Bay as well as the current petro prices in San Francisco, and Brent Crude Futures. And he reminds viewers of the Bóardance on El 31 de Octubre de 2012. Chau.—rosa barrio

Name Necklace – Yellow Rose from Dean Johnson Fine Art designs (this was shown in the previous video):


Peak Oil News Update October 7, 2012
El 7 de Octubre de 2012. Hola. Below is today’s “Peak Oil News Update” from the pink barrio’s “what is is.”

The petro prices have risen in California (CA) and people are concerned. Some corporate stations are closing until this “peak” ends. There are some pretty las Dalias in this video. “what is is” talks about fuel efficiency and the progress on that in the EE.UU (U.S.) He updates on the barges on San Francisco Bay. He also updates on the petro prices near the pink barrio. He mentions that abominable, militaristic “fleet week” nonsense that we’re stuck with here where it sounds like one is in a war zone when those jets waste all that fuel to break the sound barrier while entertaining the sheeple. I think it’s like a video game to them. Maybe if they were to ever live in a real war zone, they would feel differently about this nonsense. And the poor animals must be scared by the jet sounds and the jets seem to try to fly as low as they can especially over the skycrapers of the Financial District of San Francisco. Fortunately, the thing ends today. And he mentions that Daryl Hannah was arrested with a “senior citizen” during a Texas Pipeline Protest. If you agree with what she did, “what is is” wants people to “thumbs up” this video. If you disagree with what Daryl did, “thumbs down” this video. And he asks people to come to this blog page and check out the pretty Las Dalias which are native to and the official flower of México. Chau.—rosa barrio

Here’s the article about Las Dalias he showed in the video:

Dalia, la flor de México.
El 5 de Octubre de 2012. Hola. There are so many beautiful things about México, including their flor nacional/national flower: La Dalia (‘dah-lee-a’). Read more here…

Las Dalias Posters from DeanJohnsonFineArt design:


Peak Oil News Update October 3, 2012
El 3 de Octubre de 2012. Hola. In this “Peak Oil Noticias/News Update” (video below) from the pink barrio’s “what is is” he talks about the following topics:

Toby for President Tee Shirts
If one feels one must take
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called the U.S. presidential election,
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The Bay Area has had a heat-wave the last couple days, but around mid-afternoon today the fog came in and cooled off San Francisco. Oil Sands of Canada (Shell Oil) has “great plans” for Canada after the tar sands are removed and “what is is” talks about that. Then he shows us two types of bees on a pretty yellow flower. And this from Mr Hopey-Changey: “White House Mulls ‘Unilateral Strikes’ in Africa. White House said to be reassessing al-Quaeda’s franchise in North Africa.” It’s interesting that Al-Quaeda springs up wherever there’s some oil resources that the U.S. wants to control. Yes, Al-Quaeda, it’s your all-purpose enemy!” and the sheep fall for it. “what is is” shows us some pretty Dalia flowers. Then he updates on the barges on San Francisco Bay. At the expensive petro station, the latest highest price is now $4.79 (the video shows $4.69). He also updates on Brent Crude Futures. Then he mentions pink barrio’s article about Boycott the Election? And he talks about Las Dalias flowers. Since Las Dalias are native to México, Centroamérica, and Colombia it’s pronounced ‘Dah-lee-a.’ And he talks about Ms Maple Gas and will give more information about Ms Gas on 10.31.12. Here’s his video. Chau.—rosa barrio

Dalia/Dahlia Posters from DeanJohnsonFineArt design: