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Corporate Greed in 2012
In this video, “what is is” talks about some of the corporate greed continuing in 2012 from parasite corporations (a mobile phone/wireless phone provider in this case). We choose not to give them any publicity by mentioning their name. Of course, this is just a continuation of the greed already in place. But starting January 15, 2012, this corporation will charge more and not provide any improvement in services for the extra $2.00 fee occurrences (translation: gouging) they will be taking in (well, it will be $2—until they decide to increase it—for every payment this corporation’s subscribers make over their phone or online with their credit cards). Who gets the extra dinero/money? (Surely you can take a guess). In newspeak mode, this corporation is calling this $2.00 fee a “convenience fee.” Could it be part of higher pay and bonuses for corporate CEOs? Here’s the video from “what is is”:

Peak Oil
In the following video, “what is is” talks about Peak Oil. Have you heard about peak oil? In this video, “what is is” recommends that people learn about peak oil by going to pink barrio’s Favorite Videos on YouTube. But first, check out this video:

Handmade for the Holidays
12.25.11 Well, we hadn’t planned to say anything about it, but for those who get into this sort of thing, today is El Primer Día de Navidad (the First Day of Christmas) which runs until January 6th. (You know, the Twelve Days of Christmas that people sing about?…well that’s where that comes from, so today is the First Day/Primer Día.) For those who “get into” the holidays this time of year, we suggest people make gifts by hand, or forget about gifts all together! But if one feels the need to give a gift (and not just because one expects to get something back in return), try handmade gifts.

(Kwanzaa is observed from December 26th through January 1st).
The Air Jordan XI
12.23.11. One can’t be without the Air Jordan XI shoes, apparently. We in the pink barrio happened to notice that the Air Jordan XI shoes debuted today in many retail stores across the Estados Unidos (U.S.) Have you heard about or read the noticias (news) stories that have been written about the behavior of many of the people who were waiting for these shoes? Here’s some of what happened: store doors were ripped off, people were trampled, gun shots were fired, fist fights took place and as many as 25 policía had to break up one fight in one store while other shoppers had to be taken to the hospital. ALL FOR SHOES????? Made in China????? (or elsewhere in Asia). What is wrong with people? And some people are still “proud” of living in the Estados Unidos (U.S.)? The behavior of many of the people who live here is embarrassing. We don’t often hear of this sort of thing happening in other countries, but this type of behavior is becoming more and more common here in the Estados Unidos. For example, some of the shoppers here were willing to shoot someone over a status symbol (which is what this shoe is). This “keeping up with the Jones-es” mentality. This type of behavior can only look as if the Estados Unidos is quickly trying to become the lowest country on the planet and very proud of it. While being interviewed on camera, we saw one shopper lick the bottom of one of these shoes (that was part of the ritual). Meanwhile, so many people love to hate on #Occupy and what they’ve been trying to do. Well, #Occupy, this is what you have to work with. Not good. Good luck with that! Have any of these status shoe devotees even heard of #Occupy or of off-shoring? Or do they even care about anything other than these shoes and status symbols, and don’t really care where they are made or who was trampled, shot or even killed to get them? A pathetic state of things these days.

The Winter Solstice
In this video, “what is is” talks about cinnamon (we use organic cinnamon from Việt Nam), and shows you the flowers blooming (California poppies – the state flower) in Diciembre (December) on El Solsticio de Invierno (The Winter Solstice).


What is a Liberal?
If one were to nominate a liberal political candidate in the Estados Unidos (U.S.), “what is is” talks about what the choice of a liberal candidate might be (after one gets the dinero/money out of the political system). Because the length of this video needs to be short, this is a very partial list which “what is is” will update again in the future. When we mentioned to someone on la calle (the street) here in the pink barrio that we were doing this video, they asked us to include this comment from them. “The problem here in the Estados Unidos (U.S.) is that many people who say they are liberals continue to support candidates who are not liberal or progressive. This makes my blood pressure rise when I think about it and people’s stupidity regardless of what they call themselves.”

First General Assembly of Occupy Castro
In this video: some scenes from the First General Assembly of Occupy Castro (San Francisco). They created a People’s Newstand. They wrapped the corporate newsstand boxes (which often have nothing in them) with paper to create a place for people to write their own news. People wrote comments about things important to them as part of the 99%.

Deceitful Unemployment Numbers
Hola. In the Estados Unidos (U.S.), “Jobless claims drop to 3.5 year low,” supposedly. Does anyone—who’s been paying attention—believe that? Why the deceit? Well, it’s intended to fool the público (public). Regardless of which politician resides in La Casa Blanca (White House), deceit seems to be the modus operandi. Career corporatist politicians will go to any lengths to make the people think things are better than they are.

Newt Gingrich Is Embarrassing
Gingrich and the other candidates are the best presidential candidates the Estados Unidos (U.S.) can come up with? How embarrassing!


#Occupy’s West Coast Port Shutdown
“Why the ports?” you might ask. Because of off-shoring which has costs millions of jobs here in the Estados Unidos (U.S.) The ports are where products made off-shore are delivered to the Estados Unidos. We were watching Univisión’s coverage of the protests and at the end of that segment at one of the West Coast ports, we saw a huge tractor trailer delivery truck in the distance with the name of one of the major corporate box stores on it to deliver off-shore products to their stores.

Someone said to us recently: “I don’t want to join the #occupy protesters, but I would like to protest in my own way to support #occupy and their goals. What can I do?” Here’s what you can do:

1. Shop at locally-owned, independent stores. This means one would no longer shop at a corporate box store or big chain store, even for your groceries. “Where do I buy my groceries then?” At a worker-owned cooperative organic grocery store, a farmer’s market or a small/independent health food store.

2. Remove your dinero (money) from big corporate banks. Put your money in credit unions or independent small local banks.

3. Consider removing yourself from the corporatist social networks. You know the ones. At this time and from our research, we recommend the open-source Diaspora Project as a social network: Diaspora Foundation. (“Diaspora* Adopts Computers, Freedom, and Privacy’s Social Network Users’ Bill of Rights.”) For example, are you aware that one social network (initials: FB) said it had raised $1.5 billion from investors including Goldman Sachs and Digital Sky Technologies, as well as through a private offering to overseas investors conducted by Goldman Sachs, at a valuation of roughly $50 billion. That’s the same Goldman Sachs that #Occupy is protesting! So why do we hear some occupiers promoting FB by telling people to go on FB?

4. Consider buying from pink barrio in our various stores here in the barrio. The items we have chosen are more friendly to the planet, we promote regional/independent artists (in many cases), and the economy in the Estados Unidos (U.S.)

5. Cease your support of corporatist politicians.

6. Ride a bicycle whenever possible, rather than drive an SUV, for example. Riding a bicycle helps to boycott the big, corporate oil companies. It’s one less vehicle on the street.

Oatmeal For Occupy
12.09.11. Hola. Regardless of how much longer the #occupy movement is around, in many ways every day a person can do their part to support the ideas/goals of the #occupy movement. One way: By supporting small, independent farmers who grow produce. This video (below) talks about something as simple as a bowl of oatmeal, for example, can help with the occupy movement (the goals) and can benefit yourself and the Earth through healthier eating and “voting” with your dinero (money). What does “voting” with your dinero mean? Well, it means that one buys that cup of coffee at a small, independent, non-chain store (the 99%) where the dinero will stay in the local community. Or one makes a copy of that flyer at a local, small independent copy store owned by a member of the 99%, as opposed to a large national corporate chain store (most likely part of the 1%).

The recipe for the oatmeal made in the video is in the Kitchen & Health store. They have it over there. Here’s the video:

What Is Your Opinion of the Occupy Movement?
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What Is Next For Occupy?
12.08.11 UPDATE: #OccupySF has reoccupied the plaza (Bradley Manning Plaza/Justin Herman Plaza) for General Assembly. The SFPD have retreated.

12.07.11 This morning at around 4 a.m. (the typical time for these raids on #occupy locations), the San Francisco Police Department raided OccupySF located at Bradley Manning Plaza. The occupiers’ belonging (books from their library, tents, bicycles and personal belongings) were tossed into trash crusher trucks. The San Francisco Police Department made 70 arrests and dismantled the #OccupySF encampment. We at pink barrio are curious: are police departments ashamed or afraid to engage in these raids during daylight hours when the public can see them being done in real time with lots of cameras from corporate television networks present? In this video below, “what is is” talks about the positives of the #Occupy movement, such as Bank Transfer Day (moving one’s dinero/money to a credit union or local independent/non-corporate bank). In less than a month, almost one million people have transferred their money and caused some of the big, corporate banks to cancel the additional fees they were planning to impose next.
What Is Next For Occupy?(video)

A Walk With Occupy Castro

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And considering what happened at the Universidad de California, Davis (the University of California, Davis), maybe people should wear this shirt: