Are you bisexual and feel you must live the straight life to be “normal?”

That question came to me while watching a porn video. It was a bi video with two guys and a chick. The two guys were having sex with a chick and — according to the story line which may be true or fictional — her boyfriend was going to watch from behind the scenes. The boyfriend and the girl had been in other bi porn videos. Immediately when the camera showed him leaning on the door fully-clothed, I said to myself: He’s gay, based on some of his subtle mannerism. So he’s gay or bi but living with a girlfriend so that people will think that he’s straight and “normal?” That seems to be the way it works with bi guys, even though roughly half or more of their sexual interests is in guys. You can’t be bi and live with a boyfriend? Apparently not in today’s homophobic world. I turned up the volume and he seemed to be trying to “act” straight and sort of like Mr Tough Guy jock, but I still saw a gay guy (in the closet?…probably) who is now allegedly bisexual and rather than living with another guy he feels he must live with a chick to live “the straight life” to be “normal.” That’s assuming that he and the chick are a couple in real life to begin with. Or was that just a made up story line with this porn company? Since much of porn is fake. None of that was spoken, but that’s the way homophobia works. Then I found another video of the boyfriend (with the same chick) and he came off differently to me in that video. He came off to me as more “gay.” I saw a gay guy fucking a chick. When he pulled his dick out of her pussy at one point he was limp. Limp from fucking his supposed girlfriend? He didn’t eat her pussy out either. Only the other guy ate pussy and dove into that as soon as they got started. I didn’t have the sound up at that point because I can’t stand to hear chicks making those obnoxious and porn-learned high-pitched squealing noises that females think they must make in order to sound like they’re really into it. So I mute the volume. Oh by the way, the boyfriend never did cum in the video. Someone pointed that out in the comments. The visiting guy did cum. He pulled out of her pussy, quickly took off his condom and came on her upper butt and the boyfriend rubbed the cum into the girl’s skin.

So I’m wondering how many guys who say they’re bi (lying?) or really are genuinely bi feel that they must live with a girl instead of another guy? And why? (Rhetorical question at this point). They can’t be all into girls more than guys. That would be true for some bi guys perhaps but it’s not that black and white. Since they are also attracted to guys, why do they not live with a guy? I can hear some bi guys say: “Well if I lived with a guy, then I would look like a ‘faggot’ and people would think of me as a ‘faggot.’ And I don’t want that. I want to be thought of as straight and ‘normal’ so that’s why I live with a girl even though I’m bi. So the reason is: internalised homophobia and to be seen as straight (even though he’s not) and heteronormative. We’ve made tremendous progress, haven’t we? (sarcasm intended) Not really. In many ways, it feels like we’re right back where we started in the 1970s or before.

From my research, most bi guys do live with females. Why? To promote the illusion that they’re straight, “normal” and a “real man.” Because I suspect none of these bi guys tell coworkers or others, “I live with my girlfriend but I’m really bi and I’m into guys.” Yeah I’m sure that happens all the time. NOT.

Considering the state of things today, this would be my guess because who wants to be known as gay today? Not that many people. Some come out on Corporate Pride day to party but then seem to go back in the closet the following Monday.

Let me give you an example of that from some years ago. I remember when Craiglist sex personals were around. I did a lot of research on that at the time and I found that the overwhelming majority of the Queer so-called “community” in San Francisco’s Castro (the former Gay Mecca) and the Bay Area as well as other major cities worldwide had — what seemed like — overnight gone from gay to bi. But many were “discreet bi.” The majority of ads in the men-seeking-men category were guys claiming to be bi or “discreet bi” which means closeted. As I wrote at the time, human sexuality does not work that way where thousands and thousands of gay guys all over the world abruptly change their sexuality from being gay to bi, but that’s what CL showed. So I asked at the time: So the gay so-called “community” is now the bi so-called “community?” Who believes that?! Or were these thousands of gay guys merely copying each other’s ads in order to conform and fit in? I contacted some of them pretending to be interested in them for sex, and they made it clear that they had no interest in pussy or tits. So obviously they were lying about being bi in their profiles. With these thousands of so-called “bi guys” it was a case of not wanting to be known as gay, but rather “bi” because that means that you’re closer to being straight and a “real man” and “normal” and that’s what it’s all about today. Look at the Millennial trash for example and their homophobia. I mean, how many effeminate gay guys do you see today? It’s rare to see any. Most gay guys are trying to act like Mr Straight Jock with their baseball caps and sports gears and walking around holding hands and or living with chicks. They’re back in the closet. And today, the internalised homophobia within the Queer so-called “community” seems to be at an all-time high. I’ve seen some lesbians, for example, gushing over straight couples and their babies and saying, “What a beautiful family. What a perfect name for your baby. I can’t wait to hold him.” (roll eyes) Ugh. As if babies are not born everyday? Do these lesbians wish they were straight themselves? I wouldn’t at all surprise me if that’s the case considering the state of things today.

In his phone sex experience, mi amigo/my friend has talked with many guys who claimed to be bi. But when he pursued that, he found that most guys were not bi. The guys only wanted to talk about sex with guys. They had zero interest in talking about pussy and tits. In fact, some of the “bi” guys would say during the call, “We don’t need no chick; we don’t need no pussy or tits.” So why did they say they were bi them? To make them sound like they’re more straight and not that now-dreaded word “gay.” He said he talked with one guy who said, “I’m discreet. I’m married.” Of course the guy meant he was married to a woman although he didn’t say that. It was implied, because to most people marriage still only means “man and woman.” That’s what it meant to this guy. He didn’t specify that he was married “to a woman.” But he was in the closet and bisexual and living “the straight life” to be “normal” and heteronormative. And there are thousands and thousands of other gay and bi guys just like him. They are heavily brainwashed with society’s “you must be straight to be normal” brainwashing, and they succumb to that and live a lie in that unhealthy closet.

I found an article from a corporate site addressing this topic of most bi guys live straight lives. It was a terrible article. They wrote about the percentage of Queers in the world, which according to them is low. That’s rubbish. Apparently it never occurred to that writer that with all the closet cases in the world married to females, that the percentage of Queers is really quite large. It’s much larger than we are led to believe because the Queers in the closet married to females worldwide are — what I call — “the invisible Queers.” They are seen as straight just because they have “the wife” and kids. And the writer of the article pretended to not know or understand why bi guys would live straight lives. Duh. Is she really that dense or naïve? Where has she been? Or is she new to all of this? Maybe she’s been too busy living with “hubby?” I was waiting for her to repeat the lie that a guy can’t possibly be gay if “he’s married to a woman.” (roll eyes). Oh por favor. Don’t spread that glaring ignorance anymore. Chau.—el barrio rosa

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