Are you one who thinks you’re privileged and above COVID-19 safety requirements?

I guess we all see them out and about. They refuse to wear a mask — even in my state of California where Governor Newsom has mandated that all Californians should wear a mask in public — but many people (especially many Millennials) think they’re above it all and the rules don’t apply to them. The “I’m above it all” are the same self-absorbed and self-entitled trash who will hold a loud, obnoxious party and not care who they disturb. Just obnoxious, self-absorbed trash. And people like that seem to be at an epidemic level these days in our society. This virus is not partisan, yet it’s been made partisan in our culture war society. I’ve read reports from ICU nurses and their experience with COVID-19 patients. They are not “sob stories” as the far-right trash in their denial describe them. As a medical doctor from Harvard University said: COVID will be with us for a least another year because of irresponsibility people. They refuse to wear a mask. The mask is intended to prevent you — the mask wearer — from possibly infecting another person because you don’t know you have the virus. Would you willingly and deliberately try to infect a person with another disease? Wearing a mask has nothing to do with “freedom” as the far-right keep screaming. Do they feel their “freedom” is imposed on when they fasten their seat belt, as one example? I don’t hear anyone screaming about that. Wear the damn mask! And then there are the self-absorbed who think they are privileged and expect others to social-distance because it inconveniences them to have to go out of their way to social-distance a whole 2-6 feet, depending upon the space between the other person(s). Then there are the irresponsible politicians in denial. One wonders: Is there already a COVID-19 vaccine available that is being kept from the public that these political trash have already been given to keep them from being infected with coronavirus? That thought has crossed my mind multiple times. Why is it that the privileged, elitist and wealthy are not being infected, at least that we’re being told about? Why does the despicable, international bully, orange thug and the other nasty and angry-looking thugs around him think they are immune to COVID-19 and that they can’t be infected? What’s that about? As fake-Christians, do they think that the Floating Cloud Being is going to protect them from the same virus that the Floating Cloud Being allowed to be made and is allowing others to be infected with? These thugs refuse to wear a mask anywhere, they refuse to social-distance, and would seem to have been exposed to COVID-19 multiple times. One wonders if they’ve already been vaccinated, and that’s why they seemingly couldn’t care less about this virus and couldn’t care less how many people get sick and or die in the dis-United States. Instead, it’s all about their “re-election.” They too are basura. So the question is: Why are we reopening when the cases are soaring — the highest they’ve been — in many US states? The thinking is curious: We (California and other states) shut down, went into lock down when the COVID-19 cases were relatively low in the big scheme of things. Then, as the cases soar we start to reopen which makes one ask: They seem to have it backwards. What was the point of the lock down, when the lock down should be when cases are soaring? The point being: We’re opening up too early as others have said, but these politicians — despite their words — are caving to pressure from the interests of busine$$. And the reopening has backfired in many places, as expected. Why does anyone listen to anything that the willfully-ignorant orange thug says? Mealy-mouth Dr Fauci doesn’t have any credibility at this point. He should resign. Not sure what he thinks he’s accomplishing now. Clearly, he has decided that in order to keep his job that he must prostitute himself to the orange thug and constantly reside in the lower huge posterior of the orange thug/international bully, never speaking anything negative about the orange thug. I can’t stand basura like that. Dr Fauci doesn’t appear to have a thought in his head. “It’s not my job to make a judgment about the ‘president.'” Ugh. FO. From the people I talked with who watched/listened to the congressional hearing with Fauci, he was “eating Tr*mp’s ass all day.” And Anthony Fauci sat in the congressional hearing without wearing a face mask, yet the others around him were. Insanity. Chau.—el barrio rosa