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“They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”—Benjamin Franklin
My version:
“They who can give up essential liberty to obtain the illusion of a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”—rosa barrio

El 27 de agosto de 2013. Hola. I opened up my personal e-mail account the other day and saw an e-mail from my credit union. I read the e-mail urging me to sign a templated letter they had created to be sent to senators and representatives in the US congress. What are the senators and representatives trying to do? Well their owners, the corporate bank$, are trying to get the congress to create a law to tax credit unions because the corporate bank$ want it all. Greedy fucks. I have no use for any corporate bank. I oppose the taxing of credit unions but I know that the senators and representatives don’t care what I or any of the rest of us think for that matter, because we are not their owners. They only care what their corporate and MIC owners think. The senators and representatives have made that abundantly clear by their voting records, despite their words to the contrary on occasion.

Later on, I told an amigo about this taxing the credit unions story and then went to read the e-mail to him. The e-mail was gone, but I knew I hadn’t deleted it. It wasn’t in my inbox or the spam folder. Then I did a search in my e-mail for the name of the credit union. The e-mail appeared at the top of that list oddly with the title and credit union’s name crossed out (a line was drawn through them, as in delete). I wondered: Was this a new way of saying that an e-mail had been opened/read? No, because none of the other e-mails that I had opened showed a crossed out line through the title/sender. Instead, I think it was an internal way of censoring the e-mail. If you’ve been paying any attention over recent months you will know what I’m talking about. So I went back to my inbox to see if the e-mail had reappeared there. No, it had not. The credit union e-mail was still gone from there. I’ve never had this happen before.

I suspect there is someone who does not like the content of the e-mail and the e-mail triggered something. I’m considering using another e-mail provider with servers outside los Estados Unidos/the U.S. because the e-mail provider I’ve been using has been in the noticias/news some lately and they have been working very closely with the Messiah regime and that agenda. It would seem that someone does not want anyone protesting the congress in support of credit unions, but rather wants to continue the $tatu$ quo of where corporate bank$ reign.

I read an article by the e-mail provider who shut down his entire e-mail business about a month ago because of actions of and by the Messiah regime. That provider person said that if people knew what he knows about e-mail, they wouldn’t even use it! I don’t question what he means by that at all. I’m getting more and more to the point where I do very little online because of this 1984 nonsense. To those who still might be confused by or dismiss the idea/concept of the Messiah Regime, please view this image. Chau.—rosa barrio


Then after I wrote the above, I turned on Univisión. I don’t watch Univisión much lately because the network has become so goddamned corporate and into promoting one “social media network” and gadget or the other. Sick of it! Other español language networks are a bit “quieter” and not as intense on this sheeple tech shit. I knew that Sábado Gigante was on at the time (on Univisión). But I never saw the programme because I got turned off before it came back on from its commercial break. What I saw was a commercial for gadgets. One person after the other staring at a gadget in their hand. It reminded me of the addiction with gadgets I see from the sheeple on the streets of San Francisco. The commercial showed people texting or scrolling on their gadget while standing on an “up” escalator or standing in a grocery store or walking, and someone looking in envy of the textbot with the gadget (as if to say, “I must have one too”). The covert message sent by the corporate commercial was: Everyone is doing this and you must too. You don’t want to feel left out. We want you and everyone thoroughly and absolutely addicted to these gadgets to buy all the apps for it that you can. Buy, buy, buy. Spend, spend, spend on tech shit. We want your life thoroughly obsessed with these gadgets and if you are a good sheeple you will buy one and subscribe to our internet service and you can pretend to be like the people you see in our ads. Won’t that be cool to become like someone on television? It was an ad for a big corporate internet/phone monopoly company which shall remain unnamed. I changed the channel and went to Telemundo’s Éxitos TV.

For a search engine, you might want to use DuckDuckGo:
Search anonymously using DuckDuckGo. I’ve been using that lately.


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