Are you tired of society’s Gay Agenda?

I know I am. Hola a todos. Everywhere I look — every television network and outside my door on the streets — I see nothing but “him and him” couples and the occasional and less acceptable “her and her” couples. (A gay male couple is much more acceptable to bigots than a lesbian couple). I feel sorry for the breeders — the straights — because they have no representation at all in our society anywhere. They’re left to fend for themselves. In fact, the breeders have to hide their sexuality. They can’t be open and affirmative about it. She never talks about “my hubby” and he never talks about “the wife.” No, the heterosexuals are very closeted people when it comes to their sexuality. They never shove their breeder sexuality in our faces. They hate to make out in front of Queers or anyone else. And every television network I turn to I see “him and him” holding hands, “him and him” fawning over each other, “him and him” looking into each other with limpid eyes, rubbing each other’s back, looking like they just met, “him and him” having a walk at the beach or sitting in front of the fireplace, talking about their Medicare and just getting into Queer sexuality. All telenovelas and soap operas show “him and him” couples. In fact, all television programming shows Queer couples, most “him and him.” It must disturb the neglected breeders. The same for advertisers. To advertisers, there are only Queers in the world. Every ad is Queer-related with one pharma drug geared to help the medical problems of Queers, such as heart disease or skin rashes, or erectile dysfunction. All “sanitary” products are designed for lesbian couples. Every restaurant ad shows “him and him” or “her and her” sitting at tables. Pre-COVID, all churches were full of “him and him” and “her and her” couples. It was so rare to see “him and her.” The world is entirely Queer now. Clearly “gay is now mainstream” as we’ve been told based on the 24/7 over-saturation I see promoting society’s The Gay Agenda. It deeply grieves me to know that the breeders are so neglected in our society and all programming. The only weddings I see are that of “him and him” or “her and her.” Never “him and her.” And whenever anyone sees a Queer boy’s wedding ring on the wrong hand (left hand fourth finger), they assume he’s married to his male partner rather than a female as per tradition. Then when listening to the jazz radio station, every piece of music they play with lyrics has to do with “him and him” or “her and her.” It’s never him fawning over her or her fawning over him. All the announcers speak of their same-gender partner rather than him saying, “My wife and I” to not-so-covertly promote breeder sexuality. I read the other day that the thousands of closeted Queers in the world — who were once married to females and with children — have come out of the closet in droves. They are divorcing their wife and proceeding with child support payments. It’s a new world. “Gay is now mainstream” as many delusional fucks kept telling us years ago. The Military Industrial Complex is now full of Queers who are very open about their sexual orientation. Because the military is now entirely full of “him and him” couples, it’s a different era.

I can’t think of the last time I saw anything promoting heterosexuality or breeder sexuality. This is not fair to the straights and something must be done about it.

Of course all of the above is intended as sarcasm because today is just the opposite of what you’ve read above.

Other than that token month of June — where “Pride” has been hijacked by corporations and that’s the only time you’ll see Queers who are open about their sexuality — and I don’t count June because I see it for what it’s become. Then, after June is “now back in the closet. We’ve given you an entire month. What more do you want? Now go away for the next 11 months until the next June.” When we talk about relationships and sexuality on our network for the next 11 months, it will be all about “him and her” with accompanying “him and her” images of kissing, holding hands, rubbing backs, clutching hands, gazing into each other’s eyes — oh just go fuck and get it over with for goodness’ sakes; you know you want to, stop playing all of these fucking head trip games with each other jesus fucking christ! — and breeder make-out scenes to continue society’s Breeder Brainwashing. To look at television programming and anything else, one gets the impression that there are no Queers in the world any longer. In fact I just saw an ad for lowering blood sugar and it showed “him and her.” I’ve written about advertising here and here. If any of us are still around in 2080, maybe the above scenario I’ve written will be the case, but it’s the opposite of that today.

And why would someone want to lower their blood sugar with pills? Just eat less sugar, idiot.

Also, did you know there are no Queer couples on Medicare? That will be news to a lot of people. But it’s true based on their ads. Whenever there is an ad for Medicare featuring a couple, it’s always “him and her.” It’s never “him and him.” Geeeze. We’ve made so much progress haven’t we? [more sarcasm intended]. Chau.—el barrio rosa

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