Barebacking on “event” PrEP.

His main beef is with New York City’s PrEP campaign. “It makes it seem like a miracle drug,” Michael says. “This is problematic, especially for millennials who think that condom use isn’t a thing anymore as long as you’re taking PrEP.” He thinks that people starting PrEP should have to take a training course that explains the statistics. “There are risks,” he says. “And that wasn’t clearly noted.” [Source]

What brought this up is a guy I know who I find physically attractive, despite he’s about half my age and despite his douche personality. So my perception was correct because his partner says his boyfriend has a “douche personality.” Unlike any Queer couple I’ve ever known where a guy is knowingly with a douche guy and fine with that. They’re both Jewish, Jewish, Jewish, Queer, Queer, Queer, gender-bending, gender-bending and Queer, Queer, Queer-obsessed. The guy I’m attracted to is your typical Millennial. Full of himself. Is there anything he doesn’t claim to know? He barebacks on event PrEP which is a stupid thing to do because he could still get pozzed. Almost 20 guys have become poz on PrEP as of this writing. Here’s one of them. But being an invincible Millennial I suspect he says, “That can’t happen to me” or “If it happens, I’ll deal with that then.” But his boyfriend — who he doesn’t seem to have sex with anymore — doesn’t seem to care. They seem more like friends than partners. So that begs the question: Why should I care since his boyfriend doesn’t?

His boyfriend knows this douche a lot better than I do. A part of me has a problem with seeing “a pretty face” — since I find him physically attractive taking health risks. But from talking with him in person, I didn’t find him all that hot in conversation and he tries to walk away from me while talking. I’ve noticed that he also does that with other people. So it’s not just me. Sorry to bore you dude. He asked nothing about me. It was all about him. Your typical Millennial.

Well, from my experience the prettiest faces in the world have some of the most douche insides/personality. That’s the case with this guy. He doesn’t know the truth. He’s a pathological liar. Recently he told me about a concert he went to and was raving about. Well, I smelled another lie. I checked the concert venue and due to COVID restrictions, the concert he said he had gone to never existed. The calendar for that venue is blank and has been blank for months. No concerts will be held in that venue for at least a couple of months. So his story about that was all a lie. But the way he told it, anyone would have believed it. I think he believed it himself by the way he told it.

So why do I care about someone else’s health and their stupid decisions? And all of the few guys I’ve met over the years with a “pretty face” didn’t click well with me after I got past the “pretty face.” We were not each other’s type, or there was something fucked up about them I came to learn after awhile. Note to self: Be alert to getting emotionally-attached to a “pretty face.”

It’s similar to being on political forums where one political cult or another is trying to “save the (unsaveable) world.” Mi amigo/My friend was watching this guy and his show on AdTube and he told me the guy had so many thousands of viewers. I asked: Is he partisan? He said: Oh very! I said: That’s why he has thousands of viewers. Online, to be “successful,” you have to be partisan to attract the cult supporters of each political cult/party. Those people who are not partisan don’t attract much of an audience because most people have been brainwashed that they must belong to a “team” or cult. And it’s about “saving the world” as things get worse and worse with every passing day. Delusional.

So whether it’s trying to save the unsaveable world or trying to save someone from health risks — even though I’ve said nothing to the guy I mentioned earlier about him taking health risks — it’s really all the same. There’s nothing I can do about any of it. But the teacher in me does try to educate, but with this guy I mentioned, I suspect he has all the education I have on health risks. He’s willing to take them. His medical doctor goes along with whatever he wants to do, I suspect.

Nobody owns another person and each person is responsible for what they do. It’s just a part of me has trouble accepting that, and it leads me to feeling depressed at times especially when it comes to a “pretty face.” The thing is, should he get pozzed from barebacking on PrEP — does he ask and or believe when the other guy tells him they’re neg even when they’re poz? — as has happened with some guys, that “pretty face” along with the ageing process will gradually be eroded by the disease and or the HIV medications as happens with many HIV/AIDS patients. Chau.—el barrio rosa