Being Queer is about same-gender attraction. So what does trans have to do with that?

Trans people should have the same rights as anyone else. Got that? Did everyone read that? Read it again. Because I’m sure some/many thick and dense people will somehow — through all type of mind calisthenics — read or half-read this article and think that I’m saying otherwise merely because I question why trans people are part of the Queer so-called “Community?” Got that?

Hola a todos. This article will rub some people the wrong way because I’m about to speak the “unspeakable.” “You’re not supposed to say that!” Well someone has to. And I’ve never been shy about speaking the “unspeakable” whenever I have the opportunity to, and since this is my site I’ll say whatever the fuck I want, because I most assuredly wouldn’t be allowed to say this anywhere else without being banned or deleted.

Being Queer/Gay is about same-gender attraction. Got that? So what does the Queer category have to do with feeling like they’re the wrong gender in the wrong body? Nada. Nothing. I’m serious. Think about it. Feeling like you were born the wrong gender and are therefore in the wrong body has absolutely nothing to do with same-gender attraction. So why are trans people dumped into the same-gender attraction category? Shouldn’t they be their own thing, or part of the straight category since some/many trans end up living straight/breeder/heterosexual lives. And I’ve learned over the past couple of years that some trans people are absolutely rabid on the topic of trans. It seems to be all they think about. Trans, trans, trans and some will rush to defend any arrangement that a trans person ultimately ends up living in or with, such as living a straight life merely because they’re trans. Sacrosanct Trans. What the fuck does living a straight life with “the wife, the husband and the kids” have to do with same-gender attraction or Queer/Gay? Nothing what-so-ever.

OR does it have to do with some gay guys feeling more feminine and who like to get fucked? But that doesn’t mean they want to change their gender. And there are many masculine guys out there who you’d never guess are “bottoms” and like to get fucked.

In some/many cases, trans people/trans couples ultimately choose to live a heterosexual/straight/breeder life. What does that have to do with Queer or Gay? Nothing. Nothing at all.

I’ve re-thought the topic of trans in the last year after another Queer boy brought the topic up under a U-toob video. We talked briefly about it. He said trans should be their own thing. I said I didn’t see that happening. But upon reflection, I now agree with him and I don’t understand why trans is part of the Queer so-called “Community.”

These days, it’s as if everything that is not considered “straight” is lumped into the Queer category for some damn reason. As if Queer is considered the “catch all” category for anything that is not conservative, traditionalist breeder behaviour. Reminds me of that ludicrous alphabet soup mess that some (corporatists?) nuts dreamed up years ago. I’m talking about that revisionist history LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ+++++++ nonsense. Well, the official alphabet soup mess is this rubbish: LGBTQQICAPF2K+ How many more fucking letters do the corporatist idiots intend on dumping into that mess? See what I mean by anyone — or any “alternative” sexual interest — who is not a breeder being dumped into the Queer/Gay category? “By the time you get through all those letters, the parade is over” as comedian dyke Lea DeLaria says. Yesterday, a corporatist conformist Democrat wrote, ” LGBTQIA+” which looks like a fucking brand name or the letters for a law firm. They couldn’t just write QUEER? or GAY/ Is that so difficult for these conformist morons? And considering what the far-right have done with that revisionist history “LGBT” shit, who the fuck would want to use it now?:

I never use it. In fact, I can’t stand it. And I thought that the Queer so-called “Community” wanted to be just like the breeders/straights or they think of themselves as being no different than the straights. Well the breeders don’t have any letters. So why do Queers need any letters? Can’t you just use the words Queer or Gay, idiots? I won’t have it! I’ve had it up to here with this shit.

And the reason I call it revisionist history shit is because lesbians did not lead the Gay Rights Movement as the “L” first implies. Gay guys led the Movement along with drag queens. It was originally GLBTQ. Yet the heteronormative corporatists hid gay guys in second place with the revisionist acronym. Was that done to make the alphabet soup mess more appealing to the breeders/straights because lesbians are considered “more acceptable” to bigots/the prejudiced people than gay guys are? It’s always good to cater to prejudiced people, isn’t it? [sarcasm intended]

The fact is: Some/many trans people were born straight (or bi). Then, after changing their gender, they live or choose to live a straight life, some as heterosexual couples.

One example: A female changes her gender to male. She has her breasts removed — some of those breast removal jobs look pretty bad to me from what I’ve seen; lots of scarring so I wonder what anyone finds attractive about that — and begins taking male hormones. She ultimately looks like a guy — sort of — but a guy with a vagina and a overly-large clit. But without the female hormones. So it’s just an empty pussy without the reek and stink. And sometimes the male hormones can make the pussy very dry inside. Well, that person hooks up with a another guy — presumably a bi or straight guy since gay guys are not into pussy — and he fucks her/his pussy. They have a kid or kids and are living a straight life, even though one of them looks like a guy. Well, they both look like guys from a distance I guess you could say. And one of them is still technically a female because of the sexual plumbing. And if “he” stops taking male hormones, “he” can return to being a “she.” And this couple would be yet another straight couple with a kid, yet for some reason they’re dumped into the Queer category. Why? When it’s not a case of same-gender attraction? If the guy wanted to be with another guy, there’s no shortage of guys out there who came out of their mother’s vagina with a penis, as a male without being changed from female to male. What does any of that have to do with same-gender attraction?

Trans really belong in the straight category. Why don’t the straights take them in as one of their own kind?

Again, for the thick people, what I’ve described has nothing to do with the Queer so-called “Community.” But it does have a lot to do with the Straight/Breeder “Community.” It seems to me that trans are in the wrong category. They already had a category: It’s called straight. They should be considered part of the Straight Community and not the Queer so-called “Community.” The reason I refer to the Queer so-called “Community” is because unfortunately there is absolutely no sense or feel of “community” these days among most Queers. In my neighbourhood of The Castro (San Francisco’s former Gay Mecca which is now a Breeder Mecca) the few Queers couples around here are a bunch of snots. Stuck up. I’m not sure what they think they’re accomplishing. I guess they think that a Queer boy that says “hey” to them is trying to pick them up rather than merely being friendly from one human being to another, considering I don’t find any of them to be my type. Chau.—el barrio rosa