Boob Brainwashing

And the nominee is: The Boobs. Or was it Joe Biden? The theme of most females seems to be: “Look at my breasts. See my breasts? Look at my tits.” It seems that most females are constantly obsessed with their tits and having the world look at them. Why? If you’ve seen one rack you’ve pretty much seen them all. They just come in different sizes and shapes (some are pointed, others are saggy). They look like big balloons. Guys have tits too, but people don’t swoon over them nor are guys obsessed with their tits. The only difference here is that the tits on guys don’t stick out or produce milk. Are those two differences enough for the world to be raptured over tits? One wouldn’t think so, but that’s the way it is. It boils down to boob brainwashing, just like society’s 24-7 “him and her” heterosexual-heteronormative brainwashing. And it’s not just in the music world. It’s also in corporate sports and corporate politics.

Hola a todos. It’s not just on the classical music stage that women can be half-naked — showing most of their bare upper body — and men have to be all covered up like a monk as if ashamed of their bodies. Related: She comes out half-naked. What if he did the same? It’s this way no matter where you look. I didn’t watch the Convention but I get the impression that it was more about boobs than it was about Joe Biden. See these two people below: They were endorsing Milquetoast Joe Biden at the “Democratic” Party Cult Convention where you had Republicans endorsing Biden. As I’ve said for some time: It’s just one big corporate imperialistic war party with two right wings with different names.

It’s as if females are saying, “Look at my breasts. I wore this dress just so it would show off my boobs.” Why? Is that the most important part of you, and not your brain? You prefer to be seen as a sex object, do you? As I’ve said, feminism is dead these days. But her rack looks like any other breasts or cleavage than one has seen, so what’s so special about yours? These big balloons on a female’s chest. Why get so excited over that?

But all that aside, I couldn’t help but notice how the guy (Stephen Curry) is all covered up like a monk, and she (Ayeha) made sure that she wore something that would show her mammary glands and cleavage.

What is it with chicks that they are so obsessed with their chests, their boobs? Is this considered being “sexy?” If so, why is there a need to be “sexy” at a political cult convention? Sexy in politics? Why are those mammary balloons so important to them that they need to show them off and or cleavage everywhere they go? I’ve seen this constantly with classical music performances where most females have to be nearly completely bare-chested. Do their shoulders get hot or something? The guys are covered up from head to toe but the females are half-naked. And of course if the guy came out in a similar get-up or with a tank top on — in other words just as half-naked as she is — he’d be escorted off the stage or told, “You’re dressed inappropriately. Please go home and dress appropriately for this convention.” It’s quite the sexist double standard. The fear of the male body, and in this case just the male upper body. Reminds me of some poor guy the other day in San Francisco when it was hot out. He had his shirt off and two middle-aged assholes had to troll him for having his shirt off. When did it become off-putting to see a man’s chest? Society’s hypocrisy regarding the human body that most people would say that “god made.” Oh, so you’re saying that your Floating Cloud Being made something that’s bad and that human eyes shouldn’t see? Chau.—el barrio rosa

How come she’s half-naked and he isn’t? He’s being strangled by a shirt and tie and boiling to death. Are females constantly hot that they can’t wear any clothes covering their upper body? Ignore all the tacky ads behind them. This is not about being a prude on my part. As far as I’m concerned, they could both come out completely naked. I’m merely pointing out the double-standard between the two genders. Women are allowed — per society’s boob brainwashing — to show their bodies off. Guys are not. They have to be all covered up.

NBA player Stephen Curry (R) and Ayesha Curry attend the 2016 ESPYS at Microsoft Theater on July 13, 2016 in Los Angeles, California.

Pictured Above: Stephen and Ayeha Curry Endorse Joe Biden In Bid For Presidency

Love Always Wins? Love is Forever? “Made with Love”

On another topic but related to females, I think “love” must be the first word that females learn. They so overuse it to the point of abusing it. Females use the word “love” to the extreme when they say such ludicrous things such as “Love always wins” and “Love is forever.” If love were forever no one would ever get a divorce? Ever thought of that? People wouldn’t split up if love were forever. Love is forever is the same feel-good pabulum as “love always wins.” That too is rubbish. Everywhere I look these days hate is on the rise and thriving or “winning.” Face facts, Sapphire: Only a wishful-thinking, delusional syrupy sally talks about love always wins. Oh both slogans sound nice, but they’re not for intelligent people but rather left for some greeting card given to someone who doesn’t possess any critical thinking skills what-so-ever. In the non-United States, hate won in 2016 with the presidential “election” and hate will likely repeat itself again in 2020. As for the many businesses that market things with “made with love,” that too is rubbish and capitalism run amok playing on people’s emotions. In a production kitchen, there ain’t any “love” going into the making of pizzas or cakes. Instead it’s: Get those pizzas out. Get those cakes finished, NOW. Production is production and hard work regardless of what it is they’re producing and there’s no time for “love.” Chau.—el barrio rosa