Boycott the Election?

(Updated on El 12 de Octubre de 2012).

UPDATE: Boycott the Election? El 12 de Octubre de 2012. Hola. We received the following “Boycott the Vote” video, with which we completely agree. This “boycott the vote” concept pertains to the upcoming sham and charade called the presidential election in the Estados Unidos/U.S. (which will be taking place on easily-hackable electronic voting machines all over the Estados Unidos). As for boycotting the election, one either understands this (“gets it”) or they don’t. For those who don’t “get it”, they usually respond from a place of fear and they use the Fear Card. And if a person doesn’t “get it,” no amount of arguing/debating with them is going to change their mind. All one will get is resistance. That is a waste of one’s time. A person has to come to this place of boycotting the vote on their own. Chau.—rosa barrio

Click on this link to watch the Boycott the Vote video.
And there’s also this:
ACLU Report: Obama regime expands domestic spying.

Here’s the original article:

El 19 de Agosto de 2012. Hola. There’s a general election (presidential) coming up in Noviembre de 2012 in the Estados Unidos/U.S. and overall the two major corporatist candidates are nearly indistinguishable.

Those who give Obama unconditional support—he could do absolutely anything and they would still support him—like to say that he’s the “lesser evil.” Black Agenda Report has this to say about him: “Let me say from the very beginning that we at Black Agenda Report do not think that Barack Obama is the Lesser Evil. He is the more Effective Evil. He has been more effective in Evil-Doing than Bush in terms of protecting the citadels of corporate power, and advancing the imperial agenda. He has put both Wall Street and U.S. imperial power on new and more aggressive tracks – just as he hired himself out to do. He’s the more effective evil.” Read more of that article here.

Two websites have written articles about the upcoming charade called “the election.” First, there’s the article titled Time to Boycott the Election by LINH DINH. (We agree with this article; the only problem we had with it was the use of the “I” word (Drop the I-word), when referring to indocumentados/undocumented immigrants.) The second article is titled: The great election charade by Bev Conover. Elections in the Estados Unidos are a charade, a farce and are intended to continue the status quo of the bourgeois ruling elite “Democratic” and Republican Establishment. The misnamed “Democratic” Party’s candidate is Obama who is really a Republican, having continued and expanded most of the reprehensible policies of George W. Bush. The Republican candidate’s name is Mitt Romney. We have nothing positive to say about either of them. Both are la basura as is both of their parties. (Some people call them “pond scum.”) The actions and policies of this “Democratic” and Republican government are improper of a democratic, civilised and law-abiding country. “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”—John Dalberg-Acton.

El 12 de Octubre de 2012, this is from Paul Craig Roberts: Evil is Evil. Don’t Vote for Evil. He “gets it” and is calling for a boycott of this election. He writes that if USans had any sense (yeah, well), they would not vote in the Noviembre election in the Estados Unidos/U.S. because whoever wins of the two right-wing, pro-war, neocon corporatist candidates, it will be a defeat for USans (and I would add and the rest of the world).

Some things we’ve noticed on some message forums recently:

There are those that like to repeat the delusional thinking called, “you should try to change the system and the “Democratic” Party from within.” That comes from the “Democratic” party-line faithful who repeat this. They don’t like seeing people leave their pro-war, corporatist “team” so they urge people to try to “change the system and party from within.” We’ve heard that nonsense for 12+ years now, and we see the state of things. The system has continued to deteriorate during that time. And frankly, who would want anything to do with either of these pro-war, corrupt, corporatist parties? Unfortunately, no Left-thinking person has a chance of changing “from within” a system owned by corporations, the military industrial complex, the banking industry, the pharmaceutical industry, et al. Dennis Kucinich is one example of that. Kucinich was considered a “progressive.” He was consistently ignored, shoved over in the corner by the Establishment, minimized on a regular basis and considered a nut by the corporatist bourgeois elite “Democratic” and Republican Establishment. They essentially told him, “we will let you know when we want to hear from you.” And any forward-thinking/Left person elected to the cesspool called congress would receive the same treatment Kucinich received. One either works with the Establishment and their pro-war, right-wing agenda or one is minimized. One is delusional to think that “real progressives change the [corrupt corporatist] system from within it.” Absolutely delusional. That has no basis in reality. All that does it to encourage a continuation of the stagnant “Democratic” and Republican Establishment status quo rut. Insanity.

Some people admit that they know that the system is corrupt, fraudulent, rigged, a sham and a charade. Then out of the other side of their mouth they argue over which candidate whom they should vote for. ¿Qué?/What? I feel like asking them: Do you usually knowingly and willingly take part in something you know to be rigged, corrupt, fraudulent and a charade? Who would knowingly take part in such a thing? Don’t people have more respect for themselves than that? Apparently not, because I’ve read that many times on some message forums.

Then the perfunctory and ubiquitous “Fear Card” is dragged out every election by the faux-liberals and faux-progressives who don’t have the sense to remove themselves from the “Democratic” Party. That routine—which is dragged out every election—goes something like this: “The Republican candidate will be worse than my “Democratic” candidate.” In other words: one is supposed to vote out of fear. One is not supposed to vote one’s conscience as to whose views more closely align with one’s own, including “third party” candidates and independents. One is supposed to reject any candidate but their beloved “Democratic” candidate and be in lockstep with said candidate, no matter how bad he is (in the case of this election).

Then you have the Obamabots who describe any mention of his deplorable record as “bashing” him. So if one mentions torture under Obama, his believers are quick to say, “stop bashing Obama.” That’s the same tactic the Bush disciples used when they wanted his record silenced. They wanted no dissent but rather lockstep, just like the Obama disciples. Obama really has some most pathetic people supporting him. They’ll put up with anything. I have as much contempt for them as I did for the Bush disciples. They don’t seem to have any ethics whatsoever. And one would have to be pathetic to support such Bush-like Republican policies. The Obama supporters despised Bush’s policies. They protested them in the streets (that was good!). But when Obama retained those policies and expanded on those same policies, now those same policies are all right for the Obamabots because they are now Obama’s policies. And the protests of same policies have ceased under Obama. Obama does indeed have some of the biggest hypocrites on the planet supporting him. I’ve noticed that the Obama disciples rush to make excuses, justifications and defences for said policies of their Obama. Either that, or they change the subject entirely to Romney to avoid having to talk about and defend their Obama.

Then you have the “Democratic” Party hacks/Obamabots who mindlessly repeat this line: “You’re playing right into the Republicans hands by not voting; you’re giving them what they want.” Some people are pretty thick and they like to live in Denial that the Republicans already have what they want and they’ve had it (control) since at least 2000. They’ve been in full control for years whether they’ve been in the majority or the minority because the “Democratic” Party works for them and has served as employees of the Republicans for years. The “Democratic” Party gave George W. Bush most of what he wanted. And frankly, I couldn’t care less whose hands, “I’m playing right into,” because I don’t play such games. I don’t operate that way. I do things based on my conscience, something the Obamabots/”Democratic” Party operatives don’t seem to have (a conscience). I vote by how I spend my dinero/money. That’s my vote and I vote every day with my dinero. How and where one spends one’s dinero is the best way to vote (not this election charade nonsense). Whenever possible don’t give your dinero to big corporations, corporate box/chain stores, corporate chain grocery stores or corporatist candidates.

And finally, there are the faux-liberals and faux-progressives (they are really just “Democratic” Party shills) who every four years scream: “Remember the Supreme Court. Remember the Supreme Court. Remember the Supreme Court. Remember the Supreme Court.” They repeat that slogan endlessly to keep people/voters in lock step with their “Democratic” team. The “Remember the Supreme Court” Fear Card is addressed in this article:

“Lesser evil voters: Stop Enabling Your Abusers” – Part 1

“Lesser evil voters: Stop Enabling Your Abusers” – Part 2

If one feels one must vote or plans to take part in this insanity, we endorse Toby for presidente. His picture is up at the top of this page and his campaign video is below. We are fully aware that many people can’t possibly conceive of not voting because “you must vote” has been drilled into many people’s thinking. It is programmed and indoctrinated into many people’s thinking so deeply. A person has to come to this place of boycotting the election on their own. A person cannot be “campaigned” into reaching this place of boycotting an election. From our experience, one reaches this place from being well-informed, not living in Denial, not being partisan and looking at the reality objectively rather than through wishful-thinking lenses. Until one reaches this place, one will keep doing what one is doing using Fear Cards. Insanity. We in the pink barrio are not voting because we refuse to knowingly and willingly take part and be complicit in a sham, continued corruption and a fraudulent system. Especially with easily-hackable electronic voting machines all over the nation (see below for information/links about these voting machines which belong in the basura/trash). The political system and elections at all levels of government in the Estados Unidos are a corrupt farce with corrupt, sleazy, lying, career politicians. We don’t want any part of that septic insanity.

And these days, all that registering to vote does is 1) to allow one to feel that they are taking part in a corrupt system and election charades. And 2) Registering to vote also put your name in the jury duty pool to be called perhaps once a year for jury duty. Many years ago, I was okay with jury duty. These days, I have no interest in it, and it’s not easy to be excused from and can be very stressful.

I’ve spoken in depth with Toby (we had lunch together the other day), and he fully agrees with our position and he says that for those who do want to continue the charade of voting, they can vote for him. He’s not a corporatist candidate. Toby, fortunately does not talk about “building bridges,” (except for bridges in need of repair), “pushing the envelope,” “rolling up his sleeves to get the job done” (he’s not big on rolling up sleeves), and he doesn’t beso/kiss babies. He’s not into “pushing envelopes,” or “drawing a line in the sand,” or “leaving to spend time with my family,” or any of that predictable political speak one so often hears from the career political basura. As presidente, he also won’t serve as the world’s Bully or policeperson and dictate to other nations what they must do. Also, as presidente, he won’t do one thing all righteously, arrogantly and sanctimoniously, then tell others nations they must do the opposite. So we endorse Toby, because in the end:

If voting made a difference in a positive direction, it would be illegal.—rosa barrio

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Here’s Tody’s campaign video:

Click on this link to watch the Boycott the Vote video.

‘US classifies torture & punishes those who tell the truth’ – RT

Toby for presidente shirts (original design) from DeanJohnsonArt: