Cult “LGBT” Brainwashed with “LGBT”

Call it Cult “LGBT.” That’s how they act. Like a brainwashed cult. Reminds me of the same brainwashing used in religious fundamentalism. No questioning of anything allowed. And don’t change anything that we’ve been brainwashed with for years. Accept what you’ve been brainwashed with by the corporatists and conformist Queer organisations who sold us out years ago to any corporation who says the word “gay” on occasion in a positive light.

That seems to be the thinking.

Hola a todos. Someone sent me a link to a site encouraging gay guys to get a sexual interest in females. “LGBT” was urged to “awaken” and find or change their sexual orientation. Make of that what you will. I went on the site and found it dull, immature and uninteresting.

Since I had already registered, I saw someone’s comment I wanted to respond to. They were thanking the “elders of the LGBTQ movement.” There were no “elders of the LGBTQ movement” because it wasn’t called that back then. In those days it was called GLBTQ or Gay and Lesbian. The word Gay was first because thousands and thousands of gay guys led our Movement. Lesbians were part of the Movement but did not lead it since they were not the majority group. Putting the L first as in “LGBT” is revisionist history.

I don’t know if it’s true, but I’ve read the L was moved to first place to show that “we support women’s rights.” Well doh. Isn’t that a given? We support everyone else’s rights too but their letters are never trotted over to first place. Just lesbians. Some say the L was moved to first place to show that “Ladies go first.” Really? That reminds me of the 1950s sexism that “women must go before men.”

Well, they didn’t want to hear any of this on that site, no matter how politely written.

So I wrote a polite comment — in npr style — similar to the above. I used no sexual language and I did not attack anyone. I just merely informed people from an historical perspective. Again I was polite because I expected my comment to disappear. It stayed on the site about 5 minutes before it was deleted.

I was told to take it to the debate section. But I wasn’t debating anyone and had no intention of debating anyone. I provided some historical perspective in a polite statement. That’s all it was. And the comment I was responding to was not on the debate page. It was directly above my comment that they had just deleted. If I had written it on the debate page it would have had no relevance to the comment I responded to. Fucking idiots.

So I wrote a second comment explaining that. Again politely. That comment was also deleted. I thought: FOAD. Do we understand each other? Trash.

I unregistered and left the site. Maybe the server will take their site down.

I take it that many Queers can’t accept anything (even if they’re trying to “go straight” — even an historical perspective — other than the Brand “LGBT” tripe that they’ve been heavily brainwashed with. Sad and pathetic.

On the same site, they’re all about “identifying.” They can’t just say “I’m gay.” They have to say this new thing about “I identify as gay.” They can’t say, “I’m bi.” They have to say “I identify as bi.” What will they “identify” as tomorrow? That’s the problem with this new “identify” rubbish. It implies that one can change one’s sexuality as quickly as the wind changes directions by “identify as.” Yes, what will you idiots “identify” as tomorrow? Sigh. People!

This “identify” shit directly feeds into the far right’s claim that “gays choose to be gay and should turn straight” so they can “identify as straight.” “Identify” implies one can deliberately change one’s sexuality/sexual orientation.

The same people talk about “sexuality is fluid” which also implies that people can change their sexual orientation. Yes, the far-right will love this. Have these Queer idiots never thought of any of this? I suspect not. They wouldn’t want to hear this any more than they want to hear anything other than their precious “LGBT” brainwashed acronym.

As I’ve written before, I feel nothing but disgust and frustration at what has happened with the Queer Group, especially since gay marriage became legal. Note I don’t call it “Queer community” because there is no sense or feel of “community” anywhere. Most Queers in San Francisco won’t even look at me or give me the time of day. They act as if I don’t exist. As they don’t even see me. They look straight ahead in their tunnel vision. I think it would break their face if they had to smile and say “Hey.” Mi amigo/My friend feels the same way I do. There’s no sense of Queer Community when most stuff is online. How are you supposed to feel “community” by someone’s screen profile or image (real or imagined) and the lies they spew in their profiles, and having no physical or personal contact with the person. And if you use anything other than “LGBT” you’re deleted.

On that site, I also pointed out that at the top of their site, they say “Speak your mind, but keep it chill.” That’s what I did. And that got me deleted twice.

So Fuck off! Fucking delicate people.

I’ve never felt that connected with most Queers to begin with and these days feel even less so. Even though I’m not straight, these days I’m feeling more straight because of feeling so alienated and deleted by the Queer group, if that makes sense. Mi amigo says it makes sense to him. Part of it has to do with my age. I cannot relate to today’s lobotomised Millenneals with their hardened-cement personalities and lack of social skills. You say hello to a Millennial and they just stare at you. Born without vocal chords? “How’s it going?” or “How are you?” or “What’s up?” is not in their vocabulary. They can’t ask question. It’s up to you to do that. All they can say is “like” and “actually” every-other-word. And then there are the Millenneals who are pathological liars and can’t tell the truth about anything and play and scheme anyone they come in contact with for money — including other gullible Millenneals — to pay their $4,000+monthly rent that they knew from the beginning they couldn’t afford. Garbage people really. Chau.—el barrio rosa


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