Cancelling GOP Convention and How do we make the Village Idiot go away?

The Village Idiot cancels the GOP Convention in Florida (one of the most COVID-19 infected states in the non-United States): Why would he do that when it’s all a “Democratic” Party hoax he said? More insanity. Tr*mp Jr said coronavirus would all go away right after the November “election” because it’s a hoax. The actions of the Village Idiot are betraying his own words and previous behaviour.

“How do we make Tr*mp go away?” (My answer: “We” don’t. One should expect him to have another term or two or three until he dies in office.) But that was the title of an opinion article I saw today. I didn’t click on the article because 1) they have a paywall and 2) I didn’t care to be angered by someone’s denial and wishful-thinking. The current white house occupant will go to any length to stay in Hitlerian power. Period. He wants the nation and everyone else to “Sieg Heil” to him. Add to that our utterly corrupt “election” system — which most people like to live in denial about as they think that their vote counts (yeah right!) — and which has been made even more corrupt and disenfranchising of ethnic minorities under the orange thug. I said when he took office that he wasn’t going anywhere. So, as I see it, it doesn’t matter how people vote or how many people vote in this corrupt system. The orange thug will get the results he wants because he’s thoroughly corrupt. And because both D and R seem terrified of him, there’s nothing that anyone can do to remove his bloated ass from power. I don’t think that even the US Supreme Court could do that. He thinks he’s above any laws. He would have to be dragged out by the military, the District of Columbia police or somebody. I’ll believe it when I see it. I can’t stand him and can’t stand looking at him. I don’t like to look at corrupt trash. Why does he always look like he’s polishing something with his hands when he talks? I’ve never seen anyone “talk” with their hands the way this fool does.

Well is it “Freedom” or “Patriotic?” Get your story straight. The Village Idiot can’t get his story straight. I thought not wearing a mask was about “freedom” (translation: the freedom to infect others with COVID-19) according to the Village Idiot. Most recently the deranged and insane Village Idiot urged people to wear a mask because it’s “patriotic” in order to “contain the coronavirus pandemic.” But I thought coronavirus was a hoax? He and one of his sons said it was a “Democratic” Party hoax — remember that? — and that it would all be over right after the so-called “election.” So now the Village Idiot is playing the Patriotic Card. What happened to the Freedom Card? Insanity. Are his cultists going to start wearing face coverings? And freedom has its limits, such as no one has the freedom to yell fire in a crowded theatre or the freedom to shoot at someone without consequences. Meanwhile, the “Democrats” remain silent. Chau.—el barrio rosa