Castro bars re-opening with restaurants? And the continued hate for nudity in San Francisco’s Castro.

Hola a todos. As of this writing, bars in San Francisco are closed per the COVID-19 health guidelines. But as a way around that, some bars are re-opening with restaurants (outdoor “dining”), and that seems to be okay for some unknown reason. I don’t see what makes that acceptable.

Well, on a conservative, local San Francisco site that has approved of the sanitising of The Castro — to make it heterosexual-“friendly” allowing breeders and their babies to take over the neighbourhood as they have done — and with its pro-Establishment and conservative agenda, a conservative queer guy with body image issues was whinging in a comment about having to look at the naked guys in The Castro while sitting at a table outside the bar that recently re-opened with a restaurant while eating “food” from the diner down the street. My first question was: What naked guys in The Castro? They’re long gone. Where has he been? And he doesn’t have the ability to not look at something he doesn’t want to see like any other person? He can’t turn his head away?

I decided to respond to him, but they deleted my comment before it was ever posted. How unusual! (But I’m used to that; that’s one reason I started pink barrio so I could say what I want). The site it was on was a site that strongly supports the new, dead (not “vibrant”), sanitised and conservative-conformist Castro — which is now a breeder mecca with baby strollers.

This is my response to him that they refused to post:

So you’re a queer guy with a boyfriend that you met at this bar “eons ago” and now you have trouble looking at naked guys? Stunning. And you’re in the Castro? I take it you don’t live here or you haven’t been in the Castro in years because naked people have always been here. It was the straights, the prudes that made being naked “strange” or “peculiar” or “odd” when nudity didn’t used to be seen that way in The Castro. But you’ll be comforted to know that there are no naked guys here now. They pretty much left when the conservative Castro merchants and homeowners sanitised the Castro and helped turn the neighbourhood into a breeder mecca for the straights and their baby strollers. Today, the Castro is just nothing. It’s an abandoned part of the City really with a few sleazy bars selling greasy, low-grade “food.” Mostly burgers and fries. Related: Hamburger Mary’s.

Does Mayor London Breed or the San Francisco Board of Supervisors approve of bars opening this way here in the COVID-19 pandemic? That it’s okay that they open as long as they’re connected with a restaurant? Why does that make any difference? As if this virus is going to know the difference? The virus is actively seeking out humans to infect and bars are one of the main places of transmissions. And why would the virus care whether there’s a restaurant connected to the bar? Is the food so toxic that it kills the virus? Insanity! This seems to be a shady way of going around/violating the health guidelines. (End of comment).

They didn’t like that comment because I was critical of the dead Castro. Or as a former queer homeowner said to me a couple of years ago: “Welcome to the new heterosexual Castro.” It’s one reason he left the City.

With this new arrangement of bars re-opening in the City during COVID-19, a bar puts tables out on the sidewalk and allegedly requires that only people who live together sit at the same table. Who is going to monitor that? Are they going to look at each person’s ID to verify they’re all from the same household? I’ll believe it when I see it. In the case of the bar and restaurant in question, they’re not even next to each other. The bar is on a very windy corner and the greasy-spoon diner is about 3 storefronts down the block from the bar. So the diner servers will have to walk down the block to the bar to deliver their “food” in a windy uninviting environment. As another commenter said: That’s one area of the Castro that I walk by very fast because it’s not very pleasant. Yeah, I don’t hang out around there either.

I wonder: Does this queer guy who has trouble looking at the nonexistent naked guys in The Castro also having trouble looking at his naked boyfriend? They must have quite an arrangement. Clearly he has issues as many older Queers do these days as they have become very conservative. I don’t understand that which is, in part, why I’ve said repeatedly that I cannot relate to the so-called Queer “community” these days. When in reality, there’s no genuine community at all or feel of a community. As I’ve asked many times: Why do many people become prudes the older they get? This queer guy met his boyfriend at this bar when The Castro was the opposite of what it is now and nudity was seen and acceptable in those days.

On the forum where my comment was deleted, all of the comments were of the conservative, right-wing bent, which is what I’ve come to expect from most conformist Queers these days, especially the older generation who seem to have become prudes. It’s as if everyone has flipped out or something and become the opposite of who and what they were during the (now dead) Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement. Even though the few naked guys are no longer around, someone claimed they can be seen on “warm days.” Not that I’ve seen. I didn’t realise that there was still such hate for a non-existent group of naked guys (1, 2, maybe 3 or 4 guys at the most, depending upon the day) after all of this time, considering they’re gone. But apparently they are still around in some people’s mind. People see naked guys in their mind? One asshole blamed the naked guys for “the decay of the Castro neighbourhood.” Ludicrous. A few innocent guys walking around nude can decay an entire neighbourhood? Absolute Rubbish. The decay of the neighbourhood is because of the greed-based Real Estate Industrial Complex and its high rents for tenants, high mortgages for homeowners and outrageous costs of renting a storefront in The Castro. The decay of The Castro is also because the Queers were forced out in droves (through evictions), other left voluntarily and the breeders and their screaming babies were welcomed in with open arms. Aside from the over-saturation of Rainbow Flags in The Castro for tourist purposes, the area has essentially been made queer-free. That’s been the agenda of the conservative merchants and conservative homeowners. These days, most Queers seem to be closet cases, having gone back in the closet after gay marriage became legal. That’s why some time ago a group of Queers started a brief campaign in The Castro — that I said wasn’t going to go anywhere — called “Queering The Castro”. But that should tell you just how far away from Queer the The Castro has become, so much so that a small group of Queers felt the need to try to “Queer The Castro” again. Well, it didn’t work. But all of this and more is responsible for the decay of the neighbourhood, not a few naked guys. Then another conservative asshole said “I want the naked guys gone.” They are. Where have you been? Or do you even live here to not know that? Then he continued on, “They would never walk around in West Portal or Hunter’s Point.” Well, if they were around, I suspect they wouldn’t walk around in those areas of San Francisco because those areas have never been Queer areas and they don’t have the same history of nudity that The Castro has, Mr Dense. So apparently that hater is willfully-ignorant of the decades-long history of nudity in The Castro. I think such a person would be happier in Topeka, if that’s not where he already lives while pretending to live in San Francisco.

Harvey Milk would not recognise The Castro of today. He would likely ask: “What the fuck happened to our Castro? What have you done to it?” You queers have become the opposite of what you were. What’s happened to you? What I see is a street lined with Rainbow Flags — have the breeders hijacked that too? — to make tourists think it’s a queer area, but most of the people I see are straights with black baby strollers with some straights making out on the sidewalks and at crosswalks shoving their breeder sexuality in our faces. Related: Sexual Freedom and Revolution. Chau.—el barrio rosa

The following day after writing the above article:

I had some errands to do in The Castro earlier today and it was rather crowded out surprisingly. Half of the people were not wearing masks nor were they social distancing, as our COVID-19 infection rate continues to rise in The City. What happened to shelter-in-place? The overwhelming majority of people in The Castro were straight couples with most of them holding hands. Some with baby strollers. I didn’t see any queer guys. And there were no naked guys even though it was warmer out. I only saw one homeless person. Most of the straights looked like older-aged tourists from some out-back small town. Not sure why or how they got here with the COVID-19 guidelines. And where would they ever find parking? But it was clear to me that the merchants that are open expect coronavirus to be with us for some time, or as San Francisco Mayor London Breed says “another 12-18 months.” Yes precisely. Because too many people think the guidelines don’t apply to them — I know several people just like that — so we will have to go through this several times because of selfish, inconsiderate people.

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