The Censorship and Banning Have Begun

26 de Agosto de 2012. Hola. Why is the management of some so-called “progressive” websites so afraid of having the right-wing record of the corporatist politicians they support talked about? Why is the management of such sites so weak, fragile, delicate and afraid of the truth? (That’s a rhetorical question.) The answer to that is that despite their labeling themselves as “progressive” and “independent” and “non-profit,” they are nothing but shills for the misnamed “Democratic” Party, and their site is a front, so to speak, for the party. I don’t visit right-wing/conservative websites so I don’t know what they do. I can only speak from my experience on the so-called “progressive” sites.

As I expected before the elección de Noviembre/November de 2012 in the Estados Unidos/U.S., the censorship and banning have already begun on some political sites charading as “progressive, independent, and non-profit.” I’ve especially noticed this on a site I’ll call CD (hereinafter referred to as CD) for purposes of this article. Some background: Two days before the 2008 elección presidencial in the Estados Unidos/U.S., CD banned a large group of people by ISP address. People were banned because they were not in lockstep and devout believers of Mr Hopey-Changey (Obama) and the “Democratic” Party. Since Obama has been in office, CD has published articles on a regular basis informing readers as to what he and his Bush-like regime have done in office, and much of that content has been critical of Mr Change. Being near the end of Agosto 2012 before the elección de 2012, it would appear that the “Democratic” partisan management of CD (hiding behind the word “independent,” which they’re not) does not want criticism of their Obama or anyone stating the facts and deplorable Bush-like record about Obama. One wonders: Why do they feel they must protect their Obama from having his Bush-like record talked about? His record is what it is. It seems to me that any credible candidate can withstand any legitimate criticism directed at his/her way. But the delicate faithful partisans don’t want to hear it. They only want to talk about the other Republican candidate (Romney) and put him down and write “funnies” about him and other silly methods that the faithful partisans use. So now CD is in the process of sanitizing their site into a “pro-Obama” and pro-“Democratic” Party site. 21 de Agosto was the day that many people noticed this sanitizing-in-process at CD. People on the Left were asking why their comments were being flagged for review and deleted. Many Left-thinking people were having comments deleted on this so-called “progressive and independent” (HA!, they are neither) site. Some people recalled the previous banning before the 2008 elección. Those comments were deleted. Many people were upset with the increasing censorship at CD. Someone wrote, “it looks like CD and the Democratic Party endorse censorship.” Absolutely, and unfortunately that person’s comment was deleted. Some people critical of Obama asked if “Democratic” Party trolls (also known as Obamabots, hacks and shills) were flagging all these comments for removal? CD never responds to anyone’s inquiry. They operate in silence. How democratic! How “progressive.” Also, over the past weeks I had noticed an increase in the number of anti-Romney/Ryan articles on CD. And this sanitizing of CD has taken place a week before that propaganda farce called the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida. So CD will be all set for all anti-Republican comments during the propaganda event (even though CD’s own Obama and “Democratic” Party are really Republicans, but CD chooses to live in Denial about that).

In my opinion, CD calls themselves “progressive and independent” just to get contributions during the year at their many beg fests from suckers who want to believe they are giving their dinero/money to a so-called “progressive” site. I’ve wondered how many of the readers who give CD dinero end up having their comments deleted or end up being banned altogether later on?

CD has beg fests throughout the year where they beg for—as memory serves—between $50-75,000 each time. They claim to reach their goal according to the graph they have showing the dollar amounts received on their Home page. They never publicly account for any of the dinero they supposedly receive, which to me is very sleazy and shady. If one is taking in dinero from the public (readers/supporters), one should publicly account on their website for the dinero and how the dinero is spent. It should all be very transparent. Wouldn’t the contributors like to see how their contributions are being spent? Well, CD does not reveal that information and frankly, one would have to be quite gullible to give them any dinero with this lack of transparency. The management of CD is as covert as their Obama.

Since Obama’s elección (2008) and until 22 de Agosto, CD had allowed people to state Obama’s Bush-like record. Those days are coming to an end, at least until after the elección. It is no longer appropriate to talk about Obama’s Bush-clone record on CD’s site. His record needs to be silenced. That’s the impression CD gives. It’s time to talk only about the other Republican candidates (Romney/Ryan). CD is essentially a cheerleader for a corporatist, pro-war, neocon, non-progressive party, and a wing of the Republican Party. The “Democratic” party is not a progressive party by any measure nor are they for or do they represent people on the Left. All they want from people on the Left is their dinero and their vote, which some people on the Left are stupid and gullible enough to give them! But many people (faux-liberals and faux-progressives) still cling to this Republican-enabling party like a bad, dysfunctional relationship and they don’t seem to have the self-respect to remove themselves from that cesspool. Instead, many of them are too busy making excuses for their beloved “Democratic” politicos (while most of those politicos work for the Republicans at one time or another).

These days, despite what the right-wing/conservatives like to say, Democrat does not mean progressive. That’s outdated thinking.

I had expected censorship and banning at CD for this elección cycle, but I hadn’t thought it would take place quite this early before the elección. I interviewed the pink barrio’s “what is is,” and this is what he said in my interview with him:

rosa barrio: Hola, “what is is.”

“what is is”: Hola, rosa barrio.

rosa barrio: We have both noticed changes at CD recently and what are your thoughts on what is going on there?

“what is is”: I think CD is in trouble financially. I sense that their last fund drive was a disaster because it seemed to stall out. It just sat there (the money graph did) and then they ended their fund drive whether they reached their goal or not, I don’t know. In the last couple of weeks, I’ve read a few posts on their site talking about “the Obama bashers” (people stating his record) and referring to them as “nazis” and “fascists.” A small group of people on there could not bear to read the truth about Obama’s record that people on the Left were writing in comments. This small group wanted lockstep and only criticism of Romney. They also accused the people on the Left of being “Republican operatives.” They were very much outnumbered by those who talked about Obama’s record. So I sense that CD needs money and perhaps they’re thinking that if they can quickly turn “CD” into an Obamabot site as far as the comments go between now and the election that this may bring in needed income for their ‘Fall Fund Drive’.”

rosa barrio: Bien, I’m not sure that’s going to work for them. Also, I was on a site recently where one can buy things and the top 100 best sellers overwhelmingly very partisan: pro-Romney/Ryan and anti-Obama. I saw no pro-Obama anything in the top 100.

“what is is: Yes, I’ve noticed that too.

rosa barrio: I also know that CD installed the Disqus system for their comments recently and from my research websites install that particular system to help generate more traffic and comments (and some complain it’s for data mining purposes), but so far that doesn’t seem to have worked for CD in generating more comments. And then when they only want pro-Obama comments, what’s the point of commenting at all? Bien, Muchísimas gracias, “what is is.”

“what is is”: Gracias, rosa barrio.

Some people have said that the censorship at CD is no different than the censorship used by the corporate media. I would agree with that. From my own experience, I once posted on a corporate site and also on so-called “progressive” sites. I was censored the most and/or banned from the so-called “progressive” sites because again most of them behave as fronts, so to speak, for the “Democratic” Party. Since I can’t stand either of the corporatist, pro-war, neocon, basura parties, the faux-progressive sites had a problem with me and other people on the Left.

Unlike that CD site, we don’t beg for dinero here in the pink barrio. If you want to buy some of the items on this page or anywhere in the pink barrio, you’ll get that item from your purchase and we’ll receive a small percentage of the sale. Unlike CD, it’s all very transparent here. Nothing shady or sleazy. And your purchase will help a small, local, independent (in the real sense) artist. Muchísimas gracias. Chau.—rosa barrio


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