Closet cases breed to try to prove how “straight” they are

Closet Cases try to prove how straight they are by breeding. Some of us are not convinced.

Hola a todos. Many closet cases (if not most) we’ve noticed seem to go out of their way to breed/have kids, and have as many as possible. I think they think it shows how “macho and manly” and how “straight” they are the more kids they pump out with “the wife,” as they affectionally call her, as opposed to “my wife.”

The gay guys I’ve talked with who started out with pussy before they came out of the closet told me, “pussy is just another hole, and it stinks.” The fact is: A gay guy can fuck pussy like anyone else even though he’s not into girls (that’s why he’s gay) he can be fantasing about fucking that hot guy he checked out earlier in the day while he’s fucking her.

There’s a well-known singer from the 1970s I found attractive at the time. I always thought he was a queer boy, and I still do. Mi amigo/My friend said the same. This singer has been in the closet his entire life and remains there today. He sang with his sister when they were popular and their music spoke of their insecurities. That was often their theme. Too bad being in the closet and his insecurities about that and being queer with gay shame wasn’t one of them. But then that would have revealed that he’s gay, and when one is in the closet we can’t reveal that!

Well, his name came up recently. I looked him up and of course he got married to a female — like many closet cases do — and has a large brood of children. About 7 children to date. Typical of closet cases who feel they need to prove how straight they are by having as many children as possible.

I’ve seen this in San Francisco with some closet cases since The Castro became a Breeder Mecca and no longer the Gay Mecca. They think the more children they pump out confirms/verifies how straight they are. In reality, it doesn’t do anything of the sort to thinking people. Yet the opposite is the case with guys who are really straight. For example, the straight couple who lives across the street from me started having their children very late. They planned out 2 children, about 4-5 years apart. That’s all the children they’re going to have. So the father doesn’t feel the need to keep pumping out babies to prove anything to others. He’s straight — but seems very comfortable around queer boys — and he doesn’t seem to need to prove his masculinity by breeding. In fact, he’s really not that “masculine.” He’s certainly not “macho.” He’s just a “regular guy.” He’s also into planting flowers around his house, not something that I think most guys would be into. Some of the most bear-type guys can be the most feminine guys you’ll hear and see. Oh they look all “big and tough” and all macho on the outside but walk by them and you’ll hear them talking about their chocolate chip cookie recipes!

Mi amigo/My friend has seen many closeted gay guys on U-toob. He points them out to me when the sees them, nearly every day. They have the required girlfriend or a wife as a closeted gay guy and they live a “straight lifestyle” to make everyone think they’re “straight and normal” (whatever “normal” means; “normal” is boring) as they live with their gay shame. (One wonders what exactly the now-dead Gay Rights Movement accomplish considering all the closet cases we see?) These closeted gay guys become “womanised,” meaning they get fucked up by their female. They are given a “make over” by her because she can’t accept the guy that she met. Then why was he attractive to her when they met? So instead, she has to change him to her expectations, her needs and her requirements of him. It’s all about her, and the closeted gay guy goes along with it (to avoid another fight with her?) There are three words to describe her: Needy-assed bitch. One of these guys on U-toob felt the need to pump out 7-8 children. To prove how “straight” he is? You’re very transparent, dude. Some of us are not convinced no matter how many children your wife squeezes out. Gay shame can lead to over-breeding. We see a “womanised” queer boy in the closet with gay shame desperately trying to prove how “straight” he is. He’s a fraud. A fake. And there are thousands more just like him around the world. Chau.—el barrio rosa

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