Condos, Condos, Condos

Also known as:
“Luxury Designer Homes”
“Luxury Designer Residences”
Greed Traps

Picture 1268El 16 de octubre de 2013. Hola. We have some political parasites in San Francisco. They work for their Big Business Owners and Real Estate Liars. They also work for billionaire venture capitalists. The political parasites in San Francisco align themselves with the misnamed “Democratic” Party. A local publication recently described said political parasites as neoliberals.

The picture over on the right side of the page shows a couple of them (including conservative politician Cocks) and another one of them below him. They and others are doing everything possible to make San Francisco into a city for the wealthy including the building of many pretentious, “Luxury Designer Homes,” and “Luxury Designer Residences,” Dahling. (The word “Luxury” is so overused these days. A form of the word “luxury” appears on the package of the Rooibos Tea I buy.)

I consulted with a local former building contractor before writing this. He told me that most of these building that he’s seen are cheaply made and are really just stacked boxes. Some of them are just walls of glass (I call them aquariums). One of those buildings is shown in the video below from “what is is.” Speaking about that building that is just a wall of glass, I take it that earthquakes are no longer a big deal here or any concern in California. That’s the impression one gets. I remember what happened in San Francisco’s Financial District after the big 1989 earthquake. There was glass from the skycrapers all over the streets and sidewalk. It was a mess. So I guess it’s most reassuring to suckers who will fall for this particular Greed Trap—the aquarium and there’s another one like it being built nearby—and buy one of these pretentious “Luxury Designer Residences” Dahling, to know that the glass walls of their “Luxury Condo” won’t pop out on them in the event of a major earthquake in San Francisco. Imagine standing in your “Luxury Designer Condo” Dahling livingroom and looking down and seeing your glass walls laying down on the sidewalk in pieces. What a Pity. Hopefully no one was walking by the building at the time. Or maybe with these political parasites, city planners and developers it’s a case of Denial that there won’t be any large earthquakes in San Francisco in the future so these “Luxury Designer Condos” Dahling for the “affluent” (spoken with nose in the air and corners of mouth down) are most safe and secure? Fact: La falla de San Andrés (the San Andrés fault) runs directly through the center of the city of San Francisco. (Falla de San Andrés/San Andrés Fault)

I don’t know what fool would buy a condo these days when in some cases a home is cheaper. There’s the “reduced price” home shown in the video below. And recently, in another wealthy area of San Francisco there were two condos in the same building with panoramic Bay views (of the city and the San Francisco Bay) and they were listed with a “Reduced Price.” There are also all of these outrageous fees tacked onto these pretentious condos, including but not limited to the Home Owner’s Association rip off fee. It’s often a case of shallow, superficial and materialistic people having to keep up with someone else that leads many people to be suckers for these greed traps. That’s what I call these “Luxury Design Homes” Dahling. People would be best to spend their dinero on high-quality psychodynamic psychotherapy instead and figure out what exactly is the psychological reason that causes one to feel one must have all of this materialistic, overpriced stuff. Why must one keep up (materialistically) with anybody? Those who are secure with themselves don’t feel the need to do that.

Some might ask: Where is the affordable housing for the average/non-wealthy person being built in San Francisco? Nada. There’s none of that to my knowledge. Another one of these aquarium buildings will supposedly be a rental building. Now one might think that would fall under the category of “Affordable Housing.”  But talking with a local resident who seemed to know quite a bit about that building, he said that the rents for the condos in that building will be between $4,000-10,000 a month. Outrageous! Greed! That’s why I call them Greed Traps.

Also, all of the websites I’ve been on for these pretentious condos show white “straight” couples with children even in/near the former “gay mecca” of the Castro barrio. I’ve seen no GLBTQ couples on any of the website which should tell one what type of city the bourgeois elite—including pro-gentrification conservative politician Cocks who claims to be gay although I’ve never seen him with anyone: male, female or transgender—are trying to turn San Francisco into. Perhaps that’s why created their flyer which is at the top of this page.

So check out the video below and there’s other information in the video as well you might find interesting. Chau.—rosa barrio

“what is is” didn’t say this in his video but the first condo building shown in his video has 18 “Luxury Designer Condos” Dahling in it. That building opened around the end of julio/July 2013 and as of this writing most of the building is still empty/unsold, including the retail space on the ground level. I’m not sure what type of retail would want to move into that building because the retail stores are so small inside. There would barely be enough room for a counter. And the second “Luxury Designer Residences” condo building Dahling shown in the video is an example of what I call the aquarium condos.

Considering the economy in The Cesspool/los Estados Unidos/the US being what it is, I’m wondering if most of these “Luxury Designer Condo” Dahling buildings will end up being similar to this:

This ’60 Minutes’ Video Of China’s Ghost Cities Is More Surreal Than Anything We’ve Ever Seen.

A related video from “what is is” (talking about the economy, the US national debt and gold):

More about the flyer from on the upper right side of the page:


I’ve provided the flyer here for information and educational purposes. I like the flyer because it tells the truth. Some of the text may be hard to read so here’s what the flyer says:

The flyer reads:

“The Weiner fascist agenda:

* Remove public benches (Ed. at Harvey Milk Plaza)
* Criminalize nudity
* Silence street performers
* Close recycling centers
* Condos, condos, condos !!!
* Close parks
* Amend environmental review for development”

That list doesn’t begin to cover it, but it’s a start. The list also omits Prop L/Sit-lie which criminalizes homelessness which politician Cocks strongly campaigned on and supports. Then he created another version of sit-lie for both the Jane Warner Plaza and the Harvey Milk Plaza.

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